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CONNECTING WHERE WE’VE BEEN TO WHERE WE’RE going Last year, we began our annual report with a reflection of where we’ve been. We reviewed the 1987 strategic plan that led to the inception of the museum; and we discussed how far we’ve come. This year, we’re excited to look forward to where we’re going. The past fiscal year saw new opportunities arise in all of our major offerings, from educating the community to research and conservation, from sustainable practices to our animals and exhibits. We’ve grown immensely, and we won’t stop anytime soon. Take a look at the coming pages and learn about what we have accomplished and where we are hoping to go next. Support for our upcoming capital campaign has come from all over the region, including our major donors: Jane P. Batten, Macon and Joan Brock, Joshua P. and Elizabeth D. Darden Foundation, the Dreyfus Family Foundation, and Roy E. Hendrix. Thank you for helping us continue to serve as Virginia’s Aquarium.

Delceno Miles

Foundation President


Board of Trustees Virginia Aquarium Foundation July 2016–June 2017

Chairman of the Board

Thomas E. Fraim, Jr.


Delceno Miles

President Elect

Lee Entsminger

Vice President

Andrew W. Vakos, Sr.


Sal DaBiero


Shewling Moy

General Counsel

Wiley F. Mitchell, Jr.

Executive Director

Lynn B. Clements

Trustees Michael Benedetto David Burton Michelle Collins Bryan Cuffee Gary Finkbeiner Chris Graves Craig Grube Bert “Burr” Henderson Katherine Hines Andrew Hodge Ellen Keeter Esi Langston John Matson Cory Mayo Michael McCabe, Jr. JT McDonald Cheryl McLeskey Tom McNicholas Sherri Miles 4

President’s Circle Kathryn O’Hara Daniel Peterson Carolyn Robertson Chris Rusbuldt Kim Savage Bert Schmidt John Settle Jean Siebert Tina Sinnen Michael Standing, Jr. Ray Toll Cathie France Vick Frank Wagner Michael Wagner Samantha Wetzler Kim Wheeler David Williams Nikki Williams Chas Wright

Rendy Adams Macon Brock Thomas C. Broyles Barbara Taylor Creech Nancy A. Creech Robert H. DeFord, Jr. John H. Fain Morris H. Fine Bob Fort Thomas E. Fraim, Sr. Thomas R. Frantz William Hearst Dorcas Helfant-Browning Dr. Clarence A. Holland Ann W. Host Elly D. Mladick Fred Napolitano, II Jane M. Purrington C. Mac Rawls

Timothy B. Robertson Martha Kay Roland Dan Ryan Michael C. Savvides Edward B. Snyder Ned Williams Ken Wilson, Jr.










Capital Campaign







The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research, and sustainable practices.

CONNECTING WITH schools Outreach Visiting the Aquarium is an exciting experience for any class, but sometimes we are lucky enough to take our marine science to their classroom! For students from age 2 & up, we have hands-on programs and live animal experiences that engage students from all over Hampton Roads.

Just this year we taught 745 programs, reached 15,898 students & 3,057 adults. 4


Mudsnail | There are 1,471 mudsnails in the Aquarium’s care, some of which travel to schools for outreach programs.



S.T.E.A.M. Aquariums across the nation, including your Aquarium, are leading the way with programming focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Through S.T.E.A.M., an all-new program, staff has encouraged early learners to investigate and understand scientific concepts from a variety of disciplines. Children explore everything from alternative energy to how the neural pathways in your brain work, all while creating a piece of art to take home.

Duck | Oil & water don’t mix, but that’s a good thing. Ducks have an oil gland at the top of their tails, from which they spread oil around all their feathers.




communit y Eleanor & Henry Watts Conservation Speaker Series

From exploring the depths of the Norfolk Canyon with Dr. Sandra Brooke and Dr. Steve Ross, to identifying sea level rise impacts for this region with John Englander, and learning about great white shark conservation and tracking with Chris Fischer, the founder of OCEARCH, we were fortunate to host many renowned scientists and speakers as part of our Eleanor & Henry Watts Conservation Speaker Series.



Shark | They’re one misunderstood animal. Luckily, OCEARCH was here to share just how important they are. If the oceans lose their apex predator, the entire ecosystem could collapse.


