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Dear Friends, I am pleased to share this year’s Report to the Community with you. Every year it seems we have more exciting things to share about our work and its impact than the prior year. It is a testament to the incredible growth and innovation happening in our community. From the launch of new projects like a Peer Support Living Room and a Transportation to Work Pilot Program to moving more than 2,000 families onto the path of self-sufficiency over 3 years ahead of schedule… this United Way and this community have a lot to celebrate. Undertaking our mission to “Connect, engage, and inspire people to transform our community” would not be possible


without the support of our corporate partners, local government entities, nonprofit partners, volunteers, and perhaps most of all, our donors. Our donors recognize their financial support of United Way is more than a donation. It is an investment in their community’s future with real returns. Annually, United Way of the Piedmont (UWP) multiplies those investments to maximize the impact of our programs and volunteer hours in the community, and for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, UWP turned every dollar donated into $7.90 worth of economic impact. Like the rest of the world, the world of philanthropy is ever-changing, and we are fortunate that our corporate partners are evolving with us - embracing new, creative ways to partner and engage with United Way. Companies are often uniquely positioned to give back in seemingly small ways that can have tremendous impact. By engaging in United Way’s work, companies are not only doing good for the community, but they are providing a positive, team-building experience for their employees. Take a moment to read this report and to celebrate what we’ve accomplished together, and then let’s move forward to set and accomplish EVEN bigger and bolder goals. Thank you for being the hand-raisers; the game changers; the stop-talking, start-doing, band together and take on the impossible task masters! It couldn’t be done without you!



Connect, Engage, and Inspire people to transform our community. 2


We fight for the Education, Financial Stability, and Health of every member of our community.


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to not just survive, but to thrive.


GROWING RESOURCES United Way of the Piedmont identifies areas of need and provides support services to grow the availability of resources in Spartanburg, Cherokee, and Union Counties.

United Way of the Piedmont (UWP) raises funds to invest in local programs and initiatives that have demonstrated impact in the areas of education, financial stability, and health.


Additionally, UWP brings in new resources and funds to the community that would otherwise not exist. Through our work, we are able to turn every dollar donated into $7.90 worth of impact in the community.

Grants Received: $301,418 Gifts in Kind Center: $25.8 million in product distributed

Economic Impact: $39,456,044

211 is a 24/7 resource hotline to call and find resources and services available in their area.

4,422 CALLS ANSWERED IN 2017-2018. Gifts in Kind Center

17-18 Return on Investment:

$1 = $7.90

The Gifts in Kind Center distributes donated products and supplies to local nonprofit organizations, who in turn use these products to support their missions.

$25.8 MILLION IN PRODUCT DISTRIBUTED. Nonprofit Partnership Centers United Way of the Piedmont operates two Partnership Centers in Cherokee and Union Counties to provide nonprofits with an affordable, shared space to expand the reach of their services.




Spartanburg Academic Movement PLUS United Way of the Piedmont EQUALS Innovation in Education Whenever possible, United Way of the Piedmont (UWP) partners with community leaders and local experts to work collaboratively in order to address community challenges. In United Way’s work in Education, we have had the privilege of working with Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM). SAM’s mission is to “measure academic accomplishment that matters, cradle to career; set achievement targets that escalate annually; align networks in pursuit of


those targets; and report progress with persistent regularity.” SAM has established themselves as the local expert in education and the trusted partner of Spartanburg County Schools. While SAM brings to the table local research and data related to education, United Way of the Piedmont brings community relationships and resources. Together, the organizations create the perfect blend of community impact and collaboration.

In 2013, SAM joined the national nonprofit StriveTogether network, a movement of 70 communities working to get better results for major milestones in every child’s life. StriveTogether uses a rigorous, data driven, continuous improvement approach to accelerate progress and sustain success in educational attainment. The network provides coaching, connections, and resources to local partnerships, like that of United Way and SAM, and works to measurably improve results from cradle to career.

In the 2017-2018 year educators in these four schools were provided a day-long training experience featuring a United Way of the Piedmont Reality Check simulation and The Poverty Factor Training. The simulation and training combined to create a comprehensive look into the lives of those families, and in particular children, who live in poverty in our community. By training educators on these issues, we are empowering them to create the best possible learning environment for their students.

Through StriveTogether grant funding, SAM along with UWP staff, were able to travel to other communities across the country to identify best practices in affecting educational outcomes. From this experience, SAM and UWP launched the 4 Schools initiative to implement innovative strategies in all seven Spartanburg County School Districts. The goal was to ensure children in the four schools with the highest concentrations of poverty are able to read on-grade-level by third grade as studies show this is a critical indicator for future academic success and beyond.

These are not just education issues, they are community-wide issues. School readiness is not a reflection of a child’s ability or willingness to learn, it is a reflection of how well a community has prepared and provided for that child’s success. And this includes external factors related to Financial Stability and Health as well. By training educators who see these challenges every day in the classroom, we are using a truly “upstream” approach to help children get on the path to success as early as possible.

What’s Next? United Way of the Piedmont and Spartanburg Academic movement will hire a shared full-time staff person to deepen the partnership between the two organizations and support substantial improvement in academic achievement across Spartanburg County for every child, cradle to career. This position will play a vital role in strengthening community partnerships and engagement in the realm of Education.


Imagination Library



Imagination Library provides an age-appropriate book every month to the homes of children, ages birth to five, encouraging early learning and reducing the largest barrier to reading- access to books.

Born Learning Resource Centers In partnership with the Spartanburg Housing Authority, United Way of the Piedmont supports two Born Learning Resource Centers that provide space for parents to engage their children in everyday learning opportunities and teach educational play through the support of therapists from Emerge Family Therapy and students at USC Upstate’s Child Development program. The Centers have also provided a unique opportunity for engagement for United Way corporate partners. Companies like BMW Manufacturing, Eaton, and Toray have collected supplies like winter coats, baby food, and Halloween costumes that families who use the Born Learning Centers struggle to afford.

130,723 BOOKS DISTRIBUTED in 2017-2018

1,623,318 BOOKS DISTRIBUTED since program began in 2001

45,484 TOTAL CHILDREN IMPACTED since program began in 2001

“The Participants in our Veteran’s Court Volunteered to serve our country and they served honorably. Unfortunately, many of our Veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of their military service which has contributed to them violating a law. Our participants are proven honorable people who have crossed a line, made a mistake and are in need of a hand up, not a hand out. Surrounded by a mentor and professionals… the participants receive the care of treatment they need and desperately want. Veteran’s Courts are very successful and have a very low rate of recidivism. Kudos to our Solicitor for his forward thinking in assisting in the establishment of this Veteran’s Court.”


Many veterans in our community struggle when returning to civilian life. In 2017, United Way of the Piedmont and Upstate Warrior Solution launched a new Veterans Treatment Court that assigns veterans who have committed nonviolent offenses to a mentor who advocates on their behalf. The veteran goes through a treatment program and is held accountable along the way. The process can take up to a year, and at the end of the program the veteran may have their charges expunged.

-Judge Keith Kelly This new program represents the latest chapter in UWP’s MISSION UNITED initiative, designed to provide easy access to benefits and services for veterans and their families. MISSION UNITED was launched in 2017 by United Way’s Behavioral Health Task Force and is the first initiative of its kind in the state.

“Veterans Treatment Court recognizes that our veterans have the necessary skills, discipline, and fortitude learned during their military service to our nation that can be used for the good of our community if given the opportunity to do so. Veterans Treatment Court, through its strict structure and accountability, mimics some of the same characteristics of the military thus providing the veteran an atmosphere where they have succeeded before and can do so again.” -Craig Burnette, Veteran Mentor 7

United Way of the Piedmont implements Financial Stability Navigators in two strategic ways. First, through a federally funded national service program, United Way provides 16 part-time Americorps members to a wide variety of nonprofit partner agencies. These service members see the clients of the nonprofit agencies and provide support where necessary, whether it is in a food pantry, by providing financial literacy training, or connecting people to benefits they may qualify for. They are the boots on the ground to United Way’s Financial Stability work. Second, in 2017 UWP hired a full-time Financial Stability Navigator to be housed at TOTAL Ministries. TOTAL provides emergency services like food and assistance with certain bills during times of hardship. The full-time Navigator is able to take a deeper look at what brought the person to TOTAL and create an action plan so that they do not end up in a crisis situation again.

FINANCIAL STABILITY Financial Stability Task Force On March 30th, 2016, United Way of the Piedmont (UWP) and its Financial Stability Task Force partners set the bold goal of getting 2,000 families onto the path to self-sufficiency in 2,000 days, calling this initiative “2,000 in 2,000.” 2,000 days equates to 5 years, 5 months, and 20 days to accomplish this work making the end goal date September 1st, 2021. As of the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year and over three years ahead of schedule, 2,341 individuals were on the path to self-sufficiency.

8 F I N A N C I A L S TA B I L I T Y

But how did United Way meet what was considered to be an aggressive goal in such a short time? Financial Stability Navigators played a key role. Financial Stability Navigators help individuals and families address the root causes of a financial crisis, connect them to resources, and create long term solutions. Financial Stability is not an overnight accomplishment, and through case management and coaching, Financial Stability Navigators are there for support along the way.

Both of these models represent United Way’s collective impact approach- by building the capacity of nonprofit partners, Financial Stability Navigators are able to disrupt the cycle of poverty and stress, thereby allowing individuals to gain stability and reach economic self-sufficiency.

Financial Stability Navigators 2017-2018 Impact Examples 11,448 AMERICORPS SERVICE HOURS of case management, Benefit Bank counseling, VITA tax preparation, and expanding financial stability programs at their service sites.


$170,194 PROVIDED IN BASIC NEEDS SERVICES, such as housing and utility assistance, GIKC product, and food.

741 TAX RETURNS PREPARED for families making $60k or less, bringing over

$836,000 IN REFUNDS back to our community, including


2,341 INDIVIDUALS on the path to Financial Stability

Child Care Study United Way of the Piedmont partnered with the Metropolitan Studies Institute at USC Upstate to complete a Child Care Study to help identify the largest barriers related to affordable child care for families, child care providers, and employers. One key finding of the Study was that child care facilities often do not open early enough and/or close too early for individuals to make it to and from work on-time. This causes many working families, and in particular single parents, to rely on family members or neighbors to watch their children. And as a result of the growing manufacturing industry in our region, many jobs are second or third shift, adding even more challenges to child care. UWP is currently exploring next steps to address these challenges.

Reality Check Simulations Reality Check Simulations provide interactive insight into the lives of struggling families in our community. 1,010 participants spent 2,020 hours participating in a Reality Check.

