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november 2004




harlottesville’s remier


303 East Main Street


Located at Rapture on the Downtown Mall Featuring national, regional, and local DJs• State-of-the-art Sound • Intelligent Lighting • Multi-Media Available for Private Events

Thursday Nights: Ladies’ Night


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Rose dress with brooch, A.B.S., $345; Dixie Divas, 107 Elliewood Ave., (434) 245-2217. Pink rhinestone earrings, Posh; 310 2nd St. SE, (434) 245-0115. Models: JACQUELYN MOLINO, RAHEEM CHOUDHRY.

article: new kids on the lawn compiled 4 feature by Jenny Baryski, Danielle Blundell, and Megan

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7 having a ball the u-guides’ guide to colonnade fashion

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things up at downtown thai by Ryan Coleman 10 spice V’s hidden gem of the month: artspace by Julia Jeffrey theme parties 101 throwing a memorable 11 shindig by Kristel Poole

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from the nutritionist’s mouth how to 12 straight avoid the freshman fifteen interview by Allen

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Robinson stealing sustenance your guide to pre-game survival by Christine Herman slut your stuff one independent woman retraces her very first steps down the infamous walk of shame by Katy Judge life with foreskin why being uncut ain’t half bad by Kris Bishop

15 letter from the editor by Christopher Miles disclaimer: V Magazine, a publication at the University of Virginia, is published monthly, except during holidays and examination periods, and has a circulation of 1000. Although this publication has staff members who are University of Virginia students, V Magazine is independent of the corporation which is the University of Virginia. The University is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts, or omissions. The office of V Magazine is located in the basement of Newcomb Hall. The opinions expressed in V Magazine are not necessarily those of the students, faculty, or administration of the University of Virginia. V Magazine ©2004

lawn new


on the

Compiled by Jenny Baryski, Danielle Blundell, and Megan McClutock

Peter Milligan Taylor Sharp

hometown: Lincoln, NE

supernatural ability: capacity for seemingly useless information most meaningful contribution to UVA: wearing a tie to football games best thing about living on the lawn: spacious front yard popped collar or not: not, unless on vacation I was tall in high school, now I am taller

Kate Malay

hometown: Fredericksburg, VA popped collar or not: some people pop to prove something, others pop ironically, and some enjoy boating without getting burnt necks funniest lawn streaking incident: my first year I had perfect imprints of chain links across my thighs for over a week. word to the wise: when you get to south lawn, stay in the center first-year faux pas: first year is one big faux pas

Sam Brody

hometown: New York, NY most memorable moment at UVA: when V magazine put this questionnaire in the door of my room most meaningful contribution to UVA: you don’t know it, but one time I saved the school by bribing a vicious alien conqueror with a promise to defeat him in pinochle greek life is: ancient funniest lawn streaking incident: streaking isn’t funny outdoor bathrooms are outdoors





hometown: Columbus, OH adjective to describe perfect mate: fresh breath-having future plans: to start a movement for black reparation, i am so not joking- and this time, we don’t want no mules favorite dining hall meal: omlette from Runk- they cook the vegetables and meat before they put it in the egg funniest lawn streaking incident: I streaked from 9W to Castene’s front door in the middle of the day...oh wait, that never actually happened outdoor bathrooms are: the greatest: if you like being naked in front of elderly tourists

Brandon Possin

hometown: Madison, WI supernatural ability: milking cows first-year faux pas: sorry, don’t speak french favorite dining hall meal: any meal served by the lady who calls me “sugar” at Newcomb greek life is: in need of musical diversity on the dance floor use your fireplace? when there is a need to make it hot and steamy

Jonathan Robbins

hometown: Iowa City, Iowa adjective to describe perfect mate: not ugly first-year faux pas: scanned my ass in a computer lab outdoor bathrooms are: not as good as peeing in my sink popped collar or not: half popped I was a dork in high school, now I am an evil dork




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not everyone has trouble parking on Elliewood!


