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UWM Chancellor Michael Lovell and Mary Ann Wright, vice president of global technology and innovation for Johnson Controls Power Solutions, meet in one of two labs on campus supported by and shared with Johnson Controls.


esearch and development excellence in battery and energy storage is centered in Milwaukee, where Chancellor Michael R. Lovell has helped establish an unprecedented partnership between Johnson Controls Inc., the world’s leading supplier of automotive batteries, and Wisconsin’s two public research universities. The multimillion-dollar investment by Johnson Controls already has produced two joint laboratories at UWM’s College of Engineering & Applied Science, where the company’s scientists and UWM faculty and students work side

by side. One is a state-of-the-art “dry” lab that is so advanced only a handful of organizations in the world share its capabilities. The other is a chemical and materials test laboratory supporting the research. The company also is funding the Johnson Controls Endowed Professorship in Energy Storage Research. The position will be responsible for maintaining the research labs and supervising graduate students at both UWM and UW-Madison. In addition, Johnson Controls is establishing a research laboratory at UW-Madison and funding graduate fellowships at both institutions.

UWM Research Report 2012  
UWM Research Report 2012  

UWM faculty, staff and students are following many paths to creating new knowledge in diverse fields.