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march 2005

volume 1 issue 3



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feature article: UVA vs. DJFacemachine you can take away my college eduation but you can never away my 5% discount at Haris Teeter

march 2005

volume 1 issue 3


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You can take away my college education but you can never take away my 5% discount at Haris Teeter.


semester forever. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE OVER


This is why my hired goons and I have made an after-finals tradition of drinking until we can’t feel feelings anymore. What could possibly go wrong? Spring semester of 2004 proved to me that I should never attempt to purge my brain of one semester’s information to make room for the next. UVA kicked me out of school because I couldn’t justify my answers on a test that I had taken almost a year ago. A test that I failed miserably with a 60 percent. I had no idea I was even being accused of cheating on this test until six months after I had left the test room confident that I had failed with flying colors. The accusation was that I had looked at my friend’s paper and copied his answers. Included among the many flaws in this accusation are the facts that 1) He was the first person in the room to finish the test meaning he wasn’t even in the same room as me for more than half the time I was taking the test 2) He got an A on the test, I got an F. Our test scores were THIRTY points apart. 3) We weren’t sitting right next to each other. In order to see his paper from the distance and angle we were sitting, I would have either had to bring my periscope with me or sat on his lap. No one even saw anything fishy happening during the test, probably because nothing fishy was going on. The entire case built by the TA and professor was based on explainable circumstantial evidence. Lucky for my friend, he was let off after the initial proceedings while I was forced to endure the honor system in its painful entirety. Throughout the honor process, everyone I spoke to about the situation told me the same thing: “Don’t worry about it; you’re innocent”. Every piece of evidence brought up by the prosecution on the day of the trial elicited a truthful and plausible explanation from me. Their entire case hinged on the fact that I didn’t show enough work on my test and that my friend and I shared similar answers on ONE problem of the

multi-question test. I didn’t show work on any of the tests that I took in that class. It was an engineering class and, like any good nerd, I used my graphing calculator for everything. I took all of the tests in that class in the exact same way, and I never lost a single point for my lack of work. I ask of you, Professor Douchebag, why spring it on me after the semester is already over? My friend and I we were lab partners, sat together during every single lecture, did every homework set together, and studied for all of the tests together. Of course we had similar answers. The logical step after being found guilty of something you didn’t do is to appeal. Awesome UVA set it up so that if I did go through the appeals process, I’d lose a semester of money, not be able to transfer into the Education School like I was planning, and definitely not be able to graduate in the required four years. Placing “enrollment contingent upon honor decision” makes it pretty tough to make your “please let me transfer” case to a dean. So either way I was screwed. And besides, if I did make it through the appeals process unscathed, what guarantee would I have that this wouldn’t happen again? I can’t help feeling like the people of UVA were out to get me in some way. To begin with, the TA had stated that other students in the class did indeed arrive at the same answer that my friend and I had gotten. During the actual trial, the TA claimed that NO OTHER STUDENTS had an answer even remotely close to the one that my friend and I got. The professor testified that I had made a “mean face,” at him before the final exam. Come on. Even if I did make a “mean face” I doubt he could remember it a year later (unless it was my “extra mean face”). And besides, does a mean face mean that I am cheating on a test? No. Absolutely not. In addition, the Professor stated during the trial that he had never gone through with an honor case before. This was in direct contrast to his claims during the course about how many honor cases he had initiated during his short time at UVA. I am convinced that they didn’t like me for some reason and jumped at the possibility to kick me out of school. Why else would my Professor and TA feel the need to change their stories in order to make me look like a terrible person comparable to someone who steals lunches from small children? And during the trial why did the prosecution consist of four Law School students while my council was only a team of two third years in the College? After all of the criticism the honor code has faced in recent times, UVA had to make an example out of someone. I was obviously in the wrong place at the wrong time. To me, the honor process is like an enigma wrapped in a plastic baggie: you can see inside, but still aren’t quite sure what you’ll be eating for lunch. So after going through the entire honor process, I was kicked out of school by my peers because of my graphing calculator. Screw you, Texas Instruments. I shake my fist in your general direction. When I become rich and famous, I will buy UVA and rename it “Facemachine University”, or FU for short. And give me a little credit… if I was going to cheat on a test, I’d at least try to pass it.

