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united we sing Schroeder's New Deli invites everyone out for great music that benefits an even better cause.

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J. Bryant Steele reflects on birthdays past with the goal of encouraging us to make each year better than the last. Asking a question, especially to someone you admire, can be a challenge. However, Jim Alred suggests that you ask away, all in the name of discovery.


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Downsizing allows room for all the wonderful things life has to offer. The Little River Escape Community has just the right of space for you.


Finding good barbeque can be a challenge, but Moe’s Original Bar B Que is sure they have the recipe that smokes the competition.

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In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, V3 gives you a look inside one of the most misunderstood and deadly mental illnesses, bipolar disorder.

What can be better than live music, wonderful food with friends and a great cause? Schroeder’s New Deli is packaging all three in their Summer Music Showcase.

“I am blessed to spend my days at Renaissance Marquis, helping our residents any way that I can. I’m a listening ear when the residents want to chat and a smiling face on a bad day. The residents have easily become my family and I am grateful they allow me to spend each day in their home. Serving the greatest generation is an honor.” - Lisa Bohanan Business Office Manager


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OWNER & CEO Ian Griffin

A few months ago, I wrote a snippet about my 16-year-old daughter and her journey to becoming a licensed driver. I rambled about how many more distractions there are than when I was fresh behind the wheel. I preached to her that it only takes a moment with your eyes off the road for something to go wrong. I also told her it happens to experienced drivers, who are extremely comfortable and confident behind the wheel…all the more reason for her to have laser-sharp focus when driving of course.

Publisher's Note

She would make a mistake on the road and I would explain that it happens to everyone. “Just keep your composure and don’t let it get to you,” I’d say. “I’d be willing to bet every regular driver on the road has a close call on a weekly basis, the road is a dangerous place.” Sounds like solid advice and teaching, right? On the Friday before our annual soiree at the Atlanta Steeplechase, I could have used a dose of that laser-sharp focus I expected from her. As I was darting around from place to place getting supplies together for the event, I made my final stop at a local Broad Street retailer and hustled back to my vehicle to depart for the race track. I was certainly distracted by the volume of things on my to-do list and in a hurry to get started on it. But, I clearly remember looking over both shoulders, and at my back-up camera, before exposing the rear of my Honda Pilot to oncoming traffic. None the less…WHACK! Turns out I didn’t look as close as I should have. The lovely F-150 I just dented had stopped to wait on another car to pull out of a space a few spots down, and thinking he was gone, I let off the brake. Two seconds later I was calling myself colorful names because I knew this one was on me. I opened the door, still letting a few words that warranted donations to the swear jar slip from my lips, and immediately began apologizing to the couple in the truck I had just bumped into. It’s at this point in the story where I encountered something I didn’t expect; I was greeted with kindness and understanding. There were several reasons why I suppose I didn’t see it coming in that moment, but there it was. I had just inconvenienced myself a great deal, but they were just trying to go get some barbeque for lunch. So, I guess I assumed they would be fuming over the situation. It was a nice looking truck. They couldn’t have been nicer about it. “Stuff happens,” the man said. “There is no reason to get bent out of shape over it.” We exchanged information and that was that. The damage was minor, I assumed fault, they went on to lunch and I carefully backed out of my space and drove off to get on with my day. I called my wife to let her know while I was filling up my gas tank and she immediately asked about my mental state, knowing I usually let things like that get me in quite a tizzy. While I wasn’t happy about it, I wasn’t bent out of shape either. It was certainly helpful to get a little advice from the guy I just backed into. My faith in humanity was far from lost, but I the last thing I expected from backing into someone was to have it elevated. I tell my children that if they learn from their mistakes and apply what they’ve learned going forward that’s a good way to live your life. In this instance, it’s not the accident that I’m referring to as the mistake, it’s the manner in which I might have reacted had the tables been turned. I followed my own advice and took notes.

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Baseball was meant for radio. Listen to all the excitement of Atlanta Braves baseball all season long on WLAQ 1410 AM.

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Birthday Tea with Jasmine

Cents & Sensibility with J. Bryant Steele

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THE BIBLE tells us it rains on the just and the unjust. The Good Book doesn’t explain, though, what that has to do with my birthday. It rained on my birthday last month. It often does. Yes, I know the childhood adage, “April showers bring May flowers” yada yada yada. So it’s going to rain in April. But it shouldn’t rain on your birthday. What I really mean is, it shouldn’t rain on my birthday. On any given day, there are at least 15 million people celebrating birthdays, so it’s got to rain on somebody’s birthday; otherwise, the planet would dry up and we’d all be dead. That would be bad for the birthday business. In the U.S., people spend $2 billion just on birthday

cards. The average person receives seven cards, according to the greeting card industry. Then, there are the cakes. The biggest birthday cake in history was in the shape of the state of Alabama and weighed 128,238 pounds, with more than 16,000 pounds of icing. That was in 1989, for the 100th birthday of Fort Payne (home of the country-rock group called Alabama). Despite my best research, I could not determine how many people were taken to the ER following that birthday bash. But I can tell you the world’s most expensive birthday party came to $27 million for the Sultan of Brunei’s 50th birthday in July 1996. I assume the

Sultan’s people checked my schedule and learned I was already booked working the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta that summer; otherwise I might have received an invitation. Did you know the song “Happy Birthday” is copyrighted! It was written by two sisters in 1893. It still generates about $2 million a year in licensing fees, which I suppose makes the descendants of Mildred and Patty Hill quite happy. And that’s why you seldom hear TV or radio news hosts sing it on air to one another. They would have to pay royalties! More people have birthdays in August than in any other month. I’ll leave it to you to do the arithmetic and figure out which month is thus when couples are most amorous. I have had some memorable birthday parties. When I was 5 or 6 years old, my mother took me and some friends on a train trip from Covington to Conyers, Ga., probably about a 45-minute trip. This was when train travel was still utilitarian in the rural South. The railroad didn’t host children’s birthday parties, but my mother bought tickets (maybe a dime apiece) for my friends, and we had a comparatively simple birthday party, with cake and presents, but I was, by golly, riding on a train! At that time, trains held me in a childhood enthrallment, and I thought if I could ever ride on one, it would be the grandest moment I could ever have. Flash forward several decades. A friend who knew of my love for baseball realized that Opening Day that particular year happened to fall on my birthday, and so she bought tickets for me and my young children to watch the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. The matrix board behind left field flashed my name during the seventh-inning stretch. That was quite a thoughtful birthday

present. I also have had four surprise birthday parties thrown for me over the years, which is probably a lot for just one guy. But my favorite birthday was my recent one, despite the rain. I heard from my now-grown children, who live on the wrong side of the Mississippi River, and the day began and ended with the woman I love like no other. I’ll gladly reprise that one next April (minus the rain). Like any parent, I tried to create memorable birthdays for my children. I actually secured Spiderman for my son’s fourth birthday party. Did you know Spiderman only costs $100? And that he also makes balloon animals, in addition to fighting bad guys? But the enduring character for us in those days was Miss Teacup, a fixture at my daughter’s birthday parties for several years. She was a natural with children, and even the parents would hang around to enjoy her antics. Now, in a sympathy/empathy contest, my daughter would have given Mother Theresa a close race. When Katy Beth was 9, she asked me one evening, “Daddy, do think Miss Teacup’s feelings would be hurt if I don’t invite her to my birthday party this year?” I had to fight back a tear. She was so young and so sweet, she didn’t realize Miss Teacup was a paid clown, and what would be hurt was her pocketbook, not her feelings. So, I didn’t call Miss Teacup to arrange a performance. Several days later I got home from work, and there was a message on the answering machine. “Hello, Katy Beth, this is Miss Teacup. Well, I guess you’ve outgrown me, girl. I hope you have a very happy birthday, and that you’ll always remember me and the fun we had.” There was this one birthday party that worried me for a few days beforehand. Katy Beth came

home from school crying because some of the classmates she’d invited told her they wouldn’t attend her party because she’d invited Jasmine. Now, Jasmine was this dear little black girl, but I’m not sure skin color was the overriding reason for the rejection because the school my children attended was almost equally white and black. But Jasmine also had a glass eye, came from a low-income family, was a slow learner, and was painfully shy. At recess, Jasmine would just sit by herself, rather than hop on a swing or try to find a see-saw partner. So my daughter, naturally, befriended her. Well, Jasmine came to that birthday party. As did all the pretentious middle-class white girls. Miss Teacup was in usual form. I’ve never seen a smile bigger than Jasmine wore all day So, my wish for each of you is that your next birthday always be your best. It might help if you think of Jasmine, whoever Jasmine is for you.

