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9 - 15 November 2011

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SHOCK! Woman killed and torched


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Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

Our community

Not again! By Sonqoba Kunene

By Mduduzi Mathebula VEREENIGING.-It is clear that having a driver’s license does not mean you can drive. A green Golf 3 GTI driver did not know that his days were numbered last Friday when he was involved in a head on car and truck collision. The golf driver died instantly after the accident. The accident took place at the cross intersection that goes through Sharpeville and Vereeniging Road near the Tau Bazaar fueling station.

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According to the motorists who witnessed the accident the sound of the impact between the two vehicles was quite disturbing. It is alleged that the victim was driving from east to west and the huge truck that was pulling two trailers was driving in the opposite direction. It is clear that the truck was making a right turn. According to the rules of the road and K 53, the vehicle that is in a process to complete such a turn should carefully observe and turn when it is safe. “The green golf had the right of way, and thus the truck should have stopped and waited for oncoming cars to pass. The truck driver was obviously in the wrong, and this can almost be considered murder!” says an angry bystander. VaalWeekly arrived on the scene while the Emfuleni Fire Rescue services were busy trying to help the man whom they later discovered to be already dead. A man died in a car accident between a truck and a green Golf recently. Photo: Mduduzi Mathebula

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office is busy handling the matter. Regarding the situation with military veterans, Kubheka says that there is a special project meant to benefit military veterans. “We have a special project for military veterans and I met with them on 10 October to discuss these housing issues with them. They have since provided my office with a list with which I will check against our housing database. Those who are not registered for houses will be helped to register for housing subsidies.” Residents and military veterans have illegally occupied RDP houses in Tshepong and the Emfuleni Local Municipality’s Housing Department says that it is dealing with the matter. Photo: Sonqoba Kunene.

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORIZATION Notice is hereby given that an application for environmental authorization in terms of the EIA Regulations of 2010 (Regulations in terms of Chapter 5 of the National Environmental Management Act of 1998, as amended) has been lodged with the Gauteng Department of Agricultural and Rural Development (GDARD).The activity requires an application subject to an Environmental Impact assessment as required by Sections 26 to 35 of Government Notice R 543 of the EIA Regulations.


Gambling with others’ lives ruins your own!

EVATON.- New RDP housing projects are in the news again – this time, residents and military veterans are said to have illegally occupied newly-built houses in Tshepong last week. Emfuleni Local Municipality’s Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Housing, Manana Kubheka recently said in a VaalWeekly interview that there are over 500 vacant houses in the area waiting to be allocated. At the time, Kubheka said that 200 people from the housing backlog in Beverly Hills, 200 from the Evaton Renewal Project backlog and 100 from Rus ter Vaal would get houses. Speaking to VaalWeekly yesterday (Tuesday), Kubheka says that she is aware of people who have illegally occupied houses in Tshepong and that her

Ref. Number: Gaut: 002/11-12/E0173 Applicant: Mhlanga Brown and Smit Refinery CC. Project Name: Mhlanga Brown and Smit Refinery Project Location: The proposed project location is on Erf No. 42, Vereeniging, (10 Blackburn Road, Dickinsonville, Vereeniging, 1939). When traveling on the N1 Rd. take the 31 exit for R28 toward Randfontein/Sebokeng, after 750m turn left toward Randfontein Rd/R28, continue approximately 2.6 Km and turn right onto the R28/R54, follow the R28 and turn right onto Theunis Kruger Street continue with this road and turn right onto Blackburn Rd, the site will be approximately 210m ahead on your left. Project Description: The main aim of a new venture in the Vaal Triangle; called Vaal Refinery, is to refine precious metals (Gold and Silver) in small quantities (less than 50kg per month). The intent is therefore, to obtain quantities of deregulated silver and small quantities of legal gold from registered mines, prospectors, permit holders and licensed dealers. These amounts will then be smelted and refined to 9ct and 18ct respectively and then sold on to larger refineries. The process involved will be in two forms: A Induction: An induction smelter will be used (up to 2kg) which, through electric process smelts the ore. No known emissions will be emitted through this process as it will be completed indoors. B LPG Furnace: This small furnace will be powered by LPG gas and should burn clean, smelting the ore. Expected emissions from this furnace will be heat, water and elements from smelting. These emissions will be extracted from within the smelting chamber and expelled via an extraction shute.

Activities applied for: EIA Regulations Listing Notice 2 of 2010 (R545), Activity 5: “The construction of facilities or infrastructure for any process or activity which requires a permit or licence in terms of national or provincial legislation governing the generation or release of emissions, pollution 0LASTERING3AND or effluent and which is not identified in Notice No. 544 of 2010 or included in the list of waste 2EADY-IX management activities published in terms of section 19 of the National Environmental Management: "UILDING3AND Waste act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008) in which case that Act will apply”. !3( #RASHER3TONE Environmental Assessment Practitioner 2IVER3AND Shangoni Management Services (Pty) Ltd., Contact Person: Miss. I.M. Hough, P.O. Box 74726 , #RASHER3AND Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria, 0040, Tel: (012) 807-7036, Cell: 079 534 4303, Fax: (012) 807-1014, diphoko-44 Fax to E-mail: 086 578 9670 E-mail:, For Online Participation go to and click on Public Participation. Date of Advertisement: 9 November 2011: Should you wish to be included in the register of Interested and Affected Parties or comment on this application, please submit your name, contact information, and interest in the matter in writing to the above address not later than the 15 December 2011 /À>˜Ã«œÀÌÊÀiiÊÊÊ+ՈVŽÊ iˆÛiÀÞ

Our community


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

Not striking, sir! Just sleeping!

Elderly family members stage a sit-in at the Emfuleni Local Municipality offices in Vanderbijlpark on Monday. Photo: Lerato Serero.

By Lerato Serero VANDERBIJLPARK.- This past weekend an unknown number of family members from ‘Kampong’ near New Village in Sebokeng had to sleep outside the offices of Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) in Vanderbijlpark. This was done as a last resort by a family member after ‘Kampong’ was apparently closed following the end of the allocation o f RDP

houses in New Village. The family members say that the allocation process for the houses is always unfair to others whose names had been on the waiting list and they still remain homeless. “We have always been treated unfairly and those houses were allocated to people who do not deserve them, some have even paid

money for those houses,” says the stranded members whose property has been confiscated by the red ants following their removal from the house which they had apparently occupied illegally. After the weekend sit in, the family members were taken to the Ntabankulu Primary School in Zone 12 by the municipality on Monday afternoon where they have been temporari l y

placed until the issue is resolved. Speaking to VaalWeekly, ELM Housing MMC Manana Khubeka says, “We are seriously looking into the matter with the hope that it is resolved soon. With the help of the province we will help those that are not on the waiting list to apply and see what problems exist for others.”

By Lazarus Dithagiso

Fire them or we’ll burn you down! Samwu members demanded that four officials from Metsimaholo Municipality be suspended after they accused them of money squandering. The unionists went amok breaking the windows burning tyres. Photo: Schalk le Roux.

Joseph Motsamai, a resident of Extension 15 in Sebokeng, stands in the graveyard in the area. The residents want the small and unknown gravesite cordoned off by the municipality. Photo: Sonqoba Kunene.

SASOLBURG.- There’s a saying that walls have ears. Rumours are spreading like a wild fire that the Metsimaholo Municipal Manager Xolela Msweli and other three officials were allegedly slapped in the faces with letters of suspension. This comes after members of South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) run amok and pelted the police with stones and threw empty bottles at the municipal building on Thursday. The riot police were forced to retaliate by means of using rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd. The workers demanded that the Municipal Manager, Chief Finance Officer Motshidisi Mokoena, Supply Chain Manager Bassie Mot-

loung and Director for Corporate Services Sipho Mthakathi be suspended with immediate effect. The four officials are accused for allegedly squandering and mismanaging the tax payer’s monies. The union says that the strike is indefinite for as long as the municipality refuses to bow down on their knees to suspend the supposedly guilty officials. They say that striking during the peak period of the month and season would make the municipality pull their heads out of the sand and listen to the demands of the people. No one from the municipality wanted to comment on the allegations that Supply Chain Manager has been accused of stealing about R124 000.