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* Kitchen open until 1 am * On the Corner Meal Plan * Gift certificates available 5pm-2am, Mon-Fri Noon-2am, Sat & Sun

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We can do a small get-together with a couple of pool tables and a platter of our fantastic appetizers or put together a two-story extravaganza for three hundred with a band. Whether you are looking for a venue for your weekly social hour or need a good idea for a fundraiser, Orbit can help you plan a great party. Call monday thru friday 10am to 5pm for booking information.


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most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes

jennifer beury

Jennifer Beury hails from Roanoke, VA-but hey, don’t hold that against her! But all seriousness aside, this first year runs track and cross country, which seems to take up most of her time (not that she runs slowly, she’s just very dedicated). If you’re interested in this girl, you’d better be active and enjoy outdoor sports, and no, chess is not a sport even if you play it outside. So if you want to wow this first-year, leave your D&D set at home. Try something like rockclimbing or rafting. And if you really want to impress this former Georgian, memorize the starting line-up of her favorite team- the Atlanta Braves. Jennifer’s major is undecided; but she’s interested in psychology. This Democrat also has a penchant for politics, and note her age: she’s 18- Barely legal (to vote)! She is looking for a happy guy with a sense of humor, who is not too clingy and knows what is going on in the world. She also likes babies--not eating them--but volunteering to take care of them. She likes music that gets her moving and movies that make her scream. Talk about the all-American athlete! If you are ready for love with Jennifer, run, don’t walk, to the next track meet.

{ } Favorite Quote

“Fast girls have good times!”

you nominated them. we selected them.

drew harrison

articles by kristel poole

Looking for a sexy athlete to show you a good time? I know I am. Drew Harrison, 18 and a second year, is on the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team, and his favorite position is ankles behind the head left midfield. This hottie is barely old enough to buy a pack of smokes, but his interest in the ladies is far more mature. Drew is looking for “a sweet Southern belle, who is genuine and intelligent, with a nice ass.” He likes thongs, and requests women everywhere to “avoid the regular old cotton panties.” Keep the gameplaying on the soccer field though. This guy doesn’t like players or girls who are too arrogant about their looks. Confidence and determination are what get him turned on. When Drew is rocking out, it’s usually to sweet grooves like Bob Marley or Dave Matthews Band. I know you’d love to see him shirtless… lucky for you, Drew is also a surfer. This fun-loving ladies’ man is sure to show any date a good time, so if you see him out at a bar, threaten to call the cops because he isn’t 21. Once you’ve scared him enough and had a good, hearty laugh, be sure to buy him his favorite beer, a Yuengling, and strike up a conversation about how you can do it for 90 minutes in 11 different positions too.

{ } Favorite Quote

“Inspriration, not education. If I was educated I would be a damn fool.” -Bob Marley


Krystalyn Jones Krystalyn Jones is a beautiful, spiritual woman from New Jersey looking for a man with something to offer. She is a Pre-Comm major, member of NABA, model for FDC, and lives in the French House. She’s very interested in modeling and fashion, loves kids, and just turned 20 (Happy Birthday!). In her cd player, you can probably find some gospel, R&B, or hip hop. Her spirituality is very important to her, and you’d better have some too if you hope to make her swoon. Krystalyn is a nondenominational Christian who doesn’t drink and is very interested in ethics and moral responsibilities. To steal the heart of this beautiful princess, bring flowers at the door and take her to dinner and a movie. If it goes well, maybe you could end up under the stars at Observatory Hill. How do you know if you have what it takes to be the star in Krystalyn’s life? She’s looking for someone tall with good hair and a winning smile, who is intelligent and could maybe teach her a few things. Maturity is a must, and she loves men that have a unique personality. Have what it takes? Maybe you could be the one she’s waiting for!

{ } Favorite Quote

“Traffic doesn’t stop me, I stop traffic.”

