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Campaign Resource Guide 2012 update


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Welcome Welcome to United Way of Greater Lafayette and Thank You for your continued support! Together we are embarking on a journey that will make an indelible mark on our community, your company and yourself. Your role as Campaign Volunteer is critical. You are our messenger for change, the eyes, the ears and the voice of the community. You are the champion for the future of this community. Without you we simply could not reach the individuals you work with—working in businesses across the city—and unite those who want to create lasting change. At the same time, we know that as a Campaign Volunteer, taking on the responsibility of your company’s fundraising campaign is a lot of work in addition to the job you do each day. We are here to support you with everything you may need to help make your company’s campaign a success. This guide will answer your questions, give step-by-step instructions, provide timelines, and offer creative campaign ideas to help you plan implement and achieve success - all without having to clone yourself or hire an assistant. We can’t thank you enough for your time and commitment as it is your efforts in the workplace that will directly impact our ability to affect positive change in the community!


What is United Way? United Way is a loca l organization run by vo lunteers and assisted by a small staff. United Way does much more than raise money. United Way imp rove s our co mmunity by focu sing on educa tion, inco me and health. We bring p eop le, organizations and resource s together to delive r results. You ca n give , advo ca te and vo lunteer. Join us and Live United. Our Mission: Mobilizing our co mmunity to imp rove live s Our Vision: United Way w ill add va lue to the Greater Lafayette co mmunity by enabling p eop le to help one another. It w ill p rovi de leadership in deďŹ ning co mmunity needs and in co ordinating resource s to address co mmunity issues.

Community Impact Areas Educa tion

Inco me


The United Way Process Step One:


Program information is revi ew ed by vo lunteers.

Step Tw o:

Ap ril

Volunteers make site vi sits to the agenci es to revi ew

Step Three:


Volunteers assess req uests vs. needs and dollars ava ilable. Final ap p rova l is sent to United Way Board of Direct ors.

Step Four:


United Way Board of Directors review and make ďŹ nal funding decisions.

Step Five :


Camp aign goal is announce d based on p rogram needs.

Step Six:


Pace setter Kick-

off. Camp aign p rep aration.

Step Seve n:

Sep tember

Camp aign Kick-


Step Eight:

Sep tember/Oct ober/Nove mber

* ~ Your gift~ * Thank You!

Step Nine:

Nove mber/Dece mber

Your gift is p roce ssed and distributed to United Way p artici p ating organizations.

Step Ten:

Year Round

Your gift p rovi des servi ce s to those in need!


funding req uests.

Your Dollars at Work United Way of Greater Lafayette p rovi des p eop le the op p ortunity to make a meaningful difference in the live s of eve ryone in our co mmunity. United Way donors have three w ays to inve st their gift: 1. Community Care p rovi des the highest return on your inve stment. By p ooling indivi dual gifts w ith co ntributions from thousands of loca l donors, tremendous strides are made tow ard building a better co mmunity. By ch oosing Community Care, co ntributions are inve sted in p rograms funded by our United Way. These p rograms meet cr itica l needs in our co mmunity and have an outstanding reco rd of p rove n results. Contributions go w here the needs are the greatest, so you ca n influence the co ndition of all. 2. Focused Care allows you to direct your gift to a s ecific focus area You may target your gift to any of the Foc us Areas or giv e to all three focu s areas w ith j ust one gift to Community Care. Our 3 focu s areas are: Educa tion Inc ome Health 3. Specific Agency enables a donor to limit their gift to a s ecific nited Way of Greater Lafayette Partic ip ating Organization or a neighboring United Way.


