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The Tower Volume LXIV Nineteen Seventy Three University of Wisconsin- Stout Menomonie, Wisconsin














A crowd. A mass of mind and flesh, when looked at as a whole, takes on the torm of unabtrusive sameness. Yet, broken down, slowly, persistantly, we begin to take notice of faces. Faces of individuals. Each of us as individuals has our own thoughts and ideas with which to mold the world and himself. This process of thinking for ourself has many alternatives. How easy to leave the decision with the crowd and slip from under the responsibility. But, it is only when we dissolve the crowd that we notice the individual with his thoughts, goals, ideas, and ambitions. It is I, the individual, that must not be swallowed by the comfort of the group. Only when we accept individual responsibility are we unique.




Do we create our surroundings, or does our environment create us? Past. Present. Future. How we allow these tenses to rule our lives determines much of what we are.



We all take time to eat. It's what we eat, when, and where that makes food more than just a necessity. How some of us can exist on coffee and others require a four course meal only emphasizes our different wants. We need the food to live but the mood, the occasion, and the company are sometimes more important than being hungry.


Do we mold our shelter or does it mold us? A mattress in a corner or a king sized waterbed, each of us determines what our shelter will be. A shelter may be a temporary roof or a cubicle for the protection of possessions. A shelter may also be a safe retreat from oppressing forces.


What we wear expresses what we are, want to be, or what we want others to think we are. How easily we change our moods by changing our clothes.


How often impressions are taken from fabric rather than features. We forget that clothes are mass produced but, each person was created as a unique individual.


No boundaries No limits Only countless opportunities. The bird g



e s confident in himself and the wind that supports him. If we have the faith in ourselves that the birds have, we too can fly!


It is assumed we have faith in other people, but people hurt, so . . . . We subsidize our faith with the reassurances of machines, education, books, and nature.


"I love it!"

"I love you."



Fragile, yet strong, Subtle, yet intense, Changing, yet constant. Relationships can't be simplified into a collection of words or phrases because our experiences create our own individual definitions.


Life is decisions; Countless decisions; Decisions we make and accept or decisions made by others that we submit to because . . not to decide is to decide.


~... -= --





We meet each day with memorized instinctive behavior. It's easy to follow a routine, but machines can be programmed; is that what we want? It takes a direction, a goal, to give meaning to our lives.



We all are creative, but the barriers of inhibition, apathy, and laziness often prevent its expression in all but a few.


As we live we create a pattern of expressions. Some, afraid of being different, let fear conform their pattern; others have the courage to be original.



Searching for ourselves we acquire a collection of things. Things we weave into a design. A design that when completed reveals a replica of our life.



I look, I see, I feel, and you do the same. But are we experiencing the same feelings? We may never know.


Reflection of the past is a constant process. Looking back, reminising, or only silently pondering; our faces are clock faces which tell more than the hour. They reveal a life time to those who take the opportunity to look.


Pay Here tick, tick, tick . . . Computer printouts available Friday. Closed. Do Not Enter Must Have I.D. Social Security No.? Sign full name here. ''You're late"



Tumbling and bubbling, languid and placid, life like a liquid flows on conforming to its surroundings then, breaking through all barriers forms its own pathway. Sometimes it may be almost gone with only a few quivering trembling drops. Only when it has become stagnant is water and life completely useless.

~ .'-


.... • I




" /


Registration found students waiting in seemingly endless lines as they prepared for another semester. For many, the experiences proved frustrating as schedules were reshuffled for the third and fou rth time. Voices grew sharp and tempers shortened as classes continued to close and the number of overloads lessened. It seemed there weren't enough hours in a day, or even days in a week . . . . Somehow, somewhere, there must be a better way . . .


Students Scrambled and Were Scrambled by Registration ABOVE LEFT: Seniors are the most selective about courses to complete their studies. LOWER LEFT: A staggering load of textbooks draws a look of dismay. CENTER: Despite the many hassles of registration, a few remain cheerful. BELOW: Confusion is also experienced by those outside the student community.




TOP LEFT: A student's few material necessities are stacked in readiness for the big move. ABOVE: Some take the situation calmly in stride. RIGHT: Others close out the strangeness in their own way. TOP RIGHT: A hazy summer rain blurs the outlook. FAR RIGHT: Canoeing helps to pass the long summer afternoons.



Students Said Goodbye to Summer

All too soon, the summer was gone the students wrestled boxes, suitcases, and heaps of personal possessions as they moved into dorms and apartments. Onl y memories remained of summer sun, jobs, and school. The present was an evident reality as overstuffed cars were unloaded, boxes unpacked, and another year began.


The Few Warm Days Were Filled During the few warm fall days that we had stu dents made the best of their weekends. Sailboats, canoes, and water skiers, dotted Lake Menomin. The first weeks of school included Harvest Fest and Tainter Lake Festival. These events provided music, games, food, beer, and a lot of the outdoors.

UPPER LEFT: Tainter Lake Festival draws many curious on-lookers. LOWER LEFT: Open air music is music at its best. RIGHT: Concentration on the beat makes everything else irrelevant. BELOW: A sun drenched lake provides a backdrop for the outdoor activity.

New Chancellor Emphasized Uniqueness Robert S. Swanson, a former Stout student, instructor, and dean, became Chancellor of the university in September, 1972. His appointment replaced William j. Micheels. In the course of his administration, he has found his associations with Stout students enjoyable. "The Stout student is a practical individual; quite career-oriented and concerned with practical situations and ways of doing things. He is friendly, easy to talk with, and very open and concise about his feelings." To best suit the needs and desires of its students, Swanson chose to maintain Stout's status as a "career-oriented institution with a smaller number of large, well known programs. Rather than developing totally new areas of study, we should expand and develop more fully the areas we now have." His goals for the coming year therefore include expansion of graduate programs, variations and additions to present majors, and the general development of a learning atmosphere. Speculating on the future, the Chancellor has said: " Let's not lose our uniqueness. In maintaining the flavor of a small school with a number of highly qualified programs in specific areas, we can serve a special purpose in a way that others have not chosen."


~....r_~--------~~ 58

LEFT: Robert S. Swanson, newly appointed chancellor at Stout. BELOW: Chancellor Swanson frequently confers with various school officials. FAR RIGHT TOP: The chancellor returns home for some leisure hours with his family. FAR RIGHT BOTTOM: The chancellor's duties involve acting as a host on campus.


Bloodmobile Offered Opportunity for Service W hy did students wait in line to be questioned? They scrambled up onto tables to be prodded, and depleted of their own body substance. The Red Cross Bloodmobile, sponsored by the Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma Service O rganizations, drew three to four hundred donors from the university and community. Why? Munching cookies and sipping fruit juice with their one good arm, students unwound knowing they had done at least one good thing for the day. RIGHT: A few minutes that might someday save a life. BELOW: A Red Cross assistant prepares a student for giving blood. LOWER LEFT: Donors relax over refreshments and share a feeling of usefulness to the community.


A stirring presentation by the Barbed Wire Theatre Group on September 22 gave Stout a new and shocking insight into today's correctional institutions. Through drama and mock trial, homosexuality, injustice, and poor living conditions were presented by those who have learned from hard experienceformer convicts. A question and answer period with discussion followed the presentation.

Cage Brought Prison Life to the "Outside"

TOP LEFT: Convicts bring their experiences and feelings outside the prison confines. LEFT: An intense drama portraying the prison experience. ABOVE: Classroom interaction preceeds the performance.


RIGHT: The Stout marching band plays a prominent role in the Homecoming parade. FAR RIGHT: Sporting a traditional Homecoming mum, Barb Reed, views the activity from a comfortable position. BELOW: Peeling hard-boiled eggs is even more tedious than eating them. BELOW RIGHT: A jumble of arms and legs is often characteristic of the car packing contest.

a, \


Parades, Games, and Contests Reflected Homecoming Tradition Homecoming '72 was an attempt to add a new and different approach to a traditional event. In addition to the familiar queen's contest, football game, and individual contest, there were a variety of new activities. The week began with banners and flyers promoting the queens, coupled with haywagons, chicken wire, and sky high piles of napkins which might someday become floats. In the spirit of the week, students packed themselves into volkswagons, ate dozens of hardboiled eggs, and swallowed nearly whole pies in the various events.

Evening Concert Added New Highlight In accordance with this year's theme "Something New, Something Different," the homecoming dance was replaced by a Saturday concert by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Performing at the fieldhouse, the band featured a program of bluegrass music, a fiddler, and a touch of the fifties. Not to be forgotten among the many new activities were the friends, old and new, who got together to celebrate the occasion and to remember old times.

FAR LEFT: itty Gritty Dirt Band Presents a wide display of musical talents. LEFT: Queen Trudy enjoys a dance-after the excitement of coronation. ABOVE: Homecoming is changed with evening entertainment for all.


Bluedevils Received Deserved Victory RIGHT: Trudy Nodgaard, 1972 Homecoming Queen. TOP FAR RIGHT: Players scramble for the football as the Bluedevils challenge Stevens Point. BELOW: Homecoming Queen candidates: left to right. Mary Waters, Sigma Pi fraternity, Trudy Nodgaard, Alpha Phi sorority; Pat Bertnick, Vets Club; Jane Zimbric, Delta Zeta sorority; Bette Johnson, Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority; Kathy Jorgenson, South Hall. BELOW CENTER: A well earned victory for the Stout team. BOTIOM FAR RIGHT: Spectators line the streets before the Homecoming parade.


A crisp fall afternoon heightened the excitement of a first victory and made the '72 Homecoming game a memorable one. After a disappointing four game losing streak with no scoring the Stout Bluedevils made a striking comeback with a 24-15 Homecoming victory over Stevens Point. A number of Bluedevil players displayed competence during the course of the game. Sophomores Jeff Statszyk and Tom Glinski and freshman Bob Haberli scored their first touchdowns, while Rick Henneberry and Roger Berg were outstanding on defense. After a string of chilling nights at the fairground, the floats took shape, the votes were in, and Trudy Nodgaard, sponsored by the Alpha Phi sorority, was crowned 1972 Homecoming Queen by Chancellor Robert Swanson.

Union Brought the Stout Community Together


FAR LEFT: The Pawn, located downstairs in the Student Union, provides a quieter, more private location during the school day. CE TER: Students hurry to and from campus as the rain slickens the sidewalks on the mall. LOWER LEFT: A spirit of friendliness and unity seem to prevail. ABOVE: An engrossing game of chess proves relaxing. LEFT: The antics of a folk singer add to the lively atmospher in the snack bar.

Although a student's "leisure time" was often limited, the union was the one retreat from academic pressures. The union was frequently crowded with students playing pool, cards, or just taking a break between classes. It was there that student government met, that political issues were discussed over coffee, and organizations held their meetings. The union was a meeting place, whether a meeting of hundreds of people or of only two, it provided a place for communication; communication through conversation, gestures, music, art, and printed word.


ABOVE: The Pawn moves to the snack bar to accommodate overflow crowds. ABOVE: The Pawn provides a place to get away from it all. RIGHT: Gerry Grossman performs for loyal fans. FAR TOP RIGHT: The intense expression of a performer. CENTER: Alfono and Quick pickin' and strumin' bluegrass. EXTREME RIGHT: One of the • Pawn's regular customers.


All Interests Were Covered

by Pawn

The Pawn, a familiar place of relaxation for Stout students, attempted a more varied program of events for the year. In addition to the familiar folk music, the Pawn committee added talent in the areas of country ballads, blue grass, classical and blues. Sponsoring its annual Fall Showcase to discover talented students in the University community, the Pawn's winner was Theresa jackson. To find a seat was often a problem but students didn't mind sitting on the floor or standing through a set. When Jerry Grossman made one of his waited for appearances, the Pawn met capacity crowds by moving to the snackbar.


Play Presented Man's Need to be Free

When a spirited young actress who wanted to be as free as the butterflies, a blind boy w ho wanted to achieve manhood and individuality by becoming a professional folk singer, and an overprotective mother all came together in the same New York apartment, accidentally, only calamity and hilarity could result. The University Theatre's Fall season opened October 12 with Leonard Gershe's "Butterflies Are Free." Under the direction of Terry Markovich, the comedy production provided a lot of lines and antics for laughter. Ed Foy, Mira Smith, Maggie Garey, and Ray McCoy made up the cast. ABOVE: An indoor picnic made complete with flowers. TOP CE TER: Don reflects upon his sheltered childhood. CE TER: Terry Markovich has a director's critical expression. TOP FAR RIGHT: Smoke livens up another rehearsal. BOTIOM RIGHT: Don and Jill ...




TOP: An experienced skier demonstrates proper skiing technique. ABOVE: l:he insignia of the ational Ski Patrol displays a status achieved by a select group.

Special Presentations Served Various Interests The ballroom was a center of displays, presentations, and seminars. Two of the largest were Dimensions '73 and Alfresco's Ski Show. The Dimensions program, sponsored by the Apparel, Textiles, and Design department featured speakers, style shows and textile crafts displays. The Ski Show was a two day display of ski facilities, equipment and fashion. Ski experts were also available for advice. LEFT: An unusual view of intersting new ideas in fash ion. CE TER: Reviving an old home art, Dr. Heintz spins fibers into yarn for weaving. BELOW: Pat1i vandenhoy examines some Dimension '73 macrame techniques.


BELOW: Speakers present issues to questioning voters. TOP CENTER: Opinions are strong and varied often dividing households. BOTIOM: Months of campaign bombardment lead to the moment of decision. TOP RIGHT: Polls are set up at various locations and manned by interested citizens. BOTTOM CENTER: Voters represent all ages and walks of life. BOTTOM RIGHT: Exercising new rights, students take time out to vote.


New Voting Rights Were Exercised "Nixon or McGovern", "to floridate or not to floridate," the war, the dollar, and poverty had been the topic of conversations, editorials, and news broadcasts for months and now the day had come to make a choice. The 1972 elections drew a significant number of Stout students as they could now vote in the local polling places. All those who voted knew that important issues were under consideration.

CENTER FAR LEFT: Miss Davis pauses to emphasize a point. BOTIOM LEFT: Everyone's minds are stirred by provocative ideas. LEFT: Miss Davis holds the attention of sceptics and supporters. CENTER: Casual in dress and approach, Angela Davis faces a large and curious audience.




Issues For Critical Thought Were Presented Angela Davis, renowned crusader for suppressed peoples spoke to a curious, almost restless audience at Johnson Fieldhouse on ovember 14. Miss Davis began her speech with an evaluation of ixon and his past failures and accomplishments. She continued with her views on capitalism in American society. Her words and ideas were not new to many; a number of students commented that they "Had heard it all before . . ." Almost more emphatic were those who had anticipated a more startling, exp losive presentation. Some left disappointed, others enlightened; the reactions were varied. Yet all seemed to agree that they had been forced to think.


ABOVE: Child study center is a learning experience for child and adult. ABOVE RIGHT: Project Friendship offers a friend for community youngsters. RIGHT: Pledges organize for a clean up of the Punch Bowl.


Students Contributed to the Community The university doesn't just take a student and pour so much knowledge down his throat. Stout students took this knowledge and applied much of it to their lives. They were active within the community. Working individually or as a group, students from Stout cleaned yards, visited hospitals, were big brothers to children, and passed on some of the skills they had learned. Through community involvement students gained experience of a type not offered within a classroom. LEFT: Student teachers go out to practice techniques. BELOW: Students help train new drivers.


Responsibility Taken on by Student Governments Student governments were frustrating and fascinating functioning bodies. Accusations of apathy were directed at the university community. The apathetic majority shrugged their shoulders and continued their lives. Some students caught the slow disease of curiosity that drew them into questioning how our student politics really works. These inquisitive members gradually became participants or they went back to allowing someone else to make the decisions. Student Senate wobbled on its feet some times but always pulled through. University Activities Assembly discussed many changes in an attempt to improve the interelations and functioning of the different university organizations and services. Inter-Residence Hall Council drew itself together into a strong organization that sponsored activites and entertainment for the entire campus. campus. Students formulated proposals, questioned ideas, and made decisions. Students represented their fellow floor members, their organizations, and student community. Yes, tempers flared, opinions clashed, name calling occurred, and mistakes were made, but these groups could never be called apathetic. 82

UPPER FAR LEFT: Budgets, proposals, declarations; endless decisions. UPPER LEFT: To think too much is dangerous. LOWER LEFT: Senate spends a few late nights. UPPER RIGHT: Tuesday . . . Every Tuesday. ABOVE: Any objections? LOWER RIGHT: UAA provides facilities and help for student organizations.


Snowfall Couldn't Be Ignored

Nothing was more beautiful or peaceful than a new snowfall. Sometimes it seemed as if each snowflake was a sedative that slowly and rhythmically took away the worries of the day. How strange that the snow could also make your whole body ache as you struggled to make it to class without falling or being completely frozen. The snow fell, covering everything, and made us aware of how susceptible we were to weather, then it would retreat. We'd dig ourselves out and then, surprise, six inches of white crystals immobolized everything except for the conscientious student who trudged up to class to find out his teacher was snowed in. LEFT: Boots and mittens come out of closets for the first heavy snowfall. BELOW: The snow isolates us with its total cover. RIGHT: The fragile artistry of mother nature.


Free Flicks Completed Weekend Every Sunday night there was a mass migration to Harvey Hall to catch the free movie for the week. "Cactus Flower", "My Fair Lady", and "Andromeda Strain" were only a few of the recent flicks shown. Funded through activity fees, the Free Flicks could always be assured of a good crowd. Free Flicks was an inexpensive night out. It was also an excellent way to unwind from weekend studying and prepare for that ominous Monday morn ing. The only requirement to attend Free Flicks was the infamous 1.0. card and the stamina to wait in line. UPPER RIGHT: Students come in early to obtain comfortable seats. BELOW: Projectors set and ready to go. LOWER RIGHT: "No one admitted without a blue 1.0.".

\ '


One Acts Present

Social Topics

The "Future is in Eggs" and " The Leader" kept the audience glued to their chairs in expectation and fear. "Eggs" discussed the society induced pressures of producing goods. "Produce, produce" echoed through the Quarter Square Theatre. "The Leader" exhibited how easily man is brainwashed, prodded into action, and thoroughly confused. They both demonstrated that 'life is often night-marishly mad. Presented December 1 and 2 the plays were directed by Terry Markovich. Cast members included in "Leader" were Bill Bundy, Greg Dattilo, Rita Michelin, Tony Whelihan, Linda State, and Bill Sanberg. In "Eggs" were Dave Bailey, Larry Laird, Vicki Gullikson, Mira Smith, Elaine McMunn, Jim Radatz, Ethan Hardacker and Linda Craney. LEFT: Cast poses in character. U PPER LEFT: ''The leader is coming." ABOVE : Terry watches intently.

lines, Lines, Lines. ABOVE: One can always find a line to stand in at the Administration building. RIGHT: Most students accept waiting with a grumble. UPPER RIGHT: Free Flicks in winter is a chilly wait. FAR RIGHT: All phases of emotion are exhibited at the textbook service.


What does a Stout student, or for that matter, any student, do with most of his academic years? He stands in lines. The reason for this problem was never stated, but 1972-73 was a year of waiting with one's fellow students. There was the line for the add-drop when one waited two hours only to find out that you had to have the teacher's signature on two cards. The annual endless lines for Eau Claire basketball games tickets appeared in the basement of the union. Every Sunday night there was the line that wrapped around Harvey Hall for a free flick. Lines for books were an accepted fact of life. The most frequently participated in line was a food line. Whether in the food service, the grocery store, the Pawn, or the snack bar, everyone waited to eat. And so the Stout stu dent stood, shuffled, grumbled, pushed, and sighed his way through another year of lines.


Student Media Enhanced Communication Communication to the university community was provided by printed and spoken word. WVSS broadcast news, music, and daily campus happenings. The Stoutonia printed the weekly bitching and backpatting of different individuals and organizations. It brought new insight to Stout's students concerning community, campus, and national new events. The year's events were eventually compiled into the TOWER. Little samples of campus living, cultural presentations, sports and soon forgotten faces were juggled together into a brief account of one year of Stout. All student directed media was also student organized, directed, and sweated over by students. So few students worked so hard to inform so many.

FAR LEFT: Announcer contemplates next cue. CE TER LEFT: Every job has its set procedures. UPPER RIGHT: The Stoutonia is prepared for layout. UPPER LEFT: The Tower is a year of making decisions. CENTER RIGHT: Sorting and filing; alphabetizing and proofreading; all a part of the job. EXTREME RIGHT: Every Tuesday night is a night of hectic paper shuffling, typing, and copy editing.



Intramural Athletics: Competition, Unity, Enthusiasm

A cold soggy fall didn't hinder baseball or football. During the winter months the fieldhouse was alive with teams practicing or putting their practice to work to win the playoffs. Men and women enjoyed participation in every season, indoors or out. It was a chance to do not just watch. FAR UPPER LEFT: Muscles ache, sweat flows, and if you had to work this hard in class you wouldn't. FAR LOWER LEFT: Volleyball has a great participation record. CE TER: Push, shove, and run like hell. LEFT: Co-ed teams are great for starting relationships. ABOVE: Intramural football is cold, wet, and hard work.


UPPER LEFT: Buckets for the regular customers. FAR LEFT: What you drink isn't as important as with whom. RIGHT: A Casual chat with the bartender. UPPER RIGHT: The Subway is hard to pass by. UPPER FAR RIGHT: A Foosball table is never idle. LOWER RIGHT: Air hockey invades pool table territory.


Where Else But Downtown? Where did almost every Stout student eventually go to relax, to seek friends, or just to be absorbed by the crowd? Downtown. The bars offered afternoon double bubbles, foosball tournaments and all-campus parties. If you could navigate through the tight crowds witho ut stumbling, slipping on peanut shells, or being thoroughly doused with beer it could be called a successful evening. There was something downtown to suit everyone or to satisfy a particular mood, loud music, live music, no music, large crowds, small groups, or individuals. Going downtown also satisfied hunger pangs as pizza, cheeseburgers, and subways were readily available.

Students Ingested Ideas Although it often seemed to cramp one's style, studying was a major part of every student's day. Study habits varied to as many degrees as there were students. Who can say if quiet and solitude is better than group discussion and review. The only statements that can be made are that each student attempted to learn something. Maybe it had nothing to do with the class. Perhaps it was the day you picked up a stray book in the stacks and couldn't put it down. The library added more casual and comfortable furniture for those who lounged and dozed while they read. ABOVE: Snack bar offers a casual atmosphere for study. RIGHT: Intense concentration. ABOVE RIGHT: A place of solitude to review. FAR RIGHT: Library whispers the rhythm of the learning process.


Christmas Spirit Finalized Semester The Christmas season, coupled with the end of the semester, instilled a feeling of anticipation and excitement. There was the hectic confusion of completing last minute reports and exams while trying to decide what to get everyone for Christmas; if you could get a plane home in time for the holidays; and what could possibly have gobbled up the fifty dollars you had hid away for gifts. The pre-Christmas season in Menomonie held all the traditional decorations, amplified carols, and Christmas concerts. Dormitory decorations, parties, and snow made the end of the semester drudgery a little easier to take.


TOP LEFT: Main Street drc ed up for the holiday . LEFT: A look do" n the mall. ABOVE: anta mal-es the concert complete. FAR LEFT: \ mphonic inger exhibit mu ical talent .


Degrees, Diplomas, Decisionsa December Graduation The field house was cooler, the bleachers not quite so full, and the Christmas season cast a big shadow over the ceremony, but winter graduation was still filled with pomp and pagentry. Graduation was a big event in the students career, and the season did very little to cool the feelings of success.


Maxi Learning in a Mini Session The calender left a month between fi rst and second semester that could be filled with on e or two credit courses in Mini session. It was a chance to boost that credit total, or pick up a course for no other reason except that it sounded like fun. They usually were.

LEFT: Chancellor Swanson officiates at his first graduatio n. ABOVE: The patterns have to be carefully planned. FAR RIG HT: l ots of new equipment mad e textiles an adventure. ABOVE CE TER: Patience, practice, and imagination are the o nly prerequisites to weaving. 101

Winter Touched All No one was immune to the cl,anging of the seasons. Winter came early to frost windows, slick sidewalks, and stall cars. Snow lovers relished the idea of a few extra weeks of skiing and snowmobiling. Unfortunately early winter weather didn't bring an abundant snowfall. The winter season did escort in an ample supply of colds, hockey games, and frozen feet. Students, have always adapted to situations and winter was no exception. What winter chills couldn't be blocked out by mittens and parkas were warded off by a well filled wine skin.


UPPER LEFT: Slippen idewalk gli ten in the afternoon sun. LOWER FAR LEFT: Canoes lie dormant for the winter. UPPER RIGHT: A different per pecti' e of the '' orld. LEFT: A golden un!>et flood the entire count!) ide. ABOVE: Hocke} player fly into action.


Applied Arts Received Attention Opening some of its facilities in ovember the Applied Arts building was ready for full occupancy by the second semester. Another accomplishment in Stout's expanding institutional development, the building held art, music, and education classrooms and offices. It was filled with studios, labs, practice rooms, and rehearsal halls. LEFT: The building it~elf is a tudy in de ign. RIGHT: The studio are large, and de igned for an arti t' maximum comfort. UPPER RIGHT: In pring, the Applied Arts building i surrounded b} sculpture.


The Days Rambled By Second semester began with chilly temperatures as activity was kindled by local fires. Sanna Dairy brought spectators out into zero temperatures and caused detour of traffic as firemen battled the blaze. One Saturday night in February fire rigs blocked Broadway as smoke wisped from the top floor of the Marion Hotel. Students clustered and huddled in packs as the bars neared closing, to drink beer, devour "subways" and wonder where all the onlookers wou ld eventually party. And so the semester started. There were a few bands in the union, nights downtown, and parties after 1 :00 A.M. but wheels of action and participation seemed frozen at a standstill. UPPER LEFT: Sanna Dail"\'

fire di rupt


urrounding curiou cro\\d . L0\1 ER RIGHT: A main inter ect1on ho" ign of life. LOWER LEFT: Time out to contemplate the ne" ear. commun1t~. UPPER RIGHT: Smoke in the a1r dra''



Winter Carnival Traditions Crystal ized Mild temperatures and rain cancelled some of the winter festivities but didn't stifle the spirit. Lack of snow in the right places challenged the constructors of the ice carvings but students came through it as usual. Outdoor snow games were a little soggy at times but the indoor games drew large crowds of cheering and jerring onlookers who screamed a::d hooted for their favorite contestant. The week was complimented by a variety of entertainment. Edmonds and Curley packed the snack bar with their humorous reflections on life. Mike Johnson also drew a standing room only crowd when he presented an evening of mellow music. Patsy Scheibel bubbled and giggled with excitement as she received her crown as Winter Carnival Queen.


UPPER LEFT: Edmonds and Curely exchange hilarious dialogue. LOWER LEFT: The queen and her court. LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Johnson, Debbie Hovde, )ud} Sendelbach, Patsy Scheibel, Debbie Torgerson, Mari Beth Dirks, jill Peterson, Carol Montgomery. UPPER RIGHT: Beer chuggers can't afford to come up for air. LEFT: A little elbow grease is utilized for this contest.


Thaw Brought Cancellations RIGHT: Some ice race spectator oberve from high ground. BELOW: Ice race participants float around the far turn. UPPER RIGHT: orth Hall acquired a moat during the earl) thaw. LOWER RIGHT: . Winter Carnival weekend entertainment; Gypsy.


Winter Carnival traditions refused to be eliminated by melting temperatures but some things were just beyond human control. Alfresco's ice races made waves until cut short by rising water. The spectator enjo ed an afternoon in the \\arm spring sun. The weekend offered the Alpha Phi's sno-ball dance with glistening snowflakes, and a concert by "Gypsy" to finalize the 1973 Winter Carnival of Crystal Impressions.


Black Awareness organization presented "Black Culture" week, February 11-17, in hopes of providing the student body and community with information about black society. Rap sessions concerning the roles of black men and women in society stimulated thinking. Talent shows and fashion shows offered entertainment. Completing the week was a dance which drew one of the biggest crowds of the year.


"Black Culture" Offered Insight ABOVE: Emotions flash during skit. RIGHT: A quiet moment. ABOVE RIGHT: Students present self writlen skit. BELOW RIGHT: Talent show exhibits creative students.


Winter Play is Love Fantasy- Liliom

Surrealistic sets, somber lighting and silhouettes were the elements of the production of Liliom on March 3,4, and 5. Mr. Noel Falkofske was in charge of the creative technical effects and his wife Karin, was responsible for the acting direction. Liliom, the basis for Carousel, was a love fantasy with a cast of David Bailey, Karen Arthur, Jeff Klauser, Ann Schantz, Mary Perry, Donald Bucholz, Ted Spencer, Dennis Tite, William Sandberg, Jerome Zelanka, Wilson Day, Mark Feldner, Robert Herling, Mark Schmit, jane Deising, Stephan Kraus, Charles Ladwig, Susan Muck, Kris Holbus, Bill Labs, Steven Brantner, Jean Benaszeski, Joyce Czajkowski, Susan Gardner, Sandra Covin, joyce Angoli, Denise Behnke, Norma Jean Gagnon, Marilyn Griebenow, and Meg Solyst. BELOW: Liliom's death leaves Julie alone. BOTIOM: " Am I right Julie?- You're right Marie". RIGHT: Mrs. Muscat tells Liliom he need no longer work for her. ABOVE RIGHT: The crime seems simple enough in plan. BELOW RIGHT: The human horse carousel adds a novel opening to the show.


On March 8,9, and 10, Stunt ite did it again. For the twentysixth year, the annual Stunt Nite kept audiences laughing. Sponsored by the Phi Omega Beta fraternity the ten acts, interspersed with comedy skits, contained a variety of music, comedy, dance, and talents. The Alpha Phi sorority placed first in the most beautiful category with the Kappa Lambda Beta fraternity taking the prize for most humerous and best individual talent. Other participating groups who helped to make the evening worthwhile were Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Third Tainter, Chi Lambda, and the First Joynt Effort Jug Band.


Stunt Nite Annually Successful

FAR LEFT: A true picture of the Health Center. CENTER: Sampson and Golliath. BELOW CENTER: Jug Band jamming opens the show. LEFT: Rog Kolberg mimicks President ixon to be named best individual talent. BELOW: F.O.B.'s kept the audience from being restless between acts.

ABOVE RIGHT: Photography takes a critical eye. ABOVE: Fingers learn an ancient handicraft. RIGHT: New euqipment allows you to observe yourself.


Classes for Every Interest A semester, eighteen weeks of class, time to pick up requirements, expand a hobby, gain knowledge, and acquire skills. A university offers courses so that students may learn.

LEFT: Diligently taking notes and trying to concentrate to stay awake is an art in itself. BELOW LEFT: Labs allow time to perfect skills. BELOW: An takes its form in food preparation at the Commons.


The Student Center Where Else Could You Go?


Talk, talk, talk, and if you were ambitious you could play pool, listen to music, or bowl. The whole idea was to get the university together for awhile. In the Center everyone was on an equal basis. Concerts, either in the Pawn or in the Snack Bar, helped to keep the Center alive. Special events like the screening of old T.V. shows, slide presentations, art displays, and seminars rounded out a very diverse center schedule.

ABOVE FAR LEFT: Roger, Wendy and Sam pack the Snack Bar with a fantastic performance. LEFT: The game room offers a chance to sharpen your skills. UPPER RIGHT: The lounge is a comfortable rest stop. ABOVE: Take time to catch an old T.V. show in between classes.


Winter seems to last forever in Wisconsin, so when the sun finally broke through after weeks of cloudy skies, and the snow melted, no matter how cold it was people flocked outside. The mall came alive, the jug band entertained, the sun warmed, and people smiled who hadn't smiled for weeks. The whole scene seemed to change drastically from the gloom of the long winter quarter. But no matter how early spring comes, school seems to end all too soon.


When the Sun Finally Shone

FAR LEFT: Homework still doesn ' t go any faster, even when it is warm. BELOW LEFT: The talk scene doesn't end, it just moves outside. LEFT: Sometimes it takes time to get enough courage to go into the administration building. BELOW: The jug band music catches everyone with its toe tapping beat.


Performing Arts Brought Excellence Performing Arts brought a unique sampling of talented performers during the 1972-73 season. The season was marred by the fact that thousands of students, who ironically complain about nothing to do, did not attend. It was a tragedy, for the year containing "The Cage", St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, The Wisconsin Mime Company, Improvisational Theatre and the jacques Loussiers Trio, all excellent entertainment.


FAR LEFT: jacques Trio plays Bach. BELOW LEFT: It takes more than makeup to do good



Creative Arts Exhibits, Fairs, Talent Art students presented the products of their talents through exhibits. In the spring an art fair was held on the union lawn. The hot sunny weather, the inflatable dome, and tables ladened with their wares attracted curious observers. It not only provided many people with the opportunity to purchase good art work, but also gave students an opportunity to clean out their col lections and sell some of their excess. The new Applied Arts Building allowed more area for displaying the work of students, faculty, and traveling exhibits.

ABOVE FAR LEFT: Everyones a critic. You either like it or you don't. ABOVE CENTER: Some were fascinated, others couldn't have cared less. BELOW FAR LEFT: Pots, pots, and pots; all for sale. LEFT: The Art Center sponsored a show for outstanding student work. ABOVE: Everyone was interested in the many products offered for sale.



The production of "Fiddler On the Roof" was a tribute to its director Terry Markovich. The show was certain to succeed when 150 people auditioned for 40 roles. The weeks of rehearsals molded 37 people into a remarkable performing unit. The simple story of a poor Russian milkman and his family delighted thousands who wept, laughed, and sang along with the cast. Every aspect, technical, artistic, and orchestral was proof of the pride and ability of all who took part. The cast included: Dave Bailey, Larry Laird, Lori Spears, Amy Daluge, Maggie Foote, Cynthia Woodwick, Karen Breunig, Linda Monk, julie Dey, Peter Langlais, Steve Mcintyre, Tom Petroliunas, Dave Shafel, john Anholt, Kim Montello, Joe Smith, Liz Eith, Marcia Nadeovki, john Hines, Alan Ridgeway, Dorothy Bernarde, Nancy Kruegar, Lynn Lucius, Sue Harte, Marilyn Timber, Sally Brussat, Renee DeMars, Debbie Annen, Mary Deguiseppi, Phyllis Jones, Betty Danielson, Duane Crawford, john Reush, Dan Wangerin, Dave Kluge, Tom Cobian, Bill Mitchell.

Awed by "Fiddler"

BELOW: "Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match." FAR LEFT: "If I were a rich man". BELOW RIGHT: ''You could die from such a man". BELOW FAR LEFT: "I got his bride, I'll take his hat". BELOW LEFT: Dip, Bend, 1,2,3,4 ...


ABOVE: French service delighted the guests as they were entertained by the food served before them. RIGHT: The menu was extensive and diverse-wine with every course. ABOVE RIGHT: The smallest detail was meticulously executed. BELOW CENTER: The crystal sparkled after every glass was hand washed and polished-all 1400 of them. BELOW FAR RIGHT: The gleam of silver created an abstract pattern on the crisp white linen.

A Night at Delmonicos-1873 Stout has become nationally known for its annual fourteen course Haute Cuisine dinner. This year they received national news coverage on NBC. The dinner began with a champagne reception at 7:30 and the last of the guests did not leave until 3:30 the next morning. Only 104 reservations were accepted, and they were filled within 15 minutes with guests from all over the United States. The Haute Cuisine class had spent months of research, recipe testing, and dress rehearsals before the dinner was presented. The ballroom for one evening was Delmonicos, complete with. red draperies and tuxedoed waiters.


Students Demand Action

On April tenth many students decided to protest some policy changes. Disagreement with the tenure procedure, the dismissal of some faculty members and the lack of student voice in these changes brought approximately one hundred students to the office of Or. Face, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. The discussion-sit-in lasted from the morning of the tenth until late afternoon of the following day. Throughout the long night, members of the Administration, Student Senate, and Protest group discussed various alternatives.


ABOVE: The normal channels for grievances were sidestepped. ABOVE RIGHT: Tom Reynolds, one of the dismissed faculty, is crucial in staging the sit in. RIGHT: Dr. Face is patient with the visitors to his office. FAR RIGHT: lunch helps to keep up the sit in.






.::, 133

U.W.-Stout's Fifth Chancellor lnaugrated Monday, April thirtieth, Robert S. Swanson was inaugurated as the fifth Chancellor of U.W.Stout. The inauguration marked the beginning of a progressive and yet traditional direction by Chancellor Swanson. In his address, Chancellor Swanson promised to give Stout the opportunity to grow, bounded by the framework Stout had long established. The regalia was filled with ceremony, banquets, receptions, dancing, and hundreds of congratulatory messages. ABOVE: The platform is filled with distinquished guests. RIGHT: Organization makes the ceremony run smoothly. ABOVE RIGHT: Chancellor Swanson outlines his policy plans. FAR RIGHT: A noon luncheon presents the chancellor to all.



A Collage of Activity The university cannot help but affect its participants and the surrounding community, nor the community affect the university. During the spring, Stout's campus was in constant motion, a collage of action. The Symphonic Singers presented a concert on May seventh. A Pow Wow at the fairgrounds drew many onlookers. Bicycles were everywhere. For students the last few weeks were for cramming. Not just the academic material but a cramming of all the sun, fun, and people you could because once gone the semester could never be revived.

RIGHT: Mr. Vince directs the Symphonic Singers in concert. BELOW: To relax in the warmth of the day becomes a luxury during a week of tests. BELOW CENTER: Classes move outdoors to ease the Spring fever. BELOW: Who walks? BOTTOM : Native American dancer, a picture of tradition.


Graduation Ends An Era Despite the cliches about graduation being only the beginning of a career it was without a doubt a very real ending of a style of life most students had known for 17 years. The exciting day was underscored with feelings of fear, concern, and loneliness. Leaving friends, familiar environment, and freedom stru ck chords of sentimentality. It was a difficult, challenging, and reflective day for all those who donned the mortarboard. ABOVE: A sea of faces, each playing an essential part in the ceremony. RIGHT: Today a robe, tomorrow up for half-price.


Empty buildings, Empty hallways, Empty rooms; Suddenly it was evident the university was not a facility, it was people.









1 ~2

With residence halls divided into separate campuses, the North and South ends have different advantages and disadvantages. South end housed more students and was closer to activities, but North end had the beauty of the lake shore and the opportunities of knowing more people well. Stout's housing facilities offered students a choice of living style.

Jeter FRO T ROW: Cora Rohrbach, ancy Eberle, linda Baumann, joan Mayer, Sue Hodgson, Mary Kettenhofer, Fances Renn, Brenda Gangestad, Pat Hofftnan, joanne Kahler. SECOND ROW: Robin Benz, Pat Mundt, Mary Slatky, Ruth Trafford, liz Fugate, Sue Mayer, Rachel Robinson, Terri Paden, Claudia Brown, Margaret Mantes, Mary jo Langdon, Barb Reid. THIRD ROW: janet Lewis, Rita Terry, Ruth Gerber, Marilyn Greiner, Janel Plotkowski, Debby Denzer, Barbara Garske, joyce Olson, Joan Schmidt, Barb Plantikow, Kathy Mertes, joAnn Piaskowski. FOURTH ROW: Jan Kohler, Donna Scheffer, Betty Kolstad, Judy Stapleman, Bev Pietz, Karen Frederick, jane Moats, Sharon Hoerchner, Ann Dickman, Sue Uehling, Kim Bader, Barb Miaz, judy Jaeger, Nancy Clark, Kathy Strauss. FIFTH ROW: Chris Coenem, joann Houser, Betsy Nestingen, Jill Pinski, Ann Storbeck, Nancy list, Mary Beth Hanselman, Marilyn Griebenow, Karen Koerner, Nancy Adamson, Sandy Baneck, Annie Soozka, Barb Williams, Ruth Ziebell, Donna Smith, Shari Luckow.

FRONT ROW: Debra Whetsel, Roseann Hallada, Marsha Curry, Jody jansen, Pixie Elfstrom, Deb Neubert, Mary Hastreiter, Alice Machmueller, Lynn Wiedermeyer. SECOND ROW: Laurie Wahl, Sue Potthier, Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Brink, Dawn Marke, Roberta Peterson, liz johnston, Debbie Endres, Michele Andrae, Deb Henninger, Laurie Moser, Karen McCann. THIRD ROW: Cheri Olsen, Patty Aho, Gail Tress, Pam Schuster, jerry Nemeckay, Diana Cant, Paula Torres, linda Walsh, Cory Bruchmann, Lynn Griskavich, Debbi Schroeder. FOURTH ROW: Mary Doerngsfeld, Cheryl Gipp, Karen Jorgensen, Joanne Duffy, Dorothy Berra, Joanne Holewinski, Leslie Gerlach, Deborah Fons, Hope Trettin, Mary Padrutt, Colleen Steinbis, Sherry Geurink. FIFTH ROW: Gayle lien, Cindi Gerhardt, Susie Lehnherr, Nancy Nebelung, Nancy Wilke, jeri Lynn Giese, Mary Anderson, Becky Lohrenz, Mary Koehne, Patty Rupsch, Glenda Wikkerink, Rosanne Christensen.


FRONT ROW: Diane Fleter, Ruth Wall, Sue Severa, Kathy Thorson, Karen Helland, Roxy Block, Janet Mraz, Vonne Worthington, Lauretta Hoover. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Peterson, Wendy Moeller, Mari Beth Dirks, Anne Burtness, Kathy Zutz, Gale Nelson, Peggy Nadolski, Linda Corcoran, Kim Hocking, Debbie Retzlaff, Mary Postl, Patty Rupprecht, Rosemary Olsen, jane Legault. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Schilling, Sharon Wasilas, Cathy Holt, Barb Ruefer, Mary johnson, Lynn Lucius, Kay Seegar, Judy Watson, Deanna Manfort, Patty Hahn, Connie Deusch, Peggy O 'Hara, Barb M cGinnis, Kathy Troupe. FOURTH ROW: Marlene Radesk, Nancy Kronick, Christine Hanson, Nan Duescher, Pam Brown, Beth james, jane Goetz, Sylvia Restrepo, Joan Barnes, Diane Steinpreis, Lyn Siever, Melody Moldenhauer, Penny Morris, Kathy Arndt. FIFTH ROW: Susan Bulawa, Carol Andrae, jane Gorman, Penny Peterson, jeanie Siettmann, Mary Plett, Connie Verkuilen, Cyndi Alsop, Kathi Korotev, Susan Crawford, Jan Koning, Peggy Winkelman, Mildred Anderson, Susan Worthington, Linda Siebenshuh.



First Wigen

FRO T ROW: Don Becker, Tim Schultz, Steve Janowiak, Robert Patnaude, Tom Schmeling, Dennis Dolenshek, Dean Ziemendorf, Gary Pilcher. SECOND ROW: Roger Wrass, Gene Blair, Charles, Saunders, Eric Johnston, Bob Holada, Larry DeReu, eil Meiners. THIRD ROW: John Peavey, Tom Slupe, Hal Dalibor, Mike Ottmar, Errol Jones, Mark Carlson, David Mueller, Nick Stromer, Steven Fries.

, ..6

FRONT ROW: Jim Tendrio, Bob Frater, Jeff Roozen, Rick Kiszka, Tom Champion, Dave Busch, Larry Koehler. SECOND ROW: john Ruesch, Dan Ross, jeff Annis, Bill Barranco, David Ostwald, Ed White. THIRD ROW: Greg Mosley, Rick Vanderhoy, Mike McAdams, Jim Hittman, Dave Danielson, Tom Kullinger, Dave Debier. FOURTH ROW: Pete Landlais, Mickey Sampson, John Bavier, Steve Dobner, Jim Klabunde, Tom Bohmke, Jeff Erickson.

Second Wigen

FRO T ROW: Kathleen Lucht, Mary Sue Hintz, Cynthia Heins, Gigi Motlet, linda Void, Sherry Slande, Patricia Rutzinski, Becky Reischel, Barbara Heller, Mona luehne, Barb Olker. SECO D ROW: Sand y Strehlow, Valeri e DeVee, Charlene luchterhand, Robin Dennison, Katie ezworski, Sue lsaksson, Janice Bolka, janice Mackey, Holly larson, Dorothy Bernarde. THIRD ROW: Julie Emerson, jane Hohlbeck, Cindy Luckman, Jill loomis, Carol Stuckmann, Carole Eckhardt, loretta Klemm, laura lee Fernhaber, Pam Debban, Susan Mick, leslie Ingle, ancy Koehler. FOURTH ROW: Anne Guarnaceio, janet Wonn, Joanne Zielanis, Rosemary Janiszewski, Kay Anderson, Kath y Ernser, Diane Stelten, Beth Bodeen, jane Robinson, Mary DeZiel, Rita Wojtak, Kay Amborn.

Fourth Wigen

Third Wigen FRONT ROW: Jill Eckl, Char Peterson, luci Wanger, Chris Bethe, Sharon VanKirke, linda Wall, juanita Comeau, Kathy Stewart, Kathleen Marklein, Anne Wilde, julia Trader, Pam Drake. SECOND ROW: Ellen Baibier, Sue Rohde, Karla Noonan, om ie Gustaeson, Gail Ross, ancy Binder, lou Tiffany, Suzie Chirko, Caryl Wolfgram, Sue Reese, Opal Owens, Dianne Gravesen. TH IRD ROW: Karen Goo dman, Betzi Knecht, Getchen lang, Ruth Terry, linda Suys, judy Herr, Francie Wells, Kathy Fencl, Christine Olson, ancy Blechl, Carol Sargent. FOURTH ROW: Nanc Bauer, Mary Jo Giese, Jean Pipkorn, Cheryl Klussendorf, Sue Hug, Diane Koditek, Susan Reed, joan Woldbillig, Mary Gauger, Valerie Peterson, Lorraine Peterson, Mary Klinkert, Barbara johnson.


First Fleming

FRO T ROW: Roy Downham, Denian Tite, Dan Westman, Chuck Sendecke, Bob Diemanch, jim Thomas, Roy Inouye, j im Yaresh, Ray Inouye, Rick Persinger, Rick Bugulski. SECOND ROW: Joe Murphy, Bob Yunger, jack Fischer, Brett Huske, John Luettgen, jerry Behnke, Mike Defenbau, Larry Engelbert. THIRD ROW: Steve Horback, Mark Goble, Bruce Kleven, Mark Pfundtner, George Moldenhauer, Dave Polka, Gary Szalwwski. FOURTH ROW: Mike Fischer, john Ashworth, Eric Lipke, Lauriston Lindsay, Todd Downing, Terry Hrdina, Victor Marcukaitis, Jr., Paul Symon, Mark Holdredge.


FRONT ROW: Ray Rodefer, George Velardo, Chuck Schlosser, Bob Petushek, John Somen, Ron Stokke, Tom Kolstad, Gerald Bruhn, john Plank, Mark Donkersgold. SECOND ROW: Tom Ziegelman, John Kysely, Greg Cemke, Stewart Gilmore, Lil Kassie, Dave Flesch, Randall Wegner, Thomas Bogaard. THIRD ROW: Wayne Dosch, Mark Weber, jon Baryenbruch, Brad Wilkinson, Richard Eberline, jone Daoust, Tom Weickgenant, Halton Vasquez, Cornelius Harper.

Second Fleming

FRONT ROW: William Schaefer, Steven Peterson, Dean Summerfield, Dill Inman, Pat Calhoun, jeff Meyer, Rich Bessert, Steve Reiland, Douglas Nordogren, Gary Eckmann. SECOND ROW: Frank Winkler, Mark Reed, Gerald Friberg, Neal Gutehunst, George Tamms, jim Gacobi, Steven Boris, Terry Holmes, Tim Piller, Amos Browne. THIRD ROW: Roger Goldbach, Daniel Behymer, Gary Graf, Phillip Boyea, Ken Wikinson, Dan Polecek, Gordon Flanders, Lindsey Wallin, Gerald Wiskow, David Kantz. FOURTH ROW: Chuck jonas, Tom Locicero, jeffrey Zelinske, Paul Leitzki, Tim Sheehan, Keith Bonville, Jim Groskopf, Michael Fons, Paul Ringquist, Wayne liqocki, jon Gust.

Fourth Fleming

Third Fleming FRONT ROW:). Phillip Fortney, Randy Kosar, David Anderson, jerry Goldsworthy, Bill Rozakis, Walter Stenavich, Bill Phister, Mark Wallschlaeger, Peter Hargreaves, jerry Dudzinski. SECOND ROW: Alan Antony, Scott Youngdahl, Rick Leachy, jim Ash, Wayne Banaszak, Ronald Koester, David Graham, John Abernathy, Jeff Nelson. THIRD ROW: AI Christianson, Michael Pier, john Kelleher, Dennis Asfeld, Steven Zelinske, james Prokopowicz, Dan Bolha, Mike Frank. FOURTH ROW: Patrick Duffy, Kenneth Maleshek, james Leiterman, Dan Perlberg, Dave Drew, Dave Enselman, Robert Beutler, Dewey Anderson, Wayne Thompson, Bob Herling.


There are two types of college students, "oncampus" and "off". Male and female, married or single, greek or freak were all subheadings of the residence label. Both types of living had their advantages and disadvantages. In 1973 the dormitories underwent liberalizing with extended visitation, movable furniture, and beer in the rooms .


.. . ...


First and Second Antrim FRO T ROW: judy Jones, Chris Honish, Diane Brian, Mary lngwell, Mary Wilson, Marie Koehler, June Munson, Robin Ebensperger, Vita Draheim, Christen Partleton, Debbie Bruneau, Debbie Schroeder. SECO D ROW: Eileen Straub, Mary Workman, Cindy Wojner, ancy jean Reinke, Sandi Kassnel, Marika Catafygiotu, Grace Krugness, adine Wangler, Kathie Braun, Ruby Hull, Ann Fricker, anq, Wigdahl, Martha Empie, THIRD ROW: Barb Dobratz, Dianne Fiebrink, Carol Singer, Evelyn Wondra, Kathleen Woldt, Patricia Shold, Victoria Banasik, Barb Conner, Jayne Bucha, Betty Fray, Betty Juhubicz, Sue Plehn, Linda Swenson, Donna Truaz, Sue Gohs, Lori Tucher, Sheila Habeck, Kathleen McCrindle, Nancy Jung, Mary Lorenz, Vicki Sponem, Betty Danielson, Betty Zastrou, Karen Ehle, Barb Uebele, Jean Blumreich, Tracy Cameron, Ellen Jaster.


FRO~T ROW: Mary Hanneman, Anne Knutson, Margaret GoedJen, Mary Ann Burzynski, Barb Sharratt, Pat Judnic, Gayle Couilliard, Laurinda Koult, Suzie Oleskow, Karen Banaszynski, Aleta Forslin, Sherry Tanko. SECOND ROW: Kathleen McHugh, Kathrine Empie, Jill Peterson, Marla Mattol, Georgia Affett, Joan Warden, Linda Udee, Betsy Kaste, Chris Redlieh, Debra Gustafson, Susie Hartmen. THIRD ROW: Carol Smith, Joyce Angoli, LuAnn Erkfitz, Terry Krause, Barb Mantz, Patti Bollman, ancy Kozminski, Darlene Peterson, joan King, Susan Hagen, Karen Zobrl. FOURTH ROW: Moira Kaufman, Shirle~ Engle, Vera Coonen, Lorie Lee, Peggy Jones, Aleta Graner, Sue Reid, Janel Matheson, ancy Luedtke, Beth Kronson, Chris Larson.

Third and Fourth Antrim

Second and Third McCalmont FRONT ROW: Candy Connsell, Judy Way, Jayne Rathke, Carrine Nelson, Mary lynn Knutsen, Portia Marquez, Ann Hsia, Judy Chang, Saraswathi Veleswami, Gail lee. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Hertel, Margaret Fritsche, Ann Chesebro, Patricia Dretzler, Gay Phillipson, Mary Jo Johnson, Mary Wachuta, Mary Pempek, leanne Greene, Jean Vettreis. THIRD ROW: laura Oldenberg, Mary Zimmerman, Debra Parker, Luanne Hornby, Joann Krugel, Shelley Sherman, Jean Koerble, Debra Peters, Mary lindberg, Jean Schulenburg. FOURTH ROW: Diana Vick, Kath.y Wilinski, B~~b Gehring, Mary Davidson, Barb jeste, Marcra Junte, Patrrcra Schabach, Diane Johnson, Cindy Walsh, Pat Geralts.

Fourth McCalmont

FRONT ROW: Celene jensen, Anita Falange, Betty Cheadle, Bambi Herrick, Patti Terbilcox, Nancy Crandell, Therese Wilson, Connie Olson, Mary Beth Ebben, Barb Schwobe, Mary Roth. SECO D ROW: Barb Burton, Sandy Kelson, Karen Virnoche, Debra Helm, Bonnie Becker, Ann Wojchik, Olinda Borreson, Heidi Huntington, lynn Deck, Rene' DeMars, Denise Longo, Julie Dey. THIRD ROW: Sherry Gohr, Cheryl Jochimson, jane Kruschke, Kari Stroebel, Mary jane Hansen, Denise Behnke, Patrice Engel, Mary Caturia, Shirley Baumann, Patti Seston, linda Karwoski. FOURTH ROW: Mary Morgan, Sandy Covin, Barb Rauchnot, Cathy Biese, Charlene Lemke, Jennifer Wolff, Janet Fredrick, Kathy Harasyn, Donna Reed, Mary Schilling, Edith Kinder, Kathe Cordy.