Wilma Moore

Highland Community Outreach Advocate United Way of the Piedmont created the position of the Highland Community Outreach Advocate in partnership with the City of Spatanburg and the Spartanburg Housing Authority to connect families to financial stability resources with the goal of breaking the cycle of generational poverty and creating long-term neighborhood change. Highland is one of the city of Spartanburg’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. The Community Outreach Advocate, Wilma Moore, is a long-time resident of Highland with strong ties in the community and a passion to reconnect neighbors to each other and their neighborhood. Thanks to the Bethlehem Center, Wilma has an office in the heart of the neighborhood making it easy for residents to access her as a resource. 9


$4,585,422 IN REFUNDS

$647,200 $1,078,710 SAVED IN

FILING FEES Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Poverty Factor Training

VITA is a free tax preparation service provided by trained volunteers to low to moderate income families.

United Way of the Piedmont and Mary Black Foundation partnered to provide a community-wide training to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and needs of people experiencing generational poverty. The Poverty Factor Training, facilitated by Resource Solutions, is a full-day, interactive experience designed to help individuals, leaders, organizations, and communities examine the experiences of individuals living in generational poverty, discover hidden personal biases, and develop strategies for change.


10 F I N A N C I A L S TA B I L I T Y





$4,585,422 IN REFUNDS

$647,200 $1,078,710 SAVED IN FILING FEES

*EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit)


Transportation to Work Pilot Program Transportation continues to be one of the biggest barriers faced by working families in our community. Simple repairs and maintenance can be a budgetbusting expense. One flat tire can not only be expensive to repair but can also cause missed time at work, making a tough situation worse. United Way of the Piedmont and its partners on the Financial Stability Task Force decided to tackle this challenge with a new and innovative approach through a Transportation to Work Pilot Program. The Program represented a public-private partnership with local small business, Light Transportation.Light Transportation provides Uber/taxi-like transportation services to clients and with the support of a grant from the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, United Way of the Piedmont was able to offer a discounted rate to individuals needing reliable transportation for employment.

The discount was offered on a sliding scale based on household income and allowed riders to get on their feet and save for their own form of reliable transportation. 81 individuals were able to find or keep their job as a direct result of having reliable, affordable transportation.

2,000 RIDES TO WORK provided to 81 individuals 77% OF RIDERS LIVE IN NEIGHBORHOODS of concentrated poverty 10 RIDERS WERE HOMELESS (living in shelters or motels)

“The partnership between United Way and Light Transportation Co. has done so much for our community. Riders were able to get jobs knowing they had reliable transportation. By eliminating this significant barrier for individuals, we gave them the confidence that they could not only get a job, but sustain their job and support their families. The growth of our community depends on solutions like this and commitment to making reliable transportation affordable and accessible to everyone.� -Landon Cohen Owner, Light Transportation 11



Increasing Access United Way of the Piedmont fights for the Education, Financial Stability, and Health of every member of our community. One way we do this is by identifying and addressing needs in the community. We convene resources and industry leaders to help tackle issues collectively because we know that we can accomplish more together. In the area of Health, the greatest community needs identified were those related to behavioral health. Behavioral health is more than just physical health, it is one’s overall mental well-being and the ability to function in everyday life.

Our community is a behavioral health service desert with only one service provider for every 600 individuals needing such services in Spartanburg County. In 2012, United Way of the Piedmont convened healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, and other community stakeholders linked to individuals living with mental health and/or addiction to form the Behavioral Health Task Force. In the six years since its inception, the Behavioral Health Task Force has leveraged over $6 million to bring new resources to the community and implement strategies that increase access to care while developing preventative approaches to behavioral health issues.

Behavioral Health Task Force 2017-2018 Examples Mental Health First Aid Training

Reassurance Line

Through a partnership with SC Thrive, local Mental Health First Aid Trainings were conducted over a three year grant period. These trainings equip community members with the knowledge and skills to identify and help in a mental health crisis situation.

In 2017-2018, United Way completed its second grant year for the Reassurance Line. The Reassurance Line provides patients with severe and persistent mental illness with daily calls of support from highly trained peer specialists. This service helps to reduce the rate of visits to the emergency room and in-patient hospitalization for behavioral health issues.


Partners in Prevention

Compassionate Schools

April is both Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so in April 2018, the Behavioral Health Task Force, Safe Homes, Hope Center for Children, and Children’s Advocacy Center came together in a collaborative effort to raise awareness around these issues. Together, these entities formed the Partners in Prevention and hosted a lunch and learn panel discussion on how these issues affect our local community and what is being done to address them.

The earlier behavioral health issues are identified, the greater an individual’s chances are for future stability and success. Compassionate Schools trains educators to recognize signs of behavioral and learning challenges in their students related to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The training provides the tools for teachers to create a trauma-informed learning environment so that every child can be successful.



Peer-Support Living Room In 2017, United Way of the Piedmont allocated funds to launch a new and innovative behavioral health resource, the Peer-Support Living Room. The Living Room is designed to be a safe space where individuals struggling with behavioral health issues can find support and resources in order to prevent a crisis. The Living Room is staffed with peer-support specialists who have faced their own behavioral health challenges and therefore can better help guide and connect individuals to resources. The Room is supported by the Department of Mental Health and will be located in a building provided by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System on Serpentine Drive.



It just so happened that the person from United Way who saw Robert was the Vice President of Community & Collective Impact, Heather Witt. She was able to convene many of the organizations in the community that work with homeless individuals and families. Many of these organizations had, in fact, already worked with Robert but independently their services had only gotten him so far due to restrictions of their individual programs.

A homeless man named Robert was sitting alone on a bench on Main Street in downtown Spartanburg, like he did most days. It was freezing cold in the middle of winter.

Robert had many challenges and extenuating circumstances that made his case particularly difficult. It would take a collaborative, coordinated approach to get him stable and off the streets permanently. And so the Homeless Outreach Team was formed.

What Robert did not know was that someone had noticed him, someone from United Way of the Piedmont. This person knew there were resources available to house homeless individuals for short periods of time during extremely cold months of the year.

The Homeless Outreach Team now meets monthly to collectively case manage the toughest homeless cases. They not only find resources to get individuals off of the streets but they provide on-going case management to ensure long term success.

So they reached out to a few organizations to see if they could help and were able to get Robert into a motel. Of course, that was only a temporary solution. More work would need to be done to find a more permanent solution for Robert. 14

Homeless Outreach Team Members: Catholic Charities City of Spartanburg Craig Burnette, Community Volunteer

As the Homeless Outreach Team was launching, United Way of the Piedmont was looking for ways to engage the small business community in our work. Many small businesses, particularly on Main Street in downtown Spartanburg, see homelessness up close and were eager to learn more about the issue and find ways they could help.

Mission on Main was a month-long campaign during the month of February in which local businesses joined together to raise funds in support of United Way’s Homeless Outreach Team. The businesses made a company contribution as well as asking patrons to make donations. This was the first campaign of its kind and we hope to continue and grow the effort in coming years. 2018 Mission on Main Participating Businesses: • Downtown Deli and Donuts • The Crepe Factory • The Local Hiker • Willy Taco

Department of Mental Health First Baptist Spartanburg Spartanburg Urban Mission SPIHN United Way of the Piedmont Upstate Warrior Solution

“We provide tables and chairs. We bring people and resources together to tackle the big community issues.” -Heather Witt VP of Community & Collective Impact


GIFTS IN KIND CENTER Gifts in Kind Center The United Way’s Gifts in Kind Center (GIKC) is a large warehouse where donated goods are shipped from companies like Walmart. Trucks make deliveries throughout the year and volunteers unload and organize the product. Nonprofits from across the region pay a yearly membership fee to come to the GIKC to “shop,” gathering materials and product that help them accomplish their missions. By not having to buy these goods, nonprofit organizations have more funds to dedicate to their programs and services. In 2017-2018, the Gifts in Kind Center distributed $25.8 million in product to the community.




STEPPING WITH CONFIDENCE The local Adidas distribution center identified the Gifts in Kind Center as an opportunity to do good in a unique way. Adidas had a large shipment of a discontinued professional shoe line and wanted to donate them to the GIKC. The shipment was so large that the GIKC would not be able to store all 4,800 pairs of shoes. The GIKC partnered with South Carolina Hunters and Landowners for the Hungry (SCHLH). The organization had a large facility in Pacolet where they stored meat donated by hunters across the state.

They were also a member of the GIKC where they received product to distribute along with the meat and other food items to families in need. SCHLH was able to house and organize the shoes with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers from both SCHLH and GIKC. As a result, the shoes, retail valued at $150,000, are available for any GIKC member to take and distribute to their clients. Many organizations have made use of the shoes through their employment-readiness programs. The organizations give clients a brand new pair of professional shoes for their interview.

Having this one small thing taken care of for individuals struggling to make ends meet can make all the difference, giving them the confidence they need to get the job.










United Way of the Piedmont fights for Education, Financial Stability, and Health of every member of our community because we believe these are the building blocks for a good quality of life and strong community. These issues are complex and interconnected. It takes comprehensive strategies to make change happen. That is why United Way of Piedmont addresses issues at the local level with a Collective Impact approach.

We know that together, we can do more. We strive to bring the community together by creating a culture of giving time, talent, and treasure throughout the annual fundraising campaign, advocacy efforts, and volunteer engagement.



Ladies & Legislation Each year, Women United members and United Way staff travel to Columbia for a day of advocacy with South Carolina representatives. In 2018, the group planned the trip to coincide with United Way Association of South Carolina’s Public Policy Day, allowing for more engagement with representatives and scheduled State House activities. The focus this year was the Children’s Advocacy Bill which would create an independent, budget-neutral state agency that would, as the title of the bill implies, advocate on a child’s behalf who is in the care of the state. The state Department of Children’s Advocacy would oversee all state child-welfare agencies to insure every child in South Carolina is cared for and safe in the state’s care. As a result of the tremendous support of and advocacy efforts around the bill, it passed unanimously in the spring of 2018. As part of Ladies & Legislation, Women United members were able to play a role in supporting this important piece of state legislation to protect children.

YOUTH PHILANATHROPY BOARD Youth Philanthropy Board is a group of Spartanburg high school juniors and seniors who demonstrate strong leadership abilities in their schools and communities. The Board raises funds annually for initiatives the students are passionate about that relate to United Way’s work.


NONPROFIT FELLOWS Nonprofit Fellows educates community leaders on the critical role of nonprofits and equips those individuls with the skills necessary to serve as effective volunteer leaders.







RSVP: A LOOK BACK In 2018, the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program came to an end. For more than 20 years, the program connected people 55 and older to volunteer opportunities that allowed them to use their lifetime of experience to reach out and help others. Since inception, over 900 volunteers served 516,254 hours generating an impact of $12,746,311.



