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The Women’s volleyball team honored their coach, 10 years cancer free, and won their game.


Lancer Sports teams geared up in pink for their games this weekend in support of breast cancer awareness and survivors.


With three defensemen out this week, Spitfire Slater Doggett stepped up to help his team.


Windsorites learned first hand about Alzheimerès and how a healthy lifestyle can prevent the disease.



Tobogganers Light Up the Night in Memory of Two Young I-75 Crash Victims SAMANTHAFERNANDEZ News Editor __________________________ Gabrielle Greenwood and Aidan Hicks were remembered as being vibrant, energetic children who impacted the lives of their friends and family on the second anniversary of their death. Light Up the Night was a team effort between Glen Greenwood, the father of Gabrielle, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Toboggan were invited to Malden Park covered in glow sticks and quite literally, light up the night, while remembering the tragic accident on I-75. The multi-vehicle crash happened in the early hours of Jan. 31, 2013 near Springwells Street which is approximately two miles west of the Ambassador Bridge. Approximately 20 people were injured during the crash and a number of individuals had to be freed from their vehicles using the Jaws of Life. The cause of the crash was thought to be snow squalls which made visibility poor. Witnesses described the conditions surrounding the crash in multiple media reports as going from clear to a total whiteout in a matter of seconds. The wreckage closed the I-75 for several hours while debris littered the roadway. Hayley Morgan, the foundation executive director for Big Brothers Big Sisters, worked in close ties with Greenwood to set up this event. “We are selling glow sticks because this is a night time event,” said Morgan.  “We wanted to have everyone really light up the night and celebrate the lives of Gabi and Aidan.”

There were many sponsors at the event, such as Tim Horton’s on Huron Church who supplied hot chocolate, Chuck E. Cheese who was there giving out cotton candy to the kids, and there was also Black Jack Food truck selling food to supporters. “Tonight is more to keep their smiles and their spirits alive; they used to love coming here, so this park has a lot of meaning to my wife and I,” said Greenwood. “Their smiles were brighter than anything, I look around and I know they are here with us.” Many members of the community were there, including many close friends and family members of the Greenwood’s. “We’ve gotten unbelievable support from the community, they want to help,” said Greenwood. “People I see that I’ve never met before come up and shake my hand and apologize. Community support is a huge thing.” Members of the family said it is a great way not only to remember Gabi and Aidan, but also a great way for the family to get together in a place that means so much to them.

A young tobogganer waits to slide down Malden Hill for the Light Up the Night event in memory of Gabrielle Greenwood and Aidan Hicks, two children who died in a tragic accident on I-75 two years ago. [Photo by // Farrukh Mehdi]

Kerry and Kyle Patrick, friends of the Greenwood’s, said there would be no better way to celebrate the lives of these two young children. “We did this last year on the one year anniversary, it gets bigger and bigger every year,” said Patrick. “Windsor and Essex County have definitely supported Glen and Kim, along with their families throughout the process, you can see it and it’s great to live in an area where you have that kind of support.”

A young tobogganer slides quickly down Malden Hill during the Light Up the Night event Jan. 31. [Photo by // Farrukh Mehdi]

Kyle and Kerry Patrick with their toboggans at Malden Hill for the Light Up the Night event Jan. 31. [Photo by // Farrukh Mehdi]

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Windsorites Spread Awareness for Alzheimer’s

SAMANTHAFERNANDEZ News Editor __________________________ Windsorites have gathered at the Devonshire mall for the Walk for Memories and the Healthy Minds Expo in support of Alzheimer’s disease. The events began at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 31 with the walk happening at 10 a.m. and the Healthy Minds Expo going until 6 p.m.. There were over 20 exhibiters at the event, along with other merchandise being sold to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society of Windsor-Essex. Before the walk, while I was looking around at the different information booths, I was approached by Peggy Winch, the manager of fund development and community engagement at the Alzheimer’s society, to take the Dementia Challenge. This was a challenge where participants had to wear gloves, goggles and oven mitts to complete different tasks to demonstrate how much more difficult they are for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

well as look for my insurance information while my hands were taped and my vision was blocked. This was extremely difficult, especially when it came to writing with my hands taped. The second task was folding laundry, again with impaired vision great, big oven mitts on. The glasses I had during this part of the challenge were taped right in my line of vision, all I had available was my peripheral vision. The last task was to count out $2.61 with the supplied change. Frustration overcame me for a number of reasons - I couldn’t see the change in front of me and at this point I simply felt helpless. “We want people in the community to really get a sense of what kinds of challenges are faced when one has dementia,” said Winch. “Things like folding laundry and looking things up in the phone booth can be difficult.”

During the dementia challenge, I was told to do everyday tasks - fill out a medical form, fold laundry, count out some change - the catch? To do these tasks while wearing ear plugs, glasses impairing my vision and gloves impairing my sense of touch.

