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o one sleeps through an alarm “the morning of ” and most likely arise before it even sounds. Although the day is young, the anticipation for the afternoon is tangible in the expressions, through the doings, and during the conversations. Most mornings begin with a yawn and a stretch. This one, however, starts with a party. While best friends are applying mascara to highlight the joy soon-to-be and college


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roommates are sharing a whiskey on the rocks to ease the nerves, another team of flushed faces are straightening the centerpieces, hanging the string Edison lights, and starting the charcoal grill. For a wedding or any other event to be a success, loved ones, life-long companions and creative problem-solvers must partner behind the common goal of turning the Pinterest board into the reality of the day. However, the space between the vision and the reality is often overwhelming, turning many to the services of professionals like those at The Season Events (300 Glenn Milner Blvd., Rome). Holly Lynch, the co-owner and founder, along with business partner Ray Harris and their team,

approach each event with the same passion you would devote to your own special day. “We are very family-oriented as a staff, and we aim to treat our customers as an extension of our family. We want them, at the end of the day, to feel incredibly loved throughout the event and through our service,” says Lynch. With a background in corporate event planning, Lynch opened The Season Events in 2007, intending to mirror the joy of the event through preparation of the surroundings. “We meet with our clients a lot, maybe too much,” Lynch laughs, “because we want to know all the ins and outs, the special circumstances and the priorities. Knowing every detail of what will make the day special for

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V3 Wedding 2016  

V3 Wedding 2016