GIVE Workplace Campaigns are the financial backbone making the work of United Way possible. Campaigns with a combined employee and corporate giving of $25,000+ include:


Milliken & Company, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

$100K - $299K: AFL, American Credit Acceptance, LLC, BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC, Denny’s, Michelin North America, Nestle, Timken - Gaffney Bearing Plant

$75K - $99K: Auriga Polymers, Contec, Johnson Development Associates, Publix, William Barnet & Son, LLC

$50K - $75K: Duke Energy, Inman Mills, Kohler Company, QuikTrip Corporation, Spartanburg Steel Products, Spartanburg Water, Timken - Tyger River Plant, United Parcel Service

$25K - $50K: Advance America, City of Spartanburg, Cooper-Standard Automotive, Dollar General Distribution Center, Hamrick Mills, IWG High Performance Conductors, OTO Development, Polydeck Screen Corporation, Timken - Duncan, UPS Freight, Wells Fargo

Note: An additional 200 corporate and community partners with workplace campaigns have made significant impact with their generosity. Grant Funders support specific priority initiatives and pilot programs. A list of these include: 20

• Corporation for National and Community Service • JM Smith Foundation • SC Thrive • Sisters of Charity Foundation • Spartanburg County Foundation • United Way Association of South Carolina

Fundraising Fun with Willy Taco United Way of the Piedmont is always looking for opportunities to engage new small businesses in our work.

Innovation in Giving We are fortunate in our community to have companies that are looking for innovative ways to give back and rely on United Way to help them do so. Two such companies are Denny’s Corporation and Publix. Both of these companies have chosen to set aside special funds that fill a community need that is rarely filled. These funds can be used for one-time, significant expenses that represent a significant barrier to a family’s stability for example, a security deposit on housing or utilities. These larger up-front expenses are often the single thing keeping a family from getting on the path to financial stability.

One unique way companies have found to give back to the community is through donation of event proceeds. Willy Taco in Spartanburg has been committed to community involvement since opening in 2013.

The average assistance per family is $400 and funds are paid directly to a landlord or vendor. And through a partnership with the Spartanburg Housing Authority (SHA), any deposits paid through this fund to SHA are refunded 100% back into the Fund when the tenant moves out, thereby allowing more families to receive help.

This year, United Way of the Piedmont was one of the nonprofit beneficiaries of a portion of the proceeds from the restaurant’s annual Willy de Mayo event. Owner Kenneth Cribb also offered space at the community-wide event for United Way to provide information and gain brand awareness, another hugely impactful opportunity for a nonprofit.


ANNUAL MEETING Every year, United Way of the Piedmont recognizes those workplace campaigns that go above and beyond in their support for United Way. This year, the event was a Night of Storytelling where real stories were told to show the impact that our donors, corporate partners, and volunteers have in our community.

2017 - 2018 ANNUAL MEETING AWARDS Chairman’s Award: Timken-Gaffney Bearing Plant Advocate of the Year: Kevin Drake, Herald-Journal Tom Barnet Volunteer of the Year Award: Steve Wise, First Baptist Spartanburg Sylvia Stahley Speaker of the Year: Vance Hammond, Boys and Girls Club of Cherokee County Walter S. Montgomery Sr. Award for Young Leadership: Jalitha Moore, OneSpartanburg Inaugural Women United Leadership Award: Kim Jolley, SunTrust Inaugural AmeriCorps Member of the Year Award: Tchenavia Singleton Imagination Library Supporters: Marsha and Jimmy Gibbs Mary Black Foundation Spartanburg School District 1 Spartanburg School District 2 Spartanburg School District 3 Spartanburg School District 4 Spartanburg School District 5 Spartanburg School District 6 Spartanburg School District 7


Community Partner Awards: Cherokee County School District City of Spartanburg First Baptist Spartanburg Spartanburg Academic Movement Union County Library Community Investment Program Excellence Awards: Spartanburg County Alzheimer’s Association – Disease & Support Services Bethlehem Center – After School Support Habitat for Humanity – Home Construction SAFE Homes Rape Crisis Coalition – Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Cherokee County Cherokee County Literacy Association – Adult Literacy Services Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas – Avenues of Access to Care The Palmetto School – After School Support

Employee Giving Awards: Presented in each division, based on increase in employee giving.

Spartanburg County $1,000 - $4,999 Concrete Supply $5,000 - $9,999 Solvay, USA Inc $10,000 - $14,999 Spartanburg Housing Authority

Public School Campaign Award: Spartanburg School District 2 Outstanding New Campaign Award: NAI Earle Furman Community Impact Giving Awards: Recognizes a company in each division who has the highest percentage of undesignated employee giving.

$ 1,000 - $4,999 Herald - Journal

$15,000 - $24,999 County of Spartanburg Administration $5,000 - $9,999 Synthomer, Inc. $25,000 - $49,999 Advance America $10,000 - $14,999 BB&T $50,000 - $99,999 Johnson Development Associates $15,000 - $24,999 Publix - Duncan $100,000 - $150,000 Michelin North America $25,000 - $49,999 Dollar General Distribution Center $200,000+ AFL $50,000 - $99,999 Johnson Development Associates Cherokee County $100,000 - $149,999 $1,000 - $9,999 Nestle Broad River Electric $10,000+ Timken-Gaffney Bearing Plant Union County $1,000 - $10,000 Union Medical Center

$150,000+ BMW Manufacturing

Circle of Excellence Awards: Presented to the companies who support the United Way mission at an exemplary level through contributions, participation, non-financial contributions and quality of campaign.

Carolina Alliance Bank Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union Inman Mills Publix - Duncan Publix - Hillcrest Synovus William Barnet & Son, LLC Campaign Coordinator Awards: Corie Culp, AFL Andy Flynt, Spartanburg County Public Libraries Anna Padaetz, Michelin North America Remsen Parrish, Spartanburg Water Lisa Vandys, Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union Outstanding Campaign Committee: AFL Auriga Denny’s Corporation Solvay Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Campaign Spirit Awards: Contec Nestle Campaign Creativity Awards: Advance America AFL Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Spartanburg Water Increased Capacity Award: Timken - Carolina Service Center Timken - Duncan Timken - Gaffney Bearing Plant Timken - Tyger River Volunteer Spirit: Advance America BIC Carolina Alliance Bank Contec Denny’s Corporation Plygem PricewaterhouseCoopers Spartanburg Water Toray

Outstanding Leadership Giving Award: William Barnet & Son


THE GENERAL DANIEL MORGAN SOCIETY recognizes individuals who make annual contributions of $1,000 or more to United Way of the Piedmont. The generosity of 1,124 individuals equaled an extraordinary $2,362,791 comprising 47% of the total dollars raised for the 2017- 2018 campaign.



education, financial stability, and health of every member of our community.


Number of Donors

Total $ Contributed

Alexis de Tocqueville




Colonel Pickens’ Militia




Colonel Washington’s Cavalry 29



Colonel Howard’s Brigade


Our mission is to connect, engage, and inspire people to transform our community.


Level of Giving







The Patriots


The Continentials

$1, 000–$1,499







ALEXIS DE TOCQEVILLE SOCIETY The Alexis de Tocqueville Society is a leadership giving society named for French aristocrat Alexis Charles Henri Clerel de Tocqueville. He recognized, applauded, and immortalized the spirit of voluntarism that lives in America’s heart.


$25,000 - $49,999 Joan & Tom Barnet Delores & Harold Chandler Anne & Larry Flynn

Susu & George Johnson Betty & Walter Montgomery

MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY $10,000 - $24,999

Gwin & Ashley Allen Ruta & Bob Allen Melissa Andrews Terri & Mark Aycock Mr W D Bain, Jr Valerie & Bill Barnet Ali & Jay Beeson Clarke & Bob Brannon Jane & Dan Breeden Ruth Cate & Chuck White Susan & Ken Couch Alice & Chris Dorrance Robin & Steve Dunn Lynne & Andy Falatok Tim Flemming & Eric Sharp

Marsha & Jimmy Gibbs Carter & Geordy Johnson Ann & Stewart Johnson Renee & Brandon Klein Nita & Avi Lawrence Janice & Wood Lay Stacy & Jack McBride Bill McCrary Liza & Byrd Miller John Miller Karen & Bob Mitchell Belle & John Montgomery Laura & Scott Montgomery Brelan & Will Montgomery Lib & Rick Orr

Anne Porcher Perrin Anna Gray & Rick Phillips Betty & George Price Jane H & Philip J Ryan Jennifer & Curt Sidden Elaine & Jim Smith Mary Helen & Gerald Smith Sally & Warwick Spencer Betsy & Jim Switzer Sarah H & George C Todd Kris & Mark Visk Lindsay & Geoff Wilson Rochelle & Mark Wolfinger Margaret & Mike Young 1 Anonymous 25

WORKPLACE DONORS Workplace campaigns are the lifeblood of United Way. Without the commitment of management and generosity of employees, United Way would not be positioned to transform the community. We thank the companies and the leadership donors for their continued support.


Alexis de Tocqueville $10,000+


Colonel Pickens’ Militia $7,500–$9,999


Colonel Washington’s Cavalry $5,000–$7,499


Colonel Howard’s Brigade $2,500–$4,999


The Patriots $1,500–$2,499


The Continentals $1,000–$1,499 26

Adult Learning Center (1) CNT JoAnn & Bill Brasington Advance America (5) CNT Roxanne & George King CNT Tanya Mathis CNT Courtney & Scot Oliver PAT Jeanie & Patrick O’Shaughnessy 1 Anonymous AFL (38) CNT Daniel Baggett PAT Douglas Baker CNT Shirley Ball CHB Eric J Borowicz CNT Julie & Grant Burns CNT Carson Cato CNT Timothy Clever PAT Mr & Mrs Robert Crowder CHB Corie & James Culp CPM Mr & Mrs Kurt Dallas CNT Patrick Dobbins CNT Douglas Duke CNT Stacey Fedorka CHB Steve Ferguson CPM Mr & Mrs Jody Gallagher CNT Bradley Gillund PAT Mary Ellen Grom PAT Lisa & Dave Gunton CNT Teresa & Brad Hendrix CNT Zach Huckabay CNT Jeffrey Johnston

CNT Shavada Lee CNT Theodore Lichaoulas CNT Janet Lindner CWC Deanne & Steven Maederer CNT Jill & Jeff McBride PAT Tracy & Steve McElhinny CNT Steve Melton CNT Angie Myers PAT Donna Page PAT Carrie & Jon Potter CNT Melissa Rosa CNT Angie & Jeff Schmerbeck CNT Al Swanson CNT Paul Thompson CNT Phyllis Tutterow CHB Cynthia Ullery 1 Anonymous Alliance Wealth Partners (1) ADT Sarah H & George C Todd American Credit Acceptance (33) CWC Anarudh Agarwal PAT Maria Antonopoulos CNT Vonya Bickford CHB Courtney & Jason Bynum CNT Allyson & Tim Caddell CNT Lisa & Richard Chapman CNT Tim Clark CNT Donald Clifford CNT Jessica Cumbee CNT Dana & Maxwell Gottman CNT Kevin Hall CNT Ben Burke Howell CNT Steven Lewis CPM Jennifer & Timothy MacPhail CNT Steven Meyer

