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November 2017 COLUMNS 12

J. BRYANT remembers the life of one of pop culture’s most polarizing figures, and gives us the naked truth about the fairer sex.


Men's U.S. Soccer suffered a devastating blow this year, and JIM ALRED has some ideas on how they can once again compete on the world's stage.


Given the recent social climate in America, it feeds the soul to know that Rome and Floyd County can sit down at ONE TABLE to share a meal and a chat.


Getting a look inside of BALL CORPORATION’S production facility reveals that they are looking to do more than kick the can down the road to the future.


Join us in giving thanks to the folks who make it their business to keep our plates and glasses full, and congratulate the winners of this year’s TASTE AND TOAST AWARDS.



After a long day at work, HOLLY LORD OF DINNER DIVA wants to be sure that you and your family have time for a healthy and delicious meal.

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Enjoy the...


It is that time of year again! A time of thanksgiving, a time with friends and family, enjoying meals and the warmth of conversation. Renaissance Marquis wishes you the best Thanksgiving season!

A PREMIER RETIREMENT VILLAGE 3126 Cedartown Hwy | Rome, GA 30161 | 706-295-0014 | november 2017 ď „

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Publisher's Note In grade school, I remember learning about the first Thanksgiving. The picture painted for us was one of a happy gathering between pilgrims and Indians, where some of the now traditional dishes were served and others that may not be represented on our tables in modern times. It was a beautiful story about these foreign settlers who went on to form the country we live in and the Native Americans breaking bread, teaching each other valuable skills and uniting in a friendship that would be mutually beneficial for the future of both groups of people. OWNER & CEO Ian Griffin If only it had worked out that way. I don’t need to quote any numbers or be too specific as to the details of who got the short end of the stick in that arrangement. I’m sure you can count on one hand how many full-blooded Native Americans you know, if any at all. The remaining population of the race have the freedom to live where they please, but most choose to live on reservations throughout the country, wishing someone at that first Thanksgiving had poisoned the turkey and dressing. It’s a truth we don’t like to think about, but it is the truth. I’m sure there were betrayals of trust and both parties did horrible things in the name of their cause, but what may have started with a humble meal turned into a hostile takeover. That is the sad reality of one of my favorite holidays. It was the beginning of a genocide. I’m a holiday-loving American. If you have taken the time to read my little note over the years, you already know that. All the special days we celebrate throughout the year bring us together in ways that should (and could) happen more often. We open our doors to strangers and hand out candy, we go out of our way to feed the hungry, we provide gifts to those who can’t afford them and we do our best to show our family how much they mean to us. Those are beautiful things to do…and things we should try to do more often. One group in Rome, who is featured in this publication, did just that near the end of September when they placed a continuous table across Rome’s downtown pedestrian bridge and invited people from all walks of life to have dinner together. I was unable to attend, but can’t tell you how encouraged I was just to imagine the conversations at that table. In a world that seems hell bent on dividing us all into social, economic, ethnic and political tribes, we could use a lot more civil conversation across the board. I am thankful that people in our community are starting those conversations, because while no one of a different race or religion can truly understand what it’s like to walk in the other’s shoes, we certainly could understand each other better if we take the time to ask. Thanksgiving is a true American holiday, and if any part of the stories we learned in school were true, it’s intentions were good. Good intentions only go so far if you don’t have the character to keep them. I’m thankful for the opportunity all of us have to do just that.

Ian Griffin, Owner


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OWNER & CEO Ian Griffin EDITORIAL MANAGER Oliver Robbins MAG ART & DESIGN Ellie Borromeo WRITERS Oliver Robbins, Erin deMesquita, Holly Lynch, J. Bryant Steele, Lauren Jones-Hillman, Jim Alred, Emory Chaffin, Abbie Smith, Jennifer Luitwieler EXECUTIVE PHOTOGRAPHER Cameron Flaisch AD SALES + CLIENT RELATIONS Chris Forino AD DESIGN Laura Allshouse Ellie Borromeo PUBLISHER V3 Publications, LLC CONTACT 417 Broad Street Rome, Ga. 30161 Office Phone 706.235.0748 CREATOR Neal Howard


we look up to our veterans Thank you for your service.

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Thank you for another great year!



Giving you time for the more important things in life

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“I NEEDED A HEART VALVE REPLACEMENT.” For my heart, I choose Redmond. Ronald

TAVR Heart Procedure

When his health deteriorated, Ronald became the first in the area to have a new minimally invasive aortic valve replacement for patients with no other treatment options. Six days later, Ronald was attending a Rotary Club meeting with his physician. Redmond is the only hospital in Northwest Georgia performing this life-saving heart procedure.

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I Only Have Eyes for


cents & sensibility with j. bryant steele


U GH HEFNER HAD a profound impact on American culture and business, and on me personally. The founder of Playboy Magazine and overlord of the empire it spawned employed thousands of citizens, only a very small number of whom had to take their clothes off. A Playboy layout was just the break many aspiring Hollywood starlets needed. Hefner advocated for women’s equality. The delicious irony of this is still lost on mission-mind-


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ed feminists who can’t see the map for all the road signs. Hefner also paid big bucks to serious journalists to do thoughtful, well-researched articles; the kind of money that helped influence mainstream publications to pay top-tier journalists what they were worth. Hefner’s little endeavor forced America into a long litigious fight that redefined the First Amendment and free speech.

