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Monday night,


where have YOU

all my life? Cville Coffee:

cramming has never tasted this good. By Elizabeth Wetherington Photo By Caitlin McKinney

dateworthy By Cori Koenig Photos By Caitlin McKinney


(next stop your pants)

Tired of wasting precious make-out time trying to decide where to go on a date? Stress no longer. We’ve done the thinking for you and compiled a list of dating hot spots (and for a small fee we’ll do the making out too).

6:07 pm

I’m on my third bottle of lukewarm diet (Jack Daniels) coke, trudging along through my Psychology reading. If I hear that girl’s cell phone one more time, I’m going to sue Sir Mix-A-Lot. “Baby Got Back” was never meant to be used as a ring tone. 287 seconds later. As I catch whiffs of Kung Pao chicken mixed with Pita Pit and Dominos Pizza, I reach for my bottle of Pepto-Bismol and head out the door. Clemons is too distracting, Alderman is too depressing, and my apartment is too damn dirty. I need a place with hot coffee, a low-key atmosphere, and enough sugar cubes to build a small fort. Is that too much to ask? I frantically flip through the phonebook and find something promising: Cville Coffee: (434) 817-2633. I call a friend, and we immediately drive down Route 250 blaring “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by the DJ Jazzy Jeff Experience featuring Will Smith. We arrive at 1301 Harris Street pumped up and ready to cram. I decide to start my study session off with one of the many sandwiches and salads Cville has to offer. I go for the Turkey Lurky ($5.70) mainly for the name, but mmm…boy, turkey as far as the eye can see. Also available is a large selection of noodle bowls, like the Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Bowl ($6) and the Noodley McNoodleson Noodler Bowl ($47). But seriously folks, these selections are definitely one step up from the pack of crushed Cheez-Its available in Clemons’ vending machines. After finding a seat in the “Adult Zone,” I’m disappointed at the lack of raw coffee shop footage, but glad that the loud, sticky children have their own section to play in. I notice that there are outlets available at each table for laptops, as well as a wide selection of books on everything from travel to health. The books in the front room are even available to borrow. As I sit and begin to cram for my test, I realize that, even though there are no sugar cubes, Cville Coffee is exactly what I’m looking for in a place to study.

4. Country Line Dancing at Fry Spring’s Beach Club. Only $2 Wed. nights, lesson @ 7, dance @ 8; located at 2512 JPA 3. Paint your own pottery at Glaze ‘N’ Blaze on the Downtown Mall. Call (434)984-5885 for more info 2. Pick up some Arch’s and drive up to Observatory Hill to stargaze. Monday nights are “buy one Archer get one free” at Arch’s on Ivy! 1. When the weather gets warmer, go tubing. Call James River Rafters for more info (434) 286-2338

10. 9. 8. Karaoke on Tuesday Nights @ Baja Bean 7. Dancing under Rapture on the Downtown Mall; Occasional Saturdays are 18+! 6. Visit Chris Green Lake, a great place to fly a kite or have a picinic (by the airport off 29N). 5. Hike Humpback Rock

Check some DVDs out from Clemons, pop some popcorn, and have a movie night! Candlelit dinner @ Michael’s Bistro Call (434)977-3697; dinner served 5:30-10


V Magazine UVA March 2005