Participating in this challenge was eye opening. It gave a sense of how it must feel to have dementia. I knew what I wanted to do and what I needed to do, but my body at the time would not allow me to do it. I felt confused and frustrated, but it made me understand. After I was done the challenge, I felt accomplished to have finished, but also frustrated that even for a short amount of time I could not complete tasks I knew I had to do.

The first task required me to fill out a medical form, where I had to search for my physician in a phone book, as

The walk around the Devonshire mall followed shortly after and for participants like Dennis Nantais, the

Walkers begin their route at the Walk for Memories and Healthy Minds Expo at the Devonshire Mall Jan. 31. [Photo by // Samantha Fernandez] event hit very close to home. “My mom has Alzheimer’s, that’s why we are here today,” said Nantais. “It’s a wake up call and you never know what kind of state you will be in when you are older.” In the Healthy Minds Expo booths showcased services that could potentially be used by sufferers of Alzheimer’s such as doctors, nursing homes and house services such as VON. Christine McCallum, a vendor of the product Evolv was at the event

The Nantais family speaks with their mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s at the Walk for Memories event at the Devonshire Mall Jan. 31. [Photo by // Samantha Fernandez]

to promote healthy lifestyles which have been proven to stop or delay the progress of Alzheimer’s. Products in her line were proven to help reduce stress, replace meals with healthy alternative drinks and boost energy - in all ages and lifestyles. “We have all natural products that promote a healthy lifestyle,” said McCallum. “It’s all about what you put in your body, and if you put good in your body, good will come from it ... We have students all over who promote this product and who really feel



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According to Alzheimer’s Society Canada’s website, 747,000 Canadians were living with cognitive impairment in 2011, including dementia and Alzheimer’s. That’s 14.9 per cent of Canadians 65 and older. This figure is projected to increase to 1.4 million cases by 2031 if residents don’t start making changes to their lifestyles to help prevent Alzheimer’s. For more information and a list of upcoming events, visit windsoressex.

Dennis Nantais gets taped up for the dementia challenge at the Walk for Memories at the Devonshire Mall Jan. 31. [Photo by // Samantha Fernandez]

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Performances and Speeches Kick-Off Black History Month HANIYASSINE Arts Editor __________________________ Songs were sung, poetry was read and speeches were made under the same objective - to encourage a better understanding of black culture and heritage. Approximately 100 people, residents and community figures alike, attended the Black History Month Kick-off at the Caribbean Centre on the evening of Jan. 30. The event was hosted by the Essex County Black Historical Research Society and the Windsor West Indian Association. In addition to the night being a celebration of African history and black North American history, it also served as a platform for organization heads to promote events occurring throughout the month of February. “Black history is significant,” said Historical Research Society president Irene Moore Davis. “We want everyone to learn as much as they can about it so they have a better understanding of how Canadian society came to be.” Among the speakers of the night were city councillor John Elliott, Monty Logan of the North American Black Historical Museum and Kenny Gbadebo of the African Community Organization of Windsor. While the evening was a light-hearted affair, Gbadebo strongly emphasized the lack of youth present, suggesting greater steps need to be made to better involve them in the community. “All you need to do is look around you, how many young faces do we see? It’s so pathetic,” Gbadebo said. “I’m not going to stand here and point to everything and say fine job.


We need a lot of work.” A variety of performing acts served as a break between speeches, largely consisting of musical performances, from lone vocals to drumming and dance sessions. There was also a poetry reading and each of these acts provided their own spin of black history and culture. The evening concluded with a brief address from reputed author and historian Bryan Prince. A reception and book signing followed afterwards. Attendee Natasha Anderson said she enjoyed the evening and found it very informative when it came to the upcoming events. “We try to go to as many events as we can,” Anderson says. “I find it interesting to learn about history and experience it, where most people just read about it in school.”

A crowd listened intently to speeches and musical performances during the Black History Month Kick-off at the Caribbean Centre Jan.30. [Photo by // Farrukh Mehdi]

Nearly two dozen events celebrating black history will occur throughout the following month. Highlights include Afrofest which will be held at the University of Windsor from Feb. 23 to 27, and a screening of ‘The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth’ at the Capitol Theatre Feb. 17. A full list of events can be found on the Tourism Windsor Essex website. The month is designated to put black history in the spotlight, but community members are emphasizing unity, hoping for those outside the heritage to embrace the culture and history during this time of the year. “We all have to somehow assimilate where we came from,” said  Indian Association president Kevin Colquhoun. “Fact of the matter is this is open to everybody, of all race and all colour.”

A variety of performing acts served as a break between speeches during the Black History Month Kick-off at the Caribbean Centre Jan.30. [Photo by // Farrukh Mehdi]

Play Review: Sweeny Todd - A Passionately Bloody Opening Affair HANIYASSINE Arts Editor __________________________ When it comes to writing reviews on any format, I feel that there’s one golden rule to follow: Be proficient in the subject you’re writing on. It’s as simple as that. I’ve never invested time in live theatre the same way I have films, TV shows or video games even. So when I have to critique a piece of work from an art form I don’t often visit, having the words come together in a confident manner can be difficult.