Hefner took an idea and turned it into a kingdom of sorts. He started a magazine with high-quality photographs of lovely naked women and sold it, not in alleys, but alongside Newsweek and delivered to the same mailboxes as The Farmer’s Almanac. Hugh Hefner died a few weeks ago. He was 91. So much for the notion that hedonism leads to an early grave. Upon hearing of Hefner’s death. I started thinking about pipes. When I was a college freshman, and thinking that Hugh Hefner was the epitome

of sophistication, I decided to try to emulate him in the easiest way I could. “Hef ” was frequently photographed sitting at his typewriter with a pipe clenched in his teeth. I already had a typewriter. So, I bought a pipe and a pouch of cherry-scented tobacco. The girls didn’t swoon. I got an idea of why after a week or so when I bought pipe cleaners. I pushed one through the pipe’s stem, and it came out a dark nasty color, dripping a gooey, brown liquid onto my lap. Very sophisticated, no? In high school, I was a drugstore delivery boy, which in some ways remains my favorite job ever. The pharmacy had a relatively large magazine selection. On the top rack (no pun intended) were the Playboy magazines. Of course, if you were old enough to be interested in naked women, you were tall enough to peer into the top shelf, so I don’t know what good the precaution did. It was a small town, and this pharmacy was the only respectable place you could buy Playboy. Most of the customers were church-going types, quite a few ordained ministers. It seems odd in these current times, but no one organized a protest or wrote a letter to the editor in complaint. Somehow, everybody just minded their own business. Hefner knew what the Greco-Roman sculptors and even cave wall painters knew: the female breast is fascinating. But I don’t know if he foresaw the intersection of his centerfolds and the advent of cosmetic makeovers, or plastic surgery. Now, the latter can include many types of makeovers, from the eyes to the tummy. But what’s commonly called a “boob job” is what always leaps first to mind. Older women get what’s sometimes called a “mommy makeover” to try to restore a youthful look that nursing babies took away. Years ago, in Atlanta, I dated an older woman who, on about

the fifth date, told me she had had such surgery. I asked if she had also had her breasts enlarged while she was at it. She hemmed and hawed and finally said only because the surgeon urged her to. Contrast that response with that of a woman I dated more recently, who, while we were in an amorous embrace, confessed that her breasts weren’t “real.” I asked if she had done it as a mommy makeover. “No, I just wanted bigger breasts.” Her candor made me like her even more. I can tell you from just those two experiences that some boob jobs turn out better than others. And they’re expensive. If you’re considering breast augmentation, get recommendations for a surgeon. There must be at least a website. Maybe someone should start a support group. Let me conclude by saying to my female readers (if I have any left) that breast size doesn’t matter to me. So, if I’m walking down the sidewalk with you and some nice cleavage happens by and I gaze a moment too long, forgive me, as long as my eyes return to you. And RIP, Hugh Hefner.

BIZ BITS Whatever you think of professional football players protesting during the playing of the national anthem, one thing is for sure: the president of the United States only aided their support with his school-yard name-calling. Team owners and many pundits have affirmed the players’ right to free speech. But Donald Trump only wants to hear the roar of approval from those who support him. Listen,

Donnie Boy (I think that’s what I’ll start calling you), since you won the blasted election, now is the time to govern, not campaign. What’s scarier is Donnie Boy’s trading of insults and threats with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Here you have two leaders with obviously bad hair stylists and apparently mental instability, who have the wherewithal to launch nuclear attacks. On a sad note, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin died in late September at the age of 88. I always liked him. He regularly attended the annual meeting of the Georgia Press Association to give a little spiel touting Georgia-grown produce. I received his quarterly reports for years. He always came across as a jovial, devoted bureaucrat, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But what I remember most is when I was a rookie reporter at The Augusta Chronicle, hoping for my first big story. I got a tip that a rural sheriff was pocketing meal money for prisoners by feeding them from his own farm, including slaughtered hogs. I was getting nowhere with the good-ol’-boy network in county government. I don’t remember what made me call the Georgia Department of Agriculture, but after an explanation a spokesman gave me a pretty usable quote. About 10 minutes later, my phone rang. “Bryant, this Tommy Irvin. What we need to know is whether that farm and especially the slaughtering of hogs is under regular inspection.” Bingo! Front page. So, thank you, Tommy Irvin. Tell Hef the next round is on me. *The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine.

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The Family and Staff of Henderson & Sons Funeral Homes would like to give a special thanks to all of our first responders who bravely serve and protect our community.

‘Tis the Season to Give Thanks “Rome’s Locally Owned Funeral Homes” Barry R. Henderson

Joe Paul Henderson (1919-2008)


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Shot Denied For the Love of the Game with Jim Alred


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WAKE UP. Not in a nice way, but in a mean, cruel world-out-to-get-you way. On October 10 at about 10 p.m., the cruelest wake-up call this side of a bucket full of ice and water doused the United States Men’s Soccer Team. You know the team. It’s the one lots of people in the U.S. rally around once every four years when they reach the World Cup, play the role of plucky underdog and sometimes score a big win. And then just as quick as the pomp and circumstance gets started and we’re readying the confetti cannons to celebrate a deep run in the World Cup, reality appears in the form of a loss. This time, the tiny nation of Trinidad and Tobago saved us all from this fate by beating the U.S. men and eliminating them from World Cup qualifying. Removed. Gone. Bye-Bye. For those poor U.S. soccer fans who booked their tickets to Russia, well I hope there is a good refund policy, because for the first time since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the U.S. won’t have a team at the biggest event in soccer. Imagine Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee or Florida losing a couple of key games late this season and then being told they won’t be eligible to play in the College Football Playoff again until 2021. Sounds ridiculous, right? It is for college football. But international soccer’s version of the college football playoff, the Super Bowl or the Big Dance stands as the World Cup, and it only plays once every four years. The U.S. men won the Gold Cup this summer. Watching an early-round Gold Cup game, I penned a column for V3 talking about all that is wrong with the men’s national team. Instead of submitting it, I wrote about something else. But all of the points I made in the column, which didn’t see the light of day, were on display in spades on October 10. The U.S. men looked lackadaisical at best. No effort. Weird coaching and position decisions haunted the team. And against an opponent the U.S. should roll with ease, they acted and played as if the game had no meaning. It’s hard to feel sorry for any of those players. Yes. Some played hard, but the effort wasn’t there. Neither was the fire. Lionel Messi and Argentina found themselves in a must-win qualifying game. Messi delivered with a hat trick against a tough opponent in bad conditions. The U.S., well the conditions were bad and their play was even worse. Unlike their female counterparts, who have won three World Cup titles, the U.S. men rarely enter games against good teams as the favorites. Honestly, I enjoy watching the U.S. Women’s team more. Not because they win far more often, but because they play a better brand of soccer. But I digress, everyone knows the women’s team sits as one of the favorites, and the men rarely

