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Intensive English Program Student Handbook Fall 2012

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IEP Student Handbook

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IEP Student Handbook

Table of Contents HELP! Do you have a complaint?

 

Talk to the person concerned first.

Talk to your teacher or the academic coordinator or the assistant director or the director. 

Depending on the type of complaint, there are addi onal resources at UWM to help you. For more informa on: Problems & Complaints on the ESL Resource webpage: h p://

Consent Forms Do you want to authorize a family member or sponsor to have access to your record of study in the IEP? Do you agree that ESL can use a program photo with you in the picture on its website or in publicity material? Please give permission by comple ng the forms: Consent to Disclose Records Release for Use of Photos by UWM


   Intensive English Program (IEP)  A endance Policy Complaints Consent Forms Elec ve ESL Office Staff ESL Teaching Staff IEP Course Descrip on + Proficiency Online ESL Resources Payment Marks and Grades Mission Statement Placement appeal Proba on Reports : Progress, Study Student Ac vi es Tes ng Timetable     Immigra on     Health Insurance Immigra on Status, I‐20 Social Security Working on Campus     UWM Informa on  Academic Study and Admissions Campus Guide + Services Email (PantherLink)  ESL Wri ng Courses for Credit ID: ePanther, Campus IELTS, TOEFL Requirements Lost & Found PAWS Account Safety & Security Transporta on/UPASS/BOSS


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IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

SAFETY and SECURITY  University Police Non‐Emergency Tel: 414‐229‐4627 

IEP Mission Statement  The mission of the Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of  Wisconsin ‐ Milwaukee is to prepare students for university study in  English by assis ng students:   1)  to improve English proficiency in listening, reading, wri ng and  speaking skills;   2)  to interact with English‐speakers in everyday and professional situ‐ a ons; and   3)  to gain an awareness of the culture of American university life.      The IEP also provides language instruc on to students whose goals are  to improve their English for other professional or personal endeavors.      The IEP is dedicated to establishing suppor ve teacher‐student rela‐ onships and to fostering an atmosphere of openness among cultures.  The IEP is commi ed to maintaining a professional teaching and ad‐ ministra ve staff and to following ethical standards in all areas of the  profession.  

Lost and Found: back‐packs, wallets, purses, keys, iPods, cell phones, laptops, etc.  Vehicle assistance: lock‐outs, jump starts, license plate renewal, iden fica on engraving, etc.

Emergency on campus, call 414‐229‐9911 If you have a life‐threatening emergency off campus, call 911. Campus Health and Safety h p:// S.A.F.E. Walkers Are you walking a short distance at night by yourself? Call 414‐229‐4627 to get a SAFE Walker to go with you.

S.A.F.E Line

Tel: 414‐229‐4444 Is UWM closed? Call the S.A.F.E. Line at 414‐229‐4444 Listen to local radio or watch local TV. Look online at the UWM home page.

S.A.F.E. Alert S.A.F.E. Alert is an emergency alert system that sends a message via text message or email in case of a campus emergency. Register at: h ps://



IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

Transporta on Informa on  Parking & Transit Office ‐ Union WG 25   


Free student bus pass good any me on any Milwaukee County Transit System route.  Available at the Parking & Transit Office at the beginning of the UWM academic session.


Be On the Safe Side

ESL Teaching Staff IEP Intensive English Program   CAROL Lord CAROLYN Nason JEAN Mileham JENNIFER Ma son KATHERINE Riebe KENDRA Heidkamp Young MARK Sondrol MARY Clinkenbeard PAT Goldstein RITA Rutkowski Weber

Need a taxi?

   Academic Coordinator 

Veteran Taxi Cab Coopera ve: 414‐220‐5000 Yellow Cab Co‐op: 414‐271‐1800

Office Cur n Hall 689 693 692 697 693 695 686

   MITAA Coordinator, Oral Skills Course 

Tel: 414‐229‐6503 Free evening transporta on for UWM students within the neighbor‐ hood surrounding the campus.