CNT Jason Perry CNT Tony Ream ADT Jennifer & Curt Sidden PAT Stan Simmons & Kelly Moore CNT Amardeep Singh CNT John Travis Sutton CNT Ayesha Thornsberry CNT Tasha Todd CPM Mr & Mrs Todd Trawick CHB Meredith & Mark VanGeison CNT Keri & James Wagner 7 Anonymous Andritz Kusters Inc. (2) PAT John Sheridan CNT Mark A. Sorenson Anthem (1) CNT Tracy Keller AT&T (2) CNT Malcolm McClure PAT Juanita & Licio Pesaro Auriga Polymers (16) CNT Terry Atkins CNT Gary Boggess CNT James B Branum CHB Thomas Brekovsky PAT Camlyn & Darrell Cole CNT Frank Embs CNT Michael Gahagan CHB Robert Hendrix CNT Mark Holden CNT Louis Martin CNT Steven Morgan CNT Gerald Simmons

CNT Medina Suttles CNT Jeffrey Turner CNT Conor Twomey CNT Daphney & Tommy White Baldor Electric Company (2) CNT Marla Kuhne PAT Jim Madsen BASF Corporation (1) CNT Frank Clanton BB&T (10) CNT Paul Bopp CNT Charles Clementson CHB Jayna & Wes Lehrer CNT Gabrielle & Ken Leopard CHB Vicky & Stan Parker CHB Alison & Ben Porter CNT Amy & Rick Smith CNT Beth Toney CNT Calvin J Wicker 1 Anonymous BMW Manufacturing Co. (31) PAT Linda Archer CNT Wendy Bogan PAT Michael Burkett CHB Horace Butler CHB Debra Clayton CHB Jonathan Cooper CHB Duane Copeland CNT Douglas Crone CHB James Easler PAT Sky Foster PAT Tina Fowler PAT Debra & Randall Gabany

PAT Joshua Goodnough PAT Belecia Grant PAT Michael Hardin PAT Kenneth Hooper PAT Melvin Jackson CNT Richard Keener PAT Max Metcalf PAT Carsten Nierhoff PAT Elizabeth & Daniel Perry CHB Lisa Pirwitz PAT Andre Pyatt CNT Michael Robinette PAT Karen Sarratt PAT Tobias Schneider PAT Duncan Seaman PAT Hope & Dorian Talley CHB James Tucker PAT Don Wall 1 Anonymous Capitol Bank (1) CNT Kin B Britton Carlisle Finishing (1) CNT Dale Wendel Carolina Alliance Bank (7) PAT Logan & Tim Camp PAT Coleman Edmunds CNT Mr & Mrs Barry Mason CNT Pam & Tim Pless CHB Lynne & John Poole PAT Cyndi Waters 1 Anonymous

Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union (3) CNT Teresa & Brad Hendrix CNT Lisa Vandys CNT Scott Weaver Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas (1) CNT Laura Allen & Roger Sullivan CINTAS (1) CNT Mark McKinney City of Spartanburg (8) PAT Patty & Kevin Bock PAT Doris Boozer CHB Verotta & Mitch Kennedy PAT Jennifer & Linard Kindall CNT Dennis R Locke CPM Julie & Ed Memmott CHB Jessalyn & Chris Story CHB Alonzo Thompson Clayton Construction (1) ADT Renee & Brandon Klein Contec (13) CNT Nancy Bockstiegel CNT Anthony Chappell CNT Kimberly & Ashley Fly CNT David Graham CHB Rich Harris ADT Nita & Avi Lawrence CNT Stephen Leung ADT Stacy & Jack McBride CNT Tommy McClain CNT Pam & Stephen Pittman


Elaine & Jim Smith Mary & Tom Wilson 1 Anonymous

Converse College (1) CNT Krista Newkirk Cooper-Standard Automotive (5) CHB Ernestine Canty CNT Gary Caughman CNT Stephen Justice CNT David King PAT Michael M Robinson County of Spartanburg Administration (3) PAT Kathy & Tony Bell CHB Edie & Jim Hipp 1 Anonymous CWS Insurance Agency (1) CNT Leslie & Larry Joyner Denny’s (75) CNT Candy & Robert Abrams PAT Brian Aga PAT Agatha Allison CNT Deanna & Don Banister PAT Jim & Terry Batchler-Smith PAT Ashley Bishop CWC Chris Bode CNT Janice Brady CHB Michelle & Mark Burgess PAT Tammy Cato CNT David Coltrin PAT Lori & George Crumpton PAT Laurie & Clay Curtis PAT Jaime & Sam Dawson


Denny’s (continued) PAT John Dillon ADT Robin & Steve Dunn PAT Russell M Earliwine ADT Tim Flemming & Eric Sharp PAT Lisa Fletcher PAT Joey Monique Fowler CNT Michael Furlow PAT Wright Furman CNT Ethan Gallagher PAT Angie Galvez CNT Jay Gillespie CWC Alecia & Jay Gilmore PAT Chad Goode PAT Liz & Mark Gray CNT Tracey Gunther CNT Amy Hackett CNT April & Brian Harrison PAT Dori Hummel PAT Michelle Hunt CNT Erik Jensen CNT Karon Kemp PAT Sharon Keown CNT Paula & Martin Lance CNT Molly Larson CHB Greg Linford CNT Amy Lockman PAT Sharon Lykins PAT Chrissy McKinney PAT Fasika Melaku CNT Gregg Michaels ADT John Miller PAT Lester Nail CWC Joan & Ross Nell PAT Abigail & Chris Nichols PAT Christy & Curt Nichols 28 W O R K P L A C E D O N O R S

CNT Brad Northington PAT Kristy Peterson CHB Donna & David Pittman PAT Denise Queen PAT Tim Robinson PAT Mike Sanders CNT Christopher Schmidt CHB Rebecca & Tim Seiber CNT Michelle Sexton CNT Lisa Shultz PAT Scott Smalley PAT Marti & Paul Spencer PAT Annette & Mike Starnes PAT Rachel Tallis PAT Michelle Thompson CHB Jill & Mike Van Pelt CNT Tinus Van Wyk CPM Allison & Robert Verostek PAT Andrea & Mark Wilcox PAT Mac Wilkes ADT Rochelle & Mark Wolfinger 5 Anonymous Dollar General Distribution Center (4) CNT Anthony Jones CNT Nicole Rodriguez CNT Elizabeth Trevino CNT Shemar Tucker Duer/Carolina Coil Company (1) PAT Jennifer & Rick Eitel Duke Energy (2) PAT David Bowyer PAT Floyd Queen

Eaton Corporation (1) CNT Kevin Stanley Eli Lilly (1) PAT Lindsay & Jason Patrick First Citizens Bank & Trust (2) PAT Joy & Julian Bland CHB Carolyn & John MacIntosh First Piedmont Federal Savings (1) CNT Susi & Barry Morgan First South Bank (1) CNT Kimberly & Ashley Fly Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (16) CNT Steven Cain PAT Blisha Canty PAT David Carson CHB Kathy & Benny Dukes CNT Dasha Dunn CNT Harvey Guffey CNT Cynthia MacEachern CNT Ammie Margarita CNT James Peoples CNT Andrea Phillips CNT Sheddrick Sarratt CNT Michael Stark PAT Gordon Taylor CNT Beverly Widener CNT Beverly Wright 1 Anonymous

Fullerton Foundation (1) PAT Erin & Chris Steed Girl Scouts of SC - Mountains to Midlands (1) CNT Kimberly Hutzell Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (1) CHB Lisa & David Edwards Hamrick Mills (2) CHB Gigi & Carlisle Hamrick PAT Louise & Charles Hamrick Harper Corporation General Contractors (2) CNT Amy & Brandt Goodwin CNT David Wise Henkel (1) CNT Jefre Millwood Inman Mills (2) PAT Mr & Mrs George Abbott, Jr CWC Muffet & Norman Chapman IWG High Performance Conductors (2) PAT Pilar & Emilio Cerra CNT Cindy & Kerry Norman J M Smith Corporation (5) CNT Angela & Rob Barrett PAT Heidi & Michael Jameson CWC Rhonda Lockhart ADT Jane H & Philip J Ryan CHB Judy & Jimmy Wilson

Johnson Development Associates (20) PAT Jenny Adamson CNT Martha Albergotti PAT Brooksie & David Berry CHB Lynne & Mark Blackman ADT Jane & Dan Breeden CNT Wood Britton PAT Sally & Randall Chambers CWC Mary Elizabeth & Sloan Evans CNT Martin Huff ADT Carter & Geordy Johnson ADT Susu & George Johnson PAT Molly & Josh Jones PAT Lindsay & Jason Patrick PAT Catherine & Randy Perrenoud CHB Mr & Mrs Michael C Russ CNT Blair & Robert Sucher CHB Jaime & Ben Wall CHB J & F Wilson 2 Anonymous Kohler Company (8) CHB Eugene Clark CHB Richard Cox CNT Marlon Davis CHB Sidney DeVaul CNT Loretta Grna CNT Tonya Lee PAT Jerome Moore PAT Donny J Robinson Lockhart Power (3) CNT Mr & Mrs Van Clark CHB Julie & Bryan Stone CNT Mr & Mrs Neal Williams

Lockheed Martin Federal Systems (1) CNT Jeffrey Cooke LSC Communications (4) PAT Susan & David Coggins CNT Gloria & Ronald Graves CNT Mr & Mrs Ron Jones CNT Ann & Ron Seto Macy’s (1) PAT Elizabeth Moore Mary Black Foundation (2) CNT Kim Stravolo CHB Molly Talbot-Metz & Tim Metz Mary Black Health System (2) CNT Robin Peahuff 1 Anonymous McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture (3) CHB Karen Calhoun CNT Dan Campbell CNT Caroline & Ron Smith Merrill Lynch (2) CNT Kris & Duane Haimbach PAT Doris & Bob Mauney Michelin North America (22) CNT Kenneth Azzara CNT Gene Deamicis PAT Nicolas Sebastian Estevez PAT Serbrennia & Ronnie Foster PAT Kathleen & David Griffin CNT Matthew Harakas PAT William W Harper