Kitchen Designed by LMS Designs

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enter the conversation. Performances similar to what we got to see on October 10 remain the norm more than the exception. Over the past three World Cups, the U.S. men have won two matches but managed to reach the knockout rounds twice thanks in part to four draws. Not since the mighty 2002 squad reached the final eight before losing to Germany in the phantom handball game has the U.S. squad shown the fervor, zeal and excitement required to possibly be considered on par with the world’s best. In other words, that team showed everything the current squad didn’t. They didn’t shy away from good squads and took the fight to some of the best teams in the world. And they fought hard when they had to have a win, instead of phoning the effort. A few years ago several friends heard me discussing the men’s soccer program and asked a pointed question. “Do they have a legitimate chance to win the World Cup?” My answer was easy. “No, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good.” I pointed out that Georgia rarely has a chance to win a national title either, but they still cheer for the Dawgs. That didn’t go over well no matter how true it was.

U.S. Soccer will probably clean house and hopefully come up with a coach and a staff that can find ways to utilize our talent to make the squad more relevant on the world stage. Those familiar with the U.S. men’s program can point to quarterfinal appearances by men’s squads in the U17 and U20 World Cups this year. A new coach, maybe a new president of U.S. Soccer combined with what appears to be a solid talent pool could work wonders for the U.S. Odds are the 2026 World Cup will be hosted with a joint effort from the United Sates, Canada and Mexico. By then the players on the U17 and U20 teams should be in their prime. Honestly, the U.S. wasn’t on a path to soccer dominance and may not ever be, but U.S. Soccer has the opportunity to capitalize on one of the darkest moments by bringing in new coaches and new attitudes. Can those things combined with the talent mean a deeper run at the World Cup or more international prominence? Possibly, and we all know now it can’t get any worse. And maybe, just maybe, come 2022 and 2026 we’ll look back at October 10, 2017 and realize the wake up call was exactly what the U.S. men’s program needed no matter how much it hurt. *The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine.

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Coming from a family with physician parents, I always thought I might be a doctor. During medical school, I saw the amazing work the surgeons did and knew I wanted to be one too. For me, patients come first and I promise to care completely for you.


1825 Martha Berry Blvd Rome, GA 30165 706.236.6328 november 2017 ď „

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One Love There is no better way to get to know your neighbor than over a mouth-watering meal. Text JENNIF ER LUI T WI E L E R Photography DAVID J OH N S ON

ON A BRIGHT, early fall evening, children run through the fountain at the Town Green, intent on squeezing every drop out of the summer heat. A lone woman in a kayak paddles up stream and the sun is determined not to give up a season so easily. Spread across the walking bridge from the Town Green to the north side of the river, table after table sit end to end, adorned with fresh flowers and place settings for 220 people. On this particular Sunday, Puerto Rico is reeling from Hurricane Maria, North Korea is shaking a fist at America, and all eyes are focused on whether NFL football players will take a knee during “The Star-Spangled Banner”. But in Rome, the community has gathered for dinner, because no matter what happens around us, we all have to eat. Nedra Manners, co-owner of Yellow Door Antiques, wearing a sundress and holding a clipboard, directs diners to their seats. She and a team of volunteers have planned this dinner, called One Table, for months. Manners is a member of One Community, a local group dedicated to promoting racial harmony at the local level. Their idea was to bring different groups of


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november 2017

Attendees at the One Table event held on September 24, 2017

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Romans together for a meal. Manners says that, “when we put aside politics or religion, and we just sit down to talk, we realize we have more in common than we assumed.� Manners has lived in Rome for decades, and like most people she had been living her life habitually. She drove the same route to the grocery store, sat in the same place at church, socialized with the same friends. Her circle of neighbors, when boiled down, was pretty small. Manners felt like she could be more involved, more invested in her own town, and that she could stand to make some new friends from other parts of the city. She attended a One Community meeting and liked what she found. She found different creeds and colors, different political affiliations and socioeconomic tiers. She also found new friends and new perspectives. She started attending small group meetings sponsored by One Community and from there, she made it her goal to attend city council meetings. Manners saw a weakness in her life and addressed


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There's No Place Like Home Whatever your idea of home is, we'd love to help you buy it, sell it, lease it or manage it.


Commercial | Property Management 706-291- 4321 | |

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Sea s on


Kindred’s nationwide network of transitional care hospitals are designed for medically complex patients who require continued care and extended recovery time. We specialize in ventilator weaning and management, complex wound care, short-term rehabilitation, dialysis and IV antibiotic therapy.