 

692 695 696

VALERIE Chamberlain 688 Note:  Medical Condi on: Allergy to perfume + scents  ESL WRITING COURSES  CATHY Kaye

Lost & Found Did you lose something? Did you find something? Check Cur n B31 or the ESL Office. Call the university police: 414‐229‐4627

Copy, Prin ng, Fax services


    ESL Wri ng Coordinator 

JIM Mayhew LAURA Ambrose LIZ Browning LYNN Sedivy NANCY Barbieri ROSEMARIE Feiza‐Lenz


687 522 683 683 694 687

 Purchase a Panther Print Card to print from a computer in a UWM computer lab. See h ps:// prin ng/. The cost is $0.06 per page. You can print on both sides of the page (duplex prin ng).  A public fax machine is available off campus at the Panther Books tore on Downer Avenue, across from Mitchell Hall. 32

ESL Office Staff Director JANET Wilgus Asst Director/Student Services HEIDI Matera Financial Assistant CHRISTINA Carroll Student Worker MIKE Kammer Student Worker NICHOLAS Coley Student Worker TEMITAYO DaSilva

674 680 684 672 672 672


IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook



The Intensive English Program uses the Focal Skills program design to prepare students for university study in English. There are four progressively difficult courses. Each course has three clas‐ ses and one elec ve. Level 1 – Listening Level 2 – Reading

Level 3 – Wri ng Level 4 – Immersion

In each level you concentrate on one skill and use that skill to acquire a new skill at the next level. Grammar and speaking are integrated into each course as related to skill development. In the Listening, Reading, and Wri ng courses, you progress at your own pace according to your mastery of each skill, as evaluated by the month‐ ly placement test. Immersion is a bridge course to academic study and you work on inte‐ gra ng all language skills in prepara on for university work. Full‐ me study is 20 hours per week and includes student ac vi es out‐ side the classroom. Classes meet everyday, Monday through Friday. Each semester is four months; the summer session is two months.



Integra on


of Skills











Writing Speaking

Find informa on about each course at the ESL Resource webpage: h p:// 6


General off‐campus living and housing informa on. Online lis ng : rental units, individuals who are looking for room‐ mates, rooms for rent, subleases. Note:  The proper es listed are not inspected or approved by the University. 

LIBRARIES h p:// Find books, periodicals, maps, music, audio‐visual materials  Use the online library catalog  Borrow materials from the general collec on for 28 days  Schedule a research consulta on with a librarian. NORRIS HEALTH CENTER       

Medical care for minor illnesses Many services at no cost; fees for outside laboratory tests, phar‐ macy prescrip ons, allergy injec ons. Medical clinic Travel clinic Mental health counseling Health educa on Specialty care

SMOKING NO SMOKING on the UWM campus except in designated smoking areas and outdoors. STUDENT UNION h p:// Informa on desk is located on the ground floor.

Adventure Center h p:// Art gallery Bank (credit union) Bookstore Computers (public use) Food Recrea on Center and Adventure Center Studio Arts and Cra s Center Theater Transit Office (UPASS) Volunteer Center Informa on about student organiza ons 31

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook


Course proficiency levels in order of progression:

ATHLETICS & SPORTS FACITILIES Klotsche Center: Fitness center, swimming pool, recrea on. UWM team sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, swimming & diving, and track and field. Spor ng events are free with a student ID.

Intramural Sports Play on a team or form your own team.

BANKING University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UWCU) Located in the Union Open an account with a deposit of $5.00. No social security number required. Checking accounts (no minimum balance) Free debit card Online banking

BOOKSTORES UWM Bookstore in the Union Neebo, 3132 N. Downer Ave.

HOUSING UNIVERSITY HOUSING h p:// Check the website for complete informa on. Preference is given to students staying for one semester (4 months). Housing Main Office: 3400 N. Maryland Ave. Monday ‐ Friday 7:45AM to 4:30PM Tel: 414.229.4065 or 1.800.622.0286 Fax: 414.229.4127 Sandburg Main Desk

Tel: 414.229.6123

Riverview Service Desk

Tel: 414.229.3595

Cambridge Commons Service Desk

Tel: 414.395.6900

Listening Course: Beginning to low intermediate listening ability Student Learning Outcomes on comple on of the course: Listen and understand the se ng and main topic of simple conversa ons.

Reading Course: Low intermediate to intermediate listening ability Low intermediate to intermediate reading ability Student Learning Outcomes on comple on of the course:  Read and understand main ideas, vocabulary and key phrases of fic on and non‐fic on readings.

