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UWSA Council Meeting Minutes UWSA Council Chambers Thursday, January 13th, 2011 4:00 pm -Chair: Tom Stevenson Voting Members Present: Executive: Laine McGarragle, Robert Woodrich, Jaideep Singh, Andrew Bell Council: George Pantelimon, Kristy Martin, Nadia Hegazi, Kayla Mallen, Stephen Peters, Arti Tamburi, Krystal Chan, Bashar Jameel, Rohit Kuthiala, Ehimare Faith Imaralu, Kaiwen Jiang, Sophia Naser, Joanna Wolinski, Osman Raza, Cheyanne Monk Senate: Zeina Nassereddine, Kim Orr, Ayesha Raza Present by Proxy: Gayathri Sivakumar, Jessica Newman, Justin Maclean, Stephanie Saad, Odion Kalaci. Ex-Officio Members Present: Jake DeJong -Meeting called to order at 4:11 pm. 1.0 Call To Order 2.0 Chairs Business - Will be enforcing Roberts Rules strictly today due to the potential length of the meeting 3.0 Member Announcements

- Bell - Reminder that you need to be a full time student in order to hold a position within the UWSA - Meeting minutes will be sent out within 48 hours of the meeting. If you have any revisions, they should be sent to the Council Secretary ( and they will be fixed. The final copy of the minutes will be posted online after they have been ratified at the January 27th meeting.” 4.0 Approval of Agenda - Move IPC bylaw review below OUSA fees - Approved by consent 5.0 Approval of Minutes Motion: Woodrich

Second: Singh

Tally: Unanimous

6.0 Presentations to Council 6.1 Universal Bus Pass Survey Presented by: Kim Orr [Senate] - Will be using the UWSA’s email list to email a survey to all students about having a bus pass added to tuition fees - It will cost $20 per month - The council’s opinion and feedback are requested Questions (Q) Kuthiala - Can you opt out? (R) Orr - No. (Q) Monk - Where is the fee coming from? (R) Orr - Will be added to the Ancillary Fees as part of the UWSA fee. (Q) Raza - How much feedback from the students is needed in order for this to pass? (R) Orr - 10% of the student body will need to respond. We are planning to send the survey out with an incentive, an iPod draw possibly. (Q) Mallen - How many students would have been needed to buy a bus pass in order for Transit Windsor to give us this rate? (R) Orr - They gave us the rate based on the entire student body paying the fee. 6.2 OUSA Fees Prensented by: Laine McGarragle [President] and Robert Woodrich [VPUA] - OUSA is a lobby group that the University of Windsor is a part of - OUSA has increased their fees twice

- This increase was brought to board and passed but upon further review the board decided that students need to be more of aware of why fees are changing and the rationale behind it. - The board rescinded its motion and has now been brought to council - Doesn’t want this to just be imposed on the students - What we would like from council is for you to decided whether the decision to raise the OUSA fee should be brought to our constituents and then go to a referendum or whether the Council should decide and vote upon the matter - Council is a representative democracy and can decide what to do here - OUSA’s membership fee did not increase until two years ago, it was increased by 50 cents and voted upon unanimously at the OUSA General Assembly in 2009; the University of Windsor did vote in favor of this - At the time we did not implement this fee increase, so we haven't been collecting enough money to remain apart of OUSA, there was also a small increase last year of 10 cents or so The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) is a lobby group that the UWSA is a member of. Historically, they have only increased their fee twice. The latest increase was brought to the UWSA Board of Directors and passed, but upon further review, the Board decided that students needed to be more aware of why fees were changing, and the rationale behind the increase. The Board of Directors rescinded its decision, and the motion has now been brought to Council as the highest decision-making body of the UWSA We don’t want this fee to be imposed on students without cause What we would like from Council is for you to decide whether the decision to raise the OUSA fee should be brought to our constituents and then placed to a referendum vote, or whether the Council should decide and vote upon the matter. Council is a representative democracy and can decide what to do in this matter. OUSA’s membership fee did not increase until two years ago; it was increased by 50 cents, and voted upon unanimously at the OUSA General Assembly in 2009. The UWSA did vote in favour of this. At the time, we did not implement this fee increase. As a result, we have not been collecting enough money to remain a part of OUSA. There was also a small increase last year of 10 cents or so. Questions (Q) Hegazi - How much is the fee? (R) Woodrich - $2.68 (S) How much will we be increasing? (R) 60 cents (Q) Raza - Will this increase be for both semesters? (R) Woodrich - It is a yearly increase. (Q) Mohammad Akbar - The increase was decided upon in 2009, at any time did you contact the students to inform them of this before the vote? (R) Woodrich - Yes absolutely, it was brought to council (S) No, to constituents? (R) It was brought to council and the constituents at any time could have spoken to Council

