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Dear alumni and friends,

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor vists UW Law

Innocence Project Northwest celebrates 15th anniversary UW Law part of innovative Tech Policy Lab Asian Law Center celebrates 50th anniversary

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SID at 20



In these pages are also the names and faces of friends who have passed on, people whose legacy and impact will be felt for decades to come. Among them is Wayne Gittinger ’57, who was a lifelong supporter of the University of Washington School of Law. In fact, the office that I’m writing this from is named after Wayne and his wife Anne. Wayne was always willing to serve on the school’s boards and committees, and said yes to whatever was asked of him.

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Honoring the Legacy, Eyeing the Future


Jack MacDonald





His Historic Gift



with Professor Eric Schnapper

Last fall, we also lost Jack MacDonald, a 1940 graduate of our school. You will read about Jack’s remarkable story in this issue and I think you’ll be inspired by the same generosity, vision and fierce


10 28 UW Law Volume 67 Spring 2014 Dean Kellye Y. Testy Editor Alison Jones

Copyright 2014 University of Washington School of Law. All rights reserved. UW Law is published once a year by the University of Washington School of Law. CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sharon Ernst, Grace Feldman, Stuart Glascock,

Alison Jones, Annica Mattus and Tiffany Sevareid CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Kerry Dahlen, Matt Hagen, Alison Jones, Devon Kelley, Tiffany Sevareid and Jack Storms


DESIGN Jo-Ann Sire



spirit that always impressed me when I spent time with Jack. He cared deeply for the University of Washington School of Law and was compelled to give back to the institution that he felt gave him so much. His investment will reach every corner of the law school and every student who studies here for generations. There have also been happy occasions throughout this year. A few months ago, I got to attend the 100th birthday party of John Davis, a classmate of Jack’s, at Davis, Wright, Tremaine, the law firm he founded. John is our oldest living alumnus, and as I looked around the room at this celebration, I got to see the faces of generations of attorneys influenced by this great man. In the midst of these losses and celebrations, I was struck by the inspiring legacy our alumni offer. Our graduates exemplify giving and service and motivate me to continue to work hard to build the kind of school that serves not only our profession, but our world. This inspiration doesn’t just live in the past, however. I see it every day in the faces of the students currently walking our halls, dedicating themselves to the study of law to make positive change and to solve the world’s most pressing problems. At a press conference last fall, I told the world that the future of the University of Washington School of Law has never been brighter. I believe that now more than ever. It is a belief founded on the generosity of our alumni, the dedication of our faculty and staff, the caliber of our students and the power of our community. Thank you for being a part of it.


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Gates Foundation donates $1 million to support public service

As this academic year nears its end and I think back over all the tremendous accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni over recent months, I am filled with pride and optimism for the future of our great school. The pages of this magazine are filled with stories of new initiatives, historic milestones, bold ideas and inspiring philanthropy. These stories reflect the aspiration of this institution, to be a place that creates leaders for the global common good.

UW Law, William H. Gates Hall, Room 383 University of Washington School of Law Box 353020, Seattle, WA 98195-3020 Email:

Kellye Y. Testy Dean, UW School of Law James W. Mifflin University Professor

uw law

Law School News





Sotomayor visits UW Law



Sotomayor, who is the third woman and first Latina

Prior to her appearance at the law school, Justice

United States Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor

to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, spoke about the

Sotomayor spoke at the Husky Union Building to a

visited UW Law and met with students, faculty,

importance of diversity in legal education as well

crowd of 1,200 students, mostly undergraduates,

staff and guests to answer questions about her

as the need to teach students at a young age to

as part of a book tour for My Beloved World, her

life, the legal profession and public service.

be active citizens and agents of change.

2013 autobiography that chronicles her journey

“We are extremely honored to have had the

“Justice Sotomayor’s visit was a privilege and

chance to welcome Justice Sonia Sotomayor to

inspiration,” said Assistant Professor Lisa

the University of Washington School of Law,”

Manheim. “We feel so fortunate to have benefited

said Dean Kellye Testy. “Having worked as a

from her candor and generosity of spirit as she

prosecutor, a federal judge, an appellate judge, as

discussed a wide range of topics, including public

“We couldn’t ask for a better example of someone

well as in private practice before her appointment

education, overcoming adversity and the role of

who is a leader for the global common good,”

to the Court, she was able to share unparalleled

service in the legal profession.”

said Dean Testy. “Justice Sotomayor’s historic visit

from the South Bronx through her diverse legal career to her appointment to the Supreme Court. She also spoke at a Seattle Town Hall event later in

insights with members of our community about

and lifelong commitment to public service will

life as a lawyer and a jurist.”

offer inspiration to UW Law for years to come.”

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the evening.

uw law


On March 10, 2014, Associate Justice of the




$1 Million


to support public service at UW Law




To kick off 2014, the Bill & Melinda Gates

The William H. Gates Public Service Law Program

On April 4, 2013, the Innocence Project

IPNW honored its 2013 award winners: Innocence

Foundation announced a $1 million gift to the

was established in 2005 with a founding gift from

Northwest (IPNW) celebrated its 15th anniversary

Champions Jack and Leslie Hamman, for their

University of Washington School of Law in honor

Bill and Melinda Gates, who wished to honor Gates

with an awards dinner and celebration. Current

advocacy and the impact of their award-winning

of William H. Gates Sr.’s 88th birthday. The

Sr., a prominent Washington State attorney, for

and former students, volunteers and community

book, On American Soil: How Justice Became

gift will be used to fund efforts to support and

his career-long dedication to public service. The

members gathered to pay tribute to IPNW

a Casualty of WWII; Innocence Advocate

expand public service law activities on campus.

program awards five full scholarships on an annual

exonerees who have fought to regain freedom

Congressman Adam Smith, whose vigilant efforts

Gates Sr. received his law degree from the

basis to first-year students entering the UW School

from wrongful imprisonment in Washington and

helped secure the release of UW alumnus Jason

University of Washington School of Law in 1950.

of Law J.D. program in exchange for a commitment

honor the 2013 award recipients.

Puracal who was wrongly imprisoned in Nicaragua;


The event featured a keynote address by NFL player Brian Banks. Exonerated after a wrongful

criminal defense and civil rights attorney who has devoted hundreds of pro bono hours working on

of our law school,” said Kellye Testy, James W.

Continued support from the Gates Foundation

rape conviction in California, Banks recounted

Mifflin Professor of Law and Dean at UW Law.

from that time has led to the development of a

his fight to clear his name and resume a dream

“The Gates family has been an extraordinary

centralized hub for all public service and public

of joining the NFL. Banks offered inspiration to

partner in our efforts to reinforce public service as

interest programs at the law school. Activities

Washington’s exonerees and resounding support

In addition to celebrating its 15-year anniversary,

a core value of our law school, and it is an honor to

include providing public service advising for

for the work being done by IPNW.

IPNW also achieved other significant successes

collaborate with them on efforts to promote justice

law students and alumni, supporting student

in recent months. It represented five of seven

and serve the common good.”

organizations focused on public service/interest,

clients who were exonerated in Washington

enhancing collaborations with legal services and

State in 2013, leading the state to rank 4th in the

community organizations and administering a pro

nation for exonerations last year, and was called

bono honors program.

“an extraordinary asset for Washington State

IPNW’s founder and director, was also awarded

expanded activities and the most recent gift from

the William O. Douglas lifetime achievement

the Gates Foundation will ensure that this position,

award in November 2013, the highest honor from

which was scheduled to expire in 2015, will be in

Washington State’s American Civil Liberties Union.




the wrongfully accused.

Times in an editorial. Professor Jackie McMurtrie,

an Assistant Director in 2010 to support these






IPNW cases and supporting efforts to advocate for

and rule of law in our democracy” by the Seattle

Gates Sr. provided support for the hiring of


and Pro Bono Award recipient Joseph Pierce, a

S P R I N G 2 014

Foundation’s incredible gift and continued support

to work in public service for five years following

uw law

“We are profoundly grateful for the Gates


UW Law part of innovative

Tech Policy Lab In September 2013, the University of Washington

“In a nation where technology moves at an ever-

In bringing together experts from the three

announced the launch of a pioneering laboratory

rapid rate, policymakers can lack the technical

schools, the Lab serves as both an intellectual

designed to examine cutting-edge issues such

knowledge they need to address how networks,

hub and resource center for both policymakers

as cybersecurity, consumer privacy and online

devices and software operate, so the Lab’s deeply

and technologists. Research will focus on

censorship, and to improve national policies

interdisciplinary approach to addressing these issues

complex policy issues emerging from 21st century

on new technologies. Dean Kellye Testy and

marks a creative, critical step forward,” said Ryan

technology, including online privacy, piracy,

Professor Ryan Calo joined leaders from UW and

Calo, Assistant Professor at the UW’s School of Law

big data, public records access and wearable

Microsoft in announcing the launch of the Lab and

and one of the Lab’s three founding directors along

technology, and on improving technology policy

Microsoft’s founding gift of $1.7 million.

with UW Associate Professor Tadayoshi Kohno, from


Computer Science and Engineering, and Professor Batya Friedman, from the Information School.

Lab teams comprised of both students and faculty will identify, test and examine new technologies in order to provide policymakers



with a rigorous research base and evidence-based


recommendations for decision-making.


To address these and related questions, the founding directors hope to create publications, training sessions and suites of tools to enable policymakers to better understand what the technological implications of regulatory decisions might be. Reciprocally, the Lab will help technologists understand how their technical decisions interact with current policies and provide tools to support dialogue between

“The brilliance of this Lab – perhaps the first of its kind in the world – lies in bringing computer scientists and engineers together with legal and policy experts to help improve technology policy,” said Microsoft Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith. “The Tech Policy Lab will help policymakers keep up with the pace of technical innovation.”

service legislative staffers, academics, counsel and

uw law

press working on technology issues.

S P R I N G 2 014

technologists and policymakers. The Lab will also








UW Law’s Asian Law Center (ALC) recently

The impact of the program is now felt around the

The award recipients at the event last June also

commemorated its 50th anniversary with a

globe, with multiple generations of LL.M. and

referenced these bonds, with each honoree saying

year-long celebration, including a special event

Ph.D. graduates serving as leaders in all areas

how much the faculty, staff, librarians and fellow

on June 13, 2013 recognizing the lifetime

of law, business, government and academia.

students from UW Law meant to their education

achievements of five distinguished alumni

Many return to their home countries to influence

and propelled them to where they are today.

throughout Asia: Mr. Tasuku Matsuo M.C.L ‘69,

profound economic, political, academic and legal

from Japan; Mr. C.J. Kim Ph.D. ‘72, from Korea;

reforms. “These graduates are people with well-

Mr. Liu Guoyuan LL.M. ‘82, from China; Mr. Erman

developed social consciences and a real sense

Rajagukguk LL.M. ’84, Ph.D ‘88, from Indonesia;

of public service,” said Senior Advisor Veronica

and Mr. Tay-sheng Wang LL.M. ’90, Ph.D. ‘92,

Taylor, former director of the center.

from Taiwan.

The accomplishments of the honorees speak to the heart of the program, and to its survival, said Eddy. “That is the real mark of the success and importance of the program, and that is its real continuing legacy.”

Alumni join the international network of legal expertise that is rooted in both deep scholarship

Distinguished Japanese scholar Dan Fenno

and friendship – relationships forged over

then called the Asian Law Program in the early


rigorous study, lively debate and multi-lingual,

1960s and laid the foundation for the pioneering


multi-cultural exchanges at the center. Those

program, the oldest center of its kind in the


bonds, said Professor Jon Eddy, a 1969 UW law

United States. Renamed the Asian Law Center

school graduate and former director of the center,

at the turn of the 21st century, it has been

“become a living, continuing legal education

recognized worldwide as a preeminent center of

program as our graduates interact over the years

classical scholarship, teaching and public policy

among themselves and with us.”

uw law

work on Asian and comparative law.

S P R I N G 2 014

Henderson took over as director of what was

10 8



11 9

Students, alumni and distinguished guests celebrate a turning point for the Sustainable International Development Law LL.M.

Future By Stuart Glascock

“Time flies when you are out changing the world.”

With those words, UW School of Law Dean Kellye

vowed, will continue to educate leaders for the

Testy saluted Professor Emeritus Roy Prosterman

global common good, a “centerpiece of the law

at the 20th anniversary celebration for the

school’s mission.”

Sustainable International Development Law LL.M., a graduate program he founded.

of course, play to the natural strengths of their

The program concentrates on using the law as a

prime location — a vibrant, thriving Pacific Rim

tool for justice and poverty alleviation in developing

gateway city priding itself on being outward-

countries, while also protecting the planet and

looking, internationally engaged and ahead of the

conserving its resources for future generations.

intellectual, social and geopolitical arc.

While at UW Law, SID students learn about multiple avenues to address these challenges from the rule of law and governance to international environmental law, social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

As she takes over directorship of the program, Ramasastry expects to provide students with new tools and more practical training during their studies. She enthusiastically highlights current students who are championing a wide

“It’s a remarkable achievement, Roy,” said

range of international human rights issues from

Dean Testy. “We have alumni working all over

global health to climate disruption. Ramasastry

the world.” About 100 students, alumni and

cites multiple examples: one student devotes

distinguished guests braved a chilly February

his studies to the underlying causes of human

night to come together in the warmly-lit and

trafficking in the Philippines and the role business

collegial confines of Senators Magnuson and

can play in helping victims to rebuild their lives.

Jackson Trial Courtroom of William H. Gates Hall.

Another assists lawyers in developing countries

In addition to commemorating the anniversary milestone, Testy leveraged the opportunity to look ahead and gently steer the program further into the 21st century. Introducing UW School of Law professor Anita Ramasastry, SID director since 2013, Testy promised the law school would build on the significant legacy. The SID program, Testy


The law school and its SID graduate program,

in filing environmental lawsuits against mining companies. Another current student strives to improve the criminal justice system in her native Uganda. Sick of the blanket of toxic smog that hangs over parts of China, a Chinese student is determined to use law and the courts to confront air quality evils.

S P R I N G 2 014

the Legacy, Eyeing the

founder and sets sights on the next generation of global leaders.

uw law

SID at 20: Honoring

A special gathering marks a major milestone, honors an esteemed


A New Generation of Global Leaders

“They are tackling the new challenges of the 21st century,” Ramasastry said, “and we want to equip

This year’s Barer Fellows hail from diverse

them to rise to those challenges.”

backgrounds including human-rights, anti-human

During the year in the SID program, students

trafficking and intellectual property. Fellows

take practice-based classes, which are designed

this year are: Akello Florence Owinji, Uganda;

to develop strong practitioners, Ramasastry

Benjamin E. Aritao, Jr., Philippines; Charles

said. One of these courses focuses on global

Mutasa, Zimbabwe; Stella Wangechi Ngotho,

corruption, dubbed “a challenge for all of our

Kenya; Hon. Lorraine Dinna Ogombe, Kenya; Tin

students.” The program allows students to

Nyo Nyo Thoung, Mynamar.

develop real-world skills while forging connections with NGOs, she said.

Reintroducing the New Director Ramasastry knows the modern, global playing complex challenges. She has taught at UW Law for 17 years. She earned high-level experience in international development law on the global stage. Most recently, she was a senior advisor in the Obama Administration working in the Department of Commerce on anti-corruption, business and human rights and trade policy in emerging markets such as Vietnam, Colombia,

Two clinical opportunities for experiential

Yoichi Shio, Director, Law and Justice Division, Governance Group, for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). JICA is an independent government agency that coordinates

part of a global movement,” human rights lawyer

official development assistance around the world.

and current Barer Fellow Stella Wangechi Ngotho

It is tasked with assisting economic and social

said at the anniversary party.

growth in developing countries. In short, it is the Japanese equivalent of USAID.

be a human rights lawyer dealing with victims of

Shio graduated from the SID program in 2004

historical injustice. She thought coming to the UW

but navigated a homecoming to help celebrate

to study would be daunting, but she acclimated

the program’s 20th anniversary. “What I learned

quickly. “The SID program is multi-disciplinary

in Sustainable International Development really

and cuts across the board in a big way,” she said.

helped me to perform my duties,” he said.

“It makes us look at the world in a very new and

“Professors enlightened and influenced me to this

different perspective.”

day.” He also praised the “ideal environment for study,” the close-knit group of fellow international


learning punctuate the program: one targeting international development, one focused on

A member of the class of 2014, she sees things differently than when she started. “The SID

students and the network of alumni around the world, “especially in Asia.”

Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia.

human rights.

An expert in the fields of business and human

Perhaps the most significant recent development

mental tools that I cannot wait to get back to

“In my work, in the development field, we face

has been the inclusion of students from a new

Kenya to implement all the opportunities that I see

many challenges,” Shio said. “Sustainable

fellowship program that provides specialized legal

for my country. I am very blessed and grateful and

International Development is ideal training for

education in economic development. The Barer

I cannot wait to create opportunities for others,

finding solutions to those situations. I am very

Institute for Law and Global Human Services,

the same way opportunities were created for me.”

proud that SID is my alma mater. I hope the SID

rights, anti-corruption and commercial law and development, Ramasastry’s scholarly work centers around the impact of commercial law on economic growth and development. She has advised the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development and many other development organizations. The SID program now boasts 20 current participants. Among other cutting edge topics, they study specific courses in law as a tool of poverty alleviation, global environmental

program keeps growing for the next 20 years.”

established by Stan Barer, ’63, and his wife, Alta, began in 2012-13 to bring skilled practitioners

from lower and middle income countries for a year of study at UW School of Law.


“The unification of the Barer Fellows program with the SID program is truly revolutionary,” Testy said.

uw law

protection and corporate responsibility.

program has bequeathed me with such strong

S P R I N G 2 014

International Trade Administration of the U.S.

their skills in related professional careers is

“Tonight signifies and confirms to us that we are

At a very young age, she realized she wanted to

field as well as its seemingly insurmountable

Among the SID LL.M. alumni who are applying



a standing ovation for his work at Landesa and the law school, he smiled and said he

of a single person, becomes the producer of individual

was overwhelmed.

land rights in a long list of countries including India and China.

major milestone, the lasting impact of Professor

Instead of reminiscing about the past, the

Prosterman and the important work left to do.

Roy Prosterman has done just that and it is awesome.”

revered law professor outlined goals for the

alumni, Dean Testy also offered praise for the SID program, commenting on the importance of this

Speaker after speaker praised Prosterman, a world-renown land rights advocate, for championing land tenure reform for the planet’s poorest people. In addition to launching the graduate program, he founded and built up a leading nonprofit, Landesa (formerly called the Rural Development Institute) that has made a

next 20 years of international development.


