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hook up:n.v. [colloq.] 1. a side effect of excessive inebriation? 2. make out? 3. do more? 4. what’s your name again? 5. *^$#:’!

We’ve all said it and many of us have done it, but what exactly does the term “hooking up” mean these days? Who’s making out, taking sensual journeys, and downright screwing around? We set out to try to find a consensus. Here’s what the various sides had to say. the ladies thought…

Hooking up is weird because it can mean so many different things. It could mean anything from kissing on the dance floor to the sketchiest thing imaginable. -2nd Year

I’m a single woman and don’t feel the need to do it. It makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s risky, and I just can’t emotionally detach myself from the fact that someone is invading a situation reserved for a relationship. -4th year

It’s fun. If there’s no pressure, it feels right, and you’re safe about it, who the hell cares? -3rd Year

I just wouldn’t be able to do more than kissing without feeling disgusting and cheap afterwards so I save my pride, control my desires, and keep my pants on, simple as that. -4th year

the guys thought…

When I’m sober, I have standards and morals, but when I start drinking and grinding with some hot girl, I can’t help wondering what she’d be like and sometimes I act on that instinct. -1st year

All in all there needs to be some kind of chemistry before I’ll get involved. -4th year

photo by Caitlin McKinney

by Kristen Baily, senior sexuality correspondent

I don’t think I could sleep with someone who I just met at a party or a bar. It just wouldn’t feel right. But if I knew the person outside of the situation, then I don’t think I would have a problem with it. -4th year

Some people just need a hook up every once in a while to stay sane. It’s like the nicotine patch but sex style. -3rd year

Overall, there are various viewpoints, limitations, as well as codes of conduct for the favorite pasttime of the hook up- more than we could begin to cover. Our advice: take it all in stride, go with the flow, and follow your own yellow brick road. If it feels right to you, do it, but remember to be safe.

kickboxing your ass


by Katie Judge

You’ve only got a few short months until the warm rays of summer expect you to bare it all. Luckily for you, VMag is here to help. The AFC is now offering fitness courses in Fusion Kickboxing: an extreme blend of yoga, strength training, and kickboxing. This non-stop, action-packed class infuses muscle toning of sunsalutation yoga and cardio-blasting kickboxing to develop a totally unique workout. According to instructor Marta Jakob, “the infusion of yoga into kickboxing gives the participant a better understanding of their core strength that is essential to getting the full benefit of any workout.” So this summer, you will have just the confidence, balance, and kick-ass strength you need to strut your stuff (properly!) on the beach. Classes are held every week until finals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 P.M. in AFC Room 4, and you’ll need a Walk-In Pass (available from any gym on grounds.) What are you waiting for? It won’t give you a tan, but at least it’s not too late to kick a few inches off your bod!

V Magazine UVA March 2005  
V Magazine UVA March 2005