CNT Sarah Hawkins PAT Darvin S Helvy CNT Mark Hopewell CNT Jerrod Landrum CNT Bryan Owen CNT Martin Ownbey CNT Rhonda & Sean Pack CNT Anna Padaetz CNT James Smith CHB Steve Dale Smith CNT Stephen Summey PAT Tim Taylor CNT Everett Wray 2 Anonymous Middle Tyger Community Center (1) CNT Andrea Moore & David Rice Milliken - Allen Plant (1) PAT Jeffrey Broeker Milliken - Dewey Plant (1) CWC Paige & Kyle Stephenson Milliken & Company (88) CNT Pamela Agudelo CHB Bridget & Mark Allen ADT Gwin & Ashley Allen ADT Melissa Andrews PAT Carlton L Beahm PAT Tyler Blouse CHB Cynthia Boiter CHB Ken Brown CHB Douglas M Callender CHB Shelley Carter ADT Delores & Harold Chandler CHB Debra Clements


Sarah & Darryl Cleveland Kristy & Matthew Cooper Janet & Gary Davis Alice & Ty Dawson Joyce & Richard Dillard Courtney Edwards Debbie & Dan Flynn Sharon Free Becky & Rich Gibson Anne Louise & Allen Greer Valarie & Doug Grindle Sally & Jimmy Grumbos Christie & Robert Guest Traci & Thomas Hamilton Caryn & Lee Hammond Elaine & Ray Sturm Aaron F Harrison Jessica & John Hatchell Craig Haydamack Sara M Herring Judy Jennings Horton Allen Jacoby Steven Josey Soo & Alex Kim Kasel E Knight Christopher T Kochanowicz Nan & David Lake Rowan Langford Ashley & Michael Langley Dana Claire Larson Robert Lovegrove Amanda & Michael Lyon Maria & Blaine Maddin Alan Maness Alexis & Mike Mannion Donna Markell Laurie Matties 29

Milliken & Company (continued) PAT Erin & Heath Maughon PAT Yvonne & Jim McCallum CNT Phil McIntyre PAT Denise & Nathan Mehl CNT Jereme E Mohr CHB Jill & David Moody PAT Heather & Michael Moore PAT Mendy & Eric Mossbrook PAT Amy & Gerard Murphy PAT Elizabeth & Bryan Myers CNT Stephan J Nishimuta CNT Wade Nottingham CNT Jennifer Pearce PAT Terri & Jeff Price PAT Elaine & Paul Pruitt CNT Haihu Qin CHB Chuck Roach PAT Nicole & Jim Rogers CHB Joe Royer CWC Megan & Russ Rudolph PAT Cherie Sexton PAT Shannan Smith CHB Patricia & George Sykes CHB Michelle & Troy Tessier CHB Frank R Thies III CHB Cara B Thompson CHB Stacy Walker CHB Susan & Chip Ward PAT Lauren & Nigel West PAT Dale Willis CNT Shay Worley 8 Anonymous

30 W O R K P L A C E D O N O R S

Morgan Stanley (1) PAT Betsy & Ricky Richardson Morrisette (6) CHB Wendy Burrell CHB Elizabeth Lostetter CNT Kenneth Mitchum CNT Beth Spars CNT Steven Taylor PAT Barry White NAI Earle Furman (2) CNT Jonathon Good CNT Chris Harrison Nestle (70) CNT Mindy Aguilar CNT Eric Aquitante CNT Marvin Banks CNT Rachelle Benjamin CNT Jimmy Blaser CNT Quartez Bonner CNT Teria Bonner CNT Sheralle Byers CNT Jonica Camp CNT Brian Chappell CNT Kay Cobb CNT Jimmie Coulter CNT Antron Crosby CNT Melissa Davidson CNT Deidre Dodd PAT Clarissa Dorsey CNT Emily Evins CNT Zachariah Ewen CNT Stephanie Famelis CNT Steve Feamster


Donnelle Floyd Vonte Fuller Francisca Garcia Merrill Glenn Donna Hamilton Roy Hicks Crystal Hines Terrica Jackson Michie Jefferies Maryam Jennings Timothy Jett Steve Jones Rebecca Keener Danita Littlejohn Lacey Littlejohn Festus Llevbare Andrea McCraw Karen & Jason McCraw Kathy McCraw Mandrell McGill Jessica Meadows Donna Means Martina Mickles Stephani Miller Danny Moore Sharrie Norwood Angela Petty Julia Phillips Katherine Powell Bridget Rainey Sheenan Ratchford Nina Robinson Trimiram Rodgers David Rubow Shadwinna Russell Terry Russell James Simpson

CNT Marc Sorensen CNT Kimberly Studyvance CNT Alicia Tate CNT Claudia Thompson CNT Berenice Trejo-Rios CNT Tanya Webber CNT Angela White CNT Craig White CNT Arlene Wilkins CNT Candie Williams CNT Ungre Williams CNT Angel Wise CNT Charles Wood OTO Development (10) CNT Sarah Cockrell PAT Terri & Bruce Collins CNT Stephen Daley PAT Dede & Charlie King CHB Griffin & Jason Lynch CHB Amy & Corry Oakes CNT Angela Peterson CNT Lisa & George Rutledge CNT Lara Stabell-Gibb CHB Kelsea & Todd Turner Polydeck Screen Corporation (8) CHB Dieter Egler PAT Renee & Ron Kuehl CNT William D Pierce CNT John F. Smith CNT Jonathon Starnes 3 Anonymous PolyOne-Remote Sales (1) PAT Christopher Chase

PricewaterhouseCoopers (4) ADT Renee & Brandon Klein CNT Ashley & Michael Langley CNT Laura & Miller Safrit ADT Margaret & Mike Young Prym Consumer USA (1) CNT George Peters, Jr Publix - Duncan (10) CNT Sheila Daniels CNT Katie Farrell CNT David Fleites CNT Chayton Fuller CNT Tim Gibson PAT Julie Johns CNT Cassidy McKillop CNT Jordan Rasbeck CNT Heather & Glen Waters 1 Anonymous Publix - Hillcrest (8) CNT James Authenreith CNT Tim Cook PAT John Coppinger CNT Megan Dill CNT Jeremy Kush PAT Veronica & Dave Palumbo CNT Matthew Rodgers CNT David Smith QuikTrip Corporation (30) CNT Anthony L. Bonaparte CNT Amber Booth CNT Michael Bragg CNT Jonathan D. Buttery PAT Eric S Clem

CNT Bryan Conner CNT Charles J Connor PAT Nicole Cross PAT Antonio Garcia CNT Richard Gilliam CNT Carlos E. Guerrero CNT Armani M Hardy CNT Camron R Henderson PAT Emily D Howard CNT Natalie A Krell CNT Erin A Lavin CNT Cade A Lusk CNT Jayla D Martin CHB Troy J McConnell PAT Jeffrey R McEuen CHB Christina L Morley CNT Chris Parks CNT Hannah H Pettit PAT Jesse B Rawls CNT Brandon L Shreves CNT Conner C Sprouse CNT Destiny T Stovall CNT Samuel D Tripp PAT Michael J Williams CNT Mary E Yates Raymond James (1) CNT Sarah & Sam Galloway Ricoh USA (1) CNT Brian Barry Rieter Corporation (1) CNT Marina Kakouras SAFE Homes/Rape Crisis Coalition (1) PAT Lynn Hawkins

Select Bank & Trust (1) CNT Renee & Reggie Smith SEW - Eurodrive (2) PAT Virginia Benintende 1 Anonymous Smith Drug Company (6) CHB Elizabeth & Charles Bennett PAT Jim Benton PAT Larry Kobiska PAT Bradley T Pine CNT Amy Wolfe 1 Anonymous Solvay USA (5) CWC Brad Balint CNT Matthew Blalock CHB Joe Brown PAT Samuel Johnson CNT Tiffany Jones South State Bank (3) PAT Mr & Mrs William Coker CNT Nicole & Matthew Myers CNT Mr & Mrs Franklin Sanders Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce (1) CNT Renee & John Kimbrell Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center (1) CNT Roger Williams

Spartanburg Community College (3) CNT Cheryl Cox PAT Connie & Mike Forrester PAT Henry Giles Spartanburg Herald-Journal (3) CNT Keith Bray CHB Deborah & Kevin Drake CNT Scott R Girouard Spartanburg Housing Authority (1) CHB Terril Bates Spartanburg Methodist College (1) CNT Teresa & Scott Cochran Spartanburg Regional (160) CNT Betty Gayle Amos CNT Brandy & David Anderson ADT Terri & Mark Aycock CNT Elizabeth Babb CNT Cathy & Steve Bailey CNT Erin Bailey CNT Terri Bailey CNT Adrienne & Stephen Barnwell PAT Antoniette B Bates CNT Dr James Bearden CNT Tracy & Michael Bell CNT Lisa Belue PAT Heather & Keith Bendyk CNT Bonita Bennett CNT Dreneka & Walter Bennett III CNT Shonna Bible CNT Drs Dawn & Marc Bingham CNT Dr Aundie Bishop CNT Nancy Blumer 31

Spartanburg Regional (continued) CNT Dr James Botts CNT Debby Bridgeman CNT Kimberly Bridges CNT Karen Bryson CNT Amie Busbee CHB Anita & Archie Butler CNT Karla & Paul Butler CNT Eva Calwile CNT Cheryl Cannon CNT Kristy Caradori CNT Jeffrey Carrolll CNT Joy Cash CNT Diane Christopher CNT Nancy & David Church CNT Melissa Clark PAT Dr Robert Cochran PAT Lisa Coggins CNT Brooklyn Colegrove CNT Kate & John Dargan CNT Bruce Davis CNT Dr Dean Davis CNT Stephanie Davis CNT Renee Dean CNT Amber Dewberry CNT Chad Dingman CNT Susan Braun Duggar CNT Bobbie Earls PAT Marianne & Brian Earnest CNT Amanda Fallat CNT Katrina & Phil Feisal PAT Michael Ferguson CNT Elizabeth Fletcher CNT Aileen Floyd CNT Phinnie Floyd CHB Lynn & Tom Foster 32 W O R K P L A C E D O N O R S


Melyssa Foust Dr Harold Fuller Emily B Gibbs Tammy Giles Wanda Gordon Gloria & Ronald Graves Anna & Sloan Gray Jill Jolley Greene Delaine & Phil Griswold Sara Beth Hammond James J Harber Laura Henderson Susan Diane Hill Susan Hilsman Lisa & Bruce Holstien Cindy & Bubber Hutto Dr & Mrs Hugh James Michael James William F James, MD Leigh & Alan Jenkins Mary Jane Jennings Lisa & David Johnson Maggie Johnson Tom Jones Julian C Josey, Jr Amanda Kelley Edward Knight Leah & Tony Kouskolekas Matthew Kramer Frances Kunda Mary E Liston Eric Longino Kristen Lyda Mary Boniface Mabry Christina Madden Michael Maeder Patricia Graham Martin


