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Taleghan Cultural Center >2007 -3TH Studio of Design

Flower and Plant exhibition >2007 -4TH Studio of Design

Niavaran Music Center

>2010 -University Final Project

A Villa near Tehran >2009 -Professional work

Interior Design

>2009 -Independent projects

Paintings & Drawings



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Design as it goes

Taleghan cultural center

2007 -3TH Studio of Design

An Individual Academic Project This practice mainly involves design process. It is a room to experience working with concepts, functions, forms, details ,plans and architectural drawings.

First oor sc : 1/500

Site of the project is located in taleghan (east of tehran, Iran) on top of a hill facing the taleghan lake at North. The starting point is a path straight through the site connecting the road and main entrance at south to the north. The north side has a wide view of steep lands reaching the lake. Spaces gather either on east or on west of the path based on their functions.

2 | Taleghan Cultural Center

Building takes form as it responds to supposed functions. The key purpose of this practice is getting involved with spaces and architectural issues.

West view

sc : 1/500 East view

Section B-B

sc : 1/500

Two sides of the main path

Whre is needed, Sunlight is controlled by the windows’ dimensions and shapes.

Windows are reective to appear small mirrors of surroundings.

Section A-A


sc : 1/500

Windows have relative dimensions. This rectangles continue in walls as holes (becoming a familiar element in the project).

Taleghan cultural center | 3

Structure designed and rendered in ETABS. A simple look to structural subjects.

Landscape, similar to the building, takes form as it responds to desired functions, Obeying building’s form and the main path. The building opens to a circular seating area at north. There are two other pedestrian entrances to the site.

Site Plan sc :1/1000

4 | Taleghan cultural center

Structure in Design

flower and plant exhibition

>2007 -4TH Studio of Design An Individual Academic Project

Structure plays an important role in architecture and design. This practice is a closer look to how structure can affect both form and functions, especially in large scale spaces such as a ower and plant exhibition.

Pardisan park is located in west of Tehran, alongside an exit of a busy highway which is in sight of many people during the day.

Since the site is long, moving like a millipede through it satisďŹ es many of design requests such as open-air gardens (showed in light green ellipses), non-linear exhibitions and spaces.

Two main structural elements shape all structure modes, Provides exibility in structual forms.

6 | Flower & Plant Exhibition

view from the south Offices and mechanical room are located in south, far from the main public entrance. Open-air spaces and exhibitions are in close connection with indoor spaces.

East view

Structure is modular and flexible so it can adapt many forms. Simply like a millipede’s body.

Site Plan sc-1:500

Flower & Plant Exhibition | 7



Level -1.5 SC : 1/250

Views from inside (right) and outside (left) the exhibition.

8 | Flower & Plant Exhibition

Do it all together.. Niavaran Music Center

> July 2010 - University Final Project

Plan Level 0.00 sc : 1/750

10 | Niavaran Music Center

Functional needs and spaces are planned and organized based on their essence. Entrances, lobbies, Music halls and common areas are placed in the ďŹ rst access. OfďŹ ces and educational spaces, which are more speciďŹ c, are located in the south, So, they are provided with better natural light, silence, and possibility to be organized in one place.

Site Plan sc:1/2000

Distinctive covering of the complex not only aesthetically stands out, but also takes daylight in. It also looks different at night because of inside light. It makes the center able to express itself in respond to external factors like weather condition, time of the day, etc. Large use of glass and selection of a reective material for the covering structure are because of this. Initial concepts of a wave-like structure covering the Center. Section- Pattern Geometry sc : 1/100

To create The covering, a pattern geometry is designed and developed across a basic surface. This repeatable form generats the wave-like covering after being reproduced on the surface. The pattern consists of curving surfaces on a simple structure. Structure is developed Along with the form of the covering.