For Campaign Coordinators Congratulations on being select ed as the Camp aign Coordinator for your United Way Camp aign. At this p oint, you are p robably aski ng yourself, “So w hat do I do now ?” First, relax! Rest assured that by attending training and/or revi ew ing this guide, you w ill have all of the tools nece ssary to run an effective efficient and fun cam aign. onducting a United Way Camp aign is easy and fun. To make your j ob easier, w e have broke n it dow n into manageable step s. The resource s and tip s p rovi ded in this guide w ill help you p lan an enj oyable, meaningful, and succe ssful c amp aign. Primary Obj ect ive : Enable your co -w orke rs to p artici p ate in cr eating a stronger co mmunity by p lanning, organizing and co ordinating a succ essful United Way Camp aign w ithin your co mp any. By Livi ng United your organization or co mp any w ill Be recogni ed as a leader in ositively im acting eo le’s live s. Be regarded as a caring community em loyer. Build relations i s wit ot er key community leaders. By Livi ng United you and your co -w orke rs ncrease knowledge of community needs and nited Way’s imp act . Build em loyee morale and com any ride. ommunicate availa ility of services for em loyees in need. rovide leaders i and develo ment o ortunities for em loyee committee vo lunteers. By Livi ng United you help build A healthier, stronger co mmunity. An imp rove d q uality of life for eve ryone. A vi tal eco nomy.


Checklist to Success H O W





K now Y our Comp any u ort from to management will enefit your nited Way cam aign greatly. That’s w y it is im ortant to meet wit your and ask t em to assist wit your cam aign. ey can rovide leaders i wit in your organi ation and increase su ort of your efforts as an m loyee am aign oordinator. sk for matc ing donations of em loyee giving for t e cor orate gift. sk for ast year’s giving istory revious goal num er of leaders i givers and ercent of artici ation. nited ay staff can el you wit t is information if you do not ave t e records internally. K now Y our U nited W ay ur ission o ili ing our community to im rove lives. ur Vision nited Way will add value to t e reater afayette community y ena ling eo le to el one anot er. t will rovide leaders i in defining community needs and in coordinating resources to address community issues. nited ay im roves our community y focusing on education income and ealt . e ring eo le organi ations and resources toget er to deliver results. ou can give advocate and volunteer. oin us and ive nited. U til ize U nited W ay S taf f and R esources—> e nited Way taff can strategi e wit you on w at will work est in your cam aign or ow to en ance your success of revious years. taff will inform you of materials offered to en ance your resentation. se t e local cam aign video to romote greater understanding of ow nited Way works in our community. tili e a nited Way’s oaned am aign e resentative s to s eak at em loyee meetings. ontact nited Way staff a out attending agency tours. D ev el op Y our Camp aign P l an sta lis a nited Way teering ommittee. ecruit a committee to el s read ent usiasm and information a out nited Way and to ensure all facets of t e cam aign are covered and t e team is t e a ro riate si e for your work lace. e resentatives from eac de artment make reac ing all em loyees easier. sta lis ing a steering committee of committed nited Way su orters makes cam aigning easier and generates diverse ideas and creativity. P romote Y our Camp aign Build e citement a out your cam aign even efore your first em loyee meeting. et everyone know t at toget er you are working toward a common goal. se your com any newsletter to get t e word out. resent of em loyees wit t e o ortunity to contri ute to your cam aign. ntroduce t e em loyees to t eir steering committee. ecial events can en ance em loyee giving y incor orating fun and awareness into one event. I t is b est to h av e your sp ecial ev ents at th e end of th e camp aign so th ey do not rep l ace or comp ete w ith emp l oyee annual gif ts. P romote L eadersh ip G iv ing—> e ne t com onent in your cam aign is leaders i giving. sta lis a com any wide leaders i giving rogram. n order to romote leaders i giving in your cam aign you may want to ost a leaders i meeting. is can e an informal or ela orate meeting. ave s ecial incentives to encourage em loyees to turn in ledge cards at t e end of t e meeting. is will save time and allow you to re ort immediately ow committed your leaders i team is to t e community. ou may also consider starting a ste u rogram for otential leaders i givers. R ep ort & S ub mit Camp aign E nv el op e nce you ave collected your organi ation’s ledge cards you s ould su mit t em to your nited Way. t is im ortant to us t at your cam aign runs smoot ly. n order to do so lease make sure t at w en you su mit your re orts t at all of t e necessary information is included. tems t at s ould e included in t e re ort envelo e are individual ledge cards make co ies if needed cor orate ledge card fund raising monies and return cam aign video or any orrowed materials. S ay T h ank Y ou—> anking eo le will reinforce ositive feelings t roug out your cam aign. Be sure to t ank your for t eir involvement. ank em loyees for coming to meetings and giving and t ank committee mem ers for artici ating. Critiq ue Y our Camp aign riti ue and document your cam aign soon after your cam aign is com leted. Don t wait until ne t year w en you may ave forgotten many t ings t at a ened. is information is crucial to t e success of your organization’s future cam aigns. P romote U nited W ay Y ear- R ound to K eep S p reading th e N ew s am aigning for ledges will e muc easier w en your em loyees are e osed to nited Way year round. is is also a good way to kee em loyees involved in our community. nclude nited Way information as art of new em loyee orientations and s are t e nited ay news and uarterly connection wit colleagues.


