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… good or bad it is a part of our lives. Those periods where we can do no wrong are awesome, but what I have noticed is that life has a way to balance things out in the end. Sure some people just can’t buy a break while others seem to get them all, but most of us fall in the middle somewhere with streaks of both. If you truly believe in luck, then you are a superstitious person like myself. If I spill salt, I throw a pinch over my shoulder. If I ever make a statement about something bad not happening to my loved ones or me, I knock on wood… the list goes ever on. When it comes to sports, I even have methods to improve my chances. One such method is buying a new jersey or shirt for my favorite teams each season. If they have a good year, I retire the shirt and that way if I ever need it, I have luck stashed away in the closet. It’s worked for me (in my head of course) on several occasions, but the plan does back fire occasionally. I’m not exactly my 18-year-old self, so I couldn’t quite squeeze into my John Elway jersey during Denver’s 2011 Tim



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Tebow-led playoff run. And to think most of you thought that 45-10 drubbing by the New England Patriots was a product of Tebow’s poor quarterbacking skills. Then there is the financial side of luck. It seems like every time I come into some unexpected money, an unexpected expense arrives shortly thereafter. It’s to the point now where if I do run into extra funds, I just set them aside and wait for the other foot to drop. While that may be considered bad luck by some, I see the good side in that situation. It’s better to already have the extra money you need, so it feels as if someone is looking out for me. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, luck may be on our minds more than usual. Shamrocks and leprechauns are the symbols of a holiday that Americans use as an excuse to drink too much and pinch people who don’t wear green. I feel lucky those days are behind me to be perfectly honest, but I’ll wear green to avoid getting pinched regardless. If I have to break it down and count all my blessings, I’d have to consider myself a very lucky man. I won’t list all the reasons I believe that because of my superstition that writing them might curse me in some way, but there are a lot of them. One that I’m willing to share is how lucky I am to do what I do and that I have the privilege to share it with all of you. Enjoy the issue and my luck be ever on your side. Ian Griffin, Owner


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