With no expectations, I entered the KordaZone Theatre where Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street unraveled before my eyes and ears. The play, directed by Joseph Anthony Cardinal with musical performances directed Benjamin Goldstein, unfolds before my very eyes. When the fugitive barber arrives in 19th century London after 15 years imprisoned, when he befriends the ghoulish baker Mrs. Lovett, when he plots his revenge against the corrupt Judge Turpin. I get a great sense of

the musical thriller’s morbid world and how that world is channeled in both gleeful and tragic form. Scenes go from hilarity to poignancy quickly, but rarely does it feel forced or rushed. All elements meld together snuggly, from the musical synchronization to the lighting direction. While not without some technical issues, they’re minor enough to not deter you from whatever’s playing out. The performances were outstanding through and through. Every cast member pulls their weight, carrying

the energy and passion that makes this musical so entertaining. Every line said and every number sang is done, evidentially so, with pure enjoyment. The highlights however, are Christopher Lawrence-Menard and Tracey Atin who play Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett respectively - there’s magic in their chemistry. The show burns brightest when they radiate off each other, hitting its peak with the final number of the first act.

all too easy of a recommendation

To say that the show is worth seeing would be a crisp understatement. It’s

skillfully conveyed. A great opening

to make. Whether you’re proficient in theatre or not there’s something bound to be taken away from such a beautifully macabre experience. This is show with a company that demonstrates love and care towards the material they’re performing with. More importantly, that passion is to the year.

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Lancers Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

SAMANTHAFERNANDEZ News Editor __________________________ The Lancer Sports teams showed theirsupport for breast cancer awareness by lacing up with pink laces, wearing pink custom uniforms and sporting pink accents with their gear. Jan. 31 was the 9th annual Breast Cancer Awareness day among varsity teams at the University of Windsor. There were six total home games including two volleyball games, two hockey games and two basketball games, which were all supporting breast cancer awareness. Before every game, there was a moment of silence for lives lost to breast cancer and there were celebrations for those who are survivors. Lynda Leckie, an assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team, was honored at their game after ten years of being breast cancer free. “I just thought that some of the alumni were here simply to watch a game,” said Leckie. “I was blown away, I had absolutely no idea. This was also the first win for the girls in 2015 and if I

can have any part in that, I’ll take it.” According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers),” and it is the second leading cause of death from cancer in Canadian women. Also, while uncommon, breast cancer may also occur in men with an estimated 210 cases diagnosed each year. T-shirts and tote bags were also sold at each of the games, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Elisa Mitton, the sports information coordinator for the athletics department, said running this event every year is very close to everyone’s heart. “This originally started as a women’s basketball initiative through the CIS, so that’s why the event takes place in January.” said Mitton. “We wait until all of our teams are at home because they all want to participate.” With an assistant coach being honored for her 10 year anniversary of being breast cancer free, the women’s volleyball team was completely

Lynda Leckie stands between her daughter, Mackenzie Leckie, and Lancers women’s volleyball head coach, Lucas Hodgson, during a pre-game ceremony at St. Denis Centre on Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Jan. 31. Leckie defeated breast cancer nearly 10 years ago and was honoured with a framed special pink jersey with her daughter’s former number on it and a standing ovation. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] geared up for their game on the afternoon of Jan. 31. Emily Durand, a player on the women’s volleyball team for three years,

loves to see the support not only from their teams, but from visiting teams as well. “We do this every year as a school,”

said Durand. “It’s something that hits close to home, and team’s who are visiting seem to really enjoy being a part of it as well.”

Women’s Volleyball Team Honors Assistant Coach, Win Over Brock

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ In the eyes of Lynda Leckie, the Windsor Lancer women’s volleyball team had already won prior to their three-set victory against the Brock Badgers. The Lancers athletic program celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Day Jan. 31 and surprised Leckie, a longtime assistant coach of the women’s volleyball team, with a special pregame ceremony honoring her battle against breast cancer, which she won nearly 10 years ago. A group of former players and close friends came to see Leckie honored with a standing ovation and a framed commemorative jersey with her daughter’s number on it. The Lancers also decided to have Leckie’s initials, “L.L.” to be permanently added to the Lancers special pink jerseys, to be worn each year on Breast Cancer Awareness Day. As Leckie wept during the ovation, the Lancers men’s volleyball in attendance team chanted “Lynda Leckie” until the ceremony ended. “I was blown away, I had no idea,”

said Leckie. “I knew a couple family members of mine were coming but I didn’t know that my best friends of over 30 years would be here ... it’s overwhelming to see all these people come out and support me and the fight against breast cancer like this.” Once the match began, an emotional Leckie could be seen on the Windsor bench, still focused on the opponent, the Brock Badgers. The Lancers, who had struggled to start the second half of the regular season, won the first set convincingly and continued by sweeping the three-set match against the Badgers. “This was their first win of 2015,” said Leckie. “If I can be the reason for that or have anything to do with that, I’ll take it, absolutely.” After the sweep, it seemed as though everyone at St. Denis Centre had a smile on their faces. Lancer Shannon Dean said it was fun being part of the pre-game ceremony honouring Leckie’s courageous bout with breast cancer. “We had everyone in on it, her whole family, everything, she absolutely had no idea,” said Dean. “I think it was awesome to tribute this game to her

