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6 : 0 0a m - 7 : 0 0a m 7 : 0 0a m - 9 : 0 0a m

GrandCircleHospitalityDeskopening hours: 8:30 - 9:00 pm Early Bird coffee Buffet Breakfast in the Restaurant,Deck2 aft ARRIVE in PETROZAVODSK

9 : 3 0a m

PetrozavodskCity Tour

12:3 0p m

Poft Talk on Kizhi Bar,Deck4 aft Red,Yellow,Blue& GreenGroupsin the President Purple& OrangeGroupsin the TsarBar,Deck3 forward

1 : 0 0p m

Lunch in the RestaurantDeck2 aft

2 : 3 0p m - 3 : 3 0p m

Time at Leisure

3 : 3 0p m

Inner Circle Party in the PresidentBar,Deck4, aft

3 : 3 0p m


Trivia Quiz + Triple Cocktail(Gin Tonic, Cuba Libre,Screw Driver) Happy Hour in the TsarBan Deck3 forward not do both? Win the Cocktail with 30o/odiscount! Departfor the Optional KarelianFolk Show

7 : 0 0p m

All Aboard!

7 : 1 5p m

Deck2 afr Dinnerin theRestaurant,

7 : 1 5p m

Setsailfor Kizhi

ON-BOARDACTIVITY Bar,Deck4 aft Presentationon RussianFairy-Talesin thePresident 9 : 0 0p m 1 0 : 0 0p m

greatenteftainment, anda lot of fun! A bit of story-telling,somehome-theatre, Bar,Deck4 aft Livemusicand dancingin thePresident

hours: B:00AM- 9:30AM;3:00PM- 7:00PM;B:30PM- 9:30PM Giftshopopening service Hairdresser's andmassage areuponsign-up at theReception Our DailvCocktail- 15o/odiscount Today's movies 13:Catherine the Great Channel (PaftV) 14:WildRussia Channel 15: Doctor Zhivaqo Channel

RobRoy (RustyNail) Balalaika ApplePillar After Dinner Drink - 15o/oDiscount FernetBranca

Sale at the Reception Desk t5 o/oOff on WaistCoatsandJacketswith GCTLogo

Iffirlr+E.n gr{TffiaAry! The Wofltl is a book, and those who do not travel read onlv a page. -St. Auzustine


Giftshopopeninghours:B:00AM- 9:30AM;3:00PM- 7:00PM;B:30PM- 9:30PM Hairdresser'sserviceandmassageareuponsign-upat theReception 7:00pm 7:15pm...

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