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International Baccalaureate Visual Arts

Unit 3 Joiners

David Hockney Pearl Blossom Highway 1986

I’m interested in all kinds of pictures, however they are made, with cameras, with paint brushes, with computers, with anything. All of them are artifice - technology alters the way you make pictures.

David Hockney

LAMcGrath 2011

International Baccalaureate Visual Arts

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In your Investigation Work Book, complete the following tasks:

RESEARCH CULTURE/CONTEXT Analysis and thoughtful comparison of Art from different cultures and times, carefully considering its function and significance


The focus of your investigation will be based on David Hockney’s Joiner photo montages. You will investigate the parallels in the processes he employs in his image making to that of the Cubist artists and their apporach to ‘seeing’. You will also need to investigate the effect his work has had on other artists and on photography in general. You will need to document your written investigation with visual examples allowing you to illustrate your ideas and insights on the subject. You should produce an investigative study of no less than six pages.


Compare and contrast the work of Hockney’s joiner photographs with contemporary realisations of this type of image making. You can also compare with what came before.


Investigate the processes, techniques and the ideology behind this kind of image making. Develop an understanding of the best way to use your camera, considering light and composition. Make a detailed analysis of the visual qualities of one piece of artist’s work in your investigation workbooks.


When developing your ideas, consider the themes of portraiture, object and landscape. Consider the relevance of the items, people and places you use. Thoroughly explore your ideas through experimenting with composition through collage techniques in physical and digital formats. Make sure your written investigation has visual examples throughout allowing you to illustrate your insights and ideas.

Ensure you have used the correct terminology and specialist vocabulary particularly in relation to photography, composition and collage when writing as part of your research, investigation and experimentation.

Use a wide range of resources such as books, journals, periodicals, art galleries, internet sources as part of your research. All sources should be cited properly using the MLA format. Use Easybib to help you correctly cite sources.

Your ideas should be presented effectively and creatively. Thoughtful observation and discrimination, both written and visual, should be evident.

Record your studio work as it progresses, documenting processes and techniques encountered throughout your studio work. Always have a camera to hand to record your studio activity.


Demonstration of a range of effective skills, techniques and processes when making and analysing images and artifacts


Demonstrate coherent, focused and individual investigative strategies into visual qualities, ideas and their context, a range of different approaches towards their study and informed connections between them

DEPTH/BREADTH Demonstrate depth and breadth through the successful development and synthesis of ideas and the wellexplained connections between the work and that of others


Demonstrate effective and accurate use of visual arts specialist vocabulary


The use of a range of appropriate sources, which are acknowledged properly


The effective and creative presentation of work that demonstrates thoughtful, critical observation, reflection and discrimination


The presentation of a clear relationship between investigation and studio work

LAMcGrath 2011

In your Studio Work:

Create artwork inspired by your investigation of David Hockney’s photo montage (joiners) work. Produce a photo montage on each of the following themes: Portraiture, Object & Landscape. Things to consider in your studio work:




Are the ideas behind your studio work well suited to the techniques and media you have chosen? Can you explain the personal, cultural, visual meaning, purpose of your studio work?

Relevance How are the ideas in your studio work connected to your own life and cultural background? Have you created strong, powerful pieces of Art which really mean something to you?

Development How much personal growth and improvement have you shown through your artwork? How have you developed as an artist? Can you distinguish the difference between your good and your weaker ideas?

Sensitivity & Technique What visual effects do I want to create? How effective is the medium you have chosen at creating these techniques? Would it be better to use something else? Are you using your chosen medium with high levels of skill?

Confidence & Independence Have you truly explored your ideas to create interesting, adventurous studio work or have you settled for the safe and obvious? Have you used any unusual or unexpected combinations of ideas and/or materials in your studio work? Does your work show truly independent research, or have you only researched the artists given to you by your teacher?

Display an excellent understanding of the ideas and techniques that underpin artistic expression


Demonstrate consistently the production of personally relevant artwork that shows excellent exploration of ideas reflecting cultural and historical awareness and artistic qualities


Demonstrate thoughtful development of ideas and strategies for expression


Display a sensitivity to materials and their use, the work having been reviewed, modified and refined to an accomplished resolution of ideas and medium

TECHNIQUE Demonstrate excellent technical competence

CONFIDENCE Demonstrates confidence and inventiveness

DEADLINE: Investigation workbook and studio work to be completed by: 6th December 2011 A critique of your work will take place on the same day.


Shows self-direction and informed, reflective judgement that challenges and extends personal boundaries

LAMcGrath 2011

Required Reading David Hockney criticism article see/read about David Hockney on

Tom Napper

Jeremy Wolff

Required Viewing Please collect the following films from Mr McGrath: The South Bank Show - David Hockney~Joiner Photographs (1983).avi Hockney on Photography.avi

LAMcGrath 2011

IB Unit 03 Joiners  

Visual Arts unit investigating David Hockney's photomontage techniques.

IB Unit 03 Joiners  

Visual Arts unit investigating David Hockney's photomontage techniques.