Windsor Lancers women’s volleyball player, Carleigh Bailey, bumps the ball as teammate, Hannah Robson, looks on during OUA regular season play against the Brock Badgers at St. Denis Centre. Windsor wore pink jerseys to honour Breast Cancer Awareness Day. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] and to win like that. It’s a solid win.” Lancer head coach Lucas Hodgson said it was impressive for his team to step up and play well on top of being a part of Leckie’s special day. “I’ve known Lynda ever since I came

into the OUA,” said Hodgson. “She’s done a lot for my family, she’s done a lot for me and for these girls. To be able to honour her 10-year anniversary, is something that feels special. It was awesome that we could honour her achievement and honour every-

thing she’s done for the program.” With a 5-12 record, the Lancers are tied with Western for the final playoff spot in the OUA and will complete their regular season on the road with games against the Nippissing Lakers and York Lions Feb. 7 and 8.


Men’s Volleyball Hitting Their Stride As Season Dwindles

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ After a pair of wins against RMC and Queen’s, the Lancer men’s volleyball team has their sights set on the OUA playoffs. With four wins in their past five matches, the Lancers are now tied for the seventh and final playoff spot with Guelph at 8-10.

“It’s a good time to peak for us,” said Lancer setter, Andrew Chelladurai. “We’re on a nice streak. We’re definitely confident, we need to win out to make playoffs and we’ve been playing well.” The Lancers swept the winless Royal Military College Paladins 3-0 Jan. 31 at the St. Denis Centre in a match which allowed them to rest some of their starters to be sharp for the Queen’s Gaels the next day, who currently sit in fourth place of the OUA with an 11-7 record. Prior to the game  at the St. Denis Centre Feb. 1 the Lancers honoured their graduating seniors Adam Thompson, Greg Simone, Chad Hinchy, Andrew Chelladurai and

Paul Borger in a pre-game ceremony. Afterwards, a very competitive match brewed between the Lancers and Gaels, splitting the first two sets with identical 25-22 scores. The two teams literally traded points in an entertaining match for the fans who took part in “Senior’s Day”, despite the bad weather.

Lancer assistant coach, Kyle Williamson, said after the RMC sweep that Queen’s big lineup and blocking ability was going to be a challenge for Windsor. Williamson, a former CIS First Team All-Canadian in his playing days with the Lancers, added passing and serving was also key to a win. “Serving and passing is what we’ve been focusing on the past couple weeks and guys did it very well,” said Williamson. “We just have to focus and bring it.”

Windsor Lancers men’s volleyball middle hitter, Alex Vukovic, smashed a ball against the Royal Military College Paladins, Jan. 31 at St. Denis Centre. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold]

Graduating senior Simone added the Lancers would bring their highenergy style of play to the plate and if they did that, Windsor would be hard to beat.

worked around the big blocks of Queen’s and took the third and fourth sets with another pair of 25-22 scores.

ning four [of the last five] is no match to that. Hopefully we get the last playoff spot.”

The next day, the Lancer offense, led by Simone’s 18 kills and 11 digs,

“It’s a big weekend,” said Simone. “Confidence is a big thing and win-

The Lancers will finish the regular season on the road against the Nip-

one discipline of gymnastics and the categories the athletes are placed in determines how many passes they have while the requirements differ between skill levels such as easy compared to national requirements.

than those outside of the sport know.

pissing Lakers and York Lions Feb. 7 and 8. If they were to qualify for the playoffs, they would play either the Ryerson Rams or Waterloo Warriors in the first round.

New Central Park Athletics Facility Hosts Ontario Tumbling Cup

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ Power-tumbling took centre-stage this past weekend as over 200 athletes competed in the second Ontario Tumbling Cup at Central Park Athletics. 17 different clubs from across Ontario traveled to the new state-of-theart facility on Central Ave. formerly known as the Ice Park for the event. Carey Vigneux, director and owner of Winstars Gymnastics said that his club was thrust into hosting the competition when another club in Ottawa could not host both trampoline and tumbling disciplines in the same venue. Winstars agreed to host the tumbling event with only a limited amount of time to put it together. “It’s been a month and a half of planning and trying to get sponsors and volunteers,” said Vigneux. “But the parents of the kids in our competitive program have been great, picked up the slack and have done a lot of work.” Winstars has over 100 athletes in their organization between the ages of nine and 20 with 15 of them competing at the tumbling cup. Tumbling is only