The multi-cultural, multi-generational audience hung on his every word. His presentation – at once scholarly, lawyerly and replete with

Landesa CEO Tim Hanstad Hanstad ‘95 also chose

dramatic personal anecdotes about international

to attend UW Law to study under Prosterman

adventure in some dangerous places –

and wound up forging a lasting partnership.

enchanted the admiring listeners.

In his remarks, he pointed out that Landesa

human rights

was “birthed in this law school” and noted that

huge impact reducing poverty around the globe.

Among the lofty goals for international

The UW School of Law has long enjoyed strong

development he firmly believes are within reach:

institutional ties with Landesa, which currently

establishing more “house-and-garden” plots for

employs at least a dozen UW School of Law

the world’s poor (small, roughly tennis court-

“Roy is an absolutely remarkable human being,”

graduates, many of them SID alumni.

size parcels that can provide food and income);

Hanstad said. “He epitomizes integrity, generosity,

expanding micro-credit programs; and improving

altruism. Roy, thank you for the gift you have

women’s land rights.

given to the law school, to humankind and to my

In all, over 100 Landesa employees engage

governments, aid agencies and NGOs in India, China and countries in Africa – more than 50

Concluding his remarks, Prosterman insisted on

countries in all. Over the years, Landesa won the

sharing the credit for the success of Landesa

attention of heads of state, political dignitaries

and SID. “Keep in mind it was a group effort,”

and powerful global development agencies.

he said earnestly. “I may be the public face for

Landesa actively advised lawmakers and had a

Landesa employs more SID graduates than any other enterprise.

family. You truly personify a leader for the global common good.”

In 2006, Prosterman won the prestigious Henry R. Kravis prize for nonprofit leadership


from Claremont McKenna College. The

some but much of the work was done by others.”

Over the years, Landesa secured funding from

prize selection committee called Landesa

direct role in helping millions of families own the

To seal the point, he called out several longtime

leading charities and individual donors including

“an extraordinarily effective advocate for

land they farm.

colleagues in attendance.

the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. USAID

international land law and policy.” It described

and the World Bank also contract with Landesa

Prosterman as a “worldwide champion of land

— now headquarted in downtown Seattle — as

rights for the world’s poor.” He donated the

research consultants.

$250,000 prize to his innovative institute.

In a statement for UW LAW magazine, William

Landesa works to help families secure rights

H. Gates Sr., co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates

to land so that they can sustainably grow their

Foundation, enthusiastically applauded the mild-

harvests and reap the benefits of their labor.

mannered but extremely influential professor.

Ramasastry’s work embraces that legacy, with

“It is not often that an organization, inspired

the mission of extending it far into the future,

by the convictions of a single person, becomes

ensuring that future generations of UW Law

the producer of individual land rights in a long

graduates keep on changing the world.

Among those alumni was UW Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Jeffrey Riedinger. A 1980 graduate of the law school, he initially came to the university to study with Professor Prosterman and became his research assistant. They traversed the planet, reinforcing the belief that secure land tenure is crucial to sustainable international development, particularly in countries where agriculture is prominent but many households are landless. In heartfelt remarks, Riedinger called Prosterman


“ It is not often that an organization, inspired by the convictions

land rights list of countries including India and China. Roy

passionate and persistent. “He made a huge

Prosterman has done just that and it is awesome,”

difference in thousands of peoples’ lives.”

Gates wrote.

S P R I N G 2 014

In addition to testimony from students and

After students and alumni gave Prosterman

uw law

Celebrating an Awesome Legacy




Social Business/Enterprise, Anti-Human Trafficking




in Sustainable International Development Law

As Aspart partof ofthe theBarer BarerInstitute Institutefor forLaw Lawand andGlobal GlobalHuman HumanServices, Services,created createdin in2010 2010to to focus focuson onthe themultidisciplinary multidisciplinaryrole roleof oflaw lawin inpromoting promotinghealth, health,education educationand andeconomic economic development, development,UW UWLaw Lawhas haswelcomed welcomedthe thesecond secondclass classof ofBarer BarerFellows Fellowsto tothe thelaw lawschool. school.


How will you apply what you’ve learned when you return home? First, I am inspired to continue my work in preventing human trafficking as well as providing a new future for the victims in my home country. As co-founder of a social enterprise that provides livelihoods to survivors of human trafficking and to those that are at risk, I know we are part of a larger global effort against trafficking that is continually growing. Second, I feel significantly more equipped to share the lessons learned as a lawyer and what we are learning as social entrepreneurs. I plan to support the recently filed Philippine House Bill on social enterprises and make recommendations based on my studies as a Barer Fellow, as well as my experience on the ground. Third, I am more aware of the importance of the judicial system and of having the kind of rule of law that truly benefits society.

Stella W. Ngotho Kenya Business and Human Rights, International Human Rights Law







18 18

in Sustainable International Development Law What inspired you to apply for this Fellowship? I had reached a point in my life where I felt the need for intellectual and social stimulation, to get out of my comfort zone, travel and interact with people from all over the world. I wanted an opportunity to share the knowledge I had acquired from my human rights experience in East Africa and also learn from other people’s experiences and interests.

Business, Corporate Law PROGRAM: Visiting


How will your course of study influence your work? Since Myanmar changed its political system to a democracy about three years ago, we are trying to fill in in gaps in our knowledge and approaches to current development issues. The Barer Fellowship will help fill some of Myanmar’s knowledge gaps. Learning why the rule of law and sustainable development are critical to Myanmar’s future will influence my daily work at the Attorney General’s Office.

Lorraine Ogombe Kenya Intellectual Property, Criminal Law



LL.M. in Intellectual

Property What has been a highlight of your fellowship? I have enjoyed the cultural and professional diversity among the Barer Fellows and, in fact, among the entire University of Washington School of Law. As a result of this diversity I have learned vital lessons in interacting and socializing with people from different backgrounds, skills I can apply to my work as a Kenyan Magistrate. Outside, the classroom, I have been fortunate to interact with attorneys from the oldest and largest law office in Seattle, K&L Gates. My professional mentor from this office, Kate Spelman, has been generous in sharing her time and vast experience in intellectual property and law practice in the U.S.

Florence Owinji Akello Human Rights, Rule of Law, International Criminal Court, Sustainable Development

PROGRAM: LL.M. in Sustainable International Development Law

What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your course of study? I have realized that Uganda, like many countries, is full of many problems but lacking solutions. Poor administration of justice and human rights abuses are some factors affecting development. In Uganda, observance of human rights still remains a very great challenge. Uganda recently passed an anti-pornography law, the first of its kind in the region, prohibiting women from wearing miniskirts and revealing blouses. This law violates a woman’s fundamental right to liberty and free association. I hope that lessons learned from this program will help me provide support to women through advocacy to know their rights, and I urge the Ugandan government not to sit back and watch women’s right continue to be abused in such a manner. The sections in the law that undermine the dignity of a woman should be revised or deleted.

Charles Mutasa Zimbabwe Human Rights, Governance, Health, Poverty Reduction, Land Issues, Civil Society


PROGRAM: LL.M. in Sustainable International Development Law

How will you apply what you’ve learned when you return home? There are a number of take home lessons for me. Most importantly, learning how the rule of law links to development and how it can be used to impact development. I now understand that the land tenure issues and legal reforms in my country hold the key to production and sustainable development.

S P R I N G 2 014




Tin Nyo Nyo Thuoung

uw law


Benjamin E. Aritao, Jr. Philippines


Jack MacDonald His Historic Gift & Unusual Life and whose generosity made headlines around the world MACDONALD ON LEAVE, MERCHANT MARINES.


uw law

S P R I N G 2 014

A closer look at the man who left UW Law the largest gift in the school’s history,


Jack MacDonald, a 1940 graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, who lived the majority of his life

The Secret Millionaire Jack MacDonald was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia on May 5, 1915. His paternal grandfather,

with purposeful secrecy and frugality, gained widespread,

Alexander MacDonald emigrated from Scotland to

international attention in the fall of 2013 for the “secret”

moving his family west. When he was three years old,

fortune he had built, and then gave away, following his death

where his father, Frederick MacDonald, started a

Ontario in the 1830s and operated a mill there until Jack MacDonald moved with his family to Seattle successful meat packing business in the city.

on September 13, 2013.

Jack attended college at UW, and after graduating from law school, served in the United States Army

MacDonald bequeathed nearly $187 million

“The UW was good to me,” MacDonald once

to the three causes he cared most about: the

said. “I felt I owed them something as long as

UW School of Law, Seattle Children’s Research

I was able.”

Institute and the Salvation Army. The $56.1 million he designated to the School of Law, the largest gift in the school’s history, will create, among other things, an endowed chair and support scholarships for law students and the programs that empower them to make positive change in the world.

in the South Pacific during World War II. He then returned to Seattle and worked for 30 years as an attorney for the Veterans Administration. During that time, he inherited money that his parents had

While the size of MacDonald’s gift, the largest

earned from MacDonald Meat Co. and began

philanthropic gift in Washington state last year

stewarding the family trust. He spent his spare time

and the sixth largest in the country, was certainly

studying the stock market and reading the Wall

notable, it was MacDonald’s personal story that

Street Journal, and as his investment portfolio grew,

caught the attention of the world.

so did his reputation for extreme frugality. MacDonald clipped coupons from newspapers, rode the bus around Seattle and purposefully wore old clothing in an attempt not to look “rich.” He once bought an entire freezer’s worth of frozen orange juice, simply because it was on sale. He was


a frequent attendee of UW Law’s Golden Alumni


Reunion lunches, which he would arrive at by bus.


“Jack would come up and greet me with holes in his sweater and tell me he got dressed up for me,” recalled Dean Kellye Testy. It was these aspects of his personality that captivated the public’s attention

MacDonald clipped coupons from newspapers, rode the bus around Seattle, and purposefully wore old clothing in an attempt not to look “rich.”

and friends knew that MacDonald had been quietly accumulating a sizeable fortune. On November 26, 2013, two days before Thanksgiving, the three beneficiaries held a press conference, announcing the gift. Within hours, the story went viral, garnering

uw law

Prior to November 2013, only a small circle of family

S P R I N G 2 014

following the announcement of his historic gift.

press coverage around the world. 22


ABC News, USA Today, Good Morning America,

When asked about MacDonald’s legal career,

the Huffington Post and NPR all ran stories about

Dennis said that Jack rarely spoke about himself

the gift, not to mention hundreds of other media

or the early years of his life, but was clearly proud

outlets across the globe. Jack’s “secret” fortune

of his education from the University of Washington

wasn’t a secret anymore.

School of Law. “He went to all the bar conventions and closely followed the careers of his law school

The Man Behind the Headlines Watching this unfolding media frenzy was Regen Dennis, Jack’s stepdaughter. In 1971, he had married her mother, Mary Katherine Moore, who he met working at the Veteran’s Administration. Dennis recently attended UW Law’s annual event for friends and alumni of the law school in Palm

at UW Law gave him the tools not only to have a long and successful career, but also to manage his family’s trust. He believed that a background in law was the basis for understanding politics and business and society.”

questions about what life was like with Jack and

stepchildren, but only spoke with them openly

what the media might have missed.

about it after their mother had passed away.

quiet, shy attorney and a man of routine who did nothing for fun. My mom opened the doors to his world. She was vivacious and very social and right away they began to entertain, travel and go to parties.”

a strong loyalty to his family. What a guy. REGEN DENNIS – JACK’S STEPDAUGHTER

their ranks and felt strongly that his legal education

Jack didn’t keep the trust a secret from his

I barely knew him,” said Dennis. “He was a

He was an example of sensible investing, frugal living, unselfish giving and

colleagues,” she said. “He was honored to be in

Springs, CA and took the time to answer a few

“When Jack married my mom, my brother and

Jack’s integrity was unwavering. He was unquestionably fair to everyone.

Following a health scare eight years ago, Jack asked Ms. Dennis to write his obituary, so he could know what it would eventually say. At that time, he made it very clear that he wanted to be remembered as a philanthropist. “I’m sure he never imagined how famous he would be,” said Dennis. “For the past fifteen years, I had followed

the valuations of his trust,” she continued, “so

out folks in order to get them back on the road to

I was sure when he passed away and this all

self-support, he would most want his donations to

became public that it would cause quite a stir. It’s

the law school to result in the successes of lawyers

a great tale of a quirky man who lived frugally and

who would honor his legacy of integrity, common

left a generous legacy to do good.”

sense and generosity.”

When asked to elaborate about her stepfather’s

“Jack’s integrity was unwavering,” Dennis

philanthropic legacy and what he hoped his

concluded. “He was unquestionably fair to

gift to UW Law would accomplish, Ms. Dennis

everyone. He was an example of sensible

said it was Jack’s hope to help young, bright,

investing, frugal living, unselfish giving and a

ambitious students achieve life success. “Just

strong loyalty to his family. What a guy.”

as he would love to know that his donations to Seattle Children’s might result in a major medical breakthrough and his donations to the Salvation Army might result in rescuing some down-and-


uw law

S P R I N G 2 014




By Sharon Ernst 26

S P R I N G 2 014

uw law

UW Professor Eric Schnapper Has Argued Before the Supreme Court for Over 40 Years…and has Enjoyed Every Minute of It


In his 18th appearance in front of the Court on November 4, 2013, Schnapper argued Sandifer v. U.S. Steel Corp. He argued that the protective gear worn by unionized steelworkers is not clothing. If clothing, workers do not have to be compensated for the time spent putting the protective gear on before work and taking it off after, because federal law excludes time spent changing clothes from the time unionized workers are paid. Professor Schnapper argued this protective gear wasn’t clothing, and that the time spent donning and removing the protective gear is time that should be compensated. On January 27, 2014, the Court sided with U.S. Steel Corp.

A: I think what made it interesting to someone who wasn’t steeped in the details of legal issues is that the case really turns on a common sense question which is, “What sort of things do people call clothes?” A number of lower courts had held that anything a person could wear would be clothes and that would include a watch or a toupee or a henna decal on your face. That’s clearly wrong, but it’s really hard to articulate and delineate exactly which things people call clothes and which things they don’t. So it was a very funny argument at times while the Court struggled with things like airbag vests that horseback riders wear or aqua lungs or things like that. Q: You’ve argued before the Court on many occasions. How does it differ from being in front of other courts?


Q: You’ve been arguing cases in front of the Court for over 40 years. How is it different now compared to when you first started? A: I think the main difference is the Court asks a lot more questions now than it used to. The other difference is, the Court is hearing about half as many arguments as it did in the 1970s. That may be related to the number of questions you get because they’ve got twice as much time to prepare for each case. And I’d say now you’re very aware of who the swing justice is if it’s going to break in a 5-4 way.

Sometimes you spend a certain amount of time mastering details, section numbers or where things are in the record, although that was not a big deal in the steelworkers’ case. Q: You take on these cases pro bono. Why is that?

SUPREME COURT Although the steelworkers didn’t win their case, the hearing itself won notoriety for the lively banter and unusual topics discussed. The proceedings included references to thorns, bird hunting, the South Pole, neck braces, chain mail and knife scabbards, among several other unusual subjects. Megan Garber of The Atlantic described the oral argument as “…amazing. As in, one-for-the-record-books, court-caseas-epic-literature amazing.” She also referred to it as the “most delightful Supreme Court argument in history.” We asked Professor Schnapper about this particular case, as well as what it’s like to be in front of the Supreme Court, how he prepares, and how it has changed since he first stood in front of nine justices 40 years ago.


A: It’s different first of all because there are a lot more people there than in your typical lower court. Also, you get barraged with questions. You spend almost all of your time just answering questions. There’s a real range of views on the Court too. And they’re not trying just to figure out who should win this case, but what the general rule in this area of the law should be.

It’s also different because you’re aware when you’re doing it that you’re getting these questions from people who are really historic figures. Every lawyer knows the names of every one of the justices and the chief justice. You get a question from Justice Kennedy, and it’s like an argument about the meaning of the Constitution with one of the founding fathers. These are just famous, historical people. We’ve all read opinions by everybody on that bench. As Pete Carroll said when the Seahawks beat San Francisco and were going to the Super Bowl, “How cool is this?” and the answer is, “It’s really cool!” You never get tired of this. It’s very fun.

Q: How do you prepare to go before the Supreme Court?

A: The largest part of it is trying to figure out the questions that I’ll be asked. By the time I’m done, I’ll have identified 50 to 100 different questions. Then I try to think out not just “the” answer, but three or four or five answers because sometimes the way the question is phrased calls for a different kind of answer. Sometimes you have to have more to say than you’d use at first blush. You give a short answer and hope not to spend more on it, but you have more to say if it goes that way.

You also spend some time thinking about what general points you want to try to get across, although you don’t have a lot of control over that. You think a fair amount about what you’re going to say in the first couple of sentences. Sometimes you get a half sentence out and sometimes a whole page. But you never know how much time you’re going to get before the justices start asking questions, so you have to plan for a couple of minutes, knowing that might not happen.

A: Because I’m delighted to be able to do this sort of thing and you can’t do this kind of work for money because the clients don’t have any money to pay you. So if you want to do it, you do it for free and I’m happy to do it. I’d much rather be doing this than helping some big corporation sue some other big corporation. Q: How do you choose which cases you will take on?

A: If I’ve got a case that’s been decided in the Court of Appeals and the question is, should I try to help the plaintiff side get to the Supreme Court, those choices are governed to some extent by the kinds of cases the Court will take. If there’s a reasonable chance the Court will take it and I think the plaintiff’s position is right, then I am happy to take the case on. Q: Do you have a favorite moment from your 40 years of experience with the Supreme Court?

A: Definitely yes! My favorite moment happened in November this past year when I moved my son’s admission to the Supreme Court bar. It was a something I’d been looking forward to doing ever since I heard he was interested in going to law school many years ago.

S P R I N G 2 014

Schnapper has been a Professor of Law at the University of Washington School of Law since 1995. He is also one of the leading appellate attorneys representing workers in employment law cases in the U.S. and has a long track record appearing before our nation’s highest court.

Q: What do you think made the steelworkers’ argument so interesting?

uw law

Professor Eric Schnapper argued his first case before the U.S. Supreme Court during President Nixon’s first term. Since then, he has argued 17 additional cases before the Court, and filed briefs in 70 more.



By Stuart Glascock

A Law Degree in Action Alumnus takes his LL.M. in Law and Sustainable International Development to a global platform as head of a major division of a leading international aid agency.

Before he started his LL.M. in Law and Sustainable International Development, Yoichi Shio had already earned a law degree and garnered valuable professional experience. He had also forged ambitious intentions for his graduate education. In fact, he knew exactly what he wanted from graduate school: to understand rule of law systems, to closely relate his studies to his chosen vocation and to

uw law

S P R I N G 2 014

pass the bar exam and be admitted to practice.