Wri ng Course: Intermediate to high intermediate listening ability Intermediate to high intermediate reading ability Intermediate wri ng ability Student Learning Outcomes on comple on of the course: Write with a high level of ability with correct grammar, spelling and sentence format. Immersion Course: High intermediate to advanced listening ability High intermediate to advanced reading ability High intermediate to advanced wri ng ability High intermediate to advanced speaking ability Student Learning Outcomes on comple on of the course:  Understand academic lectures and classroom discussions on academic topics. Understand meaning and vocabulary of various topics in academic texts. Write a 2‐4 page essay incorpora ng paraphrasing and summarizing from texts using an appropriate academic format. Par cipate in discussions on academic topics and present a 2‐3 minute speech on an academic topic using appropriate presenta on format and correct pronuncia on.

Kenilworth Square Apartments Service Desk Tel: 414.229.0512 30


IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

ESL Academic Wri ng Courses  


Course Descrip ons 

ESL 115: Basic Wri ng in ESL ESL‐PIC Test Level 1 Extensive reading and wri ng to strengthen basic wri en communica‐ on skills in English, with individualized instruc on. 6 credits ESL 116: Introduc on to College Wri ng in ESL ESL‐PIC Test Level 2 or grade of C or be er in ESL 115

An introduc on to the concepts of academic wri ng in English, plus individualized language instruc on. 6 credits ESL 117: College Wri ng in ESL Focal Skills placement tes ng:  at the beginning of the program  at the end of each month of study (except Immersion) Your placement is according to your scores on the placement tests. 70% is passing.  Placement tes ng is online, in the computer lab.  No pencils, pen, paper, cell phones, dic onaries (electronic or pa‐ per) or other items are allowed at the computer.  One or more proctors will be present and will give instruc ons to log‐in to the test site.  There is a prac ce test for each test.  Each tests lasts for one hour.  You may spend as long as you want on each test item, but you may not go back to a previous item once you have submi ed your an‐ swer. Listening test: Listen to a short recording and a ques on. Choose the answer of yes, no or maybe. There are 45 ques ons.


Reading test:

Read a paragraph. Answer the ques on with yes, no or maybe. There are 45 ques ons.

Wri ng test:

Read a short paragraph. Fill in the blanks with the missing word. Use one le er for each blank. Use the correct word form and spelling. There are 12 paragraphs with 120 blanks on this test.

ESL‐PIC Test Level 3 or grade of C or be er in ESL 116

A review of the concepts of academic wri ng in English, as well as an introduc on to argumenta ve wri ng, plus individualized language instruc on. 6 credits ESL 118: Advanced College Wri ng in ESL

English 101 equivalent.

ESL‐PIC Test Level 4 or grade of C or be er in ESL 117

Prepares and qualifies ESL writers for English 102.

3 credits

ESL 120: Grammar and Edi ng in English as a Second Language No ESL‐PIC score needed.

A basic wri ng course for ESL writers at any level. Individualized language instruc on. 3 credits ESL sec on of English 102: College Wri ng and Research EPT level 3 or grade of C or be er in ESL 118 or English 101

College wri ng with a focus on research‐based wri ng. 3 credits Contact Cathy Kaye ( to register for an ESL sec on of English 102. 


IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

Addi onal Tes ng and Placement Informa on  What do I have to do to take the ESL‐PIC test ? Go online to schedule the day and me to take the ESL‐PIC test at the Tes ng Center. www.tes Mellencamp Hall B28, 414‐229‐4689 There is no fee for the test.    You may take the ESL‐PIC  more than once.   

Note:  The ESL‐PIC test is not the same as the English Placement Test  (EPT), which is the placement test for wri ng courses designed for na‐ ve  speakers  of  English.    If  you  have  already  taken  the  EPT,  you  can  also take the ESL‐PIC test.  May a graduate student take an ESL wri ng course? Yes. Graduate students are welcome to take ESL wri ng courses. ESL 120 is recommended. There is no placement test for ESL 120

Ques ons about ESL wri ng courses? Please contact the ESL Wri ng Course Coordinator: Cathy Kaye e‐mail: phone: (414) 229‐6180 office: Cur n 678


Missed test. See the academic coordinator if you miss a placement test. You may have to pay a tes ng fee for a rescheduled test. Re‐tes ng. You may retest as follows:  A er one month of study in the assigned course.  A er an authorized break in study of 3 weeks or more. Placement appeal.  Due to poor tes ng condi ons  Due inconsistent results. You must inform the academic coordinator by the day a er the test..  