304 Turner McCall Boulevard • Rome, Georgia 30165 706.378.6800 • GA TDD/TTY# 800.255.0135 © 2013 Kindred Operating Healthcare, Inc. CSR 176719-02, EOE

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“This dinner and this organization is working toward building better relationships for all parts of the community.” it. On the day of the One Table event, Manners wanted to share what she had found with others. The purchase of a ticket for the event entitles the buyer to two seats at the table, and a third ticket for someone else in the community. One Community identified agencies in Rome that focus on helping lower income brackets, immigrants and recovering addicts as well as community building groups to receive the additional tickets. To ensure attendees did not sit in clusters of friends, the organizers created a seating chart. the “The goal is to make sure everyone sits near a stranger,” Manners explains. Before the dinner begins, Charles Love, a member of the One Community board, introduces the program for the evening. For a group doing such radical, seemingly political work, Love and the rest of the board built One Community on a concept that intentionally cuts religion and politics out of its work. Members attend a variety of places of worship, or none at all. They are card carrying members of both major political parties, and some of the smaller parties. They may hold ideological differences, but when they unite at One Community meetings and events, they work hard to keep all of that out of the conversation. Love says, “It’s about talking. Just talking, with no agenda. When we talk to people who aren’t like us, we realize we’re more alike than we are different.” In order to keep the dinner free from these tethers, diners observe a moment of silence after a formal proclamation from Mayor Jamie Doss. A live band plays while the guests sing “America the Beautiful”. Each of the courses have names that support the “Menu for Unity;” Humility, Empathy, Courage, Perseverance, Love and Joy. One Community members read short poems or speeches to signify these ideas. And then guests tuck into plates of locally-grown, locally-sourced and locally-made foods. Love and Manners walk the length of the bridge during dinner, working the crowd and inviting conversation. Berry College students, dressed in crisp white shirts and black trousers, pour iced tea for diners as part of their community 26

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november 2017

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REASONS TO CHOOSE US: • Prompt thorough and friendly • Dedicated to providing full satisfaction & follow-up • Multiple stump discounts • Fully insured for your protection • We utilize a tri-guard shield to • Free quotes on-site or by phone protect homes & vehicles WE CAN FIT THROUGH 36” OPENINGS

706-676-2519 • service requirement, while small clutches of strangers become acquaintances and then friends. Conversation starts slowly, but soon rises to hit on topics like Georgia football and the arrival of fall. A quiet row of police officers is drawn into lively chatter with the people across the table from them. The band sends music over the crowd to fill pauses in conversation as guests settle into the spirit of the event. One of the reasons Love was drawn to the work of One Community was the racial unrest he has witnessed in other parts of the country. He explains that the group was founded by Ken Fuller after events in Ferguson, Missouri, to be proactive against that type of violence in Rome. Fuller relies on a report from the Justice Department and the work of writers and activists to form the backbone of his group. Love joined the group because he believes that conversation and community can be a force for good. As if to put a fine point on that message, Love makes sure to acknowledge the law enforcement officers in attendance. “Sometimes,” he says, “the relationship between residents and officers can be a strain on a community. This dinner and this organization is working toward building better relationships for all parts of the community.”


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november 2017

Getting guests to attend a dinner where they would be restricted to sitting by veritable strangers sounds like an impossible task, but Manners says that the tickets sold out three weeks before the event. Because it was so popular, the group plans to make the dinner an annual Rome occasion, in addition to its usual work of talking to neighbors and seeking understanding. Every detail of the event is meant to inspire different people from different places to talk. Love encapsulates the purpose well saying, “I want to get to know you so I realize you’re not so different from me.” This is the work of One Community, to build the relationships that lead to the deeper conversations, one dinner at a time. To get info about joining One Community or to secure your spot in their next event, find them on Facebook or check the website at

No event is too

WILD orTAME for us to handle



Rome, GA



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people first,



Text O L I V ER R O B B I N S Photography C A M ER O N F L A I S C H


I NDING INSPIRATION IN places least expected is always nice. However, when the anticipation of an upcoming event is at a fever pitch, and when the time arrives to finally take it all in, discovering that your curiosities had only scratched the surface is another joy altogether. While the idea of seeing one of America’s favorite packages for carrying a beverage, the aluminum can, being fashioned from massive rolls of aluminum is intriguing, the philosophy behind the production practices of Ball Corporation are what makes getting a glimpse inside their walls a worthwhile trip. As we begin this journey through the process, it becomes quite apparent that the product is a direct reflection of the people who have taken ownership in a company that never misses a chance to give back to the community it serves.

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november 2017

Kevin Kohinke, plant manager for Ball Corporation’s Rome location, oversees the production of 11 to 12 million aluminum cans a day, totaling over 4 billion cans annually. And if you are wondering where you may have seen the name Ball, the company did not start with manufacturing aluminum cans and the forward thinking of the company has taken their products into the stars. Five brothers, George, Lucius, Frank, Edmund and William Ball founded Ball Corporation more than 135 years ago in the year 1880. Leslie Schell, human resources manager for the Rome plant, is kind enough to provide some info about the roots of this now world-recognized brand. “Our plant here in Rome has been around for what will be 25 years next year, so we are excited about celebrating our 25th year in Rome,” she says. “We opened this plant in 1993 and we were owned by Anheuser-Busch Metal Container Corporation. In October 2009, Ball Corporation bought four Anheuser-Busch Metal Container Corporation plants and Rome was included in the purchase. “The Ball Brothers initially went into business in Buffalo, New York making wood-jacketed tin cans for products like paint and kerosene,” Schell

continues, “but soon expanded their offerings to glass containers. By 1884 the brothers began making glass home-canning jars, the product that established Ball as a household name. They eventually moved their headquarters from New York to Muncie, Indiana to take advantage of the abundant natural gas reserves essential to making glass. Ball grew rapidly in the ensuing decade and has been in more than 45 businesses since its founding. Ball no longer manufactures canning jars, but has expanded and grown significantly.” Today, Ball is a worldwide metal packaging company that makes billions of recyclable metal containers, and a unique cutting-edge aerospace business that designs one-of-a-kind solutions to answer scientific and technical challenges. Ball manufactures on four continents and is now based in Broomfield, Colorado. They have four lines of business that include: metal beverage packaging, metal food packaging, metal aerosol packaging and aerospace. The largest division is the global metal beverage packaging with customers like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, A-B InBev, MillerCoors, Monster and many regional craft beers. From tea to energy drinks, Ball Corp