Shio directs JICA’s Law and Justice Division,


responsible for a gamut of legal aid projects.

Then, after he finished his LL.M., he rolled up

They range from helping write new legislation

his sleeves and dug in after landing a dream job

to improving policies at prosecutors’ offices and

within his field. Shio heads a division of the Japan

ministries of justice. The division also aims to

International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The

improve access to justice systems in developing

1,800-employee government agency is Japan’s

countries, and it supports legal assistance to

equivalent of the U.S. Agency for International

the poor.

Development (USAID). Like USAID, JICA works with countries on every continent supporting critical improvement projects such as building


bridges, schools, roads, ports–and judicial

Earlier this year, UW Law professor and SID


program director Anita Ramasastry introduced her former student at a 20th anniversary

“I am head of a division which handles rule of

celebration for the graduate program. “I am so

law systems,” he said in an interview. “I have

pleased that he was able to join us from Japan,”

many opportunities to work with professionals

she said. “He has had a remarkable career. He

from different organizations, legal professionals

was such a wonderful student when he was here.

from Japan and also from abroad. In those daily

We are so pleased that he has gone forth and

activities, what I learned (at UW Law) is very useful.”

works in the field.”

Shio has directed a number of Japan’s technical

Before UW, Shio worked in Vietnam for a

China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Indonesia, East Timor, the Philippines and other Asian and African countries. Last year, he led JICA’s mission to Myanmar to establish a new technical assistance project with the Attorney General’s Office and the Supreme Court. “What I learned in SID really helps me in what I do,” Shio said. “It gave me confidence when I discuss international law with my colleagues.”

from the University of Tokyo, but he wanted to understand the legal system in the United States. His Japanese legal education was grounded in theory, he said, but it did not focus on actual cases. Legal experts from various international aid agencies advised him to attend graduate


“I remember these classes,” he said, especially

After graduation from UW School of Law in 2004,

courses taught by Professor Ramasastry and

he was admitted to the bar in New York.

Professor Roy Prosterman.

Collegiality with his SID network of friends and

school in the United States. After careful

Law classes challenged him academically;

associates continues. “I still have contact with my

research, he chose UW School of Law.

he recalled they were “very hard.” Initially,

classmates,” he said. Especially since he began

he struggled with his English and expressed

traveling extensively to numerous Asian countries

himself in group settings with some difficulty.

on behalf of JICA, Shio has encountered many

However, the professors were “kind and patient

more alumni from UW School of Law.

with comments and corrections.” He praised

“Instantly, we felt intimacy that we are graduates.

the faculty for their “passion for educating

We are Huskies,” Shio said. “That makes my work

international students.”

very easy.”

A close-knit cadre of international students (many

His SID degree laid the foundation for

from Asian countries) populated the law school’s

advancement, he said. He benefits from it daily.

While in the SID program, “I learned how the rule of law evolved in the United States and

In internal documents, Tokyo-based JICA calls

how many legal problems can be recurring,”

for “the sound development of the Japanese and

he said. He cited civil rights as one example

global economy by supporting the socioeconomic

of a recurring theme or pattern of cases that

development, recovery or economic stability of


developing regions.”


SID and Intellectual Property Law and Policy programs. They also helped ensure Shio’s success at UW. “Talking with them helped me a lot,” he said. “They are professionals. Many had rich legal

S P R I N G 2 014

projects with Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar,


couple of years after receiving his law degree

uw law

assistance projects. He has spearheaded such

experiences in their own countries.” 32


Books &


Grace E. Feldman

What does collaboration look like? To some,

Behind the scenes (or the shelves rather),

The collaborative efforts of the Law Library are

Recently, the Law Library joined its biggest

the thought of collaboration invokes visions

collaboration abounds as well. Collection

not confined within its walls; they stretch beyond

collaborative effort yet. The Law Library along

of a busy and noisy group—working together,

development librarians maintain close

the state of Washington to reinforce UW Law’s

with all the University of Washington Libraries

sharing ideas and tossing documents across

relationships with UW Law faculty to inform Law

national presence. Together with the Ohio

moved to connect with the world’s largest

tables strewn with coffee cups, pens, pencils,

Library decisions to purchase resources and

State University Moritz College of Law and the

shared catalog. Joining 36 other college and

iPads, laptops and notepads. Although the

subscribe to databases. Technical services staff

University of Pittsburgh School of Law, staff

university libraries in Oregon, Washington, and

Gallagher Law Library might seem like a hushed

acquire, catalog and prepare print materials for

of the Gallagher Law Library coedit the Legal

Idaho—known as the Orbis Cascade Alliance

place to a cursory visitor, it houses a busy, lively

patron use while also preserving the existing

Scholarship Blog (http://legalscholarshipblog.

(, the Law Library’s

and wonderfully collaborative group. At the heart

collection for future researchers. Technical

com). The blog facilitates the legal academy’s

participation in moving to a shared catalog

of the Law Library’s primary mission to support

services staff also focus on building and

development and dissemination of scholarship

unlocks countless opportunities for collaboration.

the curricular and research needs of UW Law is

maintaining electronic tools that help library

by alerting law professors (and aspiring law

This collaboration will translate to improved

a dedicated group of librarians and library staff

users locate resources. Circulation and resource

professors) to upcoming conferences and

resource sharing and will allow broader access

who share resources and expertise with students,

sharing staff manage and monitor materials,

calls for papers. The blog also informs readers

to materials for students, faculty, staff and other

staff, faculty and members of the Seattle

helping to connect visitors with resources both

about colloquia and workshops for papers

library visitors! You can try out the beta version

community and beyond.

in the library and in other libraries (via interlibrary

at law schools around the country each day.

of the new catalog at the Gallagher Law Library

loan). Reference librarians consult with UW

With over 500 followers on Twitter, the Legal

website (

Law faculty to provide research and reference

Scholarship Blog represents a valuable resource

services that informs their excellent scholarship.

to legal academics across the country. The

Reference librarians also meet with UW Law

Legal Scholarship Blog is just one of countless

students both in their classes and one-on-one, to

collaborations that the Law Library contributes to

provide individual research instruction for their

in support of UW Law.

around the Law Library, collaboration can be found everywhere: in the carefully selected materials waiting to be shelved at the Circulation Desk, in the visitors asking questions at the Reference Office, in the law students working together in the new Student Org Space on L2 and in the researchers using library-sponsored databases at the computer terminals.

papers and assignments. The guided instruction provides students with skills to find the best resources efficiently, allowing students more time to write and develop their projects. Working together means improving the quality of the work of UW Law students, faculty, staff and other Law Library visitors.

The Gallagher Law Library is proud that its collaboration provides useful resources available to all patrons, improves faculty and student scholarship, practical skills development for students and above all, service for the global common good! S P R I N G 2 014

collaborative environment for UW Law. Looking

uw law

The Law Library takes pride in fostering a

34 34


35 35

Cruden Environmental Lecture April 16, 2013

Commencement June 9, 2013

April 16, 2013: UW School of Law, with support of the environmental and energy lawyers at Marten Law, hosted John Cruden, President of Environmental Law Institute as the environmental Leader in Residence. Mr. Cruden’s two day visit culminated in a special public presentation “Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Environmental Law at a Crossroads” at the Rainier Club.

Faculty, staff, graduates and guests celebrate the 2013 UW School of Law Commencement. 2 LEONARDO FLOR ’13 DELIVERS HIS REMARKS 3 SHAWNA DEANE ’13 WALKS ACROSS THE STAGE WITH HER CHILDREN 4 VANESSA HUNSBERGER ’13 AND BRIAN FERRASCI-O’MALLEY ‘13










uw law

S P R I N G 2 014



Golden Alumni Reunion Luncheon September 12, 2013


A special reunion luncheon for those who graduated from UW Law before 1963.





in the SPOTLIGHT “Promoting Diversity in Law School Leadership” October 11, 2013


Dean Testy partnered with the Society of American Law Teachers and Seattle University to host this year’s gathering of current and aspiring deans.





uw law

S P R I N G 2 014

King County Bar Association Bar Swearing In October 8, 2013


UW Law Tailgate October 12, 2013

2013 Roger L. Shidler Lecture Series October 22, 2013

This annual event brings Husky Law Dawgs together to cheer on the UW football team.

The Law, Technology & Arts Group (LTA) hosted Judge Margaret McKeown as the first of two speakers in the 2013 Shidler Lecture Series. She spoke about legal and constitutional issues spawned by the popularization of the Internet.











in the SPOTLIGHT This event recognizes our alumni award recipients and this year welcomed our anniversary classes from 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003.



uw law




S P R I N G 2 014

Celebration of Distinction Oct 25, 2013

8 41

Visit From Professor Jagdish Bhagwati Nov 19, 2013 In partnership with UW’s Jackson School of International Studies and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, UW Law sponsored a public lecture featuring Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati on “Why Growth Matters.” Prior to the event, Prof. Bhagwati met with law students at Gates Hall. 1 PROFESSOR BHAGWATI ANSWERS QUESTIONS FROM LAW STUDENTS IN MACFARLANE LOUNGE






UW President Michael Young Delivers First Asian Law Lecture of 2014 Jan 21, 2014 The Asian Law Center hosted President and UW Law Professor Michael Young to present on his area of specialty as part of the ALC Speaker Series.

uw law

S P R I N G 2 014



41 2

Collaborative Empirical Study of High School Students’ Interactions with and Perceptions of School Resource Officers, Association of American Law Schools, Bellow Scholars Committee Workshop and Clinical Writers Workshop, Sept. 27, 2013 (New York, NY)


Publications ITLOS Orders Russia to Release ARCTIC SUNRISE and Its Greenpeace Protestors, Opinio Juris (Nov. 25, 2013). Law of the Sea Tribunal Resoundingly Affirms the Sovereign Immunity of Warships and Orders Ghana to Release Argentine Tall Ship ARA Libertad, Opinio Juris (Dec. 15, 2012).

Presentations Moderator, Leadership and the Arctic: Why It Matters, Energy Council, 2012 Global Energy and Environmental Issues Conference, Dec. 6, 2012 (New Orleans, LA) KIMBERLY AMBROSE

Presentations The Clinical Legal Education Movement: How Socially Relevant Experiential Learning Opportunities Can Transform Our Teaching, Our Students and Our Communities, Southeast Asia Legal Education Conference: Preparing Lawyers for Tomorrow’s Society and Profession, Oct. 1, 2013 (Surabaya, Indonesia) Analyzing the Role of the School Resource Officer on the Educational Environment from the Students’ Perspective: A Law School Clinic’s 42

Representing Youth—A Narrative Teaching Text in the Making, The City Law School, City University, The 2013 Applied Legal Storytelling Conference, Jul. 2013 (London, UK) The Globalization of Legal Education: Integrating International LLM and J.D. Students into Litigation and Non-Litigation Clinics in the U.S., Association of American Law Schools, Conference on Clinical Legal Education, May 1, 2013 (San Juan, PR)


Publications The Psychotherapist Privilege: Privacy and “Garden Variety” Emotional Distress, 21 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 117-56 (2013). From the Thief in the Night to the Guest Who Stayed Too Long: The Evolution of Burglary in the Shadow of the Common Law, 45 Ind. L. Rev. 629-67 (2012).

The Ethics of Tax Lawyers & Tax Accountants Partnering: Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose, University of Washington School of Law Tax Program, Duties to the Tax System, Oct. 4, 2013 (Seattle, WA)

U.S. Supreme Court Considers Indian Gaming Case, Seminar Group, Northwest Gaming Law Summit (Dec. 2013)

Presentations Frenemies of the Court: The Many Faces of Amicus Curiae, University of Washington School of Law, Faculty Colloquia Series, Feb. 13, 2014 (Seattle, WA)

A Problem-Prone Promise: Recurring Issues in Fulfilling the Federal Trust Responsibility to Indian Nations, University of Oregon School of Law, Seventh Annual Rennard Strickland Lecture, Nov. 2013 (Eugene, OR)

But Did It Make Any Difference? Addressing Harmless Error, Washington State Office of Public Defense, CLE, Nov. 30, 2012 (Seattle, WA)

Testimony, U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, hearing on “wildlife management authority within the state of Alaska under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act,” Sep. 19, 2013 (Washington, DC)

How to Avoid “Hitting the Wall” with Service, Second Annual Western Regional Legal Writing Conference, Aug. 11, 2012 (Eugene, OR)

Washington State Office of the Attorney General, Indian Law Conference, Public Law 280 Issues (Jun. 2013) Indian Trust Land Issues, Seminar Group, Northwest Gaming Law Summit (Dec. 2012) President Nixon, Self-Determination and the Trust Relationship, The Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian, Nov. 2012 (Washington, DC)

Moderator, Rights of Victims vs. Rights of Juveniles in Conflict with the Law—The Rules of Harmonious Construction of Law, International Colloquium on Juvenile Justice, Mar. 18, 2013 (New Delhi, India) Panelist, Administration of Juvenile Justice: Regional and National Challenges, International Colloquium on Juvenile Justice, Mar. 17, 2013 (New Delhi, India)


Panelist, Resources on Reservations, Stanford Law School, Contemporary Issues in Indian Law Conference, Feb. 7, 2014 (Stanford, CA)


Publications Report of the Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform, Final Report [to the] Department of the Interior (Robert Anderson, Comm’r primary author and editor, 2013). 101 pages & apps. Negotiating Jurisdiction: Retroceding State Authority over Indian Country Granted by Public Law 280, 87 Wash. L. Rev. 915-64 (2012). Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law (Robert T. Anderson et al. eds., LexisNexis 2012). 1452 pages.

Panelist, Intergovernmental Cooperation Among Tribes, States, and the United States, Harvard Law School, Tribal Courts and the Federal System, Nov. 8, 2012 (Cambridge, MA) THOMAS ANDREWS

Publications Tom Andrews, Karen Boxx & Ann Murphy, Washington Community Property Deskbook (4th ed. Washington State Bar Association 2014). 1 vol. Tom Andrews, Rob Aronson, Mark Fucile & Art Lachman, The Law of Lawyering in Washington (Washington State Bar Association 2012). 1 vol.

Utility Model and Design Protection for Domestic Innovations in Russia, University of Washington School of Law and Indian Society of International Law, Intellectual Property Policy Seminar, Dec. 2012 (New Delhi, India) KAREN BOXX




Tom Andrews, Karen Boxx & Ann Murphy, Washington Community Property Deskbook (4th ed. Washington State Bar Association 2014). 1 vol.

Robert H. Aronson & Maureen A. Howard, The Law of Evidence in Washington (5th ed. Matthew Bender 2013). 1 vol. The Law of Evidence in Washington (4th ed. LexisNexis 2003 & Dec. 2012 supp.) 1 vol. Tom Andrews, Rob Aronson, Mark Fucile & Art Lachman, The Law of Lawyering in Washington (Washington State Bar Association 2012). 1 vol. ANNA BAKHMETYEVA

Presentations Technology Transfer in Russia, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Globalization of Medical Science Industry and Technology Transfer Strategies Seminar, Dec. 2013 (Tokyo, Japan) Doctrine Works Made for Hire under U.S. Copyright Law, Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sep. 2013 (Saint Petersburg, Russia) Doctrine Works Made for Hire under U.S. Copyright law, Ushinsky State Scientific Pedagogical Library, Sep. 2013 (Moscow, Russia) IP Protection of Software under the U.S. Copyright and Trade Secret Laws, Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property, Sep. 2013 (Moscow, Russia) The U.S. Trade Secret Law, High School of Economics, Sep. 2013 (Moscow, Russia) Specialized IP Court in Russia, Microsoft, Country Reports, Apr. 2013 (Redmond, WA)

Karen E. Boxx & Katie S. Groblewski, Washington Trust Law’s Extreme Makeover: Blending with the Uniform Trust Code and Taking Reform Further with Innovations in Notice, Situs, and Representation, 88 Wash. L. Rev. 813-902 (2013). Karen E. Boxx & Terry W. Hammond, A Call for Standards: An Overview of the Current Status and Need for Guardian Standards of Conduct and Codes of Ethics, 2012 Utah L. Rev. 1207-73.

Presentations The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Use of Joint Revocable Trusts for Married Couples in Community Property States, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, Fall Meeting, Oct. 25, 2013 (Fort Worth, TX) Ten Shades of Community Property, Washington State Bar Association and Estate Planning Council of Seattle, 58th Annual Estate Planning Seminar, Oct. 22, 2013 (Seattle, WA) No Place Like Home: Estate Planning with Residential Real Property, Washington State Bar Association and Estate Planning Council of Seattle, 58th Annual Estate Planning Seminar, Oct. 21, 2013 (Seattle, WA) Son of Trust Act: Virtual Representation and 2013 Amendments to Washington Trust Law, Washington State Bar Association Real Property, Probate and Trust Section Midyear Meeting, Jun. 8, 2013 (Pasco, WA)

S P R I N G 2 014



uw law



Recent Faculty News

Community Property Hot Topics, Washington State Bar Association, Community Property Law in Washington: Current Issues for Experienced Practitioners, Apr. 11, 2013 (Seattle, WA) Washington Update, Portland Estate Planning Council, 41st Annual Estate Planning Seminar, Feb. 8, 2013 (Portland, OR) Ethics Update, Washington State Bar Association, Same Sex Marriage, Registered Domestic Partnerships and Committed Intimate Relationships: What You Need to Know, Dec. 5, 2012 (Seattle, WA) STEVE CALANDRILLO

Publications Steve Calandrillo & Dustin E. Buehler, Eggshell Economics: A Revolutionary Approach to the Eggshell Plaintiff Rule, 74 Ohio St. L.J. 375-422 (2013).

Presentations Eggshell Economics: Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again, University of Washington School of Law, Faculty Colloquia Series, Oct. 2012 (Seattle, WA) RYAN CALO


Digital Market Manipulation, University of California-Berkeley Law School, Privacy Law Scholars Conference, May 28, 2013 (Berkeley, CA) Panelist, Has Big Data Gone Too Far? Are Concerns about Privacy Stifling Innovation? How Does the Law Grasp Big Data?, University of Washington School of Law, May 23, 2013 (Seattle, WA)

Books by Supreme Court Justices, 38 J. Sup. Ct. Hist. 94-117 (2013).


Ronald K.L. Collins & David M. Skover, On Dissent: Its Meaning in America (Cambridge University Press 2013). 179 pages.

Panelist, The Role of Your Law School and Other Graduate Schools in Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Tapping the Free Legal Advice Right Next Door, Association of University Technology Managers, 2014 Annual Meeting, Feb. 21, 2014 (San Francisco, CA)

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S P R I N G 2 014

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Recent Faculty News




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Recent Faculty News

Copyright Year in Review, Washington State Bar Association, 18th Annual Intellectual Property Institute, Mar. 8, 2013


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Recent Faculty News



Property, Privacy and Power: Rethinking the Fourth Amendment in the Wake of U.S. v. Jones, 22 B.U. Pub. Int. L.J. 67-128 (2013).