Vigneux said the Ontario Tumbling Cup was the second of three qualifiers for the provincial championships in April. Vigneux added the event was a good opportunity for Winstar athletes to hit the standard necessary to advance. “It gives them a chance to work some new skills and hopefully get through them successfully and it’ll get them some confidence heading into provincials,” said Vigneux. Robert Laudenbach is a trampoline and tumbling program coach at Winstars with 18 years of experience. Laudenbach said it was almost a 20-hour process getting the viewing areas prepared for the event, with coaches and volunteers working late into the night to make everything ready for competition. Laudenbach is a former national power tumbler and trampolinist and holds credentials as a national level coach. Laudenbach added there is a lot more to tumbling and gymnastics

“It’s a great way to make friends and travel the world as well as learn life skills,” said Laudenbach. “You learn to prioritize and goal set because when you go to school or university and continue to train, it’s a lot of work. You get good at juggling.” Lauren Panek, 12, represented Winstars in the level four tumbling event and has been involved in gymnastics since she was a toddler. Panek said she has met a lot of friends through gymnastics and plans on competing for a long time. Panek said she has progressed to performing “double-backs” during her passes as a level four gymnast. A “double-back” is when an athlete performs two backflips on the runway and tries to land on their feet. Panek said there’s always a risk when performing higher-level skills. “I’ve landed on my face a few times,” saidPanek.“Goodthingit’sasoftfloor.” Windsor will be hosting the Artistic Gymnastics Championships from April 9 through 12. Competitions will be held at Rose City Gymnastics and the University of Windsor’s St. Denis Centre.

Josh Evan of the Oakville Gymnastics Club competes in the men’s level one tumbling competition during the Tumbling Ontario Cup at Central Park Athletics, Jan. 31. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold]

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Women’s Hockey Team Brought Down by Toronto Teams

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ The Windsor Lancer women’s hockey team hit a speed bump over the weekend, dropping two consecutive home games. A 3-1 loss to the Toronto Varsity Blues Jan. 31 was followed by a 2-1 setback to the Ryerson Rams Feb. 1. The Lancers were playing without three of their top forwards against the Varsity Blues, with Krystin Lawrence serving a one-game suspension and veterans Bree Polci and Jenny MacKnight gone to Spain representing Canada at the World Universiade. Windsor was first on the board against Toronto, as Shailyn Waites took a pass from Larissa Borowiec and scored her seventh goal of the season. The Varsity Blues would get the equalizer before the first period ended as a redirected shot found it’s way over Lancers goaltender, Marissa Kozovski’s shoulder. Toronto’s Taylor Day scored on the power play in the second period to take a 2-1 lead into the third period. Toronto would add another goal midway through the third for a twogoal lead and Windsor could not get another goal past Varsity Blues goaltender Katey Teekasingh, who made 24 saves in the 3-1 win. The next day, the Ryerson Rams visited South Windsor Arena and

escaped with a hard fought, defensive 2-1 victory over the Lancers. After a scoreless first period, the second period featured all of the game’s offense. Ryerson went up 2-0 on goals from Stephanie Christe and Sarah McGilvray before Borowiec responded for the Lancers before the period ended with the Rams leading 2-1. The third period would yield a fiveon-three power play for the Lancers, but Rams goaltender Ally Sarna stood tall and the defense cleared away any rebound opportunities before Windsor could capitalize. The Lancers would pull Kozovski with 90 seconds to go in game and applied steady pressure on the Rams, but could not get the equalizer, as Windsor fell 2-1. “It’s a little disappointing,” said assistant coach Mike Heikkinen. “We’re short staffed but we don’t want to make excuses coming out of the room. I thought we battled hard but the pucks didn’t bounce our way.” Heikkinen gave credit to the Rams’ defensive game-plan, limiting Windsor’s chances throughout the contest. Heikkinen added a weekend off from regular season play would be a good chance for the team to recharge their batteries, so to speak. “Some players looked a little sluggish at times,” said Heikkinen. “So we’re hoping we can get them going at practice again and go from there.”

Windsor Lancers women’s hockey player, Jillian Rops, skates up the ice against the Toronto Varsity Blues at South Windsor Arena, Jan.31. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] Lancer captain, Kayla Dodson, said having a short memory regarding their consecutive losses and a good week of practice would allow Windsor to focus on making the right plays at the right times. Dodson said it was the Lancers lack of execution which allowed Toronto and Ryerson to come away with victories. “We just need to get more shots on net,” said Dodson. “We need to get

more movement through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone.” Dodson, a fifth year senior, added these two losses aside, she has lots of confidence in her team as the OUA playoffs near. “I believe in this team 100 percent,” said Dodson. “This is the best team that I’ve seen in my five years here, I see a lot of potential and I’m trying to

let the rookies and younger girls see that too. We have great potential to do big things so i’m hoping that transfers over to the playoffs.” The Lancers will take to the road next week and battle against the Brock Badgers and Guelph Gryphons Feb. 7 and 8. Windsor will finish regular season play the following weekend against the UOIT Ridgebacks and Queen’s Gael Feb. 13 and 14.