Alberto Llaguno Alberto Llaguno, a.k.a. Beto, is a hot, 19 year old first year from Monterrey, Mexico. He is incredibly involved at UVA with the Latin Student Union, Toward a Better Latin America,and Entrepeneurship Club. Beto loves riding motorcycles on sunny days, he plays the guitar to relax and de-stress, and he finds it an especially useful way to “express feelings where words are not enough.” If this Latin heartthrob hasn’t made you melt just yet, his ideal date involves “taking an amazing girl to the southern coast of Italy, renting a Vespa for a weekend and cruising along the Riviera, stopping at little towns for food and just enjoying being with that special girl.” What is Beto looking for in a woman? “Sex appeal is a must!” he says. He wants someone with class and elegance, knowledge and sense of humor, and street smart girls that chew with their mouth closed. This romantic catch will sweep you off your feet if you can have fun and keep him from getting bored with you. He says, “I want to share my good times with that ideal partner.”

{ } Favorite Quote

“Veni, vidi, vici.”

Sarah-Grace Sanders Also known as Sass, Sarah-Grace hails from California, MD and is a second year Pre-Comm/Arabic major in AFROTC. What kind of guy does she want to have slap the handcuffs on her? The classic tall, dark, and handsome man is the partner in crime she is looking for, citing confidence as a turn on, but arrogance a turn off. Sass’s ideal date ends with a long cliched walk on the beach. Don’t worry though, she’s more than just your runof-the-mill sorority girl (Alpha Phi “because it’s the jam!”). This 19-year-old wants to be a special agent for the government even though she says that no one expects it from this “total girl.” As far as music goes, she’s into some hot bands like Keane, The Killers, and Death Cab for Cutie, and she likes cool movies that you guys wouldn’t mind watching on a date, like Boondock Saints, The Usual Suspects, and Fight Club. She’s hot too, spending her free time at the AFC in order to get into shape for Spring Break. So, want to show Sass your nightstick? Better be comfortable giving her the control, but if you don’t mind submitting to this AFROTC girl, offer up your number as Exhibit A and take it from there.


Favorite Quote


“I feel sorry for the people who don’t drink, when they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.” -Frank Sinatra

David Reid When I tell you that 21-year-old David Reid is a gay guy, man, you’re gonna wish you were one too. David, a third year Sigma Chi majoring in Politics, prostitues himself out to middle-aged women to sell alcohol. You read that right folks, he works for Barboursville Vineyards, in addition to the Miller Center, UGuides, StudCo and the Arts and Sciences Council. In his free time (whenever that is), he loves cocktails. Every day. At five o’clock. He says of this favorite pastime, “I believe that if everyone participated in this once sacred activity, the people of America would be happier, healthier, and less socially awkward.” He doesn’t just drink liberally; he votes liberally too. He listens to classical, rock, classic rock and “of course” porn music. He is a “huge fan of the sketchy movies that makes most people uncomfortable,” such as Requiem for a Dream, but he also likes comedies to balance that out. David is looking for someone energetic, fun, motivated, attractive, and socially capable. If you think you fit the bill and want to win over this hot prospect, buy him a bottle of Sapphire and some tonic and toast the night away!

{ } Favorite Quote

“Cocktails first, questions later.” -”Swingers”

esther brown

Looking for a real go-go woman of the 90’s? (Of course you are! And you in no way feel this term is dated.) Well look no further than Esther Brown- a modern, busy woman on the go. Check out this resume: She works for the Miller Center, co-founded WISE, and organizes Undergraduate Babysitters. Alpha Chi Omega Sorority has given her some great friends and enough stories to fill an entire Reader’s Digest. So show her your impressive activities list and maybe she’ll be able to squeeze you into her tight schedule. Esther has passions (1) Poetry writing, (2) American Studies, and (3) Making lists. “I like to make lists. I do that a lot.” With an eagerness to learn and a passionate mind, Esther is on the lookout for Mr. Right. “I’ll know when it happens,” she says. Her eclectic tastes in music and movies make her a good match for all kinds of guys, but she is looking for someone taller than herself (5’8”) with intense eyes, strong features, dimples, and nice ears? “Yeah, ears pretty much rock my world.” If you have the ears as well as “ambition, fidelity, tenacity, patience, compassion, humor, creativity, and humility” (here we go with the damn lists again) then maybe you will hear the same romantic tune. This attractive third year turns 21 on April 7th, so make sure to buy her a SoCo with lime or a sexy Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini if you plan on hitting her sweet spot.