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Presentations Keynote, Comments on the Slow Start of Climate Change Law for “Climate Refugees,” University of Washington School of Law and Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, Climate-Migration, Local Conditions and Law: Food Security, Land Tenure and Gender, Feb. 7, 2014 (Seattle, WA) The Other History of U.S. Environmental Law, Association of American Law Schools, Sections on Environmental Law and North American Cooperation Joint Program: 40 Years of Environmental Law and Natural Resources Law–A Retrospective Look, Jan. 6, 2013 (New Orleans, LA) The Si’lailo Way—Indians, Salmon, and the Law on the Columbia River, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10, Native American Heritage Month, Nov. 29, 2012 (Seattle, WA) Harvard Law School, The Clean Water Act at 40, Oct. 11, 2012 (Cambridge, MA) Keynote, Environmental Law, Environmental Justice, and Human Rights: The Obvious Synopsis, University of Oregon School of Law, New Directions for Human Rights and the Environment: A Symposium Inspired by Svitlana Kravchenko, Sep. 28, 2012 (Eugene, OR) STEPHEN ROSENBAUM




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Panelist, Disclosure in Speech, Washington Law Review, 2013 Symposium: The Disclosure Crisis, Feb. 28, 2013 (Seattle, WA)

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Recent Faculty News

Unexpected Twists in the Affordable Care Act Decision, Jurist (Jul. 13, 2012).

Teaching Health Care Ethics in Rural Ethiopia: Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned, Harborview Medical Center, Ethics Forum, Nov. 14, 2012 (Seattle, WA)

Designing Model Homes for the Changing Medical Neighborhood: A Multi-Payer Pilot Offers Lessons for ACO and PCMH Construction, 42 Seton Hall L. Rev. 1519-47 (2012).

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S P R I N G 2 014


University of Maryland Law School, Health Care Reform Roundtable, Mar. 1, 2013 (Baltimore, MD)


uw law

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Recent Faculty News

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Class Notes 50s WILLIAM H. GATES SR. ’50 was

selected as the 2013 Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus by the University of Washington, the University’s highest honor.

systems. He earned the Doctor of Education degree and taught at four universities. After retiring from public service in 1998, he joined the graduate faculty of Seattle Pacific University in educational leadership. BUD WALSH ’70, a former Deputy


Representative for Washington’s 6th District, received the Washington Law Review’s 2013 Inspiration Through Service Award. JEFFREY ’67 AND SUSAN BROTMAN were the recipients of

the 2013 Gates Volunteer Service Award, an annual award presented by the University of Washington and UW Foundation to recognize and honor individuals whose long-term volunteer service and philanthropy have encouraged others to similarly support the UW.

Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, participated on a panel celebrating 50 years of federal efforts to provide crossgovernment weather forecast services. JOANNE FOSTER ’77 was named

2013 Lawyer of the Year by the National American Indian Housing Council, representing 463 tribes and tribal housing organizations throughout the United States.



named Vice Provost for Global Affairs at the University of Washington. MIKE KING ’84 published

Democracy’s Missing Arsenal, the first volume of a three-part work that imagines a world in which the Confederate Army won the Civil War. NANCY KRIER ’86 was selected to

serve full time in the Office of the Washington State Attorney General as its Open Government Assistant Attorney General.

STEVEN HUDSON ’86 was named

GARY NEWBILL ’73 retired from

Northwest University as Dean and Professor Emeritus of Education in 2012. Upon graduation from UW Law, Newbill served Northshore School District as General Counsel. Leadership roles followed in four other Washington districts, including assistant superintendent for human resources, curriculum and instruction, finance, business, and operations; and Superintendent of Vashon Island and Dieringer school


CRAIG JOHNSON ’77 joined

Parsons, Behle & Latimer’s Corporate and Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources Departments and will concentrate his practice on mergers, acquisitions, mining law and related transactions.

Partner at Preti Flaherty. He previously practiced as Of Counsel, and is based in the firm’s Augusta, Maine office, working with its Energy and Telecommunications Group, Climate Strategy Group and Government Affairs Group.

S P R I N G 2 014

Some Guidance about Federal Agencies and Guidance, 105 Law Libr. J. 385-94 (2013).

What Happens When Supply Chain Partners Are Turned into Law Enforcers?, Global Supply Chain Council, Annual Conference, Nov. 7, 2012 (Shanghai, China)

uw law

Thanks and Being Thanked, 105 Law Libr. J. 561-66 (2013)


Class Notes

general counsel for Port Madison Enterprises and a Suquamish Tribe official, was appointed to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

invited to be a member of the Litigation Counsel of America, a trial lawyer honorary society whose membership is limited to less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers. Turk is a shareholder with the national law firm Polsinelli.

CHRISTA ZAMORA ‘97 recently



accepted an appointment as a federal Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security Administration. Prior to her appointment, she served as a Chief Administrative Judge for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

began working as a prosecutor with EULEX in Pristina, Kosovo, prosecuting cases of corruption under the Kosovo Criminal Code. Prior to that, he worked as a Justice Advisor in Afghanistan, mentoring judges, prosecutors, defense counsel and law enforcement.

00s DAVID PERKINS ’05 was elected partner in Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP’s Corporate Department. He was also named a New York Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2013 for real estate. TRISH K. MURPHY ’96 founded

Northwest Workplace Law PLLC. The firm represents employers in labor and employment law matters and performs independent workplace investigations. LISSA KAUFMAN ’96 was awarded

the 2014 Judge Mercedes Deiz Award from Oregon Women Lawyers, which recognizes a person who has made an outstanding contribution to promoting minorities in the legal profession and in the community.


ANDREW TURK ’92 has been

Health LL.M. program presented papers at the John Marshall 5th Annual Review of Intellectual Property Law Symposium. JESSICA BELLE AND KAYLA FELD ’13 published an article with

TERRANCE KEENAN ’06 was promoted to Member (Partner) at Foster Pepper PLLC. He is a member of the Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy and Real Estate practices.


KIM BOROWICZ ’07 recently

CHRISTOPHER DODD ’06 was elected partner at Kutak Rock LLP in Scottsdale, AZ. He works in the firm’s public finance department, focusing primarily on serving as bond, underwriter’s, borrower’s and disclosure counsel on public finance transactions for cities, counties, school districts, colleges and universities, hospitals, 501(c)(3) organizations and state agencies.

completed a disability exchange program with Handicap International in Tajikistan. Borowicz, a disability rights attorney at Access Living, met with disability officials and presented on disability rights. GUIPING LU ’03 was promoted

AMELIA BOONE ’09, an associate at Skadden in Chicago, took 2nd overall and 1st among women at the “World’s Toughest Mudder” competition in November, 2012.

to counsel at Latham & Watkins LLP. He is a member of the Corporate Department, where he advises clients on corporate and securities matters, including US and international equity and debt offerings, M&A and private equity transactions and venture capital financings.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS ’06 was hired

CHRIS KODAMA ’06 was promoted

as the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium’s general counsel.

to counsel at Davis Polk. Kodama is in the Corporate Department, practicing in the firms’ Tokyo office. MATTHEW HEDBURG ’02 was

elected as a shareholder by Bullivant Houser Bailey PC. His practice focuses on insurance law and he is located in the firm’s Portland office. CRISTÓBAL JOSH ALEX ‘01

by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to lead the Office of Civil Rights. Prior to her appointment, Lally worked as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Western District of Washington State.

launched the Latino Victory Project, a political advocacy organization focused on immigration reform. He is the organization’s president.

promoted to Member (Partner) at Foster Pepper PLLC. Koester is a member of the firm’s Business practice and focuses on transactional law.

AMBER PENN-ROCO ’11 joined Galanda Broadman as an Associate, where her practice focuses on complex land and environmental issues and multi-party litigation involving tribal sovereignty, torts and hazardous materials.

CLAIRE NEWMAN ’12 joined the Seattle firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton as an Associate on the Native American Practice Group.

10s LILLIAN HEWKO ’11 received the Reproductive Justice Fellowship at the National Women’s Health Network. ELIZABETH HAWKINS ’10 received

the Take Action Award from the King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence for her work on behalf of immigrant survivors of violence. WYATT GOLDING ’11 secured an agreement to protect wildlife in Washington State. A staff attorney at the Washington Forest Law Center, Golding helped King County reach a deal with the Trust for Public Land to purchase forest land on Squak Mountain in Issaquah.


joined the law firm of Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C. in New Haven, Connecticut as an Associate focusing on health care, general business, and finance & banking.

uw law

PATRICIA LALLY ’98 was appointed

Andrew D. Feld M.D. J.D. in the AGA Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Journal.

S P R I N G 2 014



57 57

CL A SS OF 1948

JACK TUELL passed away on January 10, 2014. He

CL A SS OF 1949 CL A SS OF 194 3

JOHN RUSSELL passed away at the age of 101 on June

CHARLES “CHUCK” GLEISER passed away at the age of

30, 2012.

93 on February 4, 2012. RALPH VERCOE passed away on July 18, 2012.

CL A SS OF 1936

HERMAN “BUD” ANDERSON passed away on March 20, 2012. A Northwest native, Herman served in the U.S. Army during World War II in India after college, and married Vivian Peterson in 1947.

CL A SS OF 194 0

ESTHER JOHNSON passed away September 20, 2012. She earned a degree in journalism from the University of Iowa before attending the UW School of Law. After earning her master’s degree in law from Columbia University, Esther was recruited to assist with the Nuremberg trials in Germany, where she worked for three years. Johnson then returned to Seattle where she established a private law practice and served on the Washington State Bar Code of Professional Responsibility Committee, before retiring in 1995.

Following his time at the University of Washington, Vercoe entered the U.S. Army. He was a Staff Sergeant in the 3062nd Quartermaster Corp, 899 Tank Destroyer BN, serving in the European Theater of World War II where he was at the Battle of the Bulge, and Honorably Discharged in 1945. Following the war, he worked for Federal Electric Co. in Alaska, then moved to New York, where he was a Fraud Investigator for the Social Security Department until he retired.

JACK MACDONALD passed away on September 13, 2013. After serving in the U.S. Army in the South Pacific, Jack was an attorney for the Veterans Administration in Seattle for 30 years.


SIDNEY R. BUCKLEY passed away on November 12, 2013. Before law school, he served in the U.S. Army in the European Theater of World War II. Buckley was elected prosecutor for Stevens County in 1956 and then elected to the Superior Court in 1972.

ROGER JONES passed away at the age of 92 on April

29, 2012. A Seattle native, Jones served in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard and was a member of the Last Man’s Club of WWII. He was the President of Seattle Tent and Awning Company and the Northwest Hospital Foundation, and served as Chairman for the Lake Union Drydock, Young President’s Organization and Northwest Hospital.

CL A SS OF 1947

LYLE SCHNEIDER passed away on February 23,

2013. After finishing his first year of law school, Lyle entered the U.S. Navy and served in Pearl Harbor and the South Pacific before being stationed at Port Orchard. Schneider was honorably discharged as a Lt. Commander at the end of the war and returned to the law school to finish his legal education. He worked with his father-in-law in the firm Elliott & Schneider, which became Schneider, Gibson and Jarvey where he retired in 2005.

RICHARD SMITH passed away on July 4, 2013. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and the Korean War before being discharged as a lieutenant commander. Richard practiced law in Yakima where he served as a deputy prosecutor and also in private practice. He served as the President of the Yakima County Bar Association in 1976 and was a board member and President of the Yakima Chamber of Commerce.

CL A SS OF 1951

CL A SS OF 194 5

WILLIAM “BILL” BRANIGIN passed away July 29, 2012.

After earning his law degree, he entered the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant during World War II. Branigin was the legal counsel for the Carroll Mortgage Company for 30 years and was a member for the Appraisal Institute, Seattle Mortgage Bankers Association and the Washington Mortgage Bankers Association.

CLIFTON COLLINS passed away on February 4, 2012. A World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy and a Purple Heart recipient, Collins played center on the University of Washington football team. He established a law practice in 1949, and eventually formed a partnership with Nels Hansen as the Collins and Hansen Law Firm. He served as the Grant County Democratic Party Chairman and cofounded Columbia Basin Microwave, which sent Seattle television signals east of the Cascades.

F. LEE CAMPBELL passed away on December 17, 2012. He served as an infantry officer in the 102nd Infantry Division during World War II and was awarded the Combat Infantry badge and the Bronze Star medal. He was a member, managing partner and president for Karr Tuttle Campbell, and served on the Association Board of Governors and the Seattle/King County Bar Association. He was appointed to the Washington State Judicial Conduct Commission in 1981 and was awarded the Award of Merit and Honor in 1982.

CL A SS OF 1950

WILLIAM “BILL” HELSELL passed away on December

20, 2012. A veteran, Helsell enlisted in the U.S. Navy pilot training program and returned to active duty during the Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. After receiving his law degree, he served in the office of the U.S. Attorney and as a partner in Helsell Fetterman LLP before retiring in 1994. William also served on the Boards of Directors of Seattle Preparatory School and the Museum of Flight, and was a member of the University of Washington Futures Committee. DELBERT JOHNSON passed away on June 18, 2012. He was a veteran of World War II. TIMOTHY TUERCK passed away on March 9, 2012.

Tuerck earned the Purple Heart and Silver Star Medal for his actions in Europe during World War II. He then graduated from UW Law and moved to San Francisco in 1958, where he worked at the Internal Revenue Service. Later, he worked as the western region chief legal counsel for the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms until he retired in 1986.

DONALD “DON” FLEMING passed away on August 4, 2013. He served in the U.S. Army and was deployed in Germany and France during World War II. He served, and was later appointed Commissioner, in the U.S. Court of Claims. He was a senior partner with LeSourd, Patten, Fleming & Hartung and in 1985, began practicing law independently. Fleming was recognized by the Washington State Bar Association for over 50 years of membership and service to the public. With Juvenile Court Judge William G. Long, Fleming cofounded the Juvenile Court Conference Committee in Bellevue that provided counsel to at- risk youth to help them avoid prosecution and incarceration. PAUL SOLOMON passed away May 29, 2012. While

serving in the European Theater during World War II, Solomon earned his Combat Infantryman badge as a marksman and a Good Conduct Medal. He then earned his law degree and worked as an Assistant Attorney General and in the Washington State Liquor Control Board until his retirement in 1993. Post retirement, Solomon worked as a court appointed arbiter and volunteered in his community.

S P R I N G 2 014

CL A SS OF 1935

enlisted and served in the Army Air Corps where he flew B-24 Liberator bombers based in Italy during World War II. David was a partner in the law firm of Hoof, Shucklin and Harris before retiring in 1995. He served on the Probate Review Committee at the King County Courthouse and was appointed the first Justice of the Peace on Mercer Island in 1960.

uw law

In Memoriam

served in the Army Air Corps during World War II and practiced law in Edmonds until 1950. Tuell later graduated from the Boston University School of Theology in 1955, and was elected as a Bishop of the United Methodist Church in 1972. He served as the President of the Council of Bishops of the world-wide United Methodist Church from 1989 to 1990 and retired from being a Bishop in 1992.

DAVID HARRIS passed away on December 7, 2012. He


in Memoriam

CL A SS OF 1954

CL A SS OF 1955

MAX SORIANO passed away on September 15, 2012. After high school he served as a ship’s officer in the Merchant Marines during World War II and the Korean War. After law school he worked as an admiralty lawyer and founded his own shipping company.

MYRON “MIKE” CARLSON passed away on March 2, 2012. After graduating from high school he enlisted in the U.S. Navy V-5 Naval Pilot Training Program. He was a King County Deputy Prosecutor, joined Anderson Hunter in 1957, and founded his own firm where he practiced until his retirement in 1992. Myron was elected to the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association where he served from 19861989, and served on the Board of Governors of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association for three years.


JAY W. HAMILTON passed away on January 8, 2013. Hamilton enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1945 and served in China, and was an attorney in private practice after earning his J.D. He was appointed by Governor Daniel Evans to the Kitsap County Superior Court as a judge in 1970. He retired from the bench in 1982 and worked as the in-house legal counsel and Chief Executive Officer of The Gear Works in Seattle until his retirement. RICHARD KELLEHER passed away on November 13, 2012. He practiced law until August 2012. ROBERT SKIDMORE passed away on August 8, 2013.

He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and the Korean War. Robert practiced law for almost 50 years, mostly in private practice in Colville. MURRAY GUTERSON passed away on October 4, 2013.

During his legal career of over 50 years, Guterson served as a King County deputy prosecutor and an assistant United States attorney. He practiced at the firm Culp, Dwyer, Guterson & Grader, and its successor Mcnaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren.

CL A SS OF 1953

CHARLES “BUD” TULIN passed away on August 6, 2012. A UW track and field athlete and graduate of the UW ROTC program, Tulin entered the U.S. Air Force after attending law school and served in the Judge Advocate General’s office of the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base. After his service, he was a Territorial Judge in Alaska and, in 1958, opened his private law practice.

MAURICE EPSTEIN passed away on March 2, 2013. He

enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduating high school, and served in Japan and Korea until 1947. After law school, he worked in the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and then worked in private practice with friend and partner John Hay. He served as County Court Commissioner for King County from 1978 to his retirement in 1995. EUGENE “GENE” GREENWAY passed away on

February 25, 2012. He served in the armed forces as a Merchant Marine in World War II and as a JAG Lieutenant for the U.S. Air Force. Eugene was an active member of the Washington State Bar Association and practiced law for more than 50 years. PHILLIP TRACY passed away on September 21, 2012. After serving in the U.S. Army in Korea and earning his J.D., he entered private practice. Tracy was active with the Washington State Bar Association, the American Bar Assocation and the Pierce County Bar Association. H. DONALD “DON” GOUGE passed away on January 23, 2014. He joined the U.S. Army in 1942 and was the pilot in the 8th Army Air Corp based in England, where he was awarded citations for bravery. Gouge opened a law office in Renton where he practiced for nearly 40 years.

J. DIMMIT SMITH passed away on September 13, 2013. CL A SS OF 1956

BETTY BINNS FLETCHER passed away October 22, 2012. She was the first woman to become a partner at a Seattle law firm, K&L Gates, and the second woman to be appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Fletcher was an active member of the Washington State Bar Association and from 19721973 served as the first female president of the King County Bar Association in Seattle.