“BEST PLACE TO BUY A SMOKIN’ DRESS” BEST OF 2003 -as voted by C-VILLE readers


245-2217 107 Elliewood Ave.


repping for the Colonnade Ball on October 30, University Guides model this fall’s eveningwear fashions. From classic tuxes to gowns with jewel-toned satin, vintage brooches, and sequin accents, this year’s outfits are full of glamour and sophistication. Make sure you buy your ticket on the Lawn.


Cranberry dress, A.B.S., $371; Dixie Divas, 107 Elliewood Ave, (434) 245-2217. Rhinestone earrings, tennis bracelet, brooch and black clutch; Posh, 310 2nd St SE, (434) 245-0115. Makeup provided by Blush, 216 West Water St, (434) 984-3422. Tuxedo from Heidi’s Perfect Fit, 1311 Wertland St, (434) 295-8777. Models: TONY NAVARRO, KATHLEEN BAIREUTHER.



Photographer- Alex Sonneborn. Stylists- Kristin Pasternak, Corinne Shabe, Lindsay Freidman, Daniel Davila. Makeup- Khadijat Olanrewaju. Hair- Christina Mannino.

all 7

Black silk dress with jewel accents; Nicole Miller, $760. Black evening bag; La Regale, $42. Silver and gold reversible hoop earrings encrusted with rhinestones; BEJE, $78. All from Levy’s, 2120 Barracks Road, (434) 295-4270. Makeup provided by Blush, 216 West Water St, (434) 984-3422. Tuxedos from Heidi’s Perfect Fit, 1311 Wertland St., (434) 295-8777. Models: TONY NAVARRO, KATIE APPEL, JESIMIEL JENKINS.

Black silk dress with jewel accents, Nicole Miller, $760. Black evening bag, La Regale, $42. Silver and gold reversible hoop earrings encrusted with rhinestones, BEJE, $78. All from Levy’s, 2120 Barracks Road, (434) 295-4270. Tuxedos from Heidi’s Perfect Fit, 1311 Wertland St., (434) 295-8777. Models: Tony, KATIE APPEL, JESIMIEL.

Magenta silk top with sequins and bead details, Calypso, $144; Eloise, 218 West Water St, (434) 295-3905. Cream silk skirt, Calypso, $155; Eloise. Hammered Bracelet and Earrings, Posh; 310 2nd St SE, (434) 245-0115. Makeup provided by Blush, 216 West Water St, (434)984-3422. Models: KATHLEEN BAIREUTHER JESIMIEL JENKINS.

spice culture

By Ryan Coleman

things up

at Downtown Thai

111 W. Water St. Price Range: $10-$20 Rating: high five

I was hungry. Really hungry. I called a friend (partly for her restaurant expertise and partly because guys who eat by themselves are weird and creepy) and decided to try something exotic and fresh; not quite Chinese food, but not quite Taco Bell. We ended up on Water St. at a place called Downtown Thai. Upon walking in, I made the following observations: Downtown Thai has a great atmosphere. It’s clean, simple, and open with high ceilings. The restaurant’s décor has a “traditional meets modern” feel. I was very impressed. No alligators with sunglasses or street signs on the wall (but if that’s the effect you’re going for there is a full-service bar). No running water, fish tanks, or twangy music. Just a lot of black and white with straw placemats and chrome stools. Our waiter was courteous, extremely helpful, and seemed free of any obvious communicable diseases (another advantage over Taco Bell). Items on the menu weren’t “order by number.” The dishes had names that didn’t start with “Mc” or end with “Delight.” There were pad Thai and curry dishes, as well as a variety of entrees for vegetarians and carnivores. There are a number of pleasing appetizers ranging from eggrolls to chicken wings. Many of the dishes are reasonably priced for less than $10. If you don’t mind photo by Dan McCool paying a little extra, I recommend ordering one of the specialty entrees. These range from about $12-$20 and are dishes that include everything from duck, chicken, and steak to seafood and even a variety of whole fried fish. All of the meals are served with creative sauces, combinations of vegetables, and rice. Upon ordering, diners are given a choice for the level of spice for their entrée. The range goes from…ok get ready…one-star to fiftystars. Yeah, that’s right, I said fifty. Not a typop (that extra p on the other hand, is). One-star is a very mild heat. Fifty is a “I just ingested a spoonful of liquid hot magma” heat. Being a relatively sane person (and because I’m particularly fond of breathing), I ordered a four-star dish, which came fast. It came very fast; in fact, I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I’ve had pop tarts that took longer (I’m looking into getting a new toaster). Both the pad Thai and the curried duck dish I ordered were beautifully presented, generous in size, and delicious. The pad Thai was teeming with chicken and an assortment of vegetables. The spice from the curried duck was wonderfully balanced by pineapples, limes, and basil. As to the intensity of the four-star heat…well, all I can say is a fifty-star entrée must be able to melt small kittens. My friend and I cleaned our plates and enjoyed every bite. When the check came I was pleased to see both meals cost less than thirty dollars. We paid, I kissed the waiter as is customary (or so I thought), and we left completely satisfied (not as satisfied as the waiter). I give Downtown Thai a high five.