What is a Steering Committee? A co mmittee w ill allow your organization to p rovi de a va riety of sup p ort for your ca mp aign. This sup p ort should incl ude resp ect ed leaders throughout the organization and co ve r all ski ll sets. Havi ng assistance in all areas w ill make your j ob easier and more succe ssful! A samp le of a ca mp aign co mmittee follow s:

Emp loyee Camp aign Coordinator

Public Relations/ Mark eting

Union Stew ard ( if ap p lic able)

Rep resentativ e fro m eac h dep artment

Hu man Resourc es/ Payroll

Rep resentativ e fro m eac h loc ation

Senior Management

Past c ommittee leaders or members

Recr uit a c ommittee to help sp read enthusiasm and information about United Way and to ensure all face ts of the ca mp aign are co ve red and the team is the ap p rop riate size for your w orkp lace .


Best Ways to Ask Coworkers to Give Do you know why most people don’t give to United Way? It’s beca use they w eren’t aske d. Not eve ryone w ill be able to attend the ca mp aign ki cko ff, so it’s imp ortant to follow up w ith emp loyees. lt oug it can e difficult to ask your coworkers for money—e sp eci ally to incr ease their sup p ort—r emember that p eop le feel good about help ing others. As your co lleagues better understand the w ork of United Way and how their co ntribution imp act s the co mmunity, they beco me more generous.

S ch edul e a L oaned Camp aign R ep resentativ e P resentation Loaned Camp aign Rep resentative s ( LCRs) are ava ilable beginning July 16 to sp eak to your em loyees a out nited ay and t e artici ating rgani ations we su ort in our co mmunity. Their p resentations ca n fit any time frame and audience req uirements. Presentations may be sch eduled seve n days a w eek, any hour of the day. o sc edule a resentation contact t e


ay office at



e t.


H ere are some q uick tip s th at mak e ask ing f or a p l edge easier: Know the facts. Read the backg round materials ca refully. The more you kn ow about United Way, the easier your j ob w ill be. Prep are a solici tation ca se. Check out United Way’s w ebsite at w w w .uw s_ Areas.html for fact s and stories that make a co mp elling ca se for givi ng. Make personal contact. Peop le give to p eop le. Set up face -to-face meetings to ask for a p ledge. It’s best not to j ust leave p ledge ca rds on desks or in p aych ecks. Group meetings are the most effect ive and efficient way to reac all em loyees in an organi ation. t can take as little as minutes to co nve y the ke y message to your group , make the ask and eve n show the United Way vi deo. Please ca ll your United Way to sch edule a Loaned Camp aign Rep resentative to sp eak at your meeting( s) . Remember p eop le giv e to p eop le so don’t ove rlook this cr itic al step . Be positive. lain t e enefits of giving to nited Way. Stress the imp ortance of each p erson’s co ntribution to our co mmunity. m asi e t at you re raising funds for urgently needed p rograms to help ch ildren succe ed in life, help indivi duals get j obs and stable housing, strengthen families and neighborhoods, and p ut p eop le on the road to beco ming soci ally, emotionally and economically self sufficient. Be prepared for questions and concerns. Peop le deserve to kn ow that their money is being used w isely. If you don’t kn ow the answ er to a uestion find out y calling on nited Way staff and get back to your co lleague.