CL A SS OF 1957

WILLIAM “BILL” MAYS passed away on August 21, 2012. After law school, he started his career with the firm Gavin, Robinson, Kendrick, Redman, and Mays in Yakima. Later he ran the Tacoma office of Williams Kastner. Mays was a recipient of the Pacific Northwest Golf Association’s Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his volunteer service to amateur golf in the Northwest. JAMES GOBER passed away on June 9, 2013. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served in the South Pacific from 1943 to 1946. Gober joined the firm Lee Campbell after earning his law degree. He was later appointed Justice of the Peace and the first District Court Judge in Lewis County. Gober retired as a Lewis County Court Commissioner after over 50 years in the legal field. IRWIN TREIGER passed away on October 20, 2013. He joined the firm Bogle & Gates where he was Managing Partner for five years and Chair for eight years. Later, he worked as an attorney with Dorsey & Whitney and then Stoel Rives, where he was Of Counsel. He served in leadership positions in the Washington State Bar Association, American Bar Association, American Bar Foundation, American College of Tax Counsel, American Tax Policy Institute and American Law Institute. D. WAYNE GITTINGER passed away on March 6, 2014. He played baseball for the University of Washington as an undergraduate and was a member of the Board of Editors of the Washington Law Review while at UW Law. After graduating, Gittinger attended Officer Candidate School and served in the U.S. Coast Guard. Later, he joined the law firm of Lane Powell in Seattle, where he spent over 50 years practicing corporate law. He served on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Seattle Sports Commission, the Seattle Police Foundation, the First Tee of Greater Seattle and the Business Council of the Seattle Human Society. He and his wife Anne established the D. Wayne and Anne Gittinger Endowed Professorship and two scholarships at UW Law. The law school’s Dean’s Suite was named in his honor.

CL A SS OF 1958

WILLIAM “BILL” FRASER passed away on August 18, 2012. After graduating from UW Law with Honors, he worked at the Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, then entered private practice. FRANK GUSTIN passed away on March 20, 2012.

After graduating from law school, he became a Pierce County prosecutor in Tacoma. In 1961 he moved to Salt Lake City and practiced family law with his father at Gustin & Gustin. Later he formed Gustin Kastin Adams & Liapis, was general counsel for Equity Oil for 38 years, and served as counsel at Dart Adamson & Donovan until his retirement. ROBERT HUGHES passed away on August 13, 2012.

Before attending law school, he served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and earned his B.A. in Civil Engineering from Seattle University. He practiced as a patent attorney in Sumas and Bellingham, and authored many books on patent law.

CL A SS OF 1959

WILLIAM “BILL” STOEBUCK passed away on November 18, 2012. He attended the University of Washington School of Law after serving in the Korean War with the Air Force. He taught at the University of Denver College of Law, Harvard Law School, and at the UW School of Law where he was named the first Judson Falknor Professor of Law in 1995 and retired from teaching in 2007. Stoebuck was a member of the Order of the Coif and Of Counsel at Karr Tuttle Campbell. DUANE STOOKEY passed away on June 24, 2012.

uw law

Before he attended the law school, he served in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Smith was an attorney with the firms Monheimer, VanFredenberg and Smith; Smith, Smart, Hancock and Tabler; and Graham and Dunn as an expert in commercial real estate law.

September 27, 2013. He practiced law for 50 years.

THOMAS S. FOLEY passed away on October 18, 2013. He represented Washington’s 5th congressional district for 30 years as a member of the House of Representatives from 1965 to 1995. He was elected Speaker of the House in 1989. Prior to serving in Congress, Foley worked in private practice, as a prosecuting attorney in Spokane, in the office of the Washington State Attorney General and as special counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. In 1997, he was appointed by President Clinton as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. He received the Washington Medal of Merit, the state’s highest honor, in 2003.

S P R I N G 2 014

CL A SS OF 1952



in Memoriam

CL A SS OF 1960

CL A SS OF 1963

CL A SS OF 1970

ROBERT LAMB passed away on August 17, 2012. He

EVERETT PLUMB passed away on October 4, 2012. He

JOHN DICK passed away on August 14, 2012. Prior

practiced law in Pierce County for 35 years.

JAMES R. THOMAS passed away on March 31, 2013. CL A SS OF 196 4

RAGNAR ENGEBRETSEN passed away on March 21,

2012. He served in the U.S. Army in Norway, and was appointed a Municipal Judge by Ronald Reagan in 1972. Ragnar was elected a Superior Court Judge in 1980.

CYNTHIA WILLS passed away on June 11, 2012.

CL A SS OF 1961

LAUREN STUDEBAKER passed away on February 16, 2012. He was active in coaching youth soccer for 28 years, coached three state championship teams, and was voted U.S. Youth Soccer State and Regional Coach of the Year in 1996. Studebaker was also recognized by the Washington State Bar Association for 50 years of service representing the public with the highest level of professionalism and dedication.

2013. He practiced as an attorney in Seattle and Bellevue for over 40 years.

CL A SS OF 1967

TERRENCE MCCAULEY passed away on January 24, 2013. He attended UW Law after serving in the U.S. Army and was the City Attorney for Cashmere and Leavenworth. He received the Professionalism Award in 2012 from the Chelan/Douglas County Bar Association.

MURRAY A. MCLEOD passed away on February 2, 2014.

JOHN BRIGHT passed away on April 8, 2013. He joined

BARRY WOLF passed away on September 19, 2012.

CL A SS OF 1962

EARL HILL passed away on May 19, 2013. He served

in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and was active in Roi-Namur, Guam, and Okinawa. After earning his law degree, he practiced mainly in the fields of mining and aviation. DAVID HOFF passed away on August 16, 2012. His

CHARLES COVELLO passed away on September 14,

Farris, Bangs & Horowitz after law school and served as Counsel to Governor Daniel Evans. Bright was the Chief of Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office from 1973 to 1977. Afterwards, he joined Keller Rohrback where he became partner and remained in private practice as a civil trial lawyer until his retirement in 2009.

CL A SS OF 1969

HERBERT “HERB” GELMAN passed away on June 13,


drafted into the U.S. Army and served during the Korean War. Erickson then clerked for the Nevada Supreme Court after earning his law degree. He cofounded the firm Erickson, Thorpe & Swainston, and was a member of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity, the Insurance Defense Counsel, the American Bar Association and Reno’s local Prospector’s Club.

CL A SS OF 1972

During his time in law school he was the Editor in Chief of the Law Review and practiced for over 40 years after earning his law degree.

8, 2012. She practiced law in Seattle and Montana and retired from practice in 1988. In 1991, Morgret cofounded the Crafts Forum on CompuServe and actively managed it until 2009. THOMAS PUGH passed away on December 15, 2012.

A member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, he worked with his father in his manufacturer’s representative business and was the founder of the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.

CL A SS OF 1979 CL A SS OF 1974

RICHARD “RICK” SLAGLE passed away on August 9, 2012. He practiced in his own law firm for 15 years.

KRISTEN FLUHRER passed away on January 16, 2013.

STEVEN “STEVE” BRANOM passed away on July 4,

ROGER ERICKSON passed away on May 3, 2013. He was

CL A SS OF 1977

KATHRYN “KATHY” MORGRET passed away on July

CL A SS OF 1965

law practice focused on securities and civil litigation, including class action and environmental litigation. He tried more than 100 cases and is a past president of the Washington State Bar Association, Western States Bar Conference and the Seattle Public Defender Association. Hoff was also a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. 2012. He served as an officer in the Air Force before attending law school, and went into private practice after earning his J.D. He served as the President of the Franklin Pierce School Board and as a 12-year trustee at Evergreen State College.


CL A SS OF 1971

2013. He began working as an Attorney General for the State of Washington. Branom spent the majority of his legal career as an attorney for Hackett, Beecher and Hart, where he practiced civil litigation, insurance coverage and mediation. He was also an Attorney General for the State of Washington. on December 11, 2013. Justice Chambers was first elected to the State Supreme Court in 2000 and was reelected to a second term in 2006. Prior to joining the court, he worked as a trial lawyer for more than 30 years in Seattle. Throughout his career, Justice Chambers was very involved in the legal community, serving as the president of a number of statewide professional organizations, including the Washington State Bar Association.

She was the first female director of the Snohomish County Public Defender’s Office. A specialist in international tax law, she retired from KPMG in 2011.

CL A SS OF 1980

MARGARET PARTLOW passed away on

January 25, 2013. CL A SS OF 1975

RICHARD MCNEES passed away on September 30,

2012. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1940 and was a naval aviator for 32 years. After earning his law degree he was in private practice until 1988.

CL A SS OF 1976

NANCY MILLER passed away on May 30, 2012. She was the Secretary-Treasurer and President of the League of Women Voters and joined Jones, Grey and Bayley (later Stoel Rives) practicing real estate law. Miller was also the Chair of the Board of REI from 1981 to 1983 and served as the Chair of the Real Property Probate and Trust Section of the Washington State Bar Association.

CL A SS OF 1987

LORI SALZARULO passed away on February 10, 2013. After graduating from law school, she joined Garvey Schubert Barer with a focus on real estate. She chaired the firm’s Public Service Committee and was a volunteer with the King County Neighborhood Legal Clinics.

CL A SS OF 1988

KATHRYN BECKERMAN passed away on August 22,

2012. She was a public defender for The Defender Association of Seattle.

S P R I N G 2 014

After law school, he opened his law office in Okanogan and was joined by Judge Joseph Wicks, his father-in-law, in 1962. During his legal career of 50 years, he served as the Deputy Prosecutor under Rod Young and as the Superior Court Judge of Okanogan County.

to attending to law school, he was a Peace Corps volunteer, utilizing his engineering skills in Thailand. He began practice as an Assistant Attorney General with the Washington Attorney General’s Office. In 1983 he joined Springer, Norman, and Workman, where he became partner and later retired in 2007.

uw law

practiced law for over 50 years.

JAMES TRUJILLO passed away on October 13, 2013. He completed the U.S. Marine Corps’ Platoon Leaders Candidate Program and was honorably discharged in 1974. After law school, he became the deputy prosecutor for King County and started a private practice law firm in Bellevue that became Trujillo Peick Lingenbrink & Maglady. Trujillo also served as the President of the Washington State Hispanic Bar Association, Regional President of the National Hispanic Bar Association and was on the Board of Governors for the State Trial Lawyers Association.


in Memoriam

CL A SS OF 1991

EDWARD GROSS passed away on July 1, 2013. An

accomplished academic, Gross was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal when he graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1942. He was invited by the Chinese government to lecture on American higher education and held academic positions at Washington State University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Washington until his retirement in 1989.

CL A SS OF 1994

JENNIFER FOLLETTE passed away on September 4, 2012.

CL A SS OF 1998

KRISTIN MILES passed away on June 23, 2012. She

worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the UW Division and Social Health Services Division for 14 years. Miles authored chapters in the Washington Health Law Manual and was a board member of the Washington State Society of Healthcare Attorneys.

CL A SS OF 20 02

JOHN FARRELL passed away on July 10, 2013.


Donors 2012–13

Friends JOANNE RODDIS passed away on September 16, 2013.


uw law

Note: The University of Washington School of Law is deeply grateful to our many alumni and friends whose annual gifts, large and small, help create futures for our students, promote faculty scholarship and support justice throughout the world. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate listing of donors, and we sincerely apologize for misspelling or inadvertently omitting the names of any donors. We appreciate the opportunity to correct our records, so please advise us of errors by using the enclosed envelope or call the Advancement Office at 206.685.9115.

S P R I N G 2 014

Roddis and her late husband, Professor and Dean Richard S. L. Roddis, joined the law school community in 1968. She created the Richard Roddis Fund to support the Gallagher Law Library and did much to build the Gallagher Society that recognizes lifetime giving to the law library.


School of Law Annual Summary of Income and Expenditures

Giving Percentages by Year

JULY 1, 2012 – JUNE 30, 2013


G I F T S R EC E I V E D Contributions by Purpose 55%










27% YEAR


$2,699,588 1%

Outstanding pledges and unrealized testamentary gifts total $1,412,087. Total fundraising activity $4,111,675.

Contributions by Group CORPORATIONS TO LAW























28% <1%

Outstanding pledges and unrealized testamentary gifts total $1,412,087. Total fundraising activity $4,111,675.








14% $23,875


5% $1,000


7% $150


21% $10,350


8% $4,600


20% $7,736


10% $13,000


6% $7,715


7% $200


12% $12,125


6% $25,218


10% $6,635


10% $24,330


8% $5,954


4% $320


17% $12,836


6% $9,300


9% $950


13% $25,750


5% $3,176


23% $6,725


18% $41,955


6% $1,910


22% $2,475


13% $27,526


7% $5,663


19% $1,750


11% $8,180


4% $2,695


16% $2,350


10% $35,350


7% $2,715


15% $201,650


12% $5,660


6% $3,350


15% $6,965


9% $4,790


8% $2,925


13% $1,650


18% $13,790


7% $4,483


17% $42,650


13% $4,103


8% $2,170


29% $3,391


15% $57,120


14% $6,686


13% $1,550


9% $55,051


8% $2,630

* Includes: all types of foundations and trusts


9% $4,450


10% $12,080


12% $15,025

** Includes: non law alumni (faculty, former faculty, former staff, friends, parents, retired staff, current staff, students and visiting scholars/faculty)


16% $2,125


7% $2,250


11% $1,760


14% $3,300


9% $8,895


9% $2,561


10% $4,685


7% $7,389


13% $2,343


17% $26,195


6% $7,025


55% $3,125


10% $5,800


7% $6,260



Expenditures by Purpose STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS *

















* William H. Gates Public Service Law Program expenditures are part of Student Scholarships and Clinics, Programs and Centers categories.




14% $10,000

1940 55%


S P R I N G 2 014


uw law


67 67

Report to Donors

Members have lifetime giving totaling $25,000 or more. Acknowledgment of the John T. Condon Society Founding Members, Laureates and Benefactors can also be found on our donor wall in William H. Gates Hall.

Greater Everett Community Foundation

Lifetime giving totaling $100,000 to $999,999 to the School of Law.

Greenwall Foundation

Lifetime giving totaling $1,000,000 or more to the School of Law. Anonymous

Anonymous (6)

Edward ‘66 & Andrea Hansen (FM)

Frederick Smith Virginia Smith ‘46 (D)

M. John ‘69 & Mattie Bundy (FM)

Sophie & Wilbur Albright (D)

Douglas Hendel ‘56 (FM)

Max ‘52 & Ruth Soriano (D) (FM)

John ‘61 (D) & Sybil Burgess

William & Katherine Andersen Jr. (FM)

Professor Dan Henderson (D)

Alice & Edna Athearn (D) (FM)

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation (FM)

Aviation Working Group

Herbert B. Jones Foundation

Judith ‘75 & Arnold Bendich (FM)

Japan Foundation

Joel ‘71 & Maureen Benoliel (FM) Frederick Betts ‘33 (D) (FM) Judith Bigelow ‘86 (FM)

Jean Johnson ‘82 & Peter Miller ‘83 (FM) Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation

The Honorable Bobbe ‘76 & Jon ‘76 Bridge (FM)

K & L Gates

The Bullitt Foundation

Katherine Kellogg Smith Trust

Clarence ‘30 & Vivian Campbell (D)

Nanci Kertson

Cloud L. Cray Foundation

Michael Kates Trust

Ed Kim ‘95 King County Bar Association

Richard Cray (D)

Steve & Kathy Berman (FM)

Gordon Culp ‘52 (D) (FM)

Jeffrey ‘67 & Susan Brotman (FM)

Gerald ‘53 & Lucille Curtis

C. Calvert Knudsen ‘50 (D (FM)

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

The Korea Foundation

Evelyn S. Egtvedt (D)

Colonel Josef ‘31 & Muriel Diamond (D)

Kreielsheimer Foundation (FM)

D. Wayne ‘57 (D) & Anne Gittinger (FM) Landesa Rural Development Institute Microsoft Corporation Elisabeth Miller (D) William & Sally Neukom (FM) Toni Rembe ‘60 & Arthur Rock (FM) Linden Rhoads ‘11 (FM) The Seattle Foundation The Tulalip Tribes United Way of King County University of Washington School of Law Foundation

Richard ‘70 & Polly Dodd (FM) Marie Donohoe ‘63 (D) The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

King County Bar Institute

Theodore & Pamela Kummert (FM) Sam Levinson ‘25 (D) Gordon Livengood ‘52 (D)

David Stobaugh ‘75 & Lynn Prunhuber ‘79 Stuart Foundation Washington Research Foundation

Casey Family Foundation

Washington State Bar Association Philip Weiss ‘23 (D) Carrie Welch (D)

Condon Society

Lifetime giving totaling $25,000 to $99,999 to the School of Law.

Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation

Helen Adams (D) Takeo LL.M. ‘75 & Etsuyo Akiyama (FM) Thomas Allison ‘72 (D) & Kimberlee Brackett American College of Trial Lawyers American Bar Association Professor Helen Anderson ‘84 & Howard Goodfriend ‘84

Robert McMillen (D) (FM)

Dean Judson ‘19 & Dorothy Falknor (D) Donald Fleming ‘51 (D) The Ford Foundation Foster Pepper PLLC Marion Garrison (D) (FM)

William ‘50 & Mimi Gates Sr. (FM) Professor Robert Gomulkiewicz ‘87 & Andrea Lairson ‘88 (FM) Gregory ‘85 & Valerie Gorder


Perkins Coie LLP (FM) Preston Gates & Ellis, LLP (FM) Progeny 3, Inc. Puyallup Tribe of Indians Quil Ceda Village Riverstyx Foundation Judith ‘74 & Jon Runstad Jr. (FM) Joseph & Katherine Ryan Katie Sako ‘87 & Kendall Flint (FM) Kenneth ‘64 & Lucia Schubert Jr. (FM) The Honorable Gerard & Barbara Shellan

Coleman Foundation, Inc.

Gregory ‘77 & Anne Adams

Kimberly ‘85 & Charles Ellwanger (FM) Ernest Falk ‘28 (D)

Charles ‘61 & Donna Cole (D) (FM)

Comdisco, Inc.

The Honorable William ‘52 (D) & Vasiliki Dwyer (FM)

Larry ‘63 & Judith Mounger Jr. (FM)

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

Thomas ‘68 & Jane Collins

James ‘39 (D) & Kathleen Arneil

Veida Morrow ‘24 (D)

Center for Children & Youth Justice

Anonymous (12)

Bruce ‘49 & Jean Maines (D)

Evergreen Legal Services

Michael Cason

Children’s Home Society of Washington

John Applegate ‘41 (D)

Charlotte Malone (D)

Diana ‘86 & Charles (D) Carey Jr. C. Kent ‘67 & Sandra Carlson (FM)

Jack MacDonald ‘40 (D) (FM)

Scott Dunham ‘75 & Barbara Eliades (FM)

Robert ‘73 & Katherine Campbell

Paul Van Wagenen ‘73

Professor Robert Anderson & Marilyn Heiman

Mary Gates (D)


King County Bar Foundation

SSA Marine, Inc.