Program pass:  Complete 3 months of study in one course  Achieve a test score of 65% or be er  Good monthly progress reports  Good a endance Provisional pass:  Complete 4 months of study in one course  Achieve a test score of 60% or be er  Good monthly progress reports  Good a endance  At the end of one month, retake the test for provisional pass course and the test for the new course.


REPORTS :  Progress Report, Report of Study    

Progress Report: You will receive a wri en Progress Report a er the end of each month of study Report of Study: You will receive a wri en report of study at the end of each four‐month semester and the two‐month summer session. If you depart before the end of the semester or session, you may request a wri en report of study at that me. Ask in the office for any other report:  Verifica on of enrollment For Wisconsin driver’s license or for your sponsor. 9

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook


Listening Course Level 1: Beginning to low intermediate lis‐ tening ability. FOCUS ON LISTENING

All UWM undergraduate students must meet the English general educa‐ on requirement (GER) for the Bachelor’s degree. Choose ESL wri ng courses for credit to complete this requirement. What’s special about the ESL wri ng courses?

Listen to oral English at a beginning to low  intermediate level.  Language is simplified  and spoken at a rate that is slightly slower  and more clearly pronounced than that of  na ve speakers.     Student Learning Outcome (SLO):   Comprehend the context and main topic of simple conversa ons by responding correctly (70%) to ques ons on the monthly Focal Skills test (yes, no, maybe). *********************************************

Reading Course

Choose ESL Academic Wri ng Courses: 

To learn academic wri ng and reading skills need for academic and profes‐ sional success.  To overcome English language chal‐ lenges of non‐na ve speakers.  To have in‐class and individual instruc‐ on (one‐on‐one or small group) by an experienced ESL wri ng teacher. How do I register for an ESL wri ng course?   

Level 2: Low intermediate to intermediate reading and listening ability.

Apply for and be admi ed to UWM as an undergraduate. Take the ESL‐PIC test. The ESL Wri ng Coordinator will send you an email with your result and the informa on to register for the course. See the list of courses on p. 29.

What is the ESL‐PIC test? USE LISTENING and FOCUS ON READING Read and discuss low intermediate to interme‐ diate level reading materials.  Learn vocabulary acquisi on strategies.  Prac ce previewing, looking for  main ideas and suppor ng detail, skimming, and scanning.     Student Learning Outcome (SLO):   Read and understand fic on and non‐fic on. Iden fy main ideas, key vocabu‐ lary and phrases and suppor ng details. Correctly respond (70%) to compre‐ hension ques ons on the monthly Focal Skills test (yes, no, maybe). 10

The English as a Second Language‐Placement in Composi on (ESL‐PIC) test is the placement test for the ESL academic wri ng courses. It has two parts and takes 75 minutes: 


Write an essay.

50 minutes You will be given a specific topic, such as "Do you think it is be er to eat at home or at a restaurant?" Complete a reading comprehension test. 25 minutes

Read several short passages and answer yes or no ques ons. Based on your score, you will be placed in the appropriate ESL wri ng course. You may take the test more than once. 27

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

Admission to UWM for Academic Study

Wri ng Course


Apply online BEFORE you finish the ESL Intensive English Program or BEFORE you meet the minimum TOEFL or IELTS score. For undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) programs:  Condi onal admission: full me IEP study before beginning aca‐ demic classes.  Admission directly from IEP to UWM from Level 4 (Immersion)  a er 4 months of full‐ me study with a B minus (B‐) average. No  TOEFL OR IELTS score requited.   Dual admission: part me ESL Intensive English Program and part me academic classes. Must present required TOEFL or IELTS score. Graduate (Master’s or PhD degree):  Dual admission: Part me ESL and part me academic classes. Must present required TOEFL or IELTS score.