Contributions Are Voluntary The Board of Direct ors of the United Way of reater afayette reafďŹ rms a olicy of free and voluntary giving. iving is a ersonal matter and a ersonal decision. et er individuals wis to give and ow muc t ey c oose to give is entirely u to t em. We elieve t at every cam aign volunteer as a res onsi ility to tell those they solici t the reason they are being aske d to give —t o ensure that services are availa le to t ose w o need and deserve t em and to ask for a meaningful contri ution in su ort of t ose services. e most res onsive contri utors are t ose w o are informed and get invo lve d. An effective communications rogram conducted y committed volunteers and su orted y a well lanned cam aign encourages an ent usiastic res onse from contri utors. The follow ing guidelines help ensure p artici p ation in your United Way cam aign iving is a ersonal matter t at s ould e ke t conďŹ dential. m loyee giving s ould not in uence ersonnel decisions. i.e. com ensation romotion etc. A cam aign o ective ased solely on 1 0 0 p ercent p articip ation can create a erce tion of ressure real or im lied. Be sure to communicate t at 1 0 0 p ercent p l edge card return is encouraged even if a contri ution is not made. e most effect ive solici tations are indiv idual ones done by p eers. at is managers should solici t other managers workers s ould solici t fellow w orke rs. ake sure em loyees kn ow that act s of coercion in any form are unacce p table.


FAQ's 1. Where can I find a list of Participating Organizations? A list of Participating Organizations has been provided in your ECC information packet, a list can also be found on the United Way website and in the United Way brochure.

2. What is the difference between the United Way of Greater Lafayette and United Way Worldwide? Our local United Way is just that - local. We are an independent organization run by a board of volunteers from our community, which operates solely for the benefit of the residents of Greater Lafayette. United Way is our community's largest volunteer organization with more than 130 local residents on its Board of Directors and various committees. A small staff coordinates and implements directives of the Board. United Way Worldwide is a global leadership and trade association to which local United Ways across the country belong. United Way Worldwide owns the name “United Way” and associated brand marks and manages a number of critical relationships with global and national corporations with locations here in Greater Lafayette. Membership within United Way Worldwide does not interfere with local decisions on investing campaign dollars in services or working to improve our local community.

3. How is the money raised in our community distributed? Community volunteers make up our Community Investment Committee which seeks to invest campaign dollars into our participating organizations according to their ability to get results. In addition reviewing financial documents such as agency audits and IRS Form 990’s, our volunteers look at how each agency improved the lives of the people it serves, how it knows that it is improving their lives and how the agency fits within United Way priorities and the community social service context. We also review agency plans for using funds to get the results they promise. Volunteers evaluate agencies annually and seek to help them improve their programs and services where possible.

4. How much of my contribution actually goes to fund services in our community? United Way of Greater Lafayette’s audited overhead rate is 9.65%, ranking it as one of the most efficient United Ways in the nation. Leadership gifts to United Way through an effort called The Vanguard currently cover the cost of “doing business.” In fact, the amount raised by The Vanguard more than covers these costs so that more than $1 million in Vanguard gifts and every non-Vanguard gift can be invested directly in services to our community.

5. How does an organization become a participating organization? An organization wishing to become a participating organization must: be a 501c3 organization, have an active volunteer Board of Directors, serve individuals in Tippecanoe County, have a strategic plan and run efficient operations. The organization must also be able to partially support itself through fees and/or fundraising as United Way does not provide any organization 100% of its operating budget.

6. I work in Tippecanoe County but I do not live here. Can I designate my gift to my home county? By contributing here, where you work, you help support this community's network of human services. However, if you choose to designate to another United Way, you may do so.

7. Can I deduct my donation from my taxes? Besides the satisfaction you receive in helping others and improving the community, the IRS offers tax incentives for charitable contributions. Form 1040, Schedule A is used to itemize deductions and reduce the taxable portion of your income. Even if you give non-cash assets, the donation will save money when filing your tax return.


Promote EXTRAordinary Giving at Leadership Levels United Way’s Leadership Givi ng Soci ety, VANGUARD reco gnizes V members of our co mmunity w ho demonstrate an exce p tional co mmitment to help ing others. United Way p roudly ackn ow ledges t e collective in uence of t ese co mmunity leaders w ho, in their own fields and wit in nited Way, ffference . have made a cr uci al differenc United Way honors our leadership co ntributors by induct ing them into V the Vanguard Leadership Givi ng Program.