BizBits The demolition of the perfectly fine Georgia Dome will be delayed because it is still needed as its successor, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, runs into structural problems. The lesson here is that we’ve got serious issues in this world, and building endlessly more supercalifragilisticexpialidocious palaces to indulge our guilty pleasures isn’t the solution. J. Bryant Steele has won awards for business reporting, feature writing and opinion columns, and is based in Rome. *The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine.

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Our Community, Your Hospital.

We come from different backgrounds and different walks of life. But it’s our values that unite us — faith, family, and community. At Gordon Hospital, our doctors, nurses, and support staff work hand-in-hand providing world-class care for our community. We offer the best technology and treatment while remaining true to our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ. You can have confidence that you and your loved ones have the best care right here at home, at one of the best hospitals in the country.

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Party of the Summer!

Friday, June 23rd at Lawrence Plantation craft beer garden, international food stalls music by Scott Thompson and Rhythm Nation


Hey Cat, you free Friday, June 23rd? There will be food, beer, and live music.

Maybe. You had me at beer.

YOUR Healthcare. YOUR Choice. no referral necessary in most cases

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The Art of

ASKING For the Love of the Game with Jim Alred

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SOMETIMES you get inspiration and advice from the unlikeliest of sources. As a sportswriter, the advice sometimes comes after asking a tricky or tough question to an interviewee. Other times, it happens while covering an event. “Why do you have such reputation for having a bad temper?” As a journalist, there will come times to ask tough questions. This particular question required about 15 minutes of build-up and a lot of nerves on my part. The recipient of the question stopped talking, locked his eyes on mine and did something funny with his mouth, as if he couldn’t figure out how to respond. I hoped I appeared calm on the outside. My insides shook like an ill-built beach shack in the middle of a hurricane. My fear came from having seen the clips on television of John McEnroe’s temper at judges, fans and crazy journalists who ask stupid questions. McEnroe made me wait. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably no more than 30 seconds, a big smile covered his face and he leaned back and laughed. I then got a 10-minute soliloquy from Johnny Mac on his life, growing up, tennis and more. He was eloquent, kind and blunt. I don’t remember everything McEnroe said, but I do remember key points. He told me how important it is to be you. He said he was probably too much of his own self on many occasions, but that by being himself he was able to achieve greatness in tennis and life. He encouraged me to follow his example, minus the bad temper and well-known outbursts. But, he also offered that it’s good to scare people every now and then. On a sunny, warm November day in Southwest Florida, I spent around an hour with Fred Couples. Couples was playing a practice round leading up to the what used to be called the Shark Shootout, a type of pro-am golf tournament hosted by Australian golfer Greg Norman. I shot some video of Couples teeing off. After a minute, he walked over to me, noticed my Auburn Cross Country hat and asked if I liked college football. I do and for the next hour as Couples crushed golf balls, signed autographs for fans and played golf at a level the average Joe can only dream of, we talked college football. Couples knew his stuff and even ragged on his caddy, a Penn State fan, quite often. I’ve met or interviewed Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Norman and more. They are all gracious and answered my questions, but after nine holes of talking football with Couples, he became my favorite golfer. At one point, Couples asked about my career, and we talked about media and the direction websites were taking it. The next day, Couples saw me as he was practicing, walked over to me and thanked me for the video piece I did. He told me to

Now serving


510 Broad Street, Rome, GA 706.314.9544 GetJamwiched.com Open Mon&Tues 11-3pm Wed-Sat 11-7pm

keep producing pieces like that and I would have a great career. He didn’t have to do that, but a famous golfer taking a moment to offer encouraging words is something I’ll never forget. Bring up the name Steve Spurrier in the Deep South, and the results can vary. Many, many people hate Spurrier, especially those who cheer for teams in the Southeastern Conference not named Florida or South Carolina. After the Gators gigged my beloved Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium in 1995, I sat in the visiting press conference room waiting to ask Spurrier a question. I raised my hand but a reporter next to me got called on. The man asked a question. Spurrier looked at the reporter, took his visor off, lowered his head and told the reporter it was a stupid question, and he wouldn’t answer it. Spurrier then made eye contact, pointed at me and told me to ask my question. My heart fell into my stomach or possibly my feet, and I’m sure my eyes grew as large as saucers. I managed to stammer out my query and was met with a cold stare from Spurrier. The Head Ball Coach looked at me for another few seconds and then asked my age. I was 22 at the time and told him so. He then pointed to the previous journalist, who was my elder by at least two if not three decades, and said he could learn a lot from the kid sitting next to him.


beer f


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Spurrier answered my question, telling me it was a good question. Toward the end of the press conference he chastised another reporter for what he said was a lame question. He turned back to me asking if I had another question, which I did. Afterwards, Spurrier made a point of coming over and talking to me and encouraging me to continue pursuing my career in sports writing. It’s funny, because I hear people say mean things about McEnroe and Spurrier often, and I just smile. Sometimes I offer my stories. Other times I don’t. Pretty much everyone loves Couples, and I can see why. One of my elementary school teachers had a sign in her classroom telling students there was no such thing as a stupid question. McEnroe and Spurrier would disagree. It’s not all rainbows and kittens with those questions, though. I’ve had more than a few athletes or coaches tell me what to do with myself in words unusable in this magazine. However, it hasn’t stopped me from asking those questions, and I believe if you craft a good question and ask it with sincerity, you might just be surprised with the answer and the story you can recount later. *The views expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do not represent the opinions of V3 Magazine.

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The Family and Staff of Henderson & Sons Funeral Homes would like to give a special thanks to all of our first responders who bravely serve and protect our community.

Compassionate. Experienced. Professional. “Rome’s Locally Owned Funeral Homes” Barry R. Henderson

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Linda Wardlaw Reflexology for Life

The Reflexology Clinic & Foot Spa on Broad Relieve Stress & Improve Circulation

Monday - Saturday by Appointment 30 years experience

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Sometimes the world of mental illness can be a very dark place, unless you have the help of qualified professionals and a network who understands your plight. TEXT Greg Howard PHOTOGRAPHY Cameron Flaisch


ome of you may not know that May is mental health awareness month. Studies show that approximately one in every five adults in the United States suffers from some form of mental illness in a given year. To put that into perspective, that is over 18 percent of the entire U.S. population, which is roughly 43.8 million Americans. Studies also show that one in every 25 adults in the U.S., roughly four percent, live with a serious mental illness that substantially interferes with or limits their abilities to perform major life activities. However, among the various mental disorders, there are few that carry such a noteworthy stigma and lack of public understanding than bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder, also known manic depressive disorder, is a form of mental illness which causes severe high and low moods. This can affect a person’s energy level, ability to sleep, thinking and overall behavior. Those who battle with bipolar disorder are characterized by having intense periods of happiness, confidence, joy and high amounts of energy, which then gives way to other periods of sadness, hopelessness, low energy and depression. While between the manic and depressive phases, the person may feel completely normal, but practically anything can trigger a sudden change in mood. It is a serious illness, and one that can certainly be life threatening. Though there is no cure for the illness, a comprehensive treatment plan can greatly reduce the intensity of the high and low periods of manic and depression, allowing those with the disorder to adequately function in everyday life. According to the latest study on the prevalence of bipolar disorder quoted by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), and conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 5.7 million adult Americans, or about 2.6 percent of the U.S. population 18 years and older, live with bipolar disorder. According to Dr. Wes Burgess M.D., a psychiatrist, scientist and author of “The Bipolar Handbook: Real-Life Questions with Up-to-Date Answers”, almost 10 million people will develop this mental illness sometimes during their lives, of which almost half those affected will never receive the correct diagnosis or treatment. In today’s age and throughout the course of history, there have been many cultural and political icons that have influenced our music, art and politics that have lived with a diagnosis of bipolar or whom psychiatrists have come to believe displayed the characteristics of this disorder. Today, cultural icons such as pop-star Demi Lovato, or comedian and actor Russell Brand live with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Other

entertainers, such as musical icon Amy Winehouse, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, actress Carrie Fisher, comedian and actor Robin Williams and the Oscar winning actress Patty Duke, were said to have sought treatment or displayed the characteristics of bipolar disorder. Even historical figures, like British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and artist Vincent Van Gogh, were able to achieve immense accomplishments while struggling with symptoms of the life-altering diagnosis.