of the month by Julia Jeffrey

WHAT: Artspace is a student-run gallery that displays a variety of visual artistic expressions from painting to photography to sculpture. It holds monthly opening receptions that are free and open to the general public. WHERE: Located just beyond the Newcomb Ballroom on the 3rd floor. WHEN: The opening reception is on Friday, October 15th from 6-8pm.


WHY: October’s exhibit features photography from Cuba and Egypt taken by Kenneth Garrett, David Alan Harvey, and Michael Yamashita, who work for the National Geographic. They will be at the opening reception to answer any questions. AND…free food! photo by Alex Sonneborn

parties theme


tips for throwing a memorable shindig

Tired of monotonous frat parties with long lines where only 1st year girls wearing ruffled miniskirts get beer? Had enough of the kids in hackneyed 80’s apparel and makeup who walk around 14th Street on their way to yet another “time warp” party? Live off grounds and can’t wait to throw your own soiree? If you answered “Yes. Yes! OH GOD YES!” to any of the above then you need to write for our sexuality section and/or read this article. I have compiled a list of four great party themes that are tried and true. Now get to work throwing your own themed party (and don’t forget to invite me.) So many opportunities for good scandal, we might have to start a Gossip column! My personal favorite is the “Frat Party.” My house threw one of these during the first week of school. We set up a couch at the street steps, made “lists” and passed out invites, marked hands after asking “Are you party patrol?” and served beer and jungle juice. A lot of people dressed up in double popped collars, aviators, and plaid shorts. We had a great time with our frat parody and there was a stellar turnout. Plus, the pictures were priceless! Another great idea is the “Graffiti Party.” It’s probably the easiest party you can throw. All you need are white t-shirts and lots of Sharpie’s, or better yet, finger paint. Tell everyone else to don the same apparel and you are set for some great drunken messages that will feel good for the moment but last a lifetime! For variation try highlighters and black lights. Try being hip to political events and throw an “Election 2004 Party.” Get two dart boards – one featuring an elephant, the other a donkey – and let people go crazy. Everyone wears red, white, and blue and watches the states’ results come in. To make it a drinking game, Democrats drink when the Republicans win a state and visa versa. Independents don’t get to play. Ever been to a “Two Item Party?” The rules for this party are that each person is allowed two clothing items. It’s up to you to decide if you choose to count shoes and undergarments in the two items.

Host your next event at Orbit!

On the corner of The Corner at 14th & University

* * * *

Gold Crown pool tables Kitchen open until 1 am On the Corner Meal Plan Gift certificates available 5pm-2am, Mon-Fri Noon-2am, Sat & Sun

We can do a small get-together with a couple of pool tables and a platter of our fantastic appetizers or put together a two-story extravaganza for three hundred with a band. Whether you are looking for a venue for your weekly social hour or need a good idea for a fundraiser, Orbit can help you plan a great party.