members about this. (Q) Monk - How much does it cost to hold a referendum? (R) Bell - It does not cost much money, however it does cost an ample amount of time 6.3 IPC Bylaw Review Presented by: Kim Orr [Senator] and Krystal Chan [Science Rep] - IPC has made changes to the by laws as passed in principle by the Council - Group One Changes - addition of the awards committee, with an outline of the specific duties for the committee which include: Responsible for collecting selections the award winner’s for the UWSA that are presented at the UWSA Award banquet - However council is still able to award certain awards - The president will sit as the chair of this committee - There is also the possibility that the clubs committee and other employees may provide input to who is receiving award

Minor Election Policy Revisions - Where the successful candidates for the position of Executive, Board of Governor Representative or Senator receive fewer votes than none of the above or decline option, nominations for re-election will be reopened during the Bi-elections and where representative of faculties or constituents receive fewer votes than none of the above or decline, the positions will remain vacant until the next contestable election - In regards to EMC - people with complaints about the election or thier campaign will be able to go directly to EMC with this complaint instead of having to approach the CRO and then the EMC - EMC guidelines have change slightly: - Will be supervising and monitor the work being done by the CRO - CRO will also be made more accountable through the Administrative Access Log - The CRO’s actions while logged on will be monitored through the access log - The CRO is now required to ensure that candidate expenditures will be reimbursed within 10 days their submission - Major Executive Portfolio Changes - if this is voted for today, it will go to the lawyer, then it will be voted on in two weeks and will be what you vote for in the next election - the new portfolio’s are much more in line with what other schools are currently abiding by - VPUA will stay relatively the same - VPFO to the Vice President of External Operations - will be receiving more responsibilities including in charge of minutes, bylaw’s and bylaw changes, running the election - funding requests and agenda’s will be included in this position - VPA to the Vice President of Campus Life - duties that have anything to do with administration will be moved to the VPFO’s portfolio, so that the VPA can focus only on campus life - will still be taking care of all Coordinators - making minutes, bylaw changes, running the election will be moved to the VPFO - the reasoning behind this is simplicity and more even dispersion of workload - President portfolio changes will include allowing the president to become more of a spokesperson, participate in more community outreach and promotion of the UWSA - More managing of the UWSA and student center - VPUA to Vice President of External Affairs- exam bank has been taken out and will continue to deal with the outside body - will be sitting on any committee that doesn’t have to do with the UWSA (Q) McGarragle - what was the rational to taking out the community outreach (R) Orr- Didn't like how limiting this was and would like to allow anyone to participate in community outreach

(Q) Singh - From which universities did you collect information? (R) Orr- We went through by laws at Brock, Western, Laurier and U of T Motion to extend time by ten minutes. Motion: Bell

Second: Monk

Tally: 25 – 0 – 0

- Draft for Clubs Guidelines in the Student Handbook - is now composed of: Part 1- Purpose - Part 2 - Formation and Recognition of a Student Group - Signature pages must now be signed in front of the Clubs Coordinator - Part 3 - Conditions for Re-ratification - completion of events held on campus - Part 4 - Progress Report Conditions - list of current executives, goals met from previous semester and goal set for next semester - discipline matters - Part 5 - Privileges of a Student Group (Q) Monk - were the numbers to ratify a club changed? (R) Orr - No 6.4 Senate Appointment Presented by: Ayesha Raza [Senator] - A Senate seat has opened up and there are three people interested in the position, Krystal Chan, Nadia Hegazi and Arti Tamburi - Candidates will speak to their merit and then a paper vote will take place - Ensure that senate meetings are once a month and must be attended and you also have to sit on a senate sub committee - Tom - technically this is a violation of Robert Rules, however due to the length of the meeting we will do the vote right away 7.0 Posted Motion 7.1 BIRT the IPC By law revision presented to council be approved in principle and submitted to legal counsel for review. Motion: Raza

