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I smoked for 19 years and one day while at the top of a mountain I lit a cigarette. I found that moment to be

very counterproductive, you know, to be at the top of a mountain smoking a cigarette To grow his client base and provide smokers with an effective way to quit, Callaway started his outreach on Facebook. Soon, he found he was spending more and more time researching products and finding the safest stock for his customers. “I was watching videos, reading tutorials and doing a lot of investigating on the juices and what was in them,” he says. Callaway goes on to explain the process by which the vapor is emitted from the devices he sells. He fits smokers with a “kit” which includes a battery base, a tank to hold the flavoring or juice, an atomizer which heats the liquid and a tip used to inhale the vapor. It is important to note that he likes to have a consultation with his customers to find out how much they smoke

and what brand they prefer to provide them with the most compatible setup. And with over 60 flavors available, he is confident he can meet he preference of any brand of cigarettes one may enjoy. Smokeless tobacco users can be happy to know that vaping can help them find a way to lay down their unwanted habit as well. Since the end goal is to quit smoking all together, there are some enlightening facts he would like to share with those who are struggling to kick the butts and why vaping is far less harmful than tobacco products. “Cigarettes are all proven to be very harmful. Once you light it, upon combustion, over 7,000 chemicals become present,” Callaway explains. “At least 11 of those chemicals have been added for addictive purposes. Then you have lots of

carcinogens, carbon monoxide, tar and finally, nicotine. Nicotine, categorically, is no different than caffeine. It is an addictive stimulant. Nicotine is not exclusive to tobacco. It is also found in eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower and other vegetables. So, you can be exposed to nicotine in other places other than a cigarette or an e-cigarette. “But, the vapor or juice has only four ingredients,” he continues. “It has propylene glycol, which is used in any breathing treatments you may get from the medical field. It is found in many aspects of the food industry and has been FDA approved for many years. Next, there is vegetable glycerin which people use topically as a skin moisturizer and is used in foods as well. Then there is flavoring and nicotine.” The option to gradually taper down the milligrams of nicotine in the juices provides an avenue to completely remove the addictive qualities, hopefully leaving the urge to smoke in the dust. “You can essentially entertain the habit of just puffing something without the addictive

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