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Don Diaries Table of Contents: 1. Student Leadership 2. OTD 3. Interesting Events and Campaigns 4. Birthdays 5. Shout Outs 6. Challenge


Student Leadership AMPED!   

Rockstar Registration

opens October 14th at all Residence Front Desks

$20 registration fee covers snacks, lunch and dinner on Saturday, t-shirt, and swag 

Fan Sign-Ups 

Dons Do Dinner 

 


October 17th 5-8pm

featuring “Fan Flank Steak”, “Electric Eggplant Parmesan”, and “Rockstar Ribs”

Ongoing Training and Development

Living on a student budget and schedule can make it difficult to always eat healthy… here are some tips and tricks for you that are easy to implement!

How much do you think you already know? Take these quizzes and find out: 

Portion Sizes–-Guess-the-servingsize!.aspx\ 

Healthy Choices

Ongoing Training and Development Eating at the caf… 

When going for salads avoid creamy salad dressings!

Choose bread and wraps made from whole grains. Avoid white bread!

Ask for smaller portion sizes. Less on your plate the less likely you will overeat

Go for dark greens and salads. The darker the more nutritious they are!

Try and stick to drinking water

Cooking in your suites… 

Choose lean meats when you are out shopping!

Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. You are more likely to make impulsive and unhealthy choices

Avoid the frozen food section (fresh also tastes best!)

Grill, bake or steam your food versus frying. Avoid the use of oil and butter

Enjoy Thanksgiving from your Ongoing Training and Development Team!

Interesting Events and Campaigns

Please share this with your residents and encourage them to participate!

Happy Birthday to‌ ! Coming Up in September... Breanne Reel 14th Max Louis-Juste 15th Rebecca Macalpine 18th Adriana Richard 21st Guy Daniels 21st Kamadchi Karunanandan 23rd Dudley Ellis 27th

Past October

Alexander Mistakidis 28th


Thomas Dicsi 29th Amal Ghedi 29th Farzaneh Irani 30th



Lukas McIntosh 1st

Stephen Lim!

Vanessa Forchilli 1st Umema Sharafali 7th

Brandon Rad 31st

Jasmine Lapalme 8th

November Birthdays... Wafa Zahid 4th

Nashid Chowdhury 11th

Ameesha Isaac 7th

Brendan Luangkhot 16th

Hangrui Shi 7th

Julia Chen 17th

Camila Silvestre 7th

Brian Garel 18th

Richard Ma 9th

Alex Patel 25th

Queenie Ma 9th

Bryan Ho 28th

Andrej Gustav Boban 9th

SHOUT OUT TO‌ Send your shout outs to

Shoutout to the MLK (milk) team (MH, CLV, MKV) for being so friendly and supportive of each other! I love seeing you all every Monday, hearing your PEAKS & Pits and sharing the "You Rock" rock! Thanks for being awesome. -Cathline Alexander

Shout out to Vanessa Forchilli for renaming the Don Newsletter to Don Diaries! Please pick up your prize from V1 212. - Sudhershi :)

Thank you for reading! Issue 2 Challenge: What is the funniest meme you’ve ever come across? (Please keep it appropriate!)

Email your responses to Sudhershi at

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