Second: Orr

Singh - Amend motion, would like to separate the bylaw 30 which has to do with the executive

Amendment to separate By Law 30 from the entity. Motion: Singh

Second: Monk

Singh - Speak for - Believe this is a large change and think more time needs to be spent speaking with the executive so there can be a complete understanding of it Orr - Speak against - Do not believe this is a surprise and believe it should be voted on as a whole Singh - Speaking for - I wasn’t contacted about this and believe the current executive’s opinion should be taken into account on these changes Monk - Speaking for - Would like more information on each position before the council is expected to vote Raza -Speaking against - Separation is unnecessarily because none of the changes are more important then the other Singh - Speak for - Executive positions are full time positions and the executive opinions should be taken into consideration Orr - Speaking against - The opinions of all past and current executives were taken into consideration, including what they enjoyed about their position, what they did not enjoy, what by laws they would like to see changed etc. McGarragle – speaking for – is a bulk package and wants to make sure council is 100% in what they are moving however does not think that all of the hard work that has been put into the changes will have gone to waste Amendment to separate By Law 30 from the entity. Motion: Singh

Second: Monk

Tally: 17-7-2

Debate on the Entity excluding By Law 30 BIRT the IPC By law revision presented to council be approved in principle and submitted to legal counsel for review excluding By law 30 in regards to the Executive Portfolio’s. Motion: Raza

Second: Orr

Tally: 24-0-1

Second: Woodrich

Tally: 25-0-0

Motion at recess for five minutes. Motion: Newman’s Proxy

**Recess at 5:16pm** **Meeting continues at 5:21pm** Tom - The new senator for 2011 is Krystal Chan. Motion to destroy the ballots. Motion: Newman’s Proxy

Second: Woodrich

Tally: 21-0-0

Debate on By law 30 Orr - The president position, the changes allow Tom to chair all board meetings so the president has the choice to participate, allows for more of a manager or supervisor roll - also took out exam bank because it is illegal to have - The VPA will be responsible for council and board alumni database, - keeping up information about past members and invite alumni to the banquet, keeps up ties with past alumni and institutional memory - VPFO to VPEO – drafts budget with other people, promote bursaries, works on official documents, internal policy, minutes etc. Singh - Speaking against - There is a lot being added to the VPFO position which will make the position much more difficult Woodrich - Speaking for - The VPFO position is changing into the secretary treasurer and the position will not have much day to day work Monk - Speaking for - The VPA involved a lot of work and the VPFO does not, would like to see the positions evened out more Orr - Signing authority is being simplified, VPA will not need to spend as much time in the office and will be able to take care of campus life and events POI - Bell - What is happening with signing authority? Singh - President can sign for Bank Account openings, cheque requisitions and contracts Newman’s Proxy - Speaking for - Believe these changes will allow for better campus spirit and unity Singh - we have a campus life director who takes care of all this, so adding more things to the FO in this category piles up and add’s to the daily work load

Motion to table this item until a later time and discuss it in greater detail. Motion: Singh

Second: Kuthiala

Tally: 2-18-1

Singh - Speaking in favor - Would like to ensure everyone has a good understanding of what is happening. Motion to call to question. Motion: Woodrich

Second: Monk

Tally: 19-2-0

BIRT the IPC By law revision of By law 30 presented to council be approved in principle and submitted to legal counsel for review. Motion: Woodrich

