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V.W.L Du 21 au 29 Septembre 2013

Au Salon d’ Automne de peinture et sculpture contemporaines Salle Olympe de Gouges 15 rue Merlin, 75011 Paris Accès par le square Marcel Rajman


Guest E-­‐Artists   "Peter Caton" and“Kobina Wright”

Summer 2013


V.W.L Summer 2013

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"Womtych" is a Triptych (divided into three canvases) convertible into a Diptych (divided into two canvases). Each canvas measures 30 X 60 cm. Acrylic on linen



Tetraptych (4X 30cmX60cm"Monks" is made of four canvases (30X60cm). Acrylic on linen



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Acrylic and Glitters on linen (30 X 60cm)


Acrylic and Wax on linen(100 X 65cm)

Acrylic on linen (30 X 60cm)



Acrylic on linen (30 X 60cm) Acrylic, wax and glitters on linen(100 X 73 cm)


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Acrylic and Ink (40 cm)



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Latest Work

MONK (30 X 60 CM)

Unfinished (Fashion Victims Collection-116cm X 89cm)



As 'People Magazine' in Korea quoted me in Autumn 2012:

"Using technology as an artist is about sharing, it's about helping each other as artists" , "a lot of places and magazines require the artists to pay for being published, which I don't agree with at all".

So, I've decided to do something about it by creating a special section in the V.W.L seasonal magazine, dedicated to talented, passionate and committed artists that I have met in real life or on the internet. It's a space where selected artists can freely introduce and/or express themselves, for free. If you'd like to feature here, please contact 7

V.W.L Summer 2013

Kobina Wright (US)

“I can’t really say how I became an artist. It feels more like an evolution, because although I’ve been painting since I was fourteen, it wasn’t until last year that I actually felt like I was one. It was planning my solo show, “Kobiphysics: An Art Show” where I showed paintings inspired by modern and ancient physicists and invited my supporters and outside art enthusiasts to the Huntington Beach library for the exhibit. In the preparation of the show I began to feel worth of slipping on the title in my own mind, though I had been telling others I was one for years. My art has been exhibited at the Sang Dee gallery in Chiang Mai, Thailand; at Liverdun Chateau Corbin and at the Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery. The online gallery that exhibits my work is American Fine Art ( In 2013 my art and literary works have been published in: The Bicycle Review; Boxcar Poetry Review; Burning Word Literary Journal; Crack the Spine; The Fiction Week Literary Review; The Missing Slate; Orion headless; The Passionate Transitory; Subliminal Interiors and Wilderness House Literary Review. The Wrighter ( was once primarily a blog that reported hard news and commentated on American culture. Occasionally I’d repost investment advice from finance gurus and samples of my own art and poetry. However, after Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” sold at auction for $120 million, I began inviting other artists to tell my readers about themselves and weigh in on the results of the auction. From there, the artist features just blossomed and have taken on a new life. I’m actually ecstatic that V.W.L. Magazine was created and that it showcases both Valerie Won Lee’s work and international artists. I’m both an artist and a writer and I actively pursue publication of both expressions, so you know I receive A LOT of rejection. Artists and writers need places where they feel invited and welcomed. A reprieve from criticism and denial. I guess we call it The Community.” Kobina Wright


“Elaine” By Kobina  Wright


V.W.L Summer 2013

MAMMATHAS FUND by Peter Caton (UK)

“Last year, I felt compelled to visit and document the horrific pesticide poisoning situation that was happening in north Kerala. The pesticide Endosulfan used for Kerala’s government cashew plantations had been indiscriminately aerial sprayed for over a decade. Unforgivably, the government aerial sprayed without informing locals to cover their water wells or stay indoors during spraying. The result of this neglect has created a legacy of mass pesticidal poisoning. Although now banned in the state and nationwide on a temporary basis, the poisoning has been passed down generations creating mental and physical illnesses throughout the districts. One young victim we met named Mammatha has a tumor around her eye that covers half her face. She lives at the bottom of a valley, on higher ground, barrels of endosulfan were illegally and shamefully buried when the state ban came into place. The mishandling resulted in the pesticide contaminating the communities living down the valley. Mammatha was one of the many poisoned. Although Mammatha’s right eye cannot be seen due to the enormity of the growth, she fortunately has a fully functioning eye hidden beneath the tumor. Unable to marry or leave the house because of shame and embarrassment, Mammatha feels her life is already over. Although her tumour has now reached her brain. I plan to raise money so that she can pass her days in relative comfort.” Peter Caton


V.W.L summer 2013

V.W.L summer 2013