Left to right: Rick Bohm (Environmental Health and Safety Manager), Leslie Schell (Human Resources Manager) and Jace Burroughs (Engineering Manager)


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november 2017

provides over 50 billion recyclable aluminum cans a year worldwide, complete with printed labels, to their customers. “Our Aerospace division is an exciting part of what we do at Ball. They manufacture spacecraft and satellites, sensors and cameras that give warfighters a battlefield advantage, and space-based sensors for science missions like Kepler and Hubble, and enable scientists to track earth’s weather and climate. It is one of our more glamorous divisions, because we really do have rocket scientists working for Ball.,” Schell laughs. With innovation leading the way, the Ball Corporation Rome Plant has worked to reduce their environmental impact while still running one of the fastest aluminum can production lines in the world. Nothing is wasted as huge coils of aluminum run through machines that turn them into what resembles an open-ended hockey puck. From there, Ball workers operate machines that stretch the cans into 12 and 16-ounce forms, other employees operate the machines that prints the familiar labels associated with our favorite brands onto the cans.

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When the process is complete, the watchful eyes of their employees check for quality as pallets of over 8000 cans are whisked about the warehouse on forklifts. These pallets, stacked four high, create a maze of labels we are recognize, like Bud Light beer, as well as seasonal designs that many of us have never seen. The entire process, set to the whir of the machinery, is like a dance. Each employee is a link in the chain and as the cans waltz from one area to the next, they look a little different than they were before. Seeing human ingenuity and teamwork at its best is an artform and Ball has made sure they remain on the cutting edge of their discipline. “We are a safety-first facility and we have even implemented a tobacco-free workplace policy because we want to care for our most precious resource, our people. We are also very focused on sustainability here at our Ball Rome plant, so we have worked to become the landfill-free facility we are today,” Schell says when discussing Ball's approach to manufacturing. “We waste nothing. All of our scrap aluminum is recycled, and the coils of aluminum that we use are mostly composed of recycled aluminum. An aluminum can is infinitely recyclable, and it can be recycled and returned to a store shelf as a new can in just 60 days.”

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Perhaps this is where a company like Ball, that has become as American as apple pie, shows why they have been in business for over a century. They are proud of their rich history and they believe in their people and their culture. They know they must have the best people and provide them the right support, rewards and growth opportunities. They strive to be the best at everything they do and know they must have a customer focus. Schell, who found Rome by way of a transfer from a Ball facility in Gainesville, Florida, believes in her company’s philosophy. “Really, when I think about this plant and others I have been a part of, the culture is always the same. It starts with our people; they are our greatest asset. We operate very lean, which means we don’t have a lot of employees running around with free time. We put a lot of demands on our employees and they answer the call to meet those demands,” Schell explains. “We believe in training and developing our employees so that they can be empowered and engaged in our process. Because of this method, we have employees who act like owners. Proof that this works for us is that our average length of employment is around 15 years.” With community projects for Habitat for Humanity, and monthly volunteer opportunities at our local Community Kitchen and Action


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Ministries food pantry, the Ball plant in Rome supports Ball Corporation’s community initiatives. Employee community engagement is an essential element of Ball’s corporate citizenship strategy. Their Ball Community Ambassador program is designed to maximize employee participation in the community. The program also helps encourage and support employee giving. Employees are encouraged to give back, and Ball Corporation helps by putting $20 per hour spent volunteering into a giving account fund for their workers. These funds are set aside for the employees to, in turn, donate to a charity of their choice. And, the program provides a dollar-for-dollar match for employee monetary contribution to non-profit organizations. “We also support many charities and local fundraising events through sponsorships and we hope that this is making a difference in our community. We enjoy hosting visits from local schools and colleges, and showing them what we do here at our plant. Our goal is to be a good neighbor and great corporate citizen in our community and this is a goal we will continue to build on,” Schell says. Oftentimes, we don’t give much thought to how we enjoy a beverage. After a day of learning about the small ways we can preserve this land for our children and grandchildren, the decision becomes one of more importance. What don’t we

love about the aluminum can? The pop of the top is universally recognized as a refreshing sound, it’s lightweight, fully recyclable, quickly chilled, easy to store and cost-effective. Maybe we can make a difference. Find out more about Ball at

I don’t just treat your heart disease. I educate you about lifestyle changes that improve your overall health and stop future problems. I believe prevention is the best medicine, and I’m here to care completely for you.


150 Gentilly Blvd Cartersville, GA 30120 770.606.8359

the TA S T E

Chilean Sea Bass LA SCALA MEDITERRANEAN BISTRO Fine dining doesn’t have to be stiff, and this delicate and refined dish is a perfect example of every ingredient serving its purpose. Pan seared and served with truffle farro risotto, citrus-glazed fall greens and topped with crispy prosciutto, this piece of fish is one you won’t soon forget.


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413 B R O A D S T , R O M E , G A 3 0161 70 6 - 2 3 8 - 9 0 0 0 H L A S C A L A R O M E G A . C O M

Join us in saying thanks to the people who have the dish that always hits the spot.