By Kristel Poole Art By Christopher Miles

Frat Party

Graffiti Party

Election 2004 Party

Call monday thru friday 10am to 5pm for booking information.



h&s from the nutritionist’s mouth to yours

how to avoid the




Worried about gaining those mythical extra fifteen pounds your first year? “It’s NOT inevitable,” UVA’s Nutrionist Paula Caravati says. Here are some of her tips for staying in fighting shape: • Make a smart transition. College and freedom can bring bad habits. Are you ordering in or eating out a lot more than before? Have you changed the types of food you’re eating? • Plan Ahead. Before heading to O-Hill, check out the menu online. Decide what you’ll eat and stick to the plan. • Avoid dining hall temptation. Leave after half an hour so you don’t head back for seconds. Sit away from the dessert cart if you can hear the cookies calling your name. • Make activity part of your daily life. The gym is not the only place you can burn calories. Walk those fifteen minutes to class instead of taking the bus. • If you drink, drink in moderation. Binge drinking = beer belly. And that’s the least of your problems. • Eat before you starve. Skipping meals now leads to pigging out later. Even if you’re not eating too much, your body can’t work as efficiently if you don’t eat regularly. • Get your eight hours of sleep. Your body needs rest for a healthy metabolism. Feeling hungry the day after an all-nighter? Take a nap. The brain can confuse fatigue with hunger. • Eat nutritious, filling foods first. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will take the edge off your hunger before you think to grab that junk food. • Don’t worry about eating late. As long as you’re eating right, snacking on a college student’s late night schedule doesn’t have to give you a gut.

your guide to pre-game survival

By Christine Herman


sustenance GAME DAY.

The day an eerie silence sweeps over grounds and all the ‘hoos in cville (old, young, sketchy alumni all inclusive) pour into the streets. An irresistible aroma pervades the sea of orange, paving the way to Scott Stadium. Even the amazingly toned and tanned chicks in sundresses can’t resist what is undoubtedly the best tradition of game day: tailgate food. Following your nose, you finally reach the promised land of the parking lot. But alas! One minor detail transforms your blissful Saturday into a hypothetical horror: you have no food of your own. In such desperate times, all codes of honor and dignity are justifiably abandoned. There is still hope to satisfy that grumbling belly (even for those of us unwilling to barter with our bodies). First, move to a fairly populated area. Set your eye on potential treasures and open your pockets to ready position, moving the cell phone to safety. It’s go time. Stay away from seemingly abandoned tables and grab for anything you can get. Remember, no liquids, leakables (barbecue), breakables (sandwiches), or smearables (cake). Yes, a thief’s choices are limited, but food is food. And besides, everything tastes better when it’s free.

