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Scholarly Dis Mary Fan

Assistant Professor of Law Professor Fan joined the law faculty in 2010 and

In January of this year, she also presented “Post-

specializes in U.S. and international criminal law

Racial Proxies” at the AALS Annual Meeting and has

and procedure and information privacy.

subsequently been invited to include this work in a

Fan’s writing on the regulation of police and prosecutors and the politics of criminal justice reform will be published in the North Carolina Law Review, the U.C. Davis Law Review, and the Cardozo Law Review in the coming months. Her article, “Beyond Budget-Cut Criminal Justice” was selected via blind peer review for presentation

book project that is currently under review at NYU Press. She has also been invited to write a chapter on the law of immigration and crime for the Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime and Immigration and to present “Beyond Budget-Cut Criminal Justice” at the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section’s meeting in Washington, D.C.

at the AALS Annual Meeting, Criminal Justice

Fan also co-authored International Criminal Law:

Section. She presented on a panel with leading

Cases and Commentary, which was published by

intellectuals, including Erwin Chemerinsky, Linda

Oxford University Press in May of this year. Judge

Greenhouse, Erica Hashimoto and Orin Kerr.

Francoise Tulkens, Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights, has described the book as “by the best experts and internationally recognized authors in the field today” and “an indispensable tool for litigation and scholarship.” Fan writes on yet another topic, information privacy law, and has a three-pronged project on sex, health and information privacy with publications forthcoming in the peer-reviewed Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, the top health law journal, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law and the U.C. Davis Law Review. She presented on the topic by invitation at the University of Pennsylvania during a conference on privacy and social change. She also presented this June at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley.


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