By definition leaders i giving refers to co ntributions of $ 1, 000 or more. How eve r, leadership givi ng is T about much more than money. To United Way, leadership donors are select indivi duals and co up les w ho ch oose to sup p ort the co mmunity in a very s ecial and significant way. Loca lly, 913 Vanguards co ntributed $ 1.56 million to ca mp aign last year help ing to strengthen our co mmunity.

What about combined gifts? Y Your emp loyees may co mbine their gift w ith their sp ouse’s gift to q ualify V as Vanguard members. Beca use the indivi dual emp loyee gift may not be at the $ 1, 000 leve l, w e ask that they indica te their co mbined gift on their p ledge ca rd w ith sp ouse’s name and p lace of emp loyment.

What about potential Leadership Givers? You may kn ow of other emp loyees Y w ho are interested in maki ng a Vanguard leve l gift. Please tell them V about the Vanguard V Program. The United Way office will follow u wit any emp loyee w ho is interested in the Vanguard V or w ho has q uestions.

Whom do I call if I have questions? Please co ntact James Taylor at the United Way office at w ith any q uestions you or your emp loyees may have . He w ill be hap p y to assist you.

V anguard P articip ation L ev el s Pearl Top az Sap p hire Ruby Emerald The Alexis de Tocq


uevi lle Soci ety

$ 1, 000-$ 1, 499 $ 1, 500-$ 1, 999 $ 2, 000-$ 3, 499 $ 3, 500- $ 4, 999 $ 5, 000-$ 9, 999 $ 10, 000 and more



Person Preparing Report_________________________________________________

Cash/ Check

Credit Card

Bill By United Way

Method of Payment



$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


Total Amount Combined


Mary Ann Doe ABC Corp., Inc. $500

If Available‌. Partner/Spouse Info (Name, Employer, Amount)



*Gift Combined Yes/No


$ 1,500

Employee Amount Contributed

New Member Yes =


Please return to:

United Way Leadership Giving 1114 East State Street #200 Lafayette, IN 47905

If the spouse/partner of a contributor gives separately, a combined household gift may qualify them as a Leadership Giver or place them in a higher giving level. Please indicate any combined gifts. Please return completed form to United Way for donors to be recognized as part of the 2010 Leadership Giving Program.

Example: John J. Doe, Sr. (Please print) 123 United Way Drive Lafayette, IN 47909

Contributor Name and Home Address

Alexis de Tocqueville Society: $10,000 and above ~ Emerald: $5,000 to $9,999 ~ Ruby: $3,500 to $4,999 ~ Sapphire: $2,000 to $3,499 ~ Topaz: $1,500 to $1,999 ~ Pearl: $1,000 to $1,499

Membership in the United Way Vanguard Leadership Giving Group is defined by annual individual or combined household gifts of $1,000 or more. The following levels have been established to recognize these generous contributions:

Date ______________________


Vanguard Leadership Giving Log

How to Complete Pledge Form and Report Envelope Pledge Form

M y I nf ormation: Please p rint or w rite cl early req uested information. We w ill use this to stay in touch , thank donors and determine if gifts q ualify for match op p ortunities. G if t I nf ormation: Choose your method of p ayment.

Refer to page 15 for sample.

Easy Payroll Deduc tion OR One-time Pledge in the form of nclosed cas or c eck




V anguard G iv ing I nf ormation: Donors co ntributing $ 500 or more that w ish to p artici p ate in the Vanguard Step Up p rogram and Vanguard leve l donors should co mp lete step 3 of the form. If you w ill be maki ng a co mbined gift w ith your sp ouse, enter all ap p rop riate information. Auth oriza tion: Sign regardless of method of p ayment R estricted Contrib ution ou may c oose a s ecific area of care a s ecific nited Way organization or another United Way. Please incl ude address w hen maki ng a restrict ed gift.

Report Envelope Refer to page 16 for sample.