The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research, and sustainable practices.

photos courtesy of Reese Lukei


Populations OspreyWatch

The Aquarium partners with the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) to monitor nesting osprey in the Lynnhaven River and beyond. Working

Osprey | The Chesapeake Bay is home to more breeding pairs of osprey than anywhere else. This means we have a lot of nests to cover, and even more juveniles to band.

with CCB staff, the Aquarium conducts trips along the Lynnhaven River to band juvenile osprey and to map and monitor nests. The information gained helps us understand success of nesting pairs, migration patterns, and health of the local population. Research




Humpback Whale Unusual Mortality Event While our Stranding Response Program worked on many species of whales this year, including a deceased minke whale and a newborn sperm whale, the vast majority of our responses were to humpback whales. The volume of humpback whale strandings across the Atlantic coast was declared an Unusual Mortality Event by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, with six of the animals stranding along Virginia’s shoreline.

The largest whale we responded to measured 35.4 ft long & weighed about 20.3 US tons!



Humpback Whale | Did you know we curate the Mid-Atlantic Humpback Whale Photo Identification Catalog? Like fingerprints, whale flukes (tails) are unique identifiers for each individual animal.

Two coral larvae recently settled.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND coral SECORE: Successful In-house Coral Reproduction Corals are facing a crisis with increasing water temperatures leading to bleaching, but they have an ally: SECORE. This international organization works to create large scale coral reef restoration by capturing the sperm and eggs of native species and rearing them until they are less fragile for replacement. Thanks to the Batten Fund, senior aquarist Evan Culbertson takes part in SECORE field work. He has utilized a similar process at the Aquarium to encourage the first sexual reproduction of corals in our care.

Coral | Our Cauliflower coral reproduces based on the lunar cycle. They typically release the larvae around the full moon, so we’ve been successful in predicting their release.


The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research, and sustainable practices.


sea turtles Pier Partner Program

The Stranding Response Pier Partner Program celebrated a major milestone in only its third year: it has rescued, rehabilitated, and released over 100 sea turtles that were hooked by local fishers! Some of the most notable releases this year were Purple Heart, a Kemp’s ridley, that was released by a Purple Heart recipient; Ranger Tan, a Kemp’s ridley, that was released in honor of a fallen soldier by his brother in arms; and Razzamatazz, the 100th rescued Pier Partner turtle.

10 Conservation

Sea Turtle | Only about 1 in every 4,000 sea turtles survives to adulthood. It’s critical to save every one.

CONSERVATION TASTES Good! Sensible Seafood Program The Sensible Seafood Program continues to grow its influence. The program features the always-popular Sensible Seafood Fest, and a new offering: the Craft Brews Cruise presented by Lager Heads! This year’s series included Sensible Seafood partner O’Connor Brewing Company beers aboard the Atlantic Explorer for a boat trip that all of the guests enjoyed!

Blue Crab | If you live in Virginia, in-season blue crabs are a sensible choice. Did you know softshell crabs are blue crabs that have recently molted? Catch this delicacy fast, each softshell has a short window: only a few days!




& Releasing Stranding Response Team

Unfortunately, sometimes marine mammals or sea turtles end up stranded on our beaches. Whether sick, injured, entangled, or deceased, our Stranding Response Team responds. These events provide unique opportunities for scientists to examine animals that can be difficult, or nearly impossible, to study in the wild.

Marine Mammals

10 92

Live responses Deceased responses

Sea Turtles

60 187

Live responses Deceased responses



Rehab patients 42 local turtles; 2 turtles transferred from other facilities; 1 harbor seal transferred out to another facility


Released patients 29 from FY‘17; 8 from previous years

Harbor Seal | The off season means seal season! Seals are one of the many winter visitors that frequent our coastal waters.

12 Conservation



The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research, and sustainable practices.


#CuteAnimalTweetOff The Virginia Aquarium and the National Zoo took the lead in what became a global trend in mid-January: the #CuteAnimalTweetOff. Zoos and aquariums around the world began sharing pictures of their cutest animals in a race to find the cutest of them all, resulting in worldwide media coverage and a stream full of adorable animals.

River Otter | These playful mammals are known to use rocks to crack open food. Tippy, one of our resident otters, likes to collect them for fun too!

Estimated 140 million impressions and $1.46 million in advertising value equivalency!



Just Hatched


& Surprises Komodo Hatchlings On August 18, 2016, the Virginia Aquarium’s

Kado 2.09 oz Bejo 3.75 oz

Lots of grubs, pinkie mice, and vitamins later...

herpetology staff was in for a huge surprise. Before her passing, Jude laid a hidden underground nest in the exhibit, and two baby dragons incubated and hatched! Kado and Bejo, named in a fun public naming contest, have thrived since birth and are the two newest Komodo dragons at the Aquarium!

