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Sometimes we need to be reminded that things are not always as they seem, and HOLLY LYNCH suggests we look to our special needs children as an example of how to clean our sometimes corrupt mental hardrives.


J. BRYANT STEELE gives some of

his bold predictions, and considering his track record concerning the recent Super Bowl, maybe Coke should employ his crystal ball to forecast profit margins.

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V3 Magazine’s Ian Griffin has a little frontman-to-frontman with one of Rome’s leaders, SAMMY RICH, and we get to be the fly on the wall.

SUMMIT MIST VAPORS owner Ken Callaway breaks down why he intends to provide smokers who are struggling to quit with an alternative that blows the competition away.

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The “Maple Street” mainstay that is UNCLE JOHN’S BARBEQUE is as much about family as it is about food and Harold Morgan tells all, except the secrets to his sauce. The time of year to gear-up and jamout is upon us. COUNTERPOINT MUSIC FESTIVAL is a few months away and will likely drop a little “coin” along with the bass.

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V3 March 2015