Minimum bail for Aluminum thieves

By Lerato Serero

The land of the dead! By Sonqoba Kunene SEBOKENG.- Vaal Weekly published the story of old and unmarked graves in Boitumelo in recent months and now another small cemetery in Extension 15 has come to light.The small piece of land appears to have an estimated 20 graves and a few have tombstones and big stones to mark the gravesites. The two marked graves show the people buried there died between 1977 and 1984, long before the dwellers in the area settled there. A resident whose house is built next to the graveyard says that there were supposed to be RDP houses built on the land but when the graves

were found, this was stopped. Joseph Motsamai says that a municipal account for the vacant piece of land used to be sent and that even Eskom officials once came to see why the people living at stand number 61069 did not buy electricity for such a long time. “We need the municipality to at least corner off this land as there are graves here. We don’t know any of the people buried here and we have not seen any people visiting the deceased,” says Motsamai. Emfuleni Local Municipality spokesperson, Klaas Mofomme says that the council’s parks and cemeteries department will look into the matter.

SEDIBENG.- Three suspects recently found themselves in hot water following their suspected theft of zinc worth approximately R21 000 at a renowned company in Boipatong recently. Apparently the three, two employees of the company and one a member of the community had nearly gotten away with their wicked plan when upon questioning by the police following the report of the theft one of them gave up and revealed the details of the mission. Boipatong police spokesperson Thembeka Koago says that the suspects were arrested and the stolen goods confiscated. The suspects have since been released on R1 000 bail each. Zinc is used to form numerous alloys, including brass, bronze, nickel silver, soft solder, German silver, spring brass, and aluminum solder. It is also used to make the

A truck full of zinc worth R21 000 stands outside the Boipatong Police station recently.

castings for use in electrical, automotive, and hardware industries. Meanwhile thieves will not leave the dead to rest at the Phelandaba Cemetery in Sharpeville. this became obvious after police recently discovered scrap in a field. Sharpeville Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Aubrey Moopeloa says that thieves steal everything that they can sell as scrap for cash including the numbers of the graves. One suspect has since been arrested.


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

Council news

Midvaal's awaited report released By Sonqoba Kunene MEYERTON.- Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released her much anticipated report regarding her probe into allegations of corrupt practices in the Midvaal Local Municipality on Tuesday – a report which fingered Midvaal DA leader, Andre Odendaal for benefitting improperly from a property deal involving 85 houses in the area.Odendaal, who is also a lawyer and debt collector for the only DAled municipality in Gauteng is at the centre of Madonsela’s report titled, “It Can’t Be Right: Remedying SelfInterest in Midvaal”. Madonsela said that a total of 85 houses belonging to indebted ratepayers were handed to the municipality to be auctioned off but some of the sales transactions were intercepted and not sold through public auction. Madonsela said that between 2003 and 2005, properties belonging to indebted ratepayers were handed to the municipality, a process facililated by Odendaal’s firm, which has offering its services to the municipality for almost thirty years. According to a Business Day report, released online moments after the release of the Public Protector’s report, a house valued at R118 000 that had belonged to a ratepayer who was about R5000 in arrears was sold by Andre Odendaal, the DA’s Midvaal leader, for R180000

after it had been bought by Meyerton Opspoorders, owned by Odendaal, for R10000. “Odendaal benefited in his personal capacity from the purchase and subsequent sale of the property,” the public protector’s report said. Madonsela found the municipality did not follow the law in appointing Odendaal’s firm, Odendaal and Summerton, to provide legal services and collect debt on its behalf. ANC Leader in Midvaal Dan Manoeli says that the party is happy that the public protector ultimately released her final report. Manoeli says, “We will be studying the report. This means a lot for the people of Midvaal, particularly those in De Deur, whose houses were auctioned. The Public Protector referred other issues to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and we are hoping to see justice prevailing.” In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, the DA said it welcomed Madonsela’s findings. “We don’t always get it absolutely right,” says James Selfe, DA MP. “But, when mistakes are made, we go out of our way to ensure they don’t happen again. And we are open with the public about our shortcomings. We don’t try to hide wrongdoing. We acknowledge our mistakes and we rectify them.” Additional information: Business Day

Midvaal Local Municipality Executive Mayor Timothy Nast recently won re-election after his party, the Democratic Alliance won the municipality in the May 18 Local Government Elections this year. The party’s leader in Midvaal, Andre Odendaal was fingered in a Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela’s report regarding maladministration in the municipality. The report was released on Tuesday afternoon.

Can I see your radiator please? A traffic officer pulls out the license disc from one of the vehicles tested at the Vanderbijlpark Testing Center. 215 learner transport vehicles were deregistered following a massive stop and test operation last Wednesday.


By Sonqoba Kunene VANDERBIJLPARK.- The Gauteng Department of Community Safety’s Traffic Police deregistered 215 vehicles transporting learners to different schools in town last Wednesday. The taxis and minibuses were stopped and tested at the Vanderbijlpark Testing Center. In a press statement, the Department says that of the 227 learner transport vehicles tested, 215 were discontinued after severe mechanical defects ranging from brake failure, steering mechanism, worn out tyres and shocks were found. Busaphi Nxumalo, the spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Com-

munity Safety says that the MEC for Community Safety in the province, Faith Mazibuko has called upon intensified operations on public and learner transport. “In the event of such a motor vehicle accident, more people will be involved compared to private vehicles,” says Nxumalo. The department adds that of all operations conducted in the province to date, 95% of vehicles tested have been discontinued due to vehicle defects. “This creates an unsafe environment for both drivers and commuters alike,” explains Nxumalo. Following the clampdown, several vehicles were retested at the Vanderbijlpark Testing Center in the following days to check whether the defects picked up by officials were rectified. In a separate incident, a motorist driving a new BMW Z4 was caught speeding at 181km/h in a 120km/h zone along the N3 Heidelberg. The driver was charged with reckless and negligent driving. dlamini

News in brief

Rescue your own life! By Lazarus Dithagiso BOPHELONG. - Statistics has shown that 90% of Cancer is caused by environmental factors. The cancer causing factor is known as carcinogen that attacks the genes of cells by causing DNA mutation and gene structure disturbance and later damage. Speaking during the Cancer month meeting hosted by Vanderbijlpark Trauma Counseling Empowerment Centre at Bophelong Community Hall recently, Joseph Lelala of Bophelong Health Promoter told the public not to be afraid to get tested.


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

He says it is very healthy for everyone to check his or her status. Mentioning some of the most likely parts in the body where cancer may develop are the breasts, the throat, and private parts. Most men do not know this but they can also fall victim to breast cancer. Lelala says men have a lifetime risk for prostate cancer. A poor diet, red meat, high fat intake and too much of alcohol consumption are some of the catalysts for cancer. Among the guests were Thandi Tsotetsi, Nomfundo and Ntateleng Nthoba (assistant director HIV/Aids, STD and TB

Seleke’s legacy

By Sonqoba Kunene SEBOKENG.- Mourners from the ANC and its alliances, neighbours and fellow cadres of the ‘Umkhonto We Sizwe’s family and friends came together to bury their fallen comrade, Samuel Melato Mosia (Christiaan Seleke) last Saturday in Zone 11, Sebokeng at the Assembiles of God church. Popularly known as “Satch,” Mosia died at the Sebokeng hospital last Sunday. He had reportedly been assaulted earlier and succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Labelled a gallant hero of the struggle, Mosia’s tribute at his funeral unveiled a profile of a freedom fighter – one who has travelled extensively and lived in exile during the dark days of apartheid. Born on 22 December 1957 in Bophelong, Mosia started his schooling at Bophelong Primary and later moved to the Lebohang Secondary School where he completed his Junior Certificate between 1970 -1973. After acquiring his Primary Teacher’s Certificate at the

Tshiya College of Education in Qwa-Qwa, Free State in 1979, Mosia left the country and headed to Angola through Swaziland. He has also been to Germany and Zambia for various missions in pre-democratic South Africa and credited as one of the first members of the advance team whose task was to unite divided defence forces and ensure stability in the country in 1994. Tebogo “Exec” Moepadira manned the funeral programme which saw numerous speakers inclding ward councillor Dimakatso Madisa, friend Tladi Mahlatsi and South African Communist Party’s Thabiso Radebe paying thier last respects. Following a moving funeral ceremony, the procession moved to the Vanderbijlpark cemetery where Mosia was buried. MK Members drape the coffin of the late Samuel Melato Mosia with an ANC flag during his funeral on Saturday. Insert: Samuel Melato Mosia (Christiaan Seleke) was buried on Saturday after he died at the Sebokeng hospital owing to injuries he sustained in an earlier assault.

commonly known as HAST) from the Department of Health and Social development at Johan Heyns Community Clinic. Nthoba added on the speech of Lelala that cancer can be treated. She says that a victim can live up to 23 years. She encourages the community to utilize the Community Clinic for a safe healthy lifestyle. Nthoba says the minister of health, Aaron Motswaledi always encourages the communities to visit clinics and hospitals to assist in fighting diseases before they developed further. The audience was entertained with gumboot dancJoseph Lelala, a guest speaker ing and the from Bophelong Health addresses Bophelong the communities during the Cancer month hosted by Vanderbijlpark Female Trauma Counseling Empowerment Gospel Centre recently. Photo: Lazarus Choir. Dithagiso.