Rep orting results is j ust as easy as running your ca mp aign. Follow ing the simp le step s elow will assist in t e accuracy and efficiency of re orting your final results for your w orkp lace ca mp aign. lease com lete am aign oordinator’s information, for United Way staff’s to follow up if there are any q uestions. lease com lete information needed from your ayroll de artment. at er all com leted ledge forms Divide forms into se arate sections one for ayroll Deduction one for redit Card and one for Cash/Check. Total each group . Reco rd these totals, along w ith the number of donors for each total, under the sect ion “Enve lop e Summary” of the Camp aign Rep ort Enve lop e and any co rp orate gift information. emem er to su mit a co y of eac PAYROLL deduct ion p ledge form to your p ayroll dep artment. f you ave eaders i Vanguard Log.



lease include t eir names and information on t e

United Way of Greater Lafayette 1114 East State Street # 200 Lafayette, IN 47905 Phone: (765) 742-9077 Fax: (765) 742-9079

Company Name: Please make copies as needed for your payroll department.



First Name

Middle Initial

Home Address

Last Name



Home Phone



Cell Phone

Work Phone

I am a Loyal Contributor. I have been giving for

Preferred E-mail

I am a new donor





I have increased my gift




Please consider giving at the Vanguard level of $1,000 or more. If your spouse/partner gives separately, you may combine your gifts for recognition at this level. To recognize your generous gift, we will include your name in the Vanguard Directory.

easy payroll deduction Contribute this amount each pay period: $ Pay periods per year: x MY TOTAL ANNUAL GIFT: $


Please recognize my contribution in the Vanguard Directory: (print your name below to indicate how you wish to be listed)

one-time pledge I pledge a total gift of $


to be paid by:

Cash/Check (enclosed)

I would like my spouse’s name/gift to be recognized with mine


Spouse/partner name: Spouse/partner gift (if giving separately): $

Credit Card (visa, mastercard or discover only)

Spouse/partner workplace: Our combined total gift: $

Credit Card # Exp. Date Bill Me ($50 minimum) please include home/billing address above Once in


Please DO NOT publish my/our name in recognition materials.

I have donated $500 or more and would like to participate in the Vanguard Step Up Program. Please recognize me as a Vanguard and contact me to confirm my participation.

Quarterly Monthly

MY AUTHORIZATION (Please sign regardless of the payment method you chose) Signature






OPTIONAL community care The most powerful way to invest your contribution. Your gift supports all United Way funded activities. focused care Give to an issue important to you. Check one area of focus for your gift. Education



restricted contribution Restrict my gift of $50 or more to the following United Way agency: Address of agency Please ask the agency to acknowledge my restricted gift (donor address needed above). (The agency you restrict your gift to must meet IRS requirements for charitable gifts; noncompliant gifts will be directed to Community Care.)

Please tear off this section and keep for your annual Tax records No goods or services were given in exchange for this contribution

Thank You for Living United!

DONOR RECORDS Name: Date: Total Pledge/Gift amount:

United Way of Greater Lafayette

United Way of Greater Lafayette 1114 East State Street # 200 Lafayette, IN 47905


Name ___________________________________________

Envelope # ________ Node ________

Account # ________________Division_________ _______

Campaign Year _______

IN-HOUSE CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR Please report ONLY the amount in this envelope and include copies of ALL pledge forms. _________________________________


This report prepared by



Nu mber of Emp loyees ________

We will have more contributions to report


Our campaign is comp leted

Payroll Deductions Information Please send payroll deduction statements to the attention of: Address:


Mail Statements: Monthly Quarterly Do Not Bill Emp loyee payroll deductions begin in ______________(month) and end in ________________(month). We have ______________(number) of pay periods per year.

ENVELOPE SUMMARY # of Contributors

Corporate Gift

Employee Gifts & Fundraisers Cash & Checks

(Please convert to check, if possible)

Credit Cards

(Exp iration date must be Oct. Of 2005 or later)

Payroll Deductions

(Retain copy of pledge cards for your records)

Billed by United Way

(Must have home address)

Fund Raising Events

(Full amount must be enclosed)

