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ANNUAL REPORT 2016 - 2017

As we reflect on all that we’ve accomplished during the 2016-17 academic year, UW Recreation is energized by its renewed commitment to providing safe, accessible, and dynamic recreation experiences for University of Washington students. Every school year brings new challenges and opportunities, and this year will be marked as one that brought focus to our shared goal of supporting student wellbeing. Over the course of the year we completed a strategic planning process that culminated in a refreshed mission statement and values, and a new department name. As we undertook this process, we were motivated to increase access and eliminate barriers to participation for students. We added new staff and programs, such as the Mindfulness Pass and log rolling, and expanded high-demand experiences such as our outdoor recreation program, UWild Adventures. We are excited about our continued commitment to student wellness and are optimistic that our team is prepared to overcome unforeseen challenges with creativity and enthusiasm. Here’s to another great year of movement, fun, and growth! Be well,

Matt Newman - Director

University of Washington Recreation provides safe, accessible, and dynamic recreation experiences to engage students in growth and wellbeing.

We commit to cultivating equity, creating environments where everyone belongs, and building communities through respect, trust, and understanding.

We infuse fun and positive energy into everything we do, fostering curiosity that leads to engagement and learning.

We focus on incremental improvement, providing opportunities for discovery, challenge, and support.

We encourage the life-long practice of holistic care for self and others.

We take responsibility for our actions, relationships, and sustainably managing our resources.







The development of North Campus residence halls beginning in 2015 meant the elimination of sand volleyball courts next to Denny Field. The new courts opened in March 2017 and provide opportunity for open recreation, intramural and club competitions, and a practice location for intercollegiate Beach Volleyball student-athletes. The project was jointly funded by Recreation (26%), Intercollegiate Athletics (60%), and Housing and Food Services (14%).


UWild Adventures repurposed two decommissioned saunas to install a commercial washer and dryer in the Waterfront Activities Center. The in-house laundry enables UWild Adventures staff to more efficiently clean rental equipment, clothing utilized by trip participants, and towels that are available to boat renters and onsite Registered Student Organizations.


Facilities Services completed an energy conservation project throughout the IMA as a part of their LED lighting fixture upgrades across campus. The project in the five IMA gyms focused on the LED lighting and controls, which will serve as a major tool in conserving energy and creating cost savings. The project was part of the Seattle City Light Conservation, UW Energy, and the UW Facilities Energy Conservation Plan, which provided the funding for the project.


The ASUW Shell House (Canoe House) has served our student community for the last 100 years as one of the University’s earliest athletic and recreational boathouses, communal gathering places, and cultural landmarks. Currently the ASUW Shell House is a boat storage facility for UW students, staff, faculty, and alumni. In partnership with students, we are studying the feasibility of restoring the ASUW Shell House, honoring its place on the National Register of Historic Places and reconnecting the UW community to the water. In June 2017, we hired a Capital Campaign Manager to begin laying the foundation to pursue private funding and cultivating relationships with key constituencies.


Facility improvements were completed in the mid 1980’s, but an attempt to further renovate the Golf Range as part of the 2003 IMA remodel was unsuccessful. We have begun discussions with a private developer who has proposed to rebuild the facility, increasing the number of tees and adding state of the art gaming technology and food and beverage service. The developer would cover the cost of the project and, through a long-term lease agreement, provide the department with a source of increased revenue. Discussions with the developer and campus partners are ongoing with no set time table for completion.


Renovating and expanding the locker rooms and pool would allow us to host more activities, classes, and events while creating an accessible and inclusive environment. In Spring 2015, 015, Brailsford & Dunlavey conducted a feasibility study and in Winter 2016, SRG completed an architectural expansion study. In Spring 2017, the Services & Activities Fee (SAF) Committee, Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW), and Graduate & Professional Student Senate (GPSS) approved UW Recreation to move forward with the second-phase of the SAF capital project funding process. In preparation, additional research will be completed during Autumn 2017, including student focus groups and community surveys.


In-house laundry will improve the efficiency of our laundry service and result in a significant cost savings for the department. The project will renovate approximately 375 square feet of storage and corridor area into a laundry room on the first floor of the IMA. In Spring 2016 we secured funding from the SAF capital improvement budget. In November 2016, we began planning conversations with Capital Planning & Development and Berger/ABAM. Construction began in Summer 2017 with a scheduled completion date of January 2018.

Annual Report 2016-17  
Annual Report 2016-17