Level 3: Intermediate wri ng ability and intermedi‐ ate to high intermediate reading and listening ability. USE LISTENING and READING to FOCUS ON WRITING Prac ce wri ng on a daily basis.  Use standard rules of spelling and cor‐ rect wri en sentence structure. One‐on‐one feedback from your teacher  on wri ng strengths and weaknesses.     Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):   Write at a high intermediate level of ability with correct grammar, spelling and sentence format. Correctly complete (70%) the monthly Focal Skills med CLOZE test for Wri ng. *********************************************

English Proficiency Requirements

Immersion Course






Level 4: High intermediate to advanced listening, reading, wri ng and speaking ability.

Undergraduate Regular








Condi onal





PUT ALL THE SKILLS TOGETHER: LISTENING, READING, WRITING and SPEAKING Listen to academic lectures and par cipate in dis‐ cussions.  Prac ce speaking skills and give group  and individual oral presenta ons.  Prac ce academic reading strategies.   Write essays in an academic format.     










Register for TOEFL at the ETS website, The TOEFL is given at the UWM Tes ng Center. The UWM ins tu onal TOEFL code is 1473. Register for IELTS at

  Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):    Understand lectures and discussions on academic topics.  Understand meaning and vocabulary of academic texts.  Write a 2‐4 page essay incorpora ng paraphrasing and summarizing from texts using an appropriate academic format.  Par cipate in discussions on academic topics.  Make a 2‐3 minute speech on an academic topic using appropriate presenta on format and correct pronuncia on. 11

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

ELECTIVE Mini‐course 

Academic Study at UWM

Are you planning to do academic study at UWM?

You choose! A end one class each week. Start on Monday, finish on Friday. Topics: Grammar, pronuncia on, conversa on, cinema, TOEFL or IELTS prepara on, spelling, vocabulary, etc.

Get complete and accurate informa on about the programs that interest you and apply well in advance. See the UWM website for admission requirements for undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) and graduate study (Master’s degree or PhD).

SAMPLE WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENT  ALL ABOUT SPORTS     CRT B9   Valerie   Work on listening and vocabulary.   Learn about some popular sports in America, and  go outside to play them.    GRAMMAR:          CRT B13    Rita   Learn to use words that are easily confused:  too, very, enough; and  me  words like: for, in, during, by, ago.   Oral and wri en prac ce    SPEAKING/DEBATE    CRT B63   Kendra      Build oral fluency; Learn new vocabulary  Read about both sides of current issues. Form your own opinion and debate  with your classmates.    WRITING FOR BEGINNERS     CRT B84  Pat     Learn paragraph structure; focus on gramma cal structures; prac ce  spelling. Write daily and receive individual feedback on your wri ng. 

ELECTIVE MARK – Pass or Fail  Elec ve marks are reported each week on D2L  Elec ve marks are recorded on the end of session Report of Study  Ques ons about your mark? Ask your elec ve class teacher. 12

Center for Interna onal Educa on (CIE) Interna onal Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Garland Hall 138 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Phone: (414) 229‐4846; Fax: (414) 229‐0521 Email: h p://www.interna

IEP to UWM Academic Study Undergraduate study: No TOEFL or IELTS score is required for admission to UWM if you complete one full semester (4 months) of IEP Level 4 (Immersion) with a grade of B minus (80%) or be er. Be sure to apply to UWM well in advance of comple ng the IEP.  See the online applica on for interna onal students.  25

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

How do I get a Social Security number? 

Social Security numbers are generally given only to people who are authorized to work in the United States. Documents required to apply for a social security number: 

“Le er of Offer for On‐Campus Employment” from the prospec ve employer.


“Social Security Request Le er” from the ESL Office, which gives verifica on of a student’s visa status and employment eligibility.

CLASS TIMETABLE MTWRF 9:00 ‐ 9:50 10:00 ‐10:50 11:00 ‐ 11:50

Fall 2012



Listening A Movie Talk

Listening B Movie Talk

Elec ve

Elec ve

12:00 ‐ 12:50


Reading A 1

Reading B 1

Reading A 2

Reading B 2

Elec ve

Elec ve


1:00 ‐ 1:50 Listening A 3 Listening B 3




12:00 ‐ 12:50 Wri ng A 1

Reading A 3

Reading B 3



PM Wri ng B 1

1:00 ‐ 1:50

Immersion A Immersion B Cultural Com‐ Cultural Com‐ munica on munica on B R E AK


Social Security applica on, Form SS‐5. Download the form from h p://‐5.pdf or fill out the form at the So‐ cial Security office.