MAKUMANE: News in brief Man shot dead in Gauteng highway ambush JOHANNESBURG.- A man was shot dead and his friend was wounded when they were shot at after stopping at an apparent accident scene on the N14 highway near Diepsloot, Beeld reported on Monday. Chris Conradie, 23, and two of his friends were travelling between Krugersdorp and Pretoria on Friday night. They stopped at the R511 exit after seeing an obstruction in the road and a BMW with flashing lights, the newspaper reported.Conradie got out the car and walked towards the scene to check for injured people.

Mbalula: Sex scandal a plot against me JOHANNESBURG.- Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula says the woman who claims to be pregnant with his child was paid by intelligence agencies to rubbish his name, The New Age newspaper reported on Tuesday. Mbalula told the newspaper that the woman, who has since been identified by various newspapers as 25-year-old Joyce Molamu, was paid R150 000 by national intelligence operatives meddling in the ANC’s squabbles, in the run up to next year’s elective conference in Mangaung. “State institutions must not be used to fight political wars. It must stop now,” he was quoted as saying.He described the political environment within the ANC as “really a poisoned one”. Mbalula - who has major backing within the ANC Youth League, which wants him to replace Gwede Mantashe as ANC secretary general - says the atmosphere within the ruling party has become “polluted.” Courtesy of NEWS24

COMMUNITY DIARY SEBOKENG.- The ‘All African Federation of Churches’ invites all Apostolic and Zion Churches to its launch on 20 November. For more details call 073 614 6696 or 073 8915 128 SEBOKENG.- Etelang Pele would like to invite all to their World Aids Day celebrations on December 1 at Maranatha URCSA church in Zone 11. For details call 084 751 1761 or 082 483 0707


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011


Suicide season starts… The body of Lucky was only collected almost three hours following his suicide. Photos: Mduduzi Mathebula.

By Mduduzi Mathebula EVATON.- Eatonside and Zone7 residents were flabbergasted by a mesmerised, drilled, chopped, and lifeless body of a young man who allegedly committed suicide on Sunday afternoon after challenging a moving train. A young man in his early 20’s who was a security guard allegedly made an end to his life on Sunday by throwing himself in front of the train. The young man known as “Lucky” told some of his friends that he is going to end his life. Apparently the deceased fought with his mother earlier that day and also assaulted her in the process. Lucky obviously had a guilty conscience but did not understand that his mother would never have asked him to pay for it with his life. After his suicide act, Lucky’s lifeless body was stuck

against the train for hours, while the motorists and residents from Zone7 and Eatonside where staggered by the scene. The waiting and the removal of deceased’s corpse was more painful to the allegedly assaulted mother who was among the people in the crowd at the scene. The deceased’s mother burst into tears when she saw her child’s gruesome state, while the brave father was helping at the scene to collect every piece of his son’s bones. According to the residents in this area this will not be the last we hear of train suicides. Every time when the festive season approaches the number of suicides increases says a bystander. Constable Ntshediseng Phakoe, police spokesperson says they are investigating an inquest case.

Lucky’s family members and his father at the back are still in shock

He escaped without his life By Mduduzi Mathebula

SEBOKENG.- An alleged suicidal patient escaped the good hands of care in Naledi Nkanyezi Clinix only to kill himself accidentally. The incident happened on Friday evening at about 19:00 when the victim was hit by a car and died instantly. Apparently the deceased was hit twice by two different vehicles before he lost his life. A bystander says the victim was spotted, walking on the road with a hospital name tag on his wrist. The deceased was hit by a taxi, but only sustained minor injuries which

caused him to proceed with his escape. He was then hit by another car that killed him instantly. The driver of the last car claimed that the victim threw himself in front of the car. The shocked Nissan Sentra driver explained to the officers on call exactly what had happened. When VaalWeekly arrived on the scene the victim was covered with a silver foil while the hospital name tag on his wrist was still visible. At time of print Clinix Private Hospital had not responded to the matter.


Too ironic for words. Photo: Mduduzi Mathebula.

By Mduduzi Mathebula

ALIENATION OF ERF 977 DUNCANVILLE EXTENSION 3 The Council intends to alienate the abovementioned erf to the The Lord’s Trust at a valuation amount of R60 000.00 (Sixty Thousand Rand). The purchaser will also grant free of charge servitudes to the Municipality over Erf 977 and Erf 1030 Duncanville Extension 3 to protect municipal services. Any objection to the abovementioned alienation should be submitted to the Municipality not later than 2 December 2011, as follows: Per Hand: By Mail:

Office of the Municipal Manager Civic Centre Mitchell Street Meyerton The Municipal Manager Midvaal Local Municipality (Notice MN 689/11) P.O. Box 9 Meyerton 1960

Should you require more information, please contact Mr. Tommy Figgins at (016) 360 7626. Original signed by the Municipal manager



EVATON. - An unknown young lady was set on fire and burned to death before she was dumped into an open field next to the N1 in Evaton West on Wednesday morning. The Evaton West Extension 11 residents were met with the decomposing corpse and ashes of this young woman. The lifeless body of the woman was spotted by a local resident in the morning. The gruesome corpse was left uncovered as the police were doing their preliminary investigations. It seems that the victim might have been killed before she was set alight. VaalWeekly asked the community about the woman but they do not seem to know anything about her although they saw her in the company of other girls last week. The house where police found traces of her blood was locked up and there was no one to be found. The house owner was called and his phone went to voice mail. This cruel and shocking death of an unknown woman has left the community in horror.

If you thought such things only happen in movies, you had better think again. This unknown woman was allegedly set alight post mortem.

Someone’s going to burn in hell!

The forensic officer who was deployed to the scene says that the body of the woman was in a surrendering position. It is also suspected that the deceased might have been burned

with a chemical substance, since her body was burnt in half. At time of going to print the police spokesperson was unavailable for more comments.



Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

Editorial Comment Your suicide will destroy your family-get help now! Your favourite newspaper this week carries a lot of disheartening stories; stories that make one feel that it is truly a time that the world can come to an end. Most human beings have different characters and different ways of dealing with circumstances that affect them. Most have the strength to pick themselves up while others decide to take the easy way out. What is so devastating about this week’s edition of the paper is the escalating rate of suicide reported in our region. It is almost unthinkable that some people would rather face death than the truth or the not so harsh consequences of their actions. Is it fair that one decides to end their lives and leave their loved

ones hurting for the remainder of their existence? Almost everyone would agree that life is the most precious gift that human beings have been given. Just the chance to be alive on this earth and play a part in the grander scheme of things is a privilege indeed. Yet, despite this, there are times when life becomes so difficult or unbearable that many have, at one time or another wished they were dead or had never been born. For some, these feelings linger-and if they linger long enough, suicide seems to be the only escape. In fact, in the United States (and stats are similar in countries around the world) the suicide rate has tripled among teens and young adults in the past 40 years. Somewhere in the pages of you favourite newspaper today there is a story about a family man that apparently decided to take his own life after escaping from a local hospital, for reasons unknown. A young man has also killed himself after throwing himself against a moving train over the weekend following what is reported to be a scuffle with his mother. All this leaves people behind who will be scarred for the rest of their lives. Is it fair to those that are left behind that they must be haunted by the horrific scenes of the suicide? Why take the easy way out? Psychologists, Priests, Counselors and other professional people have been trained to deal with such situations whereby they reach out and listen to problems for the purpose of advising and sorting out whatever may be hurting.What we need to realise as human beings is that we need to put a halt to this. Where there are problems we need to sit down and iron them out. Suicide has never and will never be the way out. Think about those that are left behind.


Letters to the Editor Vaal Weekly, P.O. Box 351, Vanderbijlpark, 1900 Fax: (016) 933 2263

We want to be published! The Department of Education’s high management is out and about the issue whether to publish the matriculants’ results in the national news papers. This issue has raised concerns with the learners and educators. Mduduzi Mathebula finds out how learners feel about this matter.

Seshoeshoe Mahele from Evaton is of the opinion that the education department is making the right decision. He says some matriculants commit suicide due to an unmonitored display of results.


Act like a harlot, get treated like one! Motsomi Morake from Sharpeville writes: A lot can be learnt from the Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula’s hanky-panky escapades. In as much as Mbalula should not have done what he did, more so without a condom, these so called celebrities, actors and models, whose careers depend on perpetual sexual grooming to still be taken seriously are getting their due by being sexually exploited by the Mbalulas of this world. Having access to overweight piggy millionaire politicians when you are a beautiful girl, always semi naked for prosperity and fame, will get you treated like a prostitute. Who knows how much Mbalula spent on the sister and what her expectations were. It is a cruel world we live in, let us all exercise some caution and restraint.