photo by Janice Kurbjun



t f u f l u t s s r u yo


ife with foreskin

By Kris Bishop Art By Laura Goss

why being uncut

ain’t half bad

This one is for the girls who play with him when he’s trying to rest after the fun has happened. You chime in with your comments like “Wow, it’s like a little hood” and “It’s like his own special home!” and, my favorite, “Peek a boo!” REMEMBER: we’re One independent woman sensitive down there in the afterglow or whatever you call it, retraces her steps down and maybe a little ticklish, so please just don’t touch while you the infamous walk of shame ask all those questions about where this goes, when that hapBy Katy Judge By Katy Judge pens, and aren’t we worried about this. Because we’ll tell you, we promise. I had no clue how I ended up stranded on the sidewalk. The last Well, I’ll tell you: thing I remember was following my accomplice back to his apart“It’s so different-looking!” I know. For those of you who haven’t ment and muttering to myself that this was a “general bad idea.” had the chance to compare, the erect circumcised and uncirThen, I distinctly remember saying “screw it” and letting go of my cumcised penises look the same; the difference is when you inhibitions. see the one-eyed wonderworm’s softer side. At the present moment, only one fact seemed relevant: I was In this state, think hooded sweatshirt with screwed. Poor judgment and Jose Cuervo were partially to blame, the strings pulled tight for uncircumcised, One-Eyed but credit was mostly due to the two-mile hike between my bed and and the hood completely off and some Wonderworm’s frat boy’s head poking out all the time for the place I slept. softer side Judging by physical evidence, I survived quite a night. Two broken circumcised. Also, during the flip-flops hung ashamed in my hands, and a suspicious looking bruise flaccid stage (hell of a word, was just below my ear. Indeed, I was wearing the same clothes I had “flaccid”), this frat boy’s skull is much smaller and softer. been in the night before. Now the hard part (literally): I had reached a landmark in my life; I was about to embark on my during erection, the uncircumfirst Walk of Shame. Not knowing where to begin, I sighed and looked cised unit is far more sensitive around for potential observers. I assumed the key to survival was to than its surgically-altered budremain unnoticed. dy. Why? Well, because when it’s The time had come. I lowered my sunglasses to my eyes and my not in action, the foreskin prehead to the ground, and proceeded barefoot down JPA. vents damage from underwear, As I walked, I contemplated the idea of the Walk of Shame. Some- zippers, and farm equipment times it is as simple as a trek from the first floor of Bonnycastle to the to the nerves in the head or second, other times as severe as a bus ride home from Harrisonburg. “glands.” Uncircumcised guys therefore have more nerve endWhatever the case, three factors are always present: indignity, exhaus- ings intact, both in the penis and in their foreskin, and feel more tion, and the hope that the experience will someday seem quite during…whatever it is you like to do. Also, and I hate to rub it in to my cut buddies out there, uncircumcised guys need less funny. I had yet to reach Cabell when I was spotted by a friend. She inquired lubrication during hand jobs because the slide of the foreskin as to what had me on the street at 10 am in the clothes I’d been wear- prevents the whole Indian burn phenomenon. Lastly, cutting-edge research (ahem) has proven in the last ing the night before. There was nothing to say, so I merely lowered my couple decades that being uncircumcised does not mean that head sheepishly and continued on. a guy is more prone to UTI’s, fungal infections, or any of those As I drew closer to home, I began to imagine the countless number fun germs that you’ve heard can snuggle up under a guy’s of steps I was retracing, steps of women far better than I in cases far blanket. There have been rumors that uncircumcised men are worse than mine. My feelings about the experience slowly morphed less at risk of contracting HIV, but more at risk of spreading it to from disgrace to pride. This was by no means a Walk of Shame, but a female partners. Neither the CDC nor the American Foundation Walk of Liberation signifying that I didn’t need runny eggs and a ride for AIDS Research has found this to be true. So no reason to home. I’d be fine with another beer and a nap. My steps grew quicker, worry about that either. and slowly, I raised my head. Look, all you really have to remember is that the two rod styles By the time I reached my dorm, I was convinced that the night had have different things going for them, but they both get the job not been a catastrophe. Not only did I burn off half the tequila, I had done, as you damn well already know. So please let the beast begun the journey to becoming a thoroughly empowered female. I rest. Alright?


was joining the race of women who were not afraid to have their share of fun and then strut their independent asses all the way home.

*Facts cited from The Big Bang by Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, Copyright, Inc., 2003.

letter from the editor Last March, I had this crazy idea. Eight months later, and you’re holding it in your hand. It’s been a lengthy and difficult journey, lined with long hours, sappy trees, and some serious bonding time with the late-night staff at Kinko’s. But we’ve made it and we’re thrilled as hell. Now that we’re here, you might have a few questions for us. Probably most striking – “Who the hell are you, and why have you handed me this magazine?” It’s a fair enough question, I’ll give you that. We here at V are proud to spout that we are a self-sufficient student-run CIO of the University of Virginia. Our mission: to teach UVA how to look better, play harder, and live happier. V mixes features of students and organizations with articles about fashion, health, and culture. Our fashion section uses students to model clothing found in Charlottesville that is both accessible and affordable. Including regular segments covering nutrition, exercise tips, and other relevant health topics, our health section teaches students how to embrace healthier lifestyles. And our culture section dives into the depths of Charlottesville with restaurant reviews, articles on art exhibits and local theatre, as well as features on the best places to shop, live, and party. There are a few people out there who have done more than they should have to help this magazine come to life. You know who you are. Thank you. And for you the reader, we ask one thing from you. Sit back and enjoy. Executive Editor Christopher J. Miles

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