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2015 United Way of Northeastern SD Annual Report

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C h a i r

N a t h a n

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Building on last year’s accomplishments, 2015 was another incredibly successful year for the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota. As of the writing of this message, we are wrapping up our annual campaign for 2015. While there are still several large campaigns yet to firm-up their numbers, we can safely say that we will exceed our campaign goal of $710,000 by a comfortable margin. It is clear that 2015 was the year for Aaron and Jackie to really come into their own when it comes to designing and executing the annual campaign. The final tally won’t be available for some time, but suffice to say that the total dollars raised will be higher than ever before in United Way’s history. What a wonderful and generous community we have! The process of allocating these funds falls to a dedicated group of volunteers that meets many times over the course of several months to understand the needs and wants of our member agencies. Starting in the spring each year, more than two dozen people meet with all of our 16 member agencies. While some of these volunteers are members of the United Way board, many are community members that want to give of themselves to ensure that we ask all the right questions and fully address all of the community’s needs. It is the tireless efforts of these volunteers that allow us to allocate our resources in the most effective way. Thank you to all of you for your time and efforts! In addition to a successful campaign, there were some big events that happened this year. In the fall, the United Way sponsored the Rachel’s Challenge Initiative for K-12 schools in our region. This program is designed to equip students with the tools they need to stamp-out bullying while supporting those students who have experienced bullying. I was fortunate to be able to volunteer for this event and I have to say that it was incredibly moving to see these young adults drop some of their barriers and talk openly about their struggles. A “Friends of Rachel” group continues to be active at Aberdeen Central High School with a goal of continuing this important work for years to come. This program cost $26,000 to bring to the community (which included students from all Aberdeen Public Schools, Warner, Groton and Aberdeen Christian) and those costs were 100% covered through successful grants secured by the tireless efforts of the United Way office. A huge thank you to all those that volunteered to help these students on a very emotional day. Thank you also to Jackie and Aaron for finding the funds to implement this program without cutting funding from any other agency. The other big event for the year was the relocation of the United Way office – from its small store-front on 4th Avenue SE to a new multi-room suite in the Citizen’s Building. The move occurred in October and was nearly seamless. The new office has allowed us to have additional meetings on-site and will serve as a great home base for many years to come. Starting in 2016, we will have access to additional conference space that will allow us to hold full Board meetings on-site as well. Thank you to Travis Kiefer for ensuring our new home was ready for us and for your generosity on our rental agreement. Thank you as well to all of the volunteers that helped with the move. Finally, a big thank you to Mark and Lynn Murphy for generously volunteering their time and efforts to chair our campaign this year. Their enthusiasm for the community and their always-happy personalities were a real asset to us. They have been giving of themselves to the community for decades and we were very lucky to have them give so much more over the past few months. I’m sure they had no idea what the commitment was when they said “yes,” so we are very grateful to them. It has been my privilege to serve as Board President this year. I have enjoyed the opportunity to see the dedication of the community to the United Way and I know that the relationships we have built over many years were strengthened in the past year. I know I leave this position in capable hands as Amy Jones will be a real asset to the office. Thank you to everyone that supported the United Way in 2015, we couldn’t do any of this without your help. Happy New Year!

U n i t e d

Wa y

P a r t n e r

A g e n c i e s

UNITED WAY & PPARTNER r o g r a m s AGENCIES Aberdeen Family Y

The Salvation Army

Volunteers of America

After the Bell Camp Dream Makers Dolly Parton Imagination Library Learning Tree Youth Programs

Area Food Services Community Center Emergency & Disaster Services Material Economic Assistance

RSVP Foster Grandparents Program Children’s Closet Independent Living Preparation

