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Volume 7 | Issue 6 | August 2014

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uxbridge town talk


The Uxbridge BIA invites you to become home-town proud!

10am-4pm 10am4pm Saturday September 20th Saturday,

September 20th


Calling all Artists!!! The Uxbridge BIA is looking for people to show off their talents at art happening! Musical Artists Creative Artists Literary Artists Theatre Artists Culinary Artists Fashion Artists

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Come out and enjoy the summer on our beautiful new patio with family and friends 65 Brock Street W. Uxbridge • 905 852 1222



n ntow Dow ridge 7U7x b Brock St.

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uxbridge town talk

We are an independant, full colour, local magazine serving Uxbridge Writing about people and hideaways that make Uxbridge a truely connected community


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volume 7 | issue 6 | august 2014





Town Talk Tidbits Agricultural Insight

Peacefully Productive The Gift of Sensitivity

Youthful Notions Grade 4 Speech Art

Spotlight On You Tara O’Connor

Faces of Uxbridge Pat Mikuse

Guest Column The Art of Collecting Art Part 1

Historically Speaking Heritage Uxbridge

Your Community Local Living

Community Calendar August 2014

UTT Kitchen S’mores Bars

Community Calendar Con’t...

Feeling Fine Peg Prince

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Our August issue marks the half way point of summer. For some of us, we try to pack in cottages, weddings and family gatherings and it always seems too short. We have had a fun and exciting summer in Uxbridge so far! Yet, in some ways this summer will be a little bit sad as we cherish time spent with my mother. In fact, it may well be the one that will be the most memorable. My mom just loves life even though at one time, she had every reason not too. She grew up in England during World War II where at 13 she lost her mother, father and two sisters. Imagine being that age and alone! It was some amazing, compassionate people and friends who later became her only family. My mother is a constant reminder to me of the fact that no matter what happens in life….it is the people around you who love you that are your family. Every day, I am reminded that happiness is what you make it and always try to manage to smile. I have realized that material things like fancy cars and huge homes are not always the things that make us happy. It is our family and friends combined with a great attitude that make us complete. My mom has found that happiness here in Uxbridge and I have too! So this summer we have dedicated a lot of our time to spend with friends, my mom and our family. Some of the most fun activities so far have included all the amazing, ongoing events right here in town. From The Canada Day fireworks, music and Art in the Park, historical churches and car shows, we are never lacking of exciting things to do and see. Days at the cottage have been spent just enjoying each other’s company and doing what we do well….be crazy, happy and some would say a little loud! I truly hope that this summer, you will have the opportunity to experience the people around you. Enjoy and embrace all the differences, ages and qualities of the people in your life. Here’s hoping that you are all blessed with as many amazing people in your life as I am. So enjoy the rest of your summer; swim, laugh, hug, run and of course stay safe. All those wonderful people in your life need you around.


town talk tidbits

| agricultural insight |


The agriculture and agri-food industry contributes $100 billion annually to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). (That’s more than the national GDP of 2/3 of the world’s countries).

only produces things that you eat? Think again! Did you know the airbag in your car contains cornstarch? That diabetic test strips contain an enzyme found in horseradish? Or that some shampoo and skin care products contain oats? The list goes on! Agriculture also has a major impact on the economy. Canola - now the oil of choice for millions around the world - was developed by Canadian scientists and planted by Canadian farmers. Today, Canada contributes nearly 40% of global canola imports.

Canada is the 5th largest agricultural exporter in the world, and the agriculture and agri-food industry employs 2.1 million Canadians (that’s 1 in 8 jobs). We produce about 85% of the world’s maple syrup, and we’re the world’s largest producer and exporter of flax seed, canola, pulses and durum wheat.

Manufacturing is a critical part of the contribution made by agriculture to the modern economy. In today’s world, not too many people take home a sack of grain and mill it themselves; they rely on manufacturing to prepare products for home use. The food and beverage processing industry is one of the largest in Canada with shipments worth $92.9 billion. It accounts for 16% of total manufacturing shipments and for 2% of Canada’s gross domestic product. It’s the largest manufacturing employer and provides jobs to more than 290,000 Canadians.

One of every eight Canadian jobs is related to agriculture.

Honey bees are responsible for pollinating about 1/3 of our food crops.

Agriculture’s hidden marvels. Think agriculture

Agriculture’s meaty contributions. There are

A farmer in 1900 produced enough food for 10 people. Today’s farmer feeds over 120 people.

In 1931, one in three Canadians lived on a farm. Today, it’s just one in 46. Heritage varieties of vegetables are openpollinated varieties that have existed for more than fifty years. If you have ever gone to a local farmers market with a variety of organic produce available, you may have seen green and pink tomatoes or purple carrots. These strange and interesting varieties on your old favourites are heritage vegetables.

One healthy lawn produces the cooling effect of 8.75 tons of air conditioning – that is enough to cool about two homes for a year.




approximately 4 million beef cows in Canada. In addition, roughly 26 million pigs are raised in Canada each year, making us the world’s third-largest exporter of pork products.