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T A S T E & T O A S T 2 0 17



H B E S T S E R V I C E & AT M O S P H E R E H



La Scala 310 Broad St, Rome , GA 70 6.314.954 4 413 Broad Street, Rome , GA 70 6.238.9 000






El Zarape

Mellow Mushroom

Facebook .com/Elzarape 429 Broad Street, Rome , GA 70 6.295.5330 238 Broad Street, Rome , GA 70 6.234.9 000


Bluefin Bluefinrome .com 727 Turner McCall Blvd. Rome , GA 70 6.232.3317


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T A S T E & T O A S T 2 0 17





Facebook .com/Seasonsrome 208 Broad St, Rome , GA 70 6.235.9700

jef 340 Broad St, Rome , GA 70 6.378.0222




Moe's BBQ

315 Broad St, Rome , GA 70 6.512.4930 101 W 1st St, Rome , GA 70 6.622.2977




The Foundry

Honeymoonbaker 228 Broad Street, Rome , GA 70 6.232.0 611

foundr 255 N 5th Ave SW, Rome , GA 70 6.528.4699

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Pulled Pork Sandwich MOE' S BARBECUE Barbeque in the South is a lifestyle and Moe’s Pulled Pork Sandwich delivers a roundhouse to your mouth. This slow-smoked pork shoulder is dressed in a tangy sop sauce and served on a toasted bun. The house made sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and pickles finish off a must-eat dish that you owe it to yourself to try.

101 W 1 S T S T , R O M E , G A 3 0161 70 6 - 6 2 2 - 297 7 H M O E S O R I G I N A L B B Q . C O M

Dirty South Mouth JAMWICH It’s hard to find more flavor in one bite than you get with any Jamwich, but the Dirty South Mouth is an explosion of deliciousness that all Northwest Georgians should experience. London Broil, pimento cheese, crispy bacon, red onion, hydro bibb lettuce and raspberry-jalapeno jam served hot on jalapeno cornmeal bread…need we say more?

510 B R O A D S T , R O M E , G A 3 0161 70 6 - 314 - 9 54 4 H G E T J A M W I C H E D . C O M


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Party Rentals

All of your party needs under one roof!

• Tents • Tables • Chairs • China • Glassware • Silverware • Linens • Inflatables • And so much more

We also offer Delivery and Pick-Up at reasonable rates


Check out our New Showrooms at - 90 E. Callahan St - Rome, GA

Action Rent All Rome

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Party Rentals, Equipment, Parts & Sales


TO BE HEALTHY Stuff their stockings with:

Where Amazing Things Happen


Areas of Care Provision Include: orthopedic/joint replacement • stroke • cardiac pulmonary services • occupational & speech therapy

We work with our patients to achieve individualized goals & facilitate in a plan to return home! 706.234.8281 • 1345 Redmond Circle • Rome, GA

Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm • Sat: 10am - 5pm • Sun: 1 - 5pm TheHerbShopOnBroad

• 706.232.4447 • 103 Broad Street november 2017 

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my sweet lords Kiss the dive-thru good-bye, because now there is a healthier option for feeding the folks you love most. Text L AUREN JON E S-H I L L MAN Photography C AME RON FL AI S C H


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OUR KIDS PILE in the car from a long day at school with their athletic gear, musical instruments and homework sprawled all over the back seat. As you’re scrambling to get them home and detach your mind from the stresses of your own work day, you groan inwardly, bracing yourself for the inevitable question. “Hey, what’s for dinner?” Because you most likely loathe your too-oftenused response: “You want to go through a drive through?” Get ready for good news, because gone are the days of fast food suppers and microwave meals. With Rome’s own Dinner Diva cooking for your family, you can tackle all the various obstacles of your day and serve up something fresh, nutritious and filling for you and yours.

Meals Made Convenient Holly Lord was inspired to start her Dinner Diva business in 2012 while on a beach trip with her friend, Ginger Wright. It was from their conversation that her idea for Dinner Diva, a mobile meal machine and catering business, was born. “Ginger and I were kicking around ideas for recipes and such,” says Lord. “We both love to cook and our families are close; we spend a lot of time together and a huge chunk of that time is spent cooking.” At that time, Lord was working as a pharmaceutical rep, but she and Ginger lamented

about the difficulties of having full time jobs, full time families, and frequently, fast food fallbacks. “It’s always a struggle when you’re providing for a family, balancing work and the kids’ school schedules and other activities and at the same time, having good dinners ready to go,” says Lord. “You run out of time to make those healthy meals at home, not because you don’t want to or because you’re not capable of making them, but because you’re just so busy.” Lord began thinking about how convenient it would be for people to pick up healthy meals of a home-cooked, family-dinner quality on their way home from their hectic day. “I thought about it a lot and finally I decided to just try it and see what happened,” Lord says. “I sent out a text message to my close friends asking,

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‘If I make you dinner, would you just try it and see what your kids and family think about it?’” She started her journey as a Dinner Diva on a small scale. Starting off with dinners for small groups, birthday lunches and appetizers; she soon found her cooking was in high demand. “It caught on and I decided to make it more than a hobby,” she says. “Last spring, my husband Art and I invested in a mobile commercial kitchen, and now I cook for families and cater events full-time.”

“You run out of time to make those healthy meals at home, not because you don’t want to or because you’re not capable of making them, but because you’re just so busy.”

Fresh Eats & Catering

Coosa Valley Home Health Care, an Amedisys company, is in the business of helping our patients maintain and improve their quality of life-at home. Home is the place where family, friends and familiar surroundings make patients feel most comfortable - and recover faster. With more than two decades of experience in the health care industry, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality services to patients in their homes. Choose Coosa Valley for all your home care needs.