TOTAL Employee Gifts & Fundraisers

TOTAL Corporate & Employee Gifts


Total Amount

Payment Enclosed

Balance Due

Say “Thank You” “T

h ank Y ou” - Those tw o simp le w ords not only show ap p reci ation but also set the tone for year-round co mmunica tion and next year’s ca mp aign. There are many w ays to thank your fellow emp loyees, incl uding a p ersonal thank you or a small gift of ap p reci ation. Blanket ulletin oards and lunch rooms w ith “thank you” messages. ost otos of em loyees artici p ating in ca mp aign eve nts on bulletin board, highlight in your co mp any w ebsite or share vi a email. Ask senior management to send thank you notes to all donors. Ask the CEO to host an ap p reci ation breakf ast/lunch for the c amp aign co mmittee. nclude a s ecial message with p ayroll stuffers. ut a t ank you message in your in ouse newsletter to let emp loyees kn ow their co ntributions are ap p reci ated. reate certificates of a reciation for eac mem er of your co mmittee. Announce ca mp aign results through new sletters, e-mail, vo ice -mail, or a memo. onsor a t ank you reakfast lunc eon or rece tion for cam aign p artici p ants. Distri ute com any or nited ay ens mugs, certificates uttons or notep ads to vo lunteers and co ntributors beca use ince ntive s ca n motiva te givi ng.


Help Yourself to Samples Camp aign E ndorsement L etter f rom CE O

S amp l es:

Dear Emp loyee ( p ersonalize if you ca n) :

Dear Emp loyee ( p ersonalize if you ca n) :

If you’re like me, you look for the best buy for your dollar w hen you’re in the marke t for a p articu lar item.

I am p leased to announce that on ( date) , ( co mp any) w ill ki ck off its ( annual) United Way am aign for t e first time . As that date ap p roach es, I w ant to let you kn ow w hy I sup p ort United Way, and w hy I enco urage you to consider su orting it too.

That’s w hy I sup p ort United Way. For my money, there’s no “better buy” than United Way w hen it co mes to meeting needs in our co mmunity. But that’s not the only reason I co nsider United Way a terrific argain. en give to t e nited Way, I beco me p art of the only loca l associ ation of donors that ca n p ull together the large number of resource s needed to truly imp act the serious p roblems faci ng our co mmunity. nited Way vo lunteers and staff study our area’s needs and t e rograms est a le to address t em. As a result, the p rograms United Way help s fund w ork together to address our co mmunity’s most ressing issues. I enco urage you to j oin me in givi ng generously to this year’s United Way am aign. Together, w e ca n help United Way build a stronger co mmunity for us all. anks. Since rely, Name Title


When you donate to United Way, it’s like casting a stone into a ool. You ca n see the rip p les of your co ntribution sp read throughout the co mmunity help ing ch ildren, families and individuals uild etter lives for t emselves. Your donation w ill sup p ort p rograms that nurture the next generation, meet emergency needs, and build a healthier co mmunity. Please, give generously to this year’s United Way am aign. ank you. Since rely, Name Title

Camp aign E ndorsement L etter f rom L ab or

CE O T h ank - Y ou L etter to Camp aign V ol unteers

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please acce p t my thanks for the role you p layed in maki ng this year’s United Way Camp aign a succe ss.

As you kn ow , the labor move ment is dedica ted to the w elfare of its members. How eve r, w e all reco gnize that the w ellbeing of our members dep ends on the health of our co mmunity as a w hole.

Beca use you w ere w illing to give of yourself, ( co mp any) raised $ _ _ _ _ _ . These funds w ill help loca l agenci es to build a healthy co mmunity, meet emergency needs, and nurture the next generation. Research show s that for eve ry dollar sp ent on p reve ntion, a minimum of $ 7 is save d on interve ntion.

That is w hy, in addition to those initiatives t at enefit our mem ers organized labor has co nsistently sup p orted efforts that strengthen our entire co mmunity. Organized labor has long sup p orted United Way, w hich is w hy I enco urage you to give to this year’s United Way Camp aign.