29 Toronto Street South






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905 862 3747 24 TORONTO ST. N. UNIT 4, UXBRIDGE, ON L9P 1E6

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To accomplish your dreams you need to believe. There are thousands, even millions who want to compete in the next Olympics every one of them have inspiration. Inspiration can be someone doing the same thing as you or just someone who keeps you moved and motivated. Many gymnasts across Canada compete to be in the next Olympics. You couldn’t have started if you weren’t inspired. I as a gymnast am competing level 3 age 9 going to level 4 and training to be in the 2018 Olympics just as my many inspirations. You can do two different kinds of gymnastics: rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics. In J.O. or Junior Olympics you compete in 4 main events with different skills in each event. The events are balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor which the skills in each event are divided by levels 1-8 then 9 and 10 in the Olympics. You can also do trampoline and or ODP (Olympic development program). Men compete rings, vault, trampoline, horse, uneven bars, parallel bars, and floor exercise. Men are mostly judged on strength. Me believing in gymnastics also gives me the confidence in my daily life. These 6 athletes have shown hard work, dedication, team work and that they enjoy gymnastics by going to the Olympics. Rosannagh MacLennan or Rosie as we all call her, was part of the 2012 Olympics and won gold on trampoline individually. Karen Cockburn in 2008 also competed trampoline and won second individually. Jason Burnett in 2008 competed men’s trampo-

line and won second individually. Dominique Pegg in 2012 all around placed seventeenth. Kristina Vaculik trained as a young gymnast at a gym called Gemini Gymnastics in Oshawa, Ontario and is now in the Olympics. In 2012 she competed at the age of 15 and placed second on floor. I take Kristina as inspiration because she gives me confidence in myself and she would never give up. Gymnastics was first started almost 3,000 years ago and has been in the modern Olympics since 1896. If you have no self- esteem don’t bother starting, you need to believe you can do it. So many people say that dreams are for sleeping, but you can make them come true. When you feel sad you feel like your trapped in a box, but when you feel happy you feel like you can touch the sky, so here is some advice, be happy, it’s a better way to live a happy life. If you think that sometimes you just work hard for nothing, don’t think it, if you work hard you will make it to the Olympics just like the other Olympians. It would make me pretty happy. Now we have discovered we can do anything from things big and small, I believe, but the big question is, do you?

youthful notions

| grade 4 speech art |

Jade is a 10 year old girl who loves sports. She is currently a competitive gymnast, training to obtain her dream of becoming a future Olympian. She is a strong willed, determined grade 4 student who wrote this essay as a part of a Speech Art program at her school. She brings with her an uplifting and encouraging message that we can all achieve our dreams with a little determination.

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faces of uxbridge

| pat mikuse |


I think you would recognize this months ‘ faces ‘ as one you have probably seen around town. As a local Councilor for the past 8 years, you have most definitely listened to, or noticed her presence at one of the many local events she has arranged over the years. Pat Mikuse was fun to interview and clearly passionate about Uxbridge. Pat grew up in Scarborough, moving to Uxbridge 43 years ago. Her early days were spent in Udora, formerly called Scott Township. Living on two acres on what she calls a hobby farm, Pat and her family raised hogs and chickens. While chatting with Pat, her excellent business sense shone through. With many years as a sales rep, Loss Prevention Coordinator and District Manager, Pat’s experiences set the stage for a life in municipal politics. Pat currently serves as an elected councilor in Uxbridge’s Ward 3. It was during her time in Udora that Pat began her interest in the community. She was actively involved in the Udora Hall board, helping to raise funds for the building of the hall. Other community involvement included teaching Sunday school at the Udora United Church, coaching the girl’s baseball team as well as playing baseball for 28 years in the Uxbridge ladies league. No small feat while raising her four children, working full time and managing a hobby farm. Quite the busy lady! Then eight years ago Pat went from resident and business owner (Pat owns an antique shop on the 4th concession) to Councilor. During our chat, I must say that I was amazed to learn about Pat’s accomplishments as Councilor. Not only is she dedicated to the task at hand, but more importantly, totally committed to her cause: the

town and people of Uxbridge. Although a natural leader, Pat is quick to point out that all of the events she is involved with are dependent on the talents and hard work of countless volunteers. I felt that Pat’s story would not be complete without sharing some of the events that Pat has been involved with. So, the next time you enjoy the fireworks on Canada Day, the Horse Lovers Tour, the Farmers of Uxbridge event, or even watch a show at the Music Hall or Ride the York Durham Railway, know that Pat in one way or another has arranged, sat on the board, raised funds, or volunteered at these events. What comes through as the most interesting factor is that due to Pat’s fundraising efforts, the events have been minimal or no cost to taxpayers. Through the power of persuasion, Pat gets great corporate donations, and we get to enjoy!! The murals we see downtown and on highway 47 are a result of Pat’s persuasion, dedication and passion, not to mention the generous companies that made donations. They are a true story of retaining the historic origins of Uxbridge, something I now realize Pat strongly protects. I have learned a lot during my interview with Pat, some about politics, a little about tax dollars, and a lot about how all of our Councilors try to keep our taxes down under some extra-ordinary circumstances. Even though it is close to election time, I write this story not as a political story but about one woman who has made a difference in Uxbridge. She just happens to be a Councilor. In her words she is “a resident with a title”. As a resident of Uxbridge Elaine has taken the helm of Sweet World Media, publisher of Uxbridge Town Talk. Elaine has three passions, family, photography and her Golden Retriever Jake. With a new business, three grandchildren and plenty of photo opportunities in Uxbridge, life’s been busy but fun!

