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Johannes Wallmann is building a jazz studies program that connects musicians and advances the genre



hile waiting for his piano lesson at a community college on Canada’s Vancouver Island, a 13-year-old Johannes Wallmann watched as an older student turned on a boom box to share a song with a friend. “The music sounded unlike anything I’d ever heard,” he recalls. Wallmann worked up the nerve to ask who the artist was, and the answer – Miles Davis – changed the course of his life. The next day, he asked his mother to drive him to a music store. He picked out a few CDs and soon returned for more. He began studying jazz, which has since led to him performing, recording, studying, teaching and, most recently, crafting


L&S Annual Review 2015-2016

L&S Annual Review, 2015-16  

The Annual Review for the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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