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Improve your lifestyle with Value-added Kitchen Appliances In this era of busy lives, multi-tasking plays a major role in the performance and timeliness of every task. With multi-tasking, one can perform several tasks simultaneously at maximum efficiency. With several kitchen appliances like Induction Cooktop, refrigerator and mixer grinder, the time required for the preparation of dish is shortened and it is easier to give more quality time to the loved ones. Multi-tasking can play major role in easing off the hassle in the kitchen and is truly beneficial with improved appliances like induction cooker and mixer grinder. Here are a few benefits of purchasing these two important kitchen appliances:

Improved Kitchen Appliances

Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are made to accommodate a huge variety of food groups. They come as the most

versatile devices. Not only solid but also liquids can be nicely whipped, whether it is a milk shake or ice cream. Also it allows effective chopping and grinding of items like meats and nuts. Their versatility in several tasks and usage makes them a versatile kitchen appliance which can accommodate several food groups at the same time. Mixer grinders offer a huge variety of processes for preparation of food. From whipping off to

mixing up the liquids, this versatile device offers several processes for dish preparation.

Mixer Grinders come with an easy to use method. Kitchen appliances like mixer grinders offer huge variety of options in processing foods with different methods but with an easy to use way. Many of mixer grinders available in market today come with several blade types and many accessories which can help in conduct of different processes.

Induction Cooker

Foremost benefit provided by an induction cooker is safety from fire hazards. Every kitchen appliances made up to date for cooking come with a danger of fire hazards. All the appliances like stoves are made to generate heat or fire naturally. Induction cooker presents a completely new picture of cooking and provide the safest method of cooking. If accidently, food is spilled on the cooktop surface then it will not flame up as the glass is heat less. With induction cooking, it is easy to clean up after use. It gives a complete safe method of cooking for children at home. Heat is transferred directly to the pan, while the surface stays cold. With induction cookers, it is easy to handle ‘load cooking’. This equipment provides an excellent opportunity of cooking through ‘stacking’. More than one food can be cooked at the same time and one pan can be stacked on another for transfer of heat. Cooktops are specially made to heat up the appliances faster than any other cooking appliance made up to date. How to avoid damage with cooktop?

Don’t store cans or heavy jars on the top or close to your cookware set. Avoid dropping off any heavy kitchen appliance on the cooktop Never ever place hot lids on the top of cookware. On cooling down, air can get trapped between the cooktop and lid, which can break off ceramic glass on the removal of lid. Though food spills burn off, but it is always better to clean them later. Don’t allow the spill to stick the cooktop, as it can cause permanent stains and pitting on it. Never slide off cook wares over the surface of cooktops as it can cause scratches. Don’t leave moldable objects like aluminum foil, plastic on the cooktop surface as it can melt and cause major problem. Never cut veggies or meat on a cooktop The cookware used should be of size similar to the surface of cooking area. Cookware sizes should not be more than 1.3 centimeters of the outer area.


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Improve your lifestyle with improved kitchen appliances