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rom Handel to Hippos, find your joy this holiday season With a whole lot of hubbub about a silly red cup and the advent of my favorite season, I thought it appropriate to discuss finding your cheer in the holidays. For some of our readers, the joy comes from delighting your children with special presents or baking your grandmother’s best cookie recipe. For others, you may find your joy in having some paid time off of work, a welcome break from co-workers you barely tolerate. For many, I fear, the joy gets lost in the shuffle of the 14

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“busy-ness” of the season. If you don't have kids, like me, it’s easy to slip into the horrible adult routine of work-work-work, buy some presents, drink some wine, eat the food and go home. The cheer of the holidays gets totally lost. Recently, while visiting some friends whose children I had not met, I was reminded of the joy and innocence of kids’ humor. While listening to a series of extremely silly knock-knock jokes told by a precocious 8-year old, I remembered all the great things about being small. Especially at this time of year. I remember the anxiety of waiting for

the school break to start, the crippling fear of sitting on Santa’s lap, planning which toys I would bring to my grandmother’s house – where I would stay for the school break following Christmas day. I would love to feel that anxious joy again, and somehow listening to silly jokes from my friend’s daughter brought all that back. So when I arrived back in town, I pulled out my Christmas music and discovered that the song I most played was Gayla Peevey’s “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” In fact, I play this song more than any other song in my iTunes library. I know all the words – just

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