2:00 ‐ 2:50

Elec ve

Elec ve

Elec ve

Elec ve


Passport with U.S. visa.

3:00 ‐ 3:50

Wri ng A 2

Wri ng B 2


I‐94 card.

Immersion A Reading/ Wri ng

Immersion B Reading/ Wri ng


I‐20 form. 4:00 ‐ 4:50

Wri ng A 3

Wri ng B 3

Immersion A Listening/ Speaking

Immersion B Listening/ Speaking

Where to apply:

Social Security Office 310 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 260

Note: It can take from 2 weeks to 2 months to receive a Social Security card. 24


IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

Marks and Grades

Health Insurance 

Marks in Listening, Reading and Wri ng courses :  P = Pass: (P) 70% on monthly test; move to the next course.  S = Sa sfactory: Sa sfactory class par cipa on and regular a end‐ ance. Addi onal study is needed to reach proficiency.  Insufficient work (IW): Stay in same course. Less than sa sfactory par cipa on and a endance. Elec ve class:  Pass (P) or Fail (F) for each week of study  Percentage score at the end of each month and on the final Report of study at the end of the semester. See the chart below. Immersion course :  A le er grade for each month of study, based on your por olio of work and class par cipa on.  A final le er grade at the end of the semester. UWM Le er Grades are as follows: A = 93 – 100% B+ = 87– 89% B = 83 – 86% C+ = 77 – 79% C = 73 – 76% D+ = 67– 69% D = 63 – 66% F = 0 ‐ 59%

A‐ = B‐ = C‐ = D‐ =

PROBATION If you show a lack of progress due to poor class par cipa on or a endance, you may be put on proba on for the next session.  You must improve a endance and par cipa on during the session in order to con nue in the program.  If your a endance or class par cipa on does not improve while you are on proba on, you may not be allowed to con nue in the program. 14

All enrolled IEP students holding non‐ immigrant visas are strongly recommended to enroll in health insurance for the entire peri‐ od of their stay in the U.S. You are eligible to enroll in the UWM student health insurance plan. Or you may choose another health in‐ surance plan that is valid for use in the Mil‐ waukee area. By the first day of class, you must bring proof of health insurance to the ESL Office. Go to this website to enroll in the UWM Student Health Insurance plan:‐esl You may enroll for the semester or by month. The health insurance handout with enroll‐ ment instruc ons and benefit informa on is available in the office. Medical costs are expensive! Please be sure that you have health insurance while you are in the U.S.

90 – 92% 80 – 82% 70 – 72% 60 – 62%

Ques ons About your grade? Please contact the teacher. Grade appeal: You may appeal a grade on the basis that it is an inaccu‐ rate or arbitrary decision of the course instructor. You must first talk to the instructor. A second appeal can be made to the academic coordi‐ nator. A third appeal to the IEP director must be made in wri ng. The director’s decision is final. 

Use the Norris Health Center for free at while you are at UWM.

Working on Campus  

F‐1 Students are eligible to work on‐campus 20 hours per week (including weekends) during ESL sessions and extended hours when ESL classes are not in session.  Do not work off‐campus! There are no legal off‐campus work op‐ ons for F‐1 students.  Find work on campus at the Union Personnel Office in Room 316 in the Union or log on to: h p:// Students on other types of visas You may work on or off campus if your visa allows it and the U. S. Bu‐ reau of Ci zenship and Immigra on Services provides you with proper documenta on to do so. 23

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook

Immigra on informa on, con nued    What about my F‐1 visa? The F‐1 visa in your passport is an entry visa. There is no problem if the visa expires while you are in the U.S. and your I‐20 is valid. How‐ ever, if your visa is expired and leave the U.S., you will need to apply for a new F‐1 visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate in your country. The consular official may request current financial documents as well as proof of study, such as the IEP Report of Study.  

I have a visa but it is not an F‐1 student visa. You must maintain the status required by your visa. Your primary pur‐ pose for being in the U.S. must be according to requirements of the visa. Studying English is secondary to the requirements of your visa. The U.S. Bureau of Ci zen Immigra on Services or an immigra on a orney can answer ques ons about visa requirements.