“I knew something was off, even before I was diagnosed,” says Smith. “I was really anxious a lot, even in preschool, in fact, I was held back because I wouldn’t socialize with the other kids. So, the disorder has been affecting me all my life. My first couple years of high school were good, and then about junior year I started to get really stressed over college. I was already taking college level courses, but I had troubles handling my stress. I eventually attempted to kill myself. That is when I started seeing a psychiatrist. When I found out what was going on, things started to make more sense as to why my mood was the way it was.” For Smith, living with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder makes for an ever-changing world, one of emotional highs and lows that she must continuously manage. “I would say that every day is different; one day you might get out of bed and feel great and the next day you dread getting out of bed, getting involved with the world and doing day-to-day life,” attests Smith. “Sometimes, I go through many emotions while experiencing a mood swing. At first I might feel very angry, and then I feel upset. Though some people believe in going natural (to cope with the disorder), I believe that medication really does help. It really does help the mood swings and allows me to have somewhat of a normal life. For Smith, managing her bipolar disorder means actively communicating with specialists about her illness, and finding the right medication for her individual needs. “I see a therapist on a regular basis, usually monthly depending on if I’ve had to change medications or not,” says Smith. “There is no one certain fix; it's a combination of things, you might even say it takes a village. You need a counselor who can help talk you through things, a psychiatrist that can get you set on good medication, and also a group of friends and family that can be your constant support system. Also, diet and exercise play a big factor, too. I try to keep myself

“I eventually attempted to kill myself. That is when I started seeing a psychiatrist. When I found out what was going on, things started to make more sense as to why my mood was the way it was”

22 v3 magazine

However, to truly understand what it means to be bipolar, we must communicate with those who live their lives managing this mysterious mental illness. Meet Kelley Smith*, a 21-year-old student of design aspiring to become an illustrator for children’s books. Smith, who was diagnosed with and received medication for depression as a young adult, first became aware of her disorder after experiencing a manic phase while struggling with the stresses of high school. She was diagnosed with bipolar one after turning 19.

on a schedule, which means going to bed at the same time every night, and I also try to work out almost every day. That really helps with my mood.” Though living a normal life with bipolar disorder can be difficult, it is certainly possible. Just because one has been given a genetic cocktail that has made it much more difficult to regulate their emotions and requires them to seek outside help, doesn’t mean that they are unable to have a family, have a healthy marriage and succeed in their chosen career. There is no greater testament to this statement than author Courtney Frey. Her story is one that is purely unique in her ability to overcome struggles brought about by her bipolar disorder and to attain “Redemption”, which so happens to be the title of her third published book. “The first time I sat in front of a doctor he told me I had bipolar disorder, wrote me a prescription and told me he’ll see me in six weeks. I was confused, I thought I was fine,” states Frey. “The biggest misconception is, even for someone like me that has been diagnosed, is the belief that you can control it (on your own), that it’s all in your head and that you just need to be stronger. I grew up in a very religious family, so I had family members that said it wasn’t a real thing and that all I needed was to just pray it away. So, I didn’t take my medication for several years because I felt that it was all my fault, and that I was doing something to cause it. It wasn’t until my third hospital visit, after I almost died from an attempted suicide, that I began to realize there was more to this.” Frey attempted to end her own life during a depressive state in which she felt guilt for something she had done during a manic state caused by the disorder. After her release from the hospital, she had to leave her family, her marriage ended in divorce, and she moved out with her belongings stuffed into a duffle bag. However, Frey decided that she was going to take back her life. “It was so critical for me to have a counselor who truly understood bipolar, and could begin to walk me through what this looked like. I finally began to realize that while I couldn’t control the mood swings, there was medication that could help ease them, then allowing me to become accountable in helping to manage my own disorder. No one had told me this before. My counselor helped me realize that I didn’t have to fight this thing alone. She compared my illness to other diseases by asking me that if I had diabetes would I take insulin. Of course, my answer was yes. She helped me to see that bipolar was just another illness, one that if I took my medication, I wouldn’t be quite as sick. She gave me coping skills and mechanisms to help me and I, along with my family, discovered

signs that help me to realize when I am going into a manic phase. Though bipolar disorder looks very emotional, in the end it is a chemical disorder, and one that can’t be fixed by a change of mindset alone. It’s looking at the sky and seeing purple when everyone else sees blue. You have to embrace it, and manage it, so that the purple doesn’t turn to red. Though the medication doesn’t make it go away, it makes the pendulum of emotions not swing as hard. Managing an illness takes time, effort and care. When I finally let go of my illness, like a demon in a closet, and embraced it, it was like a whole new world opened up for me.” Years later, Frey would go on to rekindle her relationship with her husband, remarrying the love of her life and rejoining her three children. She would also go on to write three books telling her story and experiences, in order to provide hope for others in similar situations. She has now been happily married for 23 years and lives with her family in Iowa. For those battling bipolar disorder, seeking help and treatment is synonymous with the pursuit of a manageable and happy life. Bipolar disorder is a deadly illness if not kept under control, due to the intense feeling of depression it causes which leads to a daunting rate of suicide and self-harm among untreated victims. Here, the role of a counselor is not only a necessity, but in most cases, a life-line. No one can attest to this more than Judy Keappler, a Licensed Professional Counselor working in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout her professional career, Keappler has counseled numerous patients and their loved ones who have felt the weight of dealing with bipolar disorder throughout everyday life. With a professional motto, of helping clients “find hope, healing, and change”, she founded Judy Keappler Counseling to help patients take on the everyday struggles felt by those who suffer from anxiety, depression, grief and various other mental disorders, in order for them to discover a life of mental wellness. “The goal of the counselor is to assist the patient in understanding their bipolar disorder and what it will take for their brain to respond to life more effectively,” says Keappler. “The patient’s brain cannot regulate their emotions, and anything may set them off. Triggers can be not getting enough sleep or exercise, having too much stress, or things like traveling, time change or even exposure to too much light. It's a brain dysfunction. Now, imagine having this disorder in a relationship, having a baby or getting into an argument, all while balancing these severe mood swings.” Keappler agrees that a diagnosis of bipolar disorder does not have to be a hindrance for one's

career or one’s ability to make meaningful relationships. In fact, she counsels clients managing bipolar that have established lucrative careers in business, in which she has helped enable them to fully understand their disorder. As Keappler suggests, it is only through knowing and embracing their disorder, that someone will be enabled to cope with the illness. “You have to be able to distinguish what is the illness and what is normal. For instance, when someone with the disorder is sad or feels hurt, which is normal to feel sad or hurt by others, you have to decide if the instance is a normal reaction or a bipolar reaction. It can be very difficult to tell. And if the issues are not real it can be impossible for them to work through.” It is imperative that the illness be treated in order to keep the patient out of the severe mood swings that can spiral those with the disorder to a severe depression that causes them to contemplate or commit self-harm. “(Bipolar depression) is not a normal depression,” Keappler explains. “It feels so real and so heavy, and with the inability to regulate emotions, one can’t pull themselves out of it. That is why it is a necessity to have a medication working as a mood stabilizer, to keep the patient stable enough to be able to use normal brain regulation to deal with shifts in mood.” Medication is not about suppression, but about regulation. It gives patients the ability to regulate their emotions, not having the extreme ups and downs. It can take time for the patient to find the right medication, and a counselor can help keep a close watch on how the medication is working. It is also important to understand that there are different types of bipolar disorder; bipolar I, bipolar II, and bipolar III. Now, more and more people are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, bipolar I is uncommon. There are more people diagnosed with bipolar II, where the patient suffers more from irritability and anxiety. Ultimately, for those who live their lives with a mental disorder, the sky may very much seem purple when the world screams it's blue, as Courtney Frey would suggest. However, the sky can be much darker for all of us when even a small percentage of our community is shut out due to a misunderstanding of any mental illness. A community exists to extend a hand, one of understanding and unconditional love, to any and all who need it. And so it is up to all of us, to give hope where needed, to shine a light on the unknown darkness that tries to hold some of us down, and to try and see the sky in all colors. *Some names have been changes to protect the identity of patients.

