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Issue editor:  Xanthopoulou  Vicky  (Vassiliki)   Primary  Public  School  of  Potamia,  Thassos  Island,  Greece   Email:  mail@nip-­‐‑   Blog:   Tel:  00302593061240

Reading Animations’   Annual  Magazine Primary  Public  School of  Potamia Thassos  Island Greece Volume  1 May  2015


Contents: 1.  Prologue

Volume 1

2.  The dewdrop, Antonis Dimitrakopoulos, illustrator Ersi Spathopoulou, Publ. Ikaros 3.  Clothespins on a rope, Antonis Papatheodoulou, illustrator Petros Bouloubasis, Publ. Patakis 4.  The dark is afraid of Nicolas, Antonis Papatheodoulou, illustrator Giorgos Sgouros, Publ. Minoas

5. Aris is keeping a secret‌, students of primary public school of Potamia 6.The box of anger, Kostas Haralas, illustrator Daniela Stamatiadi, Publ. Metaixmio 7. A paper boat for mummy, Eleni Georgostathi, illustrator Elisa Vavouri, Publ. Psichogios 8. Upside down, Thodoris Papaioannou, illustrator Iris Samartzi, Publ. Ikaros 9. Epilogue

Prologue The students of Primary Public School of Potamia welcome you on their journey to the world of the children's book. “Let’s Play Book” is a game between the students and the creators of the children's book, writers and illustrators, an interaction, a way to nullify the distances between us. Children read, play, have fun, learn with books and have questiones-challenges for the creators. Questions that each creator answers in his own unique way.

We have selected books that talk about friendship, love, feelings that highlight values and attitudes of life. In the journey of reading, imagination, creation and enjoyment, we have collected valuable treasures.

The dewdrop, Antonis Dimitrakopoulos, illustrator Ersi Spathopoulou, Ikaros Publication

A few words: The dewdrop is wandering in the clouds, rivers, lakes, flowers, looking for an answer to her question: "Do you know my name?� Our action: It is the second year this particular fairy tale accompanies us. The issues that emerge from its processing are countless. This time, however, we focus on the circle of water through the wandering of the dewdrop. Through the experiential game we create a table game with leading dewdrops following the circle of water looking for the strawberry seed and the true friendship.

Dewdrop’s wandering

Challenge: This image where the dewdrop is riding a bottle floating in the waves and dancing with them emerges a question from the children : "What does the bottle hold? is there any message about a hidden treasure in it "?

And the writer himself give us the answer!


Clothespins on a rope Antonis Papatheodoulou, illustrator Petros Bouloubasis, Patakis Publication

A few words: If you go out into the yard, on the balcony, on the rooftop and see the clothespins arguing for a sock, for a scarf, a swimsuit or a scarf, do not conclude that they are not good and dear friends! Because hard times reveal true friends‌ Our action: A fairytale about friendship and we, as clothespins, have settled our relationships since the beginning of the year with rules-advice that only a good friend would give to a friend. Role-play games and games that promote teamwork, collaboration and friendship were organized by the children themselves.

Clothespins on a rope as a board game

Challenge The students imagine a good friend as a knight, so they ask from the illustrator of the book Petros Bouloubasis to draw for then a clothespin knight! And so he does! And the Knight is called Tender-hearted!

The Tender-hearted Knight


The dark is afraid of Nicolas Antonis Papatheodoulou illustrator Giorgos Sgouros Minoas Publication

A few words: Nicolas is a fearless child! If he was a firefighter, he would not be afraid to climb the highest floor to save someone from the fire and if he was an explorer he would not be afraid to camp in the middle of the most dangerous jungle. But the truth is that he is afraid of something‌ -Dad, I'm afraid of the darkness, he says one night to his dad, and dad sits next to him and answers him with a smile ... -This is perfect! A book that tumbles our fears and tries to scare them!