Can I change my immigra on status to F‐1? Changing your visa status while you are in the U.S. can be lengthy, costly and difficult. If you do not have an F‐1 visa but you wish to begin full‐ me study, it is usually recommended that you return to your country and apply for an F‐1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consu‐ late. See the assistant director for informa on.

Leaving the IEP—EXIT FORM Are you planning to go home or to transfer to another program? Please complete the following steps BEFORE departure:  Meet with the assistant director to discuss plans.  Pay any remaining costs (tui on, housing, etc.) owed to UWM.  Complete the IEP Exit Form.  Are you transferring to another program? See the informa on on page 21. 22

IEP ATTENDANCE POLICY  Your a endance record is reported on your “Progress Report” at the end of each month of study and on the “Report of Study” at the end of each semester or term. You will receive a Cer ficate of A endance at the end of the semester or  term if your a endance is 85% or be er.   

85% ‐ 100% = Good standing 75% ‐ 84% = Minimum required Below 75% = Warning 2 or more months below 70% = Proba on There are no excused absences.  Each teacher takes a endance at the beginning of every class.  You may be marked absent if you are late by more than 5 minutes.  Medical absences are not excused absences.  Absences for religious reasons are not excused absences.  Ask your teacher about the work you missed if you are late or absent. Medical absences  Please stay home if you are sick.  If you miss 3 days or more of class, please contact the office by email, and when you are be er, bring a doctor’s statement to the office.  The assistant director will review any case of serious illness. Absence for religious reasons UWM provides reasonable accommoda on for students’ sincerely held religious beliefs with respect to all examina ons and other aca‐ demic requirements. You must inform the teacher in advance if you will be absent for religious reasons. You are responsible for com‐ ple ng any work that you missed. If I bring a wri en excuse will my absence be excused?  No! All absences are counted as absences. Full‐ me students are allowed 12 absences in 1 month. 12 absences = 3 days of class (each day has 4 classes). 15

IEP Student Handbook

IEP Student Handbook


Immigra on informa on, con nued 

Your UWM campus ID number is 9 numbers: xxx‐xx‐xxxx. The number is  on your UWM picture ID card.  

UWM EMAIL  ‐ PantherLink  Go to to ac vate your account. Please follow the direc ons carefully!     

Enter your UWM campus ID number and date of birth. The computer will give you your ePanther ID (logon or user name). Choose 3 security ques ons and enter your answers. Choose a password or have the computer make a password for you. Use the Preferences tab to forward UWM email to your personal email ac‐ count.

Use your user name (ePanther ID) and password for UWM email,  your D2L account and   for your PAWS account.  The ESL Office communicates with students by email. Check your  UWM email account for announcements. Wireless access is available across campus. See: h p:// cated/wifi/


Use your ePanther user name to log on and explore resources available to you. D2L Desire2Learn: Find informa on about your classes, turn in homework, and communicate with your instructor and class‐ mates. Log in at: h p://

Online ESL Resource Page h p:// IEP Program Informa on ESL Skills Prac ce. See eESL Ac vi es for self‐study.

pantherPRINT pantherprint/index.cfm


Contact the Help Desk : Bolton Hall 225

Tel: 229‐4040

Can I regain F‐1 status if I lose it?  See the assistant director if you fall out of status or lose F‐1 status.  You may be able to request reinstatement if 1) you are enrolled for full‐ me study; 2) are a ending classes regularly; and 3) have no unpaid payments for UWM.   Note: A reinstatement request is not automa cally approved.  You  must be prepared to leave the U.S. if the request is denied.    What if I move?  Report any change in address to the ESL Office.  Please be sure to change your address in PAWS as well.  If you have F‐1 status, please also fill out form AR‐11 (online at and mail it to the U.S. Department of Jus ce.   Note:  If you do not report a change in address, you may lose     F‐1 immigra on status.  Can I travel on my F‐1 visa?  You may travel when classes are not in session, such as spring break, Thanksgiving holiday (in November) or between semesters.  No special permission or documenta on is required for travel in the U.S.  For interna onal travel:  Check your I‐20 for expira on date (#5 on page 1)  Be sure the I‐20 is signed on page 3  Be sure your valid passport is valid.  Check your U.S. F‐1 visa to be sure it is has not expired.  Note: Canada and Mexico are not part of the United States!  Check the  websites to see if you need a Canadian or Mexican entry visa in addi‐ on to the documents needed for re‐entry into the U.S.     