First and Second Froggatt FRONT ROW: Marilyn Ohata, Sue Dohm, Celeste Moye, Mary jane Olson, Diane Graham, ancy juehnert, Kim Le, Kathy Orr, Sandy Dzian, Gail Williams, Cindy Keith, jennifer Ley. SECOND ROW: Sharon Gertner, Sharon Nehrbass, Patti Pfeiffer, Ruth Grender, Barbara Ziegler, Dennice Bakhe, Claudia Szymczak, Marjory Bassett, Mary Jernander, Mary Brintnall, Linda Smith, Beth Stark. THIRD ROW: Gail Landers, Claire Santy, Diane Witkiewicz, Kathy Krajewski, Judy Sendelbach, Jenny Centgraf, Patsy Waller, Sharon Bombeck, Margie Persohn, Beth Speerstra, Sue Leich, Tracy Spoerl. FOURTH ROW: Sue O'Leary, Connie Livingston, Debbie Tiger, Denise LaHue, Linda Kodet, Robin Gartner, Carol Dawidczyk, Lynn Spears, Lou Ann Starkey, Donna Skidmore, Marlene Bohl, Cindy Comer, Kathy Peterson.


FRONT ROW: Cynthia Gemmell, Margaret Van Der Wert, Jennifer Plier, Eileen Mealy, Theresa Brendel, Vicki Karmer, Sue Kobylarczyk, Suzanne lnstenes, Theresa Bogniewski, Marge Stone. SECOND ROW: Cathy Pinter, Sandy Swanson, Pat Bennett, Ruth Ovsak, Sue Klimek, Vicki Martelle, Diane Kapusta, Betty Winkler, Marlene Johnson, Karen Draxler, Diana Klug, Eileen Buck. THIRD ROW: Karla Kuitz, Wendy Rowley, Liz Eith, Sue Hanna, Mary Kozial, Donna Jensen, Ree Serre, Peggy Curtis, Chris White, Karen Runde, Sandy Matter, jane Kochnowicz, Sharon Walters. FOURTH ROW: Linda Skorczewski, Pam Last, Denise Bushey, Dawn Strege, jacquie Meyers, Mary Heuer, Susan Ludy, Peggy Christoph, Diane Jackman, Linda Dixon, Barb ewcomb.

Third and Fourth Froggatt

FRONT ROW: Scott Chadwick, john Siebert, Ernie Weber, Todd Engel, William Buchley, Gary Chilver, David Reck, York Lambrecht, Michael Lynch, SECOND ROW: Tom Kuhns, jack Knartz, Tom Sedarski, Kenneth Hense, Bob M ueller, AI Niebuhr, Tom Liebherr, Stephen Kraus, Mike Olson, Mark Malusky. THI RD ROW: Chud Werch, Patrick Lutz, Rick Herbst, Greg Janicki, Paul Peterson, Ed Wojtowicz, john Ebel, Tim W hite. FOURTH ROW: joe Merchak, Pat Mcloone, Dave Ogle, Keith Rupple, john Radke, Chuck Walter.

First North

First North

FRONT ROW: james Jackson, Scott Wijsocki, Rudy Will, Bob Stawicki, Dave Barke, Rick Bononno, Bill johnson, Brian Rogers. SEo OND ROW: Jeffrey Meier, Paul Phillips, Dave Dill, Philip Vangsnes, Dan Burns, Tom Celley, Dan Rasmussen. THIRD ROW: Scott Phillips, Mike Clark, Curtiss Howe, Robert Giede, Daniel Webster, john Gander, Rick Steckbauer, jerry Lahti, Mark Fingers, Steven Yankunas, Denis Olson, Chuck Kouba, Paul Bleskacek.


Second North

FRONT ROW: Bill Pierquet, Dan Melville, Lee Greguske, John Jewell, Gary Luvske, David Ekern, Dennis Graser, Kent Myhrman. SECOND ROW: Jeff Chamberlain, Michael Dart, Thomas Sasada, Robert Pyttarz, Paisol Gumay, Daniel Lundin, Rong Chang Pai, James Berner, Edward Brucek. THIRD ROW: Todd Blum, Bob Lehner, Dale Ehlers, Jules Butcher, Bob Safford, Jeffrey Mihalek, Joe Disch, joel Levandoski, Paul Santarlasci. FOURTH ROW: Bill Van Ells, Dave Dresen, Brad Hentges, Charles Baum, Dennis Schroeder, Dave Meyer, Mummy, Dan Dapper. FIFTH ROW: Larry Kramer, Brian Bennett, Mike Sagstetter, Jeffrey Rude, Pat Bogie, Stephen Hubert, Phil Keefe, Pat Brice, Gary Wiesman, Steve Watzlawick.

FRONT ROW: Jim McCracker, Merlin Nachtrab, Addis Hilliker, Cary Schov, Jim Haley, Tom West, Dale Daul, Dale Cene. SECOND ROW: Jim Ratz, Howard Weber, Mike Siegmund, Dick Schaller, Todd Hill, Redro Rodriguez, Steve Setzer, jim Schuchardt, Thomas Walsh, Patrick Rowe, Lad Crossman. THIRD ROW: Dave McJarlane, Bill McCraw, Dick Valiga, Jeff Dresen, John Ruth, John Sage, Ron Hessel, Dave Cuth, Mike Hankes, Phil Virlee, Mark Nevins. FOURTH ROW: Lowell Meidam, Curt Lang, Don Wangerin, Tom Scott, Charlie Brady, Mark Mueller, Steve Grabowski, Dale Adomat, Bruce Cayse, Jim Vetting.

Third and Fourth North

Third North FRONT ROW: Cary Drzewiecki, Wayne Toellner, Cary Cneisner, Steve Warnock, Dave Bates, Dave Rattle, Terry Bartelt, Jim Machamer, John Johnson, David Hejdak, Len Juneau, Randy Olson. SECOND ROW: Tom Wrensch, Ron Cameopiano, Tom Hardin, Scott Campbell, Dave Krueger, Mike McAndrews, Mike Moliter, Dennis Heg, Scott Johnson, Greg Main, Doug Cobb. THIRD ROW: Bob Barwn, Rob Chasco, Jeff Sohn, Jan Kirst, Mike Szarkowitz, Eric Dermond, Bob Daniel, Dave Newman, Dave Dickman, Ender Karaca. FOURTH ROW: Bob Koranda, Mark Erickson, Pat Achenbach, Dave Rothe, Randy Wendt, Lindsey Sagami, Mike Ingels, Ken Roszak, Dennis Stanton, Stephen Weber, Larry Dunn, Gerald Bahr, Emre Karaca.


Fourth North


FRONT ROW: Rick Klabechek, Rolf Bergerson, Fred Posthuma, Tom Tohlier, Jeff Staszak, James Cash, Thomas Delikat, Todd Louis Thies, Jed Hardacker, Mike Prissel, Robin Byers, Doug Staszak. SECO D ROW: Paul Thompson, Bill M eister, Tom DeVillers, jim Varnon, Phil Strauch, Peter Ljubic, Dave Liebers, Tom Lemke, Rick Bloede. THIRD ROW: Don Stevens, Kip Westpohl, joel Heberlein, Dennis Dehn, Bill Perry, George Draeb, Jeff Strong, Mike Laschinger, Henry Murphy, Gary Keilisch, Marvin Eggert. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Foy, Garry ovak, Francis Lachappelle, Kirby Klinger, Gordon Oorras, Dave McKnight, William Buechner, Steve Zmyewski, Kevin Schenk, Tom Telitz, Gary elson, Bernard Hurley.

FRONT ROW: Charlotte Peer, Phyllis Jones, Carla Hoffmar, Kathy Brihn, Debra Fish, Ellen Wagenknult, Karen Holzi路 nger, Susan Christian, Sue Hotmar, Debra Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Patricia Hight, Deborah Good, Kathleen Shurr, Mary Wieczorek, Kathy Dunemann, Diane Gilbert, Nancy Cwiak, Mary Zelenka, Marie Salo, linda Grossmann. THIRD ROW: Penny Duncan, Lorraine, Friske, Paulette Braun, Marilyn Miller, Colleen Gale, Kendra Schroeder, Sandra Strauch, Judy Blank, janet West, Katherine Grill. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Krueger, Diane Johnson, Joy Whitney, Karen Drew, Paula Schend, Sandy Laurent, Virginia Schertz, Marilyn Angus, Karen Ertl, Vicki Koln. FIFTH ROW: Linda Kaucic, Marion Smith, Elaine Boddeker, Heidi Goessling, Joan Zielinski, Elizabeth Rydberg.

Third and Fourth Curran

First and Second Curran FRONT ROW: Linda Borowitz, Nancy Moynihan, Laurie Henkel, Nancy Niquet, Karen Ingman, Barbara Milhaupt, Susan Everts, Bonnie Wangen, Mary Lowe, Mary Phillips. SECOND ROW: Debra Benson, Barbara Demshar, Judith Blackburn, Kathy Graf, Barbara Stanek, Karen Miller, Kathleen Hermsen, Debra McDermott, Anita McFarlane, Kristine Larsen. THIRD ROW: Heidi Barrett, jane Anton, Patricia Morgan, Jennifer Smith, Melody Wachter, Mary Stewart, Mary Schmitt, linda Larson, Cheri Meisner, Judy Sundberg. FOURTH ROW: Ann Werner, Karen Murkowski, joanne Vagts, Ann Wendt, Ruth Nelson, Lynette Peterson and Flash the Cat, Christine Leland, Amy Bahnson, Lana Gentz, Debra Kohler. FIFTH ROW: Suzanne Schultz, Virginia Stephan, Yvonne Gibbs, Sharon Henning, Jennifer Abrahamson.


FRONT ROW: Judy Posselt, Cynthia Holtet, Georgia HohFirst and Second Kranzusch mann, Deborah Conon, Kathleen Nordlee, Kathy Kuehl, Cy-

FRONT ROW: Rita Tavares, Terry Piechota, Patricia Stanek, Sharon Brandt, Sue Torgerson, Debra Befay, Nancy Dejong, Linda Kopp, Karen Hodnett, Connie Jacobson, SECOND ROW: Julie Oldenburg, Tonia Zappa, Susan lund, Christine Boos, Suzanne Schneider, laurie Baumbach, Adrianne Dolata, Jane Deising, Debbie Possett. THIRD ROW: Gail Barfuss, Susan Trusler, Cheryl Reynolds, Patricia Warner, linda Johnson, Deborah Mattews, Wenonah Greve, Deborah Smith. FOURTH ROW: Mary Palmer, Karen Sorensen, Mary Brost, Kathleen lobos, Cynthia Bogie, Kathie Witter, Debra Johnson, Patsy Scheibel, FIFTH ROW: Ellen Batzer, Linda Funk, Jana Gillespie, lorie Ristau, Deanna Schuetz, Kathy Hodgson, Marilyn Krause, Barb Jaeger.


ndie Weis, Jodell O'Connell, Janice Friedli, Susan Berg. SECOND ROW: Susan Mulqueen, Rosemary Berg, Julie Ott, Barbara Maier, Patricia McFall, Connie Krueger, Jacquelyn Karas, Susanne Gilman, Kathleen Rose, linda Peterson, Christine Mengarelli, THIRD ROW: Nancy Locicero, Ann Schommer, Suzanne Tollefsrud, Joyce lenz, linda Coyd, Gloria Carlson, Barbara Falk, Deborah Gietzel, Mary Peterman, Sue Branger. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Cook, janice Werblow, Jane Iverson, Pam Siegel, Kathy Ripp, Cary Andree, linda Olthafer, Cynthia Gibbs, Sally Stokke, Debra Kielley, Mary Woods. FIFTH ROW: Mona Claridge, Deborah Young, Kristine Jenson, Dianne Albers, Mary Wilson, Sylvia Roe, Anne Runkel, Rebecca Demuth.

Third and Fourth Kranzusch

FRONT ROW: joseph Wolf, Mat1hew Sprenzel, Robert Sipila, Bruce Kitzman, Jon Bjornson, Ross Hetfeld, Michael Schwieters, le Thanh, Joseph Hodorowski, Bruce Dulon. SECO D ROW: Hang Van, Fredric Walgren, William Kane, john Horvat, john Bickel, Douglas Cravillion, Donald Prihoda, Richard Konlon, Sheldon Miller, Alan eedham. THIRD ROW: Allen Enger, Tran Uyen, Harold Gandre, Thomas Meier, Dennis Laventure, Paul Wegner, James Janda, Bui Tai. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Currey, Steven Young, James Delvecchio, Jeffrey Covey, jeffrey Anderson, Ronald Crabb, Gary Brunslik, Ralph Wichman, Daniel Schmitz, FIFTH ROW: Robert Bertelsen, Daryl Michlink, David Dixon, james Hannemann, William Buth, Kevin loch, Mark Jensen.

Third and Fourth Tustison

First and Second Tustison FRO T ROW: Dennis Behrens, larry Toraason, Michael Meyer, Clark Workman, William Sizer, Kurt elson, Tom Nord, Steven Sell, Steven Gans, Charles Cedergren. SECOND ROW: Anthony VanDenberg, Simon Kai Chiuwong, Dennis Daughtry, Gary Kressin, james Kohlbeck, Steve Brink, Michael leis, Stephan Hanford, Douglas Smith. THIRD ROW: Bill Ward, Joseph Bet1hauser, David Masterjohn, ThomasSikora, John Jelinek, John Watson, Tom Strykharske, Douglas Darby, Timothy Loberg. FOURTH ROW: Mark Gillings, Robert Sandstrom, Leonard Krapp, Stephan "Sid" Dankert, jeffrey Paprocki, James elson, Mark estingen. FIFTH ROW: Robert Bryan, Scott Dodge, David Blaha, Bruno Pfenning.


FRONT ROW: jeff Gilliard, Bill VonDinger, Marv Benzing, jim Linn, Martin Hines, Pekka Mattoila, Rick Granahan, Tom Haack, Tom McGovern. SECOND ROW: Tony Herzberg, R. W. Hanneau, Lang Wera, AI Grabowski, Wayne George, Bob Stewart, john Sproul, Richard Goers, Doug Hubbard. THIRD ROW: Tim VanBerg, Mark Zimmerman, Dave Lefkowitz, Dale Baxter, Mark Anderson, Dave Schinke, Dale Komarek, john Warren. FOURTH ROW: Alan Stewart, Ed jorgenson, Bob Pouillie, joseph Kocjan, Dennis Grabow, Larry Estenson, William Rowe. FIFTH ROW: Tomas Rubash, George Prebbel, Michael Cooper, Rich Dopson, jerry Fijalkiewicz.

First and Second Oetting FRO T ROW: Ralph Gunkel, Dave Rasmussen, Tony Kwatuski, john Carey, Cliff Berutti, john Fallien, Dave ewman, Brent Dolde. SECOND ROW; Frank Fryer, jerry Oberbillig, Dave Mann, Mark Olson, Rick Knittel, Ric Erickson, Hank Hash, Michael Lundwall, Robert Hegg, Douglas Sietz, THIRD ROW: Charles Market, Terry Pugh, john Buhrow, Dennis Mossing, Charles Grinn, Nguyen Hoa. Fo URTH ROW: Gary Koller, Thomas Sullivan, Robert Dreger, jesse Prien, Richard Pasyak, Charles Simandl, Greg jensen, Robert Dobretz, Mike Benes. FIFTH ROW: Roy Piagentine, Don Tauchen, Sandy Beasley, Marty DiFiavio, Mark Blackman, Chuck Berben, Doug Borden, Ed Getz, Glen Vogel, Pete Holmes, Brad Peterson.

Third and Fourth Oetting


l0 J I

,. 162


FRONT ROW: Rita Michelin, Paula Bintzler, Pamela Sztukowski, Mary Fleischman, Linda Socha, Victoria Van Ert, jane Weymouth, Amy Daluge, La Vonne Hunt, Elizabeth Pelner, SECOND ROW: Judy Wolniakowski, Judy North, Christy Lee, Cathy Mabry, Deborah Cieslak, Kathy Breden, Lynn Kaczmarek, Valarie McCourt, Juliane Sargent, jayne Stokke, Patricia Silas, THIRD ROW: Joyce White, Donna Glass, Charlotte Raddatz, April Fritsch, Lisa Ubbelohde, Michelle Guilette, Susan Nass, Martha Schmid, Mayilyn Timber, Cynthia Graham. FOURTH ROW: Janice Culnane, Joyce Czajkowski, Nancy Larsen, Sharon Kroes, Judith Murray, Carol Montgomery, Claire Sorensen, Debbie Boyer, Sharon Olthoff, Kathy Schoen.

Third and Fourth Hansen

First and Second Hansen FRONT ROW: Colleen Goodman, Sue Harte, Patricia Goede, Linda Williams, Susan Grote, Cynthia Ackatz, Evy Wojkiewicz, Connie Harmeyer, Mary Kester, Mary Kay Stolarczyk. SECOND ROW: Debra Miller, Rachael Krause, Laurie Ketchum, jean Kielbasa, Elsa Althen, Rita Schmidt, Clare Humphrey, Rhonda Engel, Mary Zielnicki. THIRD ROW: Kathy Koch, Joan Hauser, Jeanne Koch, Martha Stuck, Nancy Hopman, Diane Crepeau, Karen Edmund, Patti Krauss, Patricia Becker. FOURTH ROW: Donna Johnston, Cheryl Barczak, Patricia Martin, Kathleen Bieniasz, Rebecca Dean, LouAnn Krause. FIFTH ROW: Cheryl Buehler, Patty Cowhey, Marsha Gartland, Mary Perfelz, Julie Zapp, Patricia Barr, Peggy Holtegaard, Sharon Ritchey, Marcia Finn, Holly Young.


First and Second Keith


FRO T ROW: Jean Friede, lucianne Beckman, Debra Hovde, Sude Raymond, Debbie Domack, Barb Burns, jean Jaeger, Connie Milshowsky, Bev Strebelinski, Patty Marcell. SECOND ROW: Roslynn Gabriel, Joyce Cummings, Becky Holt, Mary lynn Monson, Carol Ignasiak, Kay Daniels, lyn Sandleback, Cindy Lemke. THIRD ROW: Sue Fraser, Mary Gilbertson, lynn Himes, Nancy Klaas, Kathy Burns, Gail Vlcek, Tory Sandin, Cheryl Hall. FOURTH ROW: Christine Hubbard, Nancy Harrison, Mary Kay Olson, Ellen Weiler, linda Feagles, Geri Gardner, Joyce Emmrich, Joan Pagel, Cheryl Tosselind.

FRONT ROW: Karen Gehrke, Barb Powers, Debbie lindquist, Darlene Knorr, Michele Pfaffle, Susan Rudd, ancy McMillan, Becky Sedik, Patti Matosic, Martha Heimann. SECO D ROW: Ann Shroyer, Vicki 0' eil, janet Derber, Carol Caturia, Patty Steppler, Roseanne Grell, Tina Brouillard, Mary Pat Veccie, Judy Wiesmueller. THIRD ROW: Marcy Sirothkin, Peggy Schultz, Daryl Satterfield, Sally Stokke, Debbie Prove, Karen Schoofs, Sandy Beyer!, ancy fhiele, Mary Menne, Lynn Humsbuscher. FOURTH ROW: Ginger Johnson, Ann Reese, Martha Hovland, Chris Landry, Eloise Goeke, linda Zeise, Nancy Huberty, Bonita Schoeneck, Peggy Bezdicek, Dorothy Homm.

First and Second Milnes

Third and Fourth Keith

FRONT ROW: Edward Legner, Gary Hahn, Lawrence Bossung, Steve Jackson, Gregory Dattilo, Robin Bird, )ames Piatek, )ames Sturndt. SECO D ROW: Craig Plowman, Gene Harder, )ames Stroshane, Dwight )ones, Wayne Johnson, Michael Buchholz, Gary Tranberg, Steven Swick. THIRD ROW: David Stout, Ronald Janowski, Scott Beske, Brain Artac, Ed Hampton, David Schindler, August Gerschwiler. FOURTH ROW: Jeffrey Cieciwa, Dennis Stremer, Dean Woelffer, Chris Holbres, Ed Blomstrom, F. William Dailey, Richard Sheridan.


Third and Fourth Milnes

FRONT ROW: Dave Brewer, Timothy Gjovik, John Copeland, Gary Hathes, Phan Long, Anthony Gruber, Jeffrey Kern, Robert Reid, Glenn Pepsick. SECOND ROW: William Lewis, Mark Fort, Curt Clark, Dan King, Thomas Holloway, james jackson, Tim Egger, Patrick Doherty. THIRD ROW: Thomas Eller, Russell Birkholz, David Wentland, Carl Hackbart, Dan Meyer, David Mahr, Greg Kuphall, Ronald Schewe. FOURTH ROW: Alan Gronlund, Mark Jenkins, Robert Buckley, Kurt Dietzen, James Wright, Dennis Reuter, Robert Langille, Michael Oestreich, Melvin Nelson.


FRONT ROW: Steve Anderson, Jerry Bari, William Kirby, Kevin Mayer, Mark Breti, Brian Sprague, James Costello, John Wisniewski, Forhang Rohani. SECOND ROW: John Zemke, George Stathus, Todd Schmidt, John Hogan, David Kopydlowski, David Schaller, Daniel Dettman, Ralph Edwards, Steven Wells. THIRD ROW: Samuel Bacchus, Bruce Biesek, Rodney Schultz, Mickey Eaton, Mark Bruce, Dean Woelffer, Todd Musial, John Stapleton, James Ross. FOURTH ROW: Sing-kit Lo, David Tyryfter, Larry Larson, Don Grossbier, Bruce Skoog, Patrick Kosloski, Andrew Kage. FIFTH ROW: Larry Gilbertson, Jeffrey Wegner, Mark Lord, Pat Baudek, Addison Siverthorn, james Sater, Will iam Davis, Forrest Butterfield, Richard Fratto.

First and Third Chinnock

FRONT ROW: Terry Stoikes, Timothy Deal, Russel Brown, Tom Strupp, John Birschbach, Scott Peineck, Bruce Krueger, Richard Winkler, Steve joswiak. SECOND ROW: John Mullenix, Daniel Chuang, Fred Schroedl, Anwer Hussain, Kass Sawyer, Ronald Fishman, Wayne Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Craig Smith, Lee Krebs, Greg Garman, Ed Foy, Mark Altschwager, James Molbeck, Randy Gutsch. FOURTH ROW: Dave Erickson, Daniel Simenson, Bob Ward, Ron Papacek, Robert Eckart.

Fourth Chinnock

Second Chinnock

FRO T ROW: Sam LaRue, Sam Slota, David Hanson, Mike Landsberg, Gary Zimmerman, Michael Lisiecki, Kenneth Finke, William Roehr. SECO D ROW: Edward Andrist, John Doro, Richard Brownstein, Bruce Henderson, George Bertodatto, Larry Quillen, Paul Sabel, Cletus Franz, David Dodge, joseph Chiengyen. THIRD ROW: Scott knoebel, Gary Felsing, Ronald Starch, Tom Conner, David Nolan, Horst Fleschner, Sluggo Brown.


First South FRO T ROW: Steve Hanson, louis Szrat, Blackie the dog, Phil Cyr, Peter Bohun, Eric Edquist, Boen Hian Tan, Bryan Dahm. SECOND ROW: Tony Whelihan, Robert Teich, Jim Scubin, Bart Lassman, Charles Oestereich, james Veloon, Paul Zahashy, Ken Grimmer, Richard Bode. THIRD ROW: Marty Potter, Richard Hoerth, Ken Carmody, Ron Draxler, Bruce Dorendorf, jack Kohlhagen, Dan Robertson, Tim lieding, Dave Miller, Yi Jean Huan. FOURTH ROW: AI oil, Rick Burdick, Tom Cobian, Tim Horne, Gary Holbrook, Paul Gruendeman, Myron Belger, Jerry Monsler, Frank Ander!, james Wardman, FIFTH ROW: Gary Spindler, Ivan Saric, Mike Carlson, Peter Vanish, Orin Palmer, Mike Madsen, William Mitchell, leon Levenhagen, April Scholbrock, Richard Hepp.


FRO T ROW: Curt lillie, Bill Jaffe, Gary Hoover, Mike Guckenberg, Alan Webber, Jonathan, Pillars, Lori Byom. SECOND ROW: Dave Goldberg, John Shong, Mark Meyer, Doug Jones, Harold Havlik, Mike Rachubinski. THIRD ROW: Chuck Gerschefske, Terry Herber, Arnie ovak, Robert Denk, Dennis Brennan, Fred Kuhn, Ron Mauermann, Don Stickney. FOURTH ROW: Barney Klecker, Bill Semrau, Jeff Anclam, Michael Ritter, Steve Hamilton, Pete Proost, John Waters, Mark Reiland.

Second South

FRO T ROW: Tom Herold, Bruce Padley, John DeGraff, Bob Finke, Chuck Hall, Dave Hartig. SECO 0 ROW: Sandra Coloso, Craig Barczak, Sally Trautner, Connie Braeger, Dave Goldberg, Patrick Reid, Mary Waters, Nora Koch, Anne Petta, Jay Commie, Marvin Horowitz. THIRD ROW: Elaine Huston, Nancy Potter, Mona Mousseau, Cindy Kent, Nancy Beck, Patti Grozdanich, Beckee Lynch, Paula Medzis, Brenda icholas, Debbie Grisius, Diane Nelson, Beth Omohundro, Kay Burtness. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Riechers, Sue Rochweiler, Jeanne Becher, Sarah Saver, Chris ess, Linda Rhone, Joan Redpath, Ann Sailor, Corky Kullander, Marg Sochacki, Claudia Ricci, Dianne Olson. FIFTH ROW: Dick Wiese, Kitty Carpenter, Steve Harper, Jody Conley, Frank Zappa, Steve Young, Tim Hall, jacque jacob, Waunita Walker, Janet Bloomer, Susan Levendoski, Debbie Drake,

Fourth South

SIXTH ROW: George Armlsruster, Shawn Tierney, Michael Schneider, Lyle Lukas, Linda Stener, Karen Gliscinski, Ellen Anderholm, Jon Wolf, Allan Scholbrock.

Third South FRO T ROW: Cindy Wischmeier, Cindy Boehm, Laura Tibbitts, Barb Schmitz, Chris Perso, Bardi Waling, Ellen Joseph, SECO 0 ROW: judy Adams, Mary Ann Kleman, Sue Downing, Lynne Baltzer, Ann Friedrich, Beth Brown, Bonnie Laing, arcia Nadwocki. THIRD ROW: Shirley Koepke, Kathy Capobianc, Patti Schwantes, Margie Harris, Carolyn Moore, Janet Vertrees, Liz Gorman, Connie Stepan. FOURTH ROW: Susan Behling, Mary Karcharski, Barb Stay, Beth Elmlinger, Wendy Denzin, Julie Jorgenson, Maureen Dowling.


Dormitory living relaxed as furnishings could be arranged to suit the room's tenant. Living with many other people created many problems but also memorable experiences that one would remember for years. Pop corn parties, care packages, birthday parties, poker games, water fights and laughter typified oncampus living.


"Off campus" was a different experience. Suddenly you had to worry about inflation in food prices, who's day to do the dishes, or would you or would you not let your roommate listen to your records. "Off campus" was having your own place to fix up or mess up.



Off Campus FRONT ROW: Eunice Hanson, janet Hilton, Christal Lynum, Russ Koth, Robert Machnik, Kathryn Plutshack, joan Klushmeyer, Bryon Hinz, Bonne Schansberg, Margie Carey, Kathy Dahl. SECOND ROW: Gloria Hanauer, Anita Falango, Jill Ott, Carol McCauley, Dave Pibarnik, Bob Giede, Andy Anderson, Mo Hauguel, Dennis Path, Steve Hutchens, Tohy Bodeen. THIRD ROW: Donna Bella, Ann Olson, Marilyn Fox, Pam Lemke, Beth Milatz, Bob lund, Thomas elson, Geoganne Beecher, Peggy Parlin, Mary Cave, Nancy Roman, Kathi Isaacson. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Groene, George Macht, Jim Krueger, joe Szekeress, Mark Frankwick, Rita Tavares, Gene Frankwick, Thersa Walker, Millie Svatik.


FRONT ROW: Gene Dees, Razia Ibrahim, Susan Gardner, Walia lngmohan, M.A. Haquekhan, linda Sherwin, janp Sell, Iris Richardson, Diane Tombal, Cory Demeny. SECOND ROW: Nehal Zaidi, Ronald Paulsrud, Kirit Ananopara, Tushar Canulhai, Skip Brossurd, Rudy Noxak, Kay Emerson, Maribeth Gibson, Pam Mindeman. THIRD ROW: Fred Olsen, Pat Capelle, Debbie Hass, John Bloom, L.W., L.S., jill Paske, Ellen Schwab, Debbie Jachim, Mary Lynn Haner. FOURTH ROW: Mohammed Dadabkoy, jerry Goldsmith, Steve Wilhinsoh, Chris John, " Blue", Tom Tanner, " Buckhom," Doug Surges, Cindy Vaughn, Maggie Korhler, Mary Simes, Joan Albright, linda Leibel, Connie Peterson.

Off Campus

FRONT ROW: Kathy Vogel, Terri St. Arnauld, Pat Agnew, Betsy Wardwell, Ron Hellman, "Kodie," Ram Mindemann, "Sanford," Lynn Wiehe, Jacklyn Fuller, Larry Earle, Barb Cina. SECOND ROW: Scott Feiler, Rocky Nelson, Ron Eberson, Mike Conwill, Kathleen Scheide, Pam Servais, Carol Kempen, Maggie Garey. THIRD ROW: Ken Klapperich, Judie Kervin, Mike Werner, Frank Arvidson, Steve Lundquist, Dennis Mertzig, E.G. Graf, Pam Husebye, Carol Graper, james Garey. FOURTH ROW: David Lindelof, John Llumb, Sam Glanzman, Emil Hank, Larry Boris, Maggie Koehler, Kozomos Swazzle, Steve Olson, Mike Ehrmann.

Off Campus

Off Campus

FRONT ROW: Gerry Walters, Maggie Foote, Gail Geihe, Karen McBurney, Nancy Ludy, Sally Brussat, janet Struckmann, Peggy Schlais, Marilyn Shick. SECO D ROW: Christopher A. Leubner, Kathy Powers, Ginney Stephany, Sue Bonk, Kathy Dyer, Sandra Sullivan, Arlene Leszewski, Donna Peterson, Chuck Witte. THIRD ROW: Richard Rohde, Lotfali Ranko, Gerome laSee, Ron Johnson, John Persow, George Czerwinski, John Germann, Taro Dama. FOURTH ROW: jane Sarles, Steven Lunseth, Donald Peterson, john Traber, Don Shervey, jim Hall, Dennis Rambo, Erroll Clark.


Row 1: Jennifer Plier, Collen Thorp. Row 2: Vicki Martelle, Eleanor Wendt, linda Prothero, Evy Wojiewicz. Row 3: Sheila Holten, Becky Hagen, Annette Finder, Denise Bushey, Barb Ruefer. Row 4: Barb Lovance, Kathy Arcand, Mary Ellen DeSalvo, Debbie Donovan, Carolyn Olson, Lorraine Spears, Mrs. Sten Pierce, Advisor; linda Risley, Advisor; Jan Werblow, Mona Claridge, Nancy Kozminski, Laurinda Kuolt, joyce Reit, Debbie Schumacher.

AOIT Alpha Omicron Pi 179

ALA Alpha Sigma Alpha


Row 1: Bet1e Johnson, jean Court, Kathy Landwehr, Debby Teppo, Bev Maasch, jane Hamilton, Sally Wichman, janet Derber. Row 2: Peg Johnson, Cheri Desmarais, Sandy Swanson, lynn Raasch. Row 3: julane Peloquin, Vicki Reynolds, Mona luehn, Ruby Hull, Maggie Gliniecki. Row 4: Kathy Sorrell, Advisor; Judy Pribbernow, Cheryl Rew, Rosalyn Wagner, Advisor; Marge Rekoske, Sue Tollefsrud, Kathy Kuehnast, Marge Jacobi, Ann Olson, Pam Lemke, Kathy Rosandich, Mary lynn Hamer, Pam Mindemann, Cindy Graham, lorie lee, Mary Ellen McArdle, Marcia Prellwitz, Melodie Finn. Roof: Kathy Omi.llian, Sue Kade, Pat Okeson, Marcia Seegers, Kathy Scott.

Row 1: Barb Reed, Paula Anshus, Deb Roden cal, Mary Lorenz. Row 2: Char Dahms, Debbie Munson, Laura johnson, Denys Tonkin, Candy Rajchel. Row 3: Sally Freudenberg, Jamie Schliep, Cathy Amdorfer, Gail Berg, jill Paske, jane Zimbric, Carol Novak. Row 4: Linda Sherwin, Sue Harmann, Debbie Werth, Gail Ambroz, Janie Schave. Row 5: Connie Hammond, Pam W erth, Lynn M urphy, Advisor; Cindy Covin, jane Larson.

11Z Delta Zeta

18 1

Sigma Sigma Sigma


Row 1: Marty Timmerman, Shelley Sherman, Marcia jante. Row 2: Lori Travis, Sue Torgerson, Joann Kriigel, Marie Thomforde, Diane jones, Marilyn Drew. Row 3: Donna Andersen, Sharon Brandt, Linda Larson, Sue Amhaus, Sue Thompson, Gayle Couillard, Diane Gilbert. Row 4: Jackie Olson, Sara Hinchcliffe, Sue Mallak, judy Bonhiver, Linda Zeise, Carol Andrew, Luane Hornby, Carol Bakken.

Row 1: Sue Kropp, Vicki Banaski, Beny Frey. Row 2: Anita Mcfarlane, Terry Wilson, Lynne Balzer, Janet Wagner, Peggy Christoph, Barb Burton. Row 3: Karen Ehle, Marcia Mack, Nadine Wangler, Penny Duncan, Sue Plehn, Linda Dixon, Eileen Buck, Kathy Samon, Karen Skjegstad, Judy Jaeger. Row 4: Joanne Zielanis, Sue Mayer.

Gamma Sigma Sigma


A<P Alpha Phi 184

Row 1: Valerie Neuman, Nancy Wilder, Melody Wachter, Nancy Ekum, lynn Mueller, jill Trzcinski. Row 2: janet Bloomer, Barb Burgess, Kathy Zutz, Mary Sroka, Pat Warner, Sue Funk. Row 3: Jill Ott, Trudy Nodgaard, Lois Hackbart, Ann Werner, Linda funk. Row 4: Ann Wendt, jan Sprecher, Marulyn Bloomer, jacque jacob, judy Dishno, Carol Dampier, Barb Johnson, Trice Smith. Row 5: jan Vertrees, Barb Feste, Carole Dettman, Lorraine Brown, Rhonda Wrobel, Terry Krause.

Row 1: Dr. larchez, Advisor; Gerry Falk, Pat Schaller. Row 2: Arvid Wolfgram, Mike lee, Aronld Footle, Tom Charles, AI Niebuhr, Mike Buss. Row 3: Don Chastan, David Lehmann, David Lundin, Dave Schafel, Merlyn Behnke, Mike Radtke.

A<PO Alpha Phi Omega 185

KAB Kappa lambda Beta


Row 1: Mark Oriefuerst, Barry Timm, Randy Macho II, Keith Strong, Mark Blahnik, Curt johnson. Row 2: Fred Beyer, Tom Malingowski, Steve Robinson, Bob Schulze, Terry Watkins, Wayne Lebakken, Tony Caliva. Row 3: Steve Novotny, Mike Tatro, Paul Hayward, jack Techel, Tom Holdorf, Fred Morrey, john Schaefer.

Seated in Front: Brent Gross. Row 1: Damon Weiss, Jerry Goldsworthy, Jim Northrop, Dave Kasten. Row 2: Wayne Hoffmann, Skip Drumm, Dan Nichols, Dave Semling, Dale Stegbauer, John Gardner, Bud Blum. Row 3: Dave Mann, Dave Spahn, Dick Widmer, Tom Kollinger, George Armbruster, Ed Wojtowicz, Bob Doone, Dave Urasky, Ken Aggen, Mickey Eaton. Far Left: Bill Burmesch, Jim Molbeck, Rick Chaput, Jerry Florian. Right: Don Papacek, Jim Luisier, Gary Chilver.

TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon


<PLE Phi Sigma Epsilon


Row 1: Dave Williamsen, Mike Sherman, Mike Gallaghe Richard Sorrell. Row 2: Gary Reiss, jim Marks, john DeGraf Brad Duncanson, Lee Krebs, Tom jones. Row 3: Bruce Pac ley, Tim Schult, jim Prusa, Gordy Crimmens, Bob Fink1 Glen Amhaus, Mike Hopensperger. Row 4: Dale Mager danz, Tom McDonough, Chris Hassold, jim Vrana.


.. I I l l I I I I I 1111 I l l I I I I I I 1 I 1111111 I I I l l I I I I I 11 I l l 11 I I 1 111111 I I I I I I I I I I 111111 I I I I I I I I I I I 111•111: ~1111111. . . . . . . . . . . . . I I I I




I. 8. 8 ••••• •.


, .......:.:·~ -

•••••••••••• •••••••••••• I ••••••••••• I ••••• •

...... _ ....







Row 1: Dale Gemignani, Clark Workman, Mike Nicholson, AI Marotz. Row 2: Dennis Stanton, Dave Stojnski, Brvon Olson, Dave Cureton, Steve Schoen, Dave Vidlock. Row 3: Paul Larson, Craig M undt, Mark Gillings, Dave Blaha, Tom Belpedio.

8. 8 •.

LTf Sigma Tau Gamma



L<PE Sigma Phi Epsilon 190

Row 1: Keith Peterson, AI Buros, Tim Van Heirseele, Bill Lyons. Row 2: Jerry Finch, Doug Cravillion, Mike Muchowski, Greg Faulks, Brad Krizan. Row 3: Joe Disch, Lynn Goldney, Chuck Willihnganz, Rod Zivney, Dennis Stremer. Row 4: Earl McMahon, Larry Larsen, Steve Gliddon, Jack Kleisner, Tom Kohl, Randy Nelson, Mark Peterson, Gary Burzinik, Bill Weidner.


Row 1: larry Trampf, Mike Hosni, jerry Stoisolovich, Bill Pendelton, Ted Pagels, Dick Ruppel. Row 2: Bob Hollander, Pat Donley, Tom Kolstad, Roger Reinert, Dr. Steve Fossum, Roger Gut, Ken Stangel.

LIT Sigma Pi



XA Chi Lambda


Row 1: Roger Ross, Mark Nevins, Arnie Oswald, Wayne Knight. Row 2: Tom Bibeau, Advisor; john Germain, Dave McNaughton, Advisor; Barney Klecker, Dave Mann, Dick Sommers, Phil Busse, Curt Lang. Row 3: Paul Goede, Advisor; Pat lnda, Ken Finke, Joe Giljohann, Ed Andrist, Steve Koehler.

TOP ROW: Jeff Me eely, Chuck Howell, Dave Webb, John Saveland, AI Rossal, Dan Palecek, Rod Anderson. SECO D ROW: Paul Lutzke, Dave Kopydlowski, Steve Brink, Dave John, Rick Bergen, Tom Murray, Eric Bloohm. THIRD ROW: Rob Mclellan, Swamp Fox, John Nicholson, Tom Vanderloop, Joe Ussel. FOURTH ROW: Mike Locicero, Mike Kaub.

<PQB Phi Omega Beta 193

Vets Club


FRO T ROW: Eric Edquist, Terry Kostrivas, Tom Zaborski, Ron Snouffer, Paul Moscherosch, Herb Ruscin. SECOND ROW: Dick Bode, Dave Callen, Bill Krueger, Richard Sorrell, Bill Rasch, Gerald Harder, Keith Grubel, Carlie Hayes, Dave Rodel, Bob Utech. THIRD ROW: Herb Zinck, Ron Head, Dan Raether, Dave Dubner, Len Baer, Jim Fox, Jerry Wiskow, Tom Cypher, jay Kumm, George Christensen. FOURTH ROW: Jim Wardman, George Schumann, Jim Fuschl, Ken Bodeen, Russ Dean, Bob Raether, Rich Vernon, Dick Teigen, Gary Teigen, Ralph Hartsworm, Todd Hammond, Paul Mathwig, Dan Schleh, Steve Ehmcke, jack Nell, AI Kubsch, Tim Ross. FIFTH ROW: Clyde Noyce, Paul Anderson, Gary Helgeson, Rick Burdick, jim Garey, John Warren, Bob Pullman, Dale Krivoshein. SIXTH ROW: Dave Ricks, George Kramer, Rick Burback, Larry Smith, Pat Barrett, Larry Engen, Leon Lemma, Milo Zwieg, Bob Seiracki.

FRONT ROW: Pat Schult; Debbie Schumacher, Pam Lemke, Jill Trzcinski, Debbie Werth. SECOND ROW: Ann Olsen, Ann Povlick, Janice Werblow. THIRD ROW: Ann Wendt, Jill Paske, Judy Bonhiver. FRONT ROW: Margaret Keyes, Paula Koch, Julane Peloquin, Peggy Winkelman, Cheryl Rew, Sue Mayer, Betty Jakubicz, Jan Vertrees, Vicki Kramer, Kathy Vogel. SECOND ROW: Patricia Dretzler, Judy Morgan, Grace Kragness, Chrystal Lynum, Martha Empie, Ruth Trafford, Lana Gentz, Jan Duzynski, ancy Batzli, Kay Emerson, Helen Becker, Donna Finucan, Chris Perso. THIRD ROW: Janet Mraz, Georgia Hohmann, Diana Klug, Betty Koll, ancy Wilder, Susan Funk, Debi Traeger, Joan Solie, Diane Kapusta, Diane jackman, Colleen Hauke, joanne Zielanis. FOURTH ROW: janice Serum, joann Tappa, Marilyn Drew, Eunice Hanson, Donna Jensen, Kathryn Plutshack, Beth Milatz, Mary Jo Johnson, Rebecca Tylee, Debra Holder, Lorraine Peterson, Sylvia Roeske, FIFTH ROW: Cheryl Jochimsen, Cynthia Boehm, Lynne Baltzer, Mary Ann Klemen, Connie Peterson, Karen Koerner, Carol Lund, Pam Servais, Sandy Keiser, Eleanor Wendt, Carolyn Barnhart, Candy Rajchel.

Panhellenic Council

Phi Upsilon Omicron

Pi Kappa Delta



FRO T ROW: linda Belou, an Duescher, Kim Bader, Christine Hubbard, Kristine Stratman, Susan Nass, Rhonda Engel, Debbie Hovde. SECO D ROW: Peggy Schlais, Cheryl Saugstad, Todd Schmidt, Marilyn Greiner, Janet Struckmann. THIRD ROW: Mark Burwell, Torrey Johnson, David Baumann, Larry Laird, Patrick O'Connor, Howard Heis.

FRO T ROW: Linda Belou, an Duescher, Kim Bader, Christine Hubbard, Kristine Stratman, Susan ass, Rhonda Engel, Debbie Hovde. SECO D ROW: Grace Hewitt, Peggy Schlais, Debra Johnson, Debra Drue, Carolyn Barnhart, Marilyn Greiner, Janet Struckman. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Saugstad, Torrey Johnson, Todd Schmidt, Michael Buchholz, Mark Burwell, Howard Heis. FOURTH ROW: Peter Vanish, David Baumann, Larry Laird, Patrick O'Connor.

FRONT ROW: Cathryn Mabry, Marilyn Angus, Marilyn Fox, Christine Hubbard, Sue Strey, Patty Marcell, Kathy Vogel. SECOND ROW: Sharon Wasilas, Gina Grave, Kathy Wilinski, Barb Gehring, Valarie McCourt, Lynn Kaczmarek, jan Duzynski, julie Ott. TH IRD ROW: Pam Servais, Sylvia Roeske, Sue Bonk, Nancy Adamson, Evy Wojkiewic, Paula Koch, Candy Rajchel.

Home Economics

FRO T ROW: Barbara McGinnis, Karen Skjegstad, Anne Sheeks, joyce Seefeldt, Bill Siedlecki; Advisor. SECOND ROW: joseph Merchak, Margaret Parlin, Christine Hubbard, Kathy Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Warren ilsson, Maggie Foote, Richard Tuma, joseph Smith, Charlie Brady.


in Business

Activities Association



WVSS Radio Staff


SITII G: Dick Valiga, Debbie Hass, Charlie Brady, Pat Capelle, Eva Ramsey, Ed Klecker, linda larson, Bob johnson. STANDING: Bill Siedlecki. FRONT ROW: Bill Dow, R.W. Hannu, Bill McGraw. SECOND ROW: Bill Jaffe', Roy Swanke, Andy Harrison, David Tillman, Don Peterson, jim Radatz. THIRD ROW: jim elson, Tom Lemke, Dave Lehmann, joe Tiry, Virginia Schertz, judy Harrison, Curt lang, Randy Olson, Ruth Peterson, Dave Allen. FOURTH ROW: Ed Getz, Pete ljubic, Marv Eggert, Pete ewskyj.

FRONT ROW: Ellen Schwab, jody Conley, Barb Riley, Nancy Swick, Liz Fugate, Greg Bedsted. SECO D ROW: Steve Swick, Debbie Wiedrich, Evy Wojkiewicz, Kathy Hodgson, Margie Carey, Dave Kopydlowski. THIRD ROW: Bud Blum, Mike Danielson, Dave Hartig, Rick Bruhn.

Stoutonia Staff

FRONT ROW: Rudy Novak, Kathy Harasyn, Chris Leubner, Maggie Foote, jim Evans.

Tower Staff


Symphonic Singers

Glee Club

FRO T ROW: Sandy Swanson, Richard Vine. SECO D ROW: Sue ass, Sally Brussat, Nancy Krueger, Beth james, jane Cronin, Carol Dampier, jill Ott, Betty Danielson, Sharon Scram, Rosemary Berg, Jeanne Koch, jane Moats, Johanna Zoerb, Lorie Spears. THIRD ROW: Diane jackman, Rita Michelin, joann Krugel, Maggie Foote, Sue Downing, janet Derber, Carol Petersen, Mary Ellen Mcardle, Deb Kielley, Patty Barr, Margaret Keyes, Sue Muck, orma Gagnon, Sue Morgan, Lynn Dee Henkel. FOURTH ROW: Tom Wackgenant, Peter Langlais, Steve Eber, Bob Herling, Wayne Olson, Steve Lunseth, Mark Weber, Mark Donkersgoed, Jules Butcher, Scott Anderson, Dave Anderson, Paul E. Ringquist, Larry Hudson, Dean Stieglitz, Roslynn Gabriel, Colene jensen, Liz Eith, Janet West. FIFTH ROW: Damon Weiss, Jerry Wiskow, Larry Quillen, Mark Holperin, Tony Gruber, jon Bjornson, eal Gutekunst, jerry Fijalkiewicz, Rick Grimm, Dean Summerfield, Patrick Reid, Tony Wheli han, Chris Jenson, Karen Ertl. FRO T ROW: Richard Vine, Karen Breunig, ancy Crandell, jane Larson, Phyllis War.g, Deb Bruneau. SECO D ROW: Rita Terry, Barb Williams, Marlene Bohl, Mona Claridge, Bonnie Laing, Karen McBurney. THIRD ROW: Sandy Mayer, Debbie Wagner, Mary Plett, Donna Scheffer, ancy List, Barb Uebele, jean Koerble.

FRONT ROW: john Maulding. SECOND ROW: Nancy Harrison, Karla oonan, Betty Kolstad, Mary Slatky, Connie Kruger. THIRD ROW: Gail Williams, Betsy Kaste, Lynn Lucius, Lynn Hunsbuscher, Klaudia Klinner, Kathy Empie, Karen Joos. FOURTH ROW: Harry Gandre, Luanne Moldenhauer, Tom Sasada, Steve Peterson, Robert Denk, Debbie Keilley, Betty Danielson, Alan Braun. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Hubertz, Chris Ness, Mary Doeringsfeld, Barb Uebele, Debbie McDermott, Sharon Bombeck, Linda Stener, Kathy Breden. SIXTH ROW: Judy Sendelbach, Mark Larson, Henry Venzante, Barb Zander, Judy Murray, Joan Warden, Charles Saunders, Pam Werth, Carol Ulness. SEVE TH ROW: Lisa Ubbelohde, Arian Zimmerman, Jan Kirst, George Tamms, Bob Holada, Gail Gunderson, George Draeb, Jerry Fijalkiewicz, Dave Hanson, Dave Anderson, Cheri Meisner, Dave Castner. EIGHTH ROW: Mr. Lynn Pritchard, Randy Olsen, Kathy Lansing, Mike Clark, Neal Gutekunst, Kathy Jandourek, Cindi Bogie, Walt Marozick. I TH ROW: Jon Bjornson, Ray Price.




FRO T ROW: Pat McGuire, John Kysely, Kathy Brost, liz Fugate, Sandra Sullivan, Douglas jones. SECO D ROW: Gene Harder, Gene Dees, Kay Schneider, Kathee Malicki, AI Kubsch. THIRD ROW: Jay Kumm, Rick Shimer, Thomas Burke, Paul Groneng, james Tuschl.

Arts and Crafts Club

FRO T ROW: Anson Albarado, Robin Byers, Dan Bolha, james Garey. SECOND ROW: Dick Wrdner, Tim White, Dave Miller, John Kelleher. THIRD ROW: Gerry elson, Tom Strupp, Mike laschinger.

Distributive Education


FRONT ROW: Arlyn Wiesman, Mike Carlson, Warren Erickson. SECOND ROW: Craig Carlson, Donald Schinke. TH IRD ROW: Hans Jim per.

American Institute of Drafting and Design

FRO T ROW: Dean Long, Joseph Belthauser, Kent Larson, Donald Lawrence, Timothy White. SECO D ROW: Joe Gaertner, Vadne y Hanson, David Molda, Richard Maliszewski.

Student Construction Association


Industrial Education Club

Vocational Rehabilitation

FRO T ROW: Merlin achtrab, Robin Byers, Conrad McClurg, Steve Hall, Roger Oynes, Guy Achten, Donald Starr, Robert Eckart. SECOND ROW: Theodore Wiehe, Jesse Priem, Jay Bauer, Kenneth Finke, Gary Kielisch, Ron Enge, Christopher Ott, Raymond Goudreau, Richard Gerhart. THIRD ROW: Frederick Schroedl, Anthony Rodeghiero, Jim McCracken, Brad Peterson, Kevin Schenk, Gary Schuh, William Roehr, Bernard Harley. FOURTH ROW: Michael Siegmund, Daniel Behymer, Clark Workman, Dean Bondhus, Michael Madsen, Bryon Hinz, David Vandevoort, David McFarlane, Torrey johnson. FIFTH ROW: Arlyn Wiesman, George Schumann, Harvey Fifield, Fred Olsen, Warren Erickson, David Brandt, Gerald Grusynski, John Kuhnwald.

FRO T ROW: Karen Breunig, Alice Vavra, John Tenpas, Jane Legault, Ginny Vavra, Mary Davidson. SECO D ROW: Wayne Giese, Polly Moeller, Martha Verkuilen, Jean Teigen, Barbara Reed, Gary Brunslik. THIRD ROW: Roger Spielman, Karleen Bergmark, AI Noll, Debbie Conon, Cindy Christenson.


FRONT ROW: Carole Haferman, Marilyn Meister, Marlys Roebuck, Doug jones. SECOND ROW: Thomas Haferman, William Barranco, jean Turner, David Dunning, Carol Guntz, Warren Wesley, Bob Plank. THIRD ROW: Richard Parise, Gerry Sorum, Thomas Holloway, Glenn Holmes, Peter Larson.

FRONT ROW: Sue Meyer, Mary Jo Johnson, Teresa Krause, Ann Friedrich, Nancy Bojar, Connie Livingston, jan Serum, Donna Funucan, Ruth Gerber, Pam Brown. SECO D ROW: Judy Morgan, Eileen Mealy, jayne Rathke, Colleen Hauke, Karen Gehrke, Alice Machmueller, Rosemary Olson, Sandra Strauch, Debi M iller, Mary Kopp, ancy Wilder, Cythia Gemmell. THIRD ROW: Peggy Schlais, janis Boeder, Karen Virnoche, Debra Helm, Nancy jaehnert, Diane Graham, Mary jernander, Ruth Ziebell, Gail Williams, Betty Frey, Cheryl Jochimson, Jenny Centgraf. FOURTH ROW: Patty Seston, Robin Gartner, janet Wagner, Mary Ann Klaman, Lynne Baltzer, Sue Leick, Beth Stark, Cindy Comer, Diane Klug, Mildred Anderson, Cheryl Tosseland, Linda Kodet. FIFTH ROW: jacque Karas, Yvonne Gibbs, Caryn Andree, Barbara Maier, Kathe Cordy, Sherry Gohr, Mary McEiwaine, Linda Skorczewski, Pam Last, Mary Lorenz, Mary Andersen, Deborah Fons, Ann Shroyer.