Now in Uxbridge! e



tics Clas


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stic Gymna

ool Presch Compet itive Gym


rts a t S n o i s Fall Ses ber 8 Septem

! w o n k Boo 141 Reach Street, Unit 2B, Uxbridge, L9P 1L3 905 862 4141

17075 Leslie Street, Unit 3, Newmarket, L3Y 8E1 905 895 4194

In future articles, we will explore the role of Heritage Uxbridge and the local scene in greater detail, but a discussion of the history of Uxbridge must surely begin with the roots of the name itself. We likely all know that it is traced to Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK and brought here by early settlers as a remembrance of their home, but what is the origin of the name itself? By coincidence, this writer was born not five miles from the English town and long assumed that the word was derived from “ox” and “bridge”, since nearly all ancient towns are found on a river course and surely oxen or cattle would have crossed it at this point. Not so, according to Wikipedia and no less an authority than a Brock Street West restaurant recently reopened as “Wixan’s Bridge”! There was indeed a bridge over the River Colne there on the Oxford Road (a famous city that is indeed named after a place where oxen could ford the river) but the original name of our namesake community in England is derived from a Saxon tribe (“Wixans”) that settled that area of Middlesex some sixteen centuries ago; still later, around the name had evolved into “Woxbrigge”, which is getting closer to the modern version! In what ways are we similar to our English namesake or to yet another Uxbridge in Massachusetts? First, all three versions are now on the outskirts of major cities and expanding in population by 10-20% per decade as a result. Mills of various types were also a feature of all three towns, not only the essential grist mills but those of a more practical nature such as sawmills and, in the case of Uxbridge MA, a concentration of woolen mills producing clothing of all types but particularly military uniforms. Another means of transport found in both UK and MA versions of Uxbridge are canals, namely the Grand Union Canal and the Blackstone Canal respectively. Given the geography of the Oak Ridges Moraine, such a canal is not to be found here, though Sir William Mulock did attempt such a project in to link nearby Newmarket to Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn system. The project failed for many reasons, namely financial, competition from railways, and not the least the basic physics of how to fill a lock at the top of the moraine. The remains of this “Ghost Canal” may be seen north of Newmarket to this day, extending to Holland Landing. As here, with the introduction of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway, railways played a key role in the development of all three towns. Uxbridge UK is home to Brunel University, named after the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who not only designed and supervised the construction of the Great West Railway (GWR) from London to Bristol but many of the bridges, tunnels and stations along its route. However, in the case of Uxbridge UK, the GWR initially bypassed the town resulting in a temporary decline in its fortunes until spur lines were built. Now, of course, Uxbridge is connected to London by the Piccadilly Line of the subway (“Underground”). In the case of our US cousin, it was the Providence and Worcester Railway that allowed rapid development of the town during the industrial revolution, but Uxbridge MA was also a stop on the “Underground Railway” that brought thousands north to freedom from slavery. A Quaker heritage is also a common feature of all three. In Uxbridge MA can be found not only the original Friends Meeting House but many fine brick homes built in the New England style. Several

resident Quakers were also leaders in the US abolitionist movement. Uxbridge UK is not known for its Quaker heritage though William Penn, most famous for his founding of the US state named in his honour, died penniless and buried in Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire, a mere 13 km from Uxbridge. We are of course twinned with Catawissa, Pennsylvania, the original home of Dr. Christopher Beswick who was granted the land in what is now Uxbridge Township around 1805, though Beswick himself was not a Quaker. Beswick Lane, off South Balsam Street, is a reminder of his influence. Unlike our town with growth of some 20%, however, the population of Catawissa has declined some ten percent in the past decade.

historically speaking


Bob Prince is a retired engineer and scientist living in Uxbridge and a member of Heritage Uxbridge, a committee advisory to Council on the preservation of heritage properties in the Township.

PROPERTY SERVICES 647-212-5512 | OFFICE 416-678-6675 | UXBRIDGE, ON







w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 4

| heritage uxbridge |


| august community calendar | community calendar

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3RD York-Durham Railway Passenger Appreciation BBQ. We would welcome you to come and ride our Heritage Train through the picturesque Oak Ridges Moraine and enjoy our Passenger Appreciation BBQ that will be served to all Stouffville and Uxbridge passengers at the Uxbridge Train Station from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm compliments of A&W Durham Region. Fares: Adult $25; Senior/Student $23; Child $17; Family Pass $77 Time: 1pm - 2:30pm Where: 19 Railway Street, Uxbridge Contact:

SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH Uxbridge Historical Centre – Saturday programs for families. Join us at the Uxbridge historical Centre on June 14th, August 9th, September 13th and October 18th with your family to enjoy fun activities and learn something new! These special programs cost only $3/child for ages 5 and over (parents free), and take place from 10am-11:30am. No need to register, just show up! The activities & crafts are geared to ages 5 to 10, but all ages are welcome. In case of rain, all programs will continue; please dress for the weather and activities! Why don’t you bring a picnic lunch to enjoy outside after the program to complete your fun morning at the Museum! August 9th – Make-Your-Own Kite! Your family will make their own custom paper kite in this fun workshop and then fly it on the windy Museum grounds!

