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Books & Beyond Our Distinguished Law Library Leaders as viewed by Cheryl Nyberg, Librarian, Coordinator of Reference Services and Library Humorist

Working in the Reference Office last week, I had an interesting visitor. A humanoid alien materialized before me in a cloud of purple smoke. “Take me to your leader!” it commanded through a universal translator. As an experienced reference librarian, I have been trained to solicit additional information to clarify a question. “Can you tell me more about the type of leader you are seeking?” I replied calmly. “Are you perhaps looking for the Secretary of the United Nations, the President of the United States, the Governor of the State of Washington, the Dean of the School of Law, the director of the Law Library, or my mother?” After all, there are many leaders and many levels of leadership. I didn’t want to risk vaporization or some other painful fate for giving an incorrect answer! The visitor did not immediately respond. It seemed that s/he/it had not considered the many possibilities. “Identify your leaders in this place, time, and dimension, alphabetically,” were the next words I heard. I began the following recitation:

Crystal Alberthal, Library Specialist, received the North American Serial Interest Group award to a “promising paraprofessional” to attend its 2011 meeting. Rob Britt, Coordinator of East Asian Library Services, has chaired and served on several committees of the Council on East Asian Libraries and the North American Coordinating Council for Japanese Library Resources. Judy Davis leads the Library’s Resource-Sharing department, where she facilitates sharing this library’s materials with people around the world and obtaining research materials for School of Law faculty and students. 46

Reference librarian Lori Fossum is the current chair of the Government Relations Committee of the Law Librarians of Puget Sound. She is one of the primary compilers of the Washington State Inventory of official legal information, part of a national project working to ensure free, permanent, public access. Associate Law Librarian Jonathan Franklin has chaired the Copyright Committee of the American Association of Law Libraries several times, most recently in 2006-07. He currently chairs the Annual Meeting Program Committee which selects programs for the 2012 annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries. He was chosen as one of three international copyright advocates by the American Library

Association to train library leaders for advocacy with organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Summit on the Information Society. Penny Hazelton, Associate Dean for Library and Computing Services, is a nationally recognized law library leader. She is a past President of the American Association of Law Libraries and has chaired or served on dozens of its committees and task forces. She has served as the chair of the Committee on Libraries and the Law School Facilities Committees of the American Bar Association and has been on nearly twenty law school accreditation teams.

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