{ } Favorite Quote

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

maxwell scott

The girls in the French House aren’t the only ones fighting over this beef-flavored stud cake. The girls we’ve talked to have all been wowed by his charming personality- and by that we mean MUSCLES TILL TUESDAY (ROWR!) Max Scott is in the Army ROTC and knew he was military-bound since he was a kid. This 21-yearold third year from Idaho likes to spend his free time outdoors. When he lived in Eastern Europe, he lived by the Golden Rule: “When in Romania, do as the Romanians do.” The Foreign Affairs major likes the finer things in life and once picked up his date with a chauffeured car. He says, “My ideal date is a date that is ideal for her.” Next time Max shows up on your doorstep naked don’t be alarmed. Maybe you can be his first – first lawn streaking partner, that is. This soldier only has another year left to fulfill the tradition. Max prefers brunettes, but he’s open to all types as long as they are athletic, comfortable, and interested in the same things. So are you the girl who can keep up with this studly soldier? Try to find out if you have what it takes to earn a peep at his purple heart!


Favorite Quote


“Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.”

-Dag Hammarskjold

rachel geller Rachel Geller is a unique catch with lots of flair. She’s twenty-two, a fourth year, and from Connecticut. In Delta Zeta Sorority, she is the writer of Sorority Authority, that hilarious comic strip in the Cav Daily. Her Studio Art major keeps her in the studio most of the time, and if she’s not slaving away on an art project, you can find her bartending at Coupe’s. She’d love to fly if she could be a superhero, or maybe have X-Ray vision. (Oooh la la!) Musical interests? “Cock rock! I live off Motley Crue!” She also digs country and electro-pop. Her favorite drink is pretty bad-ass, a bourbon and water, and being a true artist, would love to hook up in the studio or the darkroom. She’d be on Project Runway if she had to pick a reality show but doesn’t seem too into the fad. Pet peeves include bad tippers, so if you try to pick her up while she’s on the job, you’d better make her wallet fatter or you’ll be out of luck (and probably made fun of in her comic strip.) Can you keep up with this hot rocker girl? You only have a couple months left to prove you can make your own cock rock before she graduates and moves on to bigger things!

{ } Favorite Quote:

“You’re not the king of Dirk!” -”Boogeynights”

photographer- alex sonneborn assitant photgrapher- caitlin mckinney stylists- kristin pasternak, daniel davila lindsay freidman, corrine shabe makeup- khadijat olanrewaju hair- christina mannino

nishant magar Nishant Magar, 22, is a fourth year Foreign Affairs/Biology major from Fairfax, VA. He has been all over the world and lived in England until he was fifteen. Locally, he is involved with APO (service fraternity), and he is a volunteer EMT for the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad. That’s right—in a clutch situation you could be lucky enough to receive mouth-to-mouth from this life-saving stud. In his free time, Nishant likes shopping and finding sales, especially at Banana Republic. But don’t let the Banana fool you ladies, he’s no fruit. Want to strike up a conversation with this selfless stallion? Order a couple glasses of André, his favorite cheap champagne, and tell him how awesome you think it is that he listens to the Stereophonics, Badly Drawn Boy, and the Black Eyed Peas. Word has it that Nishant would love to hook up in the stacks of the Alderman Library. Maybe you’ll feel ambitious enough after a few more glasses of that André, so drink up. He likes “girls who challenge me, make me laugh, like to spoon, like to party, are liberal on social issues, have strong sex drives, are adventurous, and don’t hate cats.” If this description sounds like you and not a poem by Emily Dickinson, you just might be the one to make him Favorite Quote purr!