Complaining about this will not make it go away, we need to do something, ask the government to fund programmes where life skills classes are offered to young people in order to educate them about the social problem of teenage pregnancy. I am sure there are a lot of people who are waiting to help. So, stop complaining and find sponsors who can support your educational drive. Do something! Change begins with you.

Be wary of empty promises! Pule Ramalope from Zone 13, Sebokeng writes: In my capacity as community member, I undertook research into whether my people understand what democracy stands for. I found out that they do not exercise their rights which are enshrined in the constitution. I want to warn my people not to run after promises made by those in power. They must not allow individuals to manipulate their destiny. Be wise and choose to defend the constitution that will safeguard the inspiration of the nation towards a common goal.

Thabang Matli from Evaton says the department will be failing them because for them appearing in the newspaper was something that they were really looking forward to.

They depend on you Keep your eyes on God

Samuel Radebe from Heilbron writes: Anyone can follow a trail, but Only a leader can blaze a trail. If you are a leader, a lot of people depend on and friends need leaders who model purpose-driven lives, children need leaders who help them reach their full potential, churches need leaders who chart the course and equip the saints, businesses need leaders who build great places to work while making a profit, communities need leaders who create a better place to live. Leadership is not for the faint-hearted, and it is encouraging to learn that you are not in it alone. God who is the Ultimate Leader is with you.

Mosia Mofokeng from Groenpunt Medium Correctional Center writes: A woman is a life-giver, a precious gift to her husband as she bears children and takes care of them. She is an inspiration, an organiser, a well-groomed and balanced person. I wish to encourage other women out there to stand in faith on God’s promises. When the storms, fires and floods rise and become obstacles in your way, stand on his word, have hope. In all afflictions you are experiencing, exercise faith which brings out hope.

“I think appearing in the newspaper will be a great achievement for some of us, so I don’t agree with what the Department of Education is doing,”says a grade 9 learner Lehlohonolo Matli from Evaton.

Nagging won't Take time to reflect solve the problem before you act! Sandile O’Kelly from Groenpunt Correctional Center writes: I am responding to the article by Manqoba Mkhize from Orange Farms which was published in a VaalWeekly dated 5-11 October. Mkhize, we are well aware that South Africa is having a problem of teenage pregnancy but we need people to come up with solutions to solve it. This problem does not only affect these young souls but the nation as a whole.

The editor reserves the right to shorten letters

Tsietsi Kobue Shylock from Groenpunt Maximum Center writes: As a regular Vaal Weekly reader, I wish to share the following words of wisdom with other readers. We all know that anger is one of the most dangerous human emotions. The bible says, “Anger is like a lion waiting outside your door, so you must master it or it will master you.” Many people have died, families are broken and children are orphans because someone failed to control their anger. When you are angry, just shut up as your words can hurt others for the rest of their lives. Leave the scene and go somewhere quite to calm down. Learn to control your emotions.

“I completely agree with the department of education, to have your name in the newspaper does not matter, but people who do drastic things as a result of the display of marks do matter,” says Bongani Soshiva from Evaton.


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011


100-day-plan to become a 10-year-plan? has also not happened. Instead, we found a few children playing soccer on the rundown field. Health and Social Services The mayor also talked of upgrading Tshepiso, Retswelapele, Beverly Hills and Zone 3 Clinics but this has also not happened. It must be noted that of the three clinics, there is a construction project to install water pipes next to the Beverly Hills Clinic – suggesting that headway has been made in upgrading the facility.

By Sonqoba Kunene SEDIBENG.- Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Greta Hlongwane launched her 100 day service delivery plan at the ELM Mayoral Parlour on 10 August this year. Thursday, 10 November marks the end of three months since the plan was launched but has the mayor delivered on her word? The launch of the 100 day plan was spearheaded by Hlongwane who was ably assisted by her Public Transport, Roads and Public Works MMC Sello Pitso in a press briefing that was attended by reporters from different media houses. With only a few days to go, Vaal Weekly this week holds the municipality accountable for its failure to deliver on activities and projects listed in the 100 day plan and also looks at the areas where the council succeeded in its mission to improve service delivery, among many others.

Mayor’s Office

One of the priorities listed by Hlongwane was convening a youth summit within the 100 days and here she was successful as a function of this nature was held at the Ingwe Lodge where young people and local government officials came together for discussions on a range of issues.


“We will be allocating houses at the New Village Housing Project,” the mayor said. This has been done and the allocation process, in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Housing, is currently underway despite a few challenges a few weeks ago where people illegally occupied some of the houses.

Waste and Landfill

The mayor said the refuse removal would be extended to all areas within ELM including informal and rural settlements but this is yet to happen in Boiketlong and Sonderwater. In fact, a Vaal Weekly visit to Sonderwater revealed that the situation remains tense following recent service delivery protests in recent weeks. In Boiketlong, illegal dumping is rife and waste still piles up in corners waiting for the municipal trucks to remove it, but there is still no waste collection. The mayor is also on record saying, “By the end of this month (August), we must have

By Lerato Serero SEDIBENG.- The Vaal/Sedibeng Business Development Forum is here to make changes in the lives of the community members in the area, particularly the young up and coming business people. Through their Vaal youth Development division, the organisation’s chairperson Phineas Madonsela says that they would like to welcome young business people and

started with the distribution of refuse bags and collect waste in Sonderwater informal settlement.” This has not happened and according to residents in the area, no refuse bags have been distributed to them. Sport and Recreation

The mayor announced that the Zone 11 stadium in Sebokeng will be upgraded – Vaal Weekly visited the site on Sunday and this

help them with advice on how to start a business, apply for financial help and finally to maintain them. “We are here to help and would like young people to contact us so that we can build this region in terms of business development. Not only young people can come and join us but we would also like to have other business forums to work hand in hand with us,” says Madonsela.

Emfuleni Local Municipality Executive Mayor Greta Hlongwane needs to get the ball rolling in delivering on the rest of her 100 days service delivery plan. A Vaal Weekly overview this week shows that Hlongwne is off the mark and will need the support of her entire staff if she is to improve service delivery in a municipality engulfed by a culture of non-payment of services by its residents. In Boiketlong, where the mayor said that waste collection would be introduced in the 100 days, waste still piles up in corners and collection does not happen. Photo: Sonqoba Kunene.

Yes you can do it yourself!

Gauteng is a mine of potential!

By Lerato Serero SEDIBENG.- The Gauteng’s economic output is expected to continue its upward trend in the period leading to 2014, consolidating its position as the economic hub of South Africa. This is according to the 2011 Provincial Economic Review and Outlook (PERO) which was released recently by the Gauteng Department of Finance. The publication outlines the structural make-up of the provincial economy through sectoral analysis to, among other things, determine the province’s contribution

to national output. The provincial economy has transformed into a sophisticated structure, with the tertiary sector and the manufacturing sub-sector taking centre stage. The sectoral analysis of Gauteng’s economy reveals that the tertiary sector remains the largest sector of the economy led by the finance and business services sub-sector, closely followed by government, social and personal services. The secondary sector makes the second highest contribution to the GDP-R, led by the manufacturing sub-sector. The primary sector is the smallest although accounting for the largest share of exports, with the mining & quarrying sub-sector the main contributor. The district municipalities make relatively smaller contributions to Gauteng’s GDP-R, with the West Rand and Metsweding specialising in mining, and Sedibeng in manufacturing. The 2011 Provincial Economic Review and Outlook (PERO) Gauteng has many comparative advantages. These include the fact that: * Gauteng has a strong financial and industrial base; * High quality information technology accessibility; * Outstanding business services; * An enabling environment; * Excellent freight and logistics. MEC Mandla Nkomfe’s finance department is working hard to make sure that the Gauteng province remains tops.

Phineas Madonsela says that his organisation wishes to help the young people of this area. Photo: Lerato Serero

R20 for RDP? By Lazarus Dithagiso

SEBOKENG. – Parks Mokoena a community leader who is also member of the African People’s Convention (APC) has strongly rejected the allegations made against him. This comes after it was rumoured that Mokoena fraudulently collected monies from poor residents under the false pretext of arranging RDP houses for them. At some of the meetings hosted recently at Lesabasaba School, Zone 13 Sebokeng, communities apparently to pay R20 each for registration to receive houses.