Boys Scouts – Sioux Council


Cornerstones -Adult Ed / Literacy

Safe Harbor

Aberdeen Senior Center

Lutheran Social Services

Crisis Intervention Kids Konnection

Meals on Wheels Senior Center Activities

Boys & Girls Club

Tiger Post


Membership / Activities Education Programs After School Transportation / Food

After School Program Summer Programs

Dental Van Flex Funding for Families Discover Your Child At Home

Girls Scouts – Dakota Horizons

YAPA - YAPAtorium

Northeastern Mental Health

Leadership Experience

Aberdeen Area Counseling New Beginnings Center

Autism Specialty Services


C a m p a i g n M a r k


C h a i r Ly n n

R e p o r t

M u r p h y

What a year! Lynn and I were privileged to serve as co-chairs for the 83rd annual Campaign and to play a small role in the success of the Campaign. We were impressed with the United Way staff and the Board of Directors. The 2015 Campaign was a success due in large part to the leadership of Executive Director Aaron Schultz and the assistance he receives from Jackie Witlock. The rapport that they have developed with businesses in this region has helped open many doors to the message of the United Way. We had a lofty goal of $710,000 and we are proud to be part of a record breaking year by reaching and exceeding that goal. Thanks to the generosity of many we are currently at $732,143. Even though we have been long time contributors to the United Way, we were somewhat unaware of the scope of agencies supported by the United Way. We were so impressed with the interaction and cooperation between the agencies and their willingness to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible services to those in need. These agencies, with the help of the United Way, have made Northeastern South Dakota a better place to live. Lynn and I had the opportunity to go into many businesses and talk with management and staff about the vision they have to make our communities even better. We would like to thank the business leaders for supporting the United Way with their corporate gifts and to all of the in-house coordinators who worked so hard to set up special activities to help the United Way cause. A special thanks to the many employees who took time, many at the end of a long shift, to listen to our message. I always finished my part of the presentation with a quote, “The greatest exercise for the human heart occurs when you extend a hand down to lift up someone in need.” Generosity is certainly strong in Northeastern South Dakota. We watched individuals reach into their not so deep pockets and give from their hearts because they believe that the United Way’s mission is important. And we would be remiss if we didn’t thank all the many volunteers who work tirelessly to make the Campaign a success. We especially would like to thank the Rails Club Committee for their efforts. Under the leadership of Cindi Walsh, Joe Senger, and Brad Moore, the Rails Club raised over $279,000 to help jump start the Campaign. And last but not least, our thanks to the United Way’s Budget Evaluation team members who have the tough job of allocating funds to the various agencies supported by the United Way. In the end, a successful campaign is not solely measured by the amount of money collected, but in knowing that through our collective efforts we are able to make a positive impact on individuals who could use a helping hand. Thanks for “Teaming Together” to help many in our region receive the services they need.

Teaming Together

Rachel's Challenge is a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe, connected school environments where learning and teaching are maximized. Based on the life and writing of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine tragedy in 1999, Rachel's Challenge provides a continual improvement process for schools designed to awaken the learner in every child. For more information go to: “The day we implemented Rachel’s Challenge at Aberdeen Central was one of the best days at school I’ve witnessed as a Principal” Dr. Jason Uttermark, Principal Aberdeen Central High School In 2014, Aberdeen Central High School launched the Rachel’s Challenge Program for all Central students. Due to budget constraints, the program could not be administered to all the Aberdeen Public Schools. The Aberdeen Public School District and the United Way of Northeastern SD partnered together to bring this important program to ALL the students in the Aberdeen region including Aberdeen Christian School, Groton, and Warner Schools. Rarely, does an organization have the opportunity to effect change and bring about hope to over 3000 students. The following schools participated in Rachel’s Challenge: C.C. Lee Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, O.M. Tiffany Elementary, May Overby Elementary, Simmons Elementary, Warner Elementary, Holgate Middle School, Simmons Middle School, Aberdeen Christian Middle and High School, Groton Middle and High Schools, and Aberdeen Central High School. The message and challenge was heard by over 3000 students.

In partnership with BAE Systems, Aberdeen Community Foundation, SD Community Foundation, BNSF Foundation and the Aman Foundation, we were able to bring this program to the Northeast Region.

E xe c u t i v e

D i r e c t o r ’s

A a r o n

R e p o r t

S c h u l t z

If 2014 was a year of transition, 2015 proved to be the year of the moves, literally and figuratively. The United Way Office officially moved in October 2015 to 202 S. Main Street in to the historic Citizens Building. As a part of the move the United Way Foundation paid for the revitalization of the Jaycee Sign to the ‘new’ United Way sign. Secondly, the United Way allocations teams moved to a 2-year funding cycle, giving our agencies the comfort of knowing their allocation for a full 24 months. Lastly, the move to initiative based solutions such as the Rachel’s Challenge Initiative. The past year has been one of tremendous vision and faith for the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota. The vision was guided by the United Way Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers that worked to implement the Rachel’s Challenge Initiative while raising the level of funding for the majority of our supported programs. The faith was illustrated by the challenge to increase our annual fundraising goal, from $675,000 to $710,000, seeking new partnerships, and enhancing existing programs supported through United Way. We are proud to say that all of these goals have been accomplished! Realizing these goals came only through the dedication of our United Way volunteers. A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to Mark and Lynn Murphy who led the 2015/16 campaign. Through their efforts the 2015/16 United Way Campaign pledges have reached new heights in our region. The Murphy’s traveled all over Northeast SD, sharing their giving story and encouraging others to help our 35 unique programs. I could see no more fitting way to close this report than with the statement Mark ended so many of our campaigns stop with; “There is no exercise better for the human heart than reaching down and lifting another up.” John Andrew Holmes. Thank you for making 2015 a wonderful year for the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota.