Bunny McKown Lori McMillan Kenneth Meinke Kamara Mertz-Rivera Debra Miller-Cox Lori & Chuck Morrow Michael Mount Valerie Neale Brian Nesemeier Teresa O’Neal Lib & Rick Orr Phyllis Osborne Rhonda & Sean Pack Jennifer Patton Anna & Steven Peacock Darla Pennington Myra & Warren Perez Ava & Dell Pridemore Lynn & David Proctor Debbie Pye Vashti Ray Mary Reid Cynthia Hood Rice James Riley Angie & Ronnie Roberson M Carson Rogerson Renee Romberger Joseph Paul Ross, III, MD Kim Ross Carey & Will Rothschild Victoria Rushing Holly & Lance Savage Janet & James Scardo Jennifer Massey Seigler Tamara Shepherd Shannon Silver Kathy Sinclair

CNT Donna & Curtis Smith CNT Jeannine Smith PAT Nichole Snow CNT Susan Stanley CNT Jamie & Bobby Steed PAT Charlotte Stephens CNT Cheryl & Todd Suttles CNT Hope & Dorian Talley CNT Julie Thomas CNT Vanessa Thompson CNT Sara Thrasher-Bradley CNT Dr Brian Thurston PAT Cindy Tucker-Hipps CNT Jennifer VanOsdol CWC Betty & Hal Warlick CNT Myra Whiten CNT Riann E Whitt CNT Emily Wilkes PAT Christine Williams CHB Dodi & Vince Williams CNT Erica Williams CNT Gracie Williams CNT Jane & Auburn Woods CNT Vicki & Timothy Yeatman CNT Lea Anne Zimmerli 7 Anonymous Spartanburg School District 1 (1) CNT Elizabeth & Daniel Perry Spartanburg School District 3 (1) PAT Jaime & Sam Dawson Spartanburg School District 5 (2) CNT Sarah & Darryl Cleveland PAT Jennifer & Rick Eitel

Spartanburg School District 6 (3) PAT Lori & George Crumpton PAT Nancy & Eric Holland PAT Christy & Curt Nichols Spartanburg School District 7 (8) PAT Dr & Mrs Russell Booker CNT Mr & Mrs Van Clark CNT Betsy & Stephen Conrad PAT Janet & Gary Davis PAT Dr Thomas & Cassie White PAT Margaret Peach Wilson CNT Virginia Jones CNT Jeffrey Stevens Spartanburg Steel Products (10) PAT John Bish PAT Raoul Luigi Cavanna CNT Jason Cheshire PAT Samuel L Gilmore CNT John Hagan CWC Sandra King PAT Mr & Mrs John C Nelson CHB Chad Raynes CNT Mark Russcher 1 Anonymous Spartanburg Water (10) PAT Kevin Brown PAT Camlyn & Darrell Cole CNT Sara Dominick CNT Kelly Heatherly CNT Gene Jackson CNT John Milazzo CNT James Poteat CHB Cherie & Newt Pressley

CNT Kelly Price PAT Sue G Schneider SunTrust (2) CWC Jill & Stirling Bomar CHB Kim & Rick Jolley Switzer Wealth Partners (1) ADT Betsy & Jim Switzer Synovus (2) CNT Jennifer Cash CNT Kelly Harvey Synthomer, Inc. (3) CNT Brian Maxwell CNT Debi & Wayne Steinberg 1 Anonymous TD Bank (1) PAT Charlotte & John Verreault The Cate Law Firm (2) CNT Rachel Brough ADT Ruth Cate & Chuck White The Merit Group (3) PAT David Gravermoen CHB John Hudgins CWC Suzy Kovacs & Mitch Jolley Tietex International (3) CNT PK Garmon CNT J D Sudlow 1 Anonymous

Timken - Carolina Service Center (1) CNT Jay Alexander Timken - Duncan (2) CNT Thomas Buehrer PAT Randy Moate Timken - Gaffney Bearing Plant (66) CNT Richard Atkins CNT Charles Bailey CNT Richard Baynard CNT Charles Blanton CNT Kimberly Bowden CNT Edward Briscoe CNT William Bryan PAT Deanna & Brian Chandler CNT Angela Cole CNT Barry Coriell CWC Ronnie Crego CNT Mae Cureton CNT Carrie Dallas CNT Joe Drake CNT Nancy Estes CNT Martha Eubanks CNT Nicolas Fisher CNT Stephanie Fisher CNT Kelly Fitzgerald CNT Kerry Fowler CNT Marty Fowler CNT Sandra Foxx CNT Eva Graham CNT Virginia Hardy CNT Stephanie Hicks CNT Melissa Holland PAT William Howard


Robin Hulsey Deneen Inman Rosa Jordan Timothy Kirby Rita & Mark Leith Vicki Lester Kay Ligon Chrisvieta Littlejohn Angel Martin Karen & Jason McCraw David McDermet John McMillan Eloise Melton Melisa Melton Caroline & John Milko Andrew Mode Curtis Moore Tyler Moore James Owens Roger Parker Jamy Parris John Permenter Douglas Pettit Cody Presnell Luis Rodriguez Darren Schaefer Ronald Skillman Aliyah Tate Reggie Tate Jeff Taylor Gina Terry Theresa Turner Deana Westbrooks Kimberly Williams Larry Womick John Wyatt 3 Anonymous 33

Timken - Tyger River Plant (12) CNT Amanda Bennett CNT Jack Burnett PAT Brian Ervin CWC Cindy & Bob Hart PAT Alex Hulette CNT Hunter Jordan CNT Stanley Lawson CNT Dustin Moore CNT Alexander Paradies CNT John Robbins PAT Stephen Stamm CNT Joel Vaughn Union County Disabilities & Special Needs Board (1) CNT Amy & Rick Smith Union Medical Center (3) CNT Susan Foster CNT Paul Newhouse CNT Mark Reynolds United Parcel Service (7) CNT Norris Brown CNT Jameson Evans CNT Kelly Flack CNT Jerome Oglesby CNT Monic Taylor CNT Charles Williams CNT Emanuel Yarrell

34 W O R K P L A C E D O N O R S

United Way of the Piedmont (8) CNT Monica Greene CNT April & Brian Harrison CHB Margaret & Warren Hayslip CNT Heather & Josh Lother CWC Paige & Kyle Stephenson CNT Boyce & Tom Wharton CNT Heather & Don Witt 1 Anonymous University of South Carolina Upstate (3) PAT Kathleen Brady CNT Kim & Jason Land CNT Sheryl Turner-Watts UPS Freight (7) CNT Dennis Dawkins CNT Hugh McCoy CNT Farron Minor PAT Clyde Mullinax CNT Donna Ramsey CNT William Vonhofen 1 Anonymous Upstate Family Resource Center (1) CNT Mr & Mrs Charles Ezell, Jr US Bank (1) CNT Frances Vensel

Vic Bailey Ford Lincoln (1) CNT David Vetter Vic Bailey Imports (1) PAT Mr & Mrs Vic Bailey, III Vic Bailey Volkswagen (1) CNT Hal Foster Wabtec Passenger Transit (3) CNT Delbert W Bell PAT Christopher Gables CNT Debbie Greaves Waldrop Inc. (1) CNT Theresa & Bill Caldwell Wells Fargo (4) CHB Donna & Ethan Burroughs CNT Wanda Downing CNT Raymond Heath CNT Lisa & Casey Wilson Whatta Wash Car Wash (1) PAT Diane & Marty Dew William Barnet & Son (20) CNT Scott Barfield ADT Valerie & Bill Barnet CNT Mr & Mrs Michael Brown CNT Betsy & Stephen Conrad

CNT Jordan Drake CNT Jean & James Finley CNT Lynn & Rob Gregory PAT Chuck Hall CNT Darlene & Jim Hemphill CNT Christopher & Kellen Holtzclaw CNT Mr & Mrs William B Markey ADT Bill McCrary CNT Lauren & Bradley McCrary PAT Mr & Mrs William Vernon McCrary, III ADT Liza & Byrd Miller CNT Mayur Rajagopalan PAT Chuck Reeves CWC Mr & Mrs CO Stokes, Jr CPM Robbie & Miriam Vannoy PAT Christine Walker Williams Gas Pipeline/Transco (2) CNT Joe Fierova CHB Lynn & Tom Foster Wofford College (8) PAT Roberta & Micheal Bigger CNT Ruth & Joe Lesesne CHB Linda & Michael Merriman PAT Geoffrey C Mitchell PAT Prema & Nayef Samhat CHB Jessalyn & Chris Story 2 Anonymous

COMMUNITY DONORS This list comprises donors who are not affiliated with a traditional workplace campaign. PAT Becky & Halis Alkis ADT Ruta & Bob Allen CNT Darelyn Arduser CHB Mr & Mrs Thomas Armstrong ADT Mr W D Bain, Jr CNT James Barbee ADT Joan & Tom Barnet PAT Scarlet & Clarence Batts CNT Greg Bauman ADT Ali & Jay Beeson CNT Thomas Benton CNT Jill & Perry Boulier PAT Nori & Wiley Bourne ADT Clarke & Bob Brannon PAT Maggie & John Brooks CNT Judy Burke Bynum CNT Alyson Campbell & Andrew Taber CWC Donna Cart PAT Kitta Cates PAT Mr & Mrs MacFarlane Cates, Jr CNT Julie & Doug Cecil CNT Susan Clary CHB Sally & Jerry Cogan CHB Celia & Jerry Cogdell PAT Nancy & Paul Cote ADT Susan & Ken Couch

PAT Garrow & Chris Crowley CNT Mr & Mrs Frederick Dent, Jr CHB Karen & Bill DeVore ADT Alice & Chris Dorrance CWC Kathy & Ray Dunleavy PAT T. Alexander Evins ADT Lynne & Andy Falatok CNT Karen & Gordon Floyd CNT Susan & Russel Floyd ADT Anne & Larry Flynn CNT Abby C Fowler CNT Betsy & Larry Fritz ADT Marsha & Jimmy Gibbs CWC Joan Gibson PAT James H Grier CHB Marianna B & Roger Habisreutinger CNT Emilee & Lyman Hamrick CNT Dr & Mrs John A Harrill, Jr CNT Mr & Mrs Ben Hines PAT Nancy & Eric Holland CNT Dennis & Brian Hughes CWC Maureen Johannigman ADT Ann & Stewart Johnson CHB Mr & Mrs Daniel H Kahrs CNT Karen & Tony Knuckles CHB Mr & Mrs J Michael Kohler, Jr ADT Janice & Wood Lay