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Happiness blooms from within Serving Our Community Since 1948 328 Broad St. Rome, Ga. 30161 706-291-7236 • GreenesJewelers.com


May 19, 2017

Meadowlakes Golf Course

CONTACT DAVID CULP – (706) 346-0571 OR SELENA PICKARD – (706) 271-5739


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413 broad street, rome, ga 30161 www.lascalaromega.com 706.238.9000 706.238.9011

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Get Our


RiversideAutoGroup.com 100 HIGHWAY 411 EAST, ROME, GA


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“Come Live The Dream” 770.684.6511 KnuckleheadCafe.com 217 W Elm St, Rockmart, GA v3 magazine 27


MAXIMUM LIFE Imagine the time and money saved when you settle into a Tiny Home and live a life without walls. TEXT C  ecil Disharoon and Oliver Robbins PHOTOGRAPHY Cameron Flaisch


today’s vast landscape of media mediums, we are finding a reoccurring lifestyle trend that is simple living. When searching YouTube, Instagram or perusing other popular sites for lifestyle ideas, we see that professionals are trading in suburbia for a minimalist way of living. Surprisingly, the folks who are choosing to make the move are not just tie-dye wearing hippies who forego bathing and find solace in a constant cloud of herbal happiness. A great majority of the people who are trading in the rat race of cubicles, neighborhood associations and mounds of endless traffic for the quiet stillness of nature have done so after becoming tired of maintaining all the “stuff” they associate with being successful.

28 v3 magazine

v3 magazine 29

Despite what some may believe, downsizing your current abode does not mean that you have to give up all the conveniences of living in a traditional home. Today, builders and developers have fashioned a method of living that binds with the natural surroundings, decreasing the obtrusiveness of clearing an area with modern neighborhoods in mind. For those of us who equate square footage with luxury, Ed Watters, developer of the Little River Escape Tiny Home community, would like to suggest an alternative. His vision for the site serves as a shining example of the freedom to live when we make room for life. The highway to a mountain escape lifts you out of a land of quiet farm houses, a town that seems a portrait of America decades ago. As you ascend the greenery-enshrouded elevation, a pathway opens into tree-covered seclusion. Fronted by a cabin that serves as office and model home, the Little River Escape community flows into the lots of Tiny Homes, gifted with privacy, beauty, and smart economy of both space and affordability. Here, the hottest trend in retro living plays out in Cloudland, Georgia, a few country miles from Mentone, the DeSoto Forest, Little River Canyon children’s camps, and life distanced from the cares of city. Watters discovered the property while kayaking down the river from nearby Lake Lahusage. His idea was invented with necessity in mind, in the wake of the downsizing wave instituted by retirees and others wanting to live simply. His inspiration came after co-founding the Village at Maple Wood in 2003, with Jeff Brooks.

30 v3 magazine

Over subsequent hikes as he explored the area. The way the lake wrapped around the property inspired him to create this woodland community. He knew it was too pretty for someone to come along and clear-cut a subdivision, and he wanted to keep it wild. A variety of styles and sizes, with a few full or part-time residents in their private, grove-separated driveways are scattered among mature trees and the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains. The development also includes a community pool, pool house and kayak center, taking you past multiple trails to the surrounding forest parks and the tranquil edge of the Alabama state line.

The site currently has 13 cottages. With 3/4-1 acre lots available, these properties offer seclusion from sightlines, as well as, a sense of community through the shared outdoor spaces. First phase residents have inked leases, and lot purchases are also available on both sides of the river and up to Lake Lahusage. Two phases are already complete and Little River Escape is adding a third phase to accommodate buyers who are interested in making the mountain retreat a mainstay. There are currently three full-time and five seasonal residents who have made the decision to invest in a Tiny House. Little River Escape representative, Sylvia

Brophy, has followed the Tiny House scene’s development since the late ‘90s. “I’m here to look and think about where to put everything for the Tiny House Roadshow we are hosting in May,” she says with excitement. She has watched the trend grow over the past few years, and is encouraged by the interest in this type of community. Don’t be fooled by the negatives you’ve sometimes heard about Tiny Houses. After taking a closer look, every amenity associated with living comfortably is included under one roof. Tiny Houses vary by definition, from boxy tow-behinds, to the more permanent cabins (rustic or contemporary), each with communal

space, inside and outside. They generally fall into one of three categories: Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOW), which are 100 percent mobile and mounted on trailer beds; the more spacious Park Model RVs, which range from 300-600 square feet; and Cottages/Bungalows. THOWs are considered less permanent, while the others require permits and special planning. A glimpse inside the Hawthorn, one of Little River Escape’s featured designs, has everything an active family would need in a community built with life outdoors in mind. A mini-split heater/ air conditioner sits inside the cabin wall beside its front door. That entire wall, in fact, sports

nicely wood-grained finished drawers and available storage space. The rest of the wood-finished living room opens to the kitchen, short stairs to the loft, bathroom and queen-sized bedroom on one end of the house to the left. To the right lies plentiful window space, a comfortable sectional sofa, and a master bed chamber outfitted with a lush king-sized bed sitting atop yet more storage and floor space between windows that open to life on the mountain. Like a secret passageway, short steps carry you to an upstairs loft. “Kids often spend most of their time up there,” says Watters, “while you enjoy your living room, which opens where you can hear them!” The fifty inch-high ceiling nestles naturally lit space capable of sleeping several people. Tiny Houses may have additional rooms depending on which model is chosen. “Big men, who thought they’d be too uncomfortable in a Tiny House, have decided that they enjoy it, admitting the design didn’t feel at all confining,” says Brophy pointing out the 14-foot ceilings in the great room and bedrooms. A new home timber smell permeates the space, due to the four-inch thick self-insulating timber used in its construction. “People like the sexiness of the tow-behind models,” says Brophy, “but if they see the practical applications of the park models, they realize the ‘set and forget’ version of the Tiny Homes idea can encompass more home, in less space, for much less money.” “We’re building a metal-kit cabin of more than 900 square feet of space, which will have

v3 magazine 31

more application in urban counties like Floyd and Bartow,” says Watters. All contain drawers and finished cabinets for storage in the living room walls, beneath beds, and in every ergonomically-selected space. Housekeeping in conserved space becomes a breeze. “When you can stand in one place and touch almost everything in your house,” Brophy explains, “it's much easier to clean. And having less stuff means there's less to dust. Many aging parents leave their children with a house full of ‘things’. Downsizing while they're still able to help – and explain the memories behind certain objects –relieves that tension in the later years.” All cabins feature a kitchen equipped with fullsized appliances, a stacked washer/dryer option beside impressive drawer space, generous counter space to accommodate a cook or two, and medium-depth sinks by the window facing outdoors, where chairs ring a fire pit set to socialize. Upper-level windows, called clerestory windows, illuminate the surprisingly large living room in the Alexander cottage. Brophy tells us about taking a comparable model, the Seabreeze, to the Cookeville Tiny House Roadshow, previous to the one they will be hosting this month. She and Watters saw as many as 15 people browsing the Seabreeze living room comfortably at once. The covered porch exemplifies the various models’ dual-use options. Opening the double doors increases the living space to 12’ x 20’. Screened in, it’s easily an optional sleeping space and a great area for sitting out to watch the wildlife. The loft can also double as year-round storage space. The shared community area, along the riverfront, ties the recreational side together. Folks can swim in a lovely Pebble-Tec pool, grill out, or lie lazily in hammocks by the kayak landing, where a group could kayak all the way down to the falls. “You can lounge in a hammock under the canopy of trees while still keeping an eye on the kids swimming in the pool or splashing around in the river,” says Watters. There are hiking trails, such as one that leads to the fish hatchery down the road, or a path by the pool house that leads to a virtually-secret swimming hole. The area features a ping-pong table, and a pool house that centers a comfortably large spot by the gentle riverside to watch the game, lounge or use wifi. It’s a setting where you can relax or entertain a party on its rear grounds. Little River Escape is based on adapting the dream of a little cabin by the water within practical regulations. His organization squares permission from the EPA and county health department, working within these dreams. “We help you overcome the obstacles of which house to get and where to put it,” Watters explains. “We have a quick and