Komodo Dragon | These youngins spend most of their time in the trees. Juvenile dragons spend up to two years as arboreal animals before moving to the ground.

14 Animals

9 Months Old (right picture) Kado 1.47lbs Bejo 1.25lbs



Changing Exhibits This year featured four changing exhibits at the Aquarium, each focused on a different theme. From Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl: Home Sweet Home to Ocean Bound, and Treehouses to Giant Insects, there was something for every one of our guests to enjoy. These exhibits included interactive and educational components relative to the theme. Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl: Home Sweet Home featured the animals’ forest home and outdoor safety. Ocean Bound highlighted the interconnectedness of our waterways. Treehouses looked at the animals that live in the treetops. Giant Insects featured larger-than-life animatronic replicas of the fiercest insects in the animal kingdom. It was exciting to host so many different exhibits,

Eastern Screech Owl | Vocal repertoire includes various screeches (hence the common name), barks, hoots, rasps, and

chuckles. They are the only North American owl to have two distinctive colors, morphs-rufous and grey.

making for a new experience each time guests visited! Animals 15


The mission of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is to inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research, and sustainable practices.



Our Plans for the Future Over the past few pages, you have seen what the Virginia Aquarium has been able to accomplish in a single year. From research and conservation projects to new exhibits and animals, we have a lot of exciting momentum moving forward; and 1 2





we could use your help!


Your support as we launch our public phase of the Capital Campaign will be crucial in creating even more opportunities for growth and success.


The Brock Exploration Gallery






16 Capital Campaign



The Dreyfus Family Jellies Gallery VIEW OF PACIFIC SEA NETTLES

Darden Mid-Atlantic Marine Animal Conservation Center

Marine Animal Conservation Interior more Perspective - Stranding completely change the building, Center making it more exciting, interactive,

A special thank you to our major donors: Jane P.

and more of a destination for our visitors. We will also begin construction on

Batten, Macon and Joan Brock,

the new Darden Mid-Atlantic Marine Animal Conservation Center, an entirely

Joshua P. and Elizabeth D. Darden

In 2018, we will close the Marsh Pavilion for sweeping renovations that will

new facility for our Stranding Response Program’s operations. This building will provide increased space and brand new upgrades unavailable in the

October 2017

Foundation, The Dreyfus Family Foundation, Roy E. Hendrix

current location. We can’t wait to make these improvements; and we want you to be a part of the process every step of the way! Make a donation to our Capital Campaign, check in on the progress through our updates in emails and social media, and stop by to see what’s new. We couldn’t have come this far without you, and our future is looking even brighter with you in it.

Octopus | Easily the smartest invertebrate, they have blue blood and three hearts. Giant Pacific Octopuses, like the one we hope to have in the newly renovated Marsh Pavilion, are nearly 20 feet long!

Capital Campaign 17



Working Together The Virginia Aquarium is a collaboration between the City of Virginia Beach and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation, which is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.


We work together to educate the community and inspire conservation.

ey We l l E a n o M rne d


Admission Revenue




Education Programs


Facility Use & Concessions


Fed/State/Local Grants & Support

3% Operating Revenue & Support Admission Revenue


Education Programs


Facility Use & Concessions


$455,599 *$4,273,001




* $3,158,333 contributed to the Capital Campaign 18



Federal/State/Local Grants & Support



Brine Shrimp (aka sea monkeys) Every one of our 1.6 billion brine shrimp has a purpose just like every dollar. We couldn’t survive without them!

M Employee Costs




Contractual Services


Operating Expenditures Contractual Services


Employee Costs




W el

Other Charges


lS pen t



Other Charges










Net: $4,227,350

Off the Charts Record Breaking Attendance



people visited in the month of July

people visited in FY17. The most ever!

Record Breaking Facility Rentals







Social Media Milestones Surpassed 100,000 likes Our top post reached 822,000 people

Nurse Shark | Big but not bad. Homer takes the cake for being our biggest/ heaviest animal, coming in at 238 pounds.