Northern Pines Corvettes.

Nutrition and Foods

Society for the Advancement of Management

Food Service Executives Association

FRONT ROW: Connie Stepan, Phyllis Wong, Karol Knudtson, Robert Mullen, Stephan Matusiewicz, Edward jarapko, jean Witkiewicz, Ronald Usiewizc. SECO D ROW: David Witkiewicz, james Groskopf, James Day, Thomas Weickgenant, Mark Weber, Nancy Koehler. THIRD ROW: Douglas Smith, Alfred Cheinder, Peter Langlais, Robert Safford, David Dill.

FRONT ROW: Edward Legner, Ed Newman, Carlan Cooper, Allen Kubsch, Jane Larson, Paul Menges. SECO D ROW: Dennis Hunchar, Cary Hahn, Darlene Knorr, Aliyu Abdullahi, Dennis Mossing, Betty Kolstad, Diane Witkiewicz, ancy List, Sandra Sullivan, Gale Crams. THIRD ROW: Karen Koerner, Robert Ebbe, Richard Knittel, Pat Koshak, Kathy Zutz.

FRONT ROW: Helen Curphey, Betty Jakubicz, Diane Kapusta, Bonnie Lenzner, janet Sprecher, Mary Sue Woodward, Mary Kay Stolerczyk, Carole Dettman. SECOND ROW: joan Barnes, Debbie Erdman, Barbara Falk, jayne Bacha, Lorie Lee, janice Bolka, Sue Gardner, Karen Kozminski. THIRD ROW: Beth james, Cory Demeny, Mary Lynn Hamer, Connie Peterson, jan Vertrees, ancy jean Reinke, Evelyn Wondra, Sharon Bombeck. FOURTH ROW: Betty Kolstad, Karen Glisczinski, Nancy jung, Karen Koerner, Carol Lund, Fran Kokaly, Mary Brintnall, ancy List.

FRONT ROW: Mary lngwall, Ann Fricker, Ann Schommer, Larraine Brown, Corky Kullander, Linda Wall, Debbie Domack, Bev Strebelinski. SECOND ROW: Roby Hull, Sylvia Restrepo, Marla Mattal, Barbara Mantz, Margie Carey, Nancy Ekum, Vicki Kramer. TH IRD ROW: Patti Terbilcox, Lynn Deck, Wendy Rowley, Geri Gardner, Michelle Kelly, Donna Jenson, Rose Marie Serre, Mary Sroka. FOURTH ROW: Diane Crepeau, Connie Krueger, Barbara Uebele, Ellen Weiler, Nancy Klaas, Cindy Lemke, Patti Stickler, Sandra Swanson.

Fashion Forum

Fashion Forum

Home Economics Association

Home Economics Association

FRONT ROW: Chris Honish, Mary Brintnall, Peggy Parlin, Mildred Svatik, Sue Schneider, Alice Wettstein, Diane jackman, Jean Schulenbury, Kathy Strauss. SECO D ROW: Barb Olker, Barb Schwobe, Betty Cheadle, Brenda Gangestad, jean Vettrus, Mary jane Hansen, Marlene Johnson, joan Warden, Olinda Boreson, Connie Olson, Kathy Ledding. THIRD ROW: Janet Lewis, Wenonah Greve, Donna Glass, Charlotte Raddatz, Karen Glisczinski, Linda Stener, Waunita Walker, Pat Hoffman, Mary Ann Kleman, Marty Stuck, Becky Hagen, Becky Lohrenz. FOURTH ROW: Chris White, Barb jaeger, Barb Cook, Carol Kempen, Laura Oldenberg, Betty Zastrow, Charlene Lemke, Mary Jane Pempek, Pat Geralts, Deborah Smith, Cheryl Hall. FRO T ROW: Linda Karwoski, Cindy Keith, Kathy Orr, Donna Skidmore, Robin Gartner, Sharon Bombeck, Marlene Bohl, Kathy Vogel, Debra Parker. SECO D ROW: Sue Dahm, Diane Graham, ancy Strong, Jane Brink, Barbara Gehring, Kathy Wilinski, Debra McDermott, Ruth Trafford, Eunice Hanson. THIRD ROW: Vita Draheim, Karen Joos, Jacque Karas, Sylvia Roeske, Marilyn Miller, Sandy Baneck, Rita Wojtak, Joanne Zielanis. FOURTH ROW: Susan Funk, Kathryn Plutschack, Anita Falango, janet Hiltan, Marilyn Kraus, Gail Landers, Eleanor Wendt, Cynthia Ackatz, Kathleen McCrindle, Christal Lynum.

FRO T ROW: Vicki Kneebone, Cynthia Woodwick, Debra Hovde, Mary Gilbertson, Donald Peterson, Ann Schantz, Phyllis jones, ancy Krueger, Suzanne lnstenes. SECO D ROW: Diane Olsen, Gloria Hanauer, Cindy Ackatz, Wendy Meier, Susan Gardner, linda Williams, ancy Larson, Connie Harneyer. THIRD ROW: Pat Warner, Donna Bella, Peggy Wicklace, Janel Mathson, linda Funk, Mary Kester, Kathy lansing, Kris Arntsen.

FRO T ROW: John Horvat, Tracy Spoerl, Christopher Hodd, Judith Botsford, Ralph Kulzer, Sue Hanson, Mary Beth Thelen, Edward Jarapko. SECO D ROW: Peggy Janes, Tom Weickgenant, John Wells, Mark Weber, Alice Kempen, Susan Muck, Bob Reid. TH IRD ROW: Bill Faught, Peter Langlais, Tony Fazio, Jim Groskopf, Paul Cunningham, Pat Kosloski, Bob Safford.

Menomonie Association for the Education of Young Children

Hotel Sales Management Association

International Relations

Free Flicks

FRONT ROW: Paisol Gumway, Barbara McGinnis, Judy Chaag, lorna lengfeld, Dolly Sheriff, lucy Eboh, Ann Hsia, Portia Marquez, Razia lbrahin. SECOND ROW: Kivit Anandpara, Jagmohan Walia, Desia Tusbar Kaubbai, Arizar Rahman, M.A. Haquekhan, Anwer Hussain, Farhang Rohani, Phan Van long, le Van Thanh, EI-Mohamed Sheriff, Patrick Fusi. THIRD ROW: Hugh Gaskin, Tak Yue Pong, Enanc Ricketts, Ho-Fau Chan, Claudia Brown, John Kysely, Biu Thien Tai, K. Veerasingam, guyen Hoa, Anthony Rowley, Dekka Mattila. FOURTH ROW: Tekesta Yemane-ab, Cliff Ogombe, Bhano Ramrattan, Sam Bacchus, Gani Mandar, Leang Quang Van, Aliyn Abdullabi, Tran Xuyen, louis Klitzke. FIFTH ROW: John Kao, ehel Zaidi, Rudolph Dyer, Duane Crawford, Maurice Ricks, Mohammed Dadabhay, Kenton Miller, Lauriston lindsay, Grant Granville, Kenneth Arthur, Jones Gilbert.

FRONT ROW: Joseph Merchak, Susan Gardner, James Radatz. SECO D ROW: Mark Meyer, Warren Nilsson.

FRONT ROW: Barb Feste, Janet Derber, David Mahr, Marilyn Greiner, Peggy Curtis. SECOND ROW: Mark Zander, David Dresen, Russel Birkholz, lee Greguske, Dean Ziemendorf. THIRD ROW: Michael Zjala, William Faulkner, John Birschbach, Wanda Petit. FOURTH ROW: Cindi Gerhardt, David Hartig, Teri Geise.

FRO T ROW: Bruce Currey, Kathy Kuehl, james Delvecchio, larry Hudson, Paula Farb, linda Stener, janet Struckman, Ruth Geiber. SECOND ROW: Pat McFall, Barbara Falk, Karen Glisczinski, Mildred Anderson, Connie Krueger, Betsy Kaste, Marg Stone. THIRD ROW: Shirley Engle, Patty Aho, Evaas Ricketts, Chris Coenen, lynn lucius, Bev Swan, Peggy Schlais. FOURTH ROW: Mary Workman, Jan Kirst, Donna Johnston, Anthony Grubic, Steven Young, linda Schalt, Gerry Behnke, larry Carlson.

Inter-Residence Hall Council

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Black Awareness

Native American Awareness


FRO T ROW: Maurice Riel-s, \1\ae Harris, john Person, Janas Potts, Lillian Rogers, Glenda Wesley, Willie Rile). SEC0 D ROW: Ed Hampton, Dwight Jones, Z. Harris, James Matthews, Andy Goods. THIRD ROW: Carl Safford, William Kyle, Paul Caston, james Creer, Ronald Robinson.

FRONT ROW: Beverly jeanquart, joann Schutz, Georgia Lonetree, Aaron Yazzie, Luther Lonetree, Eric Lonetree, Lois Lonetree, jill Lonetree, Barb Burton. SECOND ROW: Tim Vetting, Mary Riordan, Nathan Riordan, Dan Riordan, Claire Riordan, joyce White. THIRD ROW: Cornelius Harper, Ernest Pine, Hilton Vasquez, Jim Keeler.

FRONT ROW: Pat Goede, Sue Harte, Jerry Goldsmith, Robert Stewart, Linda Socha, Judy Jones, Barb Dobratz, Dave Meuser. SECO D ROW: Carol Caturia, June Munson, Debbie Bruneav, Kim Bader, Debbie Matthews, Linda Larson, Anne Sheeks, Pam Drake, Donald Stevens, Diane Fleter, Tina Bruvillard, joyce Czajkowski, Dan Wangerin. THIRD ROW: Kay Buellce, Wenonah Greve, Deborah Conon, Cheri Reynolds, Debbie Johnson, Pamela Last, Suzanne Hanna, Kathleen Fancl, Sue Reed, Marilyn Griebenow, Susan Gardner, Kathy Peterson, Beth Stark, Margie Dersohn. FOURTH ROW: Denise Bushey, Dianne Fiebrink, Carl Hackbart, ancy Huberty, Charles Ladwig, Bruce Henderson, Paul Thompson, Mary Menne. FIFTH ROW: Joanne Tappa, Vicki Sponem, Jerry Oberbillig, Don Stickney, Patrick O'Conner, Richard Burdick, Bonnie Schilling, Anita Falango, John Legois, Christal Lynum.

FRO T ROW: Marilyn Krause, Lynn Dee Henkel, Anthony Fazio, Jr., Donald Prihoda, Michael Lemberg, Joan Klusmeyer, Gordon Corrus, Jan Pfeifer, Aleta Forslin. SECO D ROW: David Anderson, Mona Claridge, Janice Werblow, Patsy Waller, Anne Wendt, Julia Sargent, James J~nda,_ Paul Wegner, Laurie Henkel, Richard Konlon, Cynth1a Wilson, Carol McCauley. THIRD ROW: Mary Johnson, Jill Peterson, Karen Taipale, Georgia Hohmann, James Garey, Margart Garey, Mary Kay Stolarcztyk, Patricia Kachelski, Ann Ree~e, John Samplawski, Kay Emerson. FOURTH _ROW: Patnce Engel, Betty Cole, James Yarnott, Steve_ Hallin, anc~ Dewong, Debbie Posselt, Suzanne Schne1der, Mary Wlls~n, Dick Valiga. FIFTH ROW: Douglas Cravillion, ~ary Schl~l足 ing, Gerald Walters, Jennifer Wolff, H. Ja~es S1~ck, Dav1d McKnight, Kirby Klinger, David Brandt, Bill Harns. FRO T AND CE TER: Denms Behrens.



Stout Photographic

FRONT ROW: Don Robertson, Gina Grave, Dave Drenckpohl, Boen Hian Tan. SECOND ROW: Dan Cook, Barbara Pankau, Lonnie Weise, Tom Walsh.

Association Stout Typographical Society

21 ~

FRO T ROW: Dr. Charles Thomas, Arnold Footle, Dr. Ervin Dennis, Dr. Frank Ireland, Ronald Johnson, Karen Hughes, Phillip Comstack. SECOND ROW: David Goldberg, Mark Gable, Byron Olsen, Greg Swinger, Kathy Sheetz, William White. THIRD ROW: David John, James Evans, joseph olan, David Hill, John Bavier.

FRONT ROW: K.T. Olson, Ray Kranzusch, Matt Reneson, Jerry Kazmierski, Bob Hartig, Ray Wigen, G.S. Wall, R.A. Schaefer. SECOND ROW: P.W. Ruehl, Greg Ellsworth, Donald Popp, Gary Lintereur, Ken Finke, Tom Zaborski, John Jarvis. THIRD ROW: Hank Thomas, john Barber, Gary Brzezinski, Chuck Berben, Bill Barker, Charles Pieper, Robert Dahlke. FOURTH ROW: George Schumann, Geoff Saville, Don Schinke, Dave Brandt, Clyde Maurice, Bob Pullman.

FRONT ROW: Jed Hardacker, Cynthia Sandberg, Bob Schaeffer, Jim Radatz, Sara Falkofske, Noel Falkofske. SECOND ROW: james Falkofske, Bill Sandberg, S. McCoy, Rita Michelin.

Epsilon Pi Tau

Alpha Psi Omega


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Stout Society of Industrial Technology


FRONT ROW: jeffrey DeBruin, Larry Koehler, Dave Baumann, Dave Liebers, John Mueller. SECOND ROW: Rick McDowell, Peter Newsky, Jerry Goldsmith, Jay Musil. THIRD ROW: Randall Olson, Tom Prescott, Jeff Strong, Gerald Blomquist, Terrance Lynch.

FRO T ROW: Rick Maliszewski, Jerry Goldsmith, Gary Kempen, Doug Weiss, jules Butcher, Roger Allie, Dale Ehlers, Jerry Commer. SECO D ROW: Greg Gabert, Gary Thompson, Daryl Youngman, Gerry Walters, Dan Bolha, Dennis Hunchar, Edward Legner. THIRD ROW: Clyde oyce, Gary Renick, Tom Hanson, Don Shervey, jim Hall, Russ Lijewski, Steve Metzenbauer. FOU RTH ROW: john Germain, Robert Vtech, Thomas Esselstrom, jim Evans, Terry Hrdina, Steve Wells.

FRO T ROW: Barb Feste, janet Derber, David Mahr, Marilyn Greiner, Peggy Curtis. SECOND ROW: Mark Zander, David Dresen, Russel Birkholz, lee Greguske, Dean Ziemendorf. THIRD ROW: Michael Zjala, William Faulkner, John Birschbach, Wanda Petit. FOURTH ROW: Cindi Gerhardt, David Hartig, Teri Geise.

FRONT ROW: Bruce Currey, Kathy Kuehl, James Delvecchio, larry Hudson, Paula Farb, linda Stener, janet Struckman, Ruth Geiber. SECOND ROW: Pat McFall, Barbara Falk, Karen Glisczinski, Mildred Anderson, Connie Krueger, Betsy Kaste, Marg Stone. THIRD ROW: Shirley Engle, Patty Aho, Evaas Ricketts, Chris Coenen, l ynn lucius, Bev Swan, Peggy Schlais. FOURTH ROW: Mary Workman, jan Kirst, Donna Johnston, Anthony Grubic, Steven Young, linda Schalt, Gerry Behnke, larry Carlson.

Inter-Residence Hall Council

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Seniors Kathryn D. Alder Gail E. Ambroz Glenn A. Amhaus Brain D. Amundson

Francis J. Anderl Connie M. Anderson Patricia M. Anderson Scott A. Anderson

Terry A. Anderson Carol A. Andrew Catherine G. Arndorfer Jim C. Arndt

Benjamin L. Arnold David R. Arns David R. Austin Thomas C. Back


Ruth A. Bahlow David R. Bailey Lynne E. Baltzer John E. Barber

Ann E. Barth Bruce R. Bartelt Patricia B. Basta Paul J. Bauer

Thomas L. Bauerkemper David C. Baumann Mark A. Baumann Claude Beale

Debra A. BeFay Susan j. Behling Beverly J. Beirne Thomas L. Belpedic

Mark A. Bengen Roger B. Berg Ronald M. Berg David K. Bergstrand


Donald R. Bergstrand Patricia A. Bertnick Clifford P. Berutti Gary A. Bethke

Fred W. Beyer Delores M. Bitner Randy M. Bjurquist Susan J. Blackburn

Mark R. Blackman Carol A. Blackowiak Mark J. Blahnik judy A. Blank

Linda L. Bley C. "Bud" Blum Patrick J. Bogie Martha S. Bokemeier

judith L. Bonhiver Sue M. Bonk Gerald ). Boots Steven ). Bordini


LeeAnn H. Bornhoft Paul C. Bourguignon Beverly j . Braun Paulette M . Braun

Howard C. Brossard, Jr. Mary J. Brost Michael j . Bruneau Margaret M . Brunn

Sally M . Brussat Gary J. Brzezinski janice R. Buchholz Kevin A. Buckley

jennie L. Buell Robert M. Bullis Richard C. Bundsgaard Mark L. Burwell

William W. Burkholder joanne M . Carini Alan j . Carlson Mary B. Carlson

22 1

Michael 0. Carlson Kathryn A. Caturia Mary E. Cave Junghoon Cha

Richard A. Chaput Thomas L. Charles Ann L. Chesebro Carolyn J. Colclasure

Jean M. Court Kenneth Crane Jane M. Cronin Susan M. Cropp

Donna L. Crosby Helen J. Curphey Kathleen J. Dahl Kathleen A. Damon

John C. Daoust Kevin S. DeBoer John A. Deering Wendy Denzin


Cheri j. Desmarais Cindy C. Devine Robert R. Dewey Patricia M. Dietzler

Karen S. Dill Stewart Dodge Patrick C. Doherty Adrianne S. Dolata

Yvonne M. Doolittle Dennis C. Dornfeld Wayne M. Dosch David E. Drenckpohl

Marilyn L. Drew laurie L. Drossart janice C. Dunham Don A. Dupey

janet A. Duzynski David A. Dwork Richard K. Eberline Wesley B. Edgar 路


Karl G. Edman Nancy l. Edstrom Dean F. Ehlers Nancy K. Ekum

Duane A. Eller Beth M. Elmlinger Martha j. Empie Mary E. Etten

Ronald l. Everson james l. Faccio Sharon J. Fallendorf Thomas W. Farr

Mary P. Fasbender Gregory A. Fash Harv A. Fifield Kenneth E. Finke

Ann Elizabeth P. Finnell Paul B. Finnell Donna M. Finucan Wayne M. Fischback

Margaret A. Foote Arnold j. Footle Marilyn j. Fox Norman C. Franke

Eugene H. Frankwick Ann B. Friedrick lorraine F. Friske Margaret K. Fritsche

Bruce M. Fulton Patrick C. Fusi joel E. Gaertner Michael j. Gagner

Colleen M. Gale john R. Gardner james R. Garey Thomas j. Cast

Robert l. Gauger Stephen A. Gebert Stephen A. Geisen Dale R. Gemignani


John Germain Steven R. Giese Mary A. Gilbertson Joseph R. Giljohann

Stephen T. Glidden Alfred J. Gmeinder Glenn A. Goessl Jerome E. Goldsmith

William J. Gorton Raymond C. Gourdreau Cynthia H. Govin Terry Grant

ancy J. Graese Gale A. Grams Wilma J. Gregory Lee J. Greguske

Ken A. Greiber Katherine A. Grill Fred G. Guinn Gary J. Greniers


Marilynn jean H. Guinn Bruce A. Gunderson Patricia J. Gwin Lois A. Hackbart

David J. Hackbarth Rebecca A. Hagen Kerry M. Haight Robert C. Hall, Jr.

Barbara j. Halpin Jane K. Hamilton Gerald E. Harder Susan M. Harmann

Donna L. Harris Mae D. Harris Mike Hart Burt D. Hartington

Beth E. Hawkins Paul W. Hayward Don C. Heimerman Donna M. Herrlich


Cynthia A. Hertel Rosemary A. Hildebrand David F.E. Hill Addis T. Hilliker

l ynn R. Himes \t\artin ). Hines Kathleen ). Hirsch ancy l. Hoagenson

William T. Hoagland Katherine A. Hodgson lois A. Hoefke Terry M . Hoepner

Carla ). Hoffman Mary M . Hoffman Robert l. Holada Russell A. Holdiman

Thomas M. Holdorf Karen J. Holzinger john F. Homrig Michael A. Hopensperger


Marvin Joan E. Kay M. Dennis

I. Horowitz Houser Hromadka R. Hubert

Stephen E. Hubert larry D. Hudson Heidi A. Huntington Henry G. Imhoff

Patrick M. lnda Theresa A. jackson Gerald E. Jacobson judith A. jaeger

Betty A. Jakubicz Edward G. Jarapko Beverly M. Jeanquart Warren D. jensch

Phyllis Jentz Bette A. johnson Howard B. johnson janice I. johnson


janice l. Laura J. Mary J. Ronald B.

Johnson Johnson johnson Johnson

Torrey P. johnson Jodelle A. johnstad jane A. jonas june E. jonas

Diane M. jones Thomas E. Jones Charlene A. joos Susan L. Kade

Dennis C. Karnopp Moira C. Kaufmann )arry j. Kazmierski Sandy j. Keiser

Carol A. Kempen Gary J. Kempen Ona 0. Kershner John A. Kessler


Margaret M. Keyes Susan M. King Charles M. Kirby Donald L. Kirby

Robert S. Kisner Barney ). Klecker Michael ). Klein jack Kleisner

Mary Ann T. Kleman larry A. Kline Joann Klink )ames L. Kloster

Diana M. Klug Kyle K. Knapp jane E. Kochnowicz Shirley M. Koepke

Karen A. Koerner janet A. Kohler Dennis M. Kohlman Timothy L. Koller


laurel A. Kolstad Mary E. Kopp Sandra A. Korpela Patrick E. Koshak

Karen A. Kozminski Kathryn J. Kraemer Diane K. Krause Jeannette J. Krause

Sharon M. Krause Theresa M. Krause Dale l. Krivoshein David J. Krueger

Sally l. Krumhus Tim P. Kruse Mary K. Kucharski John P. Kuhnwald

Henry A. Kurth Gleen R. LaChapelle Kathy M. Landwehr William H. Lanners


Lois C. Lapacinski jane A. Larson Kent L. Larson Linda j. Larson

ancy Larson Dennis N. Lausted Donald D. Lawrence jane M. Legault

Russell j. Lenz Bonnie j. Lenzner David P. Lerche Leon C. Levenhagen

james G. Lilyquist David P. Lindelof Bruce C. Lingsweiler Gary E. Lintereur

Connie j . Livingston Kathleen M. Lobos Michael T. LoCicero Phan V. Long


Jeffrey M. Loose Mary Lorenz Michael 0. Lorenzen Ernest C. Lurvey

Marcia Mack Janice A. Mackey Thomas F. Maedke Gary E. Magee

Kathie Malicki Tom G. Malingowski Margaret J. Mantes Walter C. Marozick

Portia C. Marquez James M. Martin Mary L. Mather Daryl L. Mathews

Susan A. Mayer Oelnora L. McCabe Patrick J. McCarthy Conrad J. McClurg


Thomas W. McDonough William G. McGe~ch Steven L. Mcintyre Thomas M. Me amara

Katherine Mertes Timothy J. Metling David Meuser Michael E. Meyer

Pamela A. Miller Roger D. Miller Susan K. Morgan jacklyn K. Moss

Dennis M. Messing janet K. Mraz Michael J. Muchowski Lynn A. Mueller

Larry A. Myhre Janis K. ehring Christine M. Ness Garold A. est


Edward C. ewman Peter ewskyj Kendall A. iebuhr April C. Nitta

Trudy A. odgaard Kathleen M. orri james B. orthorp Merlin W. ysse

Vicki D. Oeldrich David C. Offerdahl Patricia L. Okeson Roger Ollie

Diane K. Mary K. ancy E. Steven R.

Olson Olson Olson Qlson

Kathleen J. Omillian Margaret A. Ongeman Judy A. Orf Karen M. Osborn


Susan M. Osman Cheryll A. Otto Rod V. Palmberg Barbara L. Pankau

Jeffrey T. Paprocki Ronald W. Paulsrud Christine j. Pederson Kathryn L. Peichl

julane Peloquin Ronald A. Peshaw Karen R. Peterson Margaret J. Peterson

Patti L. Petri Robert A. Petushek Denny Phillips W. Scott Poulson

Marcia R. Prellwitz judy C. Pribbernow Connie R. Printz Robert J. Pullman


Wayne B. Quarderer lynn B. Raasch Douglas R. Radiske Candace l. Rajchez

Dennis R. Rambo lotfali D. Ranko Katheryn l. Rasmussen Jayne l. Rathke

Barbara H. Reed linda K. Reichelt Donald P. Reid Robert D. Reid

Mark J. Reiland Russell J. Remus Yvonne D. Retzinger Cheryl A. Rew

Maurice D. Ricks David l. Riebe Keith l. Rocklewitz Raymond B. Rodefer


Roman j . Rodziewicz William j. Roehr Sharon j. Roeske Kathryn R. Rosandich

Jeffrey D. Rouse Cynthia R. Roy William C. Rudolph Larry j. Sampson

Marsha L. Sarles john H. Scapple Mary Ann Schaack Patrick R. Schaekel

Barb A. Schaufelberger jane M . Schave Nick E. Scheuer Virgil W. Schieffer

Lucille M . Schindler Donald V. Schinke Daniel R. Schlais Charles E. Schlosser


Michael D. Schneider Kathy J. Schoen Phyllis A. Schonfelder Barbara l. Schroeder

Jayne E. Schroeder Pauline K. Schroeder Peter J. Schroeder Bruce E. Schuelke

Timothy l. Schult Roger A. Schuster Andrea E. Schwager Gail C. Scot1

Katherine A. Scott Margie l. Sebestyen Thomas E. Settel Patricia D. Shay

Gerald V. Sims Susan l. Skamser Karen M. Skjegstad Robert T. Smerchek

Cheryl l. Smith Donna Smith Douglas E. Smith Mira l. Smith

Tom W. Smith Linda l. Soholt Margaret A. Solyst Karen A. Sorenson

lorraine C. Spears Roger F. Spinner Janet M. Sprecher lynn A. Stanley

Marlene A. Steeber Gary W. Stegall Marvin l. Steinbach Steven R. Steinbis

Linda M. Stener William T. Sterud Glenn B. Stevermer Mary B. Stewart

24 1

Dale D. Stieglbauer Gerald Stodola jerry A. Stoisolovich Kristine R. Stratman

Phillip R. Strauch Kathleen M. Strauss lynn ). Streeter A路nn Strohbusch

Pamela l. Stromer Kathleen ). Stroud Thomas D. Strycharske Steven C. Suchanek

Sharon K. Suchla Mildred A. Svatik Paul T. Svatik Beverly A. Swan

Faye l. Swenson linda G. Swenson Julie K. Sykora janice B. Szmanda


Mark E. Talbot Michael j. Tatro Alan R. Taylor Jean A. Teigen

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Jayson l. Tritt Jean C. Tritt Donna l. Truax jill T. Trzcinski

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Barbara J. Valley Thomas j. Vanderloop Louise S. Vanderwalker Lynn F. Van-Epps

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janet L. Vertress David W. Vidlock Roberta M. Voss David R. Wagner

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Betty j. W inkler Gerald l. W iskow Arvid A. Wolfgram Michael W . Woodhouse

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Tekeste Yemane-AB Kathy E. Zarnstorff Miles P. Zastrow

Cha rles S. Ziegler jane M. Zimbric Thomas E. Zimmerman

Dale ). Zimmerman Kathryn A. Zutz Marie A. Zweifel

ROW ONE: Margaret Yachinich, Diane Jones, Marilyn Drew, JoAnn Carini, Patricia Shay, joan Houser, Kathy Zutz. ROW TWO: Tim Kruse, Barney Klecker, David Bauman, Mark Burwell, Ronald Johnson, Addis Hilliker, Ken Finke, Mary Kay Olson, lorraine Spears, Alan Carlson, Jules Butcher, Byron Olson. OT PICTURED: Mary Prickett, Sonjia Sherman, Carolyn Barnhart, Barbara Uebele. FRO T: Barbara McGinnis, Eloise Goeke, Marilyn Drew, Mary Kay Olson, Patricia Capelle, Kathleen Strauss, Carol owak, JoAnn Carini, Kathy Zutz, Connie Steepan, Margaret Foote. ROW TWO: Robert Runkel, Michael Schneider, Ken Finke, Ronald Johnson, Byron Olson, Addis Hilliker, Richard Valiga, Jules Butcher, Timothy Kruse. OT PICTURED: Carolyn Barnhart, Mary Prickett, Barbara Uebele, Charles Willinganz, Margaret Winkelman, Mary Ann Kleman, jean Kay Henneberry, Mary Ann Schneider.

Medallion Awards

Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges









-~ ~


~~ ----z-:------:7~=~ 2=:;

25 1



RIGHT: Senior tightend Fred Morrey makes a shoestring tackle after a Falcon interception. CENTER: Steve Fedie, Senior quarterback, lets one fly over a penetrating Point lineman. ABOVE: larry Couey sharpens his throwing skills in the annual intrasquad game. ABOVE RIGHT: Freshman Dan Feur gallops around end on a long gainer.


Tearn Salvaged Homecoming Stout's football team had both the ambition and knowhow to score but just couldn't connect them among the players. The wind proved to be a hinderance for many of the games and as in many other events the "fans" showed just how much they cared about their team and their school. FRONT ROW: John Debee, Tom Speidel, Jim Hillman, Roger Berg, Fred Morrey, Rick Henneberry, Steve ovotny, Ron Berg, Mike Wettstien. SECO D ROW: Steve Fedie, John Osmanski, Jim Zellmer, Joe Springer, Randy Guetch, Steve Olbert, Ken Klaperick, Tim Gjovick, Eric Bloohm. THIRD ROW: Rich Besert, Dan Depoty, Mike Greeley, Dennis Nelson, Steve Zias, Jeff Me eeley, Bob Anderson, Phil Schmitt, Tom Glinski. FOURTH ROW: Dan Leur, Steve Dobner, Jeff Anis, Billy Kyle, Gary Bothem, Tim Van Berg, Kim Wofler, John Miller, Larry Couey. FIFTH ROW: Rick Steckbauer, Jeff Stazick, Dave Kopedlowski, Bob Anderson, Don Tauchen, John esbith, Jack Voit, Steve Josowitts, Carl Safford, Brad Campbell. SIXTH ROW: Kieth Gruba!, Tom Rubash, Dan Ross, AI Brown, Ed Hampton, Rod Schultz, Andy Eaton, Marty Gerich, August Gurshwiler, Lang Wair, Dale Herman. SEVE TH ROW: Bob Haberli, Rich Granahan, Scott Youngbauer, Scott Knoebel, Jim Jackson, Richard Folz, Dave olan, Ron Campopiano. EIGHTH ROW: Mike Detrie, Jack Davis, Grady Stienzsroud, Sten Pierce, Bob Kamish, Dennis Bartel, Mike Bain, Frank Fryer.

Football Kept on Trying LEFT: Senior fullback Ron Berg waits on the sidelines for the defense to get the ball. BELOW LEFT: jeffff Stazcek displays jubulation after returning punt 65 yards for a touchdown. BELOW: Kathy Dyer and Brian Bennett lead the Bluedevil cheering corps.


ABOVE: The bluedevil defense stacks up an Oshkosh running attempt. LEFT: Covey spirals one to tightend joe Springer.


Campus Vibrated After Trampling Eau Claire RIGHT: Obermeuller flys by a Platteville defender for two points. BELOW: Ken Obermeuller sets up an out-of-bounds play for the Bluedevils. BELOW CE TER: Marcus Hayes jockeys for position under the boards as Bill Lyons looks on. FAR RIGHT CENTER: Coach Dwain Mintz makes a point to his players. FAR RIGHT: A baton routine highlights halftime entertainment.


FRO T CE TER: Mike Prissel. FRO T ROW: Marcus Hayes, William l yons, Mario Diflavio, Bill Rozakis, Kenneth Obermueller, Bill Dailey. SECO D ROW: Terry Petrie (Assistant Coach), Godfrey Skinner, Peter Almberg, Scott Dodge, William Buechner, Dale Magedanz, Steve Zmyewski, Gary Luecke, Steve Wetenkamp, Doug Eha, Dwain Mintz (Head Coach).



Team Set New Conference Record This was a very exciting year for the hustling Bluedevils. They showed what team work was all about. The tournament in Montana and Utah showed individualized playing, but the team pulled together and went on to hold the first place title throughout the season. The highlight of the season was the Stout-Eau Claire game when Menomonie went crazy over a twenty-five point victory over the long time rivals. The win brought students out of the woodwork to celebrate the long awaited taste of revenge.

FAR LEFT: Bill Rozakis goes high in the air to defend against River falls. LEFT: Conference MVP Doug Eha displays his jumping ability as he skys for a tip in and hooks one over an opponent. ABOVE: Action packed games kept spectators on the edge of their seats. 261

ROW 0 E: Mark Ryder, lynn Streeter, Rick Buglaski, Terry Watkins, Rod Krieg, George Moldlenhauer, Dave Dill, Chuck Gerber, Denny Carter. ROW TWO: Hal Dalibor, Bob Patnaude, Paul Bourguignon, Wayne Toellner, jeff Burgett, Tom Me amara, Kevin Morrell, Glenn LaChapelle, Bob Schultz, Tom Herold, Chuck Mortel, Doug Hubbard, Tom Slupe, Coach.






LEFT: Stout goalie relaxes while an opponent receives can ABOVE: Ahard stick by Kevin Morrell results in a free pucl ABOVE RIGHT: A vain attempt to stop an onrushing opp< nent. RIGHT: Three-on-one proves to be too much f< Stout's goalie to handle. FAR RIGHT: Bluedevil, l ynn StreE ter, streaks down the ice.


Hockey Moved Indoors This year the young Stout hockey team gained in both reputation and interest. Playing in a new indoor arena, the team drew good crowds who came to watch the growing sport on campus. Anyone participating or observing felt the speed, excitement and ruthlessness of this winter sport.

____ ....... -..:-


. ..

. .'


Sponsored Invitational

ROW ONE: john Malkmus, Ben Kowalski, Mike Van de Bogart, Greg Janicke, Pete Wisniewski, Andy Silverthorn. ROW TWO: Gary Janicki, John Luettgen, Steve Swick, Mike Molitor, Gary ovak, john Mullenix, Rick Blode, Rick Winkler, Dave Kontz, Mickey Eaton, Bob Smith, Coach.


Coach Smith molded a team of many freshmen and a few experienced veterans into a strong second place finish in the conference championships. Inviting tough competition from national ranking schools, the blue devil swim team showed Stout a lot of high quality swimming at the Bluedevil Invitational. FAR UPPER LEFT: A Blue devil swimmer makes the turn quickly. UPPER LEFT: Gary ovak looks at the results after swimming a strong race. LEFT: Stout diver comes up high off the low board. ABOVE: It's only you and the water.


Keglers Tally Wins FRO T ROW: jeff Rogen, Dave Rattle, Bob Koranda, Richard Pasyak, Dave Ore'', Dale Baxter, George Bleskachek, Coach.

The 1973 Stout bowling team met competition b y using the skills of each of the team members. The Stout keglers worked together co llecting points to total a profitable season.


FAR LEFT: Concentration is the ke} in this game. LEFT: It looks like a strike from here.

Golf Scott Campbell Dan Go sbicr Bob Lund Stan Lushinc Doug Quilling Bob Reid jim Schluesner Joe Springer MVP Da'e Welch


ABOVE: The action starts to increase when a takedown is near. ABOVE LEFT: The ref checks close for an illegal hold. RIGHT: Up-and-over as a new maneuver is learned the hard way in practice. FAR RIGHT: Frank Fryer leans over an opponent in anticipation.


With help of Evans, Hennings, Ellsworth and Fryer the individual points totaled together to boost the team from seventh to fifth place for the season. Dale Evans placed third in ationals and is the only University Wisconsin Conference four time champion.

Effort Proved Profitable FIRST ROW: Greg Ellsworth, Dale Evans, Steve Hennings, Rick Erickson, AI Unger, AI Brov.n. SECO D ROW: Rod Schultz, Mgr., Kim Woleffler, Ken Malechek, Frank Fryer, Dave Wentland, Tim Schultz, Coach Hector Cruz.


ABOVE: Front Row: Greg Dattilo, Tim Kruse, Joe Russo, John Mueller, Glenn Pepsick, Brian Walker. Row Two: John Zuerlein, Coach; Bruce Pettit, Todd DO\\ ning, Dan Meyer, Steve Jackson, Sim Jackson, Asst. Coach Larry Pfeiffer. RIGHT: Stretching out the muscles is important in this sport. ABOVE: Bending like a pretzel on the rings is this man's game. FAR RIGHT: Many long hour!> of practice was the key to four years of success for Tim Kruse on the still rings.

Gymnasts Kept Tearn Together Stout's gymnasts endured a long, injury-riddled season to key personnel with only excellent attitudes and constant efforts to make up for missing points. The still rings team, lead by senior Tim Kruse, was one of the most outstanding in the conference. The team obtained a third place finish in the UW conference meet held at Stout and several strong individual showings in the national NAIA Championships held at UW-LaCrosse.


ROW ONE: Mike Olson, Bill Lemsky, Fred Kuhn, Gerhart Sasman. ROW TWO: Barney Klecker, Rick Burdick, Andy Staudt, Bob Sandstrom, Doug Stallsmith, Coach.

C.C. Strove to Meet the Challenge The 1972 Cross Country team spent long hours preparing for a tough season. Captain Barney Klecker placed in the WSU Conference meet but the team efforts resulted in a sixth pla ce fi nish for the season. Cross Country, a test in endurance.

Baseball Season Was a Washout Although soggy, rainy conditions hampered the season, the Bluedevils put forth a strong effort in diamond action. W ith a limited amount of veterans to stabilize the team, the Bluedevils worked to keep the mselves out of the cellar. Tense and ready as the ball is pitched.

FRO T ROW: Wayne Giese, jim Yaresh, Ray Piagentini, Tom Spidel, Cary Buckley, Cary Botham, Gale Gunderson. SECOND ROW: Steve Fedie, Mark Bischoff, Carl Kroening, Dan Melville, Don Stickney, Russ Flanigan, Cary Mintz. THIRD ROW: Glen Steinbach, Assist. coach; jerry leonard, Paul Woerfel, Don Westman, Dave Oferdahl, Ed Sattler, Bob Haberli, jeff Couey, Dennis Graser, Terry Petrie, Coach.

2. 3

FRO T ROW: Gerhart Sasman, Terry Bartelt, Jim Zellmer, Randy Wegener, Mike Olson, Bob Mueller. SECOND ROW: Bob Kamish, Coach. jim Sternet, Rick Burdick, Tom Hackbarth, Jack Voigt, Bob Sandstrom, Barney Klecker, Bill Lemski, David Dedier, Jules Butcher, Doug Stallsmith. THIRD ROW: jim McCracken, Mark Burwell, Steve Zais, Bill Pierquet, Lang Ware, John Radke, Bill Buechner, Charles Jones, Don Warner, Dennis Fechheln, Steve ovotney.

Track Learns From Experience It was a slow start for Stout's cindermen of 1973. Although there were 15 returning lettermen on the team, the tracksters had a difficult time in competition. The team's best effort of the season was a second place finish against U.W.-Stevens Point and U.W.-Oshkosh at Johnson fieldhouse in early March. From there the season was of one pretty much trying to "hold your own." It is hoped that the 1973 season proved to be a learning experience for those who will return for next year.


Netters Showed Determination The Bluedevil netters ended their season at .500, but the average season cloaked superior play by senior Mark Bening and sophomore Bob Buckley. Benzing was voted Most Valuable Player on the team and Buckley, who was voted Most Improved Player, put together an excellent doubles record of 15-6. The team itself showed great drive and determination with many close and hard fought matches. What the young team lacked in experience was made up for in spirit and aggression.


ABOVE: Front Row: Coach Robert Smith, Steve Reiland, Ron Janowski, John Copeland, Bob Buckley, Marv Benzing. Second Row: Gary Anders, Tom Casodontie, Dan Roedl, Charles Fenske, john Osmanski, Mark Holdredge. FAR LEFT: Marv Benzing dedication is his middle name. CE TER: A smashing serve is on its way. LEFT: Readying himself for a return is Bob Buckley.


Track OPPO E T Oshkosh . IO\\ a La Cro se \t\hitewater Lora Pari-. ide Platteville Carthage St. Cloud Eau Claire \ \ 'inona Ste' ens Point 0 hkosh Eau Claire La Cro e Oshkosh Platteville R1,er Fall Steven Point Superior Whitewater St. Cloud Eau Claire Ri' er Falls te,en Point Superior La Cro e Ste' ens Point 0 hko h \1\'hite,, ater Ri' er Falls Platte' ille Eau Claire Eau Claire La Cro e 0 hkosh Platteville Rh er Falls Steven Point Superior W hitewa ter

Gymnastics STOUT 10

38 24

79 64

45 1 z

OPPO E T 66 54 33 22 21 19 12 II 10 9 4 36 57 4 42 72 19 22 45 3 41 84 20 1 z 74 111 1 z 15 120 115

63 63 1 z 50 1 z 36'z 10 2 27 5 5 6 1 6

OPPO ' E T St. Cloud Parks1de St. Olaf '路 Dal-.ota \1ankato Uv\'is V1ichigan Superior Whitev,ater Platteville Eau Claire La Crosse Stevens Point Oshkosh Bemidji

OPPO E T 133.05 64.80 97.80 78.25 138.10 135.05 129.10 68.10 %.35 96.84 99.95 146.15 115.65 141.85 120.6

STOUT 8 5 4 7 7

OPPO'E T 5 7

Hockey OPPO ' E T \11aCalester Hamline Lakewood St. Olaf \1ankato St. Cloud Ri' er Fall \-\ankato \11ankato ,\11esabi Raim Ri,er \\anl-.ato Hamline St. Olai Ri' er Falls St. Point St. Point St. Cloud Superior


Wrestling OPPO' E T Bemidji orthland V1ich1gan Tech. O!>hl-.o h R1\ er Fall Superior White\\ater St. Olaf Carleton U. Platte' ille Eau Claire La Cro e Ste,en Point St. Cloud

STOUT 117.95 117.95 114.9 107.2 107.2 107.5 107.5 113.15 113.15 112.65 112.65 119.45 119.45 125.15 125.55

STOUT 10 12 16 14 19 18 15 26 30 13 24 19 18 11

OPPO E T 39 40 B 29 36 36 34 27 24 29 15 21 28 38

3 6 3 I 6

6 :>

4 5 4 21 18 4


4 5 5 6 2 7 9 7 9 2 3 6 8

7 15 9

Football OPPO'-E'' T St. '-orberts River Falls Whitewater Superior Stevens Point Eau Claire La Crosse Winona State Oshkosh Platteville


24 0

OPPO'-E'-T 20 28 56 28 15 17



17 10 H

19 37 8


0 0 0

STOUT 421 421 424 424 397 397 397 394 394

OPPO'- E'-T 385 423 395 413 398 401 437 376 399

STOUT 9 2 8

OPPO'-E'- T 0 7 1 3 8 6 3 6 3 6 6 4 5 6 9


Swimming OPPO'-E'\T St. Thomas Minnesota Relays UW-Relays Ri,er Falls Mankato Bluede' illnvit. Univ. of Minn. Maca lester St. Cloud Oshkosh River Falls Superior White" ater orthern Iowa Platteville Eau Claire La Crosse Ste' ens Point .A. I.A.

OPPO'-E'-T Whitewater Superior La Crosse Stevens Point Platteville Eau Claire Winona Oshkosh River Falls


74 61 33 60 74 83 75 94 65 58 73 73 67 71

OPPO'-E'\T 33 Fourth Second 35 52 Fourth 79 53 34 30 38 19 48 55 34 63 45 26 Second

OPPO'-E'-T Winona Whitewater Superior River Falls Oshkosh Loras Platteville La Crosse Stevens Point Bethel Bemidji St. Cloud Hamline Macalester Eau Claire

6 l 3 6 3 6 3

3 5 4 3 0

Cross Country OPPO E'-T La Crosse Eau Claire River Falls Eau Claire Platte' ille Eau Claire White,\ater River Falls Oshkosh La Crosse Stevens Point Superior WSUCMeet AlA Oist. 14

STOUT 43 28 43 25 36 28 33 44 26 45 24 17

OPPO E T 18 29 18 30 23 29 25 18 31 16 31 40 6th place 6th place


Baseball OPPO E T Ri' er Fall Ri,er Falls Jack on State .E. Loui iana S.E. Loui iana S.E. Loui iana William Care} William Care} li\ ing ton U. Living ton U. Li\ ingston U. Livingston U. Eau Claire Eau Claire Platteville Platteville La Cro se La Cro e




7 9


Cancelled Rain Cancelled Rain

0 I

3 0 I

0 0 I

9 7 6 0 0 0 11

Maca laster Superior Steven Point Steven Point Whitewater Whitewater 0 hkosh Oshko h St. Thoma



9 3 8 3 2 10 1 6 5

0 9 20 3

3 6 Cancelled Cancelled

2 1

6 5 1 2

6 2 8 -t 12 4 Cancelled

OPPO E T Utah State Weber State U. of \ontana Montana State Oshkosh Superior White\\ a ter Stevens Point La Crosse St. 'v\ar}' Franklin Winona River Falls Platteville River Fall Eastern '-'lichigan Eau Claire 0 hko h uperior Whitewater Stevens Point Platteville La Crosse Eau Claire



70 58 60 62 74 101 81 75 58 69 66 67 74 80 86 49 84 7-t 103 54 78 80 69 52

84 71 64 62 63 80 62 78 66 63 68 66 63 45 50 59 68 59 58 73 69 68 60


FRO T ROW: Dick Sommer, Kathy Dyer, Brian Bennett. SECO D ROW: jeffrey Scheu, Cindy Strang, Kathy Krajewski, Sue Bonk. THIRD ROW: Ronald Campopiano, Nancy Dejong, jerry Bari, Debbie Criesus, Daryl Satterfield, Rick Shimek.

FRO T CE TER: jane Deising. FRO T ROW: joanne Warden, Karen Holzinger, Connie Hammond, Sue Torgerson, Barb Falk, Sheila Habeck. SECO D ROW: Dawn Scholfield, Gail owasky, Lynn Wiehe, Marilyn Drew, Mary Hanneman. THIRD ROW: Carol Mueller, Sharon Brandt, Joyce Lena, Sue Harte, Julie Hickey, ancy Hendrickson, Cyndi Busch.


Pom Pom Squad


Without the judges, referees, coaches, timekeepers, and managers, a team would have a difficult time competing strongly and fairly. All the additional obscure things that make an athletic event go unnoticed. The warmups and practices, the pep band and its rehearsals, the grounds keepers, and the concession stand all are an essential part of athletics.




3 0









Volleyball ROW 0 E: Bonnie Schansberg, Donna Lee, Marty Verkuilen. Mary Beth Hanselman. ROW TWO: Lois Reed, Mary Cave, Ann Shroyer, ancy abelung, Char Raddatz. ROW THREE: Chris Zampach, Coach; Sharon Kroes, Mary Wilson, Linda 01thafer, Karen McBurney, Pam Servais, Connie Braeger. ROW FOUR: ancy McMillan, Diane Kapusta , Margaret Groedjen. BELOW: Teamwork is the word as the volleyball is being set up for a good shot.

The Stout women's vo lleyball team worked hard at teamwork, but th e yo ung team finished the season with a conference record of 3 and 14. Mary Cave, senior member of the team was voted most valuable player by her teammates. Although the re co rds showed a loss, th e women of the team show they had gained much.


ROW 0 E: Mary lngwell, Mary Hanneman. ROW TWO: Mary Johnson, Debbie Posselt. ROW THREE: Gail Barbu , Margaret Keyes, Dorothy Bernardi. BELOW: The kill of doing a perfect flip takes hours to develop.

Gymnastics The women's gymnastics team had bumps and bruises as evidence of the long hours they devoted in preparation for a meet. Margaret Keyes qualified for state conference competition in the advanced level in all events. In the regional meet Stout's women placed third.


Track ROW 0 E: Diane Graveson, Sue lsaksson, Lou Tiffany. ROW TWO: Chris Zampach, Coach; Rita McKinley, Coach. ABOVE: The baton is passed.


ROW 0 E: Robin Sanders, Marcy Sirotkin, Martha Heimann, Myk McArdle, Mary Phillips. ROW TWO: Marilyn Griebenow, Marg} Brown, Patti Matosic, Ann Reese, Diane Krause. ROW THREE: Rita McKinley, Coach. BELOW: Breath control is essential.

Swimming Ending the season in fourth place, Stout's women's swimming team, although small, could be proud of their record as they entered all possible events. Marcy Sirotkin captured two state championships in the backstroke events, and Margy Brown was the new state champion in the butterfly while setting a new record time.


ROW 0 E: Pat Stanek, Lou Tiffany, Cindy Fisher, Mary Ca\ e, \11ar} Ellen M cArdle, ancy ebelung, Pat } Waller, Beth Bodeen, Linda Olthafer, jan W erbiO\\ , Pat Mundt, Chris Zampach, Coach. BELOW: A Stout player get high off the floor attempting to block an Eau Claire \\Oman' sho t.

Basketball The Nomen's basketball team held together showing a strong effort to win. Mary Cave was a frequent high scorer with Myk McArdle and Beth Bodeen close behind in total rebounds.


Chancellor and Assistant Chancellors


TOP: The Chancellor and staff meet weekly for an informal box luncheon with students and faculty. LEFT: Dr. Iverson expresses his opinion. ABOVE: The Chancellor confers with Vice Chancellor Face.

LEFT: Dr. Wesley Sommers, Administrative Services; Dr. Ralph Iverson, Student Services; Dr. john Furlong, Special Services; Dr. Wesley Face, Academic Affairs; Chancellor Swanson. 293

Student Services ROW 0 E: Gerald Donley, Coordinator of ew Student Advisement; Hector Kruz, Charles Kell, Admissions; ROW TWO: Robert Dahlke, Career Planning and Placement; Glen Schuknecht, Registrar; Ronald Boyer, Financial Aids; Richard Lowrey, Admissions; lois Von Berg, Financial Aids;

Student Advisement SEA TED: Marge Goedjen, Gerald Donley, Kay Shainin, Micky Sampson. STANDING: Bob Sandstrom, John Kelleher, Clark Workman, Jean Hovelsrud, Julie Sargent, Ron Hessel, Caroline Barnhard, Greg Elsworth, Marv Eggert.


Counseling Center

Robert Hoyt; Dr. David Me aughton; Sue Stephenson; Dr. Paul Carollo; Dr. Pinckney Hall.

Freda Wright , Dean of Student Activities.


Academic Affairs John Van O sdale, Extended Service Director; Jack Ganzemiller, Field Experience Director; Earl Geirke, Curriculum Coordinator.

Housing and Student Center FRONT: Helen Cogley, Caroline Bosworth, Judy Spain, laDonna Nelson, joe Brown, Anne Ramage, Carol Schlottman. SS ECO D ROW: Bill Sedlecki, Paul Goede, Helmuth Albrecht, E.l. Mosshamer, Bob Johnson, Tom Bothwell, Michael Redman.



Samuel Wood, Dean of Students; Dr. Richar Anderson, Dean of Admissions and Records; Dr. Joseph Larkin, Assistant to the Chancellor for Student Services. HEALTH CE TER. SEATED: Dr. Willard. STA DING: Mrs. Annette Mosely, Mrs. lla Donley, Mrs. Harriet Shervey, Mrs. Mary Ann Hamerly, R.N.

Special Services Jack Wile, Director of Development and Alumni Services; Charles Buelow, Director of Editorial and Informational Services; John Enger, Coordinator of ews Service; Dr. John Furlong, Assistant Chancellor for Special Services.


Deans BELOW: Dr. David Barnard, Dean of Learning Resources. RIGHT: Dr. Dwight Agnew, Dean of School of Liberal Studies.

Dr. j. Anthony Samenfink, Dean of School of Home Economics, Joy Sedgwick, Assistant Dean.


ABOVE: Or. Herbert Anderson, Dean of School of Industry and Technology, Dr. Philip Ruehl, Assistant Dean. LEFT: Dr. Dennis Bolstad, Assistant Dean, Dr. john Stevenson, Dean of School of Education.