Mr & Mrs William Lowndes, III Suzan & Ed Mabry Wendy & Bill Mayrose Karen & Bob Mitchell Scott K Mitchell Belle & John Montgomery Betty & Walter Montgomery Brelan & Will Montgomery Laura & Scott Montgomery Marsha & Tom Moore Ethel & Phil Morrow Bonnie Page Anne Porcher Perrin Anna Gray & Rick Phillips Annette & Jack Porter Kay & Perrin Powell Everett G Powers Betty & George Price Mary Frances Price Teah & Jason Pye Drs Sharon & Jim Ray Shawna Reid Jeremy Repede Mary Hope & Richard Rhodes Susan & Brian Rothemich June & Peter Sereque Louise & Ray Shingler Bonnie & Darwin Simpson

CNT Ola Skeie PAT Dr & Mrs Gary R Smiley ADT Mary Helen & Gerald Smith ADT Sally & Warwick Spencer CNT Connie Steed CHB Drs John Stockwell & Diane Vecchio CNT Carol & Jim Story PAT Janna & Mike Trammell ADT Kris & Mark Visk CHB Mary Helen & Gregg Wade CNT Valida & Chris Walker PAT Dr & Mrs Lawrence Warren PAT Drs Petra & Edward Warren CNT Lindsay Webster CNT Kitty & Barry White CNT Keely & Chase Williston CHB Judy Wilson ADT Lindsay & Geoff Wilson CNT Carolyn & Bob Wynn CHB Mr & Mrs Kurt Zimmerli 5 Anonymous


WOMEN UNITED Women United recognizes, thanks, and further engages women who invest, independently or with a spouse, $1,000 or more annually to the Community Impact Fund. Women United members have the opportunity to shape our community’s future through giving, advocacy, and volunteerism. Established in 2012, the group has grown to nearly 600 members giving over $1.2 million.


Bonnie Abbott Jenny Adamson Mindy Aguilar Martha Albergotti Bridget Allen Gwin Allen Laura Allen Ruta Allen Agatha Allison Betty Gayle Amos Brandy Anderson Melissa Andrews Maria Antonopoulos Darelyn Arduser Patty Armstrong Terri Aycock Erin Kratzer Cathy Bailey Erin Bailey Terri Bailey Shirley Ball Joan Barnet Valerie Barnet Angela Barrett Terril Bates Scarlet Batts Ali Beeson Kathy Bell Virginia Benintende Rachelle Benjamin Amanda Bennett Bonita Bennett Elizabeth Bennett Brooksie Berry

Shonna Bible Vonya Bickford Dr Dawn Bingham Ashley Bishop Dr Aundie Bishop Lynne Blackman Joy Bland Michelle Blaser Nancy Blumer Patty Haller Bock Wendy Bogan Cynthia Boiter Teria Bonner Sheryl Booker Amber Booth Jill Boulier Nori Bourne Kimberly Bowden Dr Kathleen Brady Janice Brady Clarke Brannon Jane Breeden Debby Bridgeman Kimberly Bridges Maggie Brooks Rachel Brough Theresa Brown Wendy Burrell Donna Burroughs Amie Busbee Karla Butler Sheralle Byers Courtney Bynum Judy Burke Bynum

Allyson Caddell Theresa Caldwell Karen Calhoun Jonica Camp Logan Camp Alyson Campbell Cheryl Cannon Blisha Canty Ernestine Canty Donna Cart Shelley Carter Jennifer Cash Joy Cash Ruth Cate Kitta Cates Margi Cates Tammy Cato Dr Julie Cecil Pilar Cerra Sally Chambers Deanna Chandler Delores Chandler Muffet Chapman Diane Christopher Nancy Church Melissa Clark Debra Clements Sarah Cleveland Kay Cobb Teresa Cochran Sally Cogan Celia Cogdell Lisa Coggins Sally Coker

Angela Cole Camlyn Cole Brooklyn Colegrove Terri Collins Betsy Conrad Kristy Cooper Nancy Cote Susan Couch Nicole Cross Garrow Crowley Lori Crumpton Corie Culp Jessica Cumbee Mae Cureton Laurie Curtis Donna Daley Carrie Dallas Sheila Daniels Melissa Davidson Janet Davis Alice Dawson Jaime Dawson Susan Dent Karen DeVore Diane Dew Julie DeWeese Megan Dill Joyce Dillard Deidre Dodd Jan Dominick Alice Dorrance Clarissa Dorsey Deborah Drake Susan Braun Duggar

Kathy Dukes Kathy Dunleavy Robin Dunn Bobbie Earls Marianne Earnest Courtney Edwards Lisa Edwards Martha Eubanks Mary Elizabeth Evans Emily Evins Kelley Ezell Lynne Falatok Stephanie Famelis Katie Farrell Stacey Fedorka Katrina Feisal Jean Finley Lisa Fletcher Aileen Floyd Karen Floyd Susan Floyd Kimberly Fly Anne Flynn Debbie Flynn Lynn Foster Serbrennia Foster Sky Foster Susan Foster Melyssa Foust Dedra Fowler Joey Monique Fowler Tina Fowler Sandra Foxx Sharon Free

Betsy Fritz Sarah Galloway Angie Galvez Francisca Garcia PK Garmon Emily B Gibbs Marsha Gibbs Becky Gibson Joan Gibson Nancy Giles Tammy Giles Bradley Gillund Merrill Glenn Amy Goulding Goodwin Wanda Gordon Dana Gottman Eva Graham Belecia Grant Carter Graves Liz Gray Debbie Greaves Jill Jolley Greene Monica Greene Lynn Gregory Kathleen Griffin Valarie Grindle Delaine Griswold Mary Ellen Grom Sally Grumbos Christie Guest Tracey Gunther Lisa Gunton Marianna Habisreutinger Amy Hackett

Donna Hamilton Traci Hamilton Caryn Hammond Sara Beth Hammond Emilee Hamrick Gigi Hamrick Louise Hamrick Virginia Hardy Elaine Hare-Sturm Lou Ann Harrill April Harrison Lisa Harrison Cindy Hart Kelly Harvey Jessica Hatchell Sarah Hawkins Margaret Hayslip Kelly Heatherly Darlene Hemphill Teresa Hendrix Sara M Herring Stephanie Hicks Susan Diane Hill Susan Hilsman Crystal Hines Madonna Hines Edie Hipp Melissa Holland Nancy Holland Lisa Holstien Kellen Holtzclaw Judith Horton Emily Howard Dennis Chapman Hughes

Robin Hulsey Cindy Hutto Terrica Jackson Caroline James Leigh Jenkins Maryam Jennings Maureen Johannigman Julie Johns Ann Cobb Johnson Carter Johnson Lisa Johnson Susu Johnson Dr Suzy Kovacs Kimberly Jolley Molly Jones Rosa Jordan Vivian Kahrs Marina Kakouras Rebecca Keener Tracy Keller Verotta Kennedy Sharon Keown Soo Kim Renee Kimbrell Jennifer Kindall Michaelle C. King Roxanne King Sandra King Renee Klein Kasel Knight Karen Knuckles Lillian Kohler Leah Kouskolekas Natalie Krell 37

WOMEN UNITED (CONTINUED) Renee Kuehl Frances Kunda Kimberly Land Ashley Langley Dana Claire Larson Molly Larson Erin Lavin Janice Lay Shavada Lee Tonya Lee Jayna Lehrer Rita Leith Ruth Lesesne Vicki Lester Kay Ligon Mary E Liston Danita Littlejohn Lacey Littlejohn Rhonda Lockhart Elizabeth Lostetter Heather Lother Henrietta Lowndes Kristen Lyda Mary Boniface Mabry Carolyn MacIntosh Jennifer MacPhail Christina Madden Maria Maddin Alexis Mannion Donna Markell Angel Martin Jayla Martin Cathy Mason 38 W O M E N U N I T E D

Laurie Matties Erin Maughon Doris Mauney Wendy Mayrose Jill McBride Stacy McBride Yvonne McCallum Dalton McCrary Lauren McCrary Andrea McCraw Karen McCraw Kathy McCraw Tracy McElhinny Cassidy McKillop Chrissy McKinney Bunny McKown Lori McMillan Jessica Meadows Donna Means Denise Mehl Fasika Melaku Eloise Melton Julie Memmott Linda Merriman Kamara Mertz-Rivera Martina Mickles Caroline Milko Liza Miller Stephani Miller Debra Miller-Cox Karen Mitchell Belle Montgomery Betty Montgomery

Brelan Montgomery Laura Montgomery Andrea Moore Elizabeth Moore Kelly Moore Marsha Moore Susi Morgan Christina Morley Ethel Morrow Mendy Mossbrook Amy Murphy Angiel Myers Elizabeth Myers Nicole Myers Joan Nell Krista Newkirk Abigail Nichols Cindy Norman Sharrie Norwood Amy Oakes Courtney Oliver Teresa O’Neal Lib Orr Phyllis Osborne Jeanie O’Shaughnessy Donna Page Veronica Palumbo Vicky Parker Jamy Parris Lindsay Patrick Robin Peahuff Jennifer Pearce Darla Pennington

Myra Perez Catherine Perrenoud Anne Porcher Perrin Beth Perry Juanita Pesaro Angela Peterson Hannah Pettit Angela Petty Anna Gray Phillips Julia Phillips Lisa Pirwitz Donna Pittman Pam Pittman Pam Pless Alison Porter Annette Porter Katherine Powell Kay Powell Cherie Pressley Betty Price Kelly Price Mary Frances Price Terri Price Lynn Proctor Teah Pye Bridget Rainey Sheenan Ratchford Jesse Rawls Dr Sharon Ray Mary Reid Beverly Renfro Mary Hope Rhodes Cynthia Hood Rice

Betsy Richardson Angie Roberson Nina Robinson Nicole Rodriguez Nicole Rogers Renee Romberger Melissa Rosa Carey Rothschild Megan Rudolph Victoria Rushing Shadwinna Russell Lisa Rutledge Jane Ryan Laura Safrit Prema Samhat Holly Savage Janet Scardo Sue Schneider Jennifer Massey Seigler June Sereque Cherie Sexton Michelle Sexton Louise Shingler Lisa Shultz Jennifer Sidden Shannon Silver Bonnie Simpson Kathy Sinclair Sandra Smiley Amy Smith Caroline Smith Dr Donna Payne Smith Elaine Smith

Women United Fall Breakfast Jeannine Smith Mary Helen Smith Renee Smith Shannan Smith Nichole Snow Beth Spars Sally Spencer Lara Stabell-Gibb Lisa Stamm Susan Stanley Annette Starnes Connie Steed Erin Steed Jamie Steed Debi Steinberg Charlotte Stephens Paige Stephenson Josie Stokes Julie Stone Carol Story Jessalyn Story Destiny Stovall Kim Stravolo Kimberly Studyvance Blair Sucher Medina S Suttles Betsy Switzer Patricia Sykes Alicia Tate Aliyah Tate Monic Taylor Gina Terry Michelle Tessier