News Stories 4,199 stories shared 19

VOLUNTEERS 750+ Hours Ennis Johnson 500–749 Hours Michael Bates Whit Christman Doreen Cote Charles Horton Michael McCarthy Cathy Roberts Kate Rooney Kyle Snell Lori Wilson Paul Winfield 250–499 Hours Charles Aiken Richard Barber George Beach Harold Campbell Becky Catlin Latoya Cherry Marian Childress John Corley


Joyce DeGuzman Paula Demosthenes William Dieffenbach Nancy Dodge Richard Fields Brittney Fleenor Ashley Garnett Craig Grube Shirley Jones John Julcher Bruce Kastel Gail Kynett Noelle Mathies Dennis Meligonis Norma Meligonis Kathryn O’Hara Joan Palombo Haley Posin Joan Redfearn Nicole Riekers Jeffrey Rolka Patricia Rozanski Janet Schroeder

Shirley Shepherd Neil Stamm Ann Stern Carolyn Stoneman Desiree Velasco James Weatherall Anne-Mary Werne Sandy Wood Anna Wood Sandra Yon John Young 150–249 Hours Salma Abdel-Raheem Gary Ambrose Jamya Atkins Larry Banks William Bernstein Emelie Besgrove Brooke Blosser Emily Borg Maggie Bowman-Runnells Mary Brandtner Gregory Brown

Michelle Brown Eric Burke Johanna Burton Duncan Campbell Gianni Campellone Eileen Cobb Megan Collier Suzanne Compitello Lynn Corbin Elizabeth Covington Haley Danielson Brian Deal Shannon Dinkler Sarah Dixon Carol Dobbins Kathryn Dozier Michael Dray Kathy Duckworth Hannah Duliere Jessica Elleman Roseann Fitzpatrick Elaine Foley David Foote

David Foreman, Jr. Andrew Given, Jr. Megan Glasier Robert Gormley Sayda Guerra Bailey Harkins Dan Heigl Jonathan Hines Melissa Hixson Louis Hughes Shannan Hurley Angela Kennedy John Lambert Frank Lang Nancy Lang Samantha LaPlant Andrew Larson Bailie Lavan Patricia Lickun Zachery Lighthart Emma Loveland Olivia Marable Kyle Martin

Anne Martin George Matt Shawn McCarren Iain McKaig Logan McKay Noah Meyers Kaleigh Miller Robin Mireles Michael Mongin Jessica Monty Alison Morin Oxana Musolino James Naughton Alyssa Naylor Linda O’Connor Hannah O’Kelly Allan Parker Michael Peele Howard Potas Richard Pound Rachel Remington Brandon Rice Jean-Paul Richard

Terry Ritter Daniel Rivers Tanner Roan Chloe Robertson Anthony Rodriquez Sharon Ross Jacob Rush Kieran Ryan Timothy Ryan Leon Ryder Elena Sanchez Kathleen Sarraino Michael Schroeder Jean Schroy Carola Shannon Evelyn Sheipe Erika Sly Margie Smith Josephine Sprague Lindsey Stanley James Stefaniak Miranda Stern Sue Stoudnour

Barbara Van Heest Rachel Wadsworth Patrick Walker Mary Wilkinson John Wittmann Ronald Wright

Cownose Ray | A group of cownose rays is called a fever. A group of Aquarium volunteers is called a party.


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Brews Cruise Series Presenting Sponsor Lager Heads Supporting Sponsors Hoffman Beverage Company O’Connor Brewing Co.

Jellies | We house the largest known species of jellyfish, the lion’s mane jelly. Just like our sponsors, they’re a big deal.

Wolcott, Rivers, Gates


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Tomistoma | Greek for “sharp mouth”, little is known about these freshwater crocs. But we do know, without our donors, guests wouldn’t be able to appreciate these slendered nosed beauties!

Sal & Maureen DaBiero


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Aquarium Connection Members Tami & Charles Aloisa Sarah & Will Beasley Michael Breitkreutz Bryce Burton Krista & Brandon Costa Erin & Michael Culpepper Victoria & Phillip Dietz Kelly & Michael Disharoon Katrina & Hunter Dorroh Cameron & Walker Dorroh Abby & Charles Epes Sarah & Bryce Fargusson Blair & Mike Fine Whitney & Jeff Fritz

Sherry Lyn & Michael Furchtenicht Alyson & Fred Hughes Courtney & Andrew Kellam Patrick Kilhenny Sheri & Eric Lohman Amy Marino Kara & Hunter McCaa Michelle & Steve McNaughton Sherri Miles Maria Kitchen Moore Kieran & Chris Poulos Jennie & William Rawlings Tiffany & Dereck Russell Christie Sheats Kim & Willie Shepherd Traci & Brad Shoemaker Maggie Simmons Allison & John Watson Christina & Lee Westnedge John White Dusty Williams

In loving memory of Charlie Seidel, our decoy carver-in-residence for 30 years.


It's All Connected | Virginia Aquarium Annual Report FY16-17  
It's All Connected | Virginia Aquarium Annual Report FY16-17