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‘More thinking, less drinking’

Drinking can lower GPA by 12 per cent and land you in a stranger’s bed with a twisted ankle “Many first-years don’t realize the value of what they are obtaining at the university and we’ve found that they drink more than any other students. It’s only when students are focused and thinking about their future careers or professional school that they drink less.” Theresa Trad, a fourth-year psychology student who used to drink a lot in her early academic career said she rarely goes out any more. “I feel so much more focused now, and it’s obvious when you look at my grades.” Joyce reports a steady and obvious decline in the number of drinks students have from the heaviest drinkers in first year to the occasional drinkers in fourth year.

Student drinking is still a problem on campus • photo alex smyth (The Fulcrum)

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oor academic performance among university students is often linked to alcohol consumption.

Alcohol abuse contributes to students missing class, failing tests, dropping out due to do poor grades and compromising the academic mission of colleges and universities. Over the last two weeks, student alco-

hol education co-ordinator Catherine Joyce has been speaking to students in residence a sorority and those around campus about the link between drinking and academic standing. “Alcohol can affect your overall GPA by about 12 per cent,” said Joyce. ”If you are naturally a B student it can take you down to a low C.” Joyce reviewed 12,000 students’ academic performance and compared it to their weekly drinking habits. Her findings speak to the dedication of students throughout their university career.

Afrofest on campus

AfroFest fashion show, Monday at the CAW Centre • photo m.n. malik

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he seventh annual AfroFest kicked off this Monday at the CAW Student Centre.

exchange, AfroFest 2012 began Monday with an onsite art gallery, speeches by acclaimed Toronto poet Camesha Cox and dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Cecil Houston and a fashion show featuring handmade African dress.

The African Diaspora Festival, affectionately called AfroFest, is a fusion of intellectual discussion, film, fashion, art and music, celebrating Windsor’s people of colour.

Day two sees a film festival running from 6 to 9 p.m., including a screening of Speakers Corner at six, followed by an all men’s panel at 7 p.m.

Aiming to promote unity on campus to celebrate the journey and progression of black history, and engage in cross cultural

Wednesday is HIV Awareness day presented in part by Windsor AIDS Committee. Nesha Haniff will speak to the ongoing issue of HIV in Africa before a number of

“I can control it better than most people,” said Klaudia Petriti, a third-year behaviour cognition and neuroscience student and bartender at the Thirsty Scholar Pub. “You’ll see people in [the student bar] drinking 20 minutes before an exam; it’s all down from there.” A study of University of Windsor students by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health found 59 per cent of students have suffered a hangover, 23.4 per cent missed class while nursing their hangover; 15 per cent have jumped into bed with someone and blamed booze for their behaviour; and 7.8 per cent have injured themselves under the influence of alcohol. Judi Wilson, a health promotion nurse at Student Health Services,

spoken word performances and the pedagogy of action module and the golden future module focusing on the abuse of women. Thursday is the day of ‘Day of Celebration’ and kicks off with the Windsor Lancer Dance Pack at 4 p.m., followed by the storytelling of Mama Elizabeth, more dance with live African drumming and yet more dance featuring a Mustapha Hamil, a native of Morocco and assistant professor of French/Francophone and Arabic literature and culture. The celebrations conclude with an all women’s panel at 4:40 p.m. The final day of AfroFest delights the taste buds with an evening of traditional African food from 4 to 6 p.m., the ‘singles game’ at 6 p.m. and the battle of the sexes panel at 8 p.m. Toronto’s spoken word artist, motivational speaker and poet, Dwayne Morgan joins acclaimed MCs D-Mic & J-Rod, KASC and more for an evening of love, language and pride in African heritage.

often sees the effects of boozing students before they do. “What we see are things like broken knuckles and noses from students getting in to fights and one of the things we see a lot is twisted ankles from when people have been drinking and they fall on steps or a curb. We have 10 pairs of crutches at [Student] Health Services and most of them are used by students who injured themselves while drinking.” Wilson also sees the repercussions of students who have seen drinking effect their sexual decisions. “Drinking and unsafe sex tend to go together,” said Wilson. “People hook up when usually they wouldn’t. Unplanned pregnancies, STIs and sexual assault are things we see that are linked to student drinking.” Joyce’s next goal is to educate students about the dangers of drinking and driving. The CAHM referenced earlier found 9.1 per cent of UWindsor students admit to have driven drunk, far above the national average of 4.3 per cent. That’s why Joyce, along with nursing students Sandra Tilo and Elyse O’Halloran, are bringing their message to clubs and bars downtown and in the campus area starting this weekend. For more information see

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For more information contact Jasmine Burke-Ishmael, Afrofest head co-ordinator at 519-2533000 Ext. 4527.

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Issue 21, Volume 84 - The Lance  

The Lance is the official student newspaper of the University of Windsor and the second largest newspaper in the city! The newspaper offers...

Issue 21, Volume 84 - The Lance  

The Lance is the official student newspaper of the University of Windsor and the second largest newspaper in the city! The newspaper offers...