FRONT RO W : Dr. William Amthor. SECOND ROW: Dr. Louis Meogenburg, Dr. Ervin Dennis, Gerald Upward . THIRD ROW: Dr. Charl es Thomas, lloyd Whydotski, Dr. Richard Peter, Dr. Hans Timper, Dr. James Herr, Court ney ys t uen, Charles Kru eger, Frank ehrberg.

Graphic Communications FRONT ROW: jack Davis, Dr. August Schulz, Dr. jack Sampson, Dr. Joe Rinck. SECO D ROW: Charles Smith, Dr. Robert Spinit i, James Collier, Craig Froke, Ross Riedler, Dr. Thomas Baldwin, Edward Morical.


.Energy and Transportation

FRO T: Dr. Jerry W. Coomer, Leona rd V. Helgeson, Dr. Ra y mond Keil. SECO D ROW: Mehar Arora, Zenon T. Smolarek, Dean E. Long, Dr. Frank Ireland.

Industrial Management Materials and Processes FRONT ROW: Charles Yost, Dr. Glen Gehring, Edw in Dyas, Paul Speidal, K.T. Olsen. SECOND ROW: Dick Klatt, George Soderberg, D r. Frank Pershern, George Pel t i er, D r. James Bjorneru d, Dr. Arnold Peirsall, Mzrvin Kufahl. THIRD ROW: Duane Johnson, Dr. james Runnails, Dr. Henry Thomas, Dr. john Entorf Dr. Arnold Hofer, Arthur Muller.


Industrial Teacher Education Education and Psychology


FRO NT ROW: Dr. John Jarvis, Dr. Theodore Wieke, Dr. eal Pritchard, Harry Olstad, O tto Baker. SECO D ROW: Max Farning, Dr. Richard Gebhart, Dr. Robert Rudiger, Dr. Lawrence Wright, Dr. Robert Schaefer. FRONT ROW: Dr. Douglas Gingrich, Gertrude Carlson, Carol Hogstad, Gustave Wall, Dr. Guy Salyer, Dr. Helen Weekes. SECO D ROW: Reinhard Schmidt, Dr. Louis Klitzke, Gary Grasmick, Gust Jenson, Ed Brenner, Virginia Peter, Dr. Dennis Bolstad, Jean Briesch, Rowerra Backley.

Counseling and Personnel Services FRONT ROW: Dr. M ichael Ritland, Cal Stoudt, Gust Jenson, Dr. Carlyle Gilbertson, Dr. Robert Wurtz, Dr. Charles Barnard, Dr. John Deutscher, Dr. Evelyn Rimel.

Rehabilitation and Manpower Services FRO T RO W : Steve Thomas, Henry Redkey, Dr. Dennis Dunn. SECO D RO W: Dr. Walter Pruitt, Dr. Darwin Larson, Dr. Haro ld Gillian, Ronald Fry, Anthony Langton, Dr. Darrell Coffey, M ichael Simon, M ichael Lesnick, Kathleen Moran, Dr. Paul Hoffman, David Corthell. THIRD ROW: Dr. John See, Thomas Korn, C. Thomas Allen. FO URTH RO W : Dr. Jason And rews, Donald Roell, Karl Botterbusch, Jerry Kirslinger, W illiam Stewart.


Habitational Resources FRONT ROW: Mary jacobson, Ramon Corrales, Renee Ostler. SECOND ROW : linda Saad, Judy Herr, Kathy Parker, Rita Hipley. THIRD ROW: Susan Gerber, Dr. Jane Rosenthal, lorayne Baldus, Marianne Watzke, Ruth Thomas, Kathleen Sorrell.

Human Development, Family Living, and Community Educational Services. FRO T: Diana Turpin, Myrtle Whydotski, Dorothy Clure, Gail Misfelt, Alice Kempen, Charlotte Rose. SEC0 D ROW: Thomas Phillips, Ronald Usiewicz, lawrence Olivia, Tim W. Ross, Thomas A. Bloom.


Apparel, Textiles, and Design FRONT ROW: Diana Homrig, Carol Siewert, Donna Alb recht, Rosalyn Wagner, Charlotte Orazen, Bonnie Kirkwood . SECOND ROW: Jerri looney, Pat Traxler, Glenyce Peterson, Erma Jack. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Jensen, Dr. Marcia Metcalf, Dr. Rita Mahan, Sara Cox, linda Risley.

FRO T ROW: Ella Meiller, Dr. Mary Ann Townsend, Margaret James, Clara Carrison, Dr. Anita Wi lson. SECO D ROW: Dr. Alta Belle Kemp, Dr. lorraine Dahlke, Dr. M ercede Kainski, Dr. Cecelia Pudelkewicz, Betty Viens.

Food Services and Nutrition


Math FRO T ROW: David Penick, Eino Maki, Dr. Fred Briesch, Mathew Reneson, Frank Hebl. SEC0 D ROW: Dr. john Salo, Floyd Hummel, Dr. Richard Miller, John euenfeldt, James Ley, John Hunt, Gordon jones, Donald Komro.



FRONT: Daniel Riordan, Robert Meier, Warren Lang, Paul Edmondson. SECOND ROW: Dr. David McCordick, Ester Faris, Susan Thurin, Sue Beckham. THIRD ROW: Marvin Larson, Nicole Miller, Karen Boe, Bob Moran, Ray Barlow, Dr. Erik Thurin.

- ~rt FRONT ROW: Humphrey Gilbert, Mary Heck, Barbara Becker, William Schul mann, Todd Boppel. SECOND ROW: Angelo Savelli, Orazio Fumagalli, Mary Ellen Frame, Alan Gamache, William Zimmerman, Dion Manriquez, Gene Bloedorn, Rob Price, john Perri. THIRD ROW: Gerald Hanna, Mary Hovind, Richard Treiber, Eddie Wong, Sherman Iverson. FOURTH ROW: joseph Hannibal, George Percy, John Butke, Alyce Vanek, Robb Wilson.

Music Richard Vine, Lynn Pritchard.


Physics FRO T ROW: Steve Fossum, Dr. John Faris. BACK ROW: O.C. Kubly, Allen Hilgendorf, Dr. Mark larchez, Myron Harbour.

Physical Education CLOCKWISE: William Burns, Kay Carter, Rita McKinley, John Zuerlein, Stennet Pierce, Robert Kamish, Terry Petrie, Christine Zampach, Carol Dobrunz, Robert Smith, Dwain Mintz


FRONT ROW: Dr. Donald Clausen, Dr. William Owen, Dr. Nelva Runnals, Dr. David Korzan, Dr. William Mueller. BACK ROW: Dr. Wilson Kleibacker, Dr. Martin Ondrus, Edward Gold.

Chemistry Biology FRO T ROW: Dr. luther Mahan, Dr. Douglas Wikum, Dr. Oscar Carlson, Dr. Richard Wilson. SECO D ROW: Dr. Edward lowry, Dr. John Kainski, Herman Arneson, George elson, Dr. Gene Olson. THIRD ROW: Don Dickmann, Dr. Orlin Anderson.


Speech FRONT ROW: Terrence Markovich, Dr. R. V. Barello, Arthur Matthews, Dennis Griffiths, Mary Cutnaw, oel Fulkofske , Howard Heise, Gerald Myers, Dr. orman Ziermann, Dr. Lorna Lengfeld.

Foreign Language Dr. Rudolph Barello, Dr. Martha Wallen.


Marketing and Distributive Education Dr. Robert Cameron

Business Administration FRO 'T ROW: Patricia Zager, Lydia Rutkowski, Carlan Cooper. SECO D ROW: Paul Menges (Acting Department Chairman). Jern Leide, Stanle} John!>on, Richard Oldfield, Guerdon \\allesverd, Robert Behlino.


Graduate College FRO T ROW: Dr. jane Rosenthal, Dr. Lawrence Wright, Dr. Rita Mahan, Dr. james Daines, Dr. G. S. Wall, Dr. Earl Gierke, Dr. Lorraine Dahlke. SECOND ROW: Dr. Walter Pruitt, Dr. Raymond Keil, Dr. Robert Wurtz, Dr. August Schulz.

FRO T ROW: Willard Bailey, Lydia Rutkowski, Robert Melrose, Jerald Liedy. SECO D ROW: Dr. Daniel Magnussen, Arnold Olson, Dr. David Liu, James Eggert, Kenneth Kajer, Pricilla Timper, Rong Rong Lo. THIRD ROW: Stephen Snyder, Bruce Zito, Dr. Tomas inneman, Clyde Smith, Robert Evans.

Social Science


FRONT ROW: Brooke Anson, Philip Schwartz, Roberta Gale, Renata Tietz, Beulah Howison. SECOND ROW: Mary Donley, John Jax, Director, Helen Cox, Dennis Hodgenboom.

Media Retrieval Media Technology

FRONT ROW: Harry Herbert, Bob Tuchel. BACK ROW: Joe Hagaman Dale Mallory, Terry Ingram, Roger Hartz, Robert Ward. 313

Senior Index. ALDER, KATHRYN D. Elkhorn, W isconsin. Art. Alfresco, Fine Arts Association. ALLIE, ROGER L Hudson, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Stout Society of Industrial Technology (Treasurer), Dean's list. AMBROZ, GAIL E. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education Delta Zeta (Vice President), Dorm Council, Parent' s Weekend Comminee, Freshman Big Sis, U.A.A. Senator At-large, Panhellenic Council, Alfresco, Delta Zeta Outstanding Pledge Award, Kappa Lambda Beta Big Sis. AMHAUS, GLENN A. Cudahy, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Phi Sigma Epsilon, American Institute of Plant Engineers, Inter-Fraternity Council. AMHAUS, SUSAN L. Whitewater, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textile and Design. Alfresco, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Hall Council, Student Services Comminee. AMUNDSON, BRIAN D. Ridgeland, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. ANDERSON, CONNIE M . Stockholm, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. Phi Upsilon Omicron, AHEA, Fashion Forum. ANDERSO , EDWARD A. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Industrial Educa· lion. Industrial Arts Club, Arts and Crafts Oub. ANDERSO , MARTHA S. Oshkosh, W isconsin. Early Childhood Education. Dean's list, MAEYC, ' AEYC. ANDERSON, PATRICIA M . St. Paul, Minnesota, Fashion Merchandising. Fashion Forum, Alfresco, Alpha Sigma Alpha, lntramurals. ANDERSON, SCOTI A. Balsam lake, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Symphonic Singers Alfresco, Track. ANDREW, CAROL A. Rosendale, Wisconsin, Home Economics Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alfresco, Stout Student Education Association. ARNOT, JIM C. Muskego, Wisconsin. Marketing and Distribution Educa· lion. IRHC Visitation Comminee Member, CKTO Visitation Representative, DECA member, Dean's list, Intramural Sports. ARNS, DAVID R. Rochester, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. ARTHUR, KENNETH B. Morvant, Trinidad, West Indies. General Busi ness Administration. International Relations Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Dean's list. AUSTIN, DAVID R. Delavan, Wisconsin. Art Education. Fine Arts Association, Creative Arts, Dean's list. BACK, THOMAS C. Racine, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Dean's list. BAH LOW, RUTH A. Merrill, Wisconsin. Food Service Administration. Dietetics Club, utrition and Foods Association, Stout Home Economics Club. BALTZER, LYNNE E. Evansville, Wisconsin. Dietetics. Gamma Sigma Sigma (Secretary, Treasurer), Phi Upsilon Omicron (Secretary), utrition and Foods Asociation, AHEA, Campus Choir, Dean's list, Graduate with Distinction. BARNHART, LARRY A. Menomonie, W isconsin. Business Aministration. Concert Band, Stage Band, Alfresco, Marching and Pep Band. BARTELT, BRUCE R. Le Center, Minnesota. Industrial Education. Basketball, Dean's list. BARTH, ANN E. Nekoosa, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management. HSMA. BASTA, PATRICIA B. Schofield, Wisconsin. Home Eonomics Education. AHEA, Stout Home Economics Club. BAUER, PAUL J. Mayville, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. BAUERKEMPER, THOMAS l. Menomonie, Wisconsin . Business Administration. BAUMANN, DAVID C. Marathon, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Sigma Tu Gamma (Historian, Treasurer), The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (President, Most Valuable Member), Stout Rifle Club, Forensics, Pi Kappa Delta, Basketball Manager. BECHER, DENNIS L Menasha, Wisconsin. Psychology. Hall Government. Swimming. BECKER, PATRICK). Rice lake, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. BEFA Y, DEBRA A. Green Bay, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. BENZ, DARCEY ). Wonewoc, Wiconsin. Home Economics Education. BENZING, MARVIN P. Menomonee Falls, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. S-Ciub, Tennis. BERBEN, CHARLES W . Kimberly, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Epsilon Pi Tau, Dean's list. BERGSTRAND, DAVID K. Moline, Illinois. Industrial Technology. Vets Club. BERUTII, CLIFFORD P. Lombard, Illinois. Hotel and Restaurant Manage· ment Resident Advisor. BETHKE, GARY A. Racine, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Sigma Pi, Dean's list, Concerned, Inc., Inter-Fraternity Council. BITNER, DELORES M . lake ebagamon, Wisconsin. Home Economics 31.C

Education. Alfresco, AHEA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Stout Student Education Association, Dorm Treasurer and Vice President, Dean's list. B)URQUIST, RANDY M . Stockholm, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Dean's list. BLACHOWIAK, CAROL A. Beaver, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Alfresco, AHEA, DORM Council, Tour Guide, Parent's Weekend Comminee. BLACKBURN, SUSAN J. Fond Du lac, Wisconsin. Art Education. Porn Porn Squad. BLACKMAN, MARK R. River Forest, Illinois. Industrial Arts Eucation. Floor President and Vice President, Hall President and Representative, Arts and Crafts Club, Inter-Varsity. BLAHNIK, MARK J. Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Karate Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Stout Society of Industrial Technology, Kappa Lambda Beta. BLANK, JUDY A. Cochrane, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Stout Student Education Association, Dean's list. BLEY, LINDA L Port Washington, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Stoutonia Typist and Copy Editor, CCD Instructor, Wisconsin State University Scholarship, Dean's list. BLUM, C. " BUD" P. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Business Manager, Stoutonia. BLUM, TODD J. Beloit, Wisconsin. Food Service Executive Association (Treasurer), Students for the Re-election of the President. BOEHM, CYNTHIA J. Neenah, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textile and Design. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Women's Swim Team. BOEING, JOHN F. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Applied Mathematics. Mathematics Club. BOGIE, PATRICK). Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Power Technology. BOKEMEIER, MARTHA S. Freeport, Illinois. Home Economics Education. SWEA, AHEA, Dean's list. BONHIVER, JUDITH L. Minneapolis, M innesota. Fashion M erchandising. Sigma Sigma Sgma, Alfresco, U.A.A. Delegate, Panhellenic Council (Junior Representative, Senior Representative, Panhellenic Rush Chairman. BON LENDER, )AMES R. Kewaskum, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. MA ASA, lntramurals. SVRA (President) BOOTS, GERALD J. linle Chute, Wisconsin. Vocational Education. Kappa Lambda Beta, lntramurals, IFPC Representative. BORDINI, STEVEN, J. Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. BORNHOFT, LEE ANN H. Heron Lake, Minnesota. Home Economics Edu· cation. Homecoming Comminee, Representative of Stout Home Economics Association, lntramurals. BOTSFORD, JUDITH E. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management. Co-Chairman of Homecoming, HSMA President, FSEA, Student Advisor, H & R Program. BOURGUIGNON, PAUl C. Green Bay, Wisconsin. Bachelor of Science. Hockey Team, Lenerman's Club. BRAUN, BEVERLY). Cato, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. SHEA. BRAUN, PAULmE M . Shawano, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. SSEA, WEA, EA, AHEA. BRENNAN, DENNIS P. Cato, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. RadioElectronics Club, Dean's list. BROSSARD, )R., HOWARD C. Hayward, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. BROST, MARY J. Conrath, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dean's list, Resident Advisor, AHEA, HEA. BROWNSTEIN, RICHARD H. Merrick, 'ew York. lndustrial Technology, Baseball, Student Government. BRUBAKER, DAVID R. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vocational Rehabilitation. BRUHN, RICK A. Madison, Wisconsin. Psychology. Stoutonia (SportS Editor), WVSS (announcer), Water Polo Club, Concerned Inc., IRHC. BRUNEAU, MICHAEL ). Washburn, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. BRUNN, MARGARET M . Elk Mound, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Educa· tion. MAEYC, Ministry, Task Force (Student Involvement), Commencement Comminee. BRZEZINSKI, GARY J. Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Epsilon Pi Tau, Alfresco, Publications Board, Arts and Crafts Club, Dean's list. BUCHHOU, JANICE R. New Berlin, Wisconsin. Home Economics Educa· lion. Alfresco, AHEA, Bowling league, Married Students Organization, Dean's list, Marching Band. BUELL, JENNIE L. Phelps, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dean's list, ational Home Economics Asociation. BULLIS, ROBERT M. Antigo, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. lnter-Var-

sity football and basketball. BUNDSGAARD, RICHARD C. Waukegan, Illinois. Industrial Education. Sigma Phi Epsilon (President), lntramurals, Wisconsin Industrial Education Association. BURNS, BARBARA A. Brookfield, Wisconsin. Fashion M erchandising. Fashion Forum, AHEA, SAM, Dean's list, Free Flicks. BURW Ell, MARK L Madison, Wisconsin. Business Administration. ational Science Foundation Scholarship Grant, Varsity Track (Most Valuable Player), Track (Honorary Captain), Pi Kappa Delta, UAA, Stoutonia, Residence Hall Council, SF, SAM, lntramurals, AlA. BUTCHER, JULES E. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. Stoutonia (Copy Editor), Stout Society of Industrial Technology (Vice President), Dean's list, Who's Who, Outstanding College Athletes of America Award, Track (Most Valuable Player), AlA, Soccer Club, International Relations Club. Resident Advisor. CAPRA, RICHARD J. Cumberland, Wisconsin. Art Education. Fine Arts Asociation (Comminee Chairman). CARLSON, ALAN J. Boyceville, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Married Student Senator, Off-Campus Student Senator, Financial Affairs (Vice President), Society for Advancement of Management, Stout Foundation Scholarship, Financial Aids Comminee, Married Students Organization, Medalion Award. CARLSON, M I CHAEL 0. Red Wing, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. SSIT, AIDD (President, Vice President), lntramurals. CARI NI, JO ANNE M . Glendale, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Who's Who Search and Screen Comminee, Resident' s Hall of Recognition, Stout Alumni Foundation Sholarship, Mae Lampert Scholarship, AFM Resident Advisor, Hall President, IRHC (At-large Representative), University Speakers Forum (Student Chairman), UAA, Stout Symphonic Singers, AHEA. CATU RIA, KATHRYN A. Menomonie, Wisconsin. D ietetics. Dietics Oub, Alfresco, Ministry Music Group, Delta Zeta. CHARLES, THOM AS L Brussels, Wisconsin. Psychology. Alpha Phi Omega, (Vice President), Concerned, Inc., Dunn County Health Care Center Volunteer, MANASA (President), Dean's list. CHESEBRO, ANN l. Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Home Economics in Business. COLE, THOM AS F. Hammond, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. CORR US, GORDON M . Glenview, Illinois. Industrial Technology. Alfresco, Building Construction Club, Rifle Club, SSIT. COTIER, W ILLIAM F. Montello, Wisconsin. Industrial Educ;ation. COURT, JEAN M . Seymour, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Educ;ation. MAEYC, Alpha Sigma Alpha. CRONIN, JANE M. Waterloo, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Stout Symphonic Singers. CROPP, SUSAN M. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. literary Publication-Termites, Gamma Sigma Sigma. CROSBY, DONNA L Shell lake, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, SSEA, AHEA, Dean's list, Women's Intramural Sports. CU RPHEY, HELEN J. Rubicon, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Alfresco, Fashion Forum (Secretary, Treasurer). DAGNON, BARBARA J. Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. Home Economics Educ;ation. Alfresco, Ski Club, AHEA, Synchronized Swimming Club, Resident Floor Sports. DALLAM, ERNIE A. Cincinnati, Ohio, Industrial Educat ion. Dean's list, lntramurals, Phi Omega Beta. DAMON, KATHLEEN A. Appleton, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Educat ion. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Project Friendship, Dean's list, Stout Foundation Scholarship. DAOUST, JO HN C. Oneida, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Stout Society of Industrial Technology. DAVEY, TH OMAS A. Eau Claire, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT, Alfresco, Hovlid (Treasurer, Floor President). D ESMARAIS, CHERI ). Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitat ion. Alpha Sigma Alpha (Scholarship Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian), Vocational Rehabilitation Club (Secretary, Treasurer). DEWEY, RO BERT R. Chetek, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Educ;ation. Dean's list. DIETZLER, PATRICIA M . W isconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Fashion Forum, AHEA, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Dean's list, Resident Advisor. D OLATA, ADRIANNE S. Berlin, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and Design. CKTO (Secretary), Resident Advisor. D O LL, HERBERT M . Menomonie, Wisconsin. Business Administration. D OPSON, RICHARD H. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Educ;ational School Psychology. Symphonic Singers, Resident Advisor, Assistant Head Resident, International Student Scholarship, Concerned, Inc. (Drop-In Center Coordinator). DORNFELD, DENNIS C. Byron, Wisconsin. Vocational Reh;abilitation. DOSCH, WAYNE M. La Cross, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT. DRENCKPOHL, DAVID E. le Sueur, Minnesota. lndustri;al Education.

Stout Photographic Association (President). DROSSART, LA URIE l. Casco, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Resident Advisor, Sigma Tau Calendar Girl. DUNHAM, JANICE C. Delavan, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Walworth County Homemakers Scholarship. D UPEY, D ON A. Cadon, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Alfresco, Industrial Technology Club. DWO RAK, DAVID E. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Vocational Eduution. Dean's list, Phi Omega Beta, SSA (Public Relations Committee), Hall Student Senator, IRHC (Food Service Committee). DYER, EDWA RD P. Wauwatosa, W isconsrn. Industrial Technology. Karate Club, Antique Auto Club limited. EBBE, ROBERT V. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Business Administrat ion. Society for the Advancement of Management, Dean's list. EBERLINE, RICHARD K. Madison, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. Varsity Football. EDGAR, WESLEY B. Morristown, ew Jersey. Industrial Educ;ation. IE Club, Stout Antique Auto Club. ELLER, D UANE A. Cross Plains, Wisconsin. Industrial Educ;ation. Dean's list. EKUM , NANCY K. Monroe, Wisconsin. Fashion M erchandising. Alpha Phi (Rush Chairman), Fashion Forum (Vice President), Resident Advisor, Alfresco, Stage Band, AHEA. EMPIE, MARTHA J. Superior, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Project Friendship, Pawn. EVERSON, RONALD L Whitehall, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. Stout Antique Auto Club, Student Construction Association. FACCIO, JAMES l. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Education FI NKE, KENNETH E. Villa Park, Illinois, Industrial Educ;ation. Chi lambda (President), Epsilon Pi Tau, Winter Carnival (Co-Chairman), Industrial Education Club, Alfresco, Resident Advisor, University Activities Assembly Representative, Who's Who. FINNEL, ANN P. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. SAC (Secretary), AFM SAC Representative, Intramural Recreational Advisory Comminee, Panhellenic Council (Vice president), Delta Zeta. FINNEL, PAUL B. Chicago, Illinois. Business Administr;ation. Dorm Council, lntramurals, SAM. FINUCA N, DONNA M . Mauston, Wisconsin, D ietetics. Phi Upsilon Omicron, utriti9n and Food (Treasurer), AHEA. FISCHER, PAUL M . Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Technical Education, WEA, EA, SSEA, SSIT, IEC. FOLEY, PATRICK) . Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Industrial Educat ion. SSEA, WEA, EA, Honor Student. FOOTE, MARGARET A. Poplar, Wisconsin. Psychology. TOWER (Editor-inchief, literary Editor), Resident Advisor, Symphonic Singers, Who's Who in American Colleges, Pawn Showcase Winner, Fiddler on the Roof, U.A.A., Dean's list. FOOTLE, ARN OLD J. Evanston, Illinois. Industrial Education. Alpha Phi Omega (President), Stout Metals Society (Vice President), Stout Typographical Society (Secretary). FOX, MARILYN J. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Home Economics In Business. HEIB (Vice president), Foods and urtrition Club, Home Economics Club, Alfresco, Free Flicks. FRANKE, NORMAN C. Racine, Wisconsin. Industrial Education and Industrial Technology. Chi lambda (Treasurer and President), Stout Society of Industrial Technology, Alfresco, Bowling league (Secretary), Floor Representative, lntramurals. FRANKWICK, EUGENE H. Muskego, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. CARE Commission (Chairman). FRIEST, JANET R. janesville, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Dorm Floor President and Council and Secretary. FRISKE, LORRAINE F. Wilton, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, SHEA (Council Board, Senior Representative), SSEA, WEA, EA, lutheran Collegians, Stout Recruiter, HKMC ( ewspaper Staff). FRITSCHE, MARGARET K. Prarie Du Chien, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. IRHC (Secretary, Treasurer), Vocational Rehabilitation Club, RA, Residence Hall Honorary. FRY, JUDITH K. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Resident Assistant, Graduate with Distinction. FULTON, BRUCE M . South Harwich, Massachusetts, Hotel and Restaurant Management. FUSI, PATRICK C. Bafut, Cameroon, West Africa. Industrial Education. Soccer Club, International Relations Club. GABERT, GREGORY ). ). Racine, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology,SSIT, HA, Union Policy Board, Alfresco, Rifle Club, Antique Auto Club. GAERTN ER, JOEL E. Rochester, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. Vets Club, Student Constructions Association, Dean's list, Rifle Club, SSIT. GANDER, JOHN J. Hudson, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. WIEA, All School Safety Commiuee, Hall Council, Resident Advisor. GARDNER, JOHN R. Green Bay, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alfresco.


GAREY, JAMES R. Appleton, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Vets Club, Alfresco. GAUGER ROBERT C. Park Ridge, Illinois. Indust rial Arts Education. IRHC, Hall President, Kappa Lambda Beta (Corresponding Secretary), IFC, I FPC (Secretary). GAUVIN, WAYNE J. La Crosse, W isconsin. Art. Karate Club. GEBERT, STEPHEN A. Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Medallion Award, Who's Who, Dean's List, Karate (Safety Instructor, Brown Belt, Captain), Water Safety Instructor, . Damrow Curry Scholarship, Scholarships (UWS Foundations, WSU), lntramurals (Football Captain, Volleyball, Track, Baseball), Stoutonia (Copy and Sports Editor), Resident Assistant, Prep Student Advisor, IEC, IRHC, orth Area Representative. GERMAIN, JOHN Somerset, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. Chi Lambda, SSIT, lntramurals, IRHC. GESELL, FAYE J. Colfax, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Graduate with High Distinction. EK E. GILBERT, JONES R. Trinidad, West Indies. Art Education. Art Teacher's Association (President), Dean's List, One Man Art Exhibition. GILBERTSON, MARY A. Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Homecoming Comminee, MAEYC (Secretary, Treasurer). GtlJOHANN, JOSEPH R. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Chi Lambda, Cheerleader, Pit Orchestra, Dance and Stage Band. GOEPEL, ROBERT M . Evanston, Illinois. American Industry. Stoutonia Staff, Cluster College, lntramurals. GOLDSMITH, JEROME E. Earlville, Iowa. Industrial Technology. SSIT, IEEE, Alfresco, Ministry. GORDON, MILO R. Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT, Dean's list, Graduate with Distinction. GOUDREAU, RA YMONO C. iagara, Wisconsin. Vocational Education. EIEC, Dean's list. GOVIN CYNTHIA H. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Home Economics and Hotel a~d Restaurant Management. Delta Zeta, HSMA, United Council. GRASE, NANCY J. Glenwood City, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Women's Gymnastic Team, SESEA. . . . GRAMS, GALE A. orth Prairie, Wisconsin. Business Admsmstrallon. SAM, lntramurals. GREGUSKE, LEE J. Shawano, Wisconsin. Indust rial Technology. orth Hall (Chairman of Judicial Board, Council), IRHC (Judicial Board), Track. GRIESER KEN A. Waunakee, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. GRill, KATHY A. Bloomer, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, SSEA, Dean's list. GRENIER, GARY J. Wausau, Wisconsin. D istributive Education. Alfresco Ski Club. . . .. . , GUINN FRED G. Whitehall, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabshtallon. Deans list. Football, Conference Scholastic Honor Roll, Vocational Rehabilitation Club. GUINN, MARILYNN J. Whitehall, W isconsin. Early Childhood Educat ion. MAEYC, Parent-Student Advisory Board for ursery School, Graduate with High Distinction. . . C ULBERTSON, RITA R. Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Home Economscs Educats?n. GUNDERSON, BRUCE A. Spring Valley, Wisconsin. Industrial EducatiOn. Dean's list, Vets Club, IEC. GWIN, PATRICIA J. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Art. HAARSHAD, JOHN l. Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT. HACKBART, LOIS A. Wausau, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and D ~sign . Fashion Forum, Alpha Phi (Recording Secretary). HACKBARTH, DAVID J. Antigo, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. orth Hall Treasurer, Council. HAGEN, REBECCA A. Superior, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Alpha Omicron Pi, AHEA, Pawn, Project Friendship. HAll JR., ROBERT C. H oosick Falls, ew York. Hotel and Restau ~ant Management. FSEA, HSMA, Hall Facilities Chairman, Floor Pressdent and Vice President. HALPIN, BARBARA J. Hartland, Wisconsin. Home Economics Educat ion. AHEA, SSEA, Phi Upsilon O micron, Resident Advisor, Fashio~ Forum. HAMILTON, JANET K. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home Economscs Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. . HARRIS, DONNA l. Evansville, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Educats~n . Project Friendship, Resident Advisor, Floor Treasurer, Secretary, Socsal Chairman. HARRIS, MAE D. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fashion M erchandising. Student Senate, Free Flicks, Black Awareness Organization, Fashion Forum. HARRISON, ANDREW J. LaCross, W isconsin. Marketing and D istributive Education. WVSS Coordinator of Sports, Disc Jockey, Resident Advisor, Co-Champion Track Tearn. HARTIG, JR., ROBERT H. Onalaska, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Epsilon Pi Tau (Secretary, Treasurer), WIEA, Arts and Craits Club. HELLMAN, RONALD K. ew York, ew York. Hotel Administration. Project Friendship, Alfresco. HENKE, ARLAN D. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Psychology. Dean's list. HERTEL, CYNTHIA A. M undelein, Illinois. Dietetics. Dorm Council, Dietetics Club. 316

HILDEBRAND, ROSEMARY A. Oostburg, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. MA ASA, Project Friendship. HILL, DAVID F. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Hall Treasurer, WVSS ( ews Reporter), Stout Typographical Society. HILLIKER, ADDIS T. eenah, Wisconsin. Business Administration. WVSS (Manager), Iota Beta Sigma (President), Symphonic Singers, Campus Ministry, Foundation Scholarships, Who's Who, IRHC, SSA Senator, United Council of Student Governments (Director), Dean's list, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation Scholarship. HIMES, LYNN R. Mount Prospect, Illinois. Home Economics Educat ion. SHEA, AHEA. HINES, MARTIN J. Green Bay, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Society of Packing and Handling Engineers Scholarships, Resident Advisor. HIRSCH, KATHLEEN J. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma, lutheran Students Association, Directing Comminee for Campus Ministry (Secretary), Floor President. HOCK, JOSEPH A. De Pere, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Medallion Award, Who's Who, Chi Lambda (President), l yceum Comminee (Student Representative), Epsilon Pi Tau, SSIT, Track, Gymnastics. HOCKERS, LELAND J. DePere, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. lntramurals. HOOD, CHRISTOPHER D. Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Hotel and Restaurant Management. Homecoming Co-Chairman, Hotel Sales Management Association Club (Treasurer). HODGSON, KATHERINE A. Juneau, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Stoutonia Staff. HOEFKE, LOIS A. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dietetics. utrition and Foods Association, AHEA, Project Friendship, lntramurals. HOEFT, KAREN R. Plymouth, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Dean's list, Graduate with High Distinction. HOEPHER, TERRY M . Altoona, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. HOFFMAN, CARLA J. Spring Valley, Wisconsin. Home Economics Ed ucation. AHEA, SSEA, Student Advisory Comminee, Resident Advisor, Dean's list. HOFFMAN, MARY M . Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Fashion M erchandising. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Fashion Forum. HOFFMAN, PATRI CIA A. Gresham, Wisconsin. Home Economics General. Marching and Concert Band. Stout Nutrition and Food Club, AHEA. HOLDIMAN, RUSSELL A. Oswego, Illinois. Bachelor of Science. Arts and Crafts, Dean's list. HOLDORF, THOMAS M . Berlin, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Kappa l ambda Beta (Secretary), Arts and Crafts Club. HOLZINGER, KAREN J. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Business Administration. Porn Pom Squad (Treasurer), UAA, Homecoming Comminee. HOMRIG, JOHN F. Grayslake, Illinois. Vocational Education. HOPFENSPERGER, MICHAEL A. Darboy, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Hockey, Arts and Crafts Club, UAA, Phi Sigma Epsilon, S Club. HOROWITZ, MARVIN I. Brooklyn, ew York. Hotel and Restaurant M anagement. lntramurals (Coach). HOSTAK, BRIAN J. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. HOUSER, JOAN E. West Salem, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dorm President, IRHC Representative, Gamma Sigma Sigma (Vice President), Senator-At-Large, AHEA, SSEA. HROMADKA, KAY M. Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. Home Economics in Business.HEIB, AHEA, Marching and Concert Band. HUBERT, DENNIS R. lamberton, Minnesota. Hotel and Restaurant Management, Vets Club, Dean's list, Hilton Scholarship, Graduate with Distinction. HUBERT, STEPHEN E. Tomah, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts. HUDSON, LARRY D. Kenosha, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (President, Council), Stout Symphonic Singers. HUNTINGTON, HEIDI A. Cumberland, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Women's Basketball and Track, Floor President, Resident Advisor, AHEA. INDA, PATRICK M . Berlin, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Chi Lambda (Pledge Master), Cheerleader, Dorm Treasurer and Social Chairman, Alfresco, lntramurals. JACOBSON, GERALD C. Pine City, Minnesota. Industrial Education. Industrial Education Club. JAEGER, JUDITH A. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma (Recording Secretary), Dean's list, Campus Gold Girl Scouts, MAEYC. JANKE, PHILIP C. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Packaging. JANSEN, STEVEN D. Menasha, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. JARAPKO, EDWARD G. Racine, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management and Habitational Resources. HSMA, FSEA. JEANQUART, BEVERLY M . Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, ative American Awareness (Treasurer), ewman Senate (Secretary). JENNEMAN, AllEN T. Bloomer, Wisconsin. Bachelor of Science. JOHANSEN, KATHRYN l. Eau Oaire, Wisconsin. D ietetics. Dean's list.

JOHI'<SO"', BmE A. Supenor \\1 conSln. Home Economic Eduution. Alfresco, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Concerned, Inc. JOHI'<SO"', BEVERLY A. Peuton•ca. IllinOis Home Economic Eduot ion. Summer Orientation Group leader, AHEA, Tour Gu•de JOHI'<SON, LARRY D. Edgerton, Wt~on tn lndu trial Eduotion. JOHI'<SO , MARY J. Barron, Wtscon .n Dietetics. ' utritlon and Food As~tatlon, Phi Upstlon Om•cron. Dean's List JOHI'<SO~, RO"'ALD B. \.1tnneapohs, \.1tnnesot.J lndu trial Technology. Stout T~pographtcal Soctet} (Vtce Prestdent), Who's \\ho. Craft men Oub, SSA (Vice Prestdent for leg• latl"e Affatrs, OH-Campus Senator), \\ mter Carn1val (Co-Chatrman), \\.•~onsm Housmg Ad"'~"' Comm•nee, Student level Unt\oer ,.., Go"emrnent Committee JOHNSO~. TORREY P. Poplar, \\.t~on tn lndu trial Eduotion. lndu trial Education Oub, Art and Crafts Oub, Foren 1cs, Inter \ ar •l't Chnstlan Ft>IIO\\oshtp, Phi t..appa Delta, \\ lEA )OHNSTAD, JODELLE R. Ch•Ppe\"a Falls, Wiscon tn Home Economics Education. JONES, THOMAS E. Green Ba'.'. Wi~on in. lndu trial Technology. Amencan lnstttute of Plant Engineers, Ph1 S•gma Epsilon, Intramural . KADE, SUSAN L Grafton, Wt~onSln. Home Economics in Bu ine . Alpha S•gma Alpha (Pledge Educator), Horne Economics •n Bu •ne s Club. KARI'<OPP, DENNIS C. Thorp, \\ •~on\ln Marketing and Di tributi\oe Education. DECA KAZMIERSKI, JERRY). Oal.: Creel.., \\1st01btn. lndu trial Eduotion.lndustnal Eduutton Oub, E~tlon P1 Tau (Prestdent), Dean· lt t KEISER, SANDY J. Greenlteld, Wiscon in. Home Economic Eduntion. Pht Ups•lon Om•cron, Fashion Forum. Concerned, Inc. AHEA. R~•dent Ad\ot~r

KELLY, GUS. \1•1waukee, W• con in. Home Economic Education. Alumni Relat•on Comm•ttee KEMPEN, CAROL A. t..aukauna. \\ • con•m Home Economics Education. Human Encounter Weel.. (Pubhcll): Cha•rman), Homecom•ng PubhctiY Cha~rman), SSA (El<ecutl"e Secretary), Homer Rose "1emortal Scholar<htp, Stout Student Home Econom•cs Association, AHEA KEMPEN, GARY J. Kaul..auna, Wtsconsm Industrial Technology. SSIT (Ft~ l hecuu"e, Recordmg Secretary), Floor Pres•dent, ' e""man Chotr, Deans list KERSHNER, ONA 0 . 0 -eo, Wiscon~n Early Childhood Education. FashIOn FonJm, South Hall Jud•c•<~l Board, Girl's Tracl.. and Field Team, Children's Story Hour leader, 'auon<~l Honorary Soronl)' KESSLER, JOHN A. Ore ser, Wtscon m. lndu trial Eduotion. Industrial Arts Oub, Arts 01nd Crafts Oub, BO\... hng league (Secretary), Dean's l•st, lntramurals. KEYES, MARGARET M. Belmont, W1scon in. Home Economic Educat ion. Stout S)'mphonic Stngers, Women's G~mnastlcs (Most \aluable), Irene Erdltt;z A""ard, De<~n' L• t, Phi Up!>ilon Omtcron, \\mter C<irnt"al Committee KIRBY, CHARLES M. Rhtnel<~nder \\1 consin. Ps)'chology. Intramural , W\1 S (Progrt~m Coordmator). S""•m Team (Public Address Announcer). KIRBY, DO ALD L Racine, Wt consin Industrial Education. SPA, AI· fresco, lndu trial Edunuon Club, Wrestling. Arts and Craib Oub, Intramural KISNER, ROBERT S. 501)-re, Penns) l"ania. Hotel and Re tau rant Management. KlAUSER, JEFFREY A. Sheboygan, W1 ~on tn. Di tributi"e Education. IRHC, Hall Officer, Senator, Uni"ers•ty Theater, D• tnbutl\e Educauon Assoc•auon, Alpha P ' Omega, Re••dence Hall Honorary, Un•ted Res•dence Hall Council KLECKER, BAR EY J. Reed burg. Wi<.eonsin. Hotel and Re taurant Management. Forenstcs, Ch1 l<~mbda, Hotel S..les Management Associauon, Food Ser\<tCe Execuu,es A soc•auon, lettermans Club, Cross Country (Captam), Tracl... KLEI , MICHAEl J. MaOIIO\\OC, \\tsconstn. Technical Education. KLEMA , MARY ANN T. Appleton, Wisconsin. Dietetics. Phi Up ilo.n Omtcron, ' utnt1on <~nd Food A sociation (Jumor Representah\e, Pres•dent), AHEA (Sophomore Represent.Jt•"e· Secretary, Pre •dent), Horne Econorn•cs C:•:.~dent Council (Treasurer), Dean's l•st, Honorar, Home Econom•cs A\\ard by Stoklelr \an Camp, \\ ho's Who Kll E, LARRY A. Schenect.Jd), ' ew Vorl.. Hotel and Restaurant Management. lntramurals. KLOSTER, JAMES L Valder , \\.•~onsm. Industrial Technology. KNAPP, KYLE K. Shorewood, Wiscon m Clothing. Textiles and De ign. FOIShton Forum. KOCHNOWICZ, JANE E. Mil'", Wi~on 1n Horne Economics Education. Parents Weekend Comm•nee. TO\\er Staff, De;m's ltst, Res1dent Hall ACtiVthes, Winter Camtval. KOEPKE, SHIRLEY M. Milwaukee, W iscons1n. Apparel, Textile and De· sign. Fa h•on Forum. KOER ER, KAREN A. Bea"er Dam, Wisconsin. Fashion Merchandi ing. JTC Social Council and Hall Council Secret.Jry, Fashion Forum, Dean's ltst, Ph• Upsilon Omicron, SocteiY for the Advancement of "1anagernent, AHEA.

KOHLER, JANET A. 81\lCe, W isconstn Home Econimics Education. AHEA (Secreta!'), Oubt.Jndmg leader~•P A\\ard). Dorm Council Pre •dent, Rhtdent Ad\t)>()l', WIM PubltCII)' Cha•rman. KOHLMA , DENNIS M. St Cloud. \\1 con m. lndu trial Technology. t..appa lambda Beta, Arts and Craft Club KOLSTAD, LAUREl A. Duluth, "1tn~ta Apparel, Textile and Deign. Fa hion Forum, Campus Mtn• lr) Da) Care Center Cha•rman. KOPP, MARY E. Roc!.. I land, llltnot Dietetic . D•etehcs Club. KORPELA, SANDRA A. lrOn\\ood, M1Ch1gan. Home Economics Education. SSEA, Inter-Residence Hall As~tahon (\.1ember-At-large), Student Faculty Cornm•nee-Piacement, -..auonal Council '" Fam•ly l•fe, "1ae Lampert Scholarsh•p. AHEA, Dean's l•st. KOSHAK, PATRICK E. Pari.. Fall • Wt~on tn. Bu ine Administration. SA-"1, Alfre~o. Dean's ltst. KOWALSKI, BERNARD J. WauS<Ju, Wtscons•n lndu trial Education. S\\lm Team KOZMINSKI, KAREN A. Greenfield, Wi•cons1n. F.l hion Merchandi ing. Fa h•on FonJm. KRAEMER, KATHRYN J. Cameron. Wtscon 1n. Early Childhood Education. Dean's list, \.1AEYC. KRAUS, DIANE K. t..•ester, Mmn~ta Home Economics Eduution. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Concerned, Inc., \\ omen's Swtm Team, Campus Gold. AHEA, S EA. Hall Council Prestdent. KRAUSE, JEANNETIE ). Mil\\aukee, \"V t~On<tn Fashion Merchandi ing. Fashion Forum, Hall Jud•c•al Board. KRAUSE, SHARO"' M. Waterloo, W1~0n tn. Horne Economics Education. AHEA, SWEA. KRAUSE, TERESA M. Vtroqua, \\'1 con tn. Dietetics. Women's Inter Collegt<~te 801 l..etball Team. D•etehc Club, Alpha Phi, Resident Ad\o•sor KRENZ, DOUGLAS G. Fall Creek, W1~onsm. Industrial Tec hnology. KRIVOSHEIN, DALE L Deerbrool.., W1scons•n lndu trial Arts Eduution and American lndu try. Alfresco, Vets Club. KRUEGER, JAMES. Waukesha, Wiscons1n. lndu trial Education. Anttque Auto Club, lntramurals, Industrial Education Oub. KRUMHUS, SAllY L Mequon, Wiscon tn. Home Economics. Floor Off•cer, PrOJeCt Fnend h1p, HEIB, Women's lntr01mural Winter Carmval Winner , S•gma Ph• Eps•lon Roy<~l Order of Golden Hearts. KUCHARSKI, MARY K. Chetel.., \o\ •sconstn Home Economics Educat ion. KUHNWALD, JOHN P. Racine, Wtscon tn. lndu trial Education. AI DO. lntramurals, Industrial EducatiOI'l Club. \\ DTSEA KUISLE, MATIHEW M. Rochester, "1•nne-ota lndu trial Education . LACHAPELLE, GlENN R. St Paul, \.1tn~ota Industrial Eduut ion . Hocl..ey, \\.ood Crafts Oub, lndustnal Education Oub. LA GTON, TRUDY N. Wiscon tn Rapid~. WtsconSln. Home Economics Education. S'"'m Team, Alpha Ph1. JTC Jud•cial Board, Sigma Tau Gamma Calendar G1rl, Hornecom•ng Queen. LARSO"', IA""E A. Rochester, "11nnesota Bu ine Administration. UAA (Trea~urer), Alfresco, Soctety for the Ad"ancement of "1anagement (Secret.Jry), Campus Chotr, Delta Zeta (Treasurer), Swtm Team LARSON, KENT L S..ndwich, llhnots lndu tri•l Technology. Student Con· stnJClton A ~iatlon (PreSident), Hall Dorm Counc1l, lntramurals LARSO • LINDA ). Elmhurst, llhnot . Horne Economics Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma, IRHC, Alfresco, WEA, AHEA, Stoutoma Staff, P<l\-..n, Student Ser\<ices Cornm•nee. LAR.S ON, NANCY A. Cumber1and, WtSCOnSln Early Childhood Education. Dean's list, "1AEYC. LAUSTED, DENNIS N. Menomonie, Wiscon in. Marketing and Di tributi"e Education. Vets Club, DEA. LEGAULT, JANE M. Mannt>ne. W1scon '" Vocational Rehabilitation. AHEA, MA,ASA, Vocational Rehabilitation Club (Secreta!'), ACll\otlles Chatrman). lEHMAN, JUDITH C. OcorlOmO\\oc, \\ ·~ons•n. Clothing. Textile and Design. SSA (Senator-At-large), Ph• lJpstlon Omt<:ron, FashiOI'l Forum. lENZ, RUSSEll J. Jad.son, WisconSin lndu trial Technology. Ch1 Lambda (Pres•dent, Recorder, Secretary), Inter Fratern•l)' Pres•dent's Council, Resident Ad\oisor, Stout Society of lndustnal Technology, ' e"" Ca•tle Polytechmc hchange, Dean's L•st.. LE ZNER, BO"''NIE J. Antigo, W•scon tn. Horne Economics Education •nd Oothing Textiles, and Deign. AHEA, Faq11on Forum (Prestdent, Vtce Pres.dent, Sophomore Representatt\'e), Dean's Adv•sory Committee for Ooth•nR ~ TeJCt•les Design LERCHE, DAVE P. \\aukegan, IllinOIS Art . Dean's list LEVENHAGEN, LEON C. Mt htcot, Wiscon 1n. lndu tri•l Technology. SSIT, IRHC. LINGSWEILER, BRUCE C. Ractne, Wisconstn. Hotel and Restaurant Man· agement. Vets Oub, HSMA LINTEREUR, GARY E. T\\0 R•"ers, Wt cons1n. lndu tri•l Education. Epsilon Pt Tau. lOBOS, KATHLEEN M., Wi~on tn BOIChelor of Science. I'<AEYC, MAEYC, IRHC, Hall Counctl LONG, PHA V. Sa•gon, Vietnam Industrial Arts Education. lntemauonal RelatiOn Oub. 317

LURVEY, ERNEST C. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Student Construction Association, Dorm Council, lntramurals. LYONS, RICHARD D. Walwonh, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Ans and Crafts Club, National Association of Home Builders, Alpha Phi Omega, Associate Degree Task Force. MACK, MARCIA L. Poynette, Wisconsin. Psychology. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Head Stan Center. MACKEY, JANICE A. Middleton, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Project Friendship (Coordinator), Pass Advisor, Delegate of the White House Conference for Children, Hall President. MAGEDANZ, DALE D . eenah, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Basketball, Phi SiRma Epsilon (Treasurer). MANTES, MARGARET J. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Project Friendship, AHEA, SSEA, Symphonic Singer. MAROZICK, WALTER C. Madison, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Band (Publicity Committee), Swim Team. MATHER, MARY L. Wasco, Illinois. Clothing, Textiles and Design. AHEA, H EA, Sigma Pi Little Sisters. MATILIA, PEKKA I. Kurikka, Finland. Vocational Education. MAYER, SUSAN A. Belgrade, Minnesota. Dietetics. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Dean's List, Resident Advisor, utrition and Foods Association, Phi Upsilon O micron (Treasurer). MCCARTHY, PATRICK J. Wausau, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Ans and Crafts Club. MCCLURG, CONRAD J. Viroqua, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Industrial Education Club, Dean's List. MCDONOUGH, THOMAS W . Delavan, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Phi Sigma Epsilon (Sargent-At-Arms), Varsity Football, Vocational Rehabilitation Club. McGEOCH, WILLIAM G. Cambridge, ew York. Hotel and Restaurant Management. Food Service Executive Association, Hotel Sales Management Assocaition, Floor Social Chairman, onhern Pines Corvettes Club. MCINTYRE, STEVEN L. Ridgeland, Wisconsin. Dietetics. Alpha Psi Omega, Clare Talen Scholarship, Theater Guild, " Fantastics", " You know I can't hear you when the water's running", " Fiddler on the Roof", " Aria da Capo" (Director), Dean's List. MEISTER, MARV. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Dean's List, onhern Pines Corvettes Club (Editor, Vice President). MEROLL, DAVID C. LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Marketing and Distributive Education. DEA. MERTES, KATHERINE. New Holstein, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Club, lntramurals. METLING, TIMOTHY J. Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Vets Club, Alfresco. MEYER, MICHAEL E. Medford, Wisconsin. Educational Psychology. Roben L. Pierce Memorial Scholarship, Resident Advisor, Dean's List. MEYER, STANLEY R. Batavia, Illinois. Art Education. MOSS, JACKLYN K. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Psychology. Dean's List, Sigma Phi Epsilon Royal Order of Colden Heans, Graduate with High Distinction, Fashion Forum, Resident Advisor, Floor Officer. MOSSING, DENNIS M . Rochester, Minnesota. Business Administration. Alfresco, Society for Advancement of Management. MOLDA, DAVID P. Rochester, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. Student Construction Association. MUCHOWSKI, MICHAEL J. Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Sigma Phi Epsilon (Vice President), Resident Advisor, Industrial Education Club, Varsity Tennis, lntramurals. MYHRE, LARRY. Osseo, Wisconsin. Bachelor of Science. Student Organization of Construction. NEHRING, JANIS K. Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles, and Design. Dean's List, Fashion Forum, AHEA, Stoutonia Staff, Band. NESS, CHRISTINE M. Mondovi, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Concen and Stage Band, Young Democrats, Stout 4-H Club, Women's Volleyball Team, South Hall Council (Secretary), Sigma Pi Little Sister, Dean's List. NEST, GAROLD A. Marathon, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Alfresco, Resident Hall Officer, Intramural, Stout Society of Industrial Technology, Bowling Team. NEWMAN, EDWARD C. Owen, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Society for Advancement of Management. NEWSKYJ, PETER. St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. IEEE,


NGUYEN, HOA V. Saigon, South Vietnam. Industrial Arts Education. Dean's List, International Relations Club. NILSSON, WARREN W . Minneapolis, Minnesota. Industrial Education. Free Flick (Chairman, Treasurer), UAA (Sargent-At-Arms, AssemblymanAt-Large, Treasurer). NORTHROP, JAMES B. Elgin, Illinois. Industrial Technology. Tau Kappa Epsilon (Treasurer), lntramurals. NYSSE, MERLIN W. Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Arts and Crafts, Study Tour to the Soviet Union, Floor Vice President and Preisdent. 318

OFFERDAHL, DAVID C. Stoughton, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Lettermen's Club, Scholastic Honor Roll, Baseball, Bowling, Student Construction Association. OKESON, PATRICIA l. Rockford, Illinois. Clothing, Textiles and Design. Alpha Sigma Alpha. OLSON, BYRON C. Waukegan, Illinois. Industrial Education. Sigma Tau Gamma (President, Secretary), Inter Fraternity Council, Student Senator, Stout Typographical Society, Industrial Education Club, Stout Math Club (Treasurer), Union Policy Board, Committee on Committees, Student Health Committee, Homecoming Committee, Freshman Orientation Leader, Dorm Council, Dean's List, Who's Who. OLSON, DIANE K. Hopkins, Minnesota. Early Childhood Education. MAEYC, Stoutonia (News Editor), Delta Zeta (Standards Chairman), ZPC, Dean's List, TKE Sweethean Princess, Early Childhood Education (Student Program Advisor), Candidate and Student For Year Program at the Merrill Palmer Institute, Hall Judicial Board, Floor Vice President, Children Program-Reading Croup at Mabel Tainter Theatre. OLSON, MARY K. Edina, Minnesota. Home Economics Education. Residence Hall ational Honorary, Winter Carnival (Co-Chairman), Who's Who. OLSON, NANCY E. Duluth, Minnesota. Clothing, Textiles and Design. AHEA, Fashion Forum, Phi Upsilon Omicron, onhern Pines Corverte Club. OLSON, STEVEN R. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Psychology. Literary Club, Film Society, Spons. ORF, JUDY A. Somerset, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, WHEA, MA ASA, Dean's List. OSBORN, KAREN M. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Dietetics. Dietetics Club, Volleyball. OSMAN, SUSAN K. Waupaca, Wisconsin. Fashion Merchandising. Alfresco, Fashion Forum. OTIO, CHERYLL A. Baldwin, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Inter-Varsity, AHEA PANKAU, BARBARA L. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and D esign. Home Economics Club, Dean's List, Fall Play, BRUCE, Photography Club. PAPROCKI, JEFFREY T. West Allis, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Intra murals. PAULSR UD, RONALD W. Westby, Wisconsin. Business Administration. PEDERSON, CHRISTINE J. ew Auburn, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Inter Varsity Christina Fellowship, Symphonic Singers, Forensics. PEICHL, KATHRYN L. Janesville, W isconsin. Clothing, Textiles and Design. Dean's List. PELOQUIN, JULANE M. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi UpsiiO(l Omicron (Secretary), Dean's List. PENDLETON, WILLIAM F. Gary, Indiana. Industrial Education. Sigma Pi (Vice President), Pass Advisor, Alfresco. PELOT, JAMES A. Pound, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. PESHAW, RONALD A. Boyceville, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. PETERSON, MARGARET J. Edina, Minnesota. Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation Club. PETUSHEK, RQBERT A Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Education Resident Advisol, Vets Club, Industrial Education Club, Rifle Club. PIEPER, CHARLES H. Juneau, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Industrial Education Club, Epsilon Pi Tau. PIERZCHALSKI, JOHN L Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. PRELLWITZ, MARCIA R. Manawa, Wisconsin. Home Econ omics Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha (Editor), lntramurals, Baseball, Basketball Team. PRIBBERNOW, JUDY C. Owen, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. PRINTZ, CONNIE R. Humbird, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. SSEA. PULLMAN, ROBERT J. Stoughton, Wisconsin, Vocational Education. Epsilon Pi Tau, Vets Club. QUARDERER, BRADLEY W. Menomonie, Wisconsin . Industrial Technology. RADISKE, DOUGLAS R. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Techonology. RAJCHEL, CANDACE L. Greenfield, Wisconsin. Home Economics i n Business. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Delta Zeta (Secretary, Song Leader), AHEA, HEIB, Winter Carnival Commirtee, UAA (Secretary). RAMBO, DENNIS R. Wheaton, Illinois. Industrial Technology. Chi Lambda. RASMUSSEN, KATHARYN l. King, Wisconsin. Fashion Merchandising. Fashion Forum, Alfresco. R.ATHKE, JAYNE, l. Crafton, Wisconsin. Dietetics. Dorm Treasurer, Hall Council, Dietetics O ub, Resident Advisor. REED, BARBARA H. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. AHEA, Delta Zeta, Lutheran Collegians, Vocational Rehabilitation Club, Girl's Glee Club. REILAND, MARK J. Rochester, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. Dean's

List, Floor President. REICHELT, LINDA K. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Project Friendship, AHEA. REID, DONALD P. Baldwin, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management. IRHC, Student Services Committee, Hall President, University Residence Hall Association of Wisconsin, Food Service Executives Association, Resident Advisor, Residence Hall Honorary. REMUS, RUSSEll J. Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Industrial Education Club (Treasurer), Dean's List, Graduate with Honors, EPT. RESECH, RICHARD P. West Bend, Wisconsin. Psychology. Concerned, Inc. RETZINGER, YVONNE D. Racine, Wisconsin. Home Economics Business. Delta Zeta, Alfresco, HEIB. REW, CHERYL A. Bumsville, Minnesota. Home Economics Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Upsilon Omicron (Vice President), AHEA, Dean's List. RIEBE, DAVID L Merrill, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. RINGQUIST, PAUL E. Spencer, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management. Symphon ic Singers, Concert Band. ROKLEWITZ, KEITH L Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Industrial Education Club, Kappa lambda Beta, lntramurals, Karate. RODEFER, RAYMOND B. Tomah, Wisconsin. Marketing and Distributive Education. RODEGHIERO, ANTHONY D . Hurley, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Industrial Education Club, Dean's list. ROEDL, DANIEL P. Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Tennis Team, lntramurals. ROEHR, WILLIAM J. Port Washington, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Hall Dorm Council (Treasurer), Industrial Education Club. ROESKE, SHARON j. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. ROSANDICH, KATHRYN R. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. MAEYC, Tower, Intramural, Alpha Sigma Alpha. ROUSE, JEFFREY D. Arlington, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Arts and Crafts Club, Dean's List. ROWLEY, G.A. Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. Industrial Educat ion. International Relations Club, Industrial Education Club, Soccer Club, UAA Representative for the IRC. RUDOLPH, WILLIAM C. Franklin, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. Stout Chapter of American Institute of Plant Engineers, Floor Officer, Dorm Council, lntramurals, SSIT. RUPNOW, JAMES H. Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. RYDER, DONALD G. Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Dean's List, ational Association of Home Builders. SAMPSON, LARRY J. Belleville, Wisconsin. Marketing and Distributive Education. DEA, Vets Oub. SALMI, WAINO l. Reeseville, Wisconsin. Vocational Education. AIDD (President). SAMPLAWSKI, JOHN l. Blair, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Alfresco, SAM. SARLES, MARSHA l. Milwaukee, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. Dean's List, Stoutonia Staff, Concerned, Inc., Sigma Pi Little Sisters. SAVELAND, JOHN R. Holland, Michigan. Industrial Technology. SSIT, Phi Omega Beta (Historian ). SAVILLE, GEOFFREY G. Sydney, Australia. Technology. Epsilon Pi Tau, Curriculum Committee. SCAPPLE, JOHN H. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SCHAEFFER, KRISTINE L Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Band, Project Friendship, Quarter Square Play. SCHALLER, WILLIAM A. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Alpah Phi Omega, Tennis Team, United Campus Ministry, Concerned, Inc. SCHAVE, JANE M. Arlington, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. MAEYC, AEYC, Delta Zeta (President, Vice President). SCHEUER, NICK E. Mishicot, Wisconsin. Marketing and Distributive Education. Dean's List, DEA. SCHINDLER, LUCILLE M. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Art Education. Dean's List, Forensics. SCHLABACH, ELDON F. Bloomer, Wisconsin. Vocational Education. Dean's List, Am erican Institute for Design and Drafting (Treasurer). SCHLAIS, DANIEL R. Pembine, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Hall President, Resident Advisor. SCHLAIS, PEGGY J. Medford, Wisconsin. Dietetics. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, Gamma Sigma Sigma, utrition and Foods Association, Forensics. SCHLOSSER, CHARLES E. Durand, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Resident Advisor, SSIT. SCHNEIDER, MICHAEl D . St. louis, Missouri. Home Economics. Who's Who, Residence Hall Honorary, Inter Residence Hall Association, South Hall Council (President), President of United Residence Hall Association, Food Service Executives Association, Visitation Committee Chairman, COPE Chairman. SCHOEN, KATHY J. Brookfield, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and Design. Alfresco, Ministry, AHEA, Intramural Volleyball (Captain.)