32 v3 magazine

easy method where the home’s move-in ready in two weeks, as opposed to a year or so for building a house on a lot.” Each house on order is built in a factory,” he continues, “and delivered to the lot of your choice.” He touts the readied utilities and permits as a hassle-free alternative to attempting a set up elsewhere. The philosophy is better experienced firsthand, in the bosom of Nature. Only in person, Brophy notes, can you see the details like the way light plays in a space. “A cabin could be colored in natural light, which adds to the feeling of even more room. Ed takes out only enough trees to site the house. As he showed me the new area for development, the road jigged left around a large oak tree. ‘But look at that beautiful tree!’ Ed said. So, he had to keep it.” Little River Escape is excited to host the 9th Tiny House Roadshow. The gathering of 20-plus small homes in a natural landscape, by a variety of builders, with live music and vendor booths, will

“Big men, who thought they’d be too uncomfortable in a Tiny Home, have decided that they enjoy it, admitting the design didn’t feel at all confining”

provide viewers with a better sense of a tiny home community. Find the Roadshow in the mountains Friday May 19-21, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Tours are also available throughout the year Thursday-Saturday 11-5. If you would like to see how the houses fit your lifestyle, there is a Try Before You Buy option: a two-night stay Sunday-Thursday for $250, which can be applied to purchase. There is also a $250 referral fee when someone you recommend decides to purchase a house. On site, a person can get past thoughts of claustrophobia and see sky, natural light and distance, of a wooden mountain escape. “It really gives people a better perspective on what it means,” Brophy says, “to live tiny.” Tiny living, as Brophy says, is outdoor living. Find Little River Escape online at riverridgeescapes.com or see the properties in person at 11987 Hwy 48 Cloudland, Ga 30731.

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Right off the Cotton Block of Broad Street is a barbeque spot that has everyone all sauced up. TEXT Lauren Jones-Hillman PHOTOGRAPHY Cameron Flaisch

v3 magazine 35

YOU HEARD THE RUMORS back when the restaurant was in-the-works and probably couldn’t wait for the new addition to our local eateries to open. And once it did, locals had one question that followed “How have you been?” “Have you eaten at Moe’s yet?” That’s because sinking your teeth into one of their steaming, fresh barbecue sandwiches complemented perfectly with the best cole slaw you’ve ever tasted and vegetables that are cooked just right make for a Moe’s Original Bar B Que (101 West 1st Street, Rome) experience no one will want to pass up. The restaurant itself is spacious, with a rustic, simple interior. A log smoldering in the fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk in, followed by an impressive, full bar. But the first thing you smell is succulent meat on its way to perfection in a massive smoker. Moe’s has been open only a little more than a month, and one of the restaurant owners, Tyson Dube says each morning, the staff arrives early to fill the smoker with 200 pounds of meat. They’ve also sold out of meat at some point during each week they’ve been open, but that’s something they’re okay with. “We smoke meat every day; we do it fresh,” Dube explains. “We’re not into serving reheated meat. Once you reheat it, it’s just not the same... you lose that succulence. It only goes right the first time.”

36 v3 magazine

Serving the best, fresh meat that sells out versus selling reheated meat that’s always in stock is something he and fellow Moe’s owners Jeremy Duke and Truman Webb are willing to compromise, he says. “We’ve caught a little bit of flak for running out, but we’re okay with it. We’d rather do that than go way overboard and try to serve a product that is not up to our standards. Which is one of the downfalls of barbecue.” Dube says it's almost ironic that he chose to open a barbecue restaurant, because as a rule, he’s

generally skeptical of typical barbecue restaurants. But he always felt the Moe’s Original Bar B Que franchise was different. “I don’t ever really eat barbecue out,” he says. “I love barbecue, but I don’t trust most barbecue restaurants to serve and sell me good barbecue. That’s why Moe’s was an interesting choice. But I really like their food and their work ethic on making everything fresh.” Dube’s two favorite menu items at his Rome location are the Bama Style Pork sandwich and the Shrimp Moe Boy sandwich.

“We’re not into serving reheated meat. Once you reheat it, it’s just not the same...you lose that succulence. It only goes right the first time” “It’s our pork sandwich with our marinated slaw on it and the white barbecue sauce,” he explains of the Bama Style Pork sandwich. “Now, if you order a regular pork sandwich, it’s the same thing but without the slaw and white sauce.” But for the Shrimp Moe Boy, something that really sets it apart is the quality of shrimp used.

“It’s Georgia shrimp and Gulf shrimp,” Dube says. “A lot of shrimp out there these days comes from Thailand, but our’s is as fresh and as local as we can get it. We hand bread everything, so it’s not coming in pre-breaded. We peel it, bread it. We take all those extra steps which makes it taste better.”

The tartar sauce used on the sandwich is made from scratch, he says, using finely diced fresh vegetables. “It’s one of my favorite sauces on the menu,” he says. While Moe’s Original Bar B Que is a franchise - with right around 50 restaurants in the

Your City. Our City. River City. v3 magazine 37

U.S. - Dube says it has wide margins so that individual stores can flex their own creative culinary muscles, like with the Boudin Balls that are a special side dish. “We take our smoked pork and rice and mix them together with fresh vegetables and parsley. We roll them all together, bread them and fry them.” Dube is not opposed to letting his cooks pitch a recipe at him to serve to the masses. “We have probably 100 recipes written down and we also have a lot of people who love to cook, we allow people who work here to make whatever they want to try to make, and if it’s good enough, we’ll put it on the menu,” he says. “Our menu’s a little different than some of the other Moe’s resturants out there.” Dube also said that he plans on keeping his vendors and collaborators as local as possible. “I’ve talked to Berry College about doing beef brisket from them once a week,” he says. “I’ve got a guy who’s a very accomplished chef and we’re thinking about bringing in a half of beef and butchering it down from Berry. We’ve talked to a few people over in Alabama who have farms and who are certified to sell to places like us. We’re going to reach out a little more.” The vegetables served as sides are also so crisp and fresh and seasoned perfectly. Dube explained that the vegetables used are frozen in the field. “They’re delicious and so high quality,” he

38 v3 magazine

says.” Things like that, unless you’re cooking just straight seasonal veggies, are hard to get.” “The bread we’re using is from Holeman and Finch Bread Company,” he adds. “They’re famous for the H&F burger in Atlanta. We get fresh bread six days a week, and the cornbread is from Southeastern Mills. With six beers on tap and 40 canned beers, the bar is fully stocked and ready to entertain, as well. “We have some really good stuff from Against the Grain out of Louisville,” Dube says. “We have Sweetwater’s Pulled Porter on tap. We have Cigar City High Li. We’ll keep good stuff on tap for sure.” On any given day at the restaurant, Dube is among his staff, bustling through the busy dining room, asking folks how their meals are and if