Lord prepares all her meals onsite in her curbside kitchen. Nothing is prepackaged; she uses fresh meats, organic vegetables and the best ingredients for her recipes. “Some of my most popular dishes are my bruschetta chicken and my Skinny Chicken Enchiladas,” she says. “Those are extremely popular.” Her Skinny Chicken Enchiladas consist of mouth-watering chicken smothered in a homemade smoky red sauce with cheese and cilantro lightly sprinkled on top. She also makes a mean Mediterranean pasta salad. “The pasta is tossed with my homemade balsamic marinade and palmetto olives with spinach and feta cheese,” she says. “Anything with my homemade balsamic marinade is a fan favorite.” Dinners can be pre-ordered online at, where people can subscribe to see in advance what Lord is making that week. Her pick up days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. People who are ordering for Tuesday pick up should pre-order by Sunday night and those wanting to snag dinner on Thursday must pre-order by Tuesday night. Lord sends a november 2017 

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notification out to all her subscribers letting them know where her pick-up location will be, but it’s usually at 195 Chatillon Road in Rome. She says her Dinner Diva truck is always in a central location to best serve her customers. All her Skinny Meals, Lord says, have calories and Weight Watcher points listed on her website so families can keep their nutrition in check. She can also tweak her recipes for food allergies and even has gluten free options. Lord also branches out from prepared dinners to catering for special events. “My Skinny Dinners are in high demand, but from day one, I started getting so many catering calls,” says Lord. “Dinner Diva catering services are definitely at the forefront. I’ve done small, inhome dinner parties, plated meals and food for much larger events.” With the holidays just around the corner, Lord anticipates business picking up as she’ll be ready to prepare some festive favorites. “During the holidays, I do non-skinny meals,” she chuckles. “People want to order appetizers and 50

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specialty desserts. And it’s convenient, because people get so busy during holidays between shopping, family gatherings and parties. It makes it easy for people to be able to take making a dish off their to-do list and just pick something up.”

Embracing Her Passion As a self-taught chef, Lord says her love for all-things-culinary came from closely watching the women in her family prepare meals. “My grandmother was an amazing cook, and so is my mom,” she says. “Food has always been a big deal in my family; cooking is something we just enjoy doing. And I always paid attention. When I got older I’d tell my mom, ‘I need you to write down the recipe for your carrot cake. I need the recipe for your Thanksgiving dressing.’” Lord says all those years of sampling and later, experimenting, was part of the learning process.

“I learned a long time ago that a recipe is just a guideline,” she says. “You can follow a recipe step-by-step but it doesn’t always reach its fullest potential. Cooking great food is about tasting and trying. It’s about manipulating recipes depending on the taste of what people like.” Now Lord says it fulfills her passion to be a Dinner Diva serving the families of Rome delicious dinners on-the-go. “Back when I was ready to make a career change, my daughter asked me, ‘Mom, what do you love to do?’ I thought about it and I said, ‘I really love to cook for people.’ It brings me joy. Being able to do this and helping other people is a blessing to me because I enjoy it so much.” Find out more about Dinner Diva at, on Instagram and Facebook or contact Holly Lord at 770.547.4731


Georgia's Best Sushi & Hibachi

727 Turner Mccall Blvd, Rome, GA


BENEFITS OF • Non-Surgical Fat Reduction • Non-Invasive Body Contouring in only 25 minutes • Permanently eliminate treated fat cells • No downtime


Marc Wetherington M.D • 406 East Second Av., Rome, Georgia 30161 • november 2017 

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WLAQ 1410 AM: Weekday Mornings

7-9 a.m. - Good Morning, Rome with Elizabeth Davis 9-10 a.m. - Later this Morning in Rome with Randy Davis Listen: 1410 AM,


YOUR Healthcare. YOUR Choice. no referral necessary in most cases

Call Us

TODAY! Rome | Calhoun | Adairsville | Rockmart 52

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Cedartown | Chatsworth | Summerville

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Weekday Mornings

6-9a.m. - Your Morning Experience with Matt D and SCAAAHT!

Lunchtime Weekday Specialty Programs from 12-noon - 1:00 p.m.: Monday - Motown Monday with Elizabeth Davis Tuesday - Fab Tuesday with Stu McFab Wednesday - NWGA Music Hour with Stu McFab Thursday - Thursday Theme Park with Matt D Friday - Blues Cafe with Randy Davis and Matt D Listen: 95.7 FM,

Tis the Season

once again...


706.314.9526 • 216 Broad St. • Rome, GA

Making Spirits Bright! Ashley Griffin cut + color

Plan Your Holiday Party Now!

Kim Palmer

“Your cut and color specialist”

706.346.0457 1105 E. 2nd Ave. • Rome GA

OPEN Thursday - Friday: 4pm - 6pm • Saturday: 12-6pm Reservations for Parties & Groups Available During Other Days & Times

Follow Us on Facebook

706-346-5429 • • 108 Broad St. Rome, GA 30161 november 2017 

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My purpose? Your health. That’s why I’m at Harbin Clinic. It’s the best place to enhance my patients’ wellness. I’m making a difference in the world, one pair of kidneys at a time. I’m here to care completely for yours.


855 Curtis Pkwy Calhoun, GA 30701 150 Gentilly Blvd Cartersville, GA 30120 770.276.7201 54

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The Dish Dish The bistro



650 Covered Henderson Dr Road #403 100 Bridge Cartersville, Euharlee, GAGA

PH: 700-334-3431 770-334-3431 PH: Openeveryday everyday from Open from11am-9pm 11am-9pm Johnny Mitchell’s has hand-cut Johnny Mitchell’s has hand-cut steaks, fesh seafood selections and and steaks, fresh seafood selections authentic barbecue authentic barbecueslow-smoked slow-smoked over cherry wood. Come over cherryand andhickory hickory wood. Come experience the Southern experience thefusion fusionofof Southern hospitality and hospitality andfine finedining. dining. Whatever you areare in the mood for, for, Whatever you in the mood

you’ll find mealmeal at our you’ll finda homemade a homemade at our Smokehouse that willwill bring you you Smokehouse that bring back again! back again! 1204 Turner McCall Blvd

Rome,Martha GA 30161 2817 Berry Highway PH: 706.291.2021 Rome, GA 30165 Hours: Mon-Sat: 5:00am-10:00pm PH: 706.291.8969

Hours:Sun: Mon6:00am-10:00pm -Thu: 11:00am- 10:00pm Fri - Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm Sun: 11:00am-9:00pm Buy one Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Biscuit at regular price WOW strives to serve the highest and get another one FREE quality of food with the freshest Offer good at 1204 Turner McCall ingredients. You will leave saying Blvd only. Not valid with any other “WOW! What a Place!” Famous discounts. One coupon person per for: Wings and over 17 signature visit. Valid thru 9/1/18 sauces to choose from!