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 4

Time: 10am - 11:30am Where: Uxbridge Historical Centre, 7239 Concession Road 6 Contact: 905-852-5854 or museum@town.uxbridge.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 10TH Santa Rides the Rails in Summer. We all know that when he is not at the North Pole, Santa

Claus spends summer time in warmer places. The York-Durham Heritage Railway has persuaded him to take a break from his summer vacation and visit the train on Sunday, August 10th. Santa will land on the train roof and visit each child to find out if they have been naughty or nice, and naturally take orders for this year’s presents. Children will be able to visit Santa during the journey. Time: 10am - 5pm Where: 19 Railway Street, Uxbridge Contact:

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16TH Lions Art in the Park. Uxbridge Lions 20th Art in the Park. Approx. 90 to 100 artists will be on site to show their works. Admission and parking is free. The event will include an art/play area for kids, food vendors,entertainment,silent auction and much more. This event runs Saturday and Sunday. Proceeds to Lions Dog Guides and other local community projects.www. Time: 10am - 5pm Where: Elgin Park, Uxbridge Contact: Bob Armitage (905) 852-4227

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17TH Ice Cream Day. On August 17th, Kawartha Dairy (Uxbridge) has generously offered to sponsor the York-Durham Heritage Railway Ice Cream Day. Kawartha Dairy will provide us with their absolutely delicious ice cream. We would welcome you to come and ride our Heritage Train through the picturesque Oak Ridges Moraine and enjoy free Ice Cream that will be served to all Stouffville and Uxbridge passengers at the Uxbridge Train Station from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm compliments of Kawartha Dairy. Time: 10am - 5pm Where: 19 Railway Street, Uxbridge Contact:

THURSDAY, AUGUST 21ST 5th Annual Farmers of Uxbridge. You are invited to attend the 5th Annual Farmers of Uxbridge event at the Uxbridge Arena on Thursday August 21st from 5-8pm. There are over 30 local farmers with an extensive variety of products. Buy local and learn about the farm industry. We have farmers that produce dairy, beef, pork, lamb, duck, and fresh fruit and produce. Specialty items include local honey, maple syrup, sheep cheese, jams and a local wine producer. This is a free event with free parking. Time: 5pm - 8pm Where: Uxbridge Arena, 291 Brock Street West Contact: Pat Mikuse 905-852-0206

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23RD Heritage Days Join us for a weekend of fun, games, food and family !! Open from 10 am to 5 pm on August 23 and 24 at the Uxbridge Museum, 7239 Concession 6. Kids can take part in passport challenge. BBQ, ice cream and drinks for sale. Make historic and modern crafts. Live music at the Gazebo. Antique cars and tractors galore !! Time: 10am - 5pm Where: Uxbridge Museum, 7239 Concession Road 6 Contact: Brad Buss @ 416 209 2354 or bgbuss@

Traditional Native Drum Making Workshop Join us on Saturday August 23rd for a day of inspiration and illumination as you experience the beauty and fulfillment of creating your own Algonquin style hand drum. Our time together will include; Welcoming Morning Smudge Celebration, Traditional Foods (breakfast & lunch) One on One Drum Making Instruction and Drum Making Materials which include hand crafted cedar hoops and cured deer hide. For more details on this workshop and more please contact Raven.

Time: 9am - 4pm Where: Held in Udora located just 15 min. N of Uxbridge Contact:

Their Tuition - $1,000’s Their Books - $100’s Their Education – Priceless Your Insurance – Potential Discounts


Trinity United Church Summer Day Camp Join us at Wilderness Escape VBS, where we’ll explore what life was like for the ancient Israelites. They’ve escaped slavery in Egypt .. but now what? You’ll craft cool projects in the Israelite Camp, race through the wilderness as you play games, visit with Moses, and eat some interesting new food. Plus, you’ll meet lots of new friends! Monday August 25th-Friday August 29th

Uxbridge Farmers Market If you are looking for farm fresh produce and meats, home made preserves and baking, as well as hand made crafts and artwork the Uxbridge Farmers’ Market is the place to be! The Uxbridge Farmers’ Market strives to have only local produce and craftspeople represented, giving you a taste and experience unique to Uxbridge. Every Sunday from 9am-1pm in Uxbridge Arena parking lot. For more information go to www.

Time: 9am - 11:30am Where: Trinity United Church, 20 First Ave., Uxbridge Contact: 905-852-6213

SATURDAY, AUGUST 30TH Maud’s Garden of Quilts - Quilt Show An amazing garden of quilts, hand crafted by quilters both local and visiting. This event runs Saturday and Sunday Time: 9am Where: 11850 Regional Road 1 Contact:

SUNDAY, AUGUST 31ST Rev it Up Hot Rod Show Come out and enjoy a fun day of cars, food, games, FREE Bouncy Castle, Dunk Tank, 50/50 Draw, Shopping and more! Help raise money for the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog. Car entry is $10 and Spectator entry is by donation. Time: 10am - 4pm Where: Williamson Dealership, 259 Toronto St.