{ } “Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning?”

-George W. Bush



hook up:n.v. [colloq.] 1. a side effect of excessive inebriation? 2. make out? 3. do more? 4. what’s your name again? 5. *^$#:’!

We’ve all said it and many of us have done it, but what exactly does the term “hooking up” mean these days? Who’s making out, taking sensual journeys, and downright screwing around? We set out to try to find a consensus. Here’s what the various sides had to say. the ladies thought…

Hooking up is weird because it can mean so many different things. It could mean anything from kissing on the dance floor to the sketchiest thing imaginable. -2nd Year

I’m a single woman and don’t feel the need to do it. It makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s risky, and I just can’t emotionally detach myself from the fact that someone is invading a situation reserved for a relationship. -4th year

It’s fun. If there’s no pressure, it feels right, and you’re safe about it, who the hell cares? -3rd Year

I just wouldn’t be able to do more than kissing without feeling disgusting and cheap afterwards so I save my pride, control my desires, and keep my pants on, simple as that. -4th year

the guys thought…

When I’m sober, I have standards and morals, but when I start drinking and grinding with some hot girl, I can’t help wondering what she’d be like and sometimes I act on that instinct. -1st year

All in all there needs to be some kind of chemistry before I’ll get involved. -4th year

photo by Caitlin McKinney

by Kristen Baily, senior sexuality correspondent

I don’t think I could sleep with someone who I just met at a party or a bar. It just wouldn’t feel right. But if I knew the person outside of the situation, then I don’t think I would have a problem with it. -4th year

Some people just need a hook up every once in a while to stay sane. It’s like the nicotine patch but sex style. -3rd year

Overall, there are various viewpoints, limitations, as well as codes of conduct for the favorite pasttime of the hook up- more than we could begin to cover. Our advice: take it all in stride, go with the flow, and follow your own yellow brick road. If it feels right to you, do it, but remember to be safe.

kickboxing your ass


by Katie Judge

You’ve only got a few short months until the warm rays of summer expect you to bare it all. Luckily for you, VMag is here to help. The AFC is now offering fitness courses in Fusion Kickboxing: an extreme blend of yoga, strength training, and kickboxing. This non-stop, action-packed class infuses muscle toning of sunsalutation yoga and cardio-blasting kickboxing to develop a totally unique workout. According to instructor Marta Jakob, “the infusion of yoga into kickboxing gives the participant a better understanding of their core strength that is essential to getting the full benefit of any workout.” So this summer, you will have just the confidence, balance, and kick-ass strength you need to strut your stuff (properly!) on the beach. Classes are held every week until finals on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 P.M. in AFC Room 4, and you’ll need a Walk-In Pass (available from any gym on grounds.) What are you waiting for? It won’t give you a tan, but at least it’s not too late to kick a few inches off your bod!



have always felt nervous about being a lesbian on grounds, especially coming from a caring and structured household where I was always aware that my father was not comfortable with homosexuality. In high school, I slowly realized that I was not straight, and I tried to comprehend the implications of homosexuality. In retrospect, I had many queer feelings growing up, but nobody taught me what they meant because those feelings are not “normal.” I came to UVA with the mindset that college is the place to explore your identity. I planned to get involved in the queer community and to figure out if these feelings should be explored. I went to a Queer Student Union meeting my first semester and absorbed everything I could about the gay community. When my parents came to visit me for family weekend, I told them that I went to the meeting. My dad’s immediate response was, “So, you’re gay now?” I felt a wave of anxiety in response to that I idea, so I denied it. I continued to go to QSU meetings and eventually started dating a girl that I met there. Over the course of three years, I have had two serious female partners. Needless to say, my queerness was not a phase. Despite my initial concerns, I’ve had a mostly positive experience as a lesbian at UVA. I have many gay friends that I can talk to about anything, and I especially need them because many straight people here are too often closed-minded. All the same, I’m out of the closet because the initial anxiety of coming out is not as emotionally taxing as the burden of constantly hiding it. I still have a hard time being around too many straight people, especially women, because they often presume that I will be attracted to them. I am not interested in every woman I meet. People should realize that queers have friendships just like straight people do and that all friendships are dynamic. None of us are attracted to every member of our preferred sex. One important way that I overcome my anxiety is by helping to educate the public about the queer community. I work with the LGBTQ Speaker’s Bureau, an organization that addresses queer issues on grounds. We attempt to provide a variety of perspectives on sexuality and answer questions anyone may have. This is a huge step toward exposing people to diversity and eliminating ignorance. So far at the University of Virginia, I have experienced mostly a positive environment and have seen many good things happening to further tolerance of queers. But, however, I really think that we have a long way to go to strengthen this community as a whole.

