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Notes Class Notes Ronald Cox ’73 received the

Outstanding Judge Award at the King County Bar Association (KCBA) Annual Awards Dinner. Cox has spent 17 years on the Washington State Court of Appeals.

Mark Aronchick ’74 wrote a

letter to the editor about UW Law’s Spring 2012 article, “The Different Class of 1974” by Susan Sampson ’74. I read with great nostalgia the article in your Spring 2012 edition entitled “The Different Class of 1974”. I started out as a member of that class. In 1971, my wife Judi and I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and headed to the Pacific

My classmates might remember that I was elected in the Spring of 1972 as student body president (as a 1L!) largely because of my involvement in so many of the activities that were set forth in your article, including the lawsuit that Hugh Spitzer mentions at the end of the article. We came to that law school full of ideas about social change, and we found a faculty that was motivational and encouraged us to think out of the box. While I transferred to the University of Chicago Law School at the end of my first year, I went there with a great foundation in the law that I received from an array of great professors. More important, even though so many years have passed, and I was together with the class for only one year, I remember virtually everyone profiled in your article, and so many more of my classmates. I still remember all of their names and the many things we did together. It was that kind of student body and that kind of law school.

I congratulate all of my teachers, friends and classmates from the year we spent together. Judi and I have thought about you often. I would love to hear from you. My very best, Mark Aronchick David Thorner ’72 contributed

to a report about the increase of the number of trials while the number of filed felony cases has dropped significantly. Bob Free ’75 returned to the

School of Law to teach Immigration law, after retiring from the practice of law at MacDonald, Hoague & Bayless. Phil Talmadge ’76 represented the respondents of City of Federal Way v. Carola Washburn and Janet Loh. The court found the City of Federal Way negligent regarding its protection of Ms. Roznowski. David Donley ’79 was promoted

to Lt. Colonel in the Alaska State Defense Force and continues to serve as Staff Judge Advocate General.

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While I transferred to the University of Chicago Law School after my first year, I also credit that first year at UW with so much of what I later went on to do.

Thank you for reminding us all about just how different, and how terrific, those times were and about all of the fine people who were brought together in the class of 1974.

uw law

Northwest with great enthusiasm. I enrolled in the law school in the Fall of 1971 and had a year that I will never forget.


UW Law Alumni Magazine, Fall 2012  
UW Law Alumni Magazine, Fall 2012  

UW Law Alumni Magazine, Fall 2012