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Commencement Address Marianne Lubar University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee May 19, 2013 Chancellor Lovell, Regent Falbo, Provost Britz, Dean Emmons, faculty members, graduates and parents. Thank you for giving me this great honor and for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful day at UWM. And while this is a very important day for me, graduates, this may be the most important day of your life, so far. I know it is for your family and friends. The opportunities that lay before you are endless -- and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope you all have been able to get your dream job -- but if your dream job hasn’t come through, change course, switch gears, dream further. We live in a land of opportunity -- of such freedom that sometimes it can be almost frightening. But it won’t scare you off! Your graduation today says one thing about you -- you are smart enough to have gotten through the rigors of academia. And I know you didn’t do it alone. Not many of us make our way through life alone. Whether it’s your parents, your grandparents, aunts and uncles or friends who gave you the inspiration, the incentive, the support -- they are as proud of your accomplishment this day as you are. I know I’m speaking to mostly business school graduates and my vocational focus in life has been mainly in the cultural arts. Still, I want to quote a UWM graduate who is now President of Microsoft Server and Business Tools--a 19 billion dollar division of Microsoft. His name is Satya Nadella and he received his M.S. here in 1990. UWM honored him recently with the Chancellor’s Innovation Award. He started off his remarks by saying that life is a school that continues. I want to urge you not to neglect your continuing education in the world around you, your culture, your history. The essential tools for living are the arts. By that I mean not just paintings on the wall, but literature, music, theater, film, dance. They are what help us develop a society whose values we believe in and in which we take joy and satisfaction. Here are some of Marianne’s Rules to Live By: 1. Never stop being curious--it is what makes life exciting. 2. Never stop being open to new ideas--it is what makes life better. 3. Most important--pick the right partner --the journey together is what life is about. 4. And if you’re as lucky as me--have outstanding children and grandchildren. It’s the frosting on the cake.

So, here’s to the Class of 2013 who will be our next leaders. Here’s to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and those who work so hard to make it a great school. And here’s a little shot out to the Gold Meir library, one of the great university libraries in the country. Don’t forget to give it your support when you’re rich and famous. Everyone here is an artist--how you live your life is the art you produce. Let’s all make masterpieces. Thank you.

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