In his comment, Mokoena says the community donated the money by their own free will and that no-one was forced to pay anything. He says those who feel that they have been betrayed are welcome to reclaim their money. The national spokesperson of the APC, Patrick Sindane says that they distance themselves from those allegations. "The APC has never mandated Mokoena to deal with housing matters. It’s the right of the community to complain when things go out of control," says Sindane.


No-one can argue! By Lerato Serero SEDIBENG.- A team from Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy and Meyerton High showed that they are SA’s top debaters , the Gauteng winners took first place, at the prestigious UN debating competition, in Cape Town, recently defeating a skilled team from the UK. Sadé Pietersen (17 years old) and Noxolo Ntaka (17 years old) learners from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG), together with their teammates Balekaofela Mphuti and Esther Khongwane from Meyerton High, won first place at the South African Model United Nations International competition. This prestigious event had more than 500 SA schools participating (at the provincial level). At the national event 23 schools competed. Each province’s team competed (i.e. 9 teams, all consisting of a twinning between a ‘resourced’ school and an ‘un-



Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

Taxi’s struggling up the inclines

In Cape Town recently are Esther Kgongwane and Balekaofela Mphuthi (Meyerton High) and Sadé, Pieterson and Noxolo Ntaka (OWLAG)

der-resourced’ school, a total of 18 schools. In addition, the UK, Nigeria & Kenya (3) sent delegations. All four team members (Noxolo Ntaka and Sadé, Pieterson from OWLAG together with Meyerton High pupils Esther Kgongwane and Balekaofela Mphuthi) will represent South Africa at the annual conference next year in the US. The Head of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, Anne van Zyl is extremely proud of how well the team performed. She says, “The volume of work was considerable and time consuming, requiring personal sacrifice. The maturity and confidence demonstrated by the team is exemplary.” The competition is called the ‘Model United Nations SA’ because it simulates United Nations debates, with each participating team being pre-allocated a country, which they then represent as delegates at the conference.

Taxi fares will increase by 10% at the end of the year, SANTACO has announced. The rising cost of fuel which also affects other running costs for taxi operators has been cited as the reason for the hike. Photo: Sonqoba Kunene.

By Sonqoba Kunene SEDIBENG.- The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) has noted with concern the increasing cost of fuel to an extent that the structure has announced a 10% hike in taxi fares before year-end. SANTACO President Jabulani Mthembu says in a statement from his office that the taxi fare increase is imminent as taxi owners have been sharply pushed by the drastic increase of fuel price in the last three months. Mthembu says, “ While SANTACO acknowledges that it provides a service to a largely poor market, this inevitable move is regrettable and within time such

prices would be announced. The taxi industry has been critically considerate of taxi fare increases every time there is a petrol hike.” The council says the decision came after considering operating costs affecting the taxi business on a monthly basis. “We hope the commuters will understand our predicament pertaining to the coming festive season when a demand for transportation will increase,” reads the SANTACO statement. The increase was also influenced by the recent petrol price increase, which followed another increase earlier this year.


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011


Celebrating the wedding with friends and family. Photos: Mduduzi Mathebula.

By Mduduzi Mathebula Jabulani Mjele and the love of his life, Mankaheleng Serathi on their wedding day.

A blessed union!

SEBOKENG.- “It’s a wedding day, it’s a wedding day, it’s a wedding day! Baya shada namhlanje” this is one of the popular wedding songs that was produced by Sello Twala and sung by a most vibrant Brenda Fassie. Jabulani Mjele tied the knot on Saturday with his long time love, Mankaheleng Serathi. It was a traditional wedding that was attended by many friends and family who came to be witnesses of this couple’s ex-

change of vows. Victor Mazibuko Mjele’s best man says he has been friends with Mjele since primary school. He says he is happy for Mjele and he wishes that God will provide for them in all their needs. “I wish them all the best. As we always say, this is the beginning of a new life for him and his partner,” says a grateful friend Mazibuko. An overwhelmed Mjele could not utter a word to Vaal Weekly. All he could was to nod his head in excitement!

It’s all fun and games! Roshnee Islamic Primary School grade three and four pupils were among the four schools nominated by the computer science educators from the University of South Africa (Unisa) and America to enlighten the pupils on basic computer science and design computer software. The specialist will come again next year to test the software game and identify the pupils and compare the progress with learners not playing the game. The pupils given attention are those doing Maths, Science, EMS, Natural Science and English. The games will help the pupils to improve on the content subjects. Here, Charles Morris developer, from Unisa virtual learning environment project, teaches Abu Bakr Hansa, a grade three pupil all about computer soft ware. Photos: Lazarus Dithagiso.

Roshnee Islamic School science educators with the UNISA virtual learning environment project computer educators.

The master of your journey is you! By Mduduzi Mathebula SEBOKENG.- Stephen Ngo is one humble Pastor from the Vaal. The House of Glory Ministries held a back to school function that was conducted under the theme ‘Stick to your dream’ on Sunday during the Church Service. The particular day was declared an academic day. All the church graduates were all armed with their Degrees, Honours and Master's. Young people were also asked to wear their school uniform. This part of exercise was performed to encourage young people to be spiritually and academically educated. This event has helped the congregation to stick to their dream and pursue what they all along wanted to be. Pastor Thulani Munerenyu, the guest speaker tells the congregation that everyone has a dream, no one will live your dream if you dont. Munerenyu quoted the book of Habakuk 2:2 that speaks about vision and trusting

in God to fulfill it. Munerenyu further says to young people especially, that their background has nothing to do with what they want to be. “And again it is vital for us to understand ourselves, in order to have a clear picture of where we are and where we are going,” says Munerenyu. Munerenyu says there are no excuses for young people not to study or blame their history and background. He concludes his speech by saying, “You are the master of your journey” Another uplifting speech was made by a Psychology Honours Degree holder Saba Xaba who told young people to allow God to steer their lives. He says, “In life there is time for everything, you might be going through winter or autumn, but you should know that summer and spring is around the corner.” Xaba describes a dream as a goal without legs. He says in order to make your dream come alive, you need to have a purpose in life and pursue it no matter what.

The church encourage learners to study further. Photos: Mduduzi Mathebula.


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011


SEXY OF THE WEEK If you want to be a contestant in the Vaal Weekly Babe of the Week competition, SMS your name, age and contact details to 45516.

October winner Congratulations

Kedibone Gladness Mosia from Vereeniging, would like to be a businesswomen in the future, but at the moment she is pursuing her modeling career.

30 Taxido Junction Union Street Vereeniging 1939 Cell: 083 536 3351

Upper level Mark Park Vereeniging


Lesego Pertunia

on Left: Lerato Tshosane (19) (in the centre) made it through five judges when she was crowned Miss VUT FM 2011 during the glamorous beauty pageant hosted at Desmond Tutu Great Hall on Saturday. She did not disappoint her parents, relatives and friends who arrived in numbers to watch her with the other beautiful ladies ascending the stage in the packed hall. From left to right, Masogo Kabasia 1st princess, Tshosane (Queen) and Sinehlanhla Mdiya 2nd princess. Photos: Lazarus Dithagiso.

VUT = B,U,T! Oops! Sorry Gentlemen! The VaalWeekly lens man wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt the eyes of the gentlemen who see this picture!


Right: What a pretty dress! Some of Miss VUT FM beauty pageants in their evening gowns designed by ‘House of Sarah’ in Vereeniging. Sarah studied fashion design at the VUT.

ARIES (Mar. 21-April 20) The best way to use this week's energy is to roll up your sleeves and get busy. There is nothing frivolous about it. People are in a serious mood.

TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) You might feel worried this week. Perhaps you’ve lost your self-confidence. You’re second-guessing yourself. This is no big deal - we all have weeks like this.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Someone older, especially in a group, might be critical of you this week. Pay no attention to this. This sort of thing is happening to many people everywhere this week.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) This is not a week to ask parents, teachers, bosses and VIPs for permission or their endorsement. You won’t get it. Their reply will likely be, “Talk to the hand.”

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Travel plans plus publishing, the media, medicine, the law and anything to do with higher education suddenly look depressing this week.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 23) Disappointments with others are likely this week because you feel let down or perhaFinancial matters might look grim this week.

LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) Discussions with partners and close friends are restricting, confining and perhaps even discouraging. No matter what you suggest or propose - someone else shoots it down.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Because others might criticize you at work today, steer clear of older, more experienced people. In general, people are in a critical frame of mind this week and this is half the problem.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Children might feel like an extra responsibility or obligation this week. Hey - this goes with the territory. Romance might be a tad gloomy or discouraging as well.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.-Jan. 20) An older family member, perhaps a parent or relative, might rain on your parade this week. Therefore, don’t bring up something important. Avoid important family discussions.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) Life is hard this week. It’s just that simple. This is perfect week to trade “hard luck stories” with siblings and relatives. Don’t take any of this to heart. Negative thinking will drag you down.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You feel broke this week. Join the club - we number millions. In reality, things are not much different from last week - it’s just that they look worse than they are.


Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

Therefore write-offs for one building can be setoff against any other income of the investor, regardless of whether that income relates to the building or the line of business to which that building relates. Any excess losses that cannot be fully setoff within a year are carried forward indefinitely. These excess losses can be setoff in later years until fully absorbed.


You Belong. We Care!

What costs does the allowance cover?




mfuleni Local Municipality once again invites all interested investors to apply for the Urban Development Zone Tax Incentive in Vereeniging on or before 31 March 2014. This is an Urban Development Zone intervention initiated by the Minister of Finance back in 2003. Its main objectives are: • To respond to the problem of dereliction and dilapidation in South Africa's large cities and • to promote urban renewal and development through private sector investment in the construction and improvement of buildings.

Who is eligible for the incentive? Any investor (including individuals, companies, close corporations and trusts as well as partners in a partnership) is eligible for the incentive once the following three basic conditions are met:

The urban development zone allowance covers all construction costs related to the erection, extention, additional or improvement of buildings. Finance and property acquisition costs do not fall within the incentive. These deductible costs include a whole range such as water, power, sewage, drainage, security, sidewalks, landscaping etc.

Proposed area

New buildings

The area concerned is the city centre of Vereeniging and includes all the entrances to the city. See the map for more detail.

Investors erecting a new building (or extending or adding to the expense of a building) receive an 11 year write-off period. This write-off allows for a deduction of 20% for the first year the building is brought into use and annual deductions of 8% for each the following 10 years.


How does the incentive reduce my tax? If an investor qualifies for the tax incentive, any 5-year or 11-year write-off of costs incurred by the investor is deductible against the entire taxable income of the investor. No ring fencing applies.

For any enquiries kindly contact: Erika van der Walt (016) 950-5524 / 082 775 1393

Vereeniging Proposed Area

1. The investor must improve an existing building or erect or construct a new building within the urban development zone. Where a building is purchased from a developer, the developer must not have claimed the allowance previously. In the case of improvements, the expenditure incurred relating to that improvement must equal to at least 20% of the purchase price of the building. 2. The investor must use the building solely for purposes of the investor's trade. The trade can be of any kind commercial, industrial or the rental of residential apartments. For instance an investor constructing a building for purposes of leasing it would qualify for the incentive as well as an investor constructing premises to conduct a retail business. An investor living in a portion of a newly constructed building while leasing another portion would however be ineligible because the building is not solely used for trade. If an investor has two separate buildings on the same piece of land, personal use of one building will generally not prevent the investor from claiming the incentive on the second building if that second building is used solely for trade. 3. The investor must receive a location certificate from the municipality confirming that the building is located within its urban development zone. This will be attached to the investor's return when claiming the urban developments allowance. The certificate of occupancy is no longer a pre-requisite.

What is the nature of the Incentive? The incentive provides investors with a tax write-off for the cost of the improvement of building over time before actual sale. The goal is to favour refurbishment of existing buildings rather than replacement or new buildings and therefore the incentive for improvements is more generous that for new buildings.

Improvements An investor who refurbishes or improves an existing building will receive a 20% straight-line depreciation write off over a 5-year period once the building is brought into use.

Vereeniging Central



Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011 Vaal Weekly,


11. Personal Notices

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Counselling Churches Congratulations Thank you Memoriam/Tombstones Divorce Private Detectives Lost/Found Lifts Friendship


In Memoriam / Grafstene / Tombstones


VEREENIGING (016) 421-4054

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Daycare Pre-Primary Schools Naskoolsorg/Afterschool care Education Video & Photography Music Functions & Conferences Catering Take Aways & Restaurants


VEREENIGING (016) 421-4054





Passed away 30/10/2011. Service was held on 05/11/2011 and was buried in Vanderbijlpark


Egskeidings Divorce

HERBAL HEALER Man hood, lost lover luck, divorces, business, hips, breast, bums, chronicle diseases, financial, win lotto, casino business, cleans bad spells. 073 917 3760



Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that in terms of clause 12 and 19 of the Vanderbijlpark Town planning scheme, 1987, I Huxley Aubrey Masha, of the Firm AMK & AMS Town Planners (Pty) Ltd being the authorized agent of the owner, intend applying to the Emfuleni Local Municipality, for consent for a Tuck shop to be established on PORTION 6 OF ERF 620 VANDERBIJLPARK CW 4.


VEREENIGING (016) 421-4054

Pest Control Garden Services Transport & Storage Boreholes Swimming Pools Thatch roofs Loans Financial Services Needlework Beauty & Health General Services Jaggeleenthede / Hunting

49. Welding & Steelworks

For Sale 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60.

General for sale Wanted to buy Household Supplies Computers Office supplies Cell phones Pawn shops TV / Electrical Appliances Books / Collectors Items

61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72.

Artwork/Antiques Jewelery Clothing Animals & Poultry Farm Equipment Motors Bakkies Trucks Motorbikes Caravans Boats To let

Properties 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88.

Boarding Properties Wanted Business Opportunities Kantore Flats to let Flats for sale Townhouses to let Townhouses for sale Houses to let

90. Smallholdings & Farms to let

91. Smalholdings & Farms for sale

92. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99.

Business for sale Guest Houses Holiday Accommodation Driving Schools Vacancies Wanted Vacancies Adult Entertainment

89. Houses for sale.


If you meet these requirements, please phone Marentia at (016) 932 4499, between 8:00am and 4:30pm. Please state the learning opportunity that you are applying for when you phone.


Passed away on 2011-10-19. Service was held on 2011-11-05 and was buried in Vanderbijlpark.

Betrekkings Vacancies

Qualification Requirements: s3TANDARD'RADE Personal Requirements: s0LEASENOTETHATONLY0REVIOUSLY Disadvantages candidates will be considered.

Passed away 28/10/2011. Service was held on 05/11/2011 and was buried in Sharpeville


37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48.

Blinds Jumping Castle Carpentry Carpets Paving Building Concrete & Palisades TV/Electrical Services Plumbing General Repairs Refuse Removal Security

We are looking for candidates to enroll for funded training. sX-ALECANDIDATES sX&EMALECANDIDATES


VEREENIGING (016) 421-4054

25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36.



Passed away 27/10/2011. Service was held on 05/11/2011 and was buried in Vanderbijlpark




Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the offices of: THE STRATEGIC MANAGER: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND IDP DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE MANAGEMENT Cnr. Klasie Havenga and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard VANDERBIJLPARK for a period of 28 days from 31 Oct. 2011 (date of first publication of this notice). Objection to / or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to as its specified above or be addressed to:


Algemene Dienste General Services


Compulsory Briefing / Site Inspection date & time

Bid Other Closing Document Requirements Date Fee

11/2012/39 Request for proposals for N43/2012 the outsourcing of ELM Fleet management information process and the supply of an integrated electronic fleet management system

16 November 2011 R250 @ 10:00 mechanical boardroom Cnr. Gen. Smuts & van Riebeeck Street Duncanville


Contact Person

6 December Mr. A. Bouwer 2011 (016) 440 7671


Original valid tax clearance certificate issued by South African Revenue Services (SARS) must be submitted, Proof indicating that your Municipal account is not in arrears for more than three months must be submitted. Certified copy of letter of good standing in respect of Workman’s Compensation (COIDA) must be submitted. Copy of company profile & proposal must be submitted with contactable reference to a work done previously. A compulsory site briefing session will be held as stipulated above A minimum of 30% of the contract will be subcontracted to locally based SMME’s, joint venture partners, co-operatives , where the supplier is not locally based. 7. A BEE certificate to be submitted. At least 30% equity be for vulnerable groups (youth / people with disabilities & women) who own, control and manage the resources of the company. 8. Bidders must comply with all terms and conditions as outlined in this tender document. 9. Audited financial statements to be submitted Collection & submission of bid documents: Bid documents may be purchased and submitted during office hours between 08h00 to 15h15 on Monday to Friday excluding public holidays at Emfuleni Local Municipality Offices, Vanderbijlpark, Cnr. Klasie Havenga Street & Frikkie Meyer Boulevard Vanderbijlpark, Ground floor. Availability of bid documents: Bid documents will be available from 9 November 2011 at 10H00 at a cost of R250.00 (payable in cash or bank guaranteed cheque) before collection of the bid document. Returning and closing date and time of bid: Sealed marked bids must be placed in the Bid Box (First Floor) at the Municipal Offices, Vanderbijlpark, Cnr. Klasie Havenga Street & Frikkie Meyer Boulevard, not later than 12h00 on the closing date where after it will be opened in public in the Committee Room, first floor, Municipal Building, Vanderbijlpark.