Uxbridge Cruise-in Night! Commencing on May 22nd, 2014 and running through to September 18th, 2014 (excluding September 4th, 2014), come and join us every Thursday evening for the Uxbridge Classic Car Show, hosted by the Bonner Boys. Gates open at 4:30p.m. until Dusk. For further information, please visit

Uxbridge BIA Seniors Day Seniors are encouraged to come shop, dine & explore Uxbridge each Tuesday. On Tuesday, participating businesses will display an orange ‘Keep Calm Seniors Day Here’ sign. Stop by to discover special Seniors promotions, sale items, in-store guests, a demonstration, a free activity or a Seniors discount. Contact: 905 852-9181 x 406

Legion Bingo Bingo Thursdays at the Uxbridge Legion. $1200 in prizes to be awarded. Must be at least 19 years of age. Doors open 6:30pm. Bingo starts at 7:30pm Taoist Tai Chi at the Uxbridge Seniors Centre. Includes a gentle set of movements that promote well-being for people of all ages and in all conditions. Beginner class: every Friday 9-10am. Continuous class: every Friday 1011:30am.

Fridays at the Fosters - Concert Series Join us Friday nights until Sept 26th, 7:30pm 8:30pm, admission - donations at the door

Sketchy Crafts and Crafty Sketches A fun drawing and crafting workshop led by young artist Rachel Prentice. Each week a different project is featured such as clay sculptures, paper masks, figure sketching and much more. Ages 11 and up. Every Wednesday. Free.

Contact: Bev Northeast @ Where: Foster Memorial, 9449 Regional Rd #1

Time: 4 pm Where: Uxbridge Youth Centre, 34 Brock St.

Uxbridge at War Exhibit June 18 to Sept. 28, Wednesday to Sunday and holidays, 10am to 4pm. A special exhibit exploring the role of Uxbridge in WWI, corresponding with the 100th anniversary of the start of the ‘Great War’ (19141918). Uxbridge’s involvement in WWI will be explored through artifacts, photographs, and archival materials from the Museum’s collection, and told through the narrative of letters and stories from members of the Uxbridge community. The museum welcomes group tours. Arrangements can be made for group tours outside of regular tour hours (please call in advance to arrange).

Royal Canadian Legion Every Friday night we play euchre, so if you are interested please come out at 7:00 to sign up and play starts at 7:30. It is a great night of fun for all in the downstairs clubroom.

Time: 4:30 pm - Dusk

Where: Uxbridge Historical Centre, 7239 Concession Road 6 Contact: 905-852-5854 or museum@town.uxbridge.

Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Uxbridge

Maud of Leaskdale – Summer Theatre Back for its third season, the acclaimed show is based on the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery during her first 15 years spent in Ontario is performed on site at the Historic Church in Leaskdale. Come sit in the space where her husband preached and listen to the words from Maud’s own journals. Continues every Thursday until August 29th. For tickets call 905-862-0808 or book online at Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30pm

Uxbridge Community Midwives

Uxbridge Community Midwives Dr. Connie Yong & Associates



accepting new patients

with a complete exam and cleaning


8-307 Toronto St. S, Uxbridge

Tiffany Haidon RM Mahnaz Najafian RM Mitra Razi RM Testa Professional Building

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2 Campbell Drive, Suite 100A, Uxbridge, ON, L9P 1H6

2 Campbell Drive, Unit 207 | 905 862 3535 |

905 904.0688



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I’m a big baby. I cry all the time. Funerals? Of course. Weddings? Yup. Seeing someone else cry? Bingo. Poignant scenes during Little House on The Prairie reruns? Check. It doesn’t take much to bring on the waterworks. Perhaps this is a genetic trait inherited from my proud Irish Poet ancestry, or perhaps I’m just a wuss. Either way, my tendency to tears is something I’ve tried to hide most of my life. Regardless of what you read in certain revisionist texts, men are not encouraged to show emotion. Although many complain of their male partners supposed inability to express emotion, when those long held back droplets of grief or joy finally do come to the surface, the reaction by others is rarely pretty. I’ve discussed this with many men over the years, and almost all have agreed: we are told to display our emotion constantly-until we actually do. Sensitivity is not a garden hose that can be turned on when it’s a little dry out, and kept off when it’s rainy season. Emotion comes when it comes, not just when it’s convenient. Some places have a climate like Vancouver, some are like the Sahara. But when that rain comes, the best we can do is pop open our umbrellas and wait for the rainbow. When I was 19, my father passed away suddenly. I was heartbroken, and completely unfit emotionally to deal with it. On the day of funeral, as I was helping to bear the casket out of the funeral home to the cemetery, a senior friend of the family noticed a rogue tear trickle down my cheek. As she approached, I assumed she was coming over to offer some support. A hand on my shoulder. Instead, she hissed a rebuke. “Don’t you dare let your mother or sister see you crying. You’re the man of the family now. Your mother is worried enough as it is.” All this, before the most important role model and mentor of my young life was even in the ground. Being a rather quick student, I learned many tricks to cover up this unmanly trait. But try as I might, they kept bubbling to the surface, and often at the most inopportune times. My poker face wasn’t even good enough for Crazy 8’s. So after many failed attempts at being something I’m not, I surrendered to the emotional centre of who I am. I dove deeper into the sea of feelings I’d been struggling to navigate around. I allowed this grief and sorrow and love and heartache and bliss to echo throughout my creative work for the first time. I started creating poems and songs and paintings and photos that addressed what I was actually feeling. What I knew friends of mine were feeling, but didn’t have the avenue to express. A funny thing happened through this time. Many of those feelings began to heal. The creative expression of deep emotion is an incredible way to deal with personal tragedy. Music and Art therapy have proven to be some of the most valuable, powerful modalities for helping people work through difficult times. And another beautiful thing about alchemizing your struggles and triumphs into art, is that you can then