2015 Board of Directors Nathan Golz, President Amy Jones, President-Elect Scott Noeldner, Treasurer Tanya Berndt, Secretary Mark & Lynn Murphy, Campaign Chairs

Budget Evaluation Team It is the role of the Budget/Evaluation Committee to see that funds raised are wisely, honestly, and efficiently spent. Budget/Evaluation Committee volunteers represent the community interest, specifically the interests of the contributors on one hand and the recipients of service on the other.

Tanya Berndt - NVC/James Valley Communications

Andy Carr – Presentation College

Kevin Burckhard – Dacotah Bank

Tanya Berndt – NVC/James Valley Communications

Shaun Falken - Marco

Kevin Burckhard – Dacotah Bank

Nathan Golz – Wells Fargo Advisors LLC

Kristen Dinger – Northwestern Mutual Financial

Nadine Gropp – 3M

Mike Dix – Community Member

Paul Hopkins – Regal Beloit

Nathan Golz – Wells Fargo Advisors LLC

Joey Holzer - BNSF

Amy Jones – The Rivett Group

Heath Johnson – Dakota Plains Energy

Jim Kuch – US Bank

Amy Jones – The Rivett Group

Dawn Lilly – South Dakota Court Services

Jeff Lee – Plains Commerce Bank Stuart Lonning – Herberger’s Marcia Medley – Molded Fiber Glass Carmen Meyer – Community Member Heidi Mhyre - Sanford Mike Nguyen - BAE Systems Scott Noeldner – Primrose Retirement Michael O’Keefe - Avera Dana Oye - Target David Sandvig – Dacotah Bank Kristen Sauer – US Bank Rhonda Wade – Horton Inc. Dawn Williams – South Dakota Department of Labor

Gary Lippert – Community Member Stuart Lonning – Herberger’s Colleen Murley – Aberdeen Public Schools Heidi Myhre – Sanford Scott Noeldner – Primrose Retirement Gail Ochs – Aberdeen Chamber Eric Opland – 3M Dennis Oswald – Home Federal Bank Dana Oye – Target Matt Prehn – US Bank Josh Rife – Farm Credit Services David Sandvig - Dacotah Bank Mike Williams – NorthWestern Energy Becky Woehl – Pierson Ford Kris Wollman – Bethlehem Lutheran Church

United Way Foundation & 2015 Foundation Board of Directors In 2000, the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota Board of Directors created the United Way Foundation as a separate entity to provide grant opportunities for United Way agencies outside the annual campaign. Since 2010, the Foundation has allocated over $185,000 in grant opportunities. Requests for grant funding and reviews occur each February. Tanya Brendt - NVC John Emmett – Community Member Charlie Habhab – Community Member Al Kjenstad – Dacotah Bank, Inc. Donald Peck - Internal Revenue Service Aaron Schultz - United Way

Kaye DeYoung – Great Western Bank Nathan Golz – Wells Fargo Advisors LLC Amy Jones – The Rivett Group Scott Noeldner - Primrose Retirement Ryan Schimke – Great Western Bank