Willaim (D) & Virginia Lowry ‘38

Garvey Schubert Barer (FM)


John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Stan ‘63 & Alta Barer (FM)

Bill & Melinda Gates (FM)

James ‘35 & Jane Bryson (D) Charles Stimson Bullitt ‘49 (D)

Kenneth ‘40 (D) & Nona ‘42 Cox (FM)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Joseph ‘82 & Maureen Brotherton

James & Janet Sinegal

Greg Amadon (FM)

Michael ‘64 & Lynn Garvey (FM)

W. Hunter (D) & Dorothy Simpson (FM)

Gerald & Carolyn Grinstein (FM)

The Boeing Company Condon Society Laureates

Spencer Short ‘24 (D)

The Honorable Betty ‘56 & Professor Emeritus Robert Fletcher (D) (FM) James ‘71 & Marlene Fletcher Floyd & Pflueger, P. S. Foley Family Charitable Foundation William ‘74 & Carol Foley II (FM) Carl Franklin (D) Dennis Franklin ‘78 & Melinda Yee

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Japanese American Society

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

Japan/U.S. Friendship Commission Eric & Ingrid Jarvis The Honorable Peter ‘62 & Sally Jarvis Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward (FM) Michael B. Jeffers ‘64 & Hope Aldrich

Marjorie Jones (D)

Jennifer Gavin

James & Diana Judson

Earl Phillips ‘34 (D)

Timothy Gavin ‘91 (FM)

Kao Corporation

General Service Foundation

Day ‘29 & Susan Karr (D)

Robert ‘74 & Barbara Giles (FM)

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP

Peter & Sally Glase

W.H. (Joe) Knight Jr. & Susan Mask (FM)

The Glenhome Foundation Glenhome Trust Stanley Golub ‘36 (D) Gordon Derr, LLP Laura Grace

Clydia Cuykendall ‘74

Greenwood Shopping Center (FM) Camden Hall ‘65

John ‘40 & Ruth (D) Davis

John ‘78 & Patty Hammar

Mabry Debuys ‘79 (D)

Carl M. Hansen Foundation, Inc.

Carl Koch ‘40 (D) Henry Kotkins Sr. ‘35 (D) Dennis ‘67 & Elizabeth Lane (FM) Lane Powell, PC The Lane Family Foundation Linda Larson ‘78 & B. Gerald Johnson (FM) Eugene ‘66/LL.M. ‘78 & Sachiko Lee Ronald ‘71 & Toshiko Lee Legal Environmental Assistance James ‘63 & June Lindsey Jr.

Alfred & Dorothy Harsch (D) Heller Ehrman LLP

Lawrence & Mary Ann Bailey

The Honorable Carolyn ‘53 & Cyrus (D) Dimmick

Barbara & Professor Wallace Loh (FM)

James Hilton ‘59 (FM)

Dorsey & Whitney, LLP

Ruth Lothrop (D)

Barbara Barbee-Pelzel

Lloyd DuCommun ‘34 (D)

Akimitsu LL.M. ‘95 & Kaoru Hirai

Peter ‘65 & Marian Lucas

Bardehle Pagenberg Dost Allan Baris ‘79 & Karen Watts ‘80

Robert ‘61 & Judith Duggan

Dean & Professor Emeritus Roland & Mary Hjorth (FM)

Robert & Janet Macfarlane Jr.

Jack (D) and Becky Benaroya (FM)

Barney Ebsworth

John ‘69 & Carol Hoerster (FM) The Honorable Alfred ‘48 & C. Lillian Holte (D)

John ‘53 & Doris Ellis

The Honorable Charles Horowitz ‘27 (D)

Michael ‘66 & Gail Emmons

Professor Mary Hotchkiss

Sylvia Epstein (D)

Gary ‘75 & Chris Huff

Betts, Patterson & Mines, P.S.

Fenwick & West LLP

Boehmert & Boehmert

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP

James & Rose Hunter ‘39 (D) (FM)

Bogle & Gates Law Offices Mary ‘75 & David Boies (FM) F. Ross Boundy ‘71 Alexander ‘63 & Cornelia (D) Brindle Sr.

Leslie Fishel Jr. (D) Daniel ‘88 & Frances Fisher (FM)

Dan ‘66 & Diane O’Neal (FM)

William & Carrie Garrison (D)

Denny Miller Associates, Inc.

Family of Homer Bergren ‘35 (D) (FM)

The Norcliffe Foundation

Pacific Coast Banking School

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

James Ellis ‘49 (FM)

The Honorable William ‘63 & Marta Nielsen (FM)

Professor Ralph (D) & Anne Johnson (FM)

Charles Harer ‘00/LL.M. ‘01

William Bennett ‘95 & Michele Borovac (FM)

Sharon Nelson ‘76

Bruce ‘78 & Aphrodite Garrison (FM)

Deloitte & Touche Foundation

Bendich, Stobaugh & Strong, P.C.

Jack ‘58 & Lora Mullin (FM)

P&E C Miller Charitable Foundation

Martin ‘65 (D) & Diane Crowder (FM)

Richard ‘74 & Mary ‘75 Ekman

Robert Mucklestone ‘54 & Megan Kruse

Yasuhiro Fujita ‘68 (D)

Graduate Program in Taxation (FM)

Duty Free Shoppers Ltd.

Jonathan ‘80 & Lynn Mott (FM)

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Dana Corporation Foundation

Janet Wright Ketcham Foundation

Byron & Alice Lockwood Foundation

The Macfarlane Foundation Norman ‘66 (D) & Judith Maleng Tasuku Matsuo LL.M. ‘69 Frank McAbee (D) The McIntosh Foundation McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren PLLC Polly ‘87 & David McNeill (FM)

Arthur Paulsen ‘46 (D) (FM) Walter Pitts ‘52 (D) (FM) Pogo Producing Co. Cheryl Pope William Pope ‘79 (FM) Wayne L. Prim Foundation Wayne ‘50 & Miriam Prim Constance ‘78 & Rodney Proctor Public Interest Law Association Karl ‘79 & Lianne Quackenbush Josef Rawert ‘09 Dale ‘39 & Evelyn Read ‘40 (D) Helen Reardon Agnew (D) Eric & Heather Redman (FM) Bruce ‘77 and Alida Robertson (FM) ROC/US Technology Cooperation The Rock Foundation Professor Emerita Marjorie ‘60 & Edgar ‘35 (D) Rombauer Ropes & Gray The Runstad Foundation Mary Ryan (D) S.O.S. Foundation Safeco Insurance Company Lowden Sammis ‘26 (D) Thomas ‘73 (D) & Greta Sedlock (FM) Seed I.P. Law Group, PLLC Shidler McBroom Gates & Lucas (FM) Beryl Simpson ‘85 Skokomish Tribal Office

Frank ‘85 & Teresa Michiels

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Thelma Hutchinson (D)

Denny & Sandra Miller (FM)

Catherine Smith ‘79

James & Nancy Irwin

Hugh Miracle ‘34 (D)

Eugene Smith ‘56 (D)

Allen ‘78 & Nettie Israel

Mitsubishi Research Institute

Robert ‘72 & Carol Jaffe

Frank & Ella Moquin (D)

Martin Smith ‘81 & Cathy Jones-Smith

Thelma Moriarty (D)

S P R I N G 2 014


Condon Society Benefactors

uw law


Smith Goodfriend, P.S.



Report to Donors

Evelyn Cruz ‘78 & J. Parker Sroufe Jr. (FM) Carlyn ‘81 & George (D) Steiner (FM) William & Augusta Steinert (D) R. Jack. ‘64 & Sandra Ann Stephenson (FM) Professor Emeritus William ‘59 (D) & Mary Stoebuck (FM) Eleanor Stokke (D) Carl Stork (FM) Daniel ‘55 & Susan Sullivan

Members have lifetime giving totaling $15,000 or more to the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library at the School of Law. Acknowledgment of the Marian Gould Gallagher Society can also be found on the law library donor wall in William H. Gates Hall.



Joel ‘71 & Maureen Benoliel

Members have made testamentary or other planned gifts to the School of Law.

Gifts reported here are those received this fiscal year and do not include pledges or other unrealized contributions or bequests.

Anonymous (4) Edna Alvarez ‘67 Edward ‘78 & Laura Chandler

$100,000 OR MORE

Osamu Hirakawa ‘77 Dean & Professor Emeritus Roland & Mary Hjorth***

Jeffrey ‘67 & Susan Brotman

Seed I.P. Law Group, PLLC*

John ‘69 & Carol Hoerster**

Dunn Charitable Foundation

Sonderhoff & Einsel Law and Patent Office

Lynn ‘80 & Clinton Chapin

Robert Dunn (D) Ruth Dunn (D) Esther Johnson ‘40 (D) Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Ed Kim ‘95 The Macfarlane Foundation

Patricia Allendoerfer

Perkins Coie Charitable Foundation Josef Rawert ‘09

The Honorable Bobbe ‘76 & Jon ‘76 Bridge***

Robert & Janet Macfarlane Jr. Brad Marten

Kevin Stock Stoel Rives LLP Professor Toshiko LL.M. ‘90/ Ph.D. ‘92 & Hisato Takenaka

Inslee, Best, Doezie, & Ryder, PS* International Corporate Accountability Roundtable Robert ‘72 & Carol Jaffe

David & Daphne Tang*

Dan Kilpatric ‘76 & Colleen Kinerk ‘77

Tani & Abe

Kim & Chang

Van Ness Feldman GordonDerr

Craig ‘82 & Danna Kinzer Dennis ‘67 & Elizabeth Lane

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Marten Law Group Tasuku Matsuo LL.M. ‘69

Julie Weston ‘69 & Gerhardt Morrison

Vasiliki Dwyer

D. Wayne ‘57 (D) & Anne Gittinger***

Pacific Bankers Management Institute

$2,000 TO $4,999

Richard ‘74 & Diane Elliott

Microsoft Corporation***

Perkins Coie LLP*

Texas Instruments Incorporated

James Ellis ‘49

Quil Ceda Village

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Anonymous (2)

Donald ‘54 & Kay Thoreson (FM)

Bruce ‘78 & Aphrodite Garrison

Washington State Bar Association*

Ropes & Gray LLP Joseph & Katherine Ryan

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

$25,000 TO $99,999

S.O.S. Foundation


The Seattle Foundation***

William & Sylvia Bailey

Garfield & Cynthia Jeffers

Sophie Albright (D)

United Way of King County

Bardehle Pagenberg Dost

Michael Jeffers ‘64

American Bar Association

Paul Van Wagenen ‘73***

Kenneth ‘88 & Lisa Baronsky

Alan Kane ‘65

Professor Helen Anderson ‘84 & Howard Goodfriend ‘84

Professor Deborah Maranville*

$5,000 TO $9,999

Thomas Bingham ‘77 & Patricia Char

Paul Metzner

Alice & Edna Athearn (D)*

Anonymous (3)

Diana ‘86 & Charles Carey (D) Jr.*

Barbara Barbee-Pelzel

Gregory ‘77 & Anne Adams**

Florence Carkeek (D)

Professor Toshiko LL.M. ‘90/Ph.D. ‘92 & Hisato Takenaka Lyn Tangen ‘74 & Richard Barbieri (FM) Tani & Abe

Laura Crawford ‘86 Gerald ‘53 & Lucille Curtis

Edith Tollefson (D)

Allan Baris ‘79 & Karen Watts ‘80

Gail Gordon ‘77

Tousley Brain

Judith ‘75 & Arnold Bendich

Douglas Hendel ‘56

Guy ‘77 & Jackie Towle

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William Hochberg ‘83

Irwin ‘57 & Betty Lou Treiger (FM) Robert & Kathleen Trimble (FM) U.S. Charitable Gift Trust United States-Japan Foundation United Way of Snohomish County Nancy & Fred Utter Van Ness Feldman GordonDerr Verizon Communications Inc. W.A. Franke Washington State Bar Foundation Griffith ‘49 & Patricia Way Paul Webber ‘62 (FM) Werner Erhard Foundation Julie Weston ‘69 & Gerhardt Morrison

Gerald ‘53 & Lucille Curtis Lloyd A. DuCommun ‘34 (D) Alfred & Dorothy Harsch (D) Professor Penny & Norris Hazelton

Nanci Kertson

The Family of Lawrence Hickman ‘36

Keith ‘72 & The Honorable Lynn Kessler

Professor Mary Hotchkiss & Mary Whisner

Earl ‘66 & Kristin Lasher

Partners of Levinson, Friedman, Vhugen, Duggan, Bland & Horowitz

Thomas Loftus ‘57 Wallace & Barbara Loh

Robert & Janet Macfarlane Jr.

Virginia Lowry

Polly ‘87 & David McNeill

Judith Maleng

Dudley ‘55 & Anne Panchot

W. H. (Joe) Knight Jr. & Susan Mask

Dean Richard & Joanne Roddis (D) & Family

Polly ‘87 & David McNeill

Professor Emeritus Marjorie ‘60 & Edgar ‘35 (D) Rombauer

Ralph ‘62 & Bonnie Olson

Lowden Sammis ‘26 (D)

John ‘52 & Jacqueline Riley

Dudley ‘55 & Anne Panchot

Center for Children & Youth Justice Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation Gregory ‘85 & Valerie Gorder*

Boehmert & Boehmert* Kent ‘67 & Sandra Carlson** Colonel Josef ‘31 & Muriel Diamond (D) Richard ‘70 & Polly Dodd**

King County Bar Foundation

Dorsey & Whitney, LLP*

Landesa Rural Development Institute

Scott Dunham ‘75 & Barbara Eliades**

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

Linda ‘76 & Randal Ebberson*

AIP Patent & Law Offices

Thomas ‘68 & Jane Collins** Connelly Law Offices

The Honorable Carolyn Dimmick ‘53

David ‘61 & Mary Williams

Garvey, Schubert & Barer

William Snyder ‘89/LL.M. ‘06

Catherine Smith ‘79

Woodcock Washburn

William ‘50 & Mimi Gates Sr.

John ‘53 & Doris Ellis*

Bagley & Virginia Wright Foundation

Diane ‘76 & Larry Stokke

Smith Goodfriend, P.S. Virginia Smith ‘46 (D)

Carl M. Hansen Foundation, Inc.

Juli Farris Franzosi Dal Negro Setti

Charles & Barbara Wright

Professor Lea Vaughn & Patrick Dobell

The Honorable Alfred Holte ‘48 (D)***

Mario Franzosi

Paul ‘67 & Kathryn Whelan

D. Michael ‘75 & Julia Young


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Lynda & The Honorable Donald Horowitz Professor Mary Hotchkiss*

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Keith ‘72 & Lynn Kessler**

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Judith ‘75 & Arnold Bendich*

Merchant & Gould


Nakamura & Partners

Brian ‘77 & Elizabeth Morrison Jack ‘58 & Lora Mullin The Honorable Susan Owens

Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp

Bruce Dick ‘82 & Rexanne Gibson ‘82

John Frank & Delia Jampel

Washington State Bar Foundation

Frank ‘85 & Teresa Michiels

David Perkins ‘05

Skokomish Tribal Office

The Honorable Eugene ‘37 (D) & Esther Wright

Maiwald Patentanwalts GmbH

Clydia Cuykendall ‘74***

The Honorable Gerard & Barbara Shellan

Squaxin Island Tribe

Beth Loveless

Esther Park ‘00

Riverstyx Foundation

Paul Van Wagenen ‘73

Deborah Livingstone

Cutler Nylander & Hayton, P.S.

Joseph & Katherine Ryan

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

James ‘63 & June Lindsey Jr.**

Patrick ‘88 & Karen Crumb

W. J. Thomas Ferguson ‘67

Professor Jane & Peter Winn

Eugene ‘66/LL.M. ‘78 & Sachiko Lee**

Pendleton and Elisabeth Miller Charitable Foundation*

Joanne Roddis (D)

Guy ‘77 & Jackie Towle

Fenwick & West LLP

Professor Daniel Laster & Sharon Hazzard

The Honorable John & Gwen Coughenour

Toni C. Rembe ‘60 & Arthur Rock

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund

The Lane Family Foundation

Earthrights International Professor Jonathan ‘69 & The Honorable Deborah Eddy

Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP Jose ‘76 & Olive Gaitan John Garner ‘77*** Robert ‘74 & Barbara Giles Klaus Gradischnig Professor Penny & Norris Hazelton*

Professor William Rodgers Jr.* Lonnie Rosenwald ‘94 Laurie Rosini Starbucks Coffee Company David Stobaugh ‘75 & Lynn Prunhuber ‘79 Osamu Tanaka LL.M. ‘94 Donald Theophilus III ‘89 Arthur Tsien ‘78 & Judith McGuire*** Unitalen Attorneys at Law Professor Kathryn & Andrew Watts Mary Whisner** Professor Jane & Peter Winn* Woodcock Washburn Michelle Wu Yuasa & Hara


S P R I N G 2 014

Squaxin Island Tribe


uw law

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Eric Anderson ‘94 & Stephen Tollafield

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Arnold ‘59 & Carol Barer*

Richard ‘77 & Christine Kitto Jr.