SCHONFELDER, PHYLLIS A. Kennan, Wisconsin. Art Education. Fine Arts Association, SSEA, lntramurals. SCHROEDER, PAULINE K. Marshall, M innesota. Home Economics Education. Home Economics Club, SSEA. SCHUELKE, BRUCE E. Barveneld, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management. Vets Club, Haute Cuisine, lntramurals, Mexico HSMA Convention. SCHUSTER, ROGER A. Stetsonville, W isconsin. Industrial Education. AIDD, WIEA. SCOTI, GAIL C. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Floor Vice President. SCOTI, KATHERINE A. le Sueur, Minnesota. Home Economics in Business. SSA Senator, Alfresco, Alpha Sigma Alpha. SEBESTYEN, MARGIE l. Greendale, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dorm Council, IRHC, Fashion Forum, Alfresco. SEDLACEK, JANICE E. Cadott, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Women's Gymnastic Team, Karate Club. SHAY, PATRICIA D. Blair, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Stout Foundation Scholarship, Student Advisory Committee in School of Home Economics, MAEYC. SIMS, GERALD V. Wilmington, Illinois. Industrial Education. Industrial Arts Education Oub. SIMPSON, PAUL P. Durand, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. ' 'The Zoo." SKJEGSTAD, KAREN M. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Concert Band, Performing Arts Association (Student Chairman). SMITH, JANET A. Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Hotel and Restaurant Management. Alpha Omicron Pi. SMITH, JOSEPH M. Corning, ew York. Industrial Education. Draft Information Center, UAA, Project Friendship. SMITH, MIRA L Racine, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. " Butterflies Are Free." SMITH, TOM W. Caroline, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Industrial Education Club. SOHOLT, LINDA l. Shell lake, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Dean's List, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, MAEYC. SORENSON, KAREN A. Madison, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Hall Council and Facilities Chairman. SORRELL, RICHARD L Mauston, Wisconsin. Bachelor of Science. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Vets O ub, Dean's List. SPEARS, LORRAINE C. Drummond, Wisconsin. Home Econom ics Education. ational Residence Hall Honorary (President), johnson's Wax Scholarship, IRHC (Vice President), Hall President, Symphonic Singers, Alpha Omicron Pi, UAA, Alfresco, Leadership Grant. SPECHT, PRISCILLA. Frederic, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dean's List, Alfresco. STEEBER, MARLENE A. Cato, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dean's List, AHEA, HEA, Newman Community. STEGAll, GARY W . St. Charles, Illinois. Industrial Arts Education. STEINBACH, MARVIN l. Forest junction, Wisconsin . Industrial Technology. STENER, LINDA M . St. Paul, Minnesota. Home Economics Education. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, American Home Economics Oub, Stout Student Education Association, Syncronized Swimmers, Concert and Marching Band. STEVERMER, GLENN. ew Richmond, Wisconsin. Psychology. STEWART, MARY B. Middleton, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, EA, Wisconsin Education Association. SSEA. STIEGLBAUER, DALE D. Waukesha, W isconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT, Tau Kappa Epsilon, lntramurals. STOINSKI, DAVID A. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Sigma Tau Gamma (Vice President), IFPC, orthern Pines Corvette Club, Homecoming Mixer Chairman. STOISOLOVICH, JEROME A. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Sigma Pi, UAA (Assemblyman), Antique Auto Club. STOLE, LON L Prairie Farm, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Dean's List, In tram urals. STRATMAN, KRISTINE R. Bangor, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. Pi Kappa Delta (President, Secretary, Treasurer), Dean's List. STRAUCH, PHILIP R. Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Industrial Education. Hall Judicial Board Chairman, Resident Advisor. STREETER, LYNN J. ew Hope, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. Hockey Team, lntramurals. _ STROHBUSCH, ANN. Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. MAEYC. STROMER, PAMELA L Pulcifer, W isconsin . Home Economics Education. SSEA, Dean's List, Concerned, Inc. STRYCHARSKE, THOMAS D. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. lntramurals. SUCHLA, SHARON K. Arcadia, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. SSEA, AHEA. SVATIK, MILDRED A. Burlington, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. SSEA, SHEA (Finance Chairman, junior Class Representative, Vice Presi319

dent, Program Chairman), AHEA, Winter Carnival Committee. SVATII(, PAUL T. Burlington, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SWAN, BEVERLY A. Ogma, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. SHEA, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. SWENSON, FAYE L Menomonie, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Dean's list, Graduate with High Distinction. SWENSON, LINDA G. Blanchardville, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma, AHEA (Social Chairman). SYKORA, JULIE K. Marshall, Minnesota. Home Economics Education. Home Economics Club, SSEA, Dean's list. TALBOT, MARK E. Cumberland, Wisconsin. Business Administration. TATRO, MICHAEL J. Antigo, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Kappa Lambda Beta, Inter Fraternity Presidents Council (Secretary). TEIGEN, JEAN A. Glenwood City, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation Club (Secretary, Treasurer), SSA, Panhellenic Council, Delta Zeta. TENPAS, JOHN H. Plymouth, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. ewman Senate, Stout Wisconsin Rehabilitation Association President. THIBADO, MICHAEL J. Downsville, Wisconsin. Applied Mathematics. Kappa lambda Beta, Alfresco, Mathematics Club. THOMFORDE, MARIE A. Goodhue, Minnesota. Clothing, Textiles and Design. Sigma Sigma Sigma (President), Project Friendship. THORP, COLLEEN D. Brodhead, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and Design. Pawn, Alpha Omicron Pi, Stoutonia (Feature Writer.) TRAMPF, LARRY J. Berlin, W isconsin. Industrial Education. Sigma Pi (President), Inter Fraternity Council. TREIBER, MICHAEL J. Waukesha, Wisconsin. Business Administration. TRITI, JEAN C. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Dean's list, MA ASA, Tower. TRUAX, DONNA., l. Wadsworth, Illinois. Home Economics Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma (Outstanding Sister and Outstanding Pledge), Hall Secretary, Winter Carnival Committee, ational Residence Hall Honorary, Tower, Concert, Marching, and Pep Bands, Dean's list, AHEA. TRZCINSKI, JILL T. Milwaukee, W isconsin. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Phi, Panhellenic Council, Fashion Forum. TURCHANY, ROGER A. Boyceville, Wisconsin. Marketing and D istributive Education. TURNER, JAMES E. Madison, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Wrestling, onhern Pines Corvette Club. UEBELE, BARBARA J. West Bend, Wisconsin. Fashion M erchandising. Home Economics Club, Fashion Forum, Band, College Glee Club, Dean's list, Orchesis, Gamma Sigma Sigma (President, Social Chairman, Outstanding Sister Award), Who's Who. U fTZ, LINDA l. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and Design. ULNESS, CAROL A. Valders, Wisconsin. Clothing, Textiles and Design. Marching and Pep Band, Orchestra for Symphonies, Girls' Track and Basketball, Fashion Forum, lntramurals. VANDERLOOP, THOMAS J. Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Industrial Education. Phi Omega Beta, Football. VANDERWALKER, LOUISE S. W est Bend, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Dean's list, Hall Council Secretary, WEA. VASEY, JOANNE M. Crystal lake, Illinois. Home Economics in Business. VAVRA, ALICE C. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon Order of the Golden Heans, lntramurals. VAVRA, VIRGINIA M . Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation Club, lntramurals. VEERASINGAM, KANDISAH. Malaysia. Industrial Education. International Relations Club, Student-Faculty M ember. VERTREES, JANET l. Escanaba. Michigan. Fashion M erchandising. Alpha Phi, Resident Advisor, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Fashion Forum, Parents Weekend Committee. VOGEL, KATHLEEN M . Jackson, Wisconsin. Home Economics in Business. Pi Kappa Delta and Forensics (Treasurer, Secretary), Alfresco, Home Economics in Business Club, AH EA, Stout Home Economics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Forensics Awards. VOSS, ROBERTA M . Glenview, Illinois. Home Economics Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma, AHEA, SW EA, Resident Advisor. WAGNER, DAVID R. Menomonie, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Sky Club, (President, Treasurer). WAGNER, JANET K. Cadott, W isconsin. Dietetics. Gamma Sigma Sigma (Corresponding Secretary), Nutrition and Foods Association, Parents Weekend Committee, Commencement Committee. WALKER, THERESA C. Spooner, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Women's Varsity Basketball and Track. WALKER, WAUNITA J. M anawa, Wisconsin. Home Economics General. Floor Vice President and President, Hall Council, HEA, HEA. WALLIN, LARRY R. Cushing, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT, Hall Council, lntramurals, Dean's list. WARDMAN, RALPH J. Edgerton, W isconsin. Technical Education. Vets Club, Dean's list. WATERS, MARY R. Alma Center, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. 320

SHEA, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Resident Advisor, Dean's list, Hall Judicial Board. WEGNER, JEFFREY H. Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. AIPE (Vice President), Resident Advisor. WEISS, DOUGLAS A. Plum City, Wisconsin. Indust rial Technology. Dean's list, SSIT (Recording Secretary, President). WENDT, ELEANOR E. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. May Frederick Piper Scholarship, Alfresco, Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, AHEA, Stout Home Economics Club. WERTH, DEBORAH J. Markesan, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Educat ion. Delta Zeta (Guard, Recording Secretary), SSA Senator for Panhellenic, Awards Committee. WETISTEIN, MICHAEL J. ew Holstein, Wisconsin. Indust rial Arts Education. Foorball (Honorable Mention), S Club (Sargent-At-Arms), Resident Advisor. WHEELER, BRENDA J. Barron, W isconsin. Home Economics Education. AHEA, Inter Varsity, Dean's list. WHEELER, DAN Y G. Dallas, Wisconsin. Psychology. Vets Club, Inter Varsity. WHITE, TIMOTHY C. Clear lake, Wisconsin. Indust rial Technology. Arts and Crafts Club, Student Construction Assocaition Treasurer. WICKLACE, PEGGY M . Turtle lake, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. Project Friendship, ewman Community, Fashion Forum, Hall Council, SHEA, MAEYC. WIELOCH, DALLIS E. Marathon, Wisconsin. Indust rial Technology. SSIT, Dean's list. WILDER, NA NCY R. lyle, Minnesota. Dietetics. Alpha Phi (Social Chairman, Hostess), Phi Upsilon Omicron, Foods and utrition Association, Home Economics in Business Oub, AHEA, Alfresco. WILLGER, JOHN B. Rice lake, Wisconsin. Indust rial Education. WILLIAMSEN, DAVID l. Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Phi Sigma Epsilon (President, Corresponding Secretary), Inter Fraternity President's Council (Treasurer, Representative.) WILLIGHNGAN Z, CHARLES l. Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Hall President, Dorm Social Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilon (Secretary and Treasurer), Epsilon Pi Tau (President, Vice President Who's Who, lntramurals (Championship Team). " Empire in Pine Lumber Museum." WINKLEMAN, M ARGARET P. Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Who's Who, Phi Upsilon Omicron (President), AHEA, Lutheran Collegians, Waukesha County Extension Homemaker's Scholarship, Mae E. Lampert Scholarship, Dean's list. WINKLER, BETTY J. Gillett, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Women's Recreational Association (Supervisor), Tower, Hall Council, Parent's Weekend Committee. WISKOW, GERALD l. Rochester, Minnesota. Indust rial Technology. Symphonic Singer, Resident Advisor, Soccer Club, Dean's list, Vets Club. WITECK, SUE A. Rothschild, Wisconsin. Vocational Rehabilitation. Alfresco, Vocational Rehabilitation Club, Women's Swim Team, Intramurals Basketball Championship Team, SSU and SSA Senator, UAA Treasurer, FESEA, HSMA. WOLFGRAM, ARVID A. Kendall, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. Alpha Phi Omega, SSIT, AIDD. WORM, JACQ UELYN K. Fond du lac, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Concert Band, Graduate with Distinction. W UEBBEN, MARY L Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Child Development and Family life. lntramurals, Choir, lutheran Collegians. YACHINICH, MARGARET A. Mason, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. PASS Advisor, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Concert and Marching Band, Project Friendship, Commencement Committee, Big-little Sister Chairman, SS EA, AHEA. YEMANE-AB, TEKESTE. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Industrial Arts and Vocational Education. YOURCHUCK, STEPHEN S. luck, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Educat ion. ZAHUSKY, PAUL E. Rochester, Minnesota. Industrial Technology. Floor President. ZARNSTORFF, KATHY E. Genoa City, Wisconsin. Home Economics Education. Stout Concert Band (Spring Concert Tour), AHEA, S EA, Pep Band, Hall Co-Chairman of Winter Carnival Committee. ZASTROW, MILES P. Pulcifer, Wisconsin. Industrial Arts Education. Hall Judicial Board, Resident Advisor. ZIEGLER, CHARLES S. Middleton, Wisconsin. Industrial Technology. SSIT. ZIMBRIC, JANE M. Waterloo, Wisconsin. H ome Economics Education. Delta Zeta (Corresponding Secretary), Girl's Swim Team, Fashion Forum, Dean's list, Homecoming Queen Candidate. ZIMMERMAN, DALE J. Sheboygan, W isconsin. Industrial Education. ZUTZ, KATHRYN A. azianz, Wisconsin. Business Administration. Fashion Forum, Women's Swim Team, SAM, Alpha Phi (President), Dean's list, Who's Who, Resident Advisor. ZWEIFEL, MARIE A. Cornell, Wisconsin. Early Childhood Education. MAEYC, SSEA.

!.amddt, len L 2 Abbon. Jeffrey N. 1 1\bouihaque, Khan M . Abdullahi, Aluy S. IV 211 Abel, Keny A. 2 Abernathy, John I 149 Abfalder, M1<Nel ~ 2 Abrahamson, Jennifer K. II 159 Abramson, janis M. 7 Achenbach, Patrick ~ I 157 Achten, Cuy ll IV 204 Adatz, Cymhla S. II 163, 208, 209 Adcley, lineD A. 2 Ackley, Richard L Ackley, Warren IC. 4 Adams, ,lames S. 1 Adamson, ancy J. Ill 197, 144 Addma~ Dale II 157 Allen, Ceo<gia 1 152 Aasen. Ken I 187 Agins, Theddore ll 3 Agnew. Pat 1175 Agnew. Thomas A. 8 Aho, Patncia A. 1 211, 144 Ahonen, Cart J. 8 Aitch, Chartle 2 Albarado, Anson IV 202 Albers, D.anne Ill 160 Aben. Edword H. Alberuon, Patricia 5. 4 ALBRECHT, OO"NA 305 Albrech~ DenniS L 6 AlBRECHT, HElMUTH 296 Albrecht, Joyce M. Albright, )Oin R. 111174 Alder, Kathryn 0 . IV 218 Aldrich, Thomas M. 8 Aleff, larry 5 Alii, Oan.el l . 3 Allar, Crego<Y H. 5 Allen, Dave J. Ill 198 Allen, Edith S. 8 Allen, Fred I Allen, James w. 3 Allen, M. A. U Allen, Ruth B. 8 Allie, Roger l . IV 216 Almberg, Peter S. IV 259 Alseth, janet L I Alsop, Cindy L I 145 Althen, Elsa E. I 147 Althewier, Oan w. 2 Altsdlwager, Mark E. I 167 Ambom, Kay M. 2 Ambrosh, Sandra E. 4 Ambroz. eaa E. IV 181, 218 Amen~ ll R. Amhaus, Clenn A. IV 188, 218 Amhaus, Susan L IV 182 Amirante, William F. I Amundson, Brian D. IV 218 ANndpata, Kivit 0. IV 211, 174 Anclam, Jeffrey IC. II 168 Anderholm, Elen S. II 169 Andert, FranciS J. IV 218, 168 Anders, Cary L II 276 Andersen, Donna J. Ill 182 Andersen, Maren 6 Andersen, Mary F. II 205 Andersen, Sarah M. Anderson, Allan L 3 Anderson, Andy 11174 Anderson, Bob Ill 255 Anderson, Brenda 2 Anderson, c. s. 2 Anderson, Connie M. IV 218 Anderson, Daryl w. I Anderson, David C. IV 149, 200, 213 Anderson, Dennis L 8 Anderson, Dewey Ill 149 Anderson, Don 2 Anderson, Cary 0. 8 Anderson, Jeffrey 111 161 Anderson, John T. Anderson, K. 3

Anderson. Karen 2 Anderson, Kay M. I 147 Anderson, Kim P. S Anderson, Krisbne ll 6 Anderson, Mark Ill 162 Anderson, Mark A. I 162 Anderson, MicNel E. 6 Anderson, Mildred I lOS, 211, 145 Anderson, Patric.a M. IV 218 Anderson, Paul). Ill 194 Anderson, Ran<UII L I

ANDERSON, Oil RICHARD 297 Anderson, Rodney M. II 193 Anderson, Scon A. IV 218, 200

Anderson, Steve II 166 Anderson, Terry A. IV 218

Andrae, Carol S. I 145 Andrae, MIChele H. I 144 Andree, Caryn 11 160, lOS Andrew, Carol A. IV 182, 218 Andrew, Marta J. u Andrisl, Edword A. I 192, 167 Andns~ Fred W. 4 ~elow, Donald F. ~os, Joyce IV 152 A~s. Manlyn II 1S9, 197 Anhalt, John J. 5 Annen, Debra S. 2 Annis, Jeffrey A. II 146, 25S Aroshus, Paula R. Ill 181 ANSO , BROOKE 213 Anton, Jane A. 111 1S9 Antonneau, Janet ~ 7 Antony, Allen C. 1 149 ~lgren. Nancy J. U Arcand. Kathleen ~ Ill 179 Arendt, Clarence ~ 4 Arentsen. Jancie 1 Armbruster, CI!Of&e E. 1 187 ArmentroUI. John I ArmstrOng, Rober1 v. C Amdorfer, Catheme C. IV 181, 218 Arnd~ )1m C. IV 218 Arnd~ Kathleen R. I 145 Arnold, Benpmin l . IV 218 Amold, Mark 4 Ams, OaviCI ll IV 218 Amtsen, Kristen K. Ill 209 Amtson, Dale H. I Atlac, Brian M. I 165 Mhur, Karen 3 Anhur, Kenneth B. IV 211 Arvidson, Frank II 175 Asfeld, Oenncs I 149 Ash, Jim J. Ill 149 Ashley, Candace A. 8 Ashwonh, John M. II 148 Austin, David ll IV 218 Awal~ Ronald L 7 Ayers, Cora M. 8 AyleswOtth, Karen L 4 Babcock, MardonN 4 Bacchus, Samuel IV 211, 166 Bacha, jayne A. I 107 Bachun, Brenda J. 8 Back, Thomas C. IV 219 Bacon, Barbara A. 8 Bacon, Juie 4 Bader, Kimberly A. I 144, 196, 213 Baer, Leonard L IV 194 Bagniewski, Therese I 154 Bahlow, Ruth A. IV 219 Bahnernan, Mary L 6 Bahnson, Amy M. II 1S9 Bahr, Cerald F. I 157 Bahr, Wayne M. 2 Bailey, c. Bailey, David R. IV 219 BAILEY, WILLARD 312 Ba1lke, Carol 1 Bain, Michael P. Ill 255 Baivier, Ellen II 147 Baker, Mary T. 8 Bakke, DemiCe L 1 154 Bakken, Carol A. II 182 Baldwin, Thomas R. C BALDUS, LORAY E 304 Balestrieri, Thomas A. 6 Baltter, lynn R. IV 205, 219, 169, 195 Banasik. VIClona M. Ill 152 Banaszek, Wayne I 149 Banaszynski, Karen Ill 152 Bane<k, Sandy II 144, l08 Banes, Ervin R. Banks, John C. I Banks, Nan E. Baran, Oenncs S. Baran, Don•ld R. 3 Barber, John E. IV 219, 21S Barber, Rozene 6 Barber, Thomas H. I Barbian, Thomas R. 7 Barcuk, Cheryl M. I 163 Barcuk, Craig J. Ill 169 Barden, Douglas E. 2 Barf, Pud I 623 Barfuss, Cail II 160 Sari, Jerry P. Ill 166, 280 BARLOW, Oil RAY 306 Barke, Dave w. Ill 155 Barker, Bill IV 215

Barmann, ~cLth A. 3 Barnard, Cl\artes M. I Bamard, M . A. C Sames, joan E. II 107, 145 Sames, John 3 Bamess, Pud I 591 Barnen. Ruth A. Bamhart, Carolyn M. IV 195, 196, 247, 294 BarT, Patnc.a L II 183, 200 Barranco, w.niam I 146, 205 BarTen, Padcly J. 7 Barren. Heidi II 159 Barron, Loren A. 3 Bartel, Oenn1s II 255 Bartels. Oouglos L. 6 8anels, Patnc.a A. 7 Bartel~ Bruce ll 8 Bartelt, Teny 11 157, 274 Banh, Ann E. IV 219 Bartdson, Barbara J. 2 Bartolic, Bil 5 Barwa, Roben S. IV 157 Baryenbruch, Jon c. 1 148 Baryenbruch, Peggy A. 2 Basina, P. ~ U Bassen. Marjory H. I 154 Basta, Patricia B. IV 219 Bates, Dave II 156 Batter, Ellen 11160 Bau~. •ncv A. 111 195 Baudek, Patnck I 166 Bauer, ,lay Ill 204 Bauer, ancy 2 Bauer, P•O'ICk C. 7 Bauer, Paul T IV 219 Bauer, Paul 6 Bauer, Tom J. 2 Bauerkemper, Thomas L. lv 219 Baum, Owles R. 6 Baumann, David C. IV 219, 196, 247, 216 Baumann, L1nda Ill 144 Baumann, Mark A. IV 219 Baumann, Shirley A. I 153 Baumann, Susan C. 7 Baumbach, laune Ill 160 Baunan, linda 2 SaYler, John P. II 146, 214 Baxter, Dale W. I 162, 266 Beach, Oemis A. 8 Beale, Claude C 219 Be•lka. Cer.e R. Bear, A.). u Beasley, Sandy I 162 Beaupre, Rober1 ~ 8 Beaver, Julie A. 2 Becher, DenniS 8 Beck. james ~ 8 Beck, Nancy J. Ill 169 BECKER. BARBARA 307 Becker, Bonflle I 153 Becker, Daniel 4 Becker, Creg J. 6 Becker, Helen M. Ill 195 Becker, Jeanne II 169 Becket, Pamela A. S Becker, Pat 111 163 Becker, PaO'ICk J. 8 Be<kfield, John BECKHAM, SUE 306 Becklund T. J. Beckman, lucianne 11 164 Bednar, Maureen T. 4 Bednarek. Barbara J. 8 Bedsted, Creg IV 199 Beebe, Kathleen s. 6 Beecher, CI!Ofianne L. II 174 Beety, Oenncs W. 8 Beety, Kristin 0 . Belay, Debbie A. IV 160, 219 Begalke, DeMit ll 4 Beglinger, james R. 7 Beguhn, Michele A. I BeNing, Susan IV 219, 169 Behm, U. 8 BeMke, Oencse M. II 153 Behnke, Cerry IV 211 Behnke, Merlyn J. IV 18S, 148 Behrens. Oennos J. Ill 161, 213 Behymer, Oan1el J. I 204, 149 Beitve, Beverly J. IV 219 Belger, Myron II 168 Selcin, DaVId A. 8 Bel, Richard 0 . C Bella, Donna M. Ill 209, 174 Beloa~ Vemon L. 2 ee1ou. unda 1 196 Belpe<foo, Thomas L IV 189, 219 Belthauser, Joe IV 103

Benaszeski, Jean A. 2 llenedl~ John s. Benes, MIChael R. I 162 Bengen, Mark A. C 219 Ben.el, MIChael P. Bennett, Bnan E. IV 156, 280 Bennen, ,lames L. 5 Bennet~ Patr1c1a A. 2 Benson, Debra I Bentley, Chartes w. 7 Benz, Robin I 144 Benz1ng, MafVIn IV 217, 276 llerben. Charles W. IV 215 Berens, Robn 3 Beres, Carolyn J. 8 Beres, Susan M. 3 Berg, Call L 4 Berg, P•tricia A. 6 Berg, Roger B. IV 255 Berg, Ronald M. IV 2SS Berg, Rosemary 4 Berg, Susan I 160 Bergen, RIChard L IV 193 Berger. 0 . c. 5 Berger, larry 0 . 2 Bergeron, VICki C. s Bergerson, Jeffrey S. 7 Bergerson, Rolf II 1S7

Berggren, Becky I Bergmark, Karteen A. Ill 204 Bergstrand, 0 . R. IV 210 Bergstrand, OaYid K. IV 219 8ert1n, Arthur w. Bertin, Susan E. Bernarde, Do<othy 11 147 Berner, ,lames 8. Ill 156 Berney, Cart s. 6 Berney, Conn~e L U Berd, Kathleen 2 Beronp, CI!Of&e 3 Bern, Oorothy J. 1 144 Berry, Audrey C. 8 Berthold, Pat 6 BertniCic, Pat A. IV 220 Bertodano, CI!Of&e R. 11 167 Beruni, CSfford P. IV 210, 162 Beske, Scon Ill 165 Bessen. Olfford R. IV 255, 149 Bestul, Cregory M. 2 Bethe, Christne E. I 147 Bethke, Cary A. IV 220 Betlhouser, Joe Ill 161 Beuder, llalbara A. 6 Beutler, Robert P. II 149 Beyer, Jr., Oiflon E. 7 Beyer, Fred W. IV 186, 220 Beyerl, Sandra J. I 165 Bezdicek. Peggy A. II 165 Bibeau, D.ane J. Bibuu, Martin T. C 192 BICkel, John L II 161 Bieniasz, Kathleen A. I 163 8.ese, Cathy M. I 153 Biesek, Bruce M . I 166 Blllehus, Mary 4 Binder, ancy Jo I 147 B~ner, Fredenck I 8111tzler, P•ullll 163 Bird, Rob II 165 Bires, Mary P. I Borlcholz. Russell Ill 166, 210 Birsdlbach, John P. II 167, 210

Bcscholf, Mark I 273 BIShop, Chad I 217 Bishop. Charles C. I 217 BIShop, Jeffery 3 Bcshop, Nancy II 217 Brtner, Delores M. IV 220 BjOrk, lucy A. 8 BjOmson, Jon E. II 161, 220, l01 BjU<qUISt, Randy M . IV 2lO Bbck, Re~d C. 4 Bbckburn, ~ith M. I 1S9 Blackburn, Susan ~ IV 210 Blackle The Dog 168 81ackman, Mark R. IV 220, 162 81ackowiak. Carol A. IV 220 Blaha, David L Ill 161, 189 Blahruk, M. J. IV 186, 210 81alf, Euger.e P. IV 146 Blank, ~dy A. IV 210, 159 81anner, Maureen 4 Blechl, Nancy II 147 Bleskacek. P•ul 1 155 Bleskadlek, CI!Ofie 111 266 81ey, l1nda L. IV 220 Bliss, Kathleen, M. 5 Block, Cynthia S Block. C. C

Blocl<. Marion Blodc, Roxy C. II 145

Blodgett, Kenneth R. 7 Bloede, Richard S. I 264, 158 Bloedel, Cerald A. 4 BLOEDORN, CENE 307 Bloedom, Peggy J. 8 BlomquiSt, Gerald A. Ill 216 Blomstrom, Ed 116S Bloohm, Enc P. IV 255, 193 Bloom, John F. Ill 174, 225 Bloom, Thomas A. 304 Bloomer, Janet II 184, 169 Bloomer, Marulyn J. Ill 184 Blue, 174 Bluechel, Diane J. Blue<hel, Rodney J. 6 Blum, Bud P. IV 199, 187, 210 Blum, Charles II 156 Blum, Kenneth J. 6 81um, Todd IV 156 Blumreich, Jean A. IV 152 Bobbe, John c. 6 Boddeker, Elame 11 159 Bode, James w. 5 Bode, RIChard M. IV 168 Bodeen, Beth A. I 288, 147 Bodeen, Kemeth E. 111 194 Bodeen, Toby E. IV 174 8odoh, DenniS P. 2 Bodoh, james M. 6 BOE, KAREN 306 Boeck, Fred E. 4 Boeder, Janes M. Ill 205 Boehm, Cynthia IV 169, 195 Boetng, John F. 8 Boencher, Jean K. 4 Boencher, Ronald K. 2 Bogurd, Thomas R. I 148 Bogdanowicz, Judcth A. 6 Bog.e, Cynthoa I 160, 101 8ogoe, Pat IV 220, 156 Bohl, Marlene A. I 220, 154, 208 8ohl1n, Cuy 6 Bohl1n, Rhea A. 8 Bohmke, Tom 1 146 Bohn, Ron I Bohun, Peter M. IV 168 Bojar, Nancy S. Ill 205 Boland, Eliubeth A. I 220 Bokhen, L M. 7 Br>ldt, Ed J. 4 Botta, Oan~el J. Ill 216, 202, 149 Bolh, janiCe A. I 147, 107 Bollmann, Pani E. I 152 Bombeck. Sharon K. 1 154, W, 208 Bondhus, Dean A. Ill 204 8onek, Max E. Bonhiver, Jucith L. IV 182, 210, 195 Bonk, Oonene J. 6 Bonk, Sue M. IV 175, 220, 197, 280 Bononno, RICk P. 1155 Bonville, Kieth IV 149 Booher, Steven 0 . 5 Boos, ChrlSOne II 160 Boots, Cerald J. IV 220 BOPPEL, TODD 307 Bordini, Steven IV 2lO Borden, Doug II 162 Boris. lany S. IV 175 Bons, Steven J. I 149 Borlcovea, Jerry L. 6 Born. 0 . E. Bomhofl, LeeAnn H. IV n1 8orOW111, IJnda Ill 1S9 Bon-eson, Olinda II 1S3, 208 BoruRca, Robert J. 8, Lawrence II 165 Bosman, Mark R. 7 BOSWORTH, CAROLINE 296 Bothun, Cary R. I 25S, 273 Bothwell, T. J. 296 Botsford, Judith I 209 Bouche, Owles M. 8 Bourgeois, Mary K. 5 Sourge~ Rodger J. Ill 262 8ourgu1gnon, Paul C. IV 262, 221 Boumoville, Cary L 6 Bovlnet, llfldsey S. S Bowman, Barbara A. Boyea, Phtllip L Ill 149 Boyer, Debbie II 163 80YER, RON 294 Boyer, Ronald F. Boyle, Tim P. 3 Boyles, Waddell w. 6 Brady, Charlie II 157, 197, 198 Braeger, Connie J. Ill 284, 169 Brakefield, John R. 8


Btam. ~thy 4 Standi, Oanoel E. a Stanch, Da•1d P C 21S, 204. 21} Bw>d~ Shiton Ill 160, 1111, 281 Bw>dtner. Clona A I Stanger. Sue Ill 160 Btantner, Steven A.. ) Bnun. AW> I 201 Btaun. Be-eriy J. IV 221 Braun, James P. a Braun, ~thlcen "'- Ill 152 B<•un, P•ulettc M . IV 221. 159 Btaune. Ooetmar R. 6 Stave, Michael A. 2 Breden. K•thy 111 16). 101 Brehm. Mary I Brehm, Winoam V &re.uman. ~ren A. a B<eme<. Byron E Brendel. Theresa J 1 154 Brennan. Den"'> P. IV 168 Bre<v>e<. Edlo-•rd W. Bre<v>e<. J, 1(, c Breison. ~thenne A.. 1 Bretl, ""-~'~< II 166 Breunc. Karen M . IV 200. 204 Brewer. Da-od R IV t66 liNn. Ill 152 Bnce. Barba•• L 7 Bnce. Patnc l Ill 156 Bnck,JeH 0 6 BRIESCH. DR. fRED )06 Bnggs, Rochard f. a Bnhn. ~thy J, I 159 Bnnk. Jane E. Ill 144, 208 Bnnk. Ste-en II 161, 19) Bnntnall, Mary E. I 154, 207, 208 Bnon. Doane K 2 Bni!Jngham, Ke~th V Bnns, )Ohnoee ) Brossard, Jr .• Ho--ard C. IV 174, 221 Bros~ ~thleen M IV 202, 221 Bros~ Mary ~ IV 160 Brouottard. nna 1 165 Btown. Allert W I 255, 268 Brown, Beth A. Ill 169 Brown, ~thenne M 6 Brown, O•udoa II 144, 211 Btown. Enc R. I 167 Brown, Clen ) BROWN, JOE 296 &<own. tc. 111 184 207 Brown. Mal')one II 286 Brown. Pamela J. 1 145, 20S Brown. Russel ~ Ill 167 Browne. Amos A. C 149 B<ownstetn. Roehard H. IV 167 Bruboker. Da-od R Bruce, Marl< IV 166 Brucek. Ed 111 156 Bruchmann, Conrw>e M I 144 Bruhn, Ce<ald R. Ill 148 Bruhn, Roek A. IV 199 Brummeyer, C.ry R Brunclic, Jane B 6 Bruneau. 0~ A. Ill 200. 152. 21) Brunn, Marpret M. IV 221 Brunner, SuuMe l . 6 Brunsli~. CMY L. Ill 161, 104 Bl\lnson. T BI\!Ssal Sally M. IV 175. 221. 200 Bruvollard, nna I 21) Brux. Phoip T. 4 Bryan, Robert IV 161 Bnnonslu. Cary J. IV 215. 221 Bubo, Matthew A.. 8ubnok, Paul C. Buc4 Jayne II 152 Buchholtt. Davod R. I Buchholz. Oebboe J. 5 Buchholz. OoNJd J. Ill 217 lkdlholz. Janoc:e R IV 217, 221 Buchholz. Michael l . I 165, 196 Buchkoslc~ D•vod ~ a Buck. Eileen 11 154 Buckhorn. 174 Buckley, Cary P. II 273, 221 Buckley. tcewo A. a Buckley, Robert J, II 166, 216 Buckley, Wilbm M. 2 8udsbets. Davod B a Buechner, Willoam I 259, 274, 158 Buehler, O>eryl A. I 16) Bueb. ~Y A. Ill 213 Bud, Jennoe L IV 221 BUELOW, CHARLES 2'17 Bugalski, RIChard C. I 262, 148 Buhlman, ~rot E. 4 Buhrow, John J, I 162


Bulawa. Susan I 145 Bullard. Anthony Bulle.,ahn. Daryl l . 2 Bullos, Robert M. IV 221 Bu-odspvd, RIChard 0 . IV 221 Bundy, Wilam H. 2 Burbach. Marie 6 Burback. Roehard A. rv 194, 213 BurdiCk. Roc:Nrd M. 111272, 274. 168. 194 Buf8ess, Barbara L. II 184 Bu13en. JeHry P. 4 Burlce, Thomas J. Ill 202 Buricholder. W IV 221 Buricland, ~ J, 5 Bunnesch, Willoam L IV 187 Bums, 8Mb IV 164 Bums. Dan Ill ISS Bums,J. I. Bums, ~thryn II 164 Buroker, Kenneth D. S Burds. Allan R IV 190 8urT, M. C Burroughs, CMY A.. 4 Burslcr, H. Burtness, Anne Ill 145 Burtness. ~y L II 169 Burton, Barbara J, Ill 152, 212 Burwell. Marie L IV 247, 274, 221. 196 Bunrnslu. Mary IV 1S2 Busch, Cyntha S. I 281 Busch, Davod L. II 146 Bush. Charles E. I Bushberger, K~rn E. 6 Bushey, DeniSe M. II 179. 154, 21) Buss, K•thy f. 7 Bom. Kenneth E. 8 Buss. MoeNel T. II 185 Busse, Phohp c. 111 192 Bulcher,Jules E. C 247,216,274. 156, 200 Bulh, W~ham J, I 161 BUTKE, JOHN 307 Bulterfoeld. Forrest I 166 Byers, Robin IV 202, 104, 158 Byon, Lon I 168 Byun, Owlg J, ~Iaman, Roehard J, 4 c.kluel&. Clen 5 Calhoun. Patnck J. II 149 c:Mrva_ Anthony C. Ill 186 ~ron. Tracy A. I 152 CMnmann, Henry R. 4 Camp, lyre L Campbell Ann E. 4 Cvnpbel, Brad I 217. 2SS CMnpbel, Nancy 6 ~mpbell. Scon 11 151 CMnpbell, Wit.., Cvnpopoano, Ronald P. I 255, 151, 280 ~nnrf, Tracy I Canulla~ Tushv II 174 Capelle. Patncia A.. Ill 247, 174, 198

Capes, 8ob 2 ~pelola,


~o. ~ttry

A.. 11169 Capobianco, Thomu A.. 8 Capra, Linda M . 6 Capra.. Roetwd J, 8 ~. freclaA.. 4 Carey, John II 162 C-Ney, Marpret Ill 174, 199, 107 C-Ney, Scon A. 6 C-Ney, Susan E. 3 CM>n., joanne IV 247, 221 c.tson, Alan IV 247, 221 Carlson. Crac o. 111 lOl Carlson. E. E. 2 c.tson, CioN II 160

Cartson. )ames R. 4

c.tson, Utry

Ill 211 Carlson, Matlt f. II 10) c.tson, Mary B. IV 146, 221 Carison, MIChael 0 . IV 222. 168 Carmody, Kerw>eth II 168 Carpenter, ~theme I 169 <:Mpen~r. Jane 7 Carpenter, Timothy A. I CAROLLO, DR. PAUL 295 Carr. Pholip c. 2 CARRISON, CLARA 30S Carrol, Michael R. 7 Carter. Arthur D. 111 217, 262 c.twngtr~ Nevone R. 4 Casadonte, Thomu C. IV 276 Clsh, )ames R. II 158 Cassidy, Peter I Cwody. Robert J, S ~tnet. D•vod H. C 201

~tafygostu. Manka I ~QnQ, )ames C. 2


~lUna. <:Mol S. I 165. 213 ~!UN. ~flryn S. IV 222

~tuna, Mary ~

II 153


Mary E. IV 174, 284, 288, 222 ~yse, 8ruoCe I 157 Cedetsren, Charles II 161 Cdley, Thomu L II ISS Cemke, Cregory L Ill 148 Cene, Dale II 157 Cencgral, jenny II lOS, 154

Ceranslce, Douglas P. II 7081 C4 Junghoon IV 222 Chadwick. Scon II ISS Chamberlaon. JeH II 156 Cl\a~"npNu, Nannette M. 7 Champion, Thomu l . I 146 CNn. Crace 3 CNn. Ho-f•u IV 211 o.ang. Judy 6, 153, 211 Qwle,, Thomu IV 185, 222 Ownnd,Cai3 Qwnnd, John c. 8 Owrsco, Rob I 157 Owun. 0 L4 Chutan, Donald J, II 185 0\uun, ~Y M . s 0\uun, Ma~t l. o.-1~. Beny I 153, 208 Olen, Ann

Chesebro, Ann L rv 1S3, 222 Choeung. Manna 4 Choengyen. Joseph J. 1 167 Chlgren, Paul E. Chlsen, )anoee 4 Chive<, Cary R. Ill 187, ISS Chorlco. Suunne K. II 147 Ch01wong. Simon IV 161 0.0., lnsook C O>ow, M~ret 4 Christensen, David L. 6 Chnstensen, C~e A. IV 149 Chnstensen, Rosanne II 144 Ovrstenson, Ondy L. I 286, 204 Chnstenson, David tc. C Chnstran, Susan L I I 59 Chnsbansen. O.vod P. a Chnstranson, Alan II 149 ChnstoH~n. Mrke 2 Chnsloph, Peuv Ill 154 Chuang. Danoel C. I 167 Churchrll, Marl< A.. 4 ChurchVIlle, Roek 1 Chumess, SIUvt J, Cichon. CregO<)' J, 2 Ochuckr, P~le< P. 6 Oeciwa. Jeffrey I. I 165 Oesoelczylc, Jerome E. 6 Oeslak. Deborloh A. I 163 CiNar, c.r1 l. C Ona, Barbara L II I1S Onker, Jerry W. a Onquegrana. Mrchaela A.. 3 Clandge, Mona I 179, 160, 200, 213 a.rlc, Curt ~ II 166 Clarl<. Delbert ~ I a.rlc, ErTol J, IV 175 Clark. Michael J, I ISS, 101 Clark, N•ncy E. Ill 144 O.rlc. Thomu c. 6 Close, Denno:s A. 6 CLURE, DOROTHY 304 Cobb, Douglas C. I 157 Coboon, Tom L II 168 Coburn, Mary E. 1 c->en, Chns I 144,211 Coenen. C.ry l 2 c:->et, Cary F. 3 Cotfey, 0 D. C Cotfey, lucrncla S. 4 Colfey, Manh- D. I COCLEY, HELEN 296 ~.Patnclc7

Colclo$ure, Carolyn J. IV 222 Cdden, Kevon L 3 Cole, Beny J, IV 213 Cole. Thomas F. a Coleman, Arthur 2 Coley, Scon D. 2 Collrns, Mary A. 8 Coloso, Sandra l . Ill 169 Comeau, Juan.ta I 147 Comet, Cynthoa I lOS, 154 Comstock, Philip IV 214 Cone, Dale 6 Conley, Jo<ly Ill 199, 169 Connell, CNrles R. 8 Connelly, Vlckr 4

Conner. Battwa II 152 Conner, Tom I 167 Conno<s, c. E. u Connsel. ~ndy 1153 Conon, Deborah I 160, 104, 213 Conroy. T'homas P Conwill, Mrke IV 175 Cook. Barbara A.. Ill 160, 208 Cook. Danoe!J. C 214 COOMER. JERRY 216 Coonen. Vera B 11 152 Cooper, D•vid 3 Coopef, D•vod l . 7 Cooper, Judy A. 8 Cooper, Michael II 162 Copeland, Jolvl II 166, 276 Corcomn, IJncla II 145 Cordy. Kathe II lOS, 153 CORRAlES, RAYMOND 304 Corrales. Annabel M. 2 Conus, Cordon M. IV 158,213 Cor1hell, Rochelle A.. 3 eorw... John "- 1 Cory, MlCNel L 6

Costello. James J. I 166 Coslelo, Joseph I eoner. w.n.., F. a Couey, )ames B 2 Couey, Jeff I 273 Couey. Utry l Ill 255 Courllard, Cayle M I 1111. 152 Counsell, ~ncke 4

Coun. Jean M.