2015 United Way Volunteers Tom Agnitsch

Geoff Durst

Carol Haselhorst

Steve Kohles

Colleen Murley

Juli Schultz

Stacy Bauer

Daryl Ebach

Dean Hassebrook

Susan Kornder

Kristi Myhre

Shirley Schultz

Myranda Becking

Kent Edson

Missy Hill

Rose Kraft

Nancy Clark North John Schwan

Chad Bent

Dean Elverud

Troy Holtey

Jim Kuch

Gail Ochs

Cindy Senger

Tim Bergstrom

Holly Engelhart

Keith Hurley

Monica Kuck

Betty Ochsner

Joe Senger

Jim Boyko

Mark Engelhart

Charlie Jakober

Gaylan Lang

Shirley Ochsner

James Smith

Laurie Brandt

Rhonda Flahaven

Glenn Jakober

Lisa Lenihan

Simon Odland

Eldon Swingler

Becky Burdick

Sally Fontenella

Bob Jensen

Diane Lewandowski

Eric Opland

Kerry Swingler

Dave Burgard

Glenna Fouberg

Mike Jurgens

Lori Liedholt

Dennis Owald

Jack Thompson

Colleen Callum

Robert Fouberg

Nancy Kappes

Dawn Lilly

Katelyn Palmer

Paul Vetch

Jim Campbell

Rod Fouberg

Pat Kappes

Gary Lippert

Jane Perman

Cindi Walsh

Matt Campbell

Mark Gederos

Dean Karlen

Jim Lust

Carl Perry

Janine Ward

Andy Carr

Cory Geffre

Camille Kaul

Steven Lust

Bob Pitz

Todd Weber

Paula Carlson

Nathan Gellhaus

Rob Keil

Vicki Lust

Matt Prehn

Jodi Weigel

Bob Compton

Lisa German

Starla Keller

Sarah Mann

Stuart Quam

Joan Weiszhaar

Pat Coughlin

Dave Giovannini

Patty Kline

Brandi Matthews

Mike Williams

Brandi Matthews

Nancy Graham

Steve Kohles

Mark Milbrandt

Susan RamigWischmeier

Molly Dahme Florence Deckert Brittany DeGroot Dennis Disbrow Kristen Dinger Judy Dosch

Jennifer Gray Sue Grewe James Groft Jeannie Haaland Mark Hahler Sharon Hanna

Susan Kornder Rose Kraft Jim Kuch Rob Keil Starla Keller Patty Kline

Lavonne Miller Laura Millet Brad Moore Kathy Moore Chris Mueller Joe Muller

Devin Reints Josh Rife Carla Ronning Kristin Rotert Tanya Schafer Jeff Scheel Caren Schreter

Curt Wischmeier Roy Wise Scott Wirth Jackie Witlock Becky Woehl Kris Wollman Matt Zeller

2015 PACESETTERS Pacesetters agree to carry out their company’s United Way campaign during the month of September. By doing so, momentum is established early. As the name indicates, they set the tone for the United Way of Northeastern SD’s entire campaign.

3M Aberdeen Catholic Schools Aberdeen Family YMCA Aberdeen Public Schools Aberdeen New Company City of Aberdeen Dacotah Bank Dacotah Banks, Inc. Dakota Broadcasting Eide Bailly

Farm Credit Services of America Horton Inc. Great Lakes Higher Education Lang’s Audio, TV and Appliance Marco Molded Fiber Glass Northern State University NVC /James Valley Communications NuStar Pierson Ford Plains Commerce Bank

Reunion Student Loan Finance Corp. Schwan Financial Group SD Dept. Labor & Regulation Siegel, Barnett & Schutz Target Twin City Fan UPS US Bank Wells Fargo Auto Finance Wells Fargo Bank

Many company campaigns would not happen without the efforts of in-house coordinators and company campaign committees. To you, we say THANK YOU!

Community Partners and Projects . . . ADVOCATE Recycle—Gave away over 200 bikes in 2015 National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive— 2015 collected over 16,144 pounds FEMA—Emergency Food & Shelter Program—Spring of 2015 over $10,000 allocated Day of Champions 2015 — NSU athletes provided labor for 11 projects in NE South Dakota Christmas Eve at the Hospitals— Volunteers delivered toys and poinsettia's to over 85 patients spending the holidays at the Hospitals

2 0 1 5

C a m p a i g n

A w a r d s

Corporate Campaign Award — Company donations of $30 or more per employee Eide Bailly LLP Farm Credit Services First Premier Realty Glacial Lakes Energy Great Western Bank Harms Oil Company Home Federal Bank Horton, Inc. Insurance Plus Midcontinent Communications

3M Aberdeen News Company BNSF Brown Law Firm Butler Machinery CorTurst Bank Crawford Trucks Dacotah Bank Dacotah Banks, Inc. Dakota Supply Group

Midwest Pump & Tank NVC NorthWestern Energy Nustar Plains Commerce Bank RDO Equipment Reunion Student Loan Finance Corp. Sanford Health US Bank Wells Fargo Bank

Award of Excellence — Employee per capita giving of $100 or more Schwan Financial Group Reunion Student Loan Finance Corp. United Way of Northeastern SD UPS US Bank Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Auto Wells Fargo Advisors LLC

Insurance Plus Investment Centers of America Lang’s Audio TV and Appliance Midcontinent Communications NVC / James Valley Telecommunications Nustar Plains Commerce Bank Safe Harbor

3M Ameriprise Financial Service Butler Machinery Dacotah Banks, Inc. Eide Bailly LLP Great Lakes Higher Education Great Western Bank Horton, Inc.