Second: Orr

Tally: 19-2-0

7.2 OUSA Fee’s Whereas the University of Windsor Student Alliance functions as a representative democracy that is mandated as the voice of all full time undergraduate students Whereas the UWSA Council serves as the highest decision making body of the UWSA Be it resolved that the University of Windsor Student Alliance Council function as the decision making mechanism, regarding the proposed Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance fee increase. Woodrich - Believe this is a reasonable decision for everyone to be making today, it is a political decision being made and we need to modernize our political decision making at this body we should decide to act as a fully representative democracy Mohammad Akbar - This is a fee increase and should not be at council, would like to see the UWSA raise awareness about OUSA and then hold a referendum. This also breaks precedent for all other student groups including OPIRG Monk - Speaking for - We shouldn’t risk losing our OUSA membership, we should vote on this item and also inform our constituents. Bell – Speaking For – With a voter turnout of over 2000 students in the 2010 General Election, all of those students have given us their voice. That definitely carries some weight. Also, in the OUSA framework, a Council is given the ability to decide whether or not they want to remain members of the organization by a simple vote, unlike our membership with something like the Canadian Federation of Students, who refuse to allow us that ability and instead demand an exorbitant referendum process to even have that question. This Council is elected and given the power to make decisions on membership, and this definitely qualifies. In addition, the OUSA fee is part of the UWSA fee collected as an Ancillary Fee; the OPIRG fee is collected independently of the UWSA, and cannot be compared to this fee increase as the UWSA has no privy to decide that fee.

Motion: Woodrich Second: Monk - Noted – Jessica Newman’s Proxy abstained 8.0 Presentations 8.1 Presidents Report Presented by: Laine McGarrgle [UWSA President] - Dr. Clayton Smith will be moving into the CAW soon

Tally: 14-2-2

- Renovation planning has begun for information desk and quiet area - New website is being made - We have submitted a request to make a presentation in front of the Provincial Budget during the pre-budget consultation, this connection was made through OUSA and we are thankful for this - Policy Management Board has taken a lot of steps towards more sustainability on campus including recycling bins in the Pub and solar panels on the CAW roof - Speaking with Brian Massey about promoting youth employment - Attending meetings about contract renewal and tenure for professor’s - Sitting on Public Affairs Committee for Alumni (Q) Newman’s Proxy - Any new parking services updates? (R) McGarragle - There has been progress but unfortunately it is confidential 8.2 VPUA’s Report Presented by: Robert Woodrich [VPUA] - Has been holding new office hours, Monday and Wednesday’s at 1pm - Attending Judicial Panel Meetings - In regular contact with our legal representation about CFS - Along with Ms. McGarragle will be presenting at the pre-budget consultation thanks to our connections with OUSA - Spoke with local media outlets about streamlining OPSA distribution - Working on the new website, being launched next week, if you wold like to see it in progress go to 8.3 Presentation from VPA Presented by: Andrew Bell [VPA] - Working with Afrofest Coordinator and have a full week of events planned - Working with the Communication Coordinator on the Pulse to get more information in it - Shineramma is gearing up for another semester - Will be working with the Environmental committee for the bus pass - Work with IPC on the By law changes - Working with the CRO to plan the elections - Getting the Awards banquet planning going - Working to revise some of the coordinator positions and our roll with clubs and societies - Meeting with OPIRG to help them get things in order for the referendum - Beginning to plan 2011 Welcome Week in the next couple weeks 8.4 Presentation fromVPFO Presented by: Jaideep Singh [VPFO] - Sent emails about cheques - Worked with Pub to change the Menu with some added deals - Have been working on changing some internal contracts - Working on check reacquisitions

(Q) Raza - What is the status of the UWSA scholarships? (R) Singh - They are due on January 31st and have been sent out through the Pulse (Q) Orr -What steps are being taken to promote the scholarships? (R) Singh - They are due on the 31st. (S) How many people have applied thus far? (R) A fair amount, though I do not have the exact number. Question Period (Q) Raza - Was looking at the Used Bookstore Form and noticed they are being charged for HST but they have already been taxed? (R) Singh - Nicole Morrell takes care of this and you can speak to her during her office hours

(Q) Orr - Why was the pub closed for the beginning of classes, the Thursday and Friday? Because I have had a lot of complaints about this and also a lot of service complaints. (R) Singh - Menu changes were happening at this time. We’re also trying to save money seeing as many students do not return right away. As far as service, I have spoken to the manager about service complaints. I will also be submitting a wish list for the pub that will hopefully help to improve service. (S) I have received complaints about the pub closing early. It is my understanding that the pub is run for students so why are we taking this away from them? (A) There is no point to keeping it open when we are not making money. 8.0 Adjournment Motion: Newman’s Proxy Meeting adjourned at 6:18 pm.

Second: Woodrich

Tally: 21-0-3

UWSA council minutes January 13 2011  

Details: Bus Pass, Illegal OUSA fee increase, controversial IPC bylaw changes discussed.