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*A Thank You for VISTAs *Ways to get your VISTA work recognized *Free & low cost activities in Greeley/FC *Santa Fe Stew - DELICIOUS! *Do you know Cathy Millon of Girl Scouts of Colorado? Now you do! *New VISTA leader: Erika Rogness

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The Untold Story: Young Philanthropists in Your Community I would like to start by thanking all of you for taking a year (or more) of your time to serve communities that need it! Few people are willing to continue to live on college-like funds after they have graduated while spending their work week trying to improve their own communities or the new area they have relocated to. You commit to being available 24/7, volunteer many hours, take on challenges you are given, and all so you can fight poverty or make someone's life better . It's incredible to see a great group of people that have so much heart to do all that it takes to make their organization a success. Without your contributions and passion many things would have been difficult for your site to accomplish. Once again, I thank you all and applaud you for your great work. I also thank the supervisors who allow you the opportunity to learn new skills and give you the freedom to work on projects with the same objectives in mind. In saying this, the monthly newsletter known as the AmeriCorps Vista's "The Verse" will include free/cheap upcoming events, deals on meals/recipes, V^3 (Very Valuable VISTA), and resources for work related materials. If you would like additional items in the

newsletter please let me know and I am more than happy to take anyone's contributions to add into the newsletters. This is the introductory newsletter so future newsletters will have more resources! I look forward to this new year with a wonderful group of VISTAs that I hope to learn more about while making a difference!

Cheap & Easy Meal for Days! Santa Fe Stew

For the Health Conscious

I personally love this

Pesto Tuna Salad

recipe because I can

1 (6 ounce) can

make it for parties or

canned tuna

just to eat and then freeze the rest for another meal! This turns out pretty thick

Better Recognize How to get your work known at your site

1/4 cup prepared (or homemade) basil pesto sauce

Attend Staff meetings: If you have staff meetings at your site, make time to attend a few of

so you can either eat

6 sun-dried

it as a stew


on what you are doing as a

or dip tortilla chips in

2 tablespoons

VISTA or just use it to meet

it! Enjoy!


people and make connections.

2 tablespoons

Pass out your monthly


newsletter: This new

1 ib lean ground beef 1 onion, chopped 1 can stewed tomatoes, chopped 1 can Rotel with green chilis 1 can corn

Parmesan cheese

Directions In a bowl, mix the tuna, pesto, sun-

them. You can update the staff

monthly newletter of AmeriCorps VISTA's "The Verse" will include portions specifically for your VISTA accomplishments! You may want your supervisors to see

1 can pinto beans

dried tomatoes,

this or pass it along to people

1 can black beans

mayonnaise, and

you volunteer or work with.

1 lb. mild Mexican

Parmesan cheese.

Accomplishments will be taken

Velveeta, cubed 2 tsp. of chili powder 1 tsp of cumin dash of salt

Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. It's

from progress reports or emails sent to Business cards: Do you have business cards? Be sure to

Brown hamburger

good on a croissant.

pass them around! Ask your

with chopped onion in

If you prefer more of

site if they are able to print

skillet pan. Throw

a crunch, add celery

these for you or there are sites

browned meat and

and onions to taste.

that will print them for free. You

onions into big pot

can create business cards on

and began mixing and just pay for

in all other ingredients

them to be shipped!

WITH the liquid in the

Your sites web page: Many

cans (I drain the corn

sites list their staff on the web

a little, but NOT

page, make sure your name is

completely). If you

there. You can talk to your sites

don't want to use chili

webmaster or tech department

powder or cumin, you

about getting your name up as

can use a chili mix or

well as information about your

a ranch mix. Simmer

sites VISTA project.

in pot until all cubes of

Bulletin boards at work: use

Velveeta are melted.

your work bulletin board to post

Let cool to thicken.

announcements about

Eat with sour cream,

upcoming events or work that

tortilla chips, or

VISTAs have done. This helps

straight with a spoon!

promote all VISTA events and recruit volunteers! Site's newspaper/newsletter: If your site has a newsletter or newspaper, consider asking for space to do a bi-monthly VISTA column. It helps remind staff

and community members about events, shares resources, and uses the time to talk about the importance of your program!

What's Happenin' December All events FREE unless marked otherwise

V^3: Very Valuable VISTA Cathy Millon - Girl Scouts of Colorado 1) What is your most prized possession? My most prized possession would have to be my laptop. It’s the most functional thing I own – music, movies, Internet, fanmail, etc. – plus it’s full of

12/21: Winter Solstice - yup the earth's axle tilt is farthest from the sun today! Blackbird Celtic Music, 7pm at Poudre

stickers that express my personal passions and political stances – feminism and liberal stuff like NOW (National Organization for Women), Obama, Amnesty International, etc

River Public Library 201 Peterson Street, Fort Collins Darkwave's Nightmare for Xmas 8pm at

2) Worst fear? I most fear being stuck in a professional or personal situation that I couldn’t get out of. I never want to

Hodi's Half Note 167 N College Ave, Fort

end up in a job that I don’t enjoy or that doesn’t


challenge me, and I never want to be living

12/22: Karaoke night at AJ's 7:30-

somewhere feeling like I couldn’t leave. I like my

midnight at 735 16th st, Greeley 12/23: Trivia night & Live music at The

freedom. 3) What do you want to be remembered for?

