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V-Guard Inverter April 4th 2013 KOCHI, KERALA-Kouchouseph Chittilappilly is an entrepreneur. After completing an MSc in Physics, he worked for an electronic manufacturing company in Trivandrum. When the company began to go under, Chittilappilly decided to pursue a life-long dream. Growing up, he had always taken apart the appliances around him so that he could understand how they worked. But he quickly realized that it didn't matter how well an appliance was built if the electric grid was unstable. Power spikes and failures turned wonderful appliances into household hazards, and there were no reliable voltage stabilizers available. The market was flooded with low quality stabilizers and Chittilappilly accurately understood the need for a better product on the market.

In 1977, Chittilappilly borrowed Rs 1,00,000/- from his father and set up a small manufacturing facility for the production of stabilizers. When he began, he only had two workers, but within a year, his staff grew to 20. As the knowledge of his product grew, so did his opportunities. He began to be a trusted member of the Kerala business community. He expanded into producing stabilizers for refrigerators, AC units, washers and dryers, and televisions. Today, his company produces a number of electronic

devices that help meet a plethora of needs in his local community and V-Guard continues to remain at the top of the industry due to their commitment to research and innovation. State of the art production centers ensure consistency and quality throughout their product line. One of their most important contributions to Kerala has been the V-Guard Inverter. Digital UPS is a combination of UPS and an Inverter. In a normal inverter, you can only connect devices like lights and fans. Devices like computers will not get rebooted during power failures, and the inverter can not provide and voltage protections. But the Home UPS has two different modes, a normal mode and a UPS mode, each of which can be selected by an external switch. When using the UPS mode, all devices receive an extremely safe charge and a safe range of voltage protections. Household devices like computers are never affected.

V-Guard home UPS doesn’t requires any maintenance. The unit automatically recharges its batteries when the power is restored after a power outage via an internal charger circuit. The high quality, deep cycle batteries are built for the long haul. The only maintenance that is required is to top up the battery water within a reasonable period of time. Manual cards will help users keep track of the status of their inverters. Each is designed with an easy to understand audio and visual indicator that helps the customers know the status of their inverter. This ensures that users can be responsible for their own inverters, and can take care of any problems before they start. It also means that customers can communicate more efficiently with V-Guard engineers if they ever seek outside assistance. V-Guard has won their place in the market with quality products and quality customer service. They are always prepared to assist their customers and are happy to help provide the entire region of Kerala with reliable energy.

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