Van Buskirk Posts Back-to-Back Shutouts, Records 61st CIS Victory

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ The Windsor Lancers men’s hockey team will certainly miss their graduating goaltender at the end of this season. Fifth year goalie, Parker Van Buskirk, has been integral to the Lancers success this season, his 16 wins in net are proof enough. Add in his backto-back shutouts this past week and Windsor has a potential league-MVP candidate protecting their net. The first shutout came on the road at the expense of the Western Mustangs, which Lancer captain Drew Palmer said was payback for a 4-3 loss suffered to the Mustangs at South Windsor arena Dec. 3. Palmer said Van Buskirk was at his best against the Mustangs, making 25 saves. “Anytime you play Western, it’s a big rivalry,” said Palmer. “We got a lead on them early but let them take it back, so we’re happy we went up there and shut them out ... Parker had an unbelievable game. He made unbelievable saves all night and did his job.”

The Western shutout marked 60 career CIS victories for Van Buskirk. Palmer said it was only fitting for Van Buskirk’s milestone came at the expense of the Mustangs. Lancers head coach Kevin Hamlin added when Van Buskirk is on his game, Hamlin believes there is no one in the country who is better. “Parker’s had a remarkable career here,” said Hamlin. “This season, he’s been playing the way he’s capable of playing.” Fast forward to Jan. 31, Van Buskirk stopped all 32 shots the York Lions fired at him for another 1-0 Lancers victory. It also marked the first time since Nov. 12, 2012 Van Buskirk posted back-to-back shutouts in the OUA. This season, Van Buskirk is 16-5 with a .909 save percentage and has faced 578 shots, allowing just 58 goals. Heading into the final stretch of the regular season, Palmer said he is confident about his team’s ability to repeat as OUA champions. “You have to believe in yourselves,” said Palmer. “We’ve had some ups

Windsor Lancer goaltender, Parker Van Buskirk stands in goal in this file photo. Van Buskirk recorded back-to-back shutouts in wins over Western and York, Jan. 28 and 31. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] and downs, we had a great start to the year then had a shaky second half start but overall, I think it’s one of our best records ... but we have to understand that all of these teams are going to be gunning for us, because we are the defending OUA champs so we

have to be prepared to play our best every night.” The final games of the regular season will see the Lancers square off against the Ryerson Rams Feb. 6. The team will then honour their graduating se-

niors Feb. 7 before battling the Brock Badgers. Van Buskirk is the only member of the Lancers men’s hockey team with no eligibility remaining after this season. Puck drop on both nights is scheduled for 7:30 pm at South Windsor Arena.


Men’s Basketball Team Weekend Split Helps Regain First Place in OUA West KIMELLIOT Sports Intern __________________________ In another see-saw effort at home, the Windsor Lancer men’s basketball team restrained the surging Queen’s Golden Gaels with a 93-86 win on the front end of a doubleheader at St. Denis Centre, but were ambushed by the York Lions 89- 84 on the back end. Having won five of their last six games, the fifth-ranked Lancers easily outpaced the unranked Gaels throughout the first three quarters of the Jan. 30 game, but let Queens back into it in the fourth before closing them out. The weekend split was good enough for Windsor to regain sole possession of first place in the OUA West division, after the Western Mustangs fell in a 75-74 squeaker to Queen’s Jan. 31. Queen’s knocked down 13 threepoint shots against the Lancers which allowed them to get back in the game. Lancers head coach Chris Oliver said his team missed too many defensive assignments. “We didn’t play with any consistency, we didn’t play with any intensity defensively,” said Oliver. “When you let another team get confident it’s going to be a battle. At this level, everyone’s got players that can beat you and clearly Queens played with that kind of confidence.”


Although Queens held a 19-18 first quarter lead, Windsor led 45-35 at the half and led by as much as 16 points, with 2:43 remaining in the third quarter. With Windsor only having a slight margin of efficiency from the field, it was their improved free throw shooting that kept them in control of the game down the stretch and garnered them the victory. Windsor had five players score in double figures led by Mitch Farrell, who scored 23 points. Two Lancer forwards recorded double-doubles against Queen’s. Rotimi Osuntola Jr. had 17 points and 12 rebounds,while Evan Matthews had 15 points and 10 rebounds. Steady backcourt contributions came from Lancers Khalid Abdel Kabar’s 13 points, six assist effort and Alex Campbell’s 12 points and seven rebounds. The next day, the York Lions started off fast against the Lancers and led by nine points after the first quarter and 22 points at halftime. Windsor battled back in the second half and took a one-point lead in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the Lancers were unable to maintain their lead and York took the contest 89-84.