Our action: Considering that fear is a healthy adaptive behavior and that fear management differentiates along with the development of children through learning, we carefully designed a project with children entitled "The Dark Fears of Nicola" based on the homonymous tale. We included to our magazine the fairytale students wrote starring a small ghost and a booklet with the brave occupations Nicolas can follow when he grows up.

booklet: brave occupations Nicolas can follow when he grows up

Challenge: We asked the writer of the book which other brave professions Nicolas might follow when he grows up and he gave us as a gift a book containing 15,625 professions for our library!

creative game with the professions begins through countless choices

treasure tutor  in  a  big  city                              swim  coach  in  the  desert                                  

Guard cake  at  celebrations  and  parties          robot  conductor  on  another  planet

Our training meets success that the writer and the illustrator give us a degree!

Good Career!


Aris is keeping a secret‌, students of primary public school of Potamia writing a story based on The underware rule




The box  of  anger, Kostas  Haralas,   illustrator  Daniela  Stamatiadi,   Publ.  Metaixmio

A few word: Others go up the rooftops to make the TV antenna or to admire the sunset. We as a family had a different reason to go up there‌ Our action: Managing anger requires practice and it lasts over time. In kindergarten we learn to recognize the feeling of anger, as well as the other feelings, to respect it and to learn ways to relax and express in words what makes us angry and what frustrates us. We learn the principles of dialogue and apply them constantly in situations of conflict and tension.

The students created a board game based on the book "The Box of Anger" describing in their own way the "path" from the roof to the inside of the house.


What can  cause   anger

How we  react   when  we  get   angry

we express  our  anger,  take  it  out  of  us,  and  close  it  in   the  box  of  anger

Challenge: The learning process was focused not only on managing anger, but on managing fear also. We asked the writer of the book if there is a box of fear also and he wrote a new story just for us! We illustrated the story!

A paper boat for mummy Eleni Georgostathi illustrator Elisa Vavouri Publ. Psichogios

A few words: Sophia and Maria made the greatest little paper boats at school today. When I asked them where they learned how to make them, they said that it was their mothers who showed them how. So, when I go home I’ll ask my mum to teach me how to make them. You see, all mums know how to make paper boats. So do dads. That’s ‘cause mums and dads know how to do everything… A clever story that shows how children see their parents.

Our action: The "paper boat" is a symbol for us. The children make an alphabet book for the mummy who has not learned to read and write. A book with words that remind of her ... A book with words that make sense to her ... A book full of love and paper ...


Challenge: We asked  the  author  of  the  book  to  choose  a  leXer  of  the   alphabet,   to   find   a   word   that   reminds   something   of   mummy,  in  order  to  include  it  to  our  alphabet. The   paper   boat   symbolizes   everything   that   a   parent   does   not   know   and   can   learn   through   meaningful   contact   and  communication  with  his  child.

Upside down Thodoris  Papaioannou illustrator  Iris  Samar[i, Publ.  Ikaros

A few words Where the beauty is? What is really worth ? Melios the beetle turned upside down. And it’s strange ... But when you are upside down you can see with clear eye ... And you can discover a lot more than what you know already !!! Our action: Beetles love nature, flowers, beautiful colors, children. And kids love beetles ... We plant flowers in the school yard, so Melios can come to our school and play with us.

The writer of the book, Thodoris Papaioannou help us to organize the last celebration of the school year by sending us four songs.


Epilogue A great thumbs up is worthwhile for our students for the love they show in children's literature. We are very grateful to the creators of children's books who have willingly accepted to participate in our game and have trusted us their work. We look forward to the next school year to travel and play even more reading games. Reading a good children's book is a precious treasure.

Let's Play Book ...1  

Reading Animations' Annual Magazine Primary Public School of Potamia Thassos Island Greece issue editor: Vicky Xanthopoulou - Preschool Teac...

Let's Play Book ...1  

Reading Animations' Annual Magazine Primary Public School of Potamia Thassos Island Greece issue editor: Vicky Xanthopoulou - Preschool Teac...