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Breaking into IT in the Aviation Industry You don’t need to become a pilot or study for a degree in aviation engineering in order to work within the aviation industry. There are, in fact, a large number of different career paths which this industry can offer, whether it be working in ground support, customer support or aviation regulation, amongst a number of others. IT is one area which plays a vital role within aviation operations, with information technology jobs spanning a wide range of aviation sectors. For those with advanced skills, aviation roles can provide competitive salaries for IT professionals, making the industry an attractive prospect for those looking to carve a career within the information technology field. There are a variety of IT jobs in aviation, including Project Managers, Business Analysts, Service Managers, IT Business Partners, and Technical Architects. This is also an industry which prioritises innovation across the board and requires IT expertise for both small niche projects and large scale programmes with an international reach. IT Project Managers working within aviation-based organisations are typically required to deliver technologically advanced infrastructure projects, whilst ensuring the cost-effective management of existing IT resources. Delivering a wide range of technical solutions, IT project managers within the aviation industry can usually expect to be involved in co-ordinating New Route Start-ups, whilst working across a number of technical and geographic areas. IT Services Managers also play an important role within aviation by ensuring systems and applications are performing to business requirements and SLAs. We’re looking for strong interpersonal and influencing skills – these are vital. Security has become a priority throughout the aviation industry over recent years, and this is certainly something which extends to IT departments. Technology is playing in increasingly important role in delivering security measures across a number of industries, and this is certainly the case within the field of aviation. As such, IT security analysts working within this industry have a great deal of responsibility, and such roles offer opportunity for career progression, as well as salaries which reflect the fact that such skills are currently in demand.

IT jobs in aviation bring exposure to a variety of disciplines whilst also implementing new and advanced technologies and maintaining the existing technology estate in order to ensure the service level agreements. For Technical Architects, as well as those within IT support jobs, the aviation industry can offer the opportunity to put high-level IT skills to good use. The aviation industry is renowned for the generous benefit packages which it is often able to offer employees, as well as for taking a pioneering approach to technology. As such, IT roles within this field are often an appealing prospect for those with an interest in aviation who are keen to develop a career in this field.

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IT Jobs in the Airline Industry  
IT Jobs in the Airline Industry  

You don’t need to become a pilot or study for a degree in aviation engineering in order to work within the aviation industry. There are, in...