life as a


Nia Holloway

(Sociology Major, Spanish Minor)



Monday night,


where have YOU

all my life? Cville Coffee:

cramming has never tasted this good. By Elizabeth Wetherington Photo By Caitlin McKinney

dateworthy By Cori Koenig Photos By Caitlin McKinney


(next stop your pants)

Tired of wasting precious make-out time trying to decide where to go on a date? Stress no longer. We’ve done the thinking for you and compiled a list of dating hot spots (and for a small fee we’ll do the making out too).

6:07 pm

I’m on my third bottle of lukewarm diet (Jack Daniels) coke, trudging along through my Psychology reading. If I hear that girl’s cell phone one more time, I’m going to sue Sir Mix-A-Lot. “Baby Got Back” was never meant to be used as a ring tone. 287 seconds later. As I catch whiffs of Kung Pao chicken mixed with Pita Pit and Dominos Pizza, I reach for my bottle of Pepto-Bismol and head out the door. Clemons is too distracting, Alderman is too depressing, and my apartment is too damn dirty. I need a place with hot coffee, a low-key atmosphere, and enough sugar cubes to build a small fort. Is that too much to ask? I frantically flip through the phonebook and find something promising: Cville Coffee: (434) 817-2633. I call a friend, and we immediately drive down Route 250 blaring “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by the DJ Jazzy Jeff Experience featuring Will Smith. We arrive at 1301 Harris Street pumped up and ready to cram. I decide to start my study session off with one of the many sandwiches and salads Cville has to offer. I go for the Turkey Lurky ($5.70) mainly for the name, but mmm…boy, turkey as far as the eye can see. Also available is a large selection of noodle bowls, like the Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Bowl ($6) and the Noodley McNoodleson Noodler Bowl ($47). But seriously folks, these selections are definitely one step up from the pack of crushed Cheez-Its available in Clemons’ vending machines. After finding a seat in the “Adult Zone,” I’m disappointed at the lack of raw coffee shop footage, but glad that the loud, sticky children have their own section to play in. I notice that there are outlets available at each table for laptops, as well as a wide selection of books on everything from travel to health. The books in the front room are even available to borrow. As I sit and begin to cram for my test, I realize that, even though there are no sugar cubes, Cville Coffee is exactly what I’m looking for in a place to study.

4. Country Line Dancing at Fry Spring’s Beach Club. Only $2 Wed. nights, lesson @ 7, dance @ 8; located at 2512 JPA 3. Paint your own pottery at Glaze ‘N’ Blaze on the Downtown Mall. Call (434)984-5885 for more info 2. Pick up some Arch’s and drive up to Observatory Hill to stargaze. Monday nights are “buy one Archer get one free” at Arch’s on Ivy! 1. When the weather gets warmer, go tubing. Call James River Rafters for more info (434) 286-2338

10. 9. 8. Karaoke on Tuesday Nights @ Baja Bean 7. Dancing under Rapture on the Downtown Mall; Occasional Saturdays are 18+! 6. Visit Chris Green Lake, a great place to fly a kite or have a picinic (by the airport off 29N). 5. Hike Humpback Rock

Check some DVDs out from Clemons, pop some popcorn, and have a movie night! Candlelit dinner @ Michael’s Bistro Call (434)977-3697; dinner served 5:30-10


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V Magazine UVA March 2005  
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