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Emerson Ave N Juxtaposition arts 2007 Minneapolis, MN 55411 [612] 588 -1148

With its four components, JuxtaLab is a comprehensive art and design producer. This multi-disciplinary approach provides a level of convenience for customers looking for: ||| ||| ||| ||| |||

unique original artworks for displaying or marketing ideas, logo, flyer and poster designs, live art demos for events, custom t-shirts and apparel items, innovative environmental art installations.

We provide multiple art and design services that create memorable experiences for customers and their audiences, clients, staff, or guests. In addition to our talented design professionals, we engage North Minneapolis youth in creative apprenticeships. By partnering with JXTA you are making a lasting impact on our community and on tomorrow’s creative leaders.


Putting Creativity to Work ||| Welcome to North Minneapolis ||| CANVAS Teen Arts Center ||| Satoko Pocket Park ||| Broadway Pocket Park Arrow ||| 1108 W Broadway Ave ||| YMCA Cargill Mural ||| Chambers Hotel stairwell ||| JXTA Graphics Lab |||


JXTA Environmental design & Public Art Studios JXTA Environmental Design Studio brings high-quality art into the public sphere. Commissioned by municipal and community organizations, the studio works with neighborhoods to transform vacant lots and spaces into beautiful “pocket” parks. The team trains with the University of Minnesota’s Design School, partnering and learning with students in architecture and landscape architecture. In so doing, they hone their engineering and master planning skills while continually gaining fresh perspectives on public art.

JXTA Public Art embodies the movement, color and energy of an urban environment. Our murals range from graffiti to Trompe l’oeil and can be found in Minneapolis hot spots like Barrio and the Chambers Hotel.

Putting Creativity to Work

Exterior mural by Tats Cru commissioned by the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence and Harvard University Loeb Fellowship with local partners from the MN Bruner Loeb Forum.

2007 Emerson Avenue North | Minneapolis, MN 55411

Welcome to North Minneapolis Exterior mural created by Tats Cru and youth apprentices.

1808 Emerson Ave N | Minneapolis, MN 55411

CANVAS Teen Arts Center 1610 West Hubbard Ave | SAint Paul, MN 55104

Designed and installed by Roger Cummings with youth from the CANVAS Teen Arts Center.

[ OPPOSITE ] Sidewalk art

[ THIS PAGE ] Sidewalk art Welcome sign

[ OPPOSITE ] Tinted window treatment in the main lobby [ THIS PAGE ] Mosaic sign Tinted window treatment Light up planters

Satoko Pocket Park Designed and installed by Satoko Muratake, Carrie Christensen, Nick Conniff, Mark O’Brien, and youth apprentices.

[ THIS PAGE ] Mural Chalkboard / exhibition space

[ THIS PAGE ] Bamboo arbor

2007 Emerson Avenue North | Minneapolis, MN 55411

[ THIS PAGE ] Chalkboard / exhibition space Bamboo arbor Painted planters

[ THIS PAGE ] Sculpture grove Bamboo arbor Painted planters

Broadway Pocket Park Arrow

W Broadway & N 2nd ST | Minneapolis, MN 55425

Pocket park designed and installed by James Garrett Junior, Satoko Muratake, Ryan Radamacher, Andrew Macguffie, and Mercury Mosaics with youth apprentices.

1108 W Broadway Avenue

Exterior mural designed and created by Nate Young and Jeremiah Ellison with youth apprentices.

YMCA Cargill Mural

Interior mural designed and created by Catiesha Pierson and Satoko Muratake for the North Community YMCA Youth and Teen Enrichment Center.

1711 West Broadway Ave | Minneapolis, MN 55411

Chambers Hotel stairwell

901 Hennepin Avenue | Minneapolis, MN 55403

Interior mural spanning 5 stories in the main stairwell of Le Meridien Chambers hotel.

Artists: Ernest Bryant III, Daniel Chen, Roger Cummings, Josh Lemke, Satoko Muratake, Sam Parker, and Nate Young.

JXTA Graphics Lab & Screen Printing Studio JXTA Graphics Lab specializes in creating logos, brochures, signs, and vinyl applications. Our savvy, vibrant and distinct designs aim to delight our clients and bring a fresh look and feel to their materials.

JXTA Screen Printing Studio works closely with clients to design and produce unique, high-end apparel. Contact us to customize shirts, jackets and more. We also offer airbrushing and custom painting on items like shoes or bags.

1108 W Broadway Preview Invitation Invitation for the opening of 1108 West Broadway. Designed by Rudy Arnold, Adrienne Doyle, and Juanita Allen. Screen printed by JXTA Screen Printing Studio.

JACC Poster Designed by Rudy Arnold, Adrienne Doyle, and Juanita Allen for the Jordan Area Community Council spring campaign.

West Broadway Farmer’s Market Letterhead, logo, and envelope designs by Rudy Arnold, Adrienne Doyle, and Juanita Allen.

Lunds Countdown Window Display

1201 Hennepin Avenue | Minneapolis, MN 55403

Designed by Rudy Arnold, Adrienne Doyle, and Juanita Allen for Lunds’ grand opening at 12th St & Hennepin Ave.

JXTA Summer 2012 shirt Design

Designed by Rudy Arnold, Cory Loven, Blong Xiong, Juanita Allen, Kalia Vang, Bao Lee, Neng Vang, and Kong Lee.

LISC 2012 Homer HankY Designed by Rudy Arnold and Cory Loven for the Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

Juxtaposition Arts  

Juxtaposition Arts is a non-profit organization combining design education and youth empowerment with a social-enterprise business model. St...

Juxtaposition Arts  

Juxtaposition Arts is a non-profit organization combining design education and youth empowerment with a social-enterprise business model. St...