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Known World Cooks and Bards


Lions Camp in Woodland Park, CO

Event Date(s):

April 20-23

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Total Adult Members:


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Total Child Members:


Total Child Non-Members:


Total Profit/Loss (Must Finish Financial Report): Competition Winners (if applicable): Still Open Items or Bills: What Went well?:

$1895.35 (less tithes of $870.24) =$1025.11 Mistress Guernen Cimarguid (McGongall competition) Master Dolan Madoch (Baroness Judith competition) None            

What Went wrong?:

Having two laurel ceremonies greatly helped. Some participants came solely for this reason. The camp director was greatly pleased by how we were quick to help and clean things. He has already asked us to return. Having the 2 kitchenettes available for the cooking classes worked really well!! The food overage worked well, as it made a very nice Sunday dinner Having the food plan was great for guests Lots of food for everyone, no one was hungry. No major mishaps in the kitchen or cooking. Site facilities were fantastic for cooking. All the people stepping in to help all weekend really made it easy for everyone. Weather was great! Having an indoor and outdoor fire. Having Mistress Theresea's outdoor kitchen was a huge hit.! The lodging was quite confusing to handle. While there were good reasons for doing the lodging reservation as we did, it made things possibly more complex than needed. The site found out two days before the event that

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Future suggestions:

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Other Noteworthy Items:

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their water was not potable. They did the best they could given the situation and provided water. Extra water had to be secured however, and this included two members going offsite to get 50 gallons. The site re-imbursed the members. The Food overage was a problem because the abundance of food was that people who could not purchase the food plan on arrival (which is normally a good idea to prevent over-selling) then saw a huge overage of food provided Having the food plan caused the kitchen staff to work long hours. Over sized the feast, but most things not used are being banked for future events The firepit did not allow for the heat to really reach those gathered. This was in part due to prevent a forest fire in the dry state. Have two teams for cooking - one for meal plan and one for feast. Have laurel ceremonies at the event. Integrate more with Acceps for all aspects and perhaps don't have mail in options - most people try to avoid checks anyway. There were plans to get a discount for out of town guests through United Airlines. The corporation decided not to sign this contract but to look at it as a future possibility for other events. I highly encourage pursuing airline discounts for event participants. There were a lot of places to advertise and it was not always clear where they were, how to get the advertising in, or to whom to speak. This includes: o Kingdom websites (with varying requirements) o The Corporation calendar o SCA Today o The Independent o The major wars Only a handful of people needed bedding. This was a nice hospitality device but more effort went into the service than it was used. The altitude (over 8000 ft) did cause some problems for some out of kingdom guests. Nothing serious but it was one of the more common complaints (as we figured it might be). The amount of profit was significantly higher than originally planned but that was in part due to a slightly higher attendance than planned as well as some great deals being offerred on some of the food. As a note, it

is believed that the pricing was at the right point. Making it lower would not have fit a known world event and may have actually caused a loss. Making it higher would have deterred more people from coming.

Itemized Finances ACCEPS set up Site down Payment fliers for Known World Cooks and Bards bank fee for depositing foreign check pre-registrations donation to cover bank fee KWCB pre-registrations KWCB teachers' honoraria supplies lodging pre-payment Pre-registation Pre-registation Pre-registation Pre-registation Pre-registation KWCB preregistrations KWCB preregistrations ACCEPS preregistrations for KWC&B Gate seed KWCB meal advance site tokens site payment * site fees and firewood (includes extra bunks) gate copies KWCB Merchant Fees preregistrations preregistrations Gate proceeds Gate bank refund Gate proceeds

(15.00) (50.00) (58.81) (10.00) 1,120.00 10.00 140.00 (69.77) 75.00 150.00 175.00 130.00 150.00 87.50 1,523.00 790.00 1,500.00 (150.00) (2,000.00) (33.20) (4,325.00) (50.00) (176.84) 20.00 1,842.50 160.00 1,877.50 150.00 172.50 sum 5/1/12

refund refund refund NMS food, supplies food supplies food food Tithe (as per bid) Tithe (as per bid) Tithe (as per bid)

3,134.38 -80 -15 -70 -20 -253.95 -44.9 -33.97 -691.21 -30 -290.08 -290.08 -290.08

sum 5/7/12


------------------------------------------------------* Site Payment includes: Private Rooms: 11 X 150 (3 nights) Heath Lodge Apartment: 325 (3 nights) Dorms: 120 person nights (41 people) Main Lodge: 3 days over 61 people Kitchen: 3 days Infirmary: 3 days Deposit:

1650 325 900 800 225 525 -100 -----------------------4325

KWCB6 post-event report  

KWCB6 post-event report

KWCB6 post-event report  

KWCB6 post-event report