What if I want to transfer to another school?  Apply to the new school.  Ask the new school to no fy UWM that you have been accepted and to request a transfer.  Finish your enrollment period at UWM. There is no refund for early departure.  See the assistant director for addi onal informa on.


IEP Student Handbook


Immigration Status while studying in the IEP Ask the  assistant  director  if  you  have  any  ques ons  about  your  immigra on status .

Why should I check my PAWS account?

F‐1 immigra on status  Requires full‐ me study when the program is in session.  UWM reports your status to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Ci zen and Immigra on Service. What about my I‐20?  The I‐20 is the legal documenta on that allows you to study and reside in the U.S.  Be sure your I‐20 is up to date.  See the assistant director to renew your I‐20 before it expires.  Provide new financial documenta on  Register for the next session and pay the tui on deposit.  Be sure I‐20 is signed on page 3 before you travel out of the U.S.  If you get a new I‐20, be sure to keep your old I‐20 as well. How do I keep my full‐ me student status?  A end class regularly. See A endance Policy on page 15.  Make progress in your studies. What if I stop my program and take a break?  You may lose your F‐1 status if you stop a ending IEP classes.  If you withdraw from the IEP before the session ends, you must:  Transfer to another program within 60 days; or  Depart the U.S. within 60 days.  There is no refund for classes missed. Note: Your I‐20 may be cancelled and you will have to apply for a new visa if you wish to return to the U.S.


See complete financial informa on:     Amount of tui on and fees    University housing costs (UWM dormitory)   Due date for charges   Check your balance to avoid late payment fees and other charges!   

Costs and payments are entered on your PAWS account when you register for the IEP. Note:  You must register for each semester or  term.  To see financial informa on:  Use your ePanther ID and password to log on to PAWS.  Click on “Finance.”  Click on “View Billing Statement” to see your bill, including pay‐ ment due dates. You can print this statement or save it on your personal computer.

When you begin academic study at UWM (undergraduate or   graduate), your PAWS account will show your record of academic  courses underway or completed and your grade point average. 

Financial Obliga on 

By enrolling in IEP classes, you are making a financial commitment to UWM for the en re enrollment period.  Your online PAWS account shows your UWM financial record.  You are responsible for payment of all charges on your PAWS account even if you have a sponsor. 17


IEP Student Handbook

Explana on of Tui on & Fees  IEP Tui on costs are calculated according to the period of study:  4 month semesters: Fall, Spring and March to July  2 month sessions: Months 1+2 or 3+4 during one semester Summer session: June and July The applica on fee is a one‐ me payment, due at registra on. It is not refundable. The tui on deposit is due at registra on. Con nuing students must register for each new semester or session (Fall, Spring, Summer) and pay the tui on deposit. Full tui on payment is due the Monday BEFORE the first day of class. There is a one‐week grace period. A late payment fee is added to payments that are past due. Payment plan: If full payment is not made by the due date, you will be put on the IEP Payment Plan. You must sign the plan in the IEP Office. The university fee is required for each semester or summer session the student is enrolled. This gives access to the Health Center, the Sports Center, and the Milwaukee County Transit System bus pass for univer‐ sity students, UPASS.


You may use the method of payment you prefer:  in person at the Cashier in Mitchell 285  Cash  Debit card  Check  on your PAWS account by credit card or electronic check  VISA credit card is not accepted.  Fee of 2.5% for credit card payments  No fee for electronic check payments  electronic wire transfer  mailed payment by check Please check the ESL website for complete payment informa on: You may also contact the Bursar’s Office: Mitchell Hall, Room 285 Telephone: +1 (414) 229‐5789 Email: Pay by the due date and avoid finance charges!

The IEP ac vity fee covers cultural enrichment programs, such as visits to museums or sports events.

IEP Cancella on or Change in Enrollment     

  

Cancella on must be in wri ng (email, fax, le er) Full refund if cancella on is before the first day of class. Payment of 85% of tui on and fees required for cancella on dur‐ ing Week 1 of the enrollment period.  No refund beginning Week 2 of the session. 18

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2012 Fall UWM IEP Student Handbook  

This is the latest student handbook for ESL students enrolled in the Intensive English Program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.