406 Street 406Broad Broad Street Rome, GAGA 30161 Rome, 30161

413413 Broad Street Broad Street Rome, GA 30161 Rome, GA 30161

PH: PH:706-234-4613 706-234-4613

Hours: Mon-Thur: 11:00am-9:00pm Hours: Mon-Thur: 11:00am- 9 :00pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Sun: 11:30am-3:00pm Sun : 11:30 - 3:00pm Schroeder’s menu includes Schroeder’s menu includes sandwiches, calzones, soups, salads,

sandwiches, calzones, soups, potato skins, nachos, wings, and salads, more. potato skins, nachos, wings, and more. And don’t forget our pizza! It’s the And don’t forget our pizza! It’s the best best in town... and for a sweet treat, in town...and for a sweet treat, try our try our Cheesecake Calzone! (Draft Cheesecake Calzone! (Draft & Bottled and Bottled Beers & Wine also offered) Beers & Wine also offered) Famous Famous for: Their Roast Beef Relief! for: Roast Beef Relief! 510 Broad Street 510 Rome, 30161 BroadGAStreet Rome, GA 30161 PH: 706-314-9544

PH: Like706-314-9544 us on FACEBOOK

Like us on FACEBOOK Mon-Tues.11:00am-3:00pm Wed-Sat: 11:00am-7:00pm Mon- Sat 11:00am-3:00pm

Jamwich - Serving distinctive Jamwich - Serving distinctive sandwiches, salads, and soups. sandwiches, salads, and soups. Sandwiches built with the finest Sandwiches built with the finest ingredients: Boar’s Head meats and ingredients: Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams and Jellies, fresh sourdough bread, and Jellies, fresh sourdough bread, premium Boars Head thick cut bacon premium Boars Head thick cut bacon and farm-to-table produce. and farm-to-table produce.

706-238-9000 PH:PH: 706-238-9000

urlee s Fish House & Oyster Bar

Rome, GA Est. 2012 227 Broad Street

Rome, Georgia 30161 198 North Street Canton, GA, 30114 PH: (706) 204-8173

PH: 770-213-8890

Hours: Sat: 6:00pm-10:00pm Hours: MonMon - Sat:- 6:00pm-10:00pm Hours: Tues -Mon-Thurs: Sat: 9:00am-4:00pm Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm 400400 Block Bar & Lounge : 4:00pm-1:30am Block Bar & Lounge : 4:00pm-1:30am Sun-Mon: CLOSED Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Hours are extended: 9am - 9pm during LiveLive music each each weekend. music weekend. Curlee’s First Friday Eventsoffers casual dining, La Scala offers offers both first-rate La Scala both first-rate freshlive seafood, hand-cut steaks, We offer music, heavy appetizers, service and terrific Italian Cuisine in service and terrific Italian Cuisine in chicken and more! It is located on tea infused cocktails, & beer and wine an upscale casualcasual atmosphere. Broad Street in the center of the city, an upscale atmosphere. on weekend nights in addition to atmoour and it has a family-friendly 50%50% off cafe off menu cafe menu regular menu. sphere! fromfrom 4:00-6:00 p.m. p.m. 4:00-6:00 Book Your Private Event withWalk-Ins Us! Takes Reservations, Welcome, Good For Kids, Take Out, Catering and Waiter Service

595 Riverside Parkway Rome, 30161 Parkway 595 GA Riverside Rome, GA 30161 PH: 706-233-9960

Hours: -Thu: 11:00am-9:00pm PH:Sun 706-233-9960 Fri - Sat: Hours: Sun11:00am-10:00pm -Thu: 11:00am-9:00pm Fri catering - Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Fuddruckers can help you feed just about catering any size group, Fuddruckers can help anytime, anywhere. Our menu will group, you feed just about any size please the most discerning tastes anytime, anywhere. Our menu will andplease meet the standards you tastes thehigh most discerning require. We know make and meet the how highto standards you your event spectacular with to themake require. We know how WORLD’S GREATEST CATERING. your event spectacular with the


Call or Text Your Order to: 3401 Martha Berry Hwy PH: Rome, 706-237-8320. GA 30165

Lunches: Wed/Thurs/Fri in Downtown Rome

PH: 706-291-1881

Food Truck Friday: 11am-2:00pm @ 2nd Hours: Sun -Thu: 11:00am-10:00pm Ave. & 2nd Street Fri - Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm Friday Nights @ River Dog Outpost Dine in, Take out, or delivery... Saturday Late Nights on Broad Street Authentic Italian is what we do! We Delivery through Roman Delivery have enjoyed greatFood success by Checkproviding out our full schedule & ourweekly guests with a casual, rotating menu at: friendly atmosphere and excellent Contact us about booking, catering, and service. In addition to the healthy private events at : portions of our food, you will see our

MULTIPLE GOOD EATS entreesTRUCKS. range from homemade sandwiches, pizzas and calzones to pastas, chicken, veal and seafood dishes.

Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia. november 2017  v3 magazine 55 Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia.

Our Community, Your Hospital.

We come from different backgrounds and different walks of life. But it’s our values that unite us — faith, family, and community. At Gordon Hospital, our doctors, nurses, and support staff work hand-in-hand providing world-class care for our community. We offer the best technology and treatment while remaining true to our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ. You can have confidence that you and your loved ones have the best care right here at home, at one of the best hospitals in the country. 706.629.2895 | 1035 Red Bud Rd | Calhoun, GA 30701 56

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