I am p roud of you, and you should be p roud of yourself. The gift of your time and your resource s w ill result in a stronger co mmunity for all of us. Again, I thank you. Since rely,

United Way help s more p eop le in more w ays than any other w ay of givi ng. Your donation w ill sup p ort p rograms that nurture the next generation, meet emergency needs, and build a healthier co mmunity. Your donation w ill be sp ent w isely and w ell by United Way. With your sup p ort, United Way ca n co ntinue to build a stronger co mmunity for all of us. Please give generously to this year’s ca mp aign. Thank you. Since rely, Name Title

Name Title


T h ank - Y ou L etter

Dear Fellow

Emp loyee:

Thanks to your generosity, ( co mp any) has co ncl uded the most succe ssful United Way Camp aign in our history. We raised $ _ _ _ , w hich exce eded our goal by _ _ _ % . These funds w ill e used to el local non rofit agencies to uild a ealt y community, meet emergency needs, and nurture the next generation. I w ant to exp ress my since re ap p reci ation for your p artici p ation in this year’s ca mp aign. Your w illingness to help others w ill make it p ossible for United Way and its p artner agenci es to lead the co mmunity in cr eating new p reve ntion based solutions to loca l ch allenges. Again, I thank you. Since rely, Name Title


FUNdraising Ideas! America ’s unniest ffice Video Party-Find an emp loyee w ho ca n vo lunteer to bring in a vi deo ca mera to take ca ndid vi deo footage of your Week of Caring vo lunteer eve nt. Sch edule a short meeting in a co nference room to show the vi deo to your emp loyees. Sell ticke ts, soda and p op co rn and donate the p roce eds to the United Way am aign. f t e video is a ig it er a s raf e off a co p y or sell dup lica tes. Ba y icture atc ame nvite em loyees to try t eir luck at matc ing a y and or p et p ict ures to p ict ures of the management. Aw ard the entry w ith the most co rrect answ ers for a p rize or some other fun ince ntive . Charge emp loyees $ 2 p er ballot. Balloon o m loyees donate ri es for t is event a variation of traditional raf e. Before filling a alloon wit elium ut a note inside wit t e name of t e ri e. m loyees ay to uy a alloon and o it to find out w at ri e t ey ve w on. Bingo ell ingo cards for em loyees to urc ase. w inners.

et donated ri es for all

Book Video ale m loyees donate old ooks videos D’s and ca ssette tap es for an em loyee ook sale. ell a er acks for ard acks for and cassettes D’s and vi deos for up to $ 5. Bowl on m loyees ay a entrance fee to artici ate in t is event. ive each p artici p ant a sp ec ial p ledge form in adva nce to use w hen aski ng for their su ort. ncourage fan su ort fun and ent usiasm. asual Day ell asual Day stickers allowing em loyees urc asing t em to dress casually on certain days. m loyees urc ase stickers. Designate certain casual days as ra y Days and encourage your em loyees to s ow t eir wild side uesday tu id at Day, Wednesday utrageous ocks Day, ursday orts eam Day. ar Was m loyees donate to ave t eir car was ed y t eir Boss in business cl othing. Charge extra for sp eci al servi ce s like cl eaning the interior or olis ing t e rims. arge for olaroid otos of t e em loyees and t e Boss w ashing their ca rs. ili ook ff ontest m loyees cook t eir favorite c ili reci e and enter it into a co ok- off co ntest. is activity can also add s ice to a community fair. A p anel of c ili e erts selects t e fficial ili am ion.


FUNdraising Ideas! oin War ac de artment floor as an em ty water ottle eB ind . m loyees dro t eir s are dimes nickels and ennies into t e ottle. ese coins are counted as ositive. uarter counts as negative. m loyees may sa otage anot er de artment’s ottle y dro ing a uarter into t eir ottle. t t e end of t e am aign ot ositive and negative coins are counted and t e grou wit t e most raised wins. ll roceeds go to t e nited Way. ecutive air ace or ec lide et u a relay course for e ecutives to go t roug sitting in c airs or riding tricycles. se a sto watc to time contestants wit t e est time winning a ri e. servers wager on t eir favorite contestants. ecutive rison ransform an office into a ail cell. e t round u your risoners t e usual sus ects . rrest managers and e ecutives and allow t em to make tele one calls to t eir staff mem ers to ail t em out. roceeds going to your cam aign as und aising vent money. ite le ant ale m loyees donate uni ue w ite ele ant gifts t at ot ers can uy at afforda le rices. is is es ecially o ular at carnivals. Visit our We site for more ideas

2012 Resource Guide  

The 2012 update to the United Way of Greater Lafayette Resource Guide for employee campaign coordinators

2012 Resource Guide  

The 2012 update to the United Way of Greater Lafayette Resource Guide for employee campaign coordinators