Allan Baris ‘79 & Karen Watts ‘80

Shelley Kostrinsky

Clemens Barnes ‘69 & Lisa Anderson

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Mark Beatty ‘79

Julie Lanz ‘01 & Max Ochoa

Major Joshua Berger ‘03

Kathleen Lemly

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The Boeing Company*** Bruce ‘81 & Christine Borrus The Honorable Robert ‘58 & Cathy Bryan

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Steven Miller ‘00

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Donna Moniz ‘82*

Crissa Cugini ‘85

National Christian Foundation

Darren Carnell ‘95**

Charles Curran ‘60 John ‘70 & Zona Deweerdt Scott Dinwiddie ‘95 & Andrea Menaker ‘95 Professor Dwight ‘73 & Kathleen Drake

The North Ridge Foundation* Douglas Ogden ‘89** Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners

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Professor Kathleen O’Neill & David Laskin

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Guy ‘77 & Jackie Towle Irwin (D) ‘57 & Betty Lou Treiger** Nancy Vandercook ‘82 Michael ‘96 & Dina Wampold Washington and Mediation Services Karen Weiland Edward & Mary Wendell Jr. David ‘61 & Mary Williams* Craig Wright ‘91 H. Kevin ‘89 & Anne Wright Koichi & Yukari Yamaoka

Richard Cleva ‘79*

The Honorable Peter ‘62 & Sally Jarvis

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Barbara & Philip Cutler

K & L Gates

Abigail Daquiz ‘04 & James Babcock

Thomas Keane ‘78 & Martha Noerr ‘78**

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

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Richard Dykstra

Diane Kero ‘81

Kimberly ‘85 & Charles Ellwanger**

Professor Alan Kirtley & Lon-Marie Walton

Ramona Emerson ‘91 & Brian McMullen

Professor Anita Krug

Katherine Fletcher & Kenneth Weiner Donovan Flora Aline Flower Elizabeth Ford Thelma Franco Robert Free ‘75 & Carolyn Corker-Free*

Jeremy ‘92 & Tara Larson Steven Lawrenz The Honorable J. Robert Leach ‘76 & Vickie Norris* Robert ‘97 & Jennifer Leinbach Clark Lin ‘08

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Rebecca Andrews ‘03 & Scott Olmsted

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Jan Baisch

Mark Griffin

Martin ‘70 & Andrea Lybecker*** Patrick ‘91 & Pauline Madden

Mills Meyers Swartling, PSC Grayce & Robert Mitchell Morrison & Foerster, LLP Mundt MacGregor LLP Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu

Professor Louis & Susan Wolcher

Robert Choo Jeffrey Christensen ‘07 Beth Clark ‘84 Professor Tom Cobb & Kevin Francis Gerald ‘70 & Jeannie Coe Joshua Colangelo-Bryan ‘99 Lauren Conner Elizabeth & Scott Coplan Lisa & Bruce Corker* Robert Crees ‘56*

Nicholas Hesterberg ‘09 & Maria Forero Jayanne Hino ‘83 William Hochberg ‘83 Michael Hoge ‘75 Brooks Holland Lenny Hom* Walter ‘62 & Theodora Howe Jr. Gary ‘75 & Chris Huff Sylvester ‘79 & Marlys Jaime*** Richard ‘82 & Agnes Johannsen

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The Honorable Robert ‘78 & Seda Lasnik

Lori Nomura ‘93 & Hossein Nowbar ‘93

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The Honorable Mary ‘58 & Thomas Brucker*

Vanessa Power ‘00 Quinault Beach Resort & Casino Cameron & Tori Ragen Thomas ‘84 & Tracy Read*** Charles Robinson ‘81

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Innocence Project NW

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James Williams

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Elizabeth Schubert ‘05 & Carl Ton

Evan ‘56 & Elizabeth Inslee

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Ann Hemmens

Eric Volz

Michael ‘72 & Virginia Hall

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Lien Yu ‘97

The Honorable Robert ‘58 & Mary Harris

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JoAnne Tompkins ‘80 & Jon Schorr

Chun Ng ‘91 & Pei Wang

Charles Blumenfeld ‘69 & Karla Axell

Craig ‘56 & Jean Campbell

Philip Thompson ‘82 & Elizabeth Dolliver**

Sharon Nelson ‘76

Camden Hall ‘65

Professor Hugh Spitzer ‘74 & Ann Scales

Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie

Gerald ‘61 & Michelle Hahn

Jill Bowman ‘81

Karen Kruse ‘90 & Bruce Cross*

John Binns Jr. ‘64

Troy Hansen

Gerald LL.M. ‘96 & Bridget Swanson II

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Judith ‘74 & Jon Runstad Jr.*

Feliciana ‘78 & Professor William Burke*

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Christopher ‘75 & Cheryle Hirst*

Diane ‘76 & Larry Stokke

James ‘53 & Patsy Nelson

Hall Zanzig Clafin McEachern, PLLC

Bradley Johnson Attorneys

Shannon ‘56 & Donna Stafford**

Cynthia Whitaker ‘76 & Dan Carmichael

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Akimitsu LL.M. ‘95 & Kaoru Hirai

Shan Sivalingam ‘07

Nicholas Miller ‘73

The Runstad Foundation

Lourdes Fuentes ‘96

Morris ‘63 & Donna Shore

David Whedbee ‘04

Breean Beggs ‘91 & Laurie Powers ‘91

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Aurora ‘97 & David Martin

Stanton ‘86 & Bette Beck

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B. Michael Schestopol ‘73 & Sarah Mann

Maisano Mediation, LLC

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Gary ‘74 & Kristen (D) Fluhrer ‘74


The Honorable Ernest Kubota ‘58*

Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC

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Cari Laufenberg ‘03 Kris Lee ‘90/LL.M. ‘91 Jonathan Leptich ‘08 Jeremy Lieb ‘13 Derek Loeser ‘94 & Katherine Van Kessel Robert MacAulay ‘82 & Keri Ellison*

Steven ‘07 & Emma Gillespie

Donald ‘68 & Brenda Mallett***

Professor Robert Gomulkiewicz ‘87 & Andrea Lairson ‘88

Professor Anna Mastroianni & Gregory Shaw

Michael Gotham ‘93 & Kenneth Wingard Jikizizwe Gqiba-Knight ‘09 & Carrie Evans Rita ‘84 & John Griffith

Gail Mautner The Honorable Richard ‘70 & Janis Miller Bernard Minsk

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F. Andrekita Silva ‘87 & Philip Mealand Grant ‘53 & Nancy Silvernale Jr. Cameron Smith ‘03/LL.M. ‘04 Snohomish County Superior Court Kazuaki Sono ‘69 Evelyn Cruz Sroufe ‘78 & J. Parker Sroufe William Stevenson Julie Straub-Barreto & Professor Matthew Barreto Michael Tardif ‘74


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Michiko ‘74 & Bernard Crampe Murray & Lillian Crawford Derek LL.M. ‘11 & Paige LL.M. ‘04 Crick Crissy Field Dog Group John Crosetto ‘05 Stephen Crossland Michael Cummins ‘94 Gary ‘65 & Marilyn Cunningham*** Donald Dahlgren ‘60 Harold Daniels Mark Davidson ‘75

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Danielle ‘99 & Michael Githens

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Henry ‘62 & Catherine Haas Professor Alon Halevy Shelley Hall ‘98 Shelley Halstead Richard Hansen ‘74 Goro Hashimoto LL.M. ‘86 John ‘53 & Geraldine Hay Beau Haynes ‘11 & Idalia Limon Genevieve Hayton ‘09

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Hendricks & Lewis, PLLC

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M. Gerald Herman ‘60 & Antonie Humphreys Zachary ‘06 & Heidi Hiatt Marie Higuera ‘95

Roberta ‘80 & Charles Katz Jr. Dean Kawamoto Kathleen Keasler Stanley Kehl ‘73 & Karen Fie Kathryn Kelly Robert ‘66 & Mary Keolker* H. K. Bruss Keppeler ‘66 Christine Kim ‘10/LL.M. ‘11 David ‘71 & Karen King Brent ‘93 & Peggy Kinkade* William Kinsel ‘88 Megan Kirk ‘02 Dustin ‘99/LL.M. ‘99 & Mary Klinger Mary ‘74 & Professor Alan Klockars*** Professor Sanne Knudsen & Todd Wildermuth David Ko LL.M. ‘07 Ming Yat Ko The Honorable Ted ‘64 & Marian Kolbaba

Robert Mahon III LL.M. ‘96

Daniel LL.M. ‘07 & Kristen Manson Donald Marinkovich ‘59 Jennifer Marlow ‘10 Nicholas Marritz ‘11 Hugh Matsubayashi ‘97 & Ivy Chen Mari Matsumoto ‘07 & Taylor Black James McAteer ‘54 Pamela McClaran ‘88 Kevin McClure ‘95 James McCullagh ‘97 Robert McGinness Alexandra McKay ‘05 The Honorable Larry McKeeman ‘76 & Cynthia Treharne Jack ‘59 & Carolyn McMurchie** Tom Melancon Ian Mensher ‘07 Jenifer Merkel ‘03 MFR Law Group LLC

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John & Diane Michalik John Mooring ‘75

Rodman Miller ‘50**

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Deborah Hilsman ‘83

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Scott ‘97 & Jennifer Morris*

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G. Rick ‘70 & Susan Morry***

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Patricia & Michael Frost

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Teresa ‘03/LL.M. ‘04 & Matthew Byers

Aimee Decker ‘09 & Kevin Higinbotham

Alison Gaffney ‘12

Wesley Hottot ‘08


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J. Richard Manning

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Aydin Firuz ‘12

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Professor Maureen Howard ‘86

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Sarah Moran Delores Morris Jeff ‘67 & Julia Morris

Mary Moseley ‘87 Richard ‘61 & Mertie Muller**

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Stephen Ross

Jamie Perry John Pettit ‘73 & Constance Miller

Linda Roubik ‘85*** Alan ‘81 & Suzanne Rubens* Yurij Rudensky ‘13 Karen Russell

Teresa Pottmeyer ‘82 & Geoffrey Trowbridge William Powell ‘56 Arlene Price** Terry Price ‘01 Neil Proto Gregory Provenzano ‘82 The Honorable Justin Quackenbush Fred Rapaport ‘82 & Christine Sutton*


The Honorable Charles ‘55 & Eleanor Smith Gerald Smith ‘70***

Alan ‘96 & Kathryn Souders

Nicole Ryan

The Honorable Mariane ‘84 & Judge Michael Spearman

Yoshiko Saheki* Susan Sampson ‘74 Faye Samuels

The Honorable Richard Sanders ‘69

Warren Postman

Shannon Skinner ‘82 & Thomas Tanaka ‘82

Elizabeth ‘94 & Paal Ryan*

Susan & Robert Pike

Ana-Maria Popp ‘07

Sisu Logging Company

Randy & La Dean Smith

Kasey Sancewich LL.M. ‘07

Pop Multimedia Inc

Natasha Singh ‘07

The Honorable John ‘59 & Ann Rutter Jr.***

Douglas ‘87 & Cecille Phillips Grzegorz Plichta ‘04

Todd Terbeek Devin Theriot-Orr ‘03 & Amber Vora Robert Thiel LL.M. ‘98 Paul Thonn ‘55 Keith Tichenor ‘69

Patrick Trompeter ‘04

Richard Simkins

Aaron Perrine ‘02

Karl Tegland ‘72*

J. Ronald ‘68 & Barbara Sim**

James ‘80 & Mary Rohrback

Ruby Pediangco ‘94 & Matt Shumway

William ‘91 & Susan Taylor*

Beth Touschner

Michael & Janet Parks

Michael Pedhirney ‘04

Fredric & Marylin Tausend

Susan Shyne ‘85 & Kirk Dawson

Michael ‘86 & Susan Rogers

Brian Sander ‘03

Martha Sandoval ‘07 & Robert Kristjanson Sallie & Christopher Sanford Suzanne Sarason ‘81* Mark Scheibmeir ‘81 & Wendy Tripp ‘81 Robert Schillberg ‘59

Snell & Wilmer, LLP

Judithe Speidel Eric ‘97 & Robyn Stahl Michael Stanley ‘78 Maxine Stansell ‘79 The Honorable Robert ‘61 & Dolores Stead Craig ‘70 & Sheila Sternberg Denise Stiffarm ‘96 The Honorable Waldo ‘49 & Norma Stone The Honorable James ‘71 & Cheryl Stonier

Diego Gavilanes ‘76

Ruth Darden ‘74

Meghan Gavin

Roger Brodniak ‘00

Don Dascenzo ‘78

Malik Gbenro

Thomas Brookes ‘89

Gavin Davis ‘13

Lesli Genstler ‘88

James Brown LL.M. ‘05

William Davis ‘98*

Stephen Brown ‘80

Dennis de Guzman ‘96

Christian LL.M. ‘97 & Aimee Gianni

Kim ‘78 & Bridget Buckley

Derrick De Vera

Michele Buckley ‘11

Robin Dean ‘10

Zana Bugaighis ‘08

Geoff Deane

Winnie Cai ‘06 & David Paul

Emily Deckman ‘05

Hugh Cain ‘82 & Anne Clark

Jeffrey DeGroot ‘13

Daniel Cairns

Michelle DeLappe ‘09/LL.M. ‘10 & Avilio Villamediana

Patsy Wosepka & Shashi Karan

Jeannette & Eli Yim

John Roberts

Darryl & Victoria Parker

Zachary & Allison Daniels

Nicole Brodeur

Faye Tao

Pamela Tonglao ‘99

Kerry Robinson

W. Earl Britt

Bruce Witenberg & Nancy Carel

Thomas Wyrwich ‘12

Neal ‘64 & Linda Shulman

Joan Robinson ‘77

Bruce ‘84 & Janet Winchell

The Honorable Philip ‘76 & Darlene Talmadge

Bethany Roberts

Simburg, Ketter, Sheppard & Purdy

Vernon Pearson (D)

Jordan Talge ‘11

Robin Robbins

Charles ‘60 & Marilyn Roe Jr.

David & Sarah Patton

Christopher Sweeney ‘04 & Brandon Loo

Michael Shinn ‘92 & Ellen Lairson

Joel ‘70 & Helen Paget

Patrick Dunn & Associates, LTD


Howard ‘61 & Lavonne Reser*

Barbara Selberg ‘87

Akane Suzuki ‘99 & Alexander Rea

D. Douglas Titus LL.M. ‘98

Russell ‘67 & Sara Tousley Amy Tucker LL.M. ‘00 Patrick ‘65 & Rebecca Turner** Richard Ullstrom ‘83

Atsushi Yamashita LL.M. ‘93 D. Michael ‘75 & Julia Young Wei-Mou Yu LL.M. ‘06 JoAnn Yukimura ‘74 & John Wehrheim GIFTS OF $1 TO $99 Anonymous Charles ‘67 & Mary Lou Adams Bogdan Albu ‘12 Andrew ‘08 & Amanda Aley Perveen Ali ‘04

Connie Wan ‘06 John Ward ‘54 Charles Warner ‘47 Ian Warner ‘11 The Honorable Thomas ‘66 & Mary Warren

Caitlin Carroll

Samuel Andrews LL.M. ‘08 Teymur Askerov ‘12

Kenneth ‘84 & Ellen ‘85 Weber Ann Wennerstrom ‘08 Ronald Weston ‘85

Alexander Casey ‘10 Richard Caulfield Sara Cho

Michael Douglas ‘06 The Honorable William ‘78 & Laura Downing Dominick Driano Jr. LL.M. ‘98 Barbara Dunham ‘12 Darcie ‘04 & Yosef Durr Harold Dyger III & Joanne Moore Julieanna Elegant ‘09

Cyrus Christenson LL.M. ‘12

Gregory Ellis ‘08

Allison Bannerman ‘12

James Cissell ‘87 & Linda Johnson

Kathryn Engel ‘13

Michael Bayley ‘92

Katherine Clark ‘11

Amanda Beane ‘02

Charles Coleman III ‘74

James & Ruth Beardsley

Flannary Collins ‘02

Kelsey Beckner ‘09

Duncan Connelly ‘10/LL.M. ‘10

Mark Bailey ‘96 Amanda Ballantyne ‘12

Stephanie Bell ‘96

Julia Conway ‘12 Rachel Cook ‘13

Caroline Bercier ‘13

Keith Cooke & Lynda Zeis

Norman Best ‘86 & Susan Taylor

Adam Copley Professor William Covington

Timothy Billick ‘13

Sarah Cox ‘13

Ian ‘01 & Karena Birk

David & Mariana Crawfod

Sara Bliss ‘10

Caroline Crenna ‘87

Karen Bloom ‘08

David Cromwell ‘13

Robert Boruchowitz & Floye Sumida

Gary Cronk ‘64

David ‘75 & Julie Schnapf

Robert ‘52 & Cynthia Wetherholt

The Honorable Jack Scholfield ‘48

Paul Street ‘73**

Dwight Wheaton II ‘97

Lucille Scholfield (D)

Dorothy Streutker ‘82 & Ray Wichmann

Edward ‘76 & Margaret White

Karl & Jennifer Schrader

Jack ‘65 & Peggy Strother

Ronald Whitener ‘94

Kathleen & Devon Brewer

Bruce ‘83 & Pamela Schroeder

Margaret Sundberg ‘84***

Antoinette Wills

Emily Brice ‘11

Neil Sussman ‘82

Richard ‘76 & Catherine Wilson

Tina Eve Brier


Tiffany Cartwright

David ‘55 & Nancy Dorsey

Charlene Choi ‘13

Leva Aubin

Christopher Strawn & Brynn Blanchard

Jenifer Schultz

Nicole Carsley

Patrick Doherty

Constance Ellingson ‘76 & Roger Cohen

Jessica Belle ‘13

Karen Watts

Jacob Dishion ‘13

Anastasia ‘09 & Matthew ‘10 Anderson

Washington Mediation Association

John ‘73 & Mary Watts*

Rebecca Carlson ‘10 /LL.M. ‘10

Benjamin ‘08 & Mindy ‘08 Carr

Bee Good Marketing

Laura Watson ‘98

Alyson Dimmitt

Kirsten ‘04 & Douglas Ambach

Washington Defender Association

Carolanne & Eric Watness

Garth ‘96 & Bridget Carlson

Hilary Carpenter ‘05

Charlotte ‘10 & Ibn Archer

Professors Walter Walsh & Anita Ramasastry

Jessica Dickinson

Altria Group, Inc.