IV 180, 222 Courtney, Jann W. I CO"el, P•tr.O. I( IV 4716 Coyo. Lrnd• II 160 Cowhey, Pony I 16) COX, SARA 30S Crabb, Ronald 2 COX, HELEN 313 Cramb, N<>nna ~ I Cramer. Roberta J, I Crandel, Nancy C. II 200, 153 Crane, Hugh 0. 5 Kerw>eth IV 222 Craney, Lind• S. 8 Cravrllion, Dougla5 II 190, 213 Crawford, Duane A. IV 211 Crawford. Susan Ill 145 Crepeau. K. I 16), 107 Crimm.,s. Cordon K. II 188 Cron.,, jane M. IV 222, 200 Cropp, Susan M. IV 222

Cropp. Thonw "- a Crosby, Donna L IV 222

Cross, Jim 4 Crownlwt. Bl\lce C. 2 CRUZ. HECTOR 268, 294 Cultw>e, Janoc:e II 16)

Cummrng. uuroe 2 Cummlf18S, Joyce II 164 Cummrns, Dennrs J. Cunnongl\am, Paul I 109 Cure10n, Davod M. IV 189 Curphey, Helen J, IV 222, 107 Cuman, Ceolfry L 2 Curyey. Bruce L. 111 211 CurTY. Marsha IV 144 Curtis, Peggy I. II 154, 210 Cwiak, Nancy E. II 159 Cypher, Thonw M. IV 194 Cyr, PhiiWp J, 6 Cujkowslcl, Ioyce II 16), 213 Czennslcr, c-ge M. IV 175 0, Cerald UUSI E. o.dabkoy, Molwnmed I 174,211

Dahl, )ames M . 4 Dahl. ~t~ ~IV 174,222 DAHLKE, OR. LORRAINE 30S, 312 Dahl, Rodger L 6 Dahlke, Robert Ill 215 Dahm, Bryan L II 168 DAHLKE, ROBERT 294 Oahm, Susan II 208 Dahms. Owlene J, II 181 Daiey, Bdl II 259 Dailey, Franas I 165 Darley. James B. 8 Duey,John J. 1 D••nes, Jeanene R. 5 DAINES, OR. JAMES 312 O.,bo<, H•rald E. IV 262, 146 Dain, Debbie I D~tam. Ernie A.. 8 D~uge. Amy I 16) Taro K. C 115 Damon, ~lhleen A. IV 222

O.mpoe<, ~roll. Ill 1114. 200 O.nca. Patncia B. S Dane. Jon C. 4 Danoel J. S. Danoel, Robert II 157 D•noels. Arthur B. Danoels, ~Y M. I 164 D•noels, Mary B. 3 Danoelson. Beny J. 11 152. 200. 201 Danoetson. Dave I 146 D•nielson, ~ren 4 Danoelson, Michael E. Ill 199 Dankert. Stephen M. II 161 Oadus1, John C. IV 148, 222 Dapper, Dan II 156 Darby, Douglas R. I 161 Dart, Moehael Ill 156 Dassow. Rrchard 4 Danole, CregO<y C. II 270, 165 D•ubl. John L 6 D•ubne<, Davod L II 194 Daughtry, Dennrs J, II 161 Oaul, 0 . T. Ill 151 Davey. Albert R. Davidson, Mary J, I 104, 153 Davog. Ronald L. 1 Davos, Brl I 166 D•vos, Brent L 8 Davrs. lad IV 255 D•vy, Georgene l . 4 D•wrdczyk. ~rol M. I 154 O.y, Jrm I 206 D•y, Patnek J, I Oe•l. TimOthy P. I 167 Dean, K~A..5

De•n. Manlyn I. 6 Dean. Paulene 3 Dean_ Rebecca M. I 16) Dean, Russell A.. IV 194 Dean, Yvonne I Debban, Pam I 147 Oebee, John R. IV 255 Deboer, Kevrn S. IV 222 Oebrurn. JeHrey P. IV 216, 217 Deck, Lynn M. I 153, 107 Dedier, O.vld ~ Ill 274, 146 Deen11g. Dale F. 4 Deen11g. Enka E. 6 Deenng. John A.. IV 222 0ees. eene H. rv 174, 102 Oelenbou, Mike II 148 Degner, Kerw>eth H. 4 OegraH, John R. II 188, 169 Degu.sepp~ Mary E. 4 Oehn, Oennrs R. II 158 Oerslng. Jane II 160, 281 OeJ'IO, MIChael C. 6 Dejong. Nancy K. I 160, 280 Delaney. Thomu J, 2 Delap, Ebubeth 6 De'ka~ Thomas II 158 Delvecchio, Jrm C. 11 161, 211 DemarraiS, J. J. 3 Demars, Renee J. II 153 Oemeny, O.nce L Ill 174, 207 Oemeny, Ctance L 111174, 107 Demeuse, MICh•el A.. a Demwr, Barbara A. 1 159 Demuth, Rebecca I 160 Denk, Robert Ill 168, 201 Dennrs, Drane 2 DENNIS, OR. ERVI 214 Dennison, Robin I 147 Den~er. Debta A.. 1 144 Oeruln. We<ody IV 222, 169 Deponey, Danoel 0. I Derber, Janet Ill 180, 165, 200, 210 Dereu, Lawrence I 146 Dennond, Enc I 157 Oersohn. Ma1goe I 213 1:>esa1, Tushar K. 5 Desalvo, Mary Ellyn Ill 179 DesjaNAs, Joseph J, s Oesmatu, O>eri J. IV 180. 223 Desmldt. David ~ 5 DetJe<>, Randy R. 8 Oelroe, Mrchael S. I 255 Denman. ~role ~ Ill 184, 207 Denman, Danoel H. I 166 Denmann, ~eriy ~ Deusch, constance 11 145 DeutsCher, Barbara A.. 6 Deutscher, Mrchael J. a Devillen, Tom II 158 Devine, Cindy C. IV 223 Devoe. v~eroe "- 1 736 Dewey, Robert R. IV 223 Dew011g. ancy II 213 Dey, Juloe ~ I 1S3

Deuel, Ma<y I 147 Dock, C. . U Oic:ktmn, OaYld R. I 157 OocktmM, Ann L I 144 Ooedench. Oanel R. 7 Ooermnch. Bob Ill 148 Ooeaen. Kun P. I 166 Ooealer, Patncia M. IV 223 Od~•io. Mano I 259, 162 Dol, Oa•od E. I 262. 1SS. 206 Oil~ Ka~n S. IV 223 Oonger, Wolham 0 . I Ooru, Marybeth II 145 Dosch, Joe A. Ill 190, 156 Doser. Margaret A. 2 Ooshno, Judy IV 184 Oourmr, Suunne E. 7 Ooven. Doug C Oox. P. E. 8 Ooxon, Oall>d M. II 161 Ooxon, uroda Ill 154 Doane, Kathy I Doane, Roben M. 2 Oobner, Ste-e I 255, 146 Dobratz. Bartwa I 152, 213 Dobratz. Roben M. II 162 Oobrowoliki, Moke T. I Dodge, David A. I 167 Dodge, Jeffrey L 4 Dodge. Scon I 259. 161 Dodge, Stuan l. IV 223 Oodoty, Dan I 255 Ooede, Robert P. 4 Ooenngsteld, Mary I 144 Doheny. Patnck 0. IV 166 Oohm, Sue II 154 Oooel Darcy A. 6 ~ta. Adrianne S. IV 160, 223 Oolde, Brent L Ill 162 Oolenshek, Oennos Ill 146 Oomaclc. Deborah A. I 164. 207 DONLEY, MARY 213 Oonkersgoed, Marie I 148, 200 DONLEY. CERALO 294 Dono-an. Colleen IV 179 DONLEY, ILA 297 Donovan. Oebboe 4 Donley, Pat IV 191 Doolonle, Yvonne M. IV 223 Doone, Robert I 187 Dopson. Rod> H. C 162 Don, T. U Oorendorf, Brvce II 168 Oom. Cary P. 6 Dornfeld, Dennis C. IV 223 Ooro. John s. 1167 Dosch, Wayne M. IV 148, 223 Dosermgen, Rota M. 8 Doss, Jeffrey E. 2 Dostal Joseph A. 2 Doubek, Sieve 3

Oouaheny, Char!H B. 3 Oouaheny' Randy R. 6 Oouvolle, RoehNd J. 6 Oovorany, ~mes R. 8 Dow, Wolham l . Ill 196 Oowhng. Maureen II 169 Downey. ~mes F. Downham, Roy E. II 148 Downing. Susan R. Ill 169, 200 Downong. Todd J, II 270, 148 Doyle, Oebonh s. 8 Oraeb, George II 158 Draheim. Vita II 152. 208 Drake, Pa~ J, I 147, 213 Draper, Susan 3 Onxlet, Katen II 154 Onxlet, Ronald J, II 168 Dray, Daniel 0 . IV 332 Dreger. Craog A. 4 Dreger, Roben L Ill 162 Oreifuerst, Marie R. IV 186 Orenckpohl. Davtd E. IV 214, 223 Dresen, Oavod B. II 156, 210 Dresen, Jeffery A. II 157 Oreuler, Patricia 11 153, 195 Drew, Oall>d T. Ill 266, 149 Drew, Katen L I 159 Drew, Manlyn L IV 247, 182, 223, 195, 281 Onessen. Moehael J, 8 Orossan. lauroe IV 223 Orvmm, Slcip Ill 187 Drzewiecki, Cary F. I 157 Ouddnsko. Jerome 0 . IV 149 Due, Cregory C. 6 Ouescher, Nan A. I 145, 196 Duffek. John F. 8 Duffy, Banry c. 1

Duffy, Joanne M. I 144 Duffy, Patnck 6 Ouginosko. Steven I Dukes. Roben c. 6 Oulon, A.M. 6 Oulon. Btuce I 161 Outmnch, Bob I Duncan, Penny 1 159 Duncanson, Brad A. Ill 188 OunetNnn. Kathleen IV 159 Dunham, ~noce C. IV 223 Dunn, larry II 157 Ounnong. Oall>d J, IV 205 Oupey, Don A. IV 223 Ouzynsk~ ~ne1 A. IV 223. 195 Dvoracek, icholu C. C D-oralc. Roben H. I Dworak, oa...d E. 223 Owomok, Richald E. I Dwyer, Rancb.l 4 Oybvik, Brvce J, I Dye, Mulyn 4 0)-er, Edward P. 8 Oyer, Kathy J, IV 175, 280 Oyer. Paul W. 5 Oyer. Rudolph C . II 21 1 Dynes. Roger W. 8 Ozoan, Sandra l . I 154


Earte. larry A. Ill 175 Eaton, Andrew 0 . 1 255 Ea10n. MiCkey R. I 166. 264, 187 Ebbe, Robert V, IV 206 Ebben, Mary B. II 153 £bet. John Ill ISS Ebensperger, Robin IV 152 Eber. Steven L IV 200 Eberle, ancy E. I 144 Ebertone, Rochard IV 148, 223 Ebenon. Ron I 175 Eboll, lucy IV 211 Echer, Loroda II 332 Eckan. Roben C. 111 167, 204 Ecker, Roben w. Eckert. Deborah A. 5 Eckert. Nancy M. 4 Eckhardl. Carole A. 1 147 Ecki, ~II E. II 147 Eckmann, Cary J. I 149 Eckrmyer, Andrew F. 3 Eckrmyer, Toni 0. 4 Edgar, Wesley B. IV 223, 631 Edgette, OeM 6 Edlin, Jean M. 7 Edtmn, Kart C . Ill 224 Edmurod, ~n J. II 163 EDMONDSON. PAUl 306 Edquosl, Eric J. IV 168, 194 Editrom, ancy L IV 224 E~. Cynthia L 5 Edwardi, Mary K. 7 Edwardi. lblph Ill 166 Edwards. Rober1 M. 8 Egan, M. 5 Egger, Tim I 166 Eggers, Perry J. 5 Eggert, Marvin A. II 294, 158, 196 ECCERT, JAMES 312 Eha, Doug R. IV 259 Ehardl. F~ H. ENe, Katen 111 152 Ehlers, Dale J. II 216, 156 Ehlers, Dean F. IV 224 Ehlen. RIChard A. 5 Ehmcke, Slephen C. Ill 194 Ehrmann. Michael J. Ill 175 Eidunger, Susan J, 4 Eoehlonger. Calvon C. 6 Eikamp, Terry A. 6 Eonum, Jill M. 5 Ehh, Eliubeth II 154, 200 Ekern, Dave I 156 Ekstrom, Kermit L Ekurn, ancy K. IV 184. 224. 207

Eldredge, Pe~er T. 6 ElfstrOm B. M . 8 Elfstrom, Denise 0 . I 144 Elkowsla, Camille P. 8 Elet, Duane A. IV 224 Elet, Thomas R. II 166 Ellestad, T. 7 EllingJon. James B. 6 Elion. Donna E. 2 Ellion. Jacqeline 5 Elhon. PaiA E. 8 Elswonh. Cregory B. IV 215, 268, 294 Elmer, Donna M. 6 Elmlnger, Beth M. IV 224, 169

Emerson, Julie A. II 147 Emerson, Kay IV 174, 195, 213 Emol, IV 175 Emmrich. Joyce Ill 164 Empoe. Kathnne L I 152. 201 Emp;e, M. J, IV 1S2. 224, 195 EmriCh, Ralph L 3 Endres, Debra A. 1 144 Enersen, O~vod l. 3 Enpndela, ~mes A. 8 Enge, Ron l . 111 204 Engel. ~ne S. 111 152 Engel. Pnoee J, 1 153. 213 Engel. R. c. 1 Engel, Rhonda M. II 163, 196 Engel, Sarodra I Engel. Todd M. II I 55 Engelbett Law<ence H II 148 Engen, La-.rence 0 . 8 Enger, Allen L II 161 Enger, Chnstone M. 8 ENCER. JOHN 297 Engesel. Patncia J, 4 Engle, Shortey M. II 211 Eno. Wilbm J, 7 Ensdman, Oavod A. II 149 Eppen, londa 5 Erdman, Debbie II 207 Erdman, laura E. 8 Ericksen, Rochard I 268 Enckson. Carol 0 . u Erickson, Oall>d R. I 167 Erickson. )efrey C. I 146 Enckson, ~ J, I Enckson, Marie W. II 157 Erickson, W¥n:n T. Ill 203, 204 Erlcfia. luann H. I 152 Emser, Kathy I 147 Etpeldong. Peter A. 8 Erson, Roben A. An 0 . 5 Erd, Karen II 159, 200 Eschelweck, Thomas 2 Esselstrom, Thomas C . Ill 216 Es~enson, Lany C. 111 162 Enen, Mary K. IV 224 Evans, Brent C. Evans. Dale M. IV 268 Evans. James E. IV 214, 216. 334, 199 Evans, John P. 6 EVA,...S. ROBERT 312 Evanstad, J. 8 Everson, Donald c. 6 Everson, Ronald l . IV 224 Evetts, Susan J, II I 59 Faccio, ~mes L IV 224 Fallen, John 162 Fadness, J, l . Falk, Barb I 281 Fairbanks, Oall>d J. 5 Fall<, Carol II 217 Fa~. Anota L IV 174, 133, 208, 213 Faile. Batbara J, II 160, 207, 211 Faile. Cerald L IV 217, 185 Fallcolske, ~mes 215 Falkolske, Noel L 215 Falkolske, Sara 215

Faneni, Diane I hllendorl, Sharon J. 224 Fancl, Kathleen 213 Fatb, Pau~ Ill 211 FARIS, ESTER 306 Fatr, Thomas W. IV 224 Fasbender, Mal)' P IV 224 Faschi~ue. Edw>n l. 5 Fash, Cregory A. IV 124 Fash, J, A. I Faughl. Woloam B. Ill 209 Faulkner, William P. 11210 hulks, Creg J, IV 190 FaUSI, William D. I Fazio Jt.. Anthony Ill 209, 213 Feag)es, Londa L Ill 164 Fechhelm, Oennos A. Ill 274 feclc, PatriCia M. 6 reoe. Sle-e c. IV 255, 273 Fedie, Francos J, 6 Dall>d l . a Feoler. Scon E. IV 175 Feldner, MiChael R. 2


Felix. Maries Fel~rod. Enc M. 6 Felsing. Cary R. I 167 Fencl, Kathleen E. I 147 Fenner, Cetald E. 6 Fenske, Cha~es M. 111 276 Ferguson. Bren H. Fetnhaber, laura L IV 147

Fernstrom, Ceorge R. 4 Feste, Barbara J, II 184, 210 Fencr, Dawn E. I Fe\lcht, Marie I Fiebnnlc. OQnne Ill 152. 213 foelds. Jerry 6 Fifoeld, Han-ey A. IV 204, 224 F~jalkoew>C~ Gerald C. Ill 162. 200, 201 Fonch. Cetald E. 190 Fonder, Annene M . 1 179 Fonger, Marie B I ISS Finke. Ketoneth E IV 167. 247. 215, 192, 204,224 FWike, Rober1 II 188, 169 Finn, Marcia A. II 163 FWin, Mellodi J. I 180 Finnell, Ann E. IV 224 Finnell. Paul B. IV 224 FWistCad, [)elva I Fonuc:an, Donna M. IV 224, 195 Firer. Scon 3 FISChbach, Wayne M. IV 22S foscher, ~k L I 148 Fischer, Joseph C. 6 Foscher, Kathy A. a FisCher, Paul M. IV 148 Fosh, Debra l . II 159 FISher, Cynlhia l . I 288 Fisher, 0 . J, I FISher, Cregory 0 . 5 Fisher, Murray K Fishman, Ronald I 167 F"osk, Neil W . 3 Foslce, Wetody E. U F"oskow, Mary 3 Frtzsomons, Keroneth T 7 ~haven, J. E 4




c. a

Flanders, Cordon R. I 149 ~nigan, Russel J. IV 273 ~The Cat 159 Fleischman, Mary I 163 Fleming. Oavod A. 2 Flesch. Oavod I. I 148 Flesch. Joan I Flesch, Paul W. I Fleschner, Horst C. I 167 Fleter, Doane M. 1 145. 213 Fleter. Thomas J. 8 Floroan, Gerald • IV 187 Flynn, Willoam M. 2 Foley, Patnclc J, 8 Folloen. John 4 Folz, Cary A. 2 Folz, Richald II 255 Fons, Deborah A. I 144, 205 Fons, MIChael N. I 149 F-e. Margaret A. IV 247, 175.336.334. 199 footle, Arnold J IV 214, 185, 225 Ford, Emoly A. Ford. Mue«a 4 Ford. Molton H. FO<$berg. Cary a Fonlin, Aleta II 152. 213 Fon, Marie E. I 166 Fonney, John P. Ill 149 Foslid, Mochael v. 3 fOSSOM, OR. STEVE 191 Fowble.~A..8

Fowler, Eoleen S. U Fowler, L 5 Fox. ~mes A. IV 193, 194 fo><. Manlyn J. IV 174, 225. 197 Fo><. v. Foy, Charles E. I 167, 158 FRAME, MARY EllEN 307 Frank, Moke 1 Franke, Nom>., C. IV 225 Frankowski, Carodace L I Frankwiek, Eugeroe H. IV 174. 225 Franlcwlck, Marie S. Ill 174 Franson, Marvon Franz, Oe~os Ill 167 Fraser, Sue II 164 Frater, Roben W. I 146 Frano, Rochard J. IV 166 Fraa, Susan C. 6 F~lc. Karen K. II 144 f~k. ~- C. I 153 freelancl ~mes P. 2 Freoennu1h, Douglas P C Frenchs, E. H. 6 Freudenberg. Sally I 181 Freurod, Judith E. 7 Frey, Beny A. Ill 205. 152 Friberg. Gerald V. Ill 149 fncker, Ann L I 152, 207 Fned, Steve R. 5

Friede, Jean A. II 164 Friedlo, ~niCe I 160 Friedrich. Ann IV 205, 225, 169 Fnes, Steven P I 146 Fnsch. Jerry 4 Fnske, lorraone F. IV 225, 159 Fnlseh, Apnl C 163 Fntsch, BoU 4 Fnlsehe, Margaret IV I 53. 225 Froehhch, Oennos J, 2 Frosl, Pa~ J. 6 Fryer, Frank 0. Ill 217. 255. 268. 162 Fup1e, Elosabeth II 144. 202, 199 Fugona, John R. 7 Fuhnnan, Charles F. 3 Funer, Jacklyn E. Ill 175 Fulton. Btuce M. IV 225 Funk. londa L I 160. 184, 209 fUMACALLI, ORAZIO 307 Funk, Susan M. IV 184, 195, 208 FURLONC, OR. JOH'I 297 Fuso, PatnCk C. IV 225, 211 Funucan, Donna I 205 Caben, Creg Ill 216 Cable, Marie W. II 214 Cabncl. Roslynn l . Ill 164, 200 Cadsky, Creg 5 Cacnner, Joel E. IV 203. 225 Caffaney, Don I Gagner. Moehael J. IV 225 Gagnon, NO<TN Ill 200 CAll, ROBERTA 313 Cale, Colleen M. IV 225. 159 Cales. Randy P. 8 Cahgher, Moehad J. Ill 188 Cal~her, Darnel J. 5 GAMACHE, AlAI'. 307 Gamache, Frances J. 8 Cander, John L. IV 155 Candre, Harold IV 161 , 201 Cangestad, Brenda 0. Ill 144. 208 Cans, Sle-en J. I 161 CANZEMillER. JACK 296 Canser. Rodney C. 5 Can~ 0oana I 144 Garcia. Anaho 4 Carcoa, W~loam J. 2 Gardner, Geraldine K. I 164. 207 Cardnet. John R IV 187, 225 Gardner. Susan A. II 174, 207. 209, 210, 213 Carey, James R. IV 175,202.225. 194.21 Carey, Margaret M II 175, 213 Carloo1. Sharon B. 6 Carman, Creg I 167 Carry. Ceh c. 4 Carry, Rober1 J. 6 Garske, BarWra 11 144 Can~rod. MaN>a L I 163 Canner. Robn C. I 205. 154, 208 Caslcon, Hugh Ill 211 Cast, Thomas IV 22S Cauger, Mary 3 Caston, Paul II 212 Gauger, Roben C. IV 225 Gauthier, Men L 2 Cauvon, Wayne J, 8 Cavonski, John R. 6 Ct.>Oen. Slephen A. 225 Gee, Ooek w. Ceer, MiChael J, S Cehnng. Bartwa E. II 153, 197, 208 Cdlrlee, Karen II 205. 165 Cesber, Ruth II 211 Cdlrlee, Pete J, 6 Ceohe. IMng Q. IV 487 Ceoss, Cregory J. 6 CEIRKE. EARl 296 Ccitner, Sharon A. 2 Celson, Stephen A. IV 225 Cemognano, Dale R. IV 189, 225 Gemmell. Cindy Ill 205, 154 Ceo1gozoan. John R. 8 Genu. lana J, Ill 159, 195 George, Wayne II 162 Cetalts, Pat A. II 153, 208 Cerber, ChariH C. II 262 Cerber, R.AA A. I 144, 205 Cerber, Susan J. C 304




Cethardl. Cynthia L II 144, 210 Cerhan, RIChard 111 204 Cench, Manon J, I 255 Cenke, eaa A. 6 Certach, lesloe M. I 144 Cetmaon, John U. IV 175. 216, 192. 226 Germann. J, T. Ill 571




St.-.~ j.

I Chu<l Ill Hoi"'ler• "'C.,. C I 11» Cfttnrf. 9won rv 154 Get\~ r::Mo~ A I ~t.

<Awl. f~J,

c.u. ldlo-..d m u.2. 1~ Geurin•. ~I. I 144 Cibbo,


II 160

C4bbo, Y•UW>r Ill lOS. 1$9

COon, MMalh K 111174 Clbton, ~ l . f>

Cdlo. "'-"ioM s a c.-de, Roi>M Ill 174, 1SS Cide<,

-.w, s.


,.....,..,. M .

...... 1. 1162 c.~ !Jirtd "'


~S......III1S7 er-. ~J,IV226 cm. ~l49

Cnf.loM H . a Graf, ~A IIS't C n , _, loMl. C ldlo.ord "- IV 175 Grw~ c~.,.... 110. tf>l cnNm.. 0•rt I 149 ~ OioM M I lOS, 154. l08 cnm.. IV 221, n


nz. m

c.w ....

G<on&hon,. Ri<.k I 2SS, 162

v -•. ~XIS

<Moe. .....,_ mm

<Mud, DeOorah A II 160 Qi!ord..lf'N Ciftord. ~idud C. I ~0-R.. f>

ClliUtT, HU W'HRlY 307 c.IMr\ 0Ww II I Ill, I S9 CilbM. 10nn rv 211 CAber~. w~ 1 . 4 GiiMrt1011, 0 W . l ~o.Ndl. 7

Ci1bMK>n, Lor'\' I 166

Gilber1IOn. ""-'r rv ~

11>4, 209

AnChonr L S

Ciljohlrn. loMpll R. rv 192. 2:.. ~- ~l. l160

GiiiiMd. ld!~ I 162 Gillll.uld. L f C Cii~SW. .. ) Cii"1Po ~~~. rv 11o1, 119 ClltNn, ~ l . II 160 Cilrnof9. l . rv 148 Cipp. Olerlt J, I 144 cc-.. loK'ph c. Ciuloff. s..ndra l . ' Cl"' , limochy II 166, 2S5 Cl.lftzmon, s..m 1. rv 175 Cllu, Oonnl M II lfal. liOI Clrbl.r. G.f\. 1\. 4 Clc I.son. Bruer f> Qddon. ~~ 1. rv 1.0. 2lb Qnioc l~ ~ c. Ill 110 ~\. TomlllSS ClrK•INll. ~ 1\. lllft9, l10, :106.211 Cnri>Mr, G.f\. II IS7 ~• .o.llrtdJ,IV2:11a



o,w\ 148 ~~S7

CociMII. Heic5 .. 2 COlOl. P"Ul. 2'llo Gooodt, P.tricb A 2 eo.dr. Paul I 192

ennc. c.-. T. rv 2lb. 211 V"P". C.ol J, II 175 CD>«. o.n. L I 27), 151> c..... Gino M 111214, 197 C t • - 0...VW 0 . I lib, 147 Ct~.

txalyn •

C'nbel , . , . l . 4 ~ 2SS e-n., HMiry T, U



eo.o.r. (loior "' rv 247, 11»


~ (. I XIS, ISJ Gohl,. ~ M , Ul 1S1

CoAd, "'"'" M. 2 ColdbKh. Rose< 149 ~ O.•CI S. Ill 214, lbll. 1f>'J Coldtn, look- 4 CoAd~. lvm R. •11.0

Coldtmllll. ,.,_ (, IV 174, 216, 22f>. 21)

.. ,


~C. II

187, 149

~. ,

~lomftW. I Coocl~U IS9

Cooddl. Ric l L 2

Goodmoll. CdiHn M. I 16) CoodrN'I. KMen S II 147 ~""-Wi!Mml. ~~-F. C212 Gcwdoo\,~1'. 2

Connon. klhft ~C,..ory/\.1

Connon. )Mw 11145 COI1, Sl~ f . s Cor\oft. WiiiYm J. rv 226 Goczmon. .tJIMI ~ 1 Coudrtau.. b)'lnOI'd C. rv :104, 2l6 C. I>

ec-. ...,......,


10( )1)

...... Oud0. 2 tt....,. l<t>«u "-IV 179, 227, 2DI H.l&tn. s..ncty ... fa

Cordon 0 •


c.-_ lr.nw I ISJ

Hohn. P...iclo I. I I4S

Ctrrnhec .. '""'" 0 4 Gift<, J,amft R. Ill 212 GlqOf\', Who j. IV Zll& ~~. lM J, IV 2lb. lSi, 210 Gtribft, l(ftl "- rv m ~ II 144, 19b, 210 ~. P'Ud IX 441 Gt... ltooa.,... H II» CMnder, llulh II I 54 Cftnirr>. G.f\. 1. IV 216 V...r, Wenonoh I 160.l01. 211 ~. ~n M , 1144, ll!!6, 21l


~. WlliMnR. 4

en.-s.. Debbit . , Critf... J, M C

Crill. Owl1e R. "' 411

Gnll, b~I\.IV Grimm. O\ll1ft I 2lb. 1S9 Ctlmrn. fnll 217

K.,., M. IV 227 tUi&ht. l . l . ~We-t. (. Ill 157 HoW.. Mctwc:l C . I H.oley. Tllornh ( . tid, A I tu11. 0....,C l . II 1&4, liOI tu~. .._,. "· rv 175. 21fa ..... by f . l tv.U, OR. I'I'CIIi.MY 29S Hot, RoOM c. rv ..... Slrrt l04 lUll. Tll'nO~ I 1ft9 Kal\odl. l<>MMn J, I 144 H.olin. Swphcn o. rv zu Holplrl, ~.~rtw• rv 227 Hmry, Ctnld M I IW.ft>Oft, Utoll


.._, ~l. IIIIIO, 'llP


Cllmm. ~ l . Ul 217

Crimm m, Hermon r a Cnnlnw, ...,., M 2 Cnmlne<, Krnneth IM lftl Crirwwll ltoNid , s Cnoiuo, Ill lft9 Cft~U•;cll. lvm 144 Cti. id\. IVwt M I c...-. O\ll1ft H m 174 Croso'l. Polricl M. U

H«lrr. l.rr A. a HlCk, ~RY lCI7

H..-ct..ltk. H..-ct..W: k,

......,., ........ f . 4

Ho\MlRlY, ~RY ......... 2W tt.mCI, fedi I t- K IV 110, W Homlton, Sir_.,. Ill lftl tWnm. ~ II 11» Hornmer. l'holp l . HMnmond. v 1111111.211



Todd R. 11194 HMolp4on, l""'•d 0 . I 2SS, 165, 212

...,_, Cloria m 11•. u Hanclodluch, O.•CI R. 3 ....... ~L174 HonJord. ~ I 161 ....... 175 .........._ Midud It IIS7

... s ~....., l . l

Hrtbinlo..~R. a


.......,, Don f . 1 'HMpH- ~er L 1114'1

HaNn. Frri .. llrtNid l04


s...... M

rv 181,

H.otmrr, . . _ H, . . . , _, Connie M. I




HMmon.l. "' c Hormo11. P~lriC\. J, S Hormoll. ~co \1 U H.rper. ComeiU l14a.:ZI2 H.rper, Sl~ J, IV 169


Hdltf.~l. fa

Hrlm111. ltoNid IV 175 Hrfnl. 0et1ro n m . 1n HrtminM., ~ ....

HMtos. Jon I. s

Honoc lr. loOM H. IV 21 S ~ 8o;n

0 . IV 227

HMI~ S.U... Ul 152 HMI•...,..., Rolph R. n 194

tv.RTZ, IOClR 31) Hon~. Volencia 1 Honr'/, lo:me~U l IV\h,. Hon1o. II 162 Hatold. Chrblophe< R 111• ""-'r ~ I 144 Houh. Sid k. a H.Mhft, G.f\. ,.. ...... Cicnl.ft



~~ J.IV1:4 ~




Houlr. Col"" R. m lOS, 191 HolM<. loon C. II lf>l




.... s

HI"". H.atold W, C lftl ~



Hoyden. ~ 1\.] Ho-~J,IV194

n lS9

Ho- Moma l . ~nrs, Kith!- I

HonwltNn.. M.-, I . I 144, 1&4

~b~l\. 7

C..."'~ (Mold C IV 204 Cuatn.u>. IVwt M. IV 147 CerM:t R. e Cucl~ Mctwc:l .. lllftl Co.eld1. bndy IV 2SS ~. Mchclt' I If>) Cuinn, f~ C . IV lllo Cuim,~ ..... H IVW


~ """*iine "' ) Co.llic ~. Mich.od 4


c.Aio.loOI\.~l. S



w. m 142. ,,.,

Honift\, ~I l. Honoen, ~ .. 111Sl, l101


HonMt~. ltdiM ~T......,U,.,I'. 8

.......,.._ <lwi>IIIW 14S ........... 0•-'d • 20'1 ~- D•-'d l . rv 167, 201 HMIIor\, lunb J.lll 174, 195, 2011 HlniOI\ " - L 1 .._,~/\.

I"' ...............



....._M..teNo.4.1 tlenNI-. Comie 4 Hetrnonooll, Ruth ( . 2 ~


Henlld. Ortlbie ' Herold, ~. II llo2. 1ft9 ...... '""'" f ' HllR. IUOY )04 Hen'. ludolh I 147 Hrmct.. S.mbi IS) Herried. Me.._ J, • Henkh. 0onn1 M. rv 227 HemNn. 211 ~ Cynlha "- rv 1s1. 2111 HeniMrJ, T0<11' k. II 16:!


HeMe~, ltoNid II Z'M, I S1 ._.,eid,. ~ 161

...... ~k . WI$4 . . . .. T~M.S .-...~~~, Cn<e l . Ul 19ft

...._, G.f\.

...... CicnRI> ~ Monl<lc


Hrnt.e. o.,. ~ I> Hetll.el, ~ U IS't, 21) Hftll<l, l~m o. 111 21) IW.o~l')o. ,.., k. 8 lleooi<Oetl')o, Ric~ 15S Hennft~t. MM>-l , .... 2 .......... SNton R II 159 ............. Orbra144 ~ s....~ k . lllllol Hfttw, l.:emettll.III15S Hrnlps. lltad II 156 Hrpp. Ri<twwd 1\. 10 lftl Htt1Mf. Temnce w. U11ftl HlRilRT, HARRY )I) Hefb\C, Rch.ord 1\. I ISS HMM!, 1'homa R. ~e. loMph \\. , IV lOO ~ ltobett I I 149 HenNn.. o.Je 2SS

J. IV 174

~laM· ~• .O.W,.I\. 7 HMAr, CoiMn R. Ill lOS, 1"5 HaM<, Jc»n C. II lf>l Hout.hHr. ~ 1\. H..·n . HoiOid w. c 161



~lint,.klhl. a

Hchy, GAl) Hoc;l.ry, lull H. Ill 211 Hckr'/. Tom '- e Hcht, P•trcil I I" Hlldelnnd. Ctq,or, I S ~nd.MoriLI

HokMOtand. lictwwd ' Holdotnlld. ~ "- tv m Hoi. f . rv 214. 2211

tWift. ~""' J, rv 162 HoMer, Lk. Honez, ~ l . I 147 Honu. ........... Hinllrnon, C. 4 ........ Byron l . m 174, l04 Hin.r"""" MM'r I. I

Gundrum. lro II 4bl

HMa>yn, bthiftn 1\. I 199. ISl

Curlhw\ler, ~· :ZS5

Hondrw lo.IOfl. """"' J, I 144 . 2S1

Hendrl"iloOI\, ...., .. Hrnt.~. Nion o a

H.Y'Ori ...... W. IV 1... 221 twft\. CrQid o . e 1-Wft\. Llrrr 0 1 Held. Ronald L l Hr•ton. ~I ~loelk 1158 Hllt, FR.A'" lOb

tuqwU\on. M. A , 174, 211

c-., Jon 1\. I 149




Hoyne.. ~ R. 4




ttot.rt w w. J. fa

Hondrw "-"

Hoi,S~W• Hoi, Todd I IS7 Hol;l... Addi> 1\.' 24~. 2ll, 157 Hollofl, lorwl ~ II~ 174, lQI Homrf. l ym IV Zla, 164 tw.c:HIIir, Sot1l H . nt

Cundenon. GAl f . 1m. 201 Cunlel,. blph W , II 162

Henc*;c ....

H.vdft\. G.f\. 1\. 7

Cundtn.on. IN<r "' rv 227

c.n._ Utol XIS

HrndMool. Mittwc:l .. Hrndri< ~"' lu&r ~o.:. a

HoniOII. Ste--en H . n 1t.a Hon1011. 5uwn M I 209


.._, L m211> Honoon, v~ c. IV 2QJ

c..m.~. hiloi111SI>. 211

tu\ftiler, ""-'r tvtch. Sid .... e

lltu<e 1167, 211

........_ kolh.....

Hoynn,~l. 4

en.dllm, loawt K 7

GNdem. c..,., a. a

HMv\Ah. MoN M.




........011. ........ 1

Hrndric ltOII, I.

~. ~LI

~. ~R.Ul.


~. ~- I 154, 211

~ 14~

HMn;on. judllh l . Ill 1W HMri>orl. l~ 4 ~ ... _.. 11164, 20'1 HMI.. M4e rv W H.wtr, S...... M. I lf>l, 21l, 211 t!Mto&. O.•CI 1\. IV 19'1. 169, 210

tv."'"'t!ll.l..IO'>lPH lCI7

rv 157

~. Orbr•Ll tv."''~"- ClR.MO

n lllb. IM

Hrkr, l.attNr• A I 147

Honnibol. Komo I

c-.bior, OoNid 1\. I 166

Hrtmonr~. ~

HtinwnNI\, Don C. IV 127


............ l.WII21) HMrio, 212

GNbel, kfth It I :ZS5, 194 Gtuber. AnChonr H . 1166. m . 211

»>. m

HdLlorwn. ~ 4 Hril,. ""-'I



~. ...... 1\.2

a.- II 111

Hdl-. M.riyn J, I Hrill..~ Hooollrd C. I


H.w'rk. DonN rv w HMno. P. 1 Hotril. ~2 IWril, ~e 0 . IV 127, 212 HMrio. IV lft9

HonnrtNnn,. lome II 11>1, 152 HonnttNnn, K~ R. 7


Hrg. Bob I 162 Hrg. Ornne II 1£' Hriclonwnll. .... iliom 0 Hriden. lornn R. '1 Hdl-. OoNid L

. . _ , . . ,, Clorionn C I Heino. Will "- 2 Hftn\, Cynrhio 1. Ill 147 HrinU. Ken C Ho!i!Ump, SNion M 4 tWjcW., 0.-'d M , I 157 ~ G.f\. C. IV 194

HMnnsl<>'l. s..o. s

HIY'O"'d. PaoA W. 1\.' Ia., 227 Ho•ft\. Crnld o. a .......... Lor'\' o. 1 Hrod. ltonlld L l Hr•ton. K. l Hdlcr!M. loti ~. I I 5I Hlll, flA"'k :JOt. H«h•. lM " · a HlCK.. MARY) Haw, O.•id2

~ ~Wid!

Cohdr. Rl<l. L I

h.., £. e

IH.\CA~ .


Cool,.,..., l~ I I S9 Cooer, Suwn A II lf>l C.O....l....... /\.4 Croldonich, hn II 1&4

ec.u, ~ "'


Ho!c:n'Nn, Thotn» "' . C XIS


c.o-. UdiiiAd N

IV IS9 m 145

IWS!,. ~(. It

Hohn. ~ l. Ill II.S, .lil!>


c-.. Rich 1162 eoe.t. ca...n "' rv 2:..

~.T'-C. a

Holle< 1., Sheil I I 52, :ZSI Hobeft. Robert w 1 :zss, 2n tv<U,.,, Coli Dl 166, 113 tv<lbon. l~ 1\. IV 114, 127 IWU...U.. O••CI 1. IV 227 HK\barlll, Tllc:ltNi P. I\' 274

<:tMM, leltftv I


......... Thomo• (. II 151 ~ fllom&\ ..


Ho.Ki, n 162 HMk.. Jl"' H.a.», Odloroh l . Ill 1:4

e-n., T.,., .., I

~P.... J. IV202

Z'M, 1&4 ISl

Guuol>on. Oebor3h 10 ISl Guuohorl, .........l ~ 11147 Cui, R..... W. IV 191 Cute~......._ I'OeM 1. 11 149, m . 201 c..d\, 0.•\d C. II 157 Culsch, bndr 167 C"'"'- PAI'Icil J, IV 227


Ctonloftd. .... II I 166 Gtoolr.opl, lorneo C.l149,

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CllRKl, DR. lARl J12 Cicw, I.W', I. I 147, l04 COrte. ~ R. IV 226 <Aw. ,.,. l . 11144,. 210


CoWl. Onctr rv 1111. m

Co-Wl. s..ndr• l . I 1S2 cnbc>ow, Oenm. 0 Ul 162


Hortlock. )on .... s tWrf:>o<k.~-·

tWdoder. )rf L IllS, 151 Hotdor, ~ "- rv m. 1M Horde<. (Maid ( , 194



......... o...te. J. IV 194 Holft, Ma"clA l. n lS9 H.-~·




HIPlEY, RITA 304 Hil$ch, Henry R. 6 HitKh, Kolhleen J. IV 228 HitKh, Sleven J. 6 Hinman, james C. IV 2SS, 146 H,eher, urry 0 . 6 Hoa, Nguyen IV 211, 162 Hoagenson, Nancy l . IV 228 Hoagland. W. T. IV 228 Hock. Jonph A. Hocket$, leland J. 8 Hocking. Kim I HS Hodel, Otns10pher 209 Hodek, MIChael 4 HOOCENBOOM. DENNIS 313 Hodgson, Kathy IV 160, 199, 228 Hodgson. Susan I 144 Hodnen. Karen IV 160 Hodorowski. Joseph J. IV 161 Hoefke, lois A. IV 228 Hoeksua. Koren I. 6 Hoepner, Terry M. IV 228 Hoerclvler. Sharon J. I 144 Hoenh, RichW II 168 Hoffman. Catla J. IV 228, 159 Hollman. Mary IV 228 Hoffman, Nancy J. 4 Hoffman. Pat 208 HoffmaM. Ned M . 8

Hoffmann, Wayne A. I 167, 187 ~n. John II 166 Hogan, MIChael W. 3 ~.Tim2

HQ8SQd, Otnstone E. S Holbeclc. Jane 147 HohmaM. Georgia J. Ill 160. 195, 213 Holad~ Robert l. IV 146, 228, 201 Holb<Ook. Cary IV 168 HolbtooJ(. Wayne V. 6 Holbus, Olristopher P. 1 165 Holder, Debra A. IV 195 Holdiman, Russell A. IV 228 Holdorf, Tho<Ns M. IV 186, 228 Holdreclge, Matlc II V6, 148 HC)Iew;nski, Joarone M. I 144 HoG, Mark M. 8 Holander, Robert E. II 191 Holle, Judy A. Holloway, Tom 1166, 205 Holmberg. Bnan W. I Holmberg. Dave I Holmberg. Doug S Holmes, Cleron II 205 Holmes. Marie A. 2 Holmes, Peter J. I 162 Holmes, Reggoe Holmes. Terry l . IV 149 Holmes. Thomas E. 6 Holpenn. Marl< Ill 200 Holsl. Allan H. 6 Holl. Cathryn l. II 145 Hoh. Phyllis M. 6 Hoh, Rebecca l. II 164 Hoh. Thomas E. 7 Hohepard, Peggy II 163 Hohen, Sheila M. II 179 Hohen, Slephen R. I Hohel. Cynthia Ill 160 Holzem, Patncia I Holzinger, Karen IV 228, 159, 281 Holzman, Paul 0 . 8 Homrig. Diana K. C 30S Homrig. John F. IV 228 Honish, Chns~ne II 149, 208 Hoover, Cary l. Ill 168 Hoover, Gerald T. 8 Hoover, uurena II 145 Hoover. londa l . 6 Hoover. Rex A. 8 Hooyman. Roger R. 8 Hopensperger. Moke A. IV 188, 228 Hopman, Nancy l. Ill 163 Horan, George S. 8 Horb.clc. Steve 148 Hornby, Luane R. II 182, 153 Home. james E. IV 168 Horowoa. Marvin I. IV 229. 169 Ho<val, John II 161, 209 Hosford, Mochael R. 4 Hosno, M. F. IV 191 HosQic. B. J. 8 Hotmar, Sue M. I 159 Hononger. Judi M. Houdek. Terry l . 8 Houg. Cindi l. 6 House. Ken M. 3 Houser, joan E. IV 144, 247 Hovde, Debra A. Ill 229 Hovelsrud, Jean A. Ill 294, 164, 196, 209

HOVINO, MARY '¥)7 Hovland, ManN II 165 Howe, Curtiss I 1SS Howell, 0tas E. IV 193 HOWISON, BEULAH 313 Howie, 0 . Scon S HOYT, ROBERT 29S Hrdona, Terry l . Ill 216, 148 Hromad~ Koy M. IV 229 Hsia. A. w. C 153. 211 Hubbard, Otns~ne M. II 164, 196, 197 Hubbard, Doug C. II 262 H~rd. Cordon A. Hubbell, Holly R. 4 Huber, Jolwl B. 2 Huben. DemoS IV 229 Huber!. Stephen E. IV 229, 156 Huberty, Nancy I 165, 201, 213 Hudson, Uny 0 . IV 229. 200. 211 Hudy, Bnan 4 Hudzinslci, Douglas M. S Huegel, Ellen E. 5 Hug. Susan Ill 147 Hughes, Karen IV 214 Hughes, Tho<Ns J. 2 Hull, Ruby II 180, 152. 207 HUMMEl, FLOYD 306 Humphrey, Clare II 163 Hunc:har, DenniS A. Ill 216. 206 Hunshuscher. lym M. II 165, 201 HUNT, JOHN 306 Hun1. uvonne 1 163 Hunu11g10n. Heidi IV 153, 229 Hunziker. Sleven C. 3 Huppen. james P. 6 Hurley, Bemard I 158 Husby, Brent T. 2 Husby, Bnan M. 1 Husby, Dan J. 6 Husby. Marylyn K. 4 Huseby, Brian 3 Husebye, Pamela A. 111 175 Huske, Bren R. 1 148 Huss. Cary D. S Hussain, /Vowe< C 167, 211 Huston, Elaone M. II 169 HUichens, Sleven C. Ill 174 lbrahom, Ruia H. C 174, 211 ldzlorelc. William B. 7 lgouialc. Carol II 164 Imhoff, Henry C. IV 229 Imhoff, Roger B. I~ Paukk M. IV 192, 229 Ingels, Michael J. Ill 157 Ingle. leslie ~ 6 Ingman, Koren II 159 lgmohan, Walia 174 Ingram, Terry R. C 313 lngwell, Mary B. I 152, 207 Inman, Wiliam 0 . II 149 Indue, Kuuaki I Inouye, Ray K. 11 148 Inouye, Roy S. II 148 lnscenes. Suunna IV 154. 209 IP, Koren 4 Irish, David P. 7 IRELAND, OR. FRANK 214 lrmiger, Edward C. 4 Irwin, Oorolhy l . 2 Isaacson, Kothteen R. Ill 174 lsaksson. Susan M. I 286, 147 lsenburg. ~lph 5 tsens. Tho<Ns M. 2 Iverson, J. C. Iverson. Jane M. 111 160 Iverson, )onalhan R. I

Iverson. Mary A. 8 IVERSON, SHERMAN 307 lwansko. Mannn F. 6 jachom, Deborah M. Ill 174 Jackelen, Sieve M. )ACKLE, ERMA 30S Jackman, Diane IV 154, 195, 200, 208 Jackson, AmOid S. Ill 165 )acbon. )ames J. I 166, 155 jackson, Jim I 2SS, VO Jackson. Johnnoe J. I Jackson, S1eve vo Jackson, Teresa A. IV 229 Jackson. Thomas C. 2 )acob. jacqui Ill 184, 169 Jacobi. james M. I Jacobi. Margaret M. 111 180 Jacobson. Comoe 11 160 Jacobson, Gerald E. IV 229

Jacobson, Juliame C. I Jacobson. Martha J. 8 JACOBSON, MARY 304 Jacobson, Wallace S. 7 Jacobus, James w. 4 Jaeser, Ba~ra 111 160. 208 Jaeger, Jean L. I 164 Jaeger, Judilh A. IV 144, 229 laehnerl. Nancy I 205 Jaffe, William II 168, 198 Jahnke. Alan L. 2 lakubicz, Beny A. IV 229, 195, 207 james, Belh I 145, 200. 207 James, Kevin 0 . 1 )AMES, MARGARET 30S jameson, Joan E. 6 jameson, Walter, l . 8 Ja~ jay II 161, 213 landourelc. Kloth~ M. I 201 lanes, Peggy l. I 209 Janicki, Cary I 264 Janicki, Gregory A. Ill 264, ISS Jancszewski, Rosemary Ill 147 Janos, Gerald R. 5 Janos. Richard c. Janowiak. Steve I 146 Janowski, Ronald J. I V6, 165 jansen, Jody I 144 Janssen, Bruce R. )ante, Marcia l . II 182 )aquet. lay s. 4 )atapko. Edward C. IV 229, 206, 209 )a.rek. Roger J. 6 Jatvis. John 215 Jasper, Aroneue M. 6 Jasler. Ellen M. I 152 )AX, J()HN 313 )eanquat1, 8evefty M. IV 229, 212 Jehn, Bruce E. S Jelinek. John II 161 jenkins, Dennis 166 )ennernan, Allen T. 8 Jemings, B. 8 Jensch. Wanen 0 . IV 229 Jensen. Colene 11 200 Jensen, David 5 Jensen, Corona l . Ill 154, 195, 207 JENSEN, DOROTHY 305 Jensen, Cary V. I Jensen. Creg C. 1 162 Jensen, Creg P. Ill 162 Jensen, James C. 2 jensen, Matlc s. 2 Jensen, Marie W. IV 161 jensen, Norman A. 1 Jensen. Ronald l. 8 jensen, Sharon A. I Jenson, Knsline II 160, 200 Jenson. Kristine 4 )eniS. Cary A. 2 Jena, Phylis M. IV 229 )emander, Mary L. II 154, 205 Jessup, Michael 0 . 8 jesSup, Sally AM T. Jeste, 8atb 153 Jester. David w. I )esunas, AI 4 Jewell, Jolwl II 156 jewel, Marie 4 Jezio<sk~ lee J. 3 Jicha. Thomas R. 8 Jomper, Hans IV 203 Joas, Jacque 8 )od>omser~, Cheryl A. Ill 205. 153. 195 lohames. Richard C. 6 Johansen, Kolhryn l . 8 John. Olns Ill 174 john, David l . IV 214, 193 IOMson. Barb I 147, 184 Johnson,8eneA.IVI80, 229 johnson, Colleen K. 6 Johnson, Curtis K. IV 186 johnson, Cyril R. 8 Johnson. David S. 2 lohnson. Debra A. 2 Johnson, Diane I 160, 196, 213 Johnson, Doane M. I 153 johnson, Donna C. I 159 Johnson, Duane l. 2 Johnson. Emil C. Ill 217 Johnson. F. w. 7 jOhnson, Fred H. Jot-onson. Cary J. Johnson. Circer 111 165 Jot-onson. Howard B. IV 229 Jot-onson. janice I. IV 229 Johnson, Janice L. IV 2YJ johnson, John M. I 157 johnson, Joyce F. I

Johnson. urry o. Johnson. Laura J. IV 181. 2YJ Johnson. Linda R. 1 160 johnson, lym 0 . II 788 jc)Mson, Margaret R. IV 180 Johnson. Marlene II 154, 208 IOMson. Mary B. II 213 Johnson, Mary E. I 213 Johnson, Mary H. IV 213 Johnson, Mary J. IV 145, 205, 153, 2'¥), 195,213 Johnson. Michael c. 2 Johnson. Preston M . JOHNSON, ROBERT 296 Johnson, Richard A. I johnson, Robert II 198 Johnson. Robert C. Ill 198 Johnson, Ronald B. IV 247, 175, 214,230 Johnson, Scon 11 157 johnson, Sleven A. 2 Johnson. Sue 217 Johnson. Tho<Ns l . 8 Johnson. Tom 3 johnson, Torrey P. IV 204, 230, 196 johnson, V'ockle 4 johnson, Wayne A. I 165 johnson, William F. johnson, William F. II ISS Johnson. William H. 5 )ohnsJad, JodeUe R. IV 2YJ )ohnsJon, Corona J. 11 163. 211 )Ohnslon, Eli.u.beth A. I 144 Johnston. Eric I 146 Johnston, Rhonda 3 )ohnsJon, Sleven I Jolly, Janet M. 5 jonas, Chuck II 149 Jonas, Jane A. IV 230 jonas, June E. IV 2YJ Jonen. J. A. 3 )ones, Olatles 0 . I V4 Jones, Olao1ie L. Jones. 0 . R. I Jones. DenniS c. 8 Jones, Diane M. IV 247, 182, 152, 230 )ones. Doug I 205. 168 )ones, Douglas W. IV 202 )ones, ()w;gh1 I 165. 212 Jones. Eorol II 146 J()NES, CORDON 306 Jones. Judy I 152. 213 Jones, Phyllis E. IV 159. 209 )ones, Thomas E. IV 188, 2YJ Joos, Olarlene A. IV 2YJ Joos, Karen II 201 Jorgensen. Koren M. 1 144, 208 Jorgenson. Ed 1162 Jorgenson. Juloe Ill 169 Jorgenson. Kotllryn K. 8 Jorgenson. Wilham P. 8 joseph, Ellen B. IV 169 josephson. Gerald R. 2 joslin, james R. 7 )OSowins, Steve 2SS josl, Richard A. S joswiak, Michael J. I joswiak, Steven I 167 Juckern. Francis A. 4 )uckern, Norben N. 7

)uelnic. Pal 152 Jump, Olatles 0 . Juhubicz. Beny 152 Juneau, len J. I 157 )uenen. Nancy 154 Jung. Nancy A. I 152. 207 Jonte, Marcia 153 Junsch. Ronald S. I Junsch, RUih A. 4 Kochelski. Pat Ill 213 Kaczmarek, lynn I 163. 197 Kode, Susan L. IV 180. 2YJ Kodo. DenniS c. 4 Kage. Atl4rew M. I 166 KAlER, KENNETH 312 Kohler, )oarone II 144 KAINSKI, OR. MERCEOE YJS Kll•ser. Theresa M. 2 Kahenb<un, Bruce E. 8 Kominske, Wayne 0 . 8 KAMISH, ROBERT 255. V4 Kondl. Valene S. 4 Kline. William II 161 Klontz. David 149 Kao, John H. Ill 211 Kapusu. Diane M. Ill 284. 154, 195. 207 Koraca, Emre II 157 ~Cora~ Ende< I 157

jacquelyn M.II1S7, 160, 205. 208 Kallman, Edward l . 7 IWnopp. DenniS C. IV 2YJ Karwoski, londa A. I 153, 208 Katwowsk~ Kenneth R. 8 Kassoe, l~ IV 148 Kossnel, Sandra l. II 152 Kaste, Betsy l. I 152, 200. 201. 211 Kastel. Patricia J. 6 Kasten, Oavocl A. II 187 Kotnolc. John 4 Koub, Moke Ill 193 Kauae. uncia 1 159 Kaufmam. Moora C. IV 152. 2YJ Koun. DaY1d 4 Kous, Donald L. 6 Kowatsk~ Jeffery 0. 7 Koy. lan M. 2 Kozmierski, Jerry IV 215, 2YJ Kee. Randal K. M. C. 3 Keeble, Barbara K. Keefe, PhiDop J. Ill 156 Keegan. Mike J. s Keeler, James E. IV 212 Kees, Ooughlas A. 8 Kehl, Oavocl W. K£11., OR. RAYMOND 312 Keoser, Sandra J. IV 230. 195 Keilisch, Cary II 158 Keitel, James s Keith, Cynthia A. I 154, 208 KELL.. CHARLES 294 Keleher, John l . IV 294, 202, 149 Kelley, J. M. 2 Kely, Cus Kely. Michelle l. II 207 KEMP, OR. All ABELLE 30S Kel!o. Sandra II 153 KEMPEN, ALICE 304 Kempen, Carol A. IV 175, 230, 208 Kempen, Cary J. IV 216. 2YJ Keronedy, Helena Kemecly, Jackson R Kerony. Michael A. 8 Kent. Cynthia l. II 169 Kern. Jeffrey P. II 166 Kershner. Ona 0. IV 230 Kervin, Joan I Kervin, Judofl F. Ill 175 Kessler, john A. IV 230 Kester. Mary J. 1 163, 209 Kesdy, Winofred A. Ketchom. uune II 163 Kenenhofen, Mary E. 1144,231. 195, 200 Keyes, Margaret M. 8 Khan, N. B Koeferl, Kolhy I 217 Kieler~, Kerony 111 217 Koefe<l. Marytouose M. C 217 Koefen, Pud I 783 Kielen. Peter 0 . II 217 Koel, Lymene 0 . 2 Kielbasa, Jean I 163 Klelisch, Cary II 204 Kielisch, Marie S. I Klel ey, Debra II 200, 201 Kiley, Terry I Kiian, 0 . 0 . I Kilong. Fredo P. 3 Kamer, Jill A. 6 Kilsdonk, Bruce H. 6 Kimball James C. 8 IGnder, Edolh II I 53 Kindschi, Clenn E. 4 King. Dan C. I 166 King. lames J. 4 Kong. joan I 152 Korc. Richard A. 4 IGng. Susan M. IV 231 King. Willllm 4 Konnard, JoaM M. 8 Kinney, Creg I IGroney. Maolt A. S Kirby, Ola~es M. IV 231 Kirby, Donald l. IV 231 Kirby. Winoam J. 111 166 KIRKWOOD. BON"41E 30S IGrsch, John M. 6 jan R. 1157. 201, 211 Ktsner. Robert S. IV 231 IGszka. Rochard J. II 332. 146 Koaman. Bruce A. 8 Kjesbo. Adrian 0 . 6 Klaas. Nancy K. I 286, 164, 207 Klabechek. Richard II 158 Klabuncle, james H. I 146 Kla~a. Mary A. 6 Klaman, Mary A. 208. 195 Klapperich, Ken E. Ill 175, 217, 2SS