they need anything. With a keen talent for the business, Dube started working in restaurants in his home state of Michigan when he was 15. “I moved down here from Michigan when I was about 19 in 2001,” he said, adding that he graduated from West Georgia, but worked at Mellow Mushroom in Douglas County while he was a student. “I was the kitchen manager and general manager. I moved to the headquarters and for about five years I travelled around opening up Mellow Mushrooms.” If you recognize Dube at Moe’s Original Bar B Que, it’s probably because he helped to open the Rome Mellow Mushroom. Back when he worked at Mellow Mushroom Headquarters he opened about 40 of the pizzerias across the country. He became friend with Moe’s co-owner Jeremy Duke, who also owns and runs the Mellow Mushroom in Rome. Dube even helped Duke’s brother open a Mellow Mushroom 11 years ago in Myrtle Beach. “When I was travelling with Mellow Mushroom, I ate at a Moe’s Original bar B Que in Huntsville,” he said. “This was like seven years ago. I used to go to Huntsville all the time and I would always eat at that Moe’s. Then, when I was going to other cities, like Denver, I would always try to find a Moe’s.” Dube said he loved the food, plain and simple. He had the opportunity to meet the founders of Moe’s and several franchise owners. The Moe’s founders learned their cooking skills in Alabama then they moved to Colorado and started selling barbecue out there, Dube said. “I stopped opening up (Mellow Mushroom) stores and I was doing analytics work for the whole brand,” he recalls. “But I was bored with sitting at a desk, I missed being in a restaurant, so I called up Jeremy and we decided to do this. I just believed in what they were doing. It felt like a good fit.” He and Duke looked at several locations, but settled on opening a store in Rome, and the restaurant is located just off Broad Street. Though it’s a little separate from the usual Broad Street restaurants, it doesn’t look like the new Moe’s Original Bar B Que is going to be hurting for business any time soon. “With a barbecue place, barbecue kind of creates its own gravity, so you don’t necessarily have to be right in the center of the action if you serve great barbecue.” For a quick glance at the menu find Moe’s online at moesoriginalbbq.com and use the locations tab to find the Rome restaurant. Or, call ahead at 706-622-2977.

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Tucked behind one of Broad Street’s most iconic eateries is a courtyard where locals are lining up to get down and give back.

the people's courtyard TEXT Greg Howard

PHOTOGRAPHY Caleb Timmerman

v3 magazine 41

IT’S SIX O’CLOCK on a sunny afternoon in Rome, Ga, and Broad Street is busy with the hustle of patrons looking for their dinner and maybe even a little entertainment to begin their weekend. Behind Schroeder's New Deli in their hidden outdoor courtyard, waitresses dressed in brightly colored t-shirts, band roadies and members alike setup tables and chairs, and push in weighty boxes containing the sound equipment to prepare for the late-afternoon show. Tonight, Them Mixon Boys will be playing their set, and they’re only a few minutes away from sound check. They will be joined by Benny Gray and The Trailer Park Cowboys and the Clay Broome Band. In the center of the organized chaos

42 v3 magazine

giving the final directions stands Schroeder’s employee Dani Cochran and her self-proclaimed “partner-in-crime” Amy VanHoff. Cochran is responsible for booking the bands that are hosted at the Schroder’s Courtyard venue, and VanHoff assists her with the details for the events. If you’ve spent any time in Rome, Ga. at all, you’ve most likely experienced the awesome food at Schroeder’s New Deli. This Broad Street culinary gem has been a community favorite for over 35 years, serving up everything from gourmet sandwiches and pizza, to the legendary variations of the world famous Samburger. However, what some of the locals are unaware of, is that tucked neatly away behind the Schroder’s Broad Street location, exists an outdoor music venue that has been roaring for over 33 years. When John Schroeder (the owner) sought to expand his restaurant, he also acquired an outdoor courtyard that was perfect place to hold events. Being an avid music lover, and playing in several bands himself, he decided to build a stage and set up what is now Rome’s longest running outdoor music venue. And now, Cochran, a longtime Schroeder’s employee with a heart for all genres of music, has taken the responsibility

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249 N. 5th Ave. Rome

of organizing Schroder’s showcases featuring covers from some of the industry’s most iconic performers played by local artists, to originals penned by the artists themselves. “Last year, I was approached and asked if we could put on a Bob Dylan Music Showcase, and so I took that idea and ran with it. So, after that



showcase was a success, we did a David Bowie Showcase and then a Pink Floyd Showcase. To top it off, we even put on Rome’s first all women music festival we named “Phoenix Fest”, says Cochran. “We get a lot of people who have not yet discovered this place, that come to one of our events and are amazed that this venue has been hidden here all along!” But besides the great music, what is truly awesome about these music showcases is the

“This community has been so good to us, so we decided we would find another way to give back.”

v3 magazine 43

purpose Cochran has put behind them. These showcases are organized in order to raise money and awareness for charities, many of which being lesser known and less in the spotlight within the community. Each musical showcase is paired with a local charity, in which all of the proceeds brought in by ticket sales, as well as donations, go directly to help pay the expenses of the local charities. “We first chose Passionate Paws, Digs Inc, Heroes Great and Small, and the Battered Women’s Shelter to be some of the first charities to receive showcase funds.” explains Cochran. “This year, we will be doing a Tom Petty, a Led Zeppelin, and a 90s alternative music showcase, along with bringing back Phoenix Fest, due to its popularity among the community. Once again, these showcases are being put on to benefit many of the charities we raised money for last year, along with adding a new suicide awareness charity. We want to pull some of the lesser known charities into the limelight” Cochran then reaches into her small leather folder and pulls out a handwritten thank you letter from the founder of the nonprofit, Passionate Paws. She carries the letter to remind her of the impact her work is making on the community. For some organizations, these charitable music showcases alone are able to help them pay the bills and keep the lights on for months, allowing them to continue to serve the community. “It’s all about giving back,” explains Cochran. “Amy and I both worked at a local food pantry that had to close due to a lack of funding. Since, we have started our own cleaning business (OCD Cleaners), all while working at Schroeder’s. This community has been so good to us, so we decided we would find another way to give back. John Schroeder came up with the idea to have the music showcases benefit charity. With a little hard work and organizing, everything seemed to fall into place. The result is what folks will see today. Don’t worry if you missed this one, we will continue to bring great entertainment to the courtyard, all summer long.” In the next couple of months, Schroeder’s will host their Tom Petty Showcase to support Digs (June 10th), a Led Zeppelin Showcase to support Heroes Great and Small (July 22nd), and a 90’s alternative showcase they have named “Forks Up for Friday” to benefit suicide awareness, in honor of a friend they recently lost. So if you’re looking for a great way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon while listening to great music, or more importantly, if you’d like to give back to some charities that give so much to our community, come out and support the music showcases held at Schroeder’s Deli on Broad Street.

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Coosa Valley Home Health Care, an Amedisys company, is in the business of helping our patients maintain and improve their quality of life-at home. Home is the place where family, friends and familiar surroundings make patients feel most comfortable - and recover faster. With more than two decades of experience in the health care industry, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality services to patients in their homes. Choose Coosa Valley for all your home care needs.

MAY 19-21

Come toHouse the Tiny Roadshow! House Roadshow! ON LOCATION IN CLOUDLAND, GA Come to the TinySee tiny homes in a community setting. Come to the Tiny House Roadshow! We’ll have over 20 different homes setting. designed by different builders, See tiny homes in a community See tiny homes in aSAVE community setting. rangingTHE from a 100 sqft tow-behind, to a 1,000 sqft metal DATE We’ll have over 20 homes different homes designed by different builders, We’ll have over 20 different designed by different frame constructed onbuilders, site. You're sure to find the right fit! ranging from a from 100 sqftatow-behind, totow-behind, a 1,000 sqft metal a 1,000 sqft metal ranging 100 sqft MAY 19-21 GET DETAILS &to SAVE ON TICKETS AT frame constructed on site. You're sure to find the right fit! RIVER www.LittleRiverEscape.com frame constructed on site. You're sure toGA findLITTLE the right fit!ESCAPE ON LOCATION CLOUDLAND, SAVEIN THE DATE GET DETAILS & SAVE ON TICKETSSAVE AT THE DATE MAY 19-21 MAY 19-21 www.LittleRiverEscape.com GET DETAILS & ONSAVE TICKETS AT LOCATION INON CLOUDLAND, GA ON LOCATION IN CLOUDLAND, GA


Come to the Tiny House Roadshow!

Come to the House Roadshow! 11987Tiny Hwy 48, Cloudland, GA 30731 706-936-0007 See tiny homes in a community setting. We’ll have over 20 different homes designed by different builders, ranging from a 100 sqft tow-behind, to a 1,000 sqft metal frame constructed on site. You're sure to find the right fit!

