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designer & art director

Arts and lifestyle publication, based in Montréal Revue montéalaise gratuite sur les arts et les ‘styles de vie’.



to count, you could light a BIC 3000 times before it runs out of fuel; twice that of a similar sized lighter. The BIC pen can sign a name 200,000 times, a distance equalling a 3 km line. And at the same time, these are and were always just short-lived objects.

Officially founded in 1945 when Marcel Bich and his partner bought an old factory to produce pen parts, BIC (an abbreviation of its founder’s last name) gained notoriety in 1950 when Marcel came up with his CRYSTAL BIC pen. While he himself did not invent the ballpoint pen, he introduced an ameliorated version of it with a thicker ink. Most importantly, he came up with a very efficient manufacturing process, lowering its cost and thus democratizing it. Very few companies can boast that they have produced such important archetypal objects as the CRYSTAL pen and the BIC lighter.

Are the BIC-type of objects becoming obsolete? Will they disappear when the world gravitates to all things kept for a lifetime, when people don’t smoke anymore, texts are written solely on keyboards and all legs are lasered? For some years now BIC has offered a service to customize some of their objects. This faint attempt to emotionally reach users doesn’t overthrow the fact that they are producing and selling fleeting objects. Likewise, the company recently started to make some of its products out of recycled plastics. Still they are disposable and most of those millions of pens, shavers and lighters bought everyday will end in a landfill within a year. Every way you look at it, the best-selling pen of all time always ends up in the garbage. And it ensures that another BIC will be bought.

BIC products are conceived to last longer than any other in each of their categories. Apparently, if one were


designer & art director

words by Zoe renaud / photo by MaxyMe G. delisle pitCh by Vanda daFtari

In 2005, BIC sold its 100,000 millionth pen, apparently enough pens to cover the distance between the moon and the earth 40 times. In France, Belgium and Quebec, when you say ‘bic’ it is the colloquial word for pen.

SNAP! MAGAZINE Here are a few spreads from recent issues. Please refer to the site to view the complete issues. / Voici quelques exemples récents, SVP visitez le site pour les numéros complets.

BIC Everybody’s got the right to write Love to Hate BIC


Photos by Maude treMblay Creative direCtion and styling by PasCale georgiev hair + Make uP by braydon nelson for orbite Model iris CaMPo

design & art direction & photo

design & art direction & illustration

design, art direction, creative direction & words

webdesign & art direction (with/avec moment factory media)

Website / blog redesign for SNAP! Magazine. Redesign du site web et blog du magazine SNAP!


design & art direction (photo by john londoño)

Coeur de Pirate › design: logo, cd, lp, etc.


design & art direction (photo by john londoño)

Elements of art direction and design used in various application by the label. / Les éléments de la direction artistique et du design on été repris par le label, pour plusieurs plateformes.

webdesign & art direction (with/avec moment factory media)

Flash micro site that served as an interactive map on the Design Montréal website for the Portes Ouvertes event. Micro-site Flash qui servait de carte intéractive sur le site de Design Montréal dans le cadres des Portes-Ouvertes.


webdesign & art direction

Temporary site for local fashion designer. Site temporaire pour une styliste MontrĂŠalaise.


Nos 6, 7, and 8 design, layout & illustration


design, layout (illustrations by natalie reis)


design & branding | co-founder & designer for the collective

Branding for our creative collective, founded in June 06, Montreal. Identité visuelle pour notre collective foundée en juin 2006, à Montréal.



Online business card for 24KARROTS. Carte d’affaire en ligne.

Design-art project featured at the Montreal Art Biennale. In collaboration with artist Natalie Reis. / Projet de design-art présenté à la Biennale, en collaboration avec l’artiste Natalie Reis. designer, curator/commissaire | Biennale d’arts de montréal


web design, creative & photo direction

E-shop and website for local fashion designer. The client can modify content and manage her e-shop via a backend interface. Boutique électronique et site pour une styliste québecoise. Une interface backend permet à la cliente de modifier le contenu et gérer sa boutiqque.

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