Kiln. Ellen l. 6 Klln,Kemy 5 Klouser. Jdfrey A. Kltc~er. Barney J. IV 247, 2n. 274. 192, 231,168 Klecker, Edward II 198 Kledcer. Ronald I 2 Klein. Ddlboe A. 8 Klein. K~lh I Kleon, M~ IV 231 Klet~um.Ju l~ N Joe~ IV 231 Mary Ann IV 231, 169.208 Klemm. Loreru A. 1 147 Klestonsl.J. Roben J. S Kleven. Bruce IV 148 Khmek, Susan M . I 154 Kline, Larry A. IV 231 KSne, Ted A. 6 Klinger. Kilby L. II 158, 213 Klonk, JoM>n IV 231 Klonkerl. Mary M. II 147 K•nner. K~ud~ R Ill 201 Klotzke. Ehzabelh 8 Kbuke, lOUIS 211 K~uke, Peter L 2 Kloster, jomes L IV 231 Kk.og. ~ IV 231, 154, 195

Korte, Cary L 8

Kuemast. ~thy Ill 180 Kuesel, ~tricia L. 6 Kuhn, Fredenck A. 11 2n. 168 Kuhns, ~ C. I ISS Kuh~ld. John P. IV 204, 232 luot:!, ~ria 154 Kukonskl. DonN L. 1 Kul~nck<. Ruth M . II 169, 207 Kulbnger, ~ IV 146 Kulzer. )ani~ l . 6 Kulzer )r.• RMph P II 209 Kumm, ~lph J. IV 202. 194 KuoiL ul.rinda 179, 1s2 Kuphall, Creg A. II 166 Kunsch, Jeff M . Kurth, Henry A. IV 232 Kvapil, Anthony J, U Kwapol, Keif> I Kwatersld, Anthony 0 . II 162 Kyle, Wil~m U. I 255, 212 Kyrely, john Ill 202, 148, 211

Kow. Randy 1149

Kyser. Cary S

Kohos. leoNrd A. S Kolton, Wiliam A. 3 Komarek. om 1 162 Komo<oski, Peler E. I KOMRO, DONALD 306 Konongs. jon II 145 Konlon, Richard II 161, 213 Konu. O~id C. II 264 Konyn. Kenneth J. 4 Konnzke. ~s L 7 Kopnoc:~. Joseph ~ a


Kopp. li~IV160


Kopp, Mary E. IV 205, 232 Kopydlowski, O~vod R Ill 166, 255, 199. 193 K~~. Roben A. II 266, 157 Kores, Peter ). C KO<hler, Masgie 174 Koroter. ~thy I 145 Korpe~. Sandra IV 232

KJuie. o-et

L. 6

Kk.oge. 0~>1<1 E 7 Kk.omb, John 111 175 1Ciusmeyer,Joon L 111174, 213 Klussendorl. O>eryt A. Ill 147 Kmoe<:ik. O>eryt A. 4 Knapp. Kyle K. IV 231 KNuu, jock L II 155 Knechl, Ehubelh W I 147 Kneebone. ViklJ Ill 209 Knosht. Roben W . IV 192 Knoplel, 0~>1<1 8 . 3 Knonet. Rich¥d Ill 162. 206 Knoebel, Allred I Knoebel. Scon P. 1 167, 255 Knol, Mocheal I Knorr, 0~ II 165, 206

ICnon. lot>CU M. 5 Knowles, w.,ren P 6 Knudsen. P.,l M. 6 Knudtson. KMol J. 6 Knueppel, Roben B. 8 Knutson, Anne M. I 152 Knutson, Mary l . II 153 Knutson, Sue S Kobelon, Oemis w Kobussen. Oebboe 4 Kobyllrayk, Sue II 154 Koch. lNnne E. I 163, 200 Koch, ~thryn E. II 163 Koch, luke w . 4 Koch, N~ 11 169 Kochmowocz, 1oM E. IV 231. 154 Kocjan. Joseph J. II 162 Kodet. lond~ 111 205, 154 ~175

Koditek, ~ II 147 Koehler, O~le ~ I Koehler. Larry o. Ill 216. 146 Koehler, Marpret M . Ill 175 Koehler. Mane A. I 152 Koehler, Nancy C. II H7, 206 Koehler. Sleven 11 192 Koehne. Mary 8 . 11 144 Koenog. Sandra l. 6 Koepke. Shrley M. IV 231, 169 Koetble, ~n A. I 200, 153 Koerner, ~ren IV 144,231, 195, 206, 207 Koester. Ronald T 111 149 Kohl, Hope 217 Kohl. Tloomu c. 7 Kohl, Shrley 217 Kohl, Tloomu ~ IV 217, 190 Kohlbeck. ~m 11 161 Kohler, Debra II 159 Kohler, janet A IV 144, 231 Kohlhagen, Jock C. IV 168 Kohlman. Oennos M. IV 231 Kohlmeyer. Joel H. Ko/lh.eys, AI I Kokaly. Frances 111 207 Kolberg. Roger A. 6 Koller. Galen L 4 Koller, wry F. I 162 Koller. Tomothy L IV 231 Kolhnger. Thomas 187 Kolm, Voc:lci II 159 Kolst~d. Beny A. I 144, 206, 207 Kols~d. Uurel A IV 232 Kolmd, M. P. K~. ~s 111191. 148



K~k. ~tnck E. IV 232, 206 Kosloski. ~tnck ). I 166, 209 Kostnvas, Mill R. 7 Kostrrvas, Terrence IV 194 Koth, Russell F. Ill 174 Kou~. Charles I ISS Kowalski, 8ematd J. IV 264 Koz~l. Mary L Ill 154 Kozmonsla, ~A. IV 152,232.207 Kozmonsl.o, Nancy E. II 179 Knemer. Charles C. 8 Kraemer. ~lhryn J. IV 232 Kragness. Crace Ill 195 Kn,ewtko. ~thlcen II 154, 280 Knmer, Ceotge H . IV 194 Knmer. Juhe ~ 7 Kramer, Larry l. Ill 156 Kramer. Vocki B. Ill 154, 195, 207 Kramm, Roben l. 6 Kranic~. ancy 2 Kranzusch. Ray 215 Krapp, leonitd R. Ill 161 Knus, o.&ne IV 286, 232 Knus, Slephen R. Ill ISS Knuse. ~m>es 217 Krause. JNnne11e J. IV 232 Krause. Judy A. Krause. lownn Ill 163 Krause. Manlyn 111 160, 208, 213 Krause. ~d>ael R. I 163 Krause. Sh¥on M. IV 232 Knuse, Ter- M. IV 184, 205. 152, 232 Knuse, William W . I Krauss. ~to M. II 163 Krchehch. O~vod J. 8 Krebs, lee C. II 167, 188 ~tlow, Neil I Krenz, Doug C . 8 Kressog. Michael ). 7 Kressin. c~ M. 1161 Kresson, Tloomu S Knef~l. Steven J. 6 Kneg. Rodney L IV 262 Knogel, joann L II 720, 182

a a

Knngs. David E. Kronke. Kevon w. Knstoff, Jerome A. 8 Kna, Karla 4 Knvosheon. Dale L IV 232, 194 Knun, Brad Kloenong. ~~ A. Ill 273. 232. 194 Kroes, Sharon A. II 284. 190 Kroll, Jerome R. 4 Kronoc:k, Nancy 145 Kronser, Bed! II 152 Krostue. Cwen M . 3 Krostue, Roben L Krubsaclt, Hamn H. Ktueger, Bruce R. I 167 Krueger, O>arles R. Ill 194 Ktueger, Connie II 160, 207, 211 Krueger. 0~ J, IV 232, 157 Ktueger, Jm1es IV 174 K-ger. Nancy R. I 159, 200, 209 Krueger, Roben R. 7 Krueger. William C. II 194 Kluge!, J~M 153, 200 Kruger, CoMoe 11 201 Krvgness. Crace 152 Krumhus. Sally L IV 232 Kruschke, lone A. Ill I 53 KnM. ~1hryn 3 Kruse. romothy P. IV 247, 270. 232 Kruser. Penny R. 2 Kubsch, Allen R. IV 194, 206 1Cuchatslti, Mary K. IV 232 Kuehl, ~thy II 160, 211





Rue. ~m3 uberee, Neil L I ubs, WiUiam A. a Ucto, Amoe 3 l..acNpelle, Clenn R IV 262. 232 Uchappelle. Francis I 158 Udw;g. Charles J, IV 213 Uhham, Niur E. 4 Uhlo, Gerald A. I ISS uhue. Denise 154 ui~ Bonnie 111 200. t69 U.rd, urry A. I 196

umb. W~lllce B. 1

Umbrecht, YO<i< E. I I SS Umm, lone 4 umphere. Bruce R Umpman, Robert M undets, wa u 154. 208 undry, Ootlsdne A. I 165 undsberg. Mike 1167 Undwehr, ~thy IV 180. 232 Une, Cynt~ F. U Ung. Dean 203 U11g. Cun II 192, 157, 198 ung. Cretchen M. I 147 LANC, WARREN 306 ungdon, Mary J. 111 144 Ur«olle, Robert 166 Ungilos. Pete< 1 146, 200. 206. 209 Unners, Wiftoam H . IV 232 Uns!ng. ~thleen M . I 201, 209 u..sted. Demos N upaconsl.~ lois IV 233 LARKIN, OR. JOSEPH 297 larsen, Kristine R I 159 larsen, Urry 0 . IV 190 larsen, Nancy J. I 163 Urton, Amy 3 Ur$on. Barbora J. U Ur$on, Chnstone A. Ill 152 Ur$on, DMIOI!I E. S Ur$on, Oennos R. 6 urson. c. l. Urson, Cary I 8 Ur$on, Holly II 147 Ur$on, Jane IV 200. 181, 233. 206 Ur$on, Kent L IV 203. 233 Lvson. Larry I 166 Ur$on, u~ IV 182, 233, 1S9, 198, 213 Ur$on, Marie R. I 201 LARSON. MARVIN 306 urson, Mary~nn 8 Ur$on, N~ IV 233, 209 Ur$on, Noel 0 . S Ur$on, P~ul A. Ill 189 IMson, Peter 205 IMson. RlcNtd 0 . U.ue. Sam 167 Usc:honger. Moke J. I 202. 158 ~. Jerome H. 111 175 Lassman. Bart II 168 Las~ P~~ A. I 20S. 154, 213 uu. David R. 6 uurent. Sandra J. 1 159 uusted, Oebotah ~ 4 uusted, Oennos N . IV 233 Loventure, Oennos I 161




uvenrure. K. J. a uventure, Louose A.

uwrence. Barbora M. uwrence, Donald 0 . IV 203. 232 uzier, P~ttlck L 6 le, Un K. IV 154 lea<:hy, Richatd B I 149 LNhy, Pa1rlck ~ 6


Wayne L Ill 186


leddng. ~thleen II 208 Lee. O>ester, M. C Lee. Ootlsty Ill 163 Lee. Oeborah K. 2 lee, DonN L I 284 Lee, Caol C 153 lee. lone 11 180, 152. 207 lee, MIChael J. IV 18S lelf. Mary L lefkowott, O~e IV 162 lepull. lone M. IV 145, 204, 233 Legner, Edward C . Ill 216. 165, 206 legotS. John I 213 lehman. Judith C. 8 Lehmann. O~vid P. Ill 185, 198 lehmaM, Michael K. 3 Lehner, Robert C . Ill 156 lehnherr, $uw> M I 144 leibl, lind~ L Ill 174 Leoch~ wry A. 4 leoc:k, Susan M. I 205. 154 l~rmo. Jerry L 4 Leis. M~el 1. 111 161 l~terman. Jomes I 144 leotzke. P~ul149 lebncL E Ill 159 Lemberg. Michael A. Ill 213 Lembnch. Larry ~ 7 Lemke, Charlene 0 . II 153. 208 Lemke, Cynth~ L II 164, 207 Lemke, Pamela K. 111 174, 180, 195 Lemke. Rebecc~ S. I Lemke. Roben J, S Lemke. Tom Ill 158 Lernm~ L R. 7 L~. Joyce 281 l~ky, Wiftoom ~Ill 217,272.274 Lengfeld. loma 211 lent.~IL6

lenth, Moch~ R. 6 lenu. Colleen A. 6 Lena. Cregory A. 8 lenz. O~"'d M. I Lenz. John C. lenz. Joyce E. I 160 lenz, Moke W . 8 lenz, Russell IV 233 lenzner, 8onnoe ~ IV 233. 207 leon~d. Jerry 11 273 Lepak, Constaroc:e S. 6 Leppek. O~vid 217 Leppek. Jean A. II 217 Leppek, Wil~m W . IV 217 Lerche. 0~ P. IV 232 leroy, Mary S Lesnoewslci, Robert F. S leszewski. Allene M. 111 175 leubner. Ooristopher A. I 175, 334, 199 leur, Oan 255 l~ld. Joel IV 156 Levendoslci, Susan II 169 Levenhagen, leon C. IV 233, 168 lewon, Jeff I lewos. AlliSon Y. 2 lewos. Connie M. 3 lewis. Cary E. lewis, Jonet I 144, 208 Lewis, Theddore 6 lewis. Wiliam H. II 166 LEY, JAMES 306 ley, Jemifet T. 11 154 Uchtenwald, Eric 4 Uebers, 0~ Ill 216. 158 loebheiT, Tom II ISS Loe<:k, Tom 4 Uecling. Timothy IV 168 liEOY,JERAlO 312


lieffn11g. Herbert H. 7 lien. O>eryt A. 4 Lien, C~yle L 4 ~u. Tim C.3 Uet20W, 8erl A. 8 llgocki. Wa~ R. I 149 ll,ewtki, Russ P. 111 216 Ullge, Ronald A. I ldhe, Curt T. 111168 Ully. Bryan E. 4 l.olyquos~ James c. IV 233 Limberg. Rochard A. 8 Lindahl, Michael S. 5 lindberg. Man:edes J. II 153 Undell. Margate~ llndelof, David P. IV 175, 233 Lindgren. Cato1 B. Lindl, K•el L 6 Undquis~ Debra IV 165 lindsay. uuriston II 148, 211

Lindsay, Rockwell P. 3 Lin&$~<. Bruce C. IV 233 llnk.Oonenel link, Ka1hryn M . 7 Unk, Terry S uM, Jomes H . IV 162 Lonse, Judith J. 8 Unterfur, Cary IV 215. 233 Unvolle, Molicent 3 upke. Eric 111 148 I.Jsi, Oonstophef A. 2 Usoedci, Moke I 167 llslia. O~"'d M. 4 Liska, Thomas J, list, Nancy ~ I 144, 200, 206, 207 liU. OR. DAVID 312 Uu. Tuan livo~ston,

CoMoe ). IV 205. 233. 154

ljubic, Peter 11158, 198




LO. RONC·ROio.C 312 lo, Song K. II 166 Loberg. Timothy L II 161 lobos. ~thleen M. IV 160, 233 loch. Kevin M . Ill 161 Locicero, Micluel T. IV 233, 193 Locicero, N~ L I 160 Locicero. Thomas I 149 Lockerby, H. A. 4 loc:l>olz. ~thie A. lodholz, Keith N . lohfink. Elizabeth J, 6 Lohrenz. Rebecc~ S. II 144, 208 loneD"ee, Eric 212 lone~~H. Ceorgoa L I 212 lonetree. JiU 212 loneii'H. lOcS I 212 loneD'ee, luther T. II 212 LoneD'ee, w . A. u ~O..neL

long. Ootothy 3 long. 1'1\an V. IV 166, 233, 211 long. Peter J, 8 Longo, Oenose M . 1153 look. H¥\fey L 7

loose, Jeffrey M. IV 234 loomiS, Jill A. I 147 LOONEY, JERRI 305 lord, Matlc II 166

lorenz, uveme J. 4 Lorenz. Mary IV 181 , 205. 152. 234 Lorenzen. Michael 0 . IV 234 Losch, Mary ~ 8 lo~e. Barbara). IV 179 loveland, M~el M 7 lowe. Arthur A. 6 Lowe, Mary 1 159 Lowe, Wiloam H . I towel, MargMet 2 LOWREY, RICHARD 294 Lucht, ~thleen II 147 luchtethand, Charlene F. 11 147 Luaus, lynn M. I HS, 201, 211 luckm~. Cynthoa I 147 Luckow, Shan M. 1 144 l~. Jomes R. 3 ludy, N~ J, Ill 175 ludy, Suw> K. I 154 Luebke, Ellen M . 2 Luecke, C~ F. I 259 luedike, Naroc:y L II 152 Luedtke. Tom E. 4 luel>ne, Mona E. II 180, 147 Luepke, Steven C. I Luer. Oanoell Luengen. John I 264, 148 luo, John W . S lulsler, James B. IV 187 lubs, lyle IV 169 lund. ~rol Ill 195. 207 lund. Robert Ill 174, 217 lund, 5uw> I 160 Lundn. Danoel 11 156 lundln, 0~ C. IV 185 lundquost, Steve 175 lunseth, Steve~~ H. IV 175, 200 lundwall Michael II 162 Lurvey, Ernest C. IV 234 lwhine. Stan 3, Rochard ~ 6 Lutz. Bruce A. S lutz, ~trick II ISS Lutzke. ~ul K. Ill 193 Luvslce, wry 11 156 lvoncek, Mary B. 2 lynch, Michael R. I ISS lynch, R. Ill 169 lyndl. Terraroc:e P. C 216 lynum. Oons~l M . 111174, 195, 208, 211


lyons. Lyons. lyons. lyons.

Mike N. U Rlchard 0 . 8 Theddo<e R. Willam 0 . Ill 2S9. 190

MUSch. 8evetly A. IV 180 Maassen. Lawrence J. 2 Maassen. linda J. 6 Mable, Judith I. 3 Mabty, Calhy II 163, 197 MacgregO<. Molly A. 6 Machamer. Jim II 157 Machmuellet. Alice M. 1 144. 205 Machnil<. Roben J. Ill 17~ Macholl. lbndolph C. IV 186 Mach~ George C. C 17~ Mack. Marcia l . IV ~ MaCkey. J~nice IV 147. ~ Macknigh~ Oave 4 Madigan. Rick P. 8 Madsen. Michael 111 204, 168 Madson. Matte 3 Maedke. Thomu F. IV ~ Majledanz. Dale 0 . IV 2S9 Magee. Caty E. IV 234 Magnuson, C . C. I MAGNUSSEN. OR. DANIEL 312 Maguire, james M. Ill 332 MAHAN. OR. RITA 305.312 Maht, Dave II 166, 210 Maier. Sa~ta II 160. 205 Main. Crqory L Ill 157 MAKI. EINO 306 Mak<IN. ~2

Malausky. Mvk A. I 155 Malechel<. Ken 268 Malicki, Kathie IV 202. ~ Malingowslci. Tom C . IV 186. ~ Maliszewski. Richard A. Ill 216, 203 Malkmus. John 1 264 Mallak, Susan C. IV 182 MALLORY. DALE 313 Malone. Ronald J. 6 Malum, Tettance 0 . 2 Man. Oaimlnh I Manclat. Cani Ill 211 Manion. Oe~na 145 Maf"Cet. Kay L. 3 MaM. David I 489. 187. 192, 162 MANRIQUEZ. OION 307 Mantes, Margaret IV 144. ~ Manthey. Tyrone H. 2 Man..,. Ba~ta J. II 152. 207 Matchell. Patricia II 164, 197 Matcukailis. ViaO< J. IV 148 Marken, Olartes J. I 162 Markham. john A. 6 Markleln. Kalhleen A. 1 147 Marks. Dawn M . 1144 Matk.s , Jim 188 Markson, Maty B. 4 Mato..,, Alan J. IV 189 Matozick, Wallet C. IV 234. 201 Matquet. Panin Matquet. Ponia C. IV 153. 234. 211 Mars, MarilynJ. U Marshall. James 5 Marske. Cetald R. 8 Manelle. Vicki 11 179, 154 Manen. Vwginla K. 8 Manin. Colleen I Manin. James M. IV 234 Manin, James R. 8 Manin, Palficla J. I 203 Manin. ThO<nu C . 6 Maninson. Paul M . IV 182 Maruke. Richard L. Massey. Roben R. 8 Mutetjohn. David Ill 161 Matelski. )ames P. I Malhet, Maty L IV 234 Mallles. Catv 6 Malhews, Daryl L IV 234 Malhson. Brent V. 8 Malhson. Janel II 152. 209 Malhwig. Paul W. IV 194 Malhy. WiUiam W . Matosic. Pani 11 286. 165 Matsu~

Tsuru 8

Matul. Marla A. II 152, 207 Maner. Sandta M. I 154 Manhews. Oebotah L Ill 160. 213 Manhews. james A. I 212 Manila, Pekka I. C 162. 211 Matuslewicz. Stephen v . Ill 206 Ma"'· Clenn E. 6 MauetmaM, Ronald F. IV 168 Maurice. Cly<k! F. Ill 215

Maves. Steve 1. 3 Maves. Ted A. I May. John 0 . 8 Mayer. Joan K. Ill 144 Mayet, Kevin E. I 166 Maye<. Roben J. 8 Mayet, Sandta I 200 Mayer. Susan A. IV 144. 205. 234. 195 Mazanec, Oinae S. IV 583 MC~ams. Michael J. IV 146 MCandrews, Michael I 157 Mcardle. Maty E. Ill 286, 288. 188. 200 Mcbumey. Karen l . Ill 175. 284. 200 MCcabe Oelnota IV 234 Mccme. Jerone ~ 5 Mccabe. Roben L 7 MccaM. Catherine M. 6 MCcann. Karen A. 1 144 MecM1hy. Jeny 0 . 1 Mccarthy. Patriclc J. IV 235 Mecanhy. Peter J. 7 MCcauley, Catol A. 111 174. 213 MCcausland. Sue A. 5 Mcclellan. Vorginia B. MCclurg. Contad J. C 204. ~ MCcollum. lee E. 8 MCCOROICK. OR. OAVIO 306 MCcoun. Val~e Ill 163. 197 Mccoy. 215 Mcctacken, James R. 1 274 Mcc~en. Kevin 2 MCcrincle. Kathleen A. 1 152. 208 Mcculley. J. A. 8 Mccune. Robet1 J. 2 Mcclennon. Oeb<a J. I 159. 209, 208 MCdermon, James M . 7 Mcdonough, ThOtnu W. IV 188. 235 Mcdowell, Rich L Ill 216 MCOowel. Ruth 3 Mcelwaine. Mary E. IV 205 Mdaclden. James w. Mcfall, Patricia II 160, 211 Mdar1and. Dennis P. 3 Mdariand. M . Mcfarlane. Anila M. 111 835. 159 Mcfarlane. M. 0 . II 204. 157 Mcgee. Maria I Mcgeoch. William C . IV 235 McgiMis, lla~ra ~IV 145.247, 197. 211 Megovem. l'ho<'nas A. II 162 Mcgralh, james C. 6 Mcgraw. Bill Ill 157 Mcguire. Pa!Jick M . IV 202 Mchalffey. Winiam 1 Mchugh. Kalhleen M. II 152 Mcintyre. Steven l . I 235 MCkibbin. M. E. MCKINLEY. RfTA 286, 287 Mckilrick. Richard 3 Mcknlgl>t. Oavld 111 213. 158 MClaughlin, ThO<nu P. I Mclellan. Roben M. IV 193 Mcleod. Scon R. 1 Mcloone. Patrick J. I 155 Mcmahon. Earl R. IV 217. 190 MCMallin. Peggy A. I MCMalan, Nancy L I 284. 165 McMunn. Elaine C. 6 Mcnallie. Roben J. Mcnamata. ThO<nas M. IV 262. 23S MCNAUGHTON. OR. DAVID 295, 192 Mcneely. Jeffrey J. IV 255. 193 Mcnulty. Susan 3 Mcsoriey. Rodney E. S McVay. jacqueline 7 McVey. Douglas R. 2 Mead.K. N . Mealy. Eaeen 1 205. 154 Medzis, Paula A. Ill 169 Meeker. Charles 7 Mehli. Harish K. 6 Meidam, Lowell A. Ill 157 Meier, Jeffery I 155 MEIER. ROBERT 306 Mele<, Thomu 11161 Meier, Wendy Ill 209 MEILLER. EllA 305 Meiners. Neil R. I 146 Meiners, Rebecca 2 Meinuma. Kirk I Meisnet. Cheryl II 1$9. 201 Meister. Marilyn 205 Meister. WinQm C . 11 158 Meitt. Maty J. 4 Mekhio<. Patricia I Melchiors. Cet11d F. 7 MELROSE. ROBERT 312 MelVIl le. Daniel F. I 273. 156 Melvin, Karen J. 2




Mendini. Marsha E. I Menga.elli. Christine II 160 Menne, Maty £. 1165. 213 Metchal<. Joseph 0 . I 1SS. 197. 210 Meredith. Dale C. 5 Meredith. Donna M. 4 Merrin, Joel P. S Menes. Katherine E. 6 Metles, Kathleen I 144. 235 MetUig. Dennis H. IV 175 Messersc~ Crq 3 MelCalf. M . C METCALF. OR. MARCIA 305 Melling. Timonlhy J. IV M~enbauer. Sleven F. Ill 216 M~ger.

Bruce 8

Meuse<. David L IV 235 Meyer. Daniel II 166. 270 Meyer. David P. Ill 235. 213 Meyer. Oebotah 4 Meyer. Jeffrey S. II 160 Meyet. Michael E. IV 165, 213 Meyer. Mark II 168. 210 Meyet, Sian R. 8 Meyer. Thomas M. 7 Meyers, Maty J. Ill 154 Mia~. Barb 144 Michael, ThOtnas E. S Michaelis, Ronald C . 8 Michalski, Roben L 6 Michaud. Sleven R. 3 Michelin. Rila II 214. 163 Mickebetg. Malle A. 7 Mick. Susan 147 Mickelson. Jackie C. Mickelson. Mary 4 Mickelson. RoxaMe 3 Mickelson. Terri M. Miersch, Steven C. 8 Mihalel<. Jeffrey J. I 156 Mlka, Veronica J. 6 Mikalson. William A. Mikshowsky. Connie A. II 164 Milatt. Bedl A. Ill 174, 195 MWhiUpt. Sa~ L I 159 Milinovich. Jack 217 MUiar. Wintam A. I Miller, Ctaig S. 8 Miler. 0 . W. U Millet, David H. IV 802 M~ler. David L IV 202 Millet. David R. II 933 Miner. Oebl 1 :n;, 163 Miller. Diane M. Miller. Donald C. 8 Millet. C.egory 0 . 8 Miller. John A. Miler, John J. Ill 2SS Millet, Karen I 159 Miller. Kenton L Ill 211 Miller. Marilyn J. II 159. 208 MILLER. NICOLE 306 Miller. Pamela A. IV 235 MILLER. OR. RICHARD 306 Miller. Roger 0 . IV 235 MUle<, Sheldon I 161 Mlndetnann. Pamela S. II 174. 175 Mindis. Ba~ra A. 6 Mingus, D•vid B. 8 Mimon. Nancy S MINTZ. DWAIN 259 Mina. Caty R. Ill 273 Mlnu. jacquelyn A. 3 Mischke. Susan K. 6 Misenko. Maureen R. C MlSFELT, CAll 304 Mitchel. Donna L 4 Milcheh. Richard F. 8 Mhchell, Wiftlam J. II 168 MoalS. Jane M. 1144. 200 MoalS, Marsha L 4 Molller. Poly B. Ill 204 Moeller. Wendy M . I 145 Moen, Michael R. I Maida. David II 167, 187 Molbeclc, Jitn IV 2Q) Moldenhauer. CeO<ge E. I 262. 148 Moldenhauer. luanne M. II 201 Molclenhauet. Melody S. Ill 145 MolilO<, Michael ~ II 264. 157 Molla, Citma 2 Mollet, VoelOr H. 6 MO<npier. Ronald 8 Mondroskl. Dennis E. 7 Monf~ DeaMa J. 2 Monk. linda S Monslet. Ctegg A. 3 Monson. Debbie L II 765 Monson. Maty l. 11 164


Montello. Kim R. I 461 MontgO<nety. Carol A. II 163 Monthey, Maty L 8 Moon. Anthony E. 1961 Moore. Carolyn A . II 169 Moore. Enc 1 Moore. Kevin M. 6 MORAN. ROBERT 306 Mcnvitz. Kadltyn 3 MO<eiand. Pnicia E. 2 MO<enO. Ronald R. 8 MO<gan. John E. 7 M(organ, Jucly E. Ill 205. 195 MO<gan. Maty I 1$3 Mcorgan. Patncla M . I 159 MO<gan. Susan K. Ill 235. 200 Morien. Pete< R. I Morita. Rowland 4 Morrell. Kev.n E. Ill 261 MOtTey. Fredenclc J. IV 2SS. 186 MO<rls. Pemy L I 145 Monison, Robe<U l . 8 Monow. john E. 3 MO<Se, 0 . 8 MO<Se. Rececca M. 3 Morss, Roben M. S Monel. Olarles E. IV 262 Monon. Kathleen 6 Moscherosch, Paul W. Ill 194 Mose. Richard w. 3 Moset• LaUtie A. II 144 MOSLEY. ANNETTE 297 Mosley. Cregory J. I 146 Moss, Ceoffrey 0 . 4 Moss. Jacklyn 1(. IV 235 MOSSHAMER. E. L C 296 MOSslfl&. Dennis M. IV 235. 162. 206 MOlelel. Catherine M. 4 MOllet. Crgo 602 Mousseau. lbmona Ill 169 Moye. Celeste E. I 154 Moynihan. Nancy l . I 159


Ba~ra H.


Mraz. janet K. IV 145. 235. 195 Muchowski, Mike IV 190. 23S

Muck. Susan M. I 200. 209 Mueller. Carol L I 2381 Mueller. David W . IV 146 Mueller. Cetald J. Muelle<. )ames R. Muelet. John C. Ill 216. 217, 270 Mueller. lyM A. IV 184, 235 Mueller. Mark 0. Ill 157 Mueler. Petty l . 3 Mueller. Roben 0 . I 274. 155 Mueller. Scon l Mulhe•on. Be<mtd A. 8 MuDen. Robet1 Ill 206 Mullenix. John I 167 Muligan, Thomas A. 4 Mulqueen, Susan II 160 Mulry. Btencla E. 6 Mummy 156 Mundinger. Caty 0 . 6 Mundi. Ctaig R. IV 189 Munch, Patricia 1 144, 288 MuMings. MIChele M. 2 Munson, Debbie 181 Munson, June K. II 152. 213 Murkowslci, Karen A. II 159 Murphy. 0. Mochael Murphy. Henry II 158 Murphy. letf H . 8 Murphy. Joe II 148 Murphy. lyM l . IV 181 Murphy. Scoa A. S Murphy. Shiriey M. 7 Muony. Judith K. Ill 163. 201 Mull'ay, ThOtnu A. II 193 Musial. Tocld J. IV 166 Musil. Jay A. IV 216 Myeos. David l . Myhre. UfT)I A. IV 23S Myhrman. Kent 0 . I 156


Nachtrab. Metlin IV 204, 157 Nackers. Juhe 4 Nadolski. Peggy 145 Nadwocki. Mateia Ill 169 Nagler, P. J. C N~i. Audrey l. Nass. Susan II 163, 196. 200 Nasset. Bradley 0 . 6

Nebel. Riona

Nehnng. janis K. IV 235 NeU. Jack M. IV 194 Nelson. CO<nne I 153 Nelson. Daniel C. l Nelson, DenniS L II 217. 2SS. 161 Ndson. Diane IV 169 Nelson. Gale A. Ill 145 Nelson. Cary A. I 202. 158 Nelson. Crqory C . 8 NELSON. lAOONNA 296 Nelson. james M. II 198 Nelson. James P. 1 161. 198 Nelson. Jeffrey A. I 149 Nelson, Jom 2 Nelson. Kun l. 2 Nelson. Melvin A. II 166 Nelson. Rancly L 111 190 Nelson. Roben J. s Ndson. Roben L 2 Nelson. Rocky C . Ill 175 Nelson. Rlllh A. Ill 159 Nelson. ThO<nu J. 111 174 Nemeckay. Thetese H. I 144 Nesbnh. John 2SS Ness, Ovistine M . IV 235. 169. 201 Nessler. Tomothy A. 5 Nest, Carold A. IV 235 Nes~ ThOtnu L 4 Nestingen. Eiubeth 11 144 Nestorcen. Matte 11 161 Neuberger. le"Y E. 8 Neuberger. Joseph C. 6 Neuben. ~ I 144 Neuman. Valetoe Ill 184 Neumeyet. Charles E. 6 NEUENFELDT. JOHN 306 Nevetelahl. Wilham J. Nevons. Mark R. II 192. 157 Newby. Coleen I Newcomb. Sa~ P. 1 154 Newman. David II 157 Newman. Oavod C. II 162 Newman. Edward C. IV 236. 206 Newsky. Pelet IV 216. 236. 198

Newlon. Bob 6 Nezbed, John R. 2 NezwO<ski. Kathryn IV 147 Ngle. Ed E. 4 Nibbe. Cons~ance J. 8 Niccum. Bryan K. Nocesw~nget. Kathy A. 8 Nicholas. Brencla II 169 Nocholas, Oanoel C. Ill 187 Nicholson. J. P. Ill 193 Nicholson. Mochael 0 . I 189 Nickence. John C . 8 Nicklas. Wilham J. 6 Noebuh<. Kendall A. IV 185. 236. 155 Nielsen. l M. 6 Nilssen. Ba~ra J. 7 Nolsson. WNten W. IV 197. 210 NINNEMAN, OR. THOMAS 311 Nique~ Nancy M. I 159 Notchkey. James W. 2 Nn~a.

April C. C 236

Noble. John P. 8 Nodpard. Trudy IV 184. 236 NodoH, Ba~ra L Nosgle. Nathan C. 7 Nolan. Dave I 167, 2SS Nolan. Joseph Ill 214 Noll. Allen J. Ill 204, 168 Noonan. Kalla L II 147. 201 NOI'becl<. Bobby 2 Nord. l'ho<'nas C. IV 161 Nordgten. Douglas I 149 Nord1ee. Kathleen A. I 160 Norri, Kalhleet> M. IV 236 NO<sledl. laurie l. North, Judy II 163 Northrop. James B. IV 187. 236 Novak, Arnie Ill 168 Novak. Carol 181 Novak. Debra A. 2 Novak. Caty II 264. 158 Novak. Rudolph ~ Ill 174. 199 NOVO<~ lyM A. I Novotny, Stephen A. IV 2SS. 274. 186 Novotny. Wayne F. 8 Nowak. Catol 247 Nowukey, David C . 7 Nowaskey. Gaol M . I 231 Noyce. Clyde l . IV 216. 194 Nunet J•. FO<rest J. 6 Nyland. Ellen S. 6 Nysse. Menon w. IV 236

Nebelung. Nancy M. II 144. 284. 288 Needham. AI II 161

Nysluen. C.

Nd>et. ThecldO<e 0 . S Neh~s. Sha<On II 154

Obert>alog. Jerald L.


c 162. 213


ObMn~~r. ~lh J, II 259 Ocholtr~. ~mes K Oconnd, lodo 1 160 Oconr>d, ~ul M Oconnor, Loncb l . 6 Oconnor. P~lnck J. II 196, 113


Oconnor, T w . 6 ~s. ~<omesf .l

O~nper~ W M 4

Okeson, P~lriC~ l . IV 180, 136 Okpornor, !biltmore 1 Olben. Sleven C. IV 255 Oldenberg. uura 1. 11 153. 208 Oldenburg.Julte C. Ill 160 Olds, Chnsbne A. 3 ~ry. Joseph p Olury. Sue 111 154 Oles, George M. Ill 332 Oleslow, ~n II 152 OlMA, lAWRE CE 304 Oller, lbrbar~ II 147, 208 Olsen. Bry~n 214 Olsen, Cheryl A. I 144 Olloe, Byron C. IV 136 Olsen, fred P. Ill 174, 204 Olsen. George T. B Olsen, Rose~ry 145 OlSON, ARNOlD 312 Olson. AM l . Ill 174, 180, 195 Olson, Byron IV 247, 179




0. 6 Olson, Chnshne l . 4 Olson, Connoe l . II 1Sl, 204 Olson. Cratg l . 4 Olson. Daniel f . 2 Olson. o~·td H. 6 Olson, DeniS E. I ISS Olson, Ot~e I( IV 136, 209 Olson, ~nne E. II 169 Olson, Glen R. 3 Olson, J~clte R. II 182 Olson, Jun 1. Olson, John H . Olson, lOyce " 11 144 Olson, I( T. 214 Olson, ~lhy L 3 Olson, umon1e A. 1 Olson, Urry 3 Olson, ltn<b R B Olson, ~ry I( 164 Olson, ~rg~re1 A. 8 Olson, ~l)on 0 Olson, ~rk A. Ill 162 Olson, M~ry K IV 247, 136 Olson, ~ry J. I 154 Olson, MICh~cl C. I 2n, 274, ISS Olson, ~ncy E IV 136 Olson. P~ul A. 4 Olson, ~nd~ll I 216, 157, 198, 201 Olson, ~ymond B S Olson, Roben 0 . 8 Olson. Rose<Nry A 1 20S Olson, ~ndra K. 2 Olson, ~nch l. 7 Olson, Sle-en R IV 175, 136 Olson, Thc>nw w 4 Olson, W~yne E. IV 200 OltNfer, lincb 11184, 288. 160 Ollholf, Slwon M. Ill 163 Otuk, KMen 3 ~lley, ~lley A. 7 ~. DenniS 8 Ome~ra. 1\Me M. 2 K~lhleen J. Ill 180, 136 Omohundro. Ebz~h 4 One.l, VICkt L II 16S ~e<Nn, M A. C 136 ORAZ. CHARlOTTE lOS Ordway, P~me~ S Orf, locly A IV 136 Orf, Peggy 4 Orfoeld, ~ry l. Or1~n~n. M~e B Oriofske, O~ve I On, ~1henne H . I 154, 208 Orsont, Su~n M I







~nski, john ~ IV 217, 2SS, 276 Osi~US. T'homa.s J,

~en. Gerald F. 6 Oeldro<h. Viekt 0 . IV 136 Oertel, Ed I, Owies E. 11 168 Oeslreteh, Mtch~el P II 166 Offerd~l. O~vtd C. IV 173. 136 Ogle. O~id 0 . I ISS Ogombe, Chff IV 211 OgruOVtCh, Mo<~cl J. B ~zovieh. ~n I 8 C>Nn, ~rg~re11 14S ON~. MMllyn II 154 Ohlfs, Phyllis M. 7




Osbom, ~ren M. IV 136 Osbom, Lynn R. Osborne. Kennelh J. 8 Osnwl, Susan K. IV 237 OSTLER. RENEE 304 Oslrowskt, Robert A. I Ostwald, Dllve II 146 Osw~ . Amold J, IV 192 Ous. Judielh A. 8 On, Chns1opher c. 111 204 On. JtQ K. Ill 174, 184, 200 Or~ Julie II 160, 197 Onm~n. Tenry 0. S Orii'Nr, Mtke II 146 Ono. Cheryl! A. IV 237 O.WI<. Rulh E. Ill 154 O...en, M~yn~~rd B o...en. Rulh E. 6 o...ens. Opal H. II 147 o...ens. Wayne M. Oynes, Roger 204

~en. Terese L I 144, 788, 669 P~. Bruce W . II 188. 169 ~~~1144

Pagel. ~n Ill 164 Pagel. John E. 7 Pagels, Ted J. Ill 191 ~hi. HOWMd A. 6 Pal, Rong<Nng R. C 156

~k. Crace Y. P~lm. Pe1e 2 ~lm, Rosematy B. 3 Pal~ Anlhony P. 7 Palmbetg. Rod V. IV 237 ~lmer, ~ry II 160 P~lmer. Onn IV 168

~lmer, ~14

P~Uu, lbrbara L IV 114, 237

Panlholer, Pam 6 PapXel,. ~ld J. 1 167, 187 Paproci.J, Jelfrey IV 161, 237 Paren~


ThorTW E. E I 20S


~er. Debra


11 PARKER, KATHY 304 ~s. Gerald w. 7 ~rhn, ~~rei A. Ill 174, 197, 208 Parsons.. Pe1er J. 8 Panlelon, ChrtSien I 1S2 Paske, Jtl L IV 174, 181, 195 Pasyllk, RIChrd S. IV 166, 162 Pam. OenntS 174 P~INucle, Robert 0 . IV 162 Pauloski, Sieve J. 4 P~ulsrud, RONid IV 174, 237 Pa~r. ~ry C. 8 P~uu. Sleven u. 4 Payne, R. M. 4 Pe~vey, John I 146 PeckNm, Allen R. 7 Pedersen, ~lhenne J. 8 Pedersen, MicNel A. S Pederson. Christine J, IV 237 Pederson. O~Vtd L 2 Peer. Owloue 11 1S9 Peel, RtcNid L. 2 Peo<hl, ~lhryn L IV 237

Petneck. Scotl 167 Pelner, E•ubelh A. II 163 Peloqlun, Jtbne IV 180, 237, 195 Pelo~ ~<omes A. B Pempek, Moty II 153. 208 Pendellon, B. IV 191 Pepsock. Glenn I 166, 270 PERCEY, GEORGE 307 Perfelz. ~ry 11 163 Perktns, O~VId 0. I Perlberg. O~~n A. I 149 Perloc~.

Robert ~ S

Pemw>, Craig M . Pemer, ~<omes N. s Pero, James L 7 PERRI, JOHN 307 Perry, ~ry L 4 Penry, Will~m J. I 158 P~nger, RicNrd A. II 148 Perso. Chns11ne IV 169, 195 Persohn. ~r1one A. I 154 Person. John 175, 111 P~w. RONid A. IV 237 Pe1~n. ~ry IV 160 Pelers. Debra A. I 153 Pelers, RicNrd K. I

Pe1ers, tmOlhy B. 2 Pe1e~. ~of S. 111 200 Pelersohn, ~Y A. Pelerson, Brad Ill 204, 162 Pe1erson, ~lhy A. I Pe1erson, ChM!ene 11 147 Pe1erson, ConsQnce M 111174, 195. '1/J7 Pe1erson, OoNid R. C 17S, 198 Peterson, 0~~ L. 2 Peterson, O~ene J. Ill 152 Pe1erson, Donald 209 Peterson, Donn~~ C. IV 17S Pe1erson, C~ry D. Pe1erson, ~yle 2 PETERSON, CLENYCE lOS Peterson, Nl II 1S2. 213 Pe1erson, ~ren IV 237 Peterson. ~lhryn D. I 154, 213 Pelerson, Ketth T. IV 190 Pe1erson, Lenore 3 Pe1erson, Ltncb II 160 Pe1erson, tomine IV 147, 195 Pe1erson. lynene 111 159 Pe1erson, ~~ret J. IV 237 Pe1erson, ~n II 14S Pe1erson, ~rk C. I 190 Peterson, Paul 0 . IV 551 Peterson, Penny 145 Pe1erson, Robet1 A. 4 Pe1erson, RoberQ I 144 Pe1erson, Robnd L • Pe1erson, Sally L 6 Peterson, Steven II 149, '1/)1 Pe1erson, Valene A. I 147 Pebl, RONid T Pebn. w~ 11210 Pe1r~n. ~<omes R. 8 Penngelo, George J. Pe1ruek, T. J. 8 Pell't, P~nt L. IV 239 PETRIE, TERRY 259, 173 Pe1roliun~~s. Thomas M . 4 Pell'uules, Joe 4 Pena, Anne 11 169




Bruce II 270 Petushek, Robert A. IV 148, 237 Pf~lfle. MIChele I 165 Pfeifer, J~~nel Ill 213 PFEIFFER, lARRY 270 Pfedfer, P~ru Ill 154 Pfenntng. Bruno R. I 161 Pfundlner, MNk II 148 PNres. Robert E. Ill 217 PN<es. w~ 217 Philltps, Denny IV 237 Phibps, ~y A 6 Pholltps, M¥y II 286, 159 Phtl~ps. Paul 0 . Ill ISS PhoDtps, Scon I ISS PHILLIPS, THOMAS 304 Phtlbpson, C~y I, 153 l'l>t>let, BtU 149 P.agenltnt, ~ymond R I 273. 162 ~~owsk~ Joann I 144 P.a1ek, Jtm I 165 Pi>Mntck, o~ve 174 PICk, Leonard M. 1 Poechot~ Terry II 160 Poeper, ChMies 215 Poer, MiCNel II 149 Poerce, Mrs. Slen 179 Pierce, ~y4 PIERCE, STEN 255 Pie~e1. Wt~m T I 274, 156 PtertcN!slo, John L 8 Pietz, Be- 144 Pilcher, GlOry l. I 146 Piller, ~ J. II 149 Pillers, )on Ill 168 Pine, Emesl E. 11112 Pn~ Mt&,gros I Plnsla, Jtll II 144 Pinier, ~lhy M. I 154, Je~n A. I 147 Pent~




C. 6

P.woni, Jerome P I SNron A. 6


Plonk, J~e M . S Plonk, John H. Ill 148 Pl~l<. Robert J. C 20S PlottkOW, ~rbar~ II 144 Pluner, Tim 0 . B Plehn, SusM N Ill 1S2 Plen, ~ry II 145, 200 Ploer, Jenntfer II 179, 154 Plodzoen, ~raE. 8 Plolkowslo, J-1 11 144

PJo,..~n. Craog l. I 165 Plummer, Dons L I PlutsNdc, Gregory P I PIUISNck, ~lhryn A. Ill 174, 195, 208

BNno C 211 RAMAGE, ANN 196


~y. E~


Poltnske, John I Polk~ O~VtC! ~ II 148 Polkowske, Ntcholu P 2 Polzer, Richard H. S PONICK. DAVID 306 Pong. Tak Y. C 111 Popp, 8eny 217 Popoulsis. Nickobs C. 6 Popp. OoNid 21S Popp, Joseph B. Ill 217 Popp, Helllher 217 Posseh, Debra 1 160, 213 Posselt. Judilh IV 160 Posl. Pe1er M. 6 Poslel~ ~<ock M. 4 Poslhuman, fred E Ill 157 Posl~~ 1145 Potter, MICNel R. S



J. 7

Danny P. II 1SS DaVId P. 11162

~ussen, ~ussen, Doug~s



~smussen, ~lheryn

L IV 238 Rll.spolnik, D<ariene c. 3 Rll.spo1nil<. Ken L. S ~lhke, jayne L IV '1/JS, 1S3, 238 ~Ide, Dave IV 166, 157 ~uchnot. lbrbara A. I 153 buschen. Nllncy L 3 ~ymond. Sucle II SS1 Reck, O~VId A. I ISS Reckner, Dale P. 6 Redlteh, Chnsltne L I 1S2 REDMAN, MICHAEL ~ 196 ~.OONid

Reed, Lewos 6 ~.lOtS 1184 ~.~ric



Reed, RICNrd J. 8 Reed, ~n J, I 147, 213 R - . Ann M. II 286, 165, 113 Reese, 5usM M. II 147 R~tt. john C . I Relio<, Gene A. 4 RetCh, R~ F. 3 Rekheh. Uncb K. IV 238 Retd, lbrbara Ill 144 Retd, OONid P. IV 238 Reid, Robert 0 . IV 166, 238, 209 Reid, Sue E. II 1S1 Reil~nd. ~ric IV 238, 168 Ret~nd. Sieve Ill 276, 149

Powers, lbrbara II Po>-ers, ~1hy Ill 175 l'rasl. Jell 0 . 4 Pran. Wilham M. S Prebbel, George II 162 Prelwitz, ~~ R. IV PreKOII, ~S I 216 Press, ~ry B. Pribbemow,Judy IV


Pnce, GlOry C. 4 Price, ~ymond l . IV PRIO, ROB 307 Je~nene


Reed, Don~ 153

Ponhter, Sue A. I 144 Pons. )aNS 212 Poutlte, Robert I Poulsen, w. Scon IV


J. Ill 198

Cary4 ~nko, lodalt D . IV 17S, 238 ~~er. Sle-en T. 8 IWch, Wili~m C. I 194 bschke, ~ry E. 2

~.lbrbaraiV181, ~.238

L Ill

Potter. RIChard 1

Poupart. 0. B.



Pole<, E. U


L IV 181,238, 195, 197

~mbo, DenniS R. IV 175, 238

~ktn, o~ve8

Pokorski, MIChael 8 Pobcek, )Om S. 8 Polecek, O~n 149


~J(:het. ~ncbce


Priem, Ivan 4

Retneck. Scot1 2

Priem, jesse R. II 204, 162 l'lihoda, Donald J, Ill 161 213 Pricken. ~ 247

Retnen. Roger w. Ill 191

Printz, Connte R. IV 237 Pns~~ Mtke II 259, 158 PRITCHARD, LYNN 307 ProlcopowJCZ. James E. II 149 Proosl. P. Ill 168 Prolhero, lincb l . Ill 179 Ploue, Deborah M. I 165


eeors~ 8

PRUITT, OR. WAlTER 312 ~. ~<omes S. 111 188 PUOELKEWICZ, OR. CEOLIA lOS

Pugh, )on T. 8 Pugh, Tenoy II 161 Punm~. Robert ~ I 215, 237, 194




J. A. 6

C. 7

Py1~rz. Roben

R. IV 156


J, 6

Retnke, Judllh A. 1 Retnke, Nancy J. II 152 Rei>chel. Becky I 147 ReiSs, W<y R. II 188 Retl, )Oyce E. IV 179 Rekoske, M~arel A. Ill 180 Relye~.~L 2 Remlinger, George R. Remus, Emtl H. 2 Remus. Russell ~ C 238 Reneson, ~" 21S, 306 Renick, ~ry L. Ill 116 Renn, Frances C. I 144 Resech, Ric:N<d P. 8 Resll'epo, s~ u 14S, '1/J7 Renke, H~rd J. 1 Retttnger, Yvonne 0 . IV 238 Rett~ff. Deborah R. I 14S Reuler, Dennis R. I 166


Rte~ A.


Revord. Jean I


lynn I Quarderer, Bradley



IV 238

Quarderer, Jane~ M. 8 Quutus, urry A. 6 Quick, D~VtC! C. I Quick, James J. 8 Quillen, Wry l. II 167, 200 Quiling. Douglas R. 2 Quilt~ ~ry Ellen 3 Qunn, DonN J, S

Rusch, lynn B. IV 180, 238 lbdlubonsiCI, MtCNef J. II 168 ~IZ. James R. Ill 215, 1S7, 198, 210 lbdd~a. Owlone M . 11 184, 163, 208 Radesl,. ~r1ene l. I 145 ~. MIChHI 0 . S lbdoske, ~· R IV 238 ~ke, john W. II 274, ISS Racllolf, Bruce A. 6 ~Ike, Connoe J. I ~ll<e, MkhHI H. IV 185 ~duechel. Wtlltam 8 ~lher, Daniel M. C 194 ~ether, Robert l . II 194 ~lfeny,

Barbara J 2

~kola. ~man,

Will-am A. Anur 211



IV 180, 238, 195 Reynolds, Cheryl J, I 160, 213 Reynolds, Nancy L B Reynolds. Sidney B. 7 Reynolds. VtCIO~ L Ill 180 Rhone, Londa A. II 169 RICe~ Clau<U Ill 169 RICe, Craig 2 RICNrdson, Ins 174 RICNrdson. Roger I RIC~ z. Rol<3nne M. S Richmond, ~<omes A. 3

RtChler, NICk P. 2 RICkens, E~s M. II 211 RICks, ~uriCe 0 . IV 238. 211, 212 Rtdgcly, O~rtf. J, 3 Rtdgcly, Mary P. 3 Rtdg~y. A~ M.