Gold Award — Employee per capita giving of $75—$99 Clark Title

Farm Credit Service

Molded Fiber Glass

NorthWestern Energy

Steven Lust Automotive

Silver Award— Employee per capita giving of $60—$74 Home Federal Bank

Siegel Barnett & Schutz

Bronze Award — Employee per capita giving of $50—$59 Aberdeen Chamber Boys and Girls Club SD Department of Labor Target

CorTrust Bank Twin City Fan

Pierson Ford

EMPLOYEE CAMPAIGN—Employee gifts at a minimum of $200 with at least a 20% increase Aspire Brown Law Firm CorTrust Bank

Federal Express Molded Fiber Glass NVC / James Valley Telecommunications

Plains Commerce Bank Walmart Wells Fargo Advisors LLC

2015 ‘Give From the Heart’ Award Winner 3M



C a m p a i g n

H i s t o r y

T h a n k Yo u

Year 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

UNITED WAY OF NORTHEASTERN SOUTH DAKOTA CAMPAIGN HISTORY Agency Number Percent Funding of Campaign Actual of Goal Request Agencies Goal Results Met $475,000 19 $435,000 $435,000 100.00% $488,000 18 $450,000 $422,000 93.78% $500,000 18 $450,000 $455,000 101.11% $504,000 19 $462,000 $453,000 98.00% $501,000 20 $462,000 $453,000 98.00% $541,000 19 $472,000 $462,250 98.00% $502,000 19 $473,000 $473,500 100.00% $485,000 18 $485,000 $515,000 106.00% $500,000 18 $535,000 $542,000 101.00% $520,000 18 $565,000 $565,000 100.00% $685,000 18 $600,000 $604,000 100.00% $870,000 19 $630,000 $621,000 98.10% $657,108 20 $630,000 $638,000 101.00% $652,463 19 $635,000 $631,000 99.37% $687,737 18 $640,000 $652,000 102.88% $559,007 18 $660,000 $649,422 98.40% $544,291 19 $665,000 $668,512 100.53% $551,843 19 $685,000 $722,465 105.47% $676,937 20 $730,000 $713,800 97.78% $709,411 21 $737,000 $678,000 92.00% $622,339 19 $645,000 $675,971 104.80% $601,371 19 $700,000 $692,653 98.95% $625,174 19 $700,000 $657,442 93.92% $675,000 19 $675,000 $655,024 97.04% $675,000 17 $675,000 $677,420 100.30% $675,000 17 $675,000 $708,000 105.02% $700,000 16 $710,000 *$732,140 103.11%

* Estimated total amount raised through annual fund drive

S c o t t

N o e l d n e r

Tr e a s u r e r

R e p o r t

United Way of Northeastern South Dakota, Inc. Treasurer’s Report Accountability and integrity are the two most important values for any non-profit organization. United Way of Northeastern South Dakota takes seriously its responsibility of financial oversight. Careful planning and stewardship ensure that our partner Agencies and funded programs receive the greatest possible benefit. The Full Board and Executive Committee meet and monitor the financial results of the United Way on a monthly basis, providing oversight and controls that ensure donor gifts are used to the greatest potential. The pages following the report present the financial results in several ways. The 5 Year Analysis represents graphically the last five years of operations. It compares the Goal against actual Donations received and the related expenses from Agency Requests, Programs Services and Administration Expenses. The analysis shows the positive direction the United Way has been able achieve over the past few years. The accompanying pages are excerpts from the audited financial statements. Those pages include the Statement of financial position and Statement of Activities. One area I would like to point out is the 2015 financial statements of the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota, Inc. have been consolidated for the first time with the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota Foundation. The 2014 financial statements have also been restated to incorporate this change. Accounting principles generally accepted in the United States provide guidance as to when a consolidation of this type must occur, because the United Way of Northeastern South Dakota, Inc. has both control and an economic interest in the Foundation, the Foundation’s financial statements must not be combined with that of the United Way. All significant intercompany accounts and transactions have been eliminated in the consolidations process. A complete copy of the audited financial statement for the year ending August 31, 2014 and soon 2015 will be available for review on our website. Log onto or contact Aaron Schultz or Jackie Witlock and they will be able to obtain a copy for you. Eide Bailly, LLP presented the audited financial statements to the full Board on November 18th, 2015. It continues to be my pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors and as Treasurer for United Way of Northeastern South Dakota, Inc.


5 Ye a r Financial Analysis 5 Year Analysis 2015/16 Budget



Goal Donations Agency Request Program Services






$100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $500,000 $600,000 $700,000

2015 UWNESD Annual Report