Preference is given to bidders who enhance the local economy, create jobs and who promote broad-based black economy empowerment (BBBEE) and to bidders who are within the Emfuleni Local Municipality.

It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to make sure that his advertisement is correct on the first day of publication and placed according to his/her instructions and that all mistakes are corrected before the next edition.


Bid Number Bid Description

Evaluation and adjudication of bid: Bids will be evaluated and adjudicated in terms of Emfuleni Local Municipality Supply Chain Management Policy and Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act No. 5 of 2000. The 90/10 or 80/20 in preferential procurement points system as outlined in the bid document will apply.

Since 1998 s$)3-)33!,#!3%3 s$)3#)0,).!29%.15)29 s02/6)$%.40%.3)/.&5.$ s#/.#),)!4)/.!2")42!4)/. s2%3#)33)/.2%6)%7 Contact Cell: 073 620 5907 Fax: 086 652 2203 15 Muydewe Building Joubert Street Vereeniging, 1930

Does not accept any responsibility for more than one faulty placing.

Municipality hereby invites bidders for the following bid as outline below:


(016) 95

Mr. S. Shabalala -5.)#)0!,-!.!'%2



Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

That boy belongs to us


NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 5(5) OF THE GAUTENG REMOVAL OF RESTRICTIONS ACT 1996, (ACT 3 OF 1996) We, Urban Worx Town and Regional Planners, being the authorised agent of the owner of Erf 629 Rothdene Township, Registration Division I.Q., Gauteng Province, hereby give notice in terms of section 5(5) of the Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act, 1996, that I have applied to the MIDVAAL LOCAL MUNICIPALITY, for the removal of Title Deed condition 3 in Title Deed T62009/2011 as well as the consent to use the property described above for a “Guest-House” Particulars of the application will lay for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, c/o Development Planning, at the Civic Centre Building, MEYERTON for the period of 28 days from 9 November 2011. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager, at the aforementioned address, within a period of 28 days from 9 November 2011.

VANDERBIJLPARK AMENDMENT SCHEME H1557 We, Urban Worx Town and Regional Planners, being the authorised agent of the owner of Erf 59, Vanderbijlpark, South East 7 town area, Registration Division I.Q., Gauteng Province, hereby give notice in terms of section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986, that we have applied to the Emfuleni Local Municipality for the amendment of the Town Planning Scheme known as the Vanderbijlpark Town Planning Scheme, 1987, by the rezoning of the property described above, situated at 23 Henri Van Wyk Street, Vanderbijlpark, South East 7 town area, from “Residential 1” to “Residential 4” Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Strategic Manager: Land Use Management, First Floor, corner of President Kruger Street and Eric Louw Street, Old Trustbank Building, Vanderbijlpark for a period of 28 days from 9 November 2011. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Strategic Manager Land Use Management at the above address or at P.O. Box 3, Vanderbijlpark, 1900, within a period of 28 days from 9 November 2011.


Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that in terms of clause 12 and 19 of the Vanderbijlpark Town planning scheme, 1987, I Huxley Aubrey Masha, of the Firm AMK & AMS Town Planners (Pty) Ltd being the authorized agent of the owner, intend applying to the Emfuleni Local Municipality, for consent for a nursery school to be established on ERF 48 CP HOOGENHOUT STREET VANDERBIJLPARK CW 4 Particulars of the application will lê for inspection during normal office hours at the offices of: THE STRATEGIC MANAGER: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND IDP DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE MANAGEMENT Cnr. Klasie Havenga and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard VANDERBIJLPARK for a period of 28 days from 31 Oct. 2011 (date of first publication of this notice). Objection to / or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to as its specified above or be addressed to: THE STATEGIC MANAGER ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND IDP DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE MANAGEMENT Cnr. Klasie Havenga and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard VANDERBIJLPARK , within a period of 28 days from 31 October 2011. PHYSICAL ADDRESS OF AUTHORIZED AGENT: 05 CHERERE ESTATES, CURA AVENUE, EQUESTRIA, CELL NO. 082 418 9146

By Zacharia Nale ORANGE FARM.- Dona’s Mates Youth Development director James “Maradona” Shabangu believes that Weekly Sport is his last hope to prove that Sifiso Myeni comes from his team before he joined the Wits development team. This follows the much published dispute between Dona’s Mates and Wits over this talented youngster who has taken the Premier Soccer League by storm. Shabangu says that Wits does not want to

acknowledge the fact that his club, Dona’s mates, played an important role in the boy’s career. Speaking to Weekly Sport, Dona Mates says Weekly Sport took the boy’s photo while he was playing for Dona’s Mates during the Total Soccer Challenge at the Zone 15 Stadium in 2004. He was playing in the u/15 category and Shabangu made a special plea to Weekly Sport to go back to the file and check if we still have the photos of the boy. “There is no way Wits can claim that they have developed this boy because he was part of our team that participated in Total Challenge Tournament in that year. We have proof that the boy belongs to Dona’s Mates and we will fight until the end because it is a fact that Dona played a part in his development,” says Shabangu. Shabangu says that they do not want money, they just want to be acknowledged. He however did not mince his words when he tells Weekly Sport that South African football is full of crooks because there is a FIFA clause stating that an amateur team must get R250 000 as part of development fee. He adds “I know this rule exist but not many people are aware of it

Dona’s Mates Youth Development director James “Maradona” Shabangu in dispute with Wits about talented Sifiso Myeni.

and as a result of this we are robbed of thousands. Wits know exactly that the boy is not their development product but belongs to Dona’s Mates. This is part of our profile for people to see that Dona’s Mates is capable to develop good talent such as Myeni. This is the only thing that we want, not their money because they think we want to make money with this boy. ” Meanwhile, Weekly Sport’s Sports Beat always advises the development coaches and administrators to create a profile for each of their young players. ESKREC2032/E


Address of applicant: Urban Worx Town and Regional Planners P.O. Box 2379, Sasolburg, 1947 Tel: (083) 566 3773 / Fax: (016) 971 3362







Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that in terms of clause 12 and 19 of the Vanderbijlpark Town planning scheme, 1987, I Huxley Aubrey Masha, of the Firm AMK & AMS Town Planners (Pty) Ltd being the authorized agent of the owner, intend applying to the Emfuleni Local Municipality, for consent for a nursery school to be established on PORTION 1 OF ERF 6 COWPER STREET NO: 11 CW 6 VANDERBIJLPARK CW 6 Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the offices of: THE STRATEGIC MANAGER: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND IDP DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE MANAGEMENT Cnr. Klasie Havenga and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard VANDERBIJLPARK for a period of 28 days from 31 Oct. 2011 (date of first publication of this notice). Objection to / or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to as its specified above or be addressed to: THE STATEGIC MANAGER ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND IDP DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE MANAGEMENT Cnr. Klasie Havenga and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard VANDERBIJLPARK, within a period of 28 days from 31 October 2011. PHYSICAL ADDRESS OF AUTHORIZED AGENT: 05 CHERERE ESTATES, CURA AVENUE, EQUESTRIA, CELL NO. 082 418 9146.

NOTICE IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE, (No. 15 OF 1986) AND VEREENIGING TOWN PLANNING SCHEME, 1992. We, Male Development Agency, being the authorized agent of the owner Erven 153 and 566, Bedworthpark, hereby gives notice in terms of section 56 (1) (b) and (ii) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance (No 15 of 1986) and Vereeniging Town Planning Scheme of 1992 that we intend applying to the Emfuleni Local Municipality for the amendment of the said town planning scheme by rezoning of the Erven 153 and 566, Bedworthpark, from “Residential 1” to “Special” for purposes of establishing a “Guest-house”with annexure to allow an additional dwelling per erf according to special consent of the local authority including other similar uses excluding noxious uses. All relevant documents relating to the application will be open for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Strategic Manager, Land Use Management, First Floor, Old Trust Bank Building, Corner President Kruger and Eric Louw Streets, Vanderbijlpark for 28 days from 02 November 2011. Any person who wishes to object to the application or submit representation in respect thereof, to the Municipal Manager at the address mentioned above, or to P.O. Box 3, Vanderbijlpark or Fax to (016) 950 5533 within 28 days. Address of the Agent: Male' Development Agency P.O. Box 3137, Vereeniging, 1930, 083 875 3304


Notice It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to make sure that his advertisement is correct on the first day of publication and placed according to his/her instructions and that all mistakes are corrected before the next edition. MooiVaal Media does not accept any responsibility for more than one faulty placing. (016) 950-7000