Paul Vercruyssen ‘11 Ronald Wagenaar ‘84**

Kevin Diaz ‘96

Nikki Carlsey

Robert ‘83 & Janice Carmichael

Nicholas Anderson ‘04

Sarah Derry ‘13

Kathleen Callahan

Joan Altman ‘12

Vandeberg Johnson & Gandara, LLP Valerie Villacin ‘03

Charles Caldart ‘74 & Mary Kopas

Jade Bradfish ‘13 Andrea Bradford ‘12 Jessica Bran ‘05 Wesley Brenner ‘08

Marissa Cruz Michael ‘84 & Jean Cummings Janis ‘76 & John Cunningham Melissa Cunningham ‘13 Stephanie Curry ‘13 Tobias Damm-Luhr ‘10

Professor Jennifer Fan Jay Farrell LL.M. ‘07 Brian Ferrasci-O’Malley ‘13 Elizabeth Findley ‘13 Jaina Fisher ‘09 Alec Fisken Jr. Leonardo Flor ‘13 Elisa Ford ‘04 Steven ‘90 & Louise Forrest* Richard Forsell ‘80** Molly Foster ‘13 Lara Fowler ‘04 Jeffrey Frank Jonathan & Louise Franklin Elisabeth Frost ‘07 Everett Fruehling ‘91 & Lynne Thomas Tamara Gaffney Linda ‘86 & Gerald Gallagher Courtney Garcia ‘06 Nancy Garland ‘10 Scott Garrison ‘13 Gerard ‘83 & Jill Gasperini

Justin Gillette Phillip Gladfelter Paula Gluzman Darcey Goelz ‘09 Sherrie Goff ‘86 Rachel Gold ‘06 & Joshua Miller Benjamin ‘11 & Holly ‘10 Golden Rebecca Goodman Ken Gordon Miriam Gordon ‘13 Margaret Gorham Gail Gorud ‘82 David ‘58 & Carolyn Gossard Jr. Carole Grayson Michelle Gregoire ‘13 Michael Grem ‘13/LL.M. ‘13 Michelle ‘10 & Joseph Grienauer Lindsey Grieve ‘10 Kathleen Grohman ‘13 Lauren Guicheteau ‘13 Janet Gwilym ‘12 & Bing Tso Jr. Joseph Haberzetle ‘99/LL.M. ‘00 & Katherine Gardner Donald ‘65 & Mary Hale Garrett and Marcie Hall Herbert Hamada ‘74 Hilary Hammell ‘12 Josh Hansen Fred Harrington & Najmi Voss Bradford Hashimoto ‘13 Lena Haslund ‘07 Katy ‘07 & Robert ‘07 Hatfield Nick Hathaway Lisa Hayes ‘99 John ‘53 & Phyllis Hazelwood Robert Heller ‘84 Benjamin Hellerstein ‘10 Dennis Helmick ‘70 Lara Hemingway ‘00/LL.M. ‘01 Daniel ‘83 & Susan Hendrickson Katherine Herche ‘10 Heather Hightower ‘13 & Wesley Kovarik The Honorable Stephen Hillman ‘75 Joseph Hoffmann ‘84 & Mary Hennighausen Hoffmann

S P R I N G 2 014

Timothy Redford ‘83**

Karen ‘06 & Todd Nashiwa

uw law

Mehdi Nakhjiri & Erika Bliss

Douglas Hojem ‘80 77

Report to Donors

Susan Larrance ‘00

Robert ‘57 & Harriet Redman

Carol Mortensen ‘03

Joseph ‘04 & Lisa Rehberger

Andrew Murphy ‘13

Paula Simon ‘10

Darryl ‘82 & Jann Vhugen

Sumeer Singla ‘02

Matthew Viers ‘12

Jane & Jay Reich

Sean-Paul ‘13 & Christine Siska

Megan ‘08 & Jeffery Vogel

Jennifer Murray ‘05

Christopher Reitz ‘12

Tammy Sittnick ‘06

Rodney ‘70 & Nina Waldbaum**

Benjamin Lawver

Jenna Musselman Yott

Anna Revelle ‘07

Courtney Skiles ‘13

Christopher Wall ‘12

Sasha Lazarevich ‘11

David Myers LL.M. ‘12 Professor Theodore Myhre

Skyline at First Hill Residents’ Association

Rachael Wallace

Jeremy Lazowska ‘07

Sarah Reyneveld ‘11 & Joel Merkel Jr.

Amber Leaders ‘11

Kianoush Naficy ‘10

Timothy Reynolds ‘13

Pauline Smetka ‘80

Joseph Nagy ‘05/LL.M. ‘06

Richard J. Forsell, P.S.

Jonathan Smith ‘13

Spencer Hutchins ‘13

Gordon Lerman ‘13 & Jonathan Smith

Daniel Richards

Karl Smith ‘09

Shirley Hvalsoe

Tal Lev

Valerie Rickman ‘13

Leslea Smith ‘85

John ‘62 & Marli Iverson***

Kerem Levitas ‘09

Megan Rinehimer ‘10

Kurtis Smoke

Janet ‘03 & Professor Andrew Jacobs

The Honorable Roger Lewis ‘54*

Renata Robertson ‘13

Matthew Souza

Robert Jacoby

Jenna Lieske

Anna Robinson

Ann Spangler

Noah Jaffe ‘10

Jefferson Lin

Nancy Roehm

Abby St. Hilaire

Meena Jagannath ‘10

Robin ‘74 & Elizabeth Lindley

Kenneth Hong ‘13 James Howe ‘80 & Janet Gros Jacques** Lauren Hruska Thomas Hudson ‘13 Hana Hughson Vanessa Hunsberger ‘13

Ryan Jager ‘13 Aurora Janke ‘12 Emily Jarvis ‘09 Ralph Jefferson ‘06 Andrew ‘09 & Laurel Jennings Tor Jernudd ‘13 Frances & William Johnson Maureen Johnson LL.M. ‘11 Barbara ‘73 & Craig Johnston Ethan Jones ‘13 Tyson ‘06 & Joan Kade Bree Kameenui-Ramirez ‘03 & Miguel Ramirez Tanya Karwaki ‘96/LL.M. ‘12 Clifford Kato ‘13 Patrick Keefe Terrance Keenan ‘06 Meghan Kelly ‘11 Danny Kikuchi

Jaclyn Lasaracina Shannon Lawless ‘10 & Paul Crisalli

Ari ‘10 & Candace Neumann Ann & John Nez Christopher Noe ‘80 Benjamin O’Donnell ‘13 Chris Olah ‘12 Karl ‘86 & Melinda Oles Jody Olney ‘13 Elisabeth Oppenheimer

Andrea Lisenbee ‘99

Cherise Oram LL.M. ‘98

Professor Clark Lombardi & Greta Austin

Dylan Orr ‘09

Mindy Longanecker ‘10 Timothy Lovain ‘83 Jeanine Lutzenhiser ‘13 Lianne Malloy ‘84 Maria Manza Lee Marchisio ‘12 Kathryn Marckworth ‘13

Ashley Painter Alyson Palmer ‘13 Kelly Paradis ‘13 Grant Parker ‘88 Parker Law Firm Richard Paroutaud ‘75 Glen ‘97 & Madelyn Pascual**

Karin Rogers ‘09 Edith Rohrback Luke Rona ‘12 Stephen Rosenbaum Kendra Rosenberg ‘11 Lawrence Rozsnyai ‘06 Bryan Russell ‘13 Burt Ryan Katherine Sadlon ‘06

Shara Svendsen ‘06 & Alejandro Cumplido

Rosa Pazhouh ‘13

Kennedy & Anthony Sanderson

John McCormack ‘73* Professor Shannon McCormack Erin McCoy

Joanne Kim ‘13

Joyce McCray-Pearson

Michael Kim ‘12

Ellen ‘99 & Michael McCurdy

Chelsea ‘09 & Matthew Peters Alanna Peterson ‘13 Erin Pettigrew ‘12 Juli Pierce ‘04 Joshua Piper ‘06 Michael Pirog ‘11 Sean Plunkett

Alice Stokke & Jerome Kraus

Mallory Sullivan ‘13

Margo Martin ‘12

Thomas McCall Jr. LL.M. ‘81 & Kathleen Taimi

Caleb Stewart ‘12

Scott Samuelson ‘93 Beverly Sanders

Steven & Nena Peltin

Jan Stephens

Samuel Strauss ‘13

Frank ‘57 & Carol Payne

Janet ‘90 & Tim May**

Amanda ‘10 & Paul Stephen

Joseph Sakay ‘93 & Lisa Lee Lauren Sancken ‘10

Emily Pechar

Quentin ‘70 & Sherry Steinberg

Clifton ‘13 & Winifred Stratton III

Alec Paxton ‘13

Scott Matheson ‘01

William ‘07 & Stephanie Stafford III

Rachel Saimons ‘13

Danan Margason ‘10 & Aubri Goldsby ‘11

Jiewoo Kim ‘13

Bryan King ‘07

Herbert Swanson ‘48 Mary Swift ‘12

Rachel Santamaria-Schwartz ‘10

Michelle Taft ‘13

Kana Sasakura

Katherine Tarlock

Andrea Schmitt ‘07


Heather Schoonover

Russell Terry ‘09

Jay Schulkin Fallon Schumsky ‘13

Toby Thaler ‘76 & Beckey Sukovaty

Linda Sellers ‘88

Janet Thoman ‘06

Laurence Severance ‘80

Joyce Thomas

Julie Severson ‘12

Martin Thompson LL.M. ‘09

James Sfekas ‘07

Rebecca Thompson ‘13

Sammuel Shaddox ‘13

Emily Toler

Isidore Shapiro

Lori Tonnes-Priddy ‘13

Marc & Lori Shapiro

Danh Tran

Stanley Sharp ‘66

Jonathan Tse LL.M. ‘09

Trisna Tanus ‘13

Sanjay Walvekar ‘13 Emily Warden ‘94* Paul Weideman ‘09 Christian ‘01 & Kathryn Weinmann


During the 2012-13 Fiscal Year the School of Law received gifts in honor of and in memory of the following individuals and groups

David Wendells ‘66 & Marie Sutera-Wendells Ann Westberg John Wheaton

In honor of the Class of 1982

Williams, Kastner & Gibbs, PLLC

In honor of the Class of 2013

Brenda Williams ‘97 Charlotte Williams ‘10 Todd Williams ‘10 & Emily Smithgall Ashley Wilson Elliott Wilson ‘13 Jan Wilson Lewis Wilson ‘72* Jesse Woo ‘13 Alexander Wu ‘08 Yolanka Wulff ‘94 F. A. & Donna Yates Anne Yip ‘05

In honor of Bill Anderson ‘80 In honor of Satchel Joseph Black In honor of Molly Cohan and Brenda Williams In honor of Signe Dortch ‘99 and Lori Walls ‘07 In honor of Laura K. Fox In honor of Bill Gates Sr. ‘80 In honor of Becky Gifford In honor of Professor John O. Haley ‘71 In honor of Malin Hamblin In honor of Michael Hanrahan In honor of Professor Penelope A. Hazelton In honor of Professor Ralph Johnson In honor of Professor Lisa Kelly

John Yip ‘13

In honor of Will Kim ‘13

Ryan Yoke ‘13 & Leah Hampson-Yoke

In honor of Professor Jackie McMurtrie In honor of Rudy Rudolph

Thayer York

In honor of Dean Kellye Testy

Sears Young

In honor of Mark Will Tyson ‘13

Erika Yuen ‘05

In honor of Professor Kathryn A. Watts

Laura Zanzig ‘13

In honor of Mary Whisner and Professor Mary Hotchkiss

Daniel Zavala ‘13

In memory of John H. Bright lll ‘67

Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason LLP

In memory of Professor Charles E. Corker

David Ziff Tiffany Zinter ‘08

In memory of The Honorable Lee Creighton ‘87 In memory of Patricia Jane Curran

Earl McGimpsey ‘71

Pitman ‘85 & Victoria Potter

Professor Kathleen McGinnis

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Kathleen Kline ‘13

Harry ‘77 & Marjolein McLachlin*

Joseph Probst ‘12 & Jennifer Howard

Shaunta Knibb ‘97

Amanda McLean

Elisa Pupko & Michael Pope

Peter Koski

Kerra Melvin ‘13

Anne Purkey ‘13

Maya Mendoza ‘07 & Travis Exstrom ‘07

The Honorable Gerard & Barbara Shellan

Lindsay Tuiasosopo

Tony Quang ‘13

Mike Meredith ‘12

R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S.

Kelly Sheridan ‘11

United Way of Silicon Valley

Clarence Rabideau ‘55

Adam Sherman ‘13

Sean Urban

In memory of Professor Paul Steven Miller

John Rafter ‘13

Ashley Sherwood ‘13

In memory of Stanley Samuels ‘56

Hollis-Anthony Ramsey ‘13

Daniel ‘13 & Heather Shickich

Pongtawat Uttravorarat LL.M. ‘11

In memory of Darlene Sherrick

Barbara Vallarino ‘02

In memory of Professor William Stoebuck ‘59

Mia Shiraishi ‘13

Joseph Vance ‘95

In memory of Judge James R. Thomas ‘60

Andrew ‘92 & Virginia ‘92 Shogren

Daniel Velloth ‘11

In memory of Leonard Thomas

Ronald Kinsey Jr. ‘67 David Klein LL.M. ‘11 Kathleen Kline

Judith Kovarik Anne Krepick LL.M. ‘06 Sarah Kriss LL.M. ‘10 Carolyn Krol Carly Kummerlowe ‘13 Kristen Kussmann ‘00 Alice Kwan Chris Lampkin


The Honorable Frank Morrow ‘71


Jeremiah Miller ‘08 Megan Miller Janelle Milodragovich ‘05 Leon Misterek ‘62 Kristen Mitchell ‘01 Paul Mollard

Heather Rankie ‘09 Elizabeth ‘12 & Scott Rasmussen


Reba Turnquist

Yuliya Ziskina Yan Zou ‘13 Jenna Zwang

In memory of Professor Joan Fitzpatrick In memory of Betty ‘56 and Robert Fletcher In memory of Doris Gordon In memory of The Honorable Alfred O. Holte ‘48 In memory of Juan Gabriel Ibarra ‘99 In memory of Scott Lukins ‘54 In memory of Edward Malcolm In memory of Norm Maleng ‘66

S P R I N G 2 014

Chris Lanterman

Kimbrely ‘97 & Brooks Holtom

uw law

Richard ‘58 & Gerene Holt


Report to Donors



The seventh year of the Law Firm Annual Challenge saw tremendous support and alumni involvement. Alumni participation grew to 68% at participating firms and companies.



Vice President

The Honorable Gerry Alexander ‘64 Bean Genry Wheeler Peternell

Don Theophilus ‘89 Swedish Medical Center Foundation

Top Finishers

Joel Benoliel ‘71


Costco Wholesale Corporation

Growth of the Law Firm Annual Challenge






Immediate Past President

GROUP 2 (11 - 29 ALUMNI)

68% 60%


July 1, 2012-May 1, 2014







94% 25%







Linda Ebberson ‘76 Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson


Gregory Gorder ‘85 Intellectual Ventures

Judith Bendich ‘75 Attorney at Law David Broom ‘63 Paine Hamblen LLP Rick Dodd ‘70 K&L Gates Daniel Finney ‘88 Witherspoon Kelley

Robert Flennaugh ‘96 Law Offices of Robert Flennaugh II PLLC

Kenneth Schubert, Jr. ‘64 Garvey Schubert Barer

Robert Giles ‘74 Perkins Coie

Sabina Shapiro ‘02 Foster Pepper PLLC

Colleen Kinerk ‘77 Cable, Langenbach, Kinerk & Bauer, LLP

David Tang K&L Gates

Craig Kinzer ‘82 Kinzer Real Estate Services & Denny Hill Capital, LP Elizabeth Leedom ‘84 Bennett Bigelow & Leedom

Michael Wampold ‘96 Peterson Wampold Rosata Luna Knopp Craig Wright ‘91 Gordon Thomas Honeywelll










July 1, 2012-May 1, 2014



Learn more about the Challenge at

Vice President

The Law Firm Annual Challenge serves as the foundation for an organized and mutually beneficial partnership to sustain and grow the UW School of Law for the betterment of the legal community and beyond. Special thanks to the Law Firm Annual Challenge representatives for their hard work and support:

Megan Vogel ‘08, Davis Wright Tremaine Sabina Shapiro ‘02, Foster Pepper PLLC Bruce Robertson ‘77 and Ken Schubert ‘64, Garvey, Schubert & Barer Nick Drader ‘00, Graham & Dunn PC Joe Sakay ‘93, Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson Greg Gorder ‘85 and Lonnie Rosenwald ‘94, Intellectual Ventures Kent Carlson ‘67 and Rick Dodd ’70, K & L Gates Diana Carey ‘86, Karr, Tuttle, Campbell

Shannon Lawless ‘10, Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland PLLC Mindy Longanecker ’10, Seattle City Attorney’s Office Howard M. Goodfriend ‘84, Smith Goodfriend, P.S.

D. Wayne ‘57 (D), Tim DeFors ‘09 and Paige Davis ‘04, Lane Powell, PC

Kimberly Eckstein Assistant Dean, UW School of Law

Jack Ding ‘11 Desh International Law

Eugene Lee ‘66 Blakemore Foundation

The Honorable Bobbe Bridge ‘76 Center for Children & Youth Justice

Faculty Director

Paula Littlewood ‘97 Washington State Bar Association

Darren Carnell ‘95 King County Prosecutor’s Office

Leonor Fuller ‘84 Fuller & Fuller

Maurice Classen ‘04 MacArthur Foundation Kendra Comeau ‘11 Patterson Buchanan The Honorable Carolyn Dimmick ‘53 U.S. District Court

Dwight Drake ‘73 Professor of Law, UW School of Law

Arley Harrel ‘73 Williams Kastner & Gibbs The Honorable Ken Kato ‘75 Retired, Mediation/ Arbitration Lisa Kremer ‘08 Gordon Thomas Honeywell

Mindy Longanecker ‘10 Seattle City Attorney’s Office Suzanne Love ‘05 King County Prosecutor’s Office Scott Morris ‘97 Inland Construction Christina Richmond ‘07 U.S. Department of Justice Skylee Robinson ‘09 Stoel Rives LLP

Arley Harrel ‘73, Williams Kastner PLLC Paul Vercruyssen ‘11, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Special thanks to Greg ’85 and Val Gorder who made a matching challenge as part of the Law Firm Annual Challenge. In addition to alumni support, the Law Firm Annual Challenge received contributions for special projects or matching funds from the following groups:


July 1, 2012-May 1, 2014 Chair

Stanley Barer ‘63 Saltchuk Resources Inc. Judith Bendich ‘75 Attorney at Law

Tom Montgomery ‘90, Montgomery Scarp Heidi Sachs ‘81, Benjamin Golden ‘12 and Martha Sandoval ’07, Perkins Coie LLP

80 80


Sarah Reyneveld ’11, Washington State Attorney General’s Office

Guy Towle ’77, Miller Nash LLP

Felix Gavi Luna ‘97 and Mike Wampold ‘96, Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp

C. Deep Sengupta ‘01 Fed Ex Trade Networks

Geoffrey Revelle ‘72 and Skylee Robinson ‘08, Stoel Rives LLP

Derek Loeser ‘94, Keller Rohrback LLP Dan Satterberg ‘85, King County Prosecutor’s Office


Nathan Barnes ‘12 Condominium Law Group

Smith Goodfriend, P.S.

Joel Benoliel ‘71 Costco Wholesale Corporation

Joseph Brotherton ‘82 The Brotherton Companies Kimberly Eckstein Assistant Dean, UW School of Law Gregory Gorder ‘85 Intellectual Ventures

John Huckabay Earl Lasher ‘66 Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson Bruce Robertson ‘77 Garvey Schubert Barer

S P R I N G 2 014

Molly Eckman ‘04, Cozen O’Connor

Bruce Borrus ‘81, Riddell Williams P.S.

Rebecca Glasgow ‘02 State Attorney General’s Office


uw law

David Stobaugh ‘75 and Steven Strong ‘75, Bendich, Stobaugh & Strong

Gerald Swanson ‘96 KOM Consulting PLLC


BOX 353020 SEATTLE, WA 98195-3020


Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID Seattle, WA Permit No. 62

UW Law Spring 2014  

UW Law Spring 2014

UW Law Spring 2014  

UW Law Spring 2014