share those experiences with an audience, big or small, who can also benefit from the wisdom you’ve gained by making it through the muck. You can add to the collective human experience in a really positive way. As an artist, you have an important role to play. True, it’s not an easy life. But I encourage you to go deep with your work. It matters. It really does. As an artist, you are sensitive to many things. As a creative being, you can get hurt easily. As an artist, you really need to take care of yourself. But when you’ve struggled down, holding your breath as long as you can, and come back to the surface with that pearl to share with everyone? Well, then there’s nothing better in the world, my friend. The way you (and only you) process what you see, and hear, and feel becomes strong, beautiful, rare medicine. And the world needs your strong, beautiful, rare medicine. So here’s to you, you sensitive, wonderful, creative being, you. Don’t be ashamed of your sensitivity. Bask in it. Share it. Use it to be of service to others who may need inspiration and strength as they go through their dark days. There is a very special power in it. Darrin Davis is the owner and operator of Peacefully Productive Studios. He is a professional musician, singer-songwriter, photographer and painter. His weekly music video series ‘Songs on a Pink Couch’ can be followed at user/thedarrindavisband, and his weekly photography series can be seen at He lives in the wildwood splendour of Uxbridge, Ontario with his lovely wife Amy, and their incorrigible pup, Dublin. All 3 are relentless Blue Jays fans.

43rd Annual

The Good Olde Days

Fun for the whole family!

Saturday & Sunday August 23 & 24 10 am - 5 pm King Brewery Beer & Cider Garden - enjoy live entertainment at the Gazebo Williamson Chrysler sponsored Antique Cars Area and Parade KIDS Zone and Festival Passport! Military Re-enactors and camp First Nations lodge and exhibit Meat Merchant BBQ and fresh local corn on the cob from Coopers Farm

Festival Passport Adults $6 Children Free (12 & under) Parking Free

Uxbridge at War Exhibit viewing Interdenominational Service on Sunday, 9:30 am at the Fifth Line Church

Museum Grounds

7239 Concession Road 6 (just north of Brock St./Durham 8) Uxbridge

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A local to the town of Uxbridge, Tara O’Connor has moved from the small town country side to the vibrant landscape of Toronto. In Toronto she studied Sculpture/Installation at the renowned OCAD University where she founded the first talent show ever hosted at the institution. She is inspired by the popular culture, music and fashion. Tara’s thrill for fashion sprung when she became the Backstage Production Coordinator for |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week back in 2010. She enjoys working with wax to create fantastical bronze sculptures and blares her music while painting to the sound of a beat. You can enjoy more of her art by visiting her blog at or following her on Facebook under Tara O’Connor Visual Artist.

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| the art of collecting art part 1 |


Collecting Art is an art in of itself. Original Art can be created in several media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, graphite (pencil) In short, any of these media that produces a one of a kind work. An artist can present as a singular medium, or mixed media... a combination of the above mixed with almost anything. Any form is acceptable as the purpose is to achieve the desired original effect. Sculpture is also a big part of this Art world. Limited editions considered by many as Art are simply a limited number of reproductions of one work of original Art. Reproductions are thought of by some people as collectibles. The word commonly used for reproductions is ‘prints’. This is erroneous. Real Prints are works of art created on ancient printing devices such as Copper plate etchings as an example. The artist creates the actual work of Art on a copper or zinc plate using a stylist tool to etch (scratch) the image into plate. The ink is then added to the plate whereby it is pressed together on a sheet of paper. Next, it is run through the intaglio press leaving the image on the paper. This is a very short description of the process. Modern reproductions are now, digitally machine made, with no handwork. So collecting Art does not include reproductions. For purposes of this column, the real Print discussion will be left at that. Yet, some of the philosophies expressed in this article and other articles can probably be applied to collecting collectibles. Once you have decided on your Art choice, you can begin to enhance

Friday, Sept. 5

Fair Opens..........................................Noon

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 4

(Seniors free until 5 p.m.)


Teddy Bears’ Picnic ............................Noon – 5 p.m. Tractor Pull ........................................7:00 p.m. Youth Entertainment at Bandshell ................................7:00 p.m. Buildings Close...................................10:00 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 6

General Admission $10.00 Children Grade 8 & Under FREE Weekend Pass $25.00 Parking FREE Saturday Offsite Shuttle FREE

Buildings and Midway Open ................10:00 a.m. Barnyard Rodeo..................................10:00 a.m. Sheep Show, Goat Show & 4H Rabbit Show ........................11:00 a.m. Open Dairy Show ................................Noon Official Opening .................................1:00 p.m. Apple Pie Auction...............................1:00 p.m. Durham West 4H & Open Lawn Tractor Pulling Club.....................1:00 p.m. Demolition Derby ...............................7:00 p.m. (smoke free bleachers)

Buildings Close...................................10:00 p.m.

your home. A room without Art is just a room. There are just bare walls and some furniture …lifeless. Consider the opposite; a room with Art displayed on the walls. This room has by comparison, life and style. Most of all; it is a warm, inviting space with the joy of Art to caress the eyes! Remember too, that the Art that you choose is your individual mark. It can reflect you as a person. Your taste, good or bad, is a reflection of you. Hanging your Art on the wall, is a little like hanging out your laundry on a line for everybody to read. In that case, you want to be proud of the Art you collect. The Art that you present is important as your choices can reveal the essence of your spirit. In short, they reveal who you are. With almost four decades in the art field, covering most aspects of this field including working with AJ Casson and family members of the Group of Seven, along with many other notable Canadian and American Master Artists. Today Buckingham Gallery of Fine Art presents historic, current and upcoming fine artists. Contact them at, 905-852-6874, or visit at 5470 Hwy 47 Uxbridge

