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The Importance of a Post Secondary Education

Post Secondary Education Post Secondary education is the level of study that takes place after high school or secondary school. It usually occurs at universities, academies, colleges or seminaries. Unlike the preceding schooling levels, Post secondary education is not free and students pay tuition fees to attend.

Post Secondary Education In Canada provinces have jurisdiction over education, including post-secondary education. Public colleges and universities get most of their funding from the provincial and federal governments

Canadian Students In the last few years, more and more students have enrolled in university. Currently more than one million students are enrolled in university and more than half a million in colleges. This record high trend may be due to increased demands for education in the job market.

Financial Assistance

Post-secondary studies should be available for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it. Therefore, students who may not be able to afford tuition are given assistance through the Canada Student Loans program and other provincial programs such as OSAP in Ontario.

International Students Canadian universities offer enrollment to students from other countries, many of then from Asia. International students are required to obtain a study permit to stay and study in Canada. Academic institutions usually have higher fees for international students and may have different admission requirements.

Teaching and Research Most universities in Canada that grant degrees conduct research and are involved in teaching. The federal government is highly involved in funding research that is conducted in universities, usually through research grant councils such as the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).

Programs Universities offer different levels of degrees, bachelors, master’s and doctoral. Bachelor’s degrees undergraduate programs while masters doctorate programs are graduate programs. Colleges and technical programs do not give degrees, but instead diplomas and certificates that allow for specific specialization.

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The importance of a post secondary education  

It is always important to improve your education. Read this helpful guide to understand the importance of a post secondary education. If you...