Riebe, O~vtd l . IV 238 Roechers, ~ M . Ill 169 Roeck. Robon 6 Riley, lbrb II 199 Rtley, Willoe 0 . IV 212 Rt"«'<Uisl, P~ul E. IV 149, 200 RIORDAN, DANIEL 306, 212 Rlordon, Clatre 211 RiOrdon, ~ 211 Rlordon, Nathlln 212

RJPp, K~lh~ Ill 160 RISChene, Jeffrey A.. 6 RISlEY, LINDA lOS, 179 Rrs~u. Lon Ill 160 Rotchey, Slwon A.. 111 163 Rlller, O~nlf!l R. 3 Rtller, MIChoel). Ill 168 Jb>,vd, Rlc~rd A.. 7 Rober$, lt~ 8 RobertSOn, Donald R. Ill 214, 738


Robe<on, Michele T. 2 Robt~.Sue I

Robtnson, E. 6 Rolwlson, )M>C 1 147 Robtnson, Rxhel 8. I 144 Rob.,son, Ronald L. C 212 Robtnson, Sl~n C. IV 186 Rochele~u. Mt~e 2 Rocl<le,.,tz. Ketlh l . IV 238 Rock,.1!tler, S<,wn Ill 169 Rod<~l~ N . Roclefer, bymond B. IV 148, 238 Rodeghot!ro, Anthony D. IV 204 Rode!. 0~\0d 0 . Ill 194 Rodenu~ Debra A.. IV 181 Rocttguez. Pedro Ill 157

Rochtewta, RorNn ). IV 239 Roe, Sylvi~ II 160 Roebuck, F. 0 . 6




Roedl, O~tel P. IV 276 Roelv, Wil.., ). IV 167, 204. 239 Roell, 0 . E. Roen.l~y I Roesl.e. ~ron IV 239 Roeike, Syt.,~ E. IV Roelhke, E~rd A.. Roggen. Jeff 339 Roger, ltlltotn A . IV Rogers, BriM> II Rogers, Peggy A. I Rogers, Ptle T. 4 R~~ Famang M. 11166,211 Rohde, RIC~ R. IV 175 Rohde, Suwn ~ Ill 147 Rohtt>ach, Cora S. I 144



Roloff, O~vod 4 Roloff, Roben L 6 Ronwt, K. Ill 174 Ronson. Wendy C. 7 Rood. Wesley A.. s Roohr, O~ntel 0. 6 Roozen, Jeff A.. II 146 RosaNich, Kalhtyn R. IV 160, 180, 239 Rose, ~ne1 ROH, CHARLOTTE 304 Rcrsenberg. bndy ~ 6 Rosenfeld!. Da\Od I ROSENTHAL, OR. JANE 304, 312 RcrseniNI, John C. 2 Ross. Oone.l H. I 255, 146 Ross. caa 111 147 Ross, ~es 111 166 Ross. Roger P. 11 192 ROSS, T W . 304. 194 ROSSINM, Oanell E. 8 Roszak, Kennell> 8. II 157 Ro~1or~ L C. Rolhe. D~•e C 157 Roll>, ~neT Rolh, ~I') I 153 Rouse, )elfrey 0. IV 239 Rouae, Jon M. 2 Ro..e. Joan M 8 Ro..e, P~tnck A.. C 157 Ro,.e, w <;. Ro..e. Wil~ L Ill 162 Rowley, Anlhony c. c 211 Ro--ley, Wendy I 154, 207 Roy, Cynlhi~ R. IV 239 Ro1al, Pame~ 6 Rozakis, BtU II 259. 149 ~sh. Thomas 1 255, 162 Rubenzer, ~s A.. 2 Rucld, Suwn II 165 Rucle. Jeffrey A.. I 156 Rudiger, Jerome K. Rudolph, Wtlham IV 239 Ruefer, Batbara II 145, 179 Ruehl, P. W . 215 Ruescl\. John ~ I 146 Ruenen, J~y 2 Runde, Karen IV 154 Runholm, E. 6 Runkel, Anne H. I 160 Runke~ Roben w. Ill 247 RunNIIs, An«e~ C. U Ruona. Deborah 2

Rupnow, ). H. 8

Schaff, James F. I 332 Schaller, Dave II 166 Sc~ller, Otck I 157 Schaller, Pa118S Schansberg. Bonntt• 111174, 284 Schall. lt~ 211 Schantz. Ann E. IV 209 Scharlau, M~el E. 8 Schaucler. Frances 6 Schaufelberg. Barb A.. IV 239 Schave, ~ M. IV 181

Rupno--, Roben R. Ruppel, Ketlh Ill 155 Ruppel, Ric~rd L II 191 Rupptechl. Patricia I 144, 145 Rupscl\. PalnN M. I Rusch, Bernard R. 8 Rusan, H~ ). Ill 194 Russel~ Eliubelh 2 R\6so, Cary C. 8 Russo. Joseph Ill 270 Russo. Roben H. 7 Russo, Vera 2 Rusl. Leland w. 8 RUlh, Jon IV 157 RUTKOWSKI, lYDIA 312 Ruwnskt, Pa~ricia A.. 1 147 Ryan, John~



RybarcZ)k, Man M. 4 Rydberg. Eltubelh II 159 Ryder, D . c. 8 Ryder, ~rl< C. I 262 R).der, Rlct\ard ~ 2 R).der, William R. 3


SAAD, ll OA 304 Sud, N. I. Sabel, Paul M. I 167 Safford, Bob I 156, 206, 209 Safford. Carl L. IV 255, 212 Safford, )ay 1 Sagam~ ltnclsey I 157 Sage. John 8. IV I57 Sagsleller, MIChoel Ill I 56 Sagslener, Rose J. Sagsaener, Wayne 2 Sailor, Ann IV 169 Salisbury. John P. 8 Sallts, James W . 8 Salmt, Waino L 8 SALO, OR. JOHN 306 Salo, Mane IV 159 Douglas ~ Satu.mann, Nancy 2 Samdahl, Roben A.. 4 Samp'-ski, John L IV 213 Sa"'9~wskt, MIC~el L. 7 Sample, ~ry 3 Sa,..,son, Larry ). IV 239 Sa,..,son, Mickey Ill 294, 146 Sand, Gregory A.. Sandas, S..Wn 2 Sandberg. Carol A.. 6 Sandberg. Cynthi~ A.. I 215 Sandberg. Will~m C. IV 215 Sander$, Robin V. II 286 Sanderson, loten 0 . Sandin. VIC10N ). IV 164 Sandleback, Lym II 164 Sanclstrom, Roben L 111 217, 274, 294, 161 ~ford, Elmer 175 Santarlaski, Paul I 156 Santy, ~ire 11 154 Saptnskt, Edwvd ). 4 Sardtna. Dorene 2 Satsena. Carol Ill 147 5atsen1. Julie A.. Ill 294, 213, 163 ~c. lv~ 111 168 Sarles, lane K. 111 175 Sarles, MaMa L. IV 239 Sarver, John M . 8 Sas, Oats R. 7 ~Thomas B. I 156,201 Sasnw>. CerNn E. 12n. 274 Sale<, James 166 Sanerlield, OOIYI L I 165, 280 Sanler, Edwin ~ IV 273 Sauer, Sarah J. II 169 Saugstad, Cheryl L Ill 196 Saunders, ~ties I 146, 201 Savchuk, 8any E. 7 SAVElll, ANCElO 307 Savtlle, Geoffrey c . c 21 SaW)et, Kass W. I 167 Scatfe. George D. 1 Supple, John H. C 239 Sapple, Pamela A.. 3





Scheel, Jef{o.y L 8 Scheffer, ConN K. II 144 Schetbel, Patsy IV 160 Scheide. Kalhleen M. 111 175 Schend, Paula ). Ill 159 Schenk, Kevin II 204, 158 Scheppler. Gregory ). b Schertz. Virgtn~ Ill 159, 198 Scherzer. David 2 Scheu, Jeffrey Ill 280 Scheuer, ). K. I Scheue<, Nic~ E. IV 239 Scheurea. )ames E. 8 Sche....e. Ronald 166 SchiCk. Manlyn ). 6 Schiefelbe.,, L S. s Schieffer, Vtrgil W . lv 239 Schiek, 0 . IV 200 SchUiing. Bonnie L II 145, 213 Schilling. ~ry K. I 153, 213 Schillinger, Larry Schilz. Lawrence w . 8 Schtndler, Oavtd R. I 165 Schindler. Duane T b Schindler, lUCille M. IV 239 Schtnke, OoNid v. IV 215, 203, 239 Schtrmacher, Carolyn 7 Schirmer, Oantel ~ I Sc~bach, Eldon F. 8 Schai$. Peggy J. Ill 175, lOS, 239, 196,211 Schleh. Daniel M. II 194 Schhep, ~n l . Ill 181 Schlosw, Charles E. IV 148, 239 Schltnsog. AM F. 2 SCHLOTTMAN, CAROl 296 Schlon~. Vivian K 3 Schlough. Steve R. 8 Schlough, Wtlltam C. r.., 2 Schmid, ~nha A. I 16) Schmtder, Kay Ill 202 Schmideke, Rogl!f E. 8 Schmtdl, Clyde R. 8 Schmidl. D. E. Schmidl, ). H. Schmi<ll, Joan II 144 Schmid!. Paul T. 6 Schmidl. Phitp A.. 8 Schmtdl. Rlchatd 4 Schmtdt, R~~ I 163 Schmidl. Todd M. I 166, 196 Schrnll. ~rl< I Schmin, Phtl 255 SchtMI. Mary Ill 164 Schmitz. Barbara Ill 164 Schmitz. Oantel 8 Schmia, T. M. Schmiaz. Thomas J. 8 Schneide, Suzanne II 160 ScMe;der, Frank W S Schneocll!f, Kay A.. 8 Schnetder. Larry A.. Schnetder, Mary A.. 247 Schneider. Michael 0. IV 247, 240, 161.1 Schnetder, Sue Ill 208, 213 Schnepf, Joyce I Schnenler, S. M. S Schnorr. Mike 2 Schden, Kalhleen IV 240, 163 Schden, Sleven ). IV 189 Schoeneck. Boni~ II 165 Scholcnecht, John s. 7 Scholbrpck, Al~n 0 . C 169 Scholbrock, Apnl A. II 168 Scholbrock, Timolhy 8. I Scholfield, o-n 281 Schommer. Ann 111 160, 207 SchcOifelder, PhyltS A.. IV 240 Schoek, Pud 75 I Schoo, Cary W. II I 57 Schoonover, Calvtn D . 6 Schrader, john M. S Schroeder, Barbara 7 Schroeder, Deborah I 651 Schroeder, Oebonh A. II 144, 152 Schroeder, 0eMIS l . Ill 156 Schroeder. James C. 6 Schroeder, ~yne E. 7


Schabach, Patncia A.. 1 153 Schaefer, John R. Ill 186 Sc~efer, R. A.. 215 Schaefer, William E. Ill 149 Schaeffer. Knsttne L 8 Schaeffer, Roben ). IV 215 Schaek~ Pal R. IV 239 ~fel. David 185

Schroeder, )osephtne M. 3 Schroeder, Karen M. 6 Schroeder, Kendra S. Ill 159 Schroeder, Paultne K. 1 Schroeder, Peter ). IV 240 Schroedl, FrederiCk E. IV 167, 204 Schuclwdl, ~mes I• 157 Schuelke, Bruce E. IV 240 Schuea, OeanN K. 1 160 Schul\. Cary ). Ill 204 SCHUKNECHT, CLE" 294 Schuknechl. Steve C. 2 Schuldl. Harold E. S Schulenburg. Jean M. II 153. 208 SCHULMAN, WilliAM 307 Schult, P~uicia J. C 195 Schult, Timolhy L. IV 188, 240 Schultz. Billy 0 . 7 Schuhz. Carol D. 6 Schuhz, Cary L 2 Schultz, ~l)'n M . 8 Schula, Karen ). 7 Schultz, Peggy l. I 165 Schultz, Rodney K. I 166, 255. 268 Schultz, Suzanne M. 1 159 Schulu. Tuno1hy C. 111 268. 146 SCHUll. OR. AUCUST 312 Schulz, Oa\Od A.. 8 Schulz. Rlc~rd C. Schulz. Teresa M. 2 Schulz, W~liam P. Schulze. Robetl ~ IV 262, 186 SchuiNCher, Debra K. Ill 179, 195 Schumacher, DonN ). 6 Schumacher, Kenl C. 6 Schumann, George F. C 215, 204, 194 Schuslet, ~let F. 3 Schuster, ). Schus1er, Pam 144 Schus1er, Roger A.. IV 240 Schuns. Jerry A.. 2 Schua, Joam Ill 212 Schwab, Ellen E. Ill 174, 199 Schwager, Andrea E. IV 240 Schwan1es, MIC~I ). S Schwanaes, PalriCia R. II 169 Schwartz. Dean I Schwattz, Joan 4 SCHWARTZ. PHilliP 313 sm..-erss, Roben F. 8 S(h..teters, MtC~el II lb1 Schwobe. Barbara A.. I 153, 208 Scon, Oa\Od v. 1 Scon, Call l . IV 240 Scon, Ka1henne A.. IV 180 Scon, Thomas A.. Ill 157 Screnock, Barbara ). 8 Scullin. )tm II Scullin, ~rpret A.. 7 Sebeslyen, M:arprel L IV 240 ~rskl, Thomas). 1155 Sechc. Becky 1 201 Sed~ek. JaniCe E. 8 SEOUCK~ Bill 296 See, Jacalyn A.. 6 Seefedll. Joyce L IV 197 Seeger, Kay II 145 Seegers, Marcia ). IV 180 Seehafer, M . K. 2 Seever, Dennis W. 2

Seffens. Alben 8. 3 Seodler, Allan 2



II 162

Se~meab, Woldetsadi~

T. 2 Sel, )antCe J. 111 174 Sel, Sleven l . I 161 Sellers, Sue A.. 2 Selvtck, Tom M. Semltng. Oavtd M. IV 187 Semrau. W. Ill 168 Sendecke, Charles C. II 148 Sendelbach, Judy A.. 1 154, 201 Serre, Rose ~ne Ill 154, 207 Serum, Janice M. IV lOS, 195 Setvars. Pamela M . Ill 175, 284, 195, 197 Sesselm~. Pete F. 6 SesiOn, PaD'ICta H. I lOS, 153 Sene!, Thomas E. IV 240 Setter, Sae-c 1 157 Seuben, Joyce A.. 6 Se-era, Suell)-n I 145

Severson. ). 0 . Shafel. David R. 8 Shafer. Thomas C. 4 ~tntn, Kay A.. 4, 294 ShaNh~. Oavtd I Shatran, Barbara • II I 52 ~w.b~IW S ~w. Roben T.

~w. Steven J. 8 Shay, PalnCia D. IV 247, 240 Sheehan, nmoahy J. 1 149 Sheeks, Anne E. Ill 197, 213 Sheea. Kalh.yn A.. IV 214 ~. Rlclwd I 185 Shenff, Dolly I 211 Shenlf, El M. IV 211 Sherman, MIChael E. IV 188 Sherman, Shelley 1.>1. II 182. 153 Sherman, Son1ia 247 Shets1ad, Thomas C. s She<Vey, Donald H. Ill 17S, 216 SHERVEY, HARRIET 297 Sherwin, Lt~ I. Ill 174, 181 Shefwood, Cerald L 8 Shock, Manlyn 175 Shoelds, Vorgi~ A.. 6 Shtmek, Rlck ). IV 202. 280 Shomer, ~rk 3 Shonke, Dave II 162 Shoemaker, Oavod 0. S Shoermker, Rtchard A.. S Shold. PalnCta A.. I 152 Shong. C. E. Shong. John I 168 Shong. Joy Shroyer, AM M. I 284, 205, 165 Shurr, Kalhleen II 159 Soebenschul\. linda K. II 145 St~ John E. II 155 Soegel. Pame~ Ill 160 Siegmund, MicNel ). I 204, I 57 Sterack~ Roben R. 8 Soesenop, M:arpret 3 SienrNM, Jeanne II HS Siever, LYM I HS Steven. ~ne S. 6 Stever~. Debora K. 2 SIEWERT, CAROL 30S Stkon, Th~s A.. I 161 51~. PaD'ICia A.. I 163 Soler, Sally J. Stiver, PatriCia L 7 Stiver, Thomas A..



S.tvenhom, Addrson I 264

SttNndl, ~es w. 1 162 Simenson. Dantel "1. 4 Stmes, Mary R. II 174 Stmmons. Teresa ~ 4 Stmon, John II 148 Simonson, Dantel XI 167 Stmonson, Jeffrey ~ s Simpson, Deanne P. 4 Sims. Chns~ne L 3 Sims. Cerald v. C 240 Sonck, H. ). 213 Barbara K. 2 Stnger, Carol~ I 152 Stpcia, Roben Ill 161 Strod<in, MMcia 11 286, 165 Stttrmn, Donna ). 8 Stuman, RICk L 6 Stvetthom. Addison 166 Stzer, Wilham ). IV 161 Sjosarom, Lynene F. 2 Skamser, Susan l . IV 240 Skehon, A~n J. 4 Skidmore, Ooma S. I 154, 208 Skinner, Godfrey I 259 SkjegsQd, Karen M. IV 240, 197 Skoog. Bruce 166 SkO<czewsk~ ltnda L I lOS, 154 Skoro, M. R. 3 Skom, leslte 3 Skrenes, Neal I 332 Skudey, Jeffrey S. S Slade, Sheny II 147 ~lky, ~ry 8. I 144, 201 Slanery. ~mes ). 3 ~uson. Suwn K. 8 ~wnikowski. OOIYI R Slenerdahl. S..Wn 3 Slinger, Phillip J. Slo~. Sam 167 Slupe, Thomas c 262. 146 Smelaer. Pauiene A.. I Smerchek, Roben T. IV 240 Smot!S. ~S.2

Smtih, Alex 4 Smrth, Allen A.. 7 Smtih, Ber1 E. Smtih, A.. Smilh, Carol A.. Ill 152 Smtih, Cheryl L IV 241 Smilh, ChriSitne R. Smith, Chl'lSty L I SMITH, CLYDE 312 Smolh, Cratg l. 8



Smoth, Ctaos T. 1 167 Smoth, Cneghton 5 Smith, DM>iel 3 Smoth, DM>ny R 7 Smoth, Deb<a II 160, 208 Smoth, Oeb<a L. Ill 208 Smoth, DoMll IV 14-4, 241 Smoth, Douglu B II 206 Smoth, Douglu E. IV 161, 241 , 206 Smoth, E. E. U Smoth, Cerald L Smhh, Crq 6 Smoth, J~der M . IV 159 Smith, J~net B Smoth, Ywrence C. I 194 Smith, L~ L. I 154 Smoth, ~lion II 159 Smith, Mora L IV 241 Smoth, P~troce A. II 184 SMITH, ROBERT 264, 276 Smoth, Ronold W . 6 Smoth, Tomothy A. 6 Smoth, Tomothy J. 2 Smolh, Tom W IV 241 Smoth, v~ A. 7 Smrebr, Tholms J. 2 SmuhL Robert J. a Smydra, ~n~y F 5

Sneesby, ~ne E. Snoder, ~ra B. 2 Snouffer, Ronold P I 194 S.'-'YDER. STEPHEN 312 Soc:N, Lon~ A. I 163, 213 SocNcki, ~rprel II 169 ~b. Annoe M . I 144 Sohn, ldf Ill 157 Sohoh, Lo~ L IV 241 Sokolowlki, Rxhel 4 Solberg. ~mes A. a Sloe, Joan M. Ill 195 Solys~ M~rpret A. IV 241 Som~.~~ 4 Sommer, Doulps 0 . II 280 Sommerfeld, ~rol A. 2 Somm~. RocNrd E. Ill 192 Sopko, ~mes M . 7 Soppa, ~mes E. 8 Sorce, Katlvlne A. 2 Sorensen, Oaore ~ 11 163 Sotensen, Karen A. IV 163 Sorrel, Kathleen A. C 304, 180 SorrelL Rochvd L. IV 188, 194 Sotum, Ceny A. Ill 205 ~th . Don~ R 6 ~lvl. O~vid I 187 SPAI. , JUDY 296 ~uldong. Franas J. I ~. LO<T~one C.IV247, 179,241, 200 Spears, M. L I 179, 241, 200 Spechl, Pnscol~ 8 ~tr~. Beth I 154 Speoch, Ronold E. 8 Spetdel, John 217 Speodel, Timothy J. 2 Speodel, Tom P. IV 255, 273 Spencer, Edw~rd A. 6 Spoeg~r. Tholms R. 6 Spoel~n. Roger A. Ill 204 Spondler, ~ry II 168 Spondler, Patrock R. 3 Sponner. Roger F. IV 241 Sponb, Beverly A. Sponb, Robert J. Splo~~re. Ron P 6 Spo~er. Joe 255 Spoerl, Tracy M. 111 154, 209 Sponem, Vockoe L II 152, 213 Spraugue, B~n II 166 Sprecher, ~t M. IV 241,207 Spoenzel, ~nhew I 160 Sponger. Joe 5 Spooul, John Ill 162 Sqyoer, Teny J. 6 S<ol.~. ~ry L Ill 184, 207 S<o<Niski, Robert S. St. Armuld. Tern M . II 175 St. O~or. Yny A. 6 ~qe, P~tnck

J. 6

Sufford, C. E. 3 ~ne, Creg L I Sl~ger. John J. 4 Slallsmoth, Doug C 272, 274 ~sud.~rk6 ~nelc. ~~ra A. I 1S9 St-lc. P~triCill II 288, 160 SIM>ford, Crqory A. 6 St~ngel, Ken J. 111 191 ~nley. Althes K. 8 ~nley, Lynn A. IV 214


Slonton, Cynth;, L 2 SIM>ton, Dennis II 189, 157 ~ton, Timothy H. 6 SIM>tun, Pud II 981 Supf, Robert J. 2 ~. ~<ilhll144

Supleton, Jolvl 166 ~. Ronold IV 167 Starck, ~~ L 6 ~ric. Beth M. I 205, 154, 213

Static. Craig A. 8 Starkey, Lo~.nn I 154 Starr, Do~ld ~ Ill 204 St~. Teri 8 Stasuk, Doug~s I 158 Swuk, Jeffrey II 255, 158 ~te, und~ L 7 ~thus, Ceorge

I 166 St~udl. Andy IV 272 SQuffacher, Fia I Stouss, Kenneth L 3 Sl..-icki, Bob I 155 ~y. BWIII169 Steber, M. ~ Steber, Robert W . 8 Stec~uer. Rock I 255, 155 Steeber, ~ A. IV 241 Stepil, ~ry W . IV 241 Steon. Jon 2 SleinbKh, Cleron L IV 273 Steinbach, MalVin IV 241 Sleonbos, Colleen A. I 144 Sleinbis, SleVen R. 7 Steonke, Emory L. 5 Sleinpteis, o;,ne II 145 Slelten, Doone L II 147 Stemper, Robert J. 5 Sle~vich. W~ter ~ I 149 Slener, Lin~ IV 241, 169, 201, 208, 211 Slenrem, ~n E. 8 Stepon, Comoe IV 247, 169, 206 Sleplwl, Virginia H. I 159 Stephony, Virgin~ M . Ill 175 Stephens. Cer•ld E. 8 STEPHENSON, SUE C 295 Sleppler, Puicio A. I 165 Slerbenk. Tholms F. 5 Stevens, ~d M. I 158, 213 SteVens, Robert L 7 Sle\<ermer, Clenn B. IV 241 Slewm Alon II 162 Stew011, Bob 11 162, 213 SleWMt. Kathy L Ill 147 Slewm ~ry B. IV 241, 159


w. c. c

Sod<~r. htb L IV 207 Sockney, Don R. I 273, 168, 213 SoegJbouer, O•le 0 . IV 187, 242 Soegloa. M . C. 7 Soeglitz. Dean E. I 200 Stoennroud, Crady 255 Stodola, Cerald IV 242 Stoeklen. lJ~ L. u Sloikes, Terry M. II 167 Stoonsko, O•vid A. IV 189 Stoosolovich. Jerry A. IV 191, 242 SloHe, Jane II 163 Stokke, Ron I 148 Stokke, Sally L II 160, 165 Slollrczyk, ~ry I 163, 207, 213 Stone, MMjorie N. I 154, 211 Stone, v . J. Stoneberg. John 3 SIO<beck, Ann M. II 144 Storie, Yny 0 .



Stou~ Oallid II 165 Strands, Jo1v1 T. 2 Strang. Ondy S. I 280 Stratman, Knstine R. IV 242, 196 Stranon, Sara J. 3 Straub, Eoleen M. I 152 Strauch, Philop R. IV 242, 158 Strauch, Sanaa K. 11 205, 159 Strauss, Kathy IV 144, 247, 242, 208 Snbelinslci, 8~ A. I 164, 207 Streeter, Lynn J. IV 262, 242 Strege, O•wn II 154 Snh~u. Daniel J. 7 Snhlow, SM>dra I 147 Stremer, Dennis IV 190, 165 Soey, Susan A. IV 197 Stntof, Catol A. 8 Stroebel, Kari L II 153

StrohboKh, Philip 0 . 8 Suohbusch, W . Ann IV 242 Stromer, Nkho~s I 146 Stromer, P. IV 242 Suong. Dwight T. Ill 681

Suong. JeffiY Strong. Keoth

0. Ill 216, 158 ~

Ill 186 Strong. ~ncy L I 208 5troo-«. Wayne H . 7 Stronshane, James R. IV 165 Stroud, Kathleen ~ IV 242 Struck, Judoth C. 6 Slrvck~nn. Janet M. Ill 175, 196, 211 Strunk. William H. 4 Strupp, Tholms 0 . Ill 167, 202 Strycharske, Thomas 0 . IV 161, 242 Slrzok, Slephanie M . 8 Stuck, ~rtha K. II 163, 208 Sruckmonn, ~rol J. I 147 Stumpf, frederick w. 6 Sturm, Donald H. Stumo~ ~mes B. I 274, 165 Slyer, Mlc:Nel B. 6 Suchaner, Sleven C. IV 242 Such~. Sharon K. IV 242 Suchorslo, Robert A. 6 s..torlce. ~rlc E.8 SuoiS, ~rtN A. 4 Sulovan, Sandra J. IV 175, 202. 206 Sull,.,an, Tholms II 162 Summerfield, Dean L. I 149, 200 Sundberg. Judy L. I 159 Sundby, Sylvan C. I Sund~ng. ~·ph w. 4 Surges, DougW S. Ill 174 5uys. ~ 147 Svabk, Mildred A. IV 174, 242, 208 Svabk. Paul T. IV 242 Svetlok, David C . 8 SwM>, Beverly A. IV 242, 211 Swanke Jr. Roy L II 198 SwM>IOn, Sandra J. II 180, 154, 200, 207 Swanson, Vicki I Swatek, Ellen 3 Swaule, Kozomos IV 175 Sweet, Fred E. 8 Swenson. faye L IV 242 Swenson. Linda IV 152, 242 Swenson, M~O W. Swick, Nancy L IV 199 Swick, Steven E. I 264, 199, 165 Swlngen, Cregory C. IV 214 Sykes, Tholms M . 2 Sykora, luloe K. IV 242

Sykora, Theddore F. 2 Symon, Paull 148 Syth, ~mes R. I Sulewsko, Mlc:Nel J. 6 Surlcowoa, Mochoel A. II 157 Szekeress. Joseph E. IV 174 Szmancb, J~nice B. IV 242 Szro~ LOUIS ~ II 168 Szlukowsko, Pam I 163 ~k.~~l

I 1~

Tahher, Thomas J. I Ta~ Buo T. I 161, 121 Taopale, Karen R. Ill 213 Tabor, Mark IV 243 Tamm~ Beth A. 7 Tamms, I 149, 201 Ton, Soen·H;,n II 214, 168 Tanck, ~rvin A. 8 Tanko, Sheny 152 Tanner, ~rtwa L Tanner, Thomas L 111 174 Tapp, C. C. Tappo, loaM K. IV 195, 213 Tatro, MICNel J. IV 186, 243 Tauchen, ~ld L I 255, 162 Tauer, Karl T. 8 Tavares, Rota II 174, 160 Taylor, Alan R. IV 243 Taylor, Jean A. 3 Techel, ~ck IV 186 Teoch, Roben IV 168 Teeselonk, O~id W. 7 Teoch, Robert 2 TeiCh, Robert W . 3 Te.gen, ~ry S. II 194 Te~Sen. ~n A. IV 204, 2•3 Te.g en, Jerry T. 4 Te.gen, ~m C. 6 Te.gen, RocN<d J. 4 Teli a. Thomas S. II 158 Tenono, James K. II 146 Tenpas, John H. IV 204, 243 Tepler, lticNrd A. 3 Teppo, Debby 180 Terb<lcox. PatriCia E. I 153, 207 Terry, Rou R. II 144, 200 Terry, Ruth I 147 TNiacker. Janice 1

TNnh, le V IV 161, 211


TNrbs. Nancy a Thelen. ~ry Beth IV 461, 341, 243, 209 Therou. Muom ~ Thobado, MocNel ~ IV 243, 809 Thiele, ~I M. 6 Thoele, ancy II 165 Thies, Todd I 158 THOMAS, OR. CHARLES 214 Thomas, o • F. Thomas, Doane Thomas. Hank 215 Thomas, Janes A. 11 148 Thomas, Ruth H . 304 Thomforde, Marie IV 182, 243 Thompson, Agnes M. 5 Thompson, Cory 0 . 111216 Thompson, L E. 6 Thompson, P~ul B. I 158, 213 Thompson. Rodney L. S Thomp10n, Susan J. IV 182 Thompson, w~ o . 1 149 Thom1on, Rancbl L 4 Thorp, Coleen o . IV 219, 243 Thorson, Kathl).n I 145 THURIN, OR. ERIK 306 Thouslenson. ~net 5 THURIN, SUSAN 306 Tibbins, Yura M. Ill 169 r oemM>, DenniS R. Tlemey, SNwn 111 169 TIETZ. RENATA 31) Tiffany, Lou I 286, 288, 147 Tiger, Deborah L II 154 Tijan, Samuel w. 4 Til~son. DenniS A. 6 Tillmon, O~llid F. II 198 Timber, ~rilyn I 163 Timber, Michael 4 Timblin, ~rson R. U Timm, ~ny 186 Timmerman, Lo~ C. 6 Timmerman, MortN E. Ill 182 TIMPER. PRISCILLA )12 r.,ucd, Jolvl P. 3 Tiry, Joe H. 111 198 rne, DenniS w. 1 148 Tobias, N~nci K. 7 Toe. .er, W~yne A. II 262, 1S7 Tohloer, Tom II 158 Tollesfrud, Suunne Ill 160, 180 Tolleson, Doxie L 4 Tombal, Oillne M Ill 174 Tomfohr, Wilham K. Tomrer, Reynolds 0. 4 Tonk01, Denys M II 181 Toppif1g. Terrell w Torauoo, Yny Ill 161 Torgerson, Debra 2 Torgerwn. Suw1 K. II 182, 281 Torgerson, T. J. C Torres, Paub 1 144 Tosse~nd. Cheryl II 205, 164 Tourville, Br~n A. 8 TOWNSEND, OR MARY AN 305 Townsend, James A. 8 Toyngbauer, Scon 255 Traber, John W. IV 175 Trader, ~1;, A. I 147 Traeder, Cus 4 Traeger, Oeb<a K. 111 195 Trafford, Ruth Ill 144, 195, 208 Trahms, Philop w. 8 Trainor, RorWd R. 2 Trampf, Uny J. IV 191 Tran. Xuyen 6 Tranberg. ~ry I 165 Tranberg. Jom A. 4 Trapp, ~mes W . 7




Trasb, Deb<a F. 6 Trautner, Sally A. II 169 Travis, Loro l . Ill 182 Traxler, htrlcQ C 305 T,._ Soster Jun M. TREIBER, RICHARD 307 Trengen, Dillnne C. rv 243 Tress, ~il M. I 14-4 Tretbn, Hope L. 114-4 Trieber, Moc:Nel J. IV 243 Tnee, Ear1 W . IV 243 Trin. Jayson L IV 243 Tril~ Jeffrey S. I 342 Trill. leon C. IV 243 Trost, James L. 7 Troserson. Sue n 160 Troupe, Kathleen V. II 145 TNax, Donna L. IV 152. 243 TNmbo, Dan L. 4 Tncinski, loU T IV 184, 243, 195

T ruslet, ~n II 160 TUCHEL. 808 313 Tucker, Lori I 152 Tu~. Rochatd H. II 197 Tu~. James F. 6 Turchony, Roger A. IV 243 TURPLI , DIANA 304 Tusch l, James J. 111 202 Turner, James E. IV 243 Tylee, Bobene M. I Tumet, Jean 205 T~e. Rebecca S. Ill 195 T)'I'Yfter, David 166 Tyskiewlcz. ~rge M . 6

Ubbelohde, Liso I 163, 201 Udee, Lin~ J. 1151 Uebele, ~rb IV 200, 152, 201, 207 Ueh~ng. ~n J. I 14-4 Uhlenbraud<. W~ham L. 4 utness, Carol IV 243, 201 Unertl, Donie! C. 5 Unger, AI 268 Unger, Robert 4 Urasky, David C. I 187

Urbanek, Oennrs E. 7 U~nek, MaryJO

Z. 6 UNwonlc. Joon 3 Usiewocz. Ronald A. C 304, 206 Ussel, ~ry P. IV 243 Utech. Robert L. IV 194 Vagts, Joann M. I 159 varoga, Dock A. IV 247, 157, 198, 21 Vallee, Douglas F. 8 Valley, ~<Wra ~ IV 244 Van, Hang Q. IV 161, 211 Van Berg. Tim II 255, 162 Von Long. PNn 8 Von Oudenhoven. Steve P. 8 VAN OSOALE, JOHN 296 Vande Voon, David R. IV 204 Vondeberg. Chnstopher J. 7 Vandeberg. Ynce H . 8 Vandebosm MICNel R. IV 264 Vandenberg. Anthony J. I 8()4, 161 V~ndenberg. Thomas A. 8 Vandenhoy, htne~ A. 8 Vandenhoy, Rochatd I 146 Vanderboom, MicNel P. 7 Vondergnnten, Peter 8 VanderhOof, Jolv18 Vonderhoof, Joyce 7 Vanderlcamp, Aboga~ A. Vanclerbmp, Lonaone M . Vanderloop, Jeny 4 Vandetloop, Thomas J. IV 244, 193 Vandervest, 5. L IV 244 Vanderw~ker, Louose S. 8 Vanderwerf, Mary M. II 154 Vanderwerff, Oillne M. 5 Vandewalle, Ronold J. 6 Vandyke, ~net 7 Vandyke, Robert J. Ill 456 VANEK, ALYCE 307 V~nells, Bill II 156 Vonepps, Lynn f . IV 24-4 Vone~

K.• 2

Viclona 1163 V-venhoven. Rota 0. 8 V•~es. Pholip C. I 155 Vandeltseete, T. Morlc IV 190 Vanhou~ M. E. U Vanhou~ Slephen S. 2 VM>ish, Peter A. Ill 168, 196 Vonlorlc, SNron 1147 Vonkylen. ~ A. 4 Vanmucci, Molce 2 Vantreeck, MoeNel 6 Vartanoan, RocNrd A. 5 Vasey, Joanne M. IV 24-4 Vasey, Karen M.

Vasholz, hut A. I Vasquez. HollOn 1148, 212 VaugNn. Constance A. 2 Vaughon, Joyce M. 6 V~uglvl, Lucinda M. Ill 174 Vaughn, RorWd J. Voughn, Steve 2 Vavra, Allee C. IV 204. 24• Vavra, VirgJnoa M. IV 204, 244 Veccie, ~ry P. Ill 165 Veerasi~m. Ka~ya IV 211 Vela!do, 148 Veleke, R. L. S Veleswamo, Saraswathi IV 153, 244 Veloon, ~mes C. II 168

Venunt. Hervy A. IV 201 Velt>eten, James R. 6 Verdon. E. Frances Verdon. James R. 2 Verlcuilen, CoMie A. I 145 Verkuilen, Manha 111 284. 204 Vernon, Richard A. IV 194

Vernon, Susan J. Venrees, Janet L. IV 184, 244, 169, 195, 209 Veiling. Timolhy E. IV 157, 212 Venrus. Jean II 153, 208 Veum. Ole A. U Viele. Diana II 153 Vodlock. David W . IV 189, 244 BIENS, BETTY 305 Voens. O..rtone E. 2 Viens, Roger H. 4 Vilican, Creg J. 7 VI E, RICHARD 307, 200 Vortee, Philip J. II 1S7 Vomod>e, Karen M. I 205, 153 Vosor, J, Visser, Kim A 2 Vitucc~ 8atb A. 4 A 1 164 Vlcek. Vogel, Clen S. II 162 Vogel, Kalhy 175, 208 Voigt. jack L I 255, 274 Voit. Roger 5 Void, Li~ K. 2 VON 8ERC. LOIS 294 Von Haden, Cartane Von Oi~er. Bill II 162 Voss, R. L Voss, Robena M. IV 244 Vrana, Jim 11 188 Vriesacker, Beny A 4 Vruwink, Robert C. 8 Vlech, Robcn 216


Waak. Howard H . Wachter, Melody A II 184, 159 Wachuu. Mary 5. I 153 Wacker, Robert w. 7 Wade, O..rtes L 4 Wagenknecht. Ellen C. Ill 159 Wagner, Dale C. 2 Wagner, David R. IV 244 Wagner. Debbie 3 Wagner, Janet K. IV 205, 244 Wagner, jay A Wagner, lucille 111 147 Wagner, Rosalyn M. C 305, 180 Wagner, WiRiam M . 2 Wahl, lau~ I 144 Wahl, Thomas E. IV 244 Walci)innig. joan M. 4 Waldenberger, David L. 6 Walgren, Fredric 0 . IV 161 Walia, Jagmohan IV 21 1 Waling. Barba IV 244, 169 Walker, Barba~ R. Walker. Bnan C. I 270 Walker, R. J. 8 Walker, Robert A 2 Walker. Theresa C. IV 174, 244 Walker, Waunil.l IV 244, 169, 208 WALL, OR. C. S. 215, 312 Wall. )ames M. Wall, l•~ ~ I 147 WaU, Rulh A I 145 Wabce. 0 . 7 Waller. Pamela L. I 288, 154, 213 Wallin, larry R. IV 244 Wdin, Lindsey R. I 149 W~schaleger. Marlc I 149 Walsh, Cynlhia 8. I 153 Walsh, L~ M. I 144, 157 Walsh, Thomas C. Ill 214, 155 Walter, O..rles S. 6 Waller, Darnel J, 4 Walter, Kalhelene A Ill 244 Walters, Cerald M. Ill 175, 216, 213 Walters, Sharon IV 244, 154 Wanek. James 0 . 5 Wang. Phyllis IV 200 Wang. V.eta C. 7 Wanger, 8oMie IV 200 Wangen, Bonnie I. IV 159 Wangerin, Don II 157, 213 Wangler, Nadine IV 152 Wanish, Daniel J. Wara, lany 217 Ward, Roben W . Ill 167, 161 WARD, ROBERT 313 Ward, Wiliam 3 Warden, Joan K. Ill 152, 201, 208, 231

Wardman. James IV 245, 168, 194 Ware, lang II 255, 274 Warlield. Shirtey Warner, Charles A 6 Warner, 0oM L I 274 Warner, Patncla A I 160, 184, 209 Warner, Terrence 5 Warnke, David L I Warnock, Stephen R. II 157 Wanen, John A I 162, 194 Wani~tOn,

Cloria J. I

Washburn, James S. 6 Waslb.s. Sharon J. 1145, 197 Waters, John S. II 168 Waters, Mary R. IV 245, 168 Watkins, Terry A IV 262, 186 Watson, John 0 . 4 Watson, Judith II 145, 156 WATZKE, MARY ANN 304 Waalawlck, Sleven P. I Waukau, C. I Way, Judy 153 Webb, David C. Ill 193 Weber, Emie I 155 Weber, Howard 0 . 111157 Webber, Alan II 168 Weber, Marlc I 148, 200, 206, 209 Weber, Pat6 Weber, Raymond J, 4 Weber, Stephen J. IV 157 Webster, Daniel I 155 Webster, Ceorge S. 7 Weckmueller, Ned A Wedepoh~ Wamtn A. 6 Wedyck. Chris IV 4n Wegener. Randall ~ I 274, 148 Wegner, Jeffrey H. IV 166, 245 Wegner, Paul S. I 161, 213 Wehrs, james A 7 Weickgenam, Tom 1148, 206, 209 Weider, B•b 190 We.geL Jud•lh M . 7 Weiler, Ellen E. I 164, '207 Weinkauf, Cary K. 1 Weis, Cynlh~ I 160 Weise, LOMie L. IV 214 WeisenseL Annene S. 2 Weisman, Bob A I Weiss. Damon 11 187, 200 Weiss, Oougb.s A IV 216, 245 Welch, AM 8 Welch, David A 6 Welch, Patricia A 3 Wenhan, Tony II 168 Welkos, Mary J. 4 Wells, Frances 1 147 Wells, John IV 209 wens. SheRa 5. 4 Wells, Steven IV 166, 216 Welsh, Michael E. 8 Wemmer. Philip A 8 Wemmer, Rosanna M . 2 Wernpy, Pud II 343 Wendt. Ann II 184, 159, 159, 213 Wendt, Eleanor E. IV 179, 245, 195. 208 Werodt. Eliubeth J. 6 Wendt, Michael R. 111 157 Wenk, Richard J. 8 Wensel, Carol A 8 Wentland, David Ill 166, 268 w~. land 11 162 Wt<blow. Janice L. 111288, 179, 160, 195, 213 Werch, Chudley E. I 155 Werner. Ann II 184, 159 Werner, Jill A IV 245 Werner, John A IV 245 Werner. Kalhryn A 5 Werener, Michael R. IV 175 Wenh, Deborah J. IV 181, 245, 195 Werth, Pamela A. I 181, 201 Wesley, Clenda F. C 212 Wesley, Sharon R. 7 Wesley, Warren '205 Wessels. Roben 7 West. Janel Ill 159. '200 West. Thomas II 157 Westenberger. Kun 2 Westerlund, O..rtene E. 6 Westerlund, Pal 2 Westlund, C. C. Westman, Donald R. II 273, 148 Westpfahl, Richard 0 . 4 WestpOhl, Kip II 158 Wt~enkamp. Sieve II 259 Wensteln, Alice A 7 Wenstein, Michael J. IV 255, 245 Weymoulh, Jane I 163 Wheeler. 8re~ J, 8


Wheeler, Whe<:ler, Wheeler. Wheeler,

OaMy C. 8 Debra I 463, 159 Mary K. I Richard 0 . 6 Whe~han, Tony R. II 200 Whetsel. Deb~ 111 144 Whhe. Christine A Ill 154, 208 Whhe, Ed IV 146 White, James H. 3 Whhe, John R. C White, Joyce Ill 212. 164 Whhe, Kathleen M. IV 245 Whhe, M. C Whhe, Thomas J. 6 White, Timothy C. IV 205, '203, 245, 155 While, William T. Ill 214 Whitney, Joy IV 159 WHYOOTSKI, MYATLE 304 WIChmann, C . II 403 WichmaM, Sally J. Ill 180 Wick. Cary T. 6 Wicklace. Peggy M . IV 245, 209 Wickman, Ralph C. Ill 161 Wodmer, Richard W. Ill 187, Mary IV 245, 159 W.ecletmeyer, LyM 144 Wiedmann, Karen C. 8 Wiedner, William 8 Wiedrich, Oebor1h L 111199 W.ehe, LyM L Ill 175, 281 W.ehe, Theodore 204 Wieloch, Oallis E. IV 245 Wienke. Richard 8 . 8 W.ese. Richard w. Ill 169 W.esman, Arlyn C. Ill '203, 204 Wiesman, Cary IV 245, 156 W.esmueller Judy II 165 Wiesner. Sheri l . IV 245 Wiest. Judith L. 5 WigdahL Nancy R. Ill 152 Wigen, Ray 215 Wiinamaki, Margaret A C Wik, 0 . 0 . 2 Wikkerink, Clenda M. II 144 Wilde, AMe 1147 Wilder. ancy R. IV 184, 205, 245, 195 WILE, JACK 297 Wiles, Thomas M. I 453, 497, 808 Wilhlnson. Steve 174 WiUsnki, Kathryn M. I 153, 197, 208 Wilke, Nancy I 144 Wilke. Ronald L 8 Wilkinson, B~ley J. II 148 Wilkinson, Kenneth A. IV 149 Will, Rudolph R. Ill 155 WILLARD, OR. 297 Willene, Bruce A. 3 Willger, John 8. 8 Williams, Barba~ I 144, 200 Wdliams, Bryan l . 5 Williams, Etiubelh 2 Williams, Cail 11 '205, 154, 201


Will~ms. C~ld 4

WILLIAMS, JOHN 332 Williams. John C. Williams, linda L II 163, 208 Williams, VIC10rla R. 4 Williamsen. Dave l . IV 188, 245 Wiltihmganz, Charles L IV 190, 245 Willkom, Patricia A 6 Willkomm, Khty L Willkomm, WiRiam J. Wills, Oougalas A. 6 WllSO , OR. ANITA 305 Wilson, Harry 8 Wilson, Cynthia 213 Wilson, Mary A I 284, 286, 160, 152 Wilson, Mary K. 1284, 286, 152, 160, 213 WilSON, R088 307 Wilson, Therese II 153 Wiltzius, C. C W~tzius, David F. Wilaius, Thomas J. 8 Winans, ~ig P. 4 Winchester, Norbert 1 Windsor, James C. 6 Winek, Cary J. 6 Winick, Candance M. Ill 541 Winkelman, Margaret P. IV 145,245,195 W~nkler, Belly J. IV 246, 154 Winkler, frank E. I 149 Winkler, Richard K. 11167, 217, 264 Wmn, JimJ. 6 Winter, Manha E. 2 Winterleldt. Duane 6 Wipperfurth, Cordon J, 5 Wischmeier, Cynthia II 169 Wiskow, Cerald L IV 149, 246, 194, 200 Wisner, Paul R. I

Wisniewski, Cail 3 Wisniewski, Peter J. I 166, 264 Wisoa:ke, Thomas L 8 Wisser. Ceorge H. 6 Witeck. )ames C. Wneck, Sue A. 8 Witkiewia, Diane II 154, 2Q6 Witkiewia. Jean M. 111 206 Wonstein, Alice 208 Wine. O..rtes A 111 175 Winer, Kalhie II 160 Woelffer, Dean R. Ill 166, 165 WoeiHer, Kim I 268 Woerlel, P. H. IV 273 Woller, Kim 255 WohNeil, Lois L C Wojchik, Ann M . I 153 Wojlciewicz. Evelyn C. II 179, 199, 163, 197 Wojnar, Cynthia L. I 152 Wojtak. Rna 111 147, 208 Wojtowla, Edward P. 1187, 155 Wokosin, Daniel L 8 Woldbilling. Joan 147 Woldmarlarn, Cetnnel 1 152 Woldt, Kathleen A 2 WoleiZ, Richard C. 7 Wolea. Steve 5 WoH, Jon P. II 160, 169 WoKe, Sharon A WoHf, Jenn~er I 213, 153 WoHg~m. Arvid A IV 185, 246 WoHg~m. Caryt II 247 Wofniakowskl, Judy M. II 163 Wolske, Rosemary 7 Wondra, Evelyn f . II 152, '207 WONC, EDDIE 307 W~Kal C. I Wong. Phyllis II 206 WOM, janet f . II 147 WOM, Junanne I Wood, Ken I WOOD, SAMUEL 297 Wood, Steve w. 6 Woodard, Mary S. Ill '207 Woodford, Cynlhia K. 4 Woodhouse, Michael IV 246 Woods, Mary II 160 Woodwick, Cynlhia L IV 209 Worachek, frank 2 Workman. James C. 111294.161. 189,204 Workman. Mary 1152, 211 Worm, jacquelyn K. IV 246 Woq>le, Todd f. 7 Wonhington, Susan 145 Wonhington, Vonne R. I 145 Wrass, Roger M . I 146 Wredner, Dick '202 Wreford, Raymond J. 3 Wrensch. Thomas J. IV 157 WRICHT, OR. LAWRE a 312 Wright, james E. II 166 Wright, freda 295 Wrobe~ R~ J. IV 184 Wu, Thomas C. 5 Wuebben, Mary IV 246 WURTZ, OR. ROBERT 312 Wysocki. Scon R. Ill I SS Wyss, Ronald l . 2




Yachinlch, Margaret A IV 247, 246 Yadetie, Kebede 2 Yakesh, Pm I 273 Yanda, David IV 246 Yapp, Thomas R. 6 Yankunas, Steven Ill 155 Varnon. james R. Ill 158, 213 Yazzie Mlon 212 Yeast. 8. J. Yeast. Cary 0 . 8 Yemer.eab. Tekeste IV 246, 211 Y'~ Jean H. 3 Youmans, Bob 0. 8 Young. David f. 6 Young. Oebor1h A I 160 Young. Holly f . I 163 Young. Kyow I Young. Sieve R. IV 161 Young. Steven M. II 211 You~bauer, Sco n 2 Youngdal, Scon 149 YOIU18tnan. Dal\'1 C. Ill 216 Youogquist. James You~quist, Li~ M. 6 Yourchuck. Stephen 5. 8

Yunger. Bob 148 Zaborskl, Thomas E. Ill 215, 194

bdny, James C. s Zahasky, Paul E. IV 168 Zahn, John C. 8 Zahorik, Richard A Zaidi. ehal 174, 211 Zais, Stephen C. II 274 Zajac. Alan J. 3 Zak, M. 8. Zak, Richard A 6 Zakrzewski, John J. Zamecnik, Cary 3 ZAMPACH, CHRIS 284, 286, 288 Zander. Balbara A Ill 201 Zander, Mark II 210 Zangri, Susan F. 2 Zanlco, Cary L. Zapp. Julie A I 160, 163 Zappa, f~nk 169 Zamradka, Kns 4 Zamstorff, Kalhy E. IV 246 Zastrow, Beny 11 152. '208 Zastrow, Janet 6 Zastrow, Mies IV 216 Zech, Barba~ M. U Zeeberg. un; u Zeeberg. Per J. 8 Zeise, u~ J. 111 182, 165 l.elenka, Jerome H. 3 l.elenka, Mary A I 159 z.e~nske. Jefflty J. I 149 Zellnslce, Steven W . IV 149 Zelinski, C~t 0. I Zebmer, James L II 217, 255, 274 l.ellmer, John R. I Zelonky, Manin J. 7 Zemke. John II 166 z.enor. O~ford H. l.etd, Cary T. 8 Zhe. Dudley ZQs, Steve 255 Zlcken, Altha J. 7 Zlcken. C~ld c. a Ziebell, Ruth Ill 144, '205 Ziebell. Susan A. :zie8elman, Tom Ill 148 Ziegler, Barbara A 1 154 Zletger, Charles 5. IV 246 Ziehme, Richard M. 5 Zietanis, joaMe Ill 147, 195, 208 Ziefinski, Joan 11 159 Zlelnlckl, Mary P. I 163 Zlemendorf, Dean A II 146, 210 Zlen, Jerry J, 6 Zilisch, Perry J. 5 Zlmbric, jane M. IV 181, 246 Zimmerman. Arian J, I 201 Zlmmetman, Cary Ill 167 Zimmerman, Marie II 162 Zimmerman. Mary II 1S3 Zimmerman, Tom IV 246 ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM 307 ZirnmermaM, Dale J. IV 246 ZlmmermaM, Judy ZMey, Rod P. IV 190 Zinck. Herberl J. 111 194 ZJTO, 8RUa 312 Zjala, Michael ~ 1 210 Zmyewski, Steve 259 Zobel, Karen I 152 Zoerb, johanna M . I 200 Zopp, Dennis L 8 Zschaechrwr, Ellen 5 Zuehlke, Marte E. 4 ZUERLEN, JOH 270






Zua, !~thy IV 145, 247, 184, 246, 2Q6 Zulz, Kalhy IV 246 Zwe'rel, Marie A IV 246 Zwltg. Milo 0. C. 194 Zy nyewskl, Sieve I 158


Photo Staff 332

ABOVE: john Williams, Head Photographer. RIGHT FIRST ROW: jim Maguire, Neal Skrenes, Linda Echer Rich Kiszka, BACK ROW: jim Schaff, Ed Graff, GeorgE Oles, Dan Dray.

Colophon The 1973 TOWER was printed by Paragon Yearbooks, A division of Herff Jones; in Montgomery, Alabama. The printing process was offset-lithography. The paper stock is Normandy. Type style is Optima Medium. Headlines are 24 pt.; copy is 12 pt.; captions are 10 pt.; and index is 8 pt.