Sunday, Sept. 7

Heavy Horse Show..............................9:00 a.m. Canine Equine Challenge ....................9:00 a.m. Buildings and Midway Open ................10:00 a.m. Cruise-in Car Show, Baby Show, Poultry Show...............................11:00 a.m. Beef Show ..........................................Noon Free Birthday Cake.............................2:00 p.m. Horse Pull ..........................................2:30 p.m. Fair Closes .........................................5:00 p.m.

Evening Schedule for Midway 1. Kiddies Rides will close at 10:00pm 2. Ticket booths will close at 10:30pm 3. All rides or attractions will shutdown promptly by 11:00pm

General Admission $10.00 Children Grade 8 & Under FREE Weekend Pass $25.00 Parking FREE Saturday Offsite Shuttle FREE

Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 5, 6, 7 Elgin Park, Uxbridge

Conditions of Entry to The Fair 1. No skateboards 2. No Bicycles 3. Wristbands must be worn 4. No Alcohol 5. Backpacks and bags will be subject to search

General admission provides free admission to all events. Parking and seating not guaranteed.

You are invited to attend the 5th An-

nual Farmers of Uxbridge event at the Uxbridge Arena on Thursday August 21st from 5-8pm. There are over 30 local farmers with an extensive variety of products. Buy local and learn about the farm industry. We have farmers that produce dairy, beef, pork, lamb, duck, and fresh fruit and produce. Specialty items include local honey, maple syrup, sheep cheese, jams and a local wine producer. Outdoor displays include fainting goats,Little Lord Oberon our American Shetland, tractors with a variety of farm equipment, “Agi” the talking Cow

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION OF UXBRIDGE UPCOMING EVENTS All Events are open to members and non-members alike. •On Saturday September 13th (rain date Sunday the 14th) we will be hosting our annual “Uxbridge Rides For Our Vets”. The days events start with breakfast and registration from 8:00 -10:00 A.M. at the Uxbridge Legion. A scenic fall colour ride through the Haliburton Highlands. Lunch at Branch #624 Wilberforce from 1:00-1:30 P.M. arriving back at Uxbridge Legion for dinner and dance (live Band) starting at 7:00 P.M. The cost is $45.00 per rider and $20.00 per passenger all days events inclusive. Anyone just wanting to attend the dance tickets are $10.00. Security will be provided for overnight parking. All funds raised go to local veterans and their families. Please pre register at “” •Every Wednesday we have a mixed golf league that plays at 43 rd Annual

Fun for the whole family!

THE GOOD OLDE DAYS! Heritage Days has been a centerpiece of Uxbridge’s festivals since its inception in 1971! It has grown into a 2 day celebration of the Uxbridge Township and surrounding area’s unique history and heritage. It is organized and run by the Uxbridge Historical Society, a registered charity run by volunteers, whose mandate is to support the Historical Centre from a fundraising and volunteer perspective. Held on the beautiful Quaker Hill, overlooking the Town and surrounding valley, Heritage Days takes place on the 5 acre Uxbridge Historical Centre’s grounds. This municipally funded and run community museum is set up as a

and we will also welcome Patchi, the PanAm Games mascot this year. This is a free event with free parking. Refreshments are provided. Join us again or for the first time and learn about our local farmers. “Farmers Feed Families” For more information please contact Pat Mikuse at 905 852-0206

Foxbridge Golf Course. All skill level of golfers are welcome to join. This is followed by a BBQ dinner back at the Branch starting at $5.00 non-golfers are welcome. •Every Friday night we play euchre, so if you are interested please come out at 7:00 to sign up and play starts at 7:30. It is a great night of fun for all in the downstairs clubroom. •Please check local papers for our monthly Friday night dinners. It’s a great night out and you don’t have to do the dishes. •September 21st-27th is Legion Week. Legion week is a time when we invite our friends, neighbors, schools, business partners and civic leaders to visit our local Legion to learn more about what we do for our local community. So come on out and join us this week to find out what we are all about. living village containing 10 historic buildings that have been carefully maintained and preserved. Visitors travel back in time to explore the way of life 200 years ago. There is food (Meat Merchant bbq, corn on the cob, fresh pies), live musical entertainment (held in the gazebo with bleacher seats under the trees), a local First Nations camp will be set up, wheat threshing, antique car and tractor show, fur trapper, blacksmith, and many other exhibits throughout the grounds and inside the various historic buildings. This year’s Heritage Days has a Kids Zone featuring a multitude of games, crafts and activities! Every exhibit will have hands-on elements for kids to interact with history. There is also a Festival Passport for visitors to get stamps at the various exhibits for a chance to win a prize! Come join us at the Uxbridge Historical Centre at 7239 Concession Road 6 on Aug 23 & 24, 10 am - 5 pm. Adult admission is $6 and children 12 and under are free! All proceeds go to support the Historical Centre. You can find more information on our website at