Windsor Lancers men’s basketball forward, Evan Matthews, rises above a Queen’s defender during OUA regular season play at St. Denis Centre, Jan. 30. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] our morale as a team. Coach does a great job preparing us for games, but it’s what we do after practice that perhaps we need to improve upon.”

“We just came out flat, while they came out going at us strongly,” said Osuntola. “Eventually we responded, but it was too little too late. Unfortunately, these losses go against our reputation nationally and decreases

Lions head coach Tom Oliveri said his team watched game film to prepare for Windsor.

plays and that’s very important for us and for themselves,” said head coach, Chantal Vallee. “Queen’s was offensively rebounding better and shooting better than us ... Jocelyn and Andrea made some incredible threes and we needed to make more threes in order to win the game.”

so there’s a lot more to work on.”

“We feel he’s one of the best centres in the league, if not the best,” said

Oliveri. “Collectively, we just really wanted to run today and beat Windsor. A result like this really helps our rating and better positions us for the playoffs.” Coach Oliver said his team needs to adjust their mental toughness. After defeating Carleton a week earlier, Oliver knows his team has the capabilities to compete with Canada’s best.

“We’ve done it, we just have to be that team and stay together as a group,” said Oliver. After back-to-back weekend doubleheaders at home in the St. Denis Centre, the Lancers now head out on the road for a doubleheader against the Laurentian Voyageurs and Nipissing Lakers, Feb, 6 and 7.

Women’s Hoops Tested By Queen’s, Trounce York

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ The Windsor Lancer women’s basketball team continues on a collision course to meet the Laurier Golden Hawks in their regular season finale with the OUA West division title on the line. The Queen’s Gaels and York Lions got in the way of that collision course over the weekend at the St. Denis Centre Jan. 30 and 31. In a rematch from last season’s OUA finals, the Gaels gave the Lancers a very strong effort. After enjoying a four-point lead after the first quarter and holding Windsor to 37 points in the first half, Queen’s led the Lancers by a single point headed into the fourth quarter. But, in a game where the statistics were virtually even, timely three-point shooting from Lancers Andrea Kiss and Jocelyn LaRocque proved to be the difference in Windsor’s 89-81 victory over the Gaels. “My big players made some big

A balanced Lancer scoring effort saw four players score 12 points or more. Korissa Williams recorded a doubledouble with 20 points and 11 assists and adding eight rebounds. Guards LaRocque and Kiss scored 18 and 17 points respectively, while forward Courtney Vandebovencamp continued her strong play of late by chipping in 12 points. Williams admitted it was fun seeing her passes result in baskets, but added she thought the whole team came to perform well against the Gaels. “Whoever I gave the ball to, they were ready to shoot or ready to take the ball or knew it was coming,” said Williams. “But we gave up 81 points,

Kiss said the Lancers understand every team in the OUA will give them their best game but embrace their role as the nation’s top-ranked team. She herself made back-to-back three pointers in the fourth quarter to give Windsor a six-point lead but said it was simply her turn to step up and knock down big shots. “We love it, it keeps us sharp,” said Kiss. “We know that every team is going to give us their best game so we’re always ready for that ... Everyone comes out trying to give their best and people have to make big shots. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s Jocelyn or Korissa but we all have to rise up to get the win.” Although the Lancers secured win number 13, Vallee gave Queen’s due credit. “I don’t think our defence was particularly good,” said Vallee. “We allowed a lot of offensive rebounds, we didn’t guard screens well. I’m just happy we

Windsor Lancers women’s basketball guard, Jocelyn LaRocque, drives between two Queen’s Gaels defenders during OUA regular season play at St. Denis Centre, Jan. 30. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] were able to score more points than them.” The next night, the Lancers took on the York Lions for an easy defeat of 82-43. The Lancers will be on the road for the next four games against Lau-

rentian, Nippissing and two games against Algoma. The Lancers won’t return to St. Denis Centre until Feb. 18, when the Waterloo Warriors visit Windsor. On Feb. 21, the Lancers will travel to battle the Laurier Golden Hawks in their OUA regular season finale.

8 //


Doggett in Spotlight After Leading Spitfires Past Belleville Bulls

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________

alone and roofed a backhand shot above Belleville goaltender, Connor Hicks.

With defenseman Patrick Sanvido and Jalen Chatfield out with injuries and Trevor Murphy serving a suspension, Slater Doggett, fresh off an injury himself, dropped back to defense giving Windsor a crucial helping hand. 

After the Bulls scored early in the third period to cut Windsor’s lead to one, goaltender Brendan Johnston and the Spitfires defense kept the Bulls attack to the outside and limited their second chance opportunities. With the Belleville net empty and over two minutes remaining, Doggett chipped the puck up the left wing to Anthony Stefano, who made no mistake, scoring into the empty net for his ninth goal of the season.

