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Windsor Canadian Music Festival creates innovative bridges with classical music

Members of the Noiseborder collective, who founded the in/fuse series of events and will be part of WCMF, perform in 2009 • photo courtesy Noiseborder Collective

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n the field of electronics, the clunky adapter that converts 120 volts of electricity from a standard wall socket into a lower voltage that won’t fry a smartphone or laptop is called an “unregulated power supply.” The term is also the theme for this year’s Windsor Canadian Music Festival presented by the University of Windsor’s School of Music in association with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.


ence writing for orchestra.”

The in/fuse series of multimedia arts events has been facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty, students, and guest artists since 2006. Its 15th show, LEAP, incorporates visual and musical improvisations that explore the uses of acoustic and digital tools in both new and familiar contexts. In addition to in/fuse, festival events include a roundtable discussion between this year’s featured composers, the annual Phog Phunk Fest at Phog Lounge in downtown Windsor and classical

It’s the sort of off-campus, connecting event that the entire school can learn from - Tom Lucier, co-owner, Phog Lounge

The festival, which runs from Feb. 6 to 11, showcases new music from selected Canadian composers in residence including Keith Hamel (Vancouver), David Eagle (Calgary) and James Harley (Guelph), and from the festival’s artistic director and UWindsor music professor, Brent Lee. The festival theme, said Lee, “reflects the idea of acoustic instruments amplified and processed using customdesigned software. Each of this year’s composers has created a large body of work in this area, and also have experi-

concerts by both the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and faculty from the School of Music. A history of strong partnerships between the festival and the community is evident by the longevity of related events. Phog Phunk Phest, now in its sixth year, is an opportunity for UWindsor music students to jam with special guests. “One of the professors contacted us about doing a new music show six years ago not knowing if we’d be in-

WCMF Calendar OF eVents Wednesday FeB. 8

Friday FeB. 10

Composers roundtable ft. david eagle, James Harley, Christien ledroit, Keith Hamel and Brent lee university of Windsor school of Music, Free, 4 p.m.

Windsor symphony Orchestra on Campus assumption university Chapel, $10, 7:30 p.m,

phog phunk phest Vi phog lounge, Free, 9 p.m.

school of Music Faculty Concert assumption university Chapel, $5, 7:30 p.m.

tHursday FeB. 9 in/fuse 15: leap ft. nicolas de Cosson, James Harley, riaz Mehmoud, Martin schiller and eric Owen Wood. lambton tower (studio a), university of Windsor, Free, 7:30 p.m.

terested, but it’s always flattering when a group you’re familiar with is asking to do a show in your place,” said Phog Lounge co-owner Tom Lucier. “The School of Music has done legitimate outreach year after year. It’s the sort of off campus, connecting event that the entire school can learn from.”

CBC Windsor’s annual broadcast of festival events also provides national exposure to featured composers. Lee noted, “our long-term collaborations make the festival a community achievement, and the commitment and spirit of co-operation is apparent to the visiting artists.” Popular opinion holds that classical music maintains a rarefied air.

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Lucier believes new music is “a very

academic genre. It has a very particular crowd and you have to get the word out to that crowd well in advance.” Lucier added, the WCMF always puts on a compelling, unique series of events. “From an arts consumer point of view, this isn’t happening again if you’re not here— when the show has a half-life that is one night, that’s amazing to be a part of.” The borders between new music and popular music, however, are more fluid than one might expect, said Lee.

“Orchestral and choral music have long histories within the western classical tradition, but it is becoming very difficult to find boundaries between new chamber music and 01/02/12 11:38 AM Page 1 other forms of contemporary musical practice.”

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saturday FeB. 11

For more details, visit:

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The Lance is the official student newspaper of the University of Windsor and the second largest newspaper in the city! The newspaper offers...

Issue 21, Volume 84 - The Lance  

The Lance is the official student newspaper of the University of Windsor and the second largest newspaper in the city! The newspaper offers...