Jager 8pm-10pm at 822 9th st,

I want to be remembered for my fearlessness –

downstairs, Greeley

scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, bungee

Cheap Eats: 35 cent wings all day at Jacksons All-American Sports Grill 2100

jumping, skydiving, moving to a new state, taking things head-on and knowing that I’ll be able to make it work out.

35th Ave Greeley 12/27-12/30: FREE Holiday Skate School Session Mon-Thur 11:25am-noon Ice

4) What’s the best surprise you’ve ever had? So far, the best surprise I’ve had was winning the United Way of Gratiot County Volunteer Award in

Haus 1000 10th st Greeley

2009. I had no idea I was even nominated. Only

12/31: KRFC's 26th Annual Resolution

one person on the committee knew who I was and

5K Run at 7pm CSU campus in front of

they still awarded me a very prestigious title. I was

the Lory

extremely proud of myself and flattered that someone nominated me AND I won!

01/01: New Year's Day 5K & Annual Blowout Sale 10am at Runners Roost-

5) If you knew you COULDN’T fail, what would

Front Range Village 2720 Council Tree

you want to try?

Ave, ste 112 Fort Collins Your entry fee includes a running item (you choose from

I would want to try living in a country like Sweden or Switzerland. I know nothing about their history, culture, politics or social climate, but I love the

a bin), post race munchies and

languages and would want to try really living

refreshments, raffle prizes. Gear 70% off,

somewhere completely different than what I know.

footwear for $30 plus other sale items. 01/02: Free FUN Skate 12:30pm - 1pm at the Ice Haus

6) Why did you become an AmeriCorps VISTA? I applied to be a VISTA for a multitude of reasons. I love volunteering and knew this would be a great opportunity to experience a whole system of

* Public Skate Sessions Ice Haus: MonSun noon-1:30 Wed 6:15-7:45pm $4 weekday $5 weekend $2 skate rental

nonprofits. I also really wanted to move to Colorado and have a passion for working with women and girls. I was able to work for an organization that filled those needs for me while also teaching me so much about large nonprofit organizations. Plus, VISTA looks great on a grad school application (and, you know, ed. award!). 7) What personality trait gets you in trouble? I think my fearlessness gets me in trouble when I say the wrong thing and make people uncomfortable with my bluntness. Sometimes I assume other people are as fearless as I am.

8) What do you miss the most about home?

WATER. Growing up on Lake Huron spoiled me! I miss having a perfect breeze off the lake, jumping in when it’s too hot out, and going for a boat ride to clear my head. Plus, kayaking, fishing, tubing – I love being on the water. 9) What do you love the most about being in Colorado? I love feeling like I can go anywhere and do anything. Camping in the mountains is awesome,

Enjoying the Adirondacks in NY

New VISTA Leader Erika Rogness I am very excited to be the new VISTA leader with United Way of Weld County! Volunteering is something I began in high school when I started performing with a Quintet for Christmas at a senior citizens home. I continued short stints of volunteer work during high school and soon after into college when I assisted in hosting a Halloween party for Sudanese refugees and joined VoluntEARS with Disneyland while I interned there. After graduating from college with a bachelors in hospitality management (tourism/event planning) I was able to gain a job in outdoor tourism right outside Zion National Park. Never having canyoneered before and only wall climbing instead of rock climbing they put me through an amazing course for the first month of learning! This however, was a seasonal job, and I couldn't be out of work for 3 months. I had always wanted to join AmeriCorps and this was my opportunity. I did an interview for the earliest start date I could find and one month after I was done in Utah, I found myself in Vermont serving as a VISTA for a youth oriented substance abuse prevention coalition! During my service

and I love my commute to work along the mountains. It’s really cool to watch it snow in the mountains – way cooler than watching it rain on a lake.

term I had fun & there was little training on-site; it was more a "hit the ground running, sink or swim" position and I loved every minute of it! I learned more than I ever could have imagined, saw incredible things, enjoyed the East coast, got to visit old friends, and made lifelong new friends! I was sad to go, but I feel that learning new things, seeing new amazing sights, enjoying the West again, and making new friends can only be an even greater experience here in Colorado. I truly believe that new experiences rise up your spirit! Here is one of my favorite quotes to sum up my thoughts: "You are wrong if you think that happiness in life comes soley from your relationships with people. The wonders of life are in everything we see and anything we do, we just have to change the way we look at things."

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