The weekend of games began Jan. 29, with a loss against the London Knights at the WFCU Centre. Windsor then won a tightly contested 3-2 shootout contest on the road against Plymouth Whalers Jan. 31, before coming back to Windsor for a battle with the Belleville Bulls Feb. 1. Doggett scored two goals on his way to a five-point game in the Spitfires 5-2 win over Belleville. “He was huge for us, we missed him,” said Spitfires head coach Bob Boughner. “We won some games when he was out but we really missed his calming effect on the ice, the way he makes plays under pressure, he usually makes all the right plays.” Doggett scored two goals on the power play in the opening period against Belleville, before drawing an assist on Luke Kirwan’s breakaway goal in the second period to give the Spitfires a 3-1 lead headed into the third. With Kirwan leaving the penalty box, Doggett found him behind the Bulls defense as he went in all

With the net still empty, Doggett once again chipped the puck up the ice to a teammate, this time it was Markus Soberg who put the puck into the empty net for his tenth goal of the season which sealed Windsor’s 5-2 victory. Doggett said he hadn’t had a fivepoint game since minor hockey but added his final two assists were products of him being focused on defending the Spitfires zone and simply chipping the puck out to forwards ahead of the play. “There will still two guys in between me and the net and there were a couple guys ahead of me with a breakaway,” said Doggett. “I’m not going to risk me getting a hat trick when they can get an easy goal and win the game.”

Windsor Spitfires forward, Lucas Venuto, passes the puck around a Belleville Bulls defender during OHL action at the WFCU Centre, Feb. 1. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] It’s that unselfish play and hockey sense that has Boughner convinced that Doggett could make the transition to pros. “He’s smart, he can play forward or defense and he’s had a great season,” said Boughner. “Unfortunately he got hurt, but I think he’s starting to get on the radar of some pro teams, I think

he’s got a chance at the next level.” Another bright spot for the Spitfires has been the play of Johnston, who stopped 82 shots in his two starts over the weekend, and said he’s gotten more comfortable with his role as his playing time has increased. “I feel more relaxed in there now, a bit more eased,” said Johnston. “I just

try to shut the door and help the boys out. It worked out and we got two points. We’re three points back now ... we’ve got to keep moving forward.” The Spitfires will host the Owen Sound Attack Feb. 5 at the WFCU Centre with puck drop at 7:05 pm before travelling to play Oshawa and Peterborough, Feb. 6 and 7.

Anderson Leads Express to Win Over Mississauga

BRETTHEDGES Sports Editor __________________________ It’s not very common to hear the term “quadruple-double” - not even in professional basketball.

Gibson, Chris Commons and Tony Bennett forced Windsor head coach Bill Jones to shuffle his starting five. Anderson said he feels indifferent about starting for the Express rather than coming off the bench.

Windsor Express guard, Ryan Anderson had an evening to remember Jan. 31 when he almost recorded a quadruple-double, reaching doubledigits in four statistical categories, during Windsor’s 101-90 victory over the Mississauga Power at the WFCU Centre.

“It is what it is, it’s just all about who’s on the court that helps you get the job done,” said Anderson. “Together, everyone accomplishes more and I’m here to win championships. I could care less about these individual accolades. To be great at any level, you have to have something to show for it and that’s what I want to be a part of.”

Anderson instead recorded a double-double, with 23 points and 13 rebounds while contributing eight assists and eight steals in over 42 minutes of playing time in Windsor’s 17th win of the regular season. The Express remain undefeated on home court with the win, pushing that mark to 12-0. Anderson was injected into the starting lineup after injuries to Gary

After a slow start from both teams, the Express started heating up towards the end of the first quarter. Led by 15 first half points from Kirk Williams Jr., Windsor took a 50-33 lead into halftime. Williams, acquired from the Power for a first-round draft pick Dec. 11, 2014, finished with 23 points against his former team to go along with

eight rebounds. Windsor’s lead ballooned to 21 points midway through the third quarter but the Power cut their deficit to 14 heading into the fourth quarter. A late 10-0 push from Mississauga cut the Express lead to five in the final two minutes but the defending NBL Canada champions responded with a 10-0 run of their own to take the 10190 victory in front of 1,200 fans. Express assistant coach, Gerry Brumpton, saidWindsor’s 28 turnovers for the game was troubling, but credited Mississauga for a good effort. Brumpton also said the finalized transaction of Tim Parham from Halifax for a first-round draft pick will make the situation interesting for the Express in the final stretch of the regular season. “Once you get your team built, you don’t want to break it up with eight games left in the regular season,” said

Windsor Express guard, Ryan Anderson, dribbles past Mississauga Power’s Travis Releford during National Basketball League of Canada action at the WFCU Centre, Jan. 31. [Photo by // Kevin Jarrold] Brumpton. “I think it’s dangerous bringing in a new player ... but I say let’s get this guy ready and see if he can help us.” Parham is a 6’9”, 250 lbs forward from Chicago, Ill., who averaged six

points and six rebounds per game in 23 contests with the Rainmen this season. Parham is expected to make his Windsor Express debut against the London Lightning Feb. 4 at the WFCU Centre.

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