Plan Level -6.30 Sc: 1/1000

Niavaran Music Center | 11

Plan Level +4.20 Sc : 1/1000

The main hall accommodates 1000 people. The moving panels on the stage make it possible to change the size of the stage to ďŹ t different kinds of performances. The covering panels and panels hanging from the ceiling are designed to improve sound quality and hall’s Reverberation time. ceiling’s panels have the possibility to rotate in 2 parts. So, the Reverberation time in the hall can change regarding the music playing in the hall.

12 | Niavaran Music Center

Section Sc:1/750


Villa near AA Villa nearTehran Tehran >2009 -Professional work

Individual Project

The building’s location is in a large garden in kordan (about 60Km far from tehran). Most times of the year, it is sunny. However, the weather is nice with an almost constant breeze. It was desirable to desgin something which was in perfect relation with the environment.

There is a block in the center and other forms have been added to it.

First Floor Plan Sc : 1/150

14 | A Villa near Tehran

View from southwest. The central block is the building’s main entrance on one side and the way to the garden on the other side. view from the south OfďŹ ces and mechanical room are located in south, far from the main public entrance.

Inside the central block.

Second Floor Plan Sc : 1/150

A Villa near Tehran | 15

Den at the third oor

Section A-A Sc : 1/200

The central block is not only the connection between the garden and the building but also it is the heart of the interior spaces.

16 | A Villa near Tehran

Third Floor Plan Sc : 1:200


Interior Design Interior Design Music store

Music manifests as red waves covering all the room, almost behind but everywhere. This moving-like waves generate a feeling of being hold [by music].

Music store The waves are like what computer music visualisation shows... They are complex and seem quite randomly ,indeed they are not.

18 | Interior Design

A Runway is the chief idea of design. It starts from the store entrance (after elevating 30 cm) and ends to a mirror. From outside, the store seems to a real fashion show. The secondary facade (below) is completely closed to preserve inside from outside’s crowd.

D&G Footwear STOreRE

In The secondary facade all the emphasis has been put on one of Dolce&Gabbana’s familiar symbols (The steel-looking plaque which exists in many of D&G’s products).

Interior Design | 19

D&G footwear STOre

Since all the materials are colored neutral (black, white and steel), color of the store changes by the RGB lights (specially those which illuminate the Runway). White holes in the oor grid are supposed to contain a number of special shoe models.

20 | Interior Design


Barid Company is working in the ďŹ eld of IT. The main activity of this company involves designing and developing computer software for extensive ofďŹ ce affairs which deal with a great number of systems working together. Their product tries to enhance this connections and activities.

Sc: 1/200

It was requestet to create a space which gives the sense of connectivity among several work stations and their constant connection. Like brain cells, supposed work stations are connected by a tension construction. The form of this tension structure helps the notion of connectivity.

Tehran Elecomp 2010 -Brid Co. pavilion

Interior Design | 21

Spaces are organized in two types. The main space which is under the tension structure is ďŹ rst seen and visited by public. Other spaces which are more speciďŹ c are gathered behind. because of the several functional needs requested, these functions have been separated.

Tehran Elecomp 2010 -Brid Co. pavilion

22 | Interior Design


Paintings Paintings && Drawings Drawings

2008 - 50*60 - pastels

2002 -50*70 cm - pastels based on Morteza Katouzian’s “In the Memory of Parvin Etesami”

2001 -A4- colour pencils Jacques Louis David “Napoleon at st. Bernard”

Paintings Paintings && Drawings Drawings

24 | Paintings & Drawings

2009 - 40*70 cm colour pencils Based on Cano Alonso’s “The vision of saint john”

Architectural drawings drawings Architectural

Paintings & Drawings | 25

Architectural Architectural drawings drawings

26 | Paintings & Drawings

Photography Photography

2008 - 50*60 - pastels

“darvaze ghoran” -Shiraz

28 | Photography

Sa’d Abad palace -Tehran

Photography | 29

30 | Photography

Bachelor Portfolio | Vahid Ghodsi