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Don Diaries Table of Contents: 1. Purpose of Newsletter 2. Manager’s Corner 3. Maximize Potential 4. Photo Shoot 5. Don Spotlight 6. Birthdays 7. Challenge


Purpose The Residence Life Management Team is sending this newsletter out to Dons on a bi-weekly basis. Our hopes are to:

Provide Dons with information outside of Big and Small Team Meetings.

To keep Residence Life staff connected.

To give Dons a hard copy of important information.

We really hope you enjoy reading these! Don’t ever hesitate to send feedback to

Manager’s Corner... Hi Dons, I wanted to let you know that I am sitting on a working group based in the Student Success Office. It is entitled the “Student Leadership Operational Committee”. This committee aims to align all leadership opportunities on campus with national standards. If you’re curious about where the standards derive from, please visit this site: I envision the Don role being one of the first positions in the Housing portfolio that is examined. I look forward to sharing the developments with you as the committee progresses. Thanks, Jess

Maximize Potential WORKSHOPS: Smart Choices Wed Nov 13th at 10:15 pm in the V1 GH You make thousands of choices a day. Everything from what colour socks to put on in the morning to what snack to grab in the caf. This Smart Choices workshop is designed to help you navigate the sticky waters of first year and all the choices that come with it! The International Life th

Study Skills 102: Test Prep Wed Nov 20th at 8:15 pm in the MKV MPR At this session you will explore strategies for preparing for and getting through tests. The workshop will cover how to prepare different test questions, how to plan your time before and during a test, how to pick the perfect study location, and how to manage test anxiety. Maximize Potential Email:

Thu Nov 14 at 8:15 pm in the UWP BH CC Ever thought of Culture Shock as a very tangible experience? This session covers the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes – aka “Culture Shock”. It’s an interactive and engaging way to explore the challenges faced when going abroad – whether for adventure, or to explore internationalizing your degree!

Calendar: ca.housing/files/uploads/files/ mp_calendar_fa112013.pdf

Winter Don Program Proposal Link: d/1K8JbZRDRV96dYyVONJxtva_O WsQhND8HO2qluDAuA8g/ viewform

CALLING ALL DONS! UW DON PHOTOSHOOT Come out on Saturday, November 16th @ 4:00-8:00PM to the Village 1 Multi-Purpose Room to have a professional photo-shoot with your team! Dress up, bring props and your gorgeous smile! If you’re interested in photography, come out with your gear! Great way to end off the terms with your team and lots of photos! -Jon Yim

DON SPOTLIGHT We are MOTLEY CREW!! (wilMOT + wellesLEY) This bunch of beauties consists of Queenie, Akhil, Faryal, Sachet, Nitish, & Irene for Wilmot, and Rebecca, Umema, Andrej, Stephen, Kamadchi, & Media for Wellesley. When Motley Crew isn’t chillin’ at East Side Mario’s or having Taco Nights, they like to plan barbeques, reverse trick-or-treating for residents, and did I mention they are huge Leafs fans?! They believe (scratch that, they KNOW!) that the Leafs will win the playoffs again someday. Something to remember - it is not wise to challenge a member of Motley Crew to a battle of Mario Kart 64… you’ve been warned.

Happy Birthday to‌ ! November

Wafa Zahid 4th

Nashid Chowdhury 11th

Ameesha Isaac 7th

Brendan Luangkhot 16th

Hangrui Shi 7th

Julia Chen 17th

Camila Silvestre 7th

Brian Garel 18th

Queenie Ma 9th

Alex Patel 25th

Andrej Gustav Boban 9th

Bryan Ho 28th

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Last week’s challenge… The best donning experience I've had so far was having my students come to me saying they listened to my advice, or they went out and did something that I suggested that they would have never done before. One of my biggest reasons for wanting to be a don was to have the opportunity to educate first-years on things I wish I knew or tips and tricks that I learned throughout my experiences. Having my students appreciate my advice and come to me for support has really made my donning experience amazing! Thank you to Cathline for sharing!

Issue 3 Challenge: What is the best song you are listening to this week? I am particularly feeling this one…

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University of Waterloo Residence Life Don Diaries Newsletter Issue 4  
University of Waterloo Residence Life Don Diaries Newsletter Issue 4