See tiny homes in a community setting. 11987 Hwy 48, Cloudland, 30731 706-936-0007 Come GA to the Tiny House Roadshow! GET DETAILS & SAVE ON TICKETS AT We’ll have over 20 different homes designed www.LittleRiverEscape.com See tiny homes in a community setting. by different builders, We’ll have over 20 different homes designed by different builders, ranging from a 100 sqft tow-behind, to a 1,000 sqft metal ranging from a 100 sqft tow-behind, to a 1,000 sqft metal frame constructed on on site. the right fit! frame constructed site. You're You're suresure to findto the find right fit! GET DETAILS & SAVE ON TICKETS AT

GET DETAILS & SAVE ON TICKETS AT www.LittleRiverEscape.com www.LittleRiverEscape.com

11987 Hwy to 48,the Cloudland, GA 30731 706-936-0007 Come Tiny House Roadshow! 11987 Hwy 48, Cloudland, GA 30731 706-936-0007

See tiny homes in a community setting. We’ll have over different homes designed by different builders, Summer Art20Camps! ranging from a 100 sqft tow-behind, to a 1,000 sqft metal frame constructed on site. You're sure to find the right fit!


11987 Hwy 48, Cloudland, GA 30731 706-936-0007

GET DETAILS & SAVE ON TICKETS AT www.LittleRiverEscape.com



11987 Hwy 48, Cloudland, GA$50 30731DISCOUNT 706-936-0007 (normally $125) includes consultation, EMG, and any necessary x-rays

Clay, Painting, Printmaking, Mask Making, Beads, Mixed Media, & More! Times: 6-8 yr Olds: 9 -11am • 9-12 yr Olds: 12 - 2pm Weeks: June 5-9 • June 12-16 •June 19-23

Registration Ends May 31st Cost Per Student is $150 OPEN Thursday - Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

Reservations for Parties & Groups Available During Other Days & Times

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK Teacher Appreciation Week May 2-6

Free exam EXPIRES MAY 31ST


FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC www.romechiropractic.com 421 Broad St. Rome GA. 706.232.WELL (9355)

11987 Hwy 48, Cloudland, GA 30731 706-936-0007 Follow Us on Facebook

706-346-5429 • toswerve@gmail.com • 108 Broad St. Rome, GA 30161

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Georgia's Best Sushi & Hibachi

727 Turner Mccall Blvd, Rome, GA


Northwest Georgia’s Premier Furniture And Home Decor Store Specializing In:

• Rustic • Farmhouse • Industrial Design • Quality Leather Furniture 3144 Martha Berry Hwy Rome, GA 30165 706.233.1769

Follow Us On Facebook & Instagram

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The The Dish TheDish Dish bistro



www.lascalaromega.com www.schroedersnewdeli.com www.lascalaromega.com www.schroedersnewdeli.com www.lascalaromega.com www.lascalaromega.com www.schroedersnewdeli.com www.schroedersnewdeli.com 650 DrDr #403 650 Henderson 650Henderson Henderson #403 Dr #403 406 Broad Street 406 Broad Street 100 Covered Bridge Road 413 Broad Street 413 Broad Street 406 Broad Street 406 Broad Street Cartersville, GA Cartersville, GA 413413 Broad Street Broad Street Cartersville, Rome, GA 30161 Rome, GA 30161 Euharlee, GAGA Rome, GA 30161 Rome, GA30161 30161 Rome, GA 30161 Rome, GA 30161 Rome, GA Rome, GA 30161 PH: 770-334-3431 PH: PH: 706-238-9000 PH:770-334-3431 770-334-3431 PH: 700-334-3431 PH:PH: 706-238-9000 PH: 706-234-4613 PH: 706-234-4613 706-234-4613 706-238-9000 www.johnnymitchells.comPH: PH: 706-238-9000 PH: 706-234-4613 www.johnnymitchells.com Sat: 6:00pm-10:00pm www.johnnymitchells.com www.johnnymitchells.com Hours: Mon-Thur: 11:00am9 :00pm Hours:Hours: Mon - Mon Sat:- 6:00pm-10:00pm Hours:Mon-Thur: Mon-Thur: 11:00am11:00am-9:00pm Hours: 9 :00pm Open everyday from 11am-9pm Hours: Mon Sat: 6:00pm-10:00pm Hours: MonBlock - Sat:- 6:00pm-10:00pm 400 & Lounge : 4:00pm-1:30am Hours: Mon-Thur: 11:00am9 :00pm Open everyday from 11am-9pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm 400 Block Bar &Bar Lounge : 4:00pm-1:30am Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Openeveryday everyday from 11am-9pm Open from 11am-9pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Live music each weekend. 400 Block Bar & Lounge : 4:00pm-1:30am 400 Block Bar & Lounge : 4:00pm-1:30am Johnny Mitchell’s has hand-cut Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Live music each weekend. Sun : 11:30 - 3:00pm Sun: 11:30am-3:00pm Johnny Mitchell’s has hand-cut LiveLive music each each weekend. weekend. Sun : 11:30 - 3:00pm steaks,has fresh seafood selections and Johnny Mitchell’s hand-cut Lamusic Scala offers both first-rate Johnny Mitchell’s has hand-cut Sun :Schroeder’s 11:30 - 3:00pm menu includes steaks, fresh seafood selections and La Scala offers both first-rate authentic barbecue slow-smoked Schroeder’s menu includes steaks, fesh seafood selections and La Scala offers offers bothterrific first-rate steaks, fresh seafood selections and La service Scala bothItalian first-rate and Cuisine in Schroeder’s menu includes authentic barbecue slow-smoked sandwiches, calzones, soups, salads, Schroeder’s menu includes over cherry and hickory wood. Come serviceand andterrific terrific Italian Cuisine authentic barbecue slow-smoked authentic barbecue slow-smoked sandwiches, calzones, soups, salads, service Italian Cuisine in in in an upscale casual Italian atmosphere. service and terrific Cuisine sandwiches, calzones, soups, salads, over cherry and hickory wood. Come experience the fusion of Southern potatocalzones, skins, nachos, wings, and more. over cherry wood. Come sandwiches, soups, salads, over cherryand andhickory hickory wood. Come anupscale upscale casual atmosphere. potato skins,nachos, nachos, wings, wings, and more. more. 50% off cafe menu an casual atmosphere. experience the fusion of Southern hospitality and fine dining. potato skins, and an upscale casual atmosphere. And don’t forgetwings, our pizza! the best experience the Southern experience thefusion fusionofof Southern potato skins, nachos, andIt’s more. 50%off off cafe menu p.m. Anddon’t don’tforget ourpizza! pizza! It’sthe the hospitality fine dining. from cafe menu Whatever you are in the mood for, And our best try our 50%50% hospitalityand and fine inforget town...and for a It’s sweet treat, off 4:00-6:00 cafe menu hospitality and finedining. dining. And don’t forget our pizza! It’s the best from4:00-6:00 4:00-6:00 p.m. best in town... forCalzone! a sweet treat, Whatever you are in theamood mood for, meal atinour you’ll find homemade p.m. Cheesecake town...and forand a sweet treat, (Draft try our& Bottled from Whatever you are in the for, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Whatever you are in the mood for, in town...and for a sweet treat, try our try our Cheesecake Calzone! Beers & Wine also offered) Famous Smokehouse that will bring youCheesecake you’ll find aa homemade meal at our Calzone! (Draft &(Draft Bottled you’ll find homemade meal at our you’ll find a homemade meal at our Cheesecake Calzone! (Draft & Bottled for:Beers Roast Beef back again! and Bottled WineRelief! also offered) Beers & Wine also &offered) Famous Smokehouse that will will bring you Smokehouse that bring you Beers & Wine also offered) Famous Smokehouse that will bring you Famous for: Their Roast Beef Relief! for: Roast Beef Relief! back again! back again! for: Roast Beef Relief! back again!

www.getjamwiched.com 510 Broad Street 2817 Martha Berry Highway Rome, GA 30161 Rome, GA 30165 PH: 706-314-9544 www.wowcafe.com/rome www.getjamwiched.com PH: 706.291.8969 www.wowcafe.com/rome www.getjamwiched.com 510 Like us on FACEBOOK Hours: -Thu: 11:00am- 10:00pm 510 Broad Street www.wowcafe.com/rome 2817Martha Martha BerryMon Highway www.getjamwiched.com 510 Broad Street 2817 Berry Highway www.wowcafe.com/rome