Julie Thomas Cara Thompson Claudia Thompson Michelle Thompson Ayesha Thornsberry Sara Thrasher-Bradley Sarah Todd Tasha Todd Berenice Trejo-Rios Elizabeth Trevino Kelsea Turner Theresa Turner Dr Sheryl Turner-Watts Cynthia Ullery Jill Van Pelt Lisa Vandys Meredith VanGeison Miriam Vannoy Jennifer VanOsdol Diane Vecchio Allison Verostek Charlotte Verreault Cindy Vickrey Kris Visk Mary Helen Wade Keri Wagner Valida Foster Walker Jaime Wall Susan Ward Betty Warlick Jerri Warren Petra Warren Heather Waters

Tanya Webber Lindsay Webster Lauren West Deana Westbrooks Boyce Wharton Angela White Cassie White Daphney White Kitty White Emily Wilkes Arlene Wilkins Candie Williams Christine Williams Dodi Williams Erica Williams Gracie Williams Kimberly Williams Ungre Williams Keely Williston Judy Wilson Lindsay Wilson Lisa Wilson Angel Wise Heather Witt Amy Wolfe Rochelle Wolfinger Shay Worley Carolyn Wynn Mary Yates Vicki Yeatman Margaret Young Lea Anne Zimmerli Nelly Zimmerli 33 Anonymous

Mary Sellers was named U.S. President of United Way Worldwide in April 2017. In November, she made her first trip to South Carolina since taking the position to speak to United Way of the Piedmont’s Women United group at their annual Fall Breakfast. “United Way would not be the organization that it is without volunteers and without people willing to get engaged in the community’s most critical issues. Regardless of what the specific issue is, because issues change continuously, United Way is that organization that is able to see what is an emerging issue and how we need to mobilize the community to address it.” - Mary Sellers U.S. President of United Way Worldwide

Dignity. Period. Women United has partnered with the Homeless Period Project to help young women in our community keep their dignity and stay in school while having their periods. At events throughout the year, Women United collected feminine hygiene products that were distributed to local schools and counselors who provide the products to girls in need. 39

YOUNG LEADERS Young leaders are donors in their twenties and thirties who invest in our community through an annual investment of $100 or more to the Community Impact Fund. Young Leaders are passionate about philanthropy and volunteerism. Their mission is to connect, engage, and inspire young professionals to transform our community.


John Aguirre Hannah Allchin Christopher Allen David Anderson Ingrid Anderson Kimberly Andrews Heather Bachert Elizabeth Bagwell Cathryn Bailey* Vic Bailey, IV Ryan Barrett David Berry* Dana Bertolino Cheryl Boggs Joshua Bouldin Brittany Brandt Meredith Brooks John Brown Meredith Brown Jerome Butler Tim Camp* Alyson Campbell* Shelley Campbell Jennifer Carlisle Johanna Caro Ann Caudle Nikki Caulk Weslie Clark Meg Clayton Lauren Cramer Kristin Crow Kathleen Crowley

Jack Croyle George Crumpton* Tina Cuello Annie Currin Meghan Day Haley Denny John Dillon Jordan Drake* Elizabeth Evans Yolanda Ferguson-Dawkins Laura Flannery Michelle Flemming Lisa Fletcher* Bharat Ganesan Jeff Gill Craig Gilliam Nicki Gilliam Gabriela Giron Brandt Goodwin* Candice Goodwin Dana Gottman* Danielle Graham William Granger Monica Greene* Randall Gregory Antonina Grek Terri Gutierrez Matthew Harakas* Emma Harrill Kelly Harvey* Elisabeth Hayes William Helvey

Marshal Hines Jessica Holcomb Martin Huff* Natalie Hurd Skyler Jackson Hannah Jarrett Geordy Johnson* Teresa Johnson Kimberly Jordan Jarvis King Katie Klaiber Brandon Klein* Renee Klein* Elizabeth Laffitte William Lancaster Kelly Land Ashley Langley* Michael Langley* Kevin Lawson Mike Lawson Greg Leitch Jennifer Libby Pardhav Lingam Paul Lopez Chamlee Loscuito Heather Lother* Eric Lyda Mark Manigo William Marcus Bradley McCrary* Derinda Meade Maleah Meredith

Kayla Money David Moody* Alex Moore Kristin Moses Molly Moyer Angus Musser Matt Mycko Matthew Myers Ashley Newton Billy Owings Jamy Parris Jason Patrick* Alex Peterson Jason Petralia Anna Petty Emily Phalen Tomeka Pierce Natasha Pitts Samantha Privatte Sundra Proctor-Smith Reba Quattlebaum Charles Refshauge Joel Register Rod Reyes Terese Ricard Cynthia Rice Dennis Roberts Jessica Rollins

Kristian Roof Laura Safrit* Alaina Schnipke Andrew Scott Michael Scott Boyd Shands Tamara Shepherd Hubert Shuler Shelly Sinclair Michael Sloan Courtney Smith Kimberly Smith Eric Sneed Justin Solesbee Blake Spencer William Spry Kevin Stanley* Kelly Starry Chris Steed* Chris Story* Sholanda Stradford Wes Strawn Robert Sucher* Natalia Swanson Andrew Taber* Meghan Teague Angela Thompson Randy Thompson

Brian Thurston Tasha Todd-Miller* Catherine Traywick Brian Tucker Karen Tucker Scott Turner Tinus Van Wyk* Chris Walker Jonathan Walker Valida Foster Walker Kristi Ward Catherine Watson Jenna West Kate White Cal Wicker* Emily Wilkes Mac Wilkes* Dione Williams Dodi Williams* Melinda Williams Vince Williams* Chase Williston Keely Williston Tom Wood Brianna Woodsby 3 Anonymous * denotes Leadership Donor

Young Leaders Show Passion Through Fundraising 1831 Gala Every year, United Way’s Young Leaders and Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce’s Spartanburg Young Professionals (SYP) join together to host the 1831 Gala. The event represents the collective power of young professionals in our community to come together and make a difference. The formal event is a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization whose mission resonates with Young Leaders and SYP. 2018 was the third and final year in which the event’s proceeds went to Upstate Warrior Solution, a local nonprofit that connects veterans and their families to resources and opportunities. In those three years, the 1831 Gala raised $39,550 for Upstate Warrior Solution. Before the next 1831 Gala, slated for January 2019, Young Leaders and SYP will review applications and select the next nonprofit to benefit from the event.

Food Truck Rodeo In June 2018, Young Leaders hosted their 2nd annual Food Truck Rodeo, featuring live music and a food truck competition where local food trucks bring their best dishes to compete. The event is a fundraiser for Imagination Library, a local program sponsored by United Way of the Piedmont that delivers books to children ages birth to five for free, increasing their access to books and early reading. This year the event raised $9,500 for the program!

United Way appreciates our donors and makes every effort to recognize each gift correctly. If you made a leadership contribution and your name is not listed as desired, please contact our office at 864.582.7556. 41



“The result of a nearly year-long strategic planning process conducted by the Board of Directors and the Senior Team staff of United Way of the Piedmont, the 2018-2023 UWP Strategic Plan is focused on four strategic imperatives focused around our mission to ‘connect, engage, and inspire people to transform our community’. These four imperatives address our ability to invest more deeply in community-level collective impact, to connect investor segments to impact products, to develop a market and brand around local impact and engagement, and to invest in an aligned and integrated internal capacity in order to maximize our organizational effectiveness. Over the next five years, the UWP Board and staff will focus on these four imperatives as we determine those processes and programs that will lead to improvements in the outcomes that address the education, financial stability, and health of our community.”



Connect investor segments to impact products.


Connect, engage, and inspire people to transform our community.



Invest in aligned and integrated internal capacity.

-Elaine Smith, UWP Strategic Planning Committee Chair



Invest more deeply in communitylevel collective impact.

Market and brand around local impact and engagement.





Denny’s Corporation

BMW Manufacturing Company Herald – Journal Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Spartanburg Water The Timken Company

AFL Bank of America Contec Inman Mills Mary Black Health System PricewaterhouseCoopers Publix William Barnet & Son

BB&T Carolina Alliance Bank Nestle South State Bank SunTrust TD Bank Wells Fargo

2017-2018 United Way of the Piedmont Board of Directors

Current UWP Staff

Board Member

Executive Team


Mr. Wes Lehrer, Chair* BB&T Mr. Mark Aycock Spartanburg Regional Ms. Terril Bates Spartanburg Housing Authority Mr. Jimmy Blaser Nestle Mr. Perry Boulier* Holcombe Bomar Ms. Karen Calhoun McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture Mr. Scott Cochran Spartanburg Methodist College Mr. Kevin Drake Herald-Journal Mr. Alex Evins* Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein Dr. Ron Garner Spartanburg School District 1 Ms. Lisa Gunton AFL Mr. Ben Hines Spencer/Hines Properties Ms. Dennis Hughes Find Great People International Ms. Heidi Jameson J M Smith Corporation Ms. Kim Jolley SunTrust Mr. Charlie King OTO Development Ms. Renee Klein PricewaterhouseCoopers Mr. Ed Memmott* City of Spartanburg Mr. Barry Morgan First Piedmont Federal Savings Mr. Paul Newhouse Union Medical Center Ms. Katherine O’Neill County of Spartanburg Administration Mr. Newt Pressley Spartanburg Water Mr. Ricky Richardson Morgan Stanley Mr. Russ Rudolph Milliken & Company Ms. Prema Samhat* Community Volunteer Mrs. Elaine Smith Contec Mr. Bryan Stone Lockhart Power Ms. Seann Tzouvelekas BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC Ms. Jill Van Pelt Denny’s Ms. Lori Winkles* Spartanburg Regional Dr. Steve Wise First Baptist Spartanburg

Donna Anders Monica C. Greene Warren Hayslip

Heather Lother Paige Stephenson Heather Witt

Community Impact Dana Bertolino Libbie Cheek Wendy Griffin Andi Hardy Hannah Jarrett

Benajia Julious Tara Mabry Wilma Moore Adina Paley Savannah Ray

Engagement Carly Burns Kamelle Gomez

Kelsey Leahy Kathryn Michalovic

Gifts in Kind Center Scott Bryson

Jerilynn Davis

Resource Development Tammy Bright Cierra Fowler Maria Maddin Alex Moore

Mary Niradi Morrow Maggie O’Daniel Sharon Parker

Finance & Administration Amanda Crisp April Harrison

Bryson McKinney

* denotes management committee 43

P.O. Box 5624 • Spartanburg, SC 29304 864.582.7556 • 866.345.3086


Profile for United Way of the Piedmont

2017-2018 Report to the Community  

2017-2018 Report to the Community