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Proving Natural Resource Damage Under OPA 90: Out with the Rebuttable Presumption, in with APA-Style Judicial Review?, 85 Tulane L. Rev. 1039-74 (2011). (2011 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Symposium) U.S. to Clarify Its Rules of the Road: U.S. to Designate Rule 9 “Narrow Channels,” Seaways: Int’l J. Nautical Inst., Nov. 2010, at 24-25. How Narrow Is “Narrow”? NAVSAC Recommends the Coast Guard Develop Navigation Criteria, Proc. Marine Safety & Sec. Council, Spring 2010, at 16-18.

Disproportionately Impacted Minority Children in Washington’s Judicial System, Washington State Minority and Justice Commission, University of Washington School of Law, Oct. 8, 2010 (Seattle). William R. Andersen

Publications Judicial Review of Administrative Procedure Act Decisions, in Washington Administrative Law Practice Manual 10-1 to -33 (Lexis Supp. 2010). Op-Ed., Choose Judges Based on Principle, Not Policy, Seattle Times, Aug. 3, 2010, at A13.

Presentations Moderator, Panel on Applying Solutions: eNavigation Ashore, Pacific Maritime e-Navigation Conference, Nov. 17, 2010.

Helen Anderson

Publications Changing Fashions in Advocacy: 100 Years of Brief-Writing Advice, 11 J. App. Prac. & Process 1-17 (2010).

Presentations Panelist, Impediments to Review on the Merits, Washington State Bar Association, Washington Appeals: New Rules and Expert Guidance Through the State Appellate Process, Dec. 1, 2010 (Seattle). Kim Ambrose

Presentations Panelist, The Role of Juvenile Defenders in Shifting Perceptions and Public Dialogue, Washington State Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit, Oct. 30, 2010 (Leavenworth, WA).

Revising Harmless Error: Making Innocence Relevant to Direct Appeals, Texas Wesleyan School of Law, Innocence and the Road to Exoneration, Oct. 8, 2010 (Fort Worth).

Robert Anderson

Publications Aboriginal Title in the Canadian Legal System: The Story of Delgamuukw v. British Columbia, in Indian Law Stories 591-619 (Carole Goldberg, Kevin K. Washburn & Philip P. Frickey eds., Foundation Press 2011). Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law (Robert T. Anderson et al. eds., LexisNexis 2009 Supp.). Indian Water Rights, Practical Reasoning, and Negotiated Settlements, 98 Calif. L. Rev. 1133-63 (2010). Book Review, 84 N.M. Hist. Rev. 450-51 (2009) (reviewing Deborah A. Rosen, American Indians and State Law: Sovereignty, Race, and Citizenship, 1790-1880 (2007)).

Presentations Keynote speaker and panelist, Tribal Water in the Pacific Northwest, Federal Stream Adjudications Law Seminars International Conference, April 11, 2011 (Seattle).

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