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utt kitchen



1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease an 8-inch square baking pan. 2. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg and vanilla. In a small bowl, whisk together flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking powder and salt. Add to butter mixture and mix at a low speed until combined. 3. Divide dough in half and press half of dough into an even layer on the bottom of the prepared pan. Place chocolate bars over dough (3 king-sized Hershey’s bars should fit perfectly side by side, but break the chocolate, if necessary, to get it to fit in a single layer no more than 1/4 inch thick). Spread marshmallow creme over chocolate layer. Place remaining dough in a single layer on top of the marshmallow (most easily achieved by flattening the dough into small, flat shingles and laying them together). 4. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, until lightly browned. Cool completely before cutting into bars.

w w w. u x b r i d g e t o w n t a l k . c o m | a u g u s t 2 0 1 4

(Makes 16 cookie bars)


Visit: Contact me @ 647 299 5981 |

1/2 cup butter, room temperature 1/4 cup light brown sugar 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 large egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/3 cups all purpose flour 3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 king-sized milk chocolate bars (e.g. Hershey’s) 1 1/2 cups marshmallow creme

Have a recipe that your family loves? Do you want to share it with Uxbridge? Drop in or email us and we will include it in one of our future issues.

Celebrating 25 years Uxbridge Renovation Showroom | 905-852-7722 | 17991 Lakeridge Road

The first ever serum of it’s kind on the market, Progessence™ Plus [called Progessence Phyto Plus in Canada] is a pure, harmonizing serum formulated specifically for women. Along with wild yam and vitamin E, Progessence Plus is formulated with Frankincense, Bergamot, and Peppermint essential oils for optimal results. Progessence (Phyto) Plus is portable, , and doesn’t require rotation of application areas like some competing products. Its clear bottle showcases the remarkable purity of this unique serum formulation.

I started using Progessence plus 7 months ago - and I can tell you from experience that it has been a game changer for me! No more night sweats, I’m down to 1 hot flash a week (from 1 every 30 minutes). And I personally know a number of women that have had similar results. Quick Tip: I have a roller fitment on mine - allowing me to roll it onto the soft (hairless) part of my forearm twice daily! So incredibly simple! For more information or to order go to Peggy Prince is a mom, a homemaker, and community-minded entrepreneur. She is the founder of and author of –Essential Oils –The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide and Journal”, which will be published this later this fall. Peggy delivers local workshops and on-line webinars teaching people about essential oils as a safe alternative to pharmaceutical medications.
Peggy lives in Uxbridge, Ontario with her husband Roger and their 12-year-old (Shooting4Food) son Hayden.

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Can you imagine a life without hot flashes, night sweats and all of the other wonderful symptoms of peri and menopause? And wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve that life safely, without side effects, with a natural remedy! There are 35 known symptoms of menopause. Some of them, like weight gain, can have significant health effects. And it may surprise you to learn that a higher incidence of hot flashes and night sweats are associated with: •alzheimer’s disease •osteoporosis, •depression •hypertension and migraine headaches. In other words, hot flashes and night sweats are symptoms, telling you that your body chemistry is off. They are clear signals that give you an opportunity to do something about them to get things back in alignment. In the US, the average age of Menopause for a caucasian female is 51, and very few women will pass through menopause without symptoms. Recent studies show that it is low progesterone levels that cause most of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause (Progesterone – The Ultimate Woman’s Feel Good Hormone, Dan Purser MD) and that 98% of women in this stage lack sufficient progesterone – while only a small percentage are estrogen deficient. About 7 months ago, I was introduced to Progressence Plus -a safe, natural, Young Living product that contains highly micronized, biologically identical, botanical progesterone, along with bergamot, peppermint, and frankincense essential oils. This highly purified botanical progesterone comes from yams and is easily absorbed into the body, bringing hormones back into balance. Progessence Plus has the following benefits. 1. Reduce Hot Flashes and Night Sweats - so that you can reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, depression, hypertension and migraine headaches. Not to mention - just being a whole lot happier not having to deal with them; 2. Reduce the risk for heart attacks and strokes so that you can live a longer, healthier life. 3. Bergamot and Peppermint essential oils help to improve the absorption into the cells, so that the progesterone is easily transported to where it is needed. 4. Frankincense helps boost the immune system; and 5. Progessence Plus helps with sleep - so that you are less irritable.


feeling fine

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106 MILL STREET N2922135 $304,900

Dynamite semi on deep lot with-in walking to everything. Three bedrooms, great updates throughout, oversized eat-in kitchen nicely updated.

206 MILL STREET N2970022 $399,000

4 ADAMS COURT N2968210 $399,000

44 COLONEL SHARPE $599,000

Large family home with lots of Fabulous end unit 2 Storey condo space. Hardwood floors, large completely updated with rooms, private treed lot, large stunning finishes and large center laneway to turn around in. Island. Gorgeous eat-in kitchen Awesome oversized garage. Just with walk-out to private yard. minutes to town! Finished Basement.

Beautiful 2 Storey home in Quaker Village, on a very private lot with stunning inground pool. Sparkles from top to bottom with amazing updates throughout. A wonderful family home.



RE/MAX agents have donated more than 130 million dollars to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 1992.

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Re/max All-Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage 47 Brock St. W. Uxbridge, ON, L9P 1N5


Office: 905 852 6143 Fax: 905 852 5696

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