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Weight loss chinese tea The Chinese tea for weight loss has been sought by men and women alike. This is because it has so many health benefits that people can get aside from removing the excess weight in the body. As you know, tea springs up from China. It is more than a way of life. It is part of their Asian culture. Tea is not only recognized because of its medicinal qualities but it is highly regarded as part of their identity. If you heard about Japanese tea ceremony or the book of Lu Yu's "The Classic Art of Tea", then you would know how Asian people have that certain honor for teas and its role in these respective social groups. There are so many kinds of Chinese teas actually. This is because the Camellia sinensis has its variations. The most common variation of Camellia sinensis are Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Pu-Erh Tea, and Black Tea. All these teas can aid in your weight loss goals. It can burn your fats. The difference? It is the caffeine content. Among these 5 mentioned teas, the black tea has the highest content of caffeine and it also has more calories. Pu-Erh is a variation of Black Tea but it is well-known for reducing bad cholesterol or LDL levels.

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So what is the best among these variations? That depends with the individual taking the tea. Oolong is considered to have a better result in metabolism but it has higher content of caffeine than Green tea. So if you do not like the effect of caffeine then better go for Green tea. It has lesser amount of calories too. If you do not add sugar, it only has 4 calorie per serving. It also has delicious taste because of how it is being processed. The tea is not only able to burn fats but it also removes toxins in your body. It also fortifies your immune system. So when you drink Chinese tea for weight loss, you are actually detoxifying your entire system.

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Weight loss chinese tea