Empowering the South African Dream POSITION: External Trainees (x15) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: Kwa-Zulu Natal Division: Group Commercial Location: Durban, Pine Town, New Germany, Marburg and Vryheid Reference number: 49808095SNG POSITION: External Trainees (x6) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: Limpopo Division: Group Commercial Location: Polokwane, Bela Bela and Lephalale Reference number: 49808097SNG POSITION: External Trainees (x3) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: North West Division: Group Commercial Location: Rustenburg Reference number: 49808099SNG POSITION: External Trainees (x4) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: Eastern Cape Division: Group Commercial Location: East London, King Williams and Mthatha Reference number: 49808098SNG POSITION: External Trainees (x27) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: Mpumalanga Division: Group Commercial Location: Nelspruit, Ermelo, Volksrust, Witbank and Middelburg Reference number: 49808094SNG

Eskom Holdings Limited Reg No 2002/015527/06

POSITION: External Trainees (x5) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: Western Cape Division: Group Commercial Location: Cape Town/Bellville Reference number: 49808096SNG POSITION: External Trainees (x16) Task Grade: XX9 Department: Supply Chain Operations Business Unit: Gauteng Division: Group Commercial Location: Balfour, Vereeniging and Germiston Reference number: 49808117SNG Minimum requirements • matric with english, maths/accounting and physical science (symbol E) or • national diploma in logistics/management accounting Closing date: 18 November 2011 To apply for vacancies visit our website and click on a career at Eskom or fax your CV and copies of certification to 086 666 3608. The principles as set out in Eskom’s employment equity policy will apply. If you have not been contacted within 28 days of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. Disabled candidates are welcome to apply.

Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011



Sport A different kind of kick! Zacharia Nale’s Sports Beat This might sound like an insult to some or others but in the recent form – Sedibeng football seems to produce more alcoholics than soccer players. Do you know why? It is because of the mushrooming of taverns and shebeens in our area. Just like Tuck-Shops, the number of taverns and shebeens is constantly on the increase in our community. As a result of this – these up and coming youngsters end up becoming alcoholics because the only thing they see is taverns and more taverns in their area. For example, the area where I live – there are many taverns and it is sad to see young people drinking their future away like it’s nobody’s business. To make it worse, they ‘kuier’ with people who are old enough to be their fathers and mothers. I don’t have a problem with taverns or shebeens but why do these shebeen owners allow these youngsters to ruin their lives and future careers like this? If tavern owners just refused to serve our youngsters with ‘karate water’ we might still have talented players such as Jabu Pule, Patrick Mbutho, Skappie Malatsi and many others who chose alcohol over achievement. These

above mentioned players will go down in the history of South African football as the players who failed to realise their potential or God given talent. As much as the tavern owners want to make profit – they must also help in saving our society. We need to protect our young people because they are the future of this country. More sad news is that, Sports Beat was informed that one of the local promising young stars – Bongani Theletsane is back on the streets after a promising soccer career with Jomo Cosmos. I was also told that abuse of “alcohol” is one of the reasons - this talented midfielder from Sebokeng Zone 3 is roaming the streets of Sedibeng. If Jomo Sono gave up on you – we must know that “soccer gods” have turned against us. Theletsane must know that soccer is a short term career and he must swallow his pride and go back to Bra J and apologise. No doubt, Theletsane is a terrific player

but his off the field antics are the reason why he is lying in the streets of Sedibeng. When I tell my colleagues in football that there is a serious need for education at the grassroots football, they just ignore me. They think I’m out of my mind. Sports Beat still maintains that a lack of education is the reason why we end up losing exceptional talent such as Theletsane. Sports Beat makes a special plea to the taverns and shebeen owners not to sell alcohol to these young soccer stars. They must chase them away. There are no enough sports facilities in our area but you will find a tavern in every street where we live. I hate to say this but – people who run football in this region lack “football brains”. My message to Bongani Theletsane and other local soccer stars is that: nice times will be always there but your soccer career will come to an end one day.

No ‘swallowing’ our pride this time! By Zacharia Nale

SEBOKENG.- With Moroka Swallows flying high – the club’s loyal supporters in Sedibeng are up in arms to revive the supporters’ branches in the region. This was evident during the club supporters meeting held at the Batloung Primary School in Zone 14, Sebokeng on Sunday. The club supporters came in big numbers wearing their maroon and white club uniform. The Dube Birds aka Moroka Swallows are well known in the South African football and they have risen from the ashes this season after battling it out in the previous season. This has forced the club supporters who have since discarded their club to come back to the stadiums in big numbers. Swallows recently occupied the third spot on the log and the club is one of the Premier Soccer League teams that play enterprising and exciting football under their well travelled coach, Gordon Igesund. Moroka Swallows Sebokeng Supporters Branch – Zakes Mokobane says they are encouraged by the club’s performance. “We are very pleased with the club’s performance and I want to urge all Sedibeng club supporters to renew their membership cards because “The Beautiful Birds” are once again flying high.We as the supporters want to compliment our management for bringing Gordon Igesund on board because the man is one of the most highly rated coaches in the Premier Soccer League. He is the only South African coach who has won the league title for the four times with four different teams. He saved the club from relegation last season while everyone had already written us off,” says an excited Mokobane. Mokobane also revealed to Weekly Sport that the Sebokeng branch has organised a braai to celebrate the club’s success in December.


4 Leslie Street, Vereeniging (016) 455 5762






9 771029 589005

Vaal Weekly, 9 - 15 November 2011

For any enquiries contact Joseph Mofokeng (Sales) 083 991 3867 Vereeniging

Hoisted in admiration

Kaizer Chiefs supporters held a massive gathering in Zone 7, Sebokeng on Sunday where they launched a flag for the Sebokeng East Branch. Photo: Sonqoba Kunene.

By Sonqoba Kunene SEBOKENG.- 'Amakhosi,' as the Soweto based Premier Soccer League outfit Kaizer Chiefs and its supporters are affectionately known, painted Zone 7, Sebokeng black and gold as the club’s Sedibeng supporters gathered for the launch of the Sebokeng East Branch flag on Sunday. This milestone was celebrated by scores of Kaizer Chiefs supporters as for a branch to be awarded a flag; it must have

recruited and registered more than 150 members. Sebokeng East is a branch which comprises of supporters from Tshepong, Eatonside, Zones 6, 7 and 8 and Small Farm. On Sunday, the team’s officials, which were led by Cecil Motaung, graced the event, much to the pleasure of the club’s followers. The Public Relations Officer of the Sebokeng East Branch and the entire Sedibeng Region, Thabiso

By Zacharia Nale SHARPEVILLE.- Gauteng Vaal Netball Association plans to organise a Coaching Course for the local netball coaches in December. This was revealed to Weekly Sport by the association president Duduzile “Dudu” Msane. According to Msane, this coaching course will help the local coaches. She says the courses will be divided into two with the association affiliate coaches doing level one while the development coaches will do a pre-level coaching course. Msane says the coaching courses will take place as soon as the learners finish with their final exams. “We as the association feel there is a need for our coaches to be empowered in order to take our game to the next level. We hadvepotential coaches in this region but they are not qualified or serious enough about netball – we must first empower these sportsmen and women in our region. These courses will start as soon as the students finish their exams,” he says. Msane says this coaching course will consist of a theoretical and a practical module. She says all the coaches are welcome to attend because they want to empower as many coaches as they can. She believes that netball is one of the most popular sporting codes in this country that needs to be given the respect that it deserves. Msane was a netballer before she opened Sharpeville Avalon Netball Club.

Radebe says that the launch was a success. “We now have over 300 members in this branch and we are still growing. In Sedibeng, we now have 14 branches and Meyerton is in the pipeline as well,” says Radebe. Sello Moropodi, an executive member of the supporters in Sedibeng, adds that turnout at the event was more than expected. “We are happy with the way the supporters came out in their numbers,” he says.

She started her netball career in Soweto before she relocated to Sedibeng. She has an insatiable passion for netball which saw her being elected as the President of the Gauteng Vaal Netball Association. However, Msane says her rise to stardom was slippery and rocky but her determination to be one of the most respected sport administrators in this country drives her. She adds, “I could have quit this sport a long time ago because of the lack of sponsorship but I could not do this because that would have been the end of netball in this region. I fought with many people because they did not understand my passion for this sport,” she says. Gauteng Netball Association President Duduzile “Dudu” Msane. Photo: Zacharia Nale.

President Dudu for president!

Vaalweekly 09-15 Nov 2011  

Vaalweekly 09-15 Nov 2011

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