Fri - Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm

Rome,Martha GA 30165 30165 2817 Berry Rome, GA Sun:Highway 11:00am-9:00pm PH:706.291.8969 706.291.8969 Rome, GA 30165 PH:

MonSat 11:00am-3:00pm Rome, GA 30161 BroadGA Street Rome, 30161 Jamwich - Serving distinctive Rome, GA 30161 PH: 706-314-9544 PH: 706-314-9544

sandwiches, salads, and soups. PH: Like706-314-9544 us on Like us onFACEBOOK FACEBOOK Hours: Mon -Thu:11:00am11:00am- 10:00pm PH: 706.291.8969 Hours: Mon -Thu: WOW strives10:00pm to serve the highest Sandwiches built with the finest Like us on FACEBOOK Fri -- Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm Mon-Sat.11:00am-7:00pm MonSat 11:00am-3:00pm Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm Hours:Fri Mon -Thu: 11:00am10:00pm quality of food with the freshest Sun: Boar’s Head meats and Sun: 11:00am-9:00pm Mon- Satingredients: Fri 11:00am-9:00pm - Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm Jamwich -11:00am-3:00pm Serving distinctive You will leave saying Jamwich - Serving distinctive Sun: ingredients. 11:00am-9:00pm cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams Jamwich Serving distinctive sandwiches, salads, salads,and andsoups. soups. a Place!” Famous sandwiches, WOWstrives strives “WOW! to serve serveWhat the and Jellies, fresh sourdough bread, WOW to the highest highest sandwiches, salads, and soups. Sandwiches built with the finest Sandwiches built with the finest for: Wings and over 17 signature premium Boars Head thick cut bacon quality food with thefreshest freshest WOWofof strives to serve the highest quality food with the Sandwiches built withmeats the finest ingredients: Boar’s Head and sauces to choose from! ingredients: Boar’s Head meats and and farm-to-table produce. ingredients. You will leave saying quality of food the freshest ingredients. You with will leave saying ingredients: Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams “WOW! What a Place!” Famous ingredients. will leave saying “WOW! What a You Place!” Famous and Jellies, fresh sourdough bread, cheeses, Zelma’s Blue Ribbon Jams and Jellies, fresh sourdough bread, for: Wings and a over 17 signature “WOW! What Place!” Famous for: Wings and over 17 signature premium Boarsfresh Head thick and Jellies, bread, premium Boars Headsourdough thickcut cutbacon bacon sauces to choose from! for: Wings and over 17 sauces to choose from! signature and farm-to-table produce. premium Boarsproduce. Head thick cut bacon and farm-to-table sauces to choose from! and farm-to-table produce.

595 Riverside Parkway Rome, GA 30161

PH: 706-233-9960 595 Riverside Hours: SunParkway -Thu: 11:00am-9:00pm 595 Riverside Parkway Rome, Fri - Sat:Parkway 11:00am-10:00pm 595 GA Riverside Rome, GA30161 30161 Rome, GA 30161 Fuddruckers catering can help PH: 706-233-9960

PH: 706-233-9960 you feed just about any size group, Hours: Sun -Thu: PH: 706-233-9960 Hours: Sun -Thu:11:00am-9:00pm 11:00am-9:00pm FriFri - Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm anytime, anywhere. Our menu will Hours: Sun -Thu: 11:00am-9:00pm - Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Frithe - Sat: please most11:00am-10:00pm discerning tastes Fuddruckers catering cancan helphelp Fuddruckers catering andjust meet the high standards you you feed about any size group, Fuddruckers catering can help you feed just about any size group,

We about know how tosize make anytime, anywhere. Our will yourequire. feed just any group, anytime, anywhere. Ourmenu menu will your event discerning spectaculartastes with the please the most anytime, anywhere. Our menu please the most discerning tastes will WORLD’S GREATEST CATERING. and meet the standards you tastes thehigh most discerning andplease meet the high standards you require. We know to make and meet the how high require. We know how standards to make you your event spectacular with to themake require. We know how your event spectacular with the WORLD’S GREATEST CATERING. your event spectacular with the WORLD’S GREATEST CATERING.


urlee urleess s urlee Fish House & Oyster Bar Bar FishFish House & Oyster Bar House &GAOyster Rome, Est. 2012

Rome, GA Est. GA 2012Est. 2012 Rome,

227 Broad Street 227 Broad Street 227 Broad Street 227 Broad Street Rome, Georgia 30161 Rome, Georgia 30161 Rome, GA 30161 Rome, Georgia 30161

PH:(706) (706) 204-8173 204-8173 PH: PH: 706-204-8173 PH: (706) 204-8173 www.curlees.com www.curlees.com www.curlees.com www.curlees.com

Hours:Mon-Thurs: Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-9:00pm 11:00am-9:00pm Hours: Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-9:00pm Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:00am-9:00pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Fri-Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm Fri-Sat: Curlee’s offers casual11:00am-10:00pm dining, Curlee’s offers casual dining, Curlee’s offers casual dining, fresh fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks, Curlee’s offers casual dining, fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks,on chicken and more! It is located fresh hand-cut seafood, steaks, hand-cut steaks, seafood, chicken and chicken and more! Itcenter is located on Broad Street in the of the city,on chicken and more! It is Street located more! Ithas is located Broad Broad theoncenter of the city, and itStreet a in family-friendly atmoBroad Street in the center of the city, and it has a family-friendly insphere! the center of the city, and atmoit has a and it has a family-friendly atmosphere! Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins family-friendly atmo-sphere! sphere! Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Kids, Take Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Out, Catering Waiter Welcome, Goodand For Kids,Service Take Welcome, Good For Kids, Welcome, Good ForTake Kids, Take Out, Catering andWaiter Waiter Service Out, Catering and Service Out, Catering and Waiter Service

3401 Martha Berry Hwy Rome, GA 30165

PH: 706-291-1881 Hours: Sun -Thu: 11:00am-10:00pm 3401 Martha Hwy Call or Text YourBerry Order to: Fri - 30165 Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm 3401GA Martha Berry Hwy Rome, PH: 706-237-8320. Dine in, Take out, or delivery... Rome, GA 30165

PH: 706-291-1881 Lunches: Wed/Thurs/Fri in Downtown Rome Authentic Italian is what we do! We PH: 706-291-1881 Hours: Sun -Thu: 11:00am-10:00pm Food Truck Friday: 11am-2:00pm have enjoyed great success by @ 2nd Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm Fri Sun - Sat:-Thu: 11:00am-11:00pm providing our guests a casual, Ave.with & 2nd Street Friout, - Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm Dine in, Take orand delivery... friendly atmosphere excellent Friday Nights @ River Dog Outpost Dine in, Take out, or delivery... Authentic istowhat we do! We service. InItalian addition the healthy Saturday Late Nights on Broad Street Authentic Italian is what we do! We have enjoyed great portions of our food,success you will by see our Delivery through Roman Food Delivery have enjoyed great success by providing our guests with a casual, entrees range from homemade Checkproviding out our full weekly schedule & our guests with a casual, sandwiches, pizzas and to friendly atmosphere and calzones excellent rotating menu at: eatspeakcheesey.com pastas, veal seafood dishfriendly atmosphere excellent service. Inchicken, addition to and theand healthy Contact us about booking, catering, and es. www.romamiagrill.com service. In addition thesee healthy portions of our food, youtowill our private events at : hillery@speakcheesey.com portions offrom our food, you will see our entrees range homemade MULTIPLE GOOD EATS to entreesTRUCKS. range homemade sandwiches, pizzasfrom and calzones

sandwiches, pizzas and calzones to pastas, chicken, veal and seafood dishpastas, chicken, veal and seafood dishes. www.romamiagrill.com es. www.romamiagrill.com

Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia.

Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia. Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia. v3 magazine 47 Make it a meal worth remembering. Where to eat in Northwest Georgia.

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We’re here for you. That’s why we have so many options to connect with us and make your life easier. Like ways to pay your bill while you shop, find rate plans that fit your lifestyle, get questions answered in person or on social media, even purchase energy-efficient products online. Giving you the same great service you’ve always known in more ways than ever before. Learn more at georgiapower.com/contactus.

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