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PELICAN NEWS Volume # 3 Issue # 4 || January – February 2014

What’s Inside? UWI Mona Circle K

Welcome Circle-Kers to another edition of the

“PELICAN NEWS” The Official Newsletter of the UWI Mona Circle K

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Club News

UWI Mona Circle K


EDITOR’S DESK Welcome Circle K‟ers, to another edition of the “PELACAN NEWS”, the official news letter of the UWI Mona Circle K Club. I am B.E Jermaine, I would like to welcome you all back to a wonderful semester that is sure to be brimming with hard, but substantial working. Don‟t forget that DCON is around the corner (as if you could really forget DCON lol) but so are Mid-semester Exams. So keep at those books and study hard, and be sure to key yourself active in service in what so ever way you can. Remember that it is through the betterment of ourselves that we better our communities, and as we better our communities don‟t forget to work with each other as we of the UWI Mona Circle K Club, seek to rise to higher heights in the name of “service over self”. Continue to „Live to serve and Love to serve.

Meals on wheels On February 23rd, members of the UWI Mona Circle K Club, alongside their sponsoring club, The Kiwanis Club of North St. Andrew, and other Circle K and Builders clubs, ventured to Down Town Kingston to provide the homeless of the area with warm meals. On the day there were over one hundred homeless, all giving thanks to the Kiwanis group as they enjoyed the meals provided.

Elections under way !! On the 6th through to the 20th of February, the first stage of club elections for the various posts on the club’s executive body was under way. Those nominated for the office of Director were Sheldon Lopez, Nakieta Shand, and Rishan Campbell. The nominees for the office of Bulletin Editor were Tommy Gooden, Jermaine Flemmings, and Roshane Robinson. The nominees for the office of Treasurer were Roshane Robinson and Sashae Symister. The nominees for the office of Secretary were Anique McKie and Danielle Blake – Grant. Last but not least, the nominees for the office of President were Shawn Martin, Jermaine Flemmings, Krystal Williams and Roshane Robinson.

New Board of Officers On February 27th the UWI Mona Circle K Club had its board officer elections. The new board members are as follows. In the post of Director of Service, we have Nakieta Shand. In the post of Bulletin Editor we have Tommy Gooden. In the post of Secretary we have Anique Mckie. And finally we come to the main event. The battle for presidency between Shawn Martin, Jermaine Flemmings, Krystal Williams and Roshane Robinson was indeed a fierce one; with each candidate displaying convincing speeches, each vote would turn the tides. But in the end it was Shawn Martin who came out victorious, with Krystal Williams and Roshane Robinson taking 1st and 2nd vice president respectively.

Single Service On the 28th of February, the UWI Mona Circle K Club set out on their annual Single Service initiative, where they when to the August Town Primary school and spent the day with the kids. On the day the club donated twenty our Mathematics Text Books to the kids. Along with donating the text books, the club members had dialog with 6th grade student who are preparing for the annual Grade Si Achievement Test (GSAT). They spoke of their own individual experiences with the exam and their subsequent matriculation to their respective high schools.


After their talk the club members and the kids engaged in various activities such as basketball track, did some math.

Special Feature UWI Mona Circle K

Let us introduce to you Roshane Robinson, one of the most innovative, involved, creative, dedicated and energetic members of the UWI Mona Circle K Club. Roshane is a first year undergrad student at The University of West Indies - Mona Campus, where he majors in Software Engineering and minors in Biology, his hobbies according to him include “Tweeting, Graphic Designing, Coding and Kiwinas”. Though still a young member, having only started university in September of 2013, he is as active and energetic as a 2nd or 3er year member. His outstanding personality and love for the Kiwanis family is that of a topnotch Circle K’er. Since the beginning of his journey in the UWI Mona Circle K, he has been an ever present figure at meetings where his passion and potential became clear. He gets involved and provides help wherever and whenever he can. After just a couple of weeks he took the position of CoChairperson for games and activities, and in the following weeks was appointed as Chairperson of fundraising. During meetings at some point you will see him at the front, leading and vibing with club members, always knowing the right things to do and so to get them involved in various activities. His energy, in my opinion, is a major factor in what keeps persons coming back week after week. As Co-Games Chair, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you’ll find Roshane taking charge of the activities segment of our meetings, his activities are always fun and always gets the entire club involved and energized. Here you can see him leading a game of “Detangle” and “Encore”.


As Fundraising Chair, Roshane has displayed innovative and creative means of thinking, and he has provided new fundraising ideas. Rather than the mundane Bake Sale, that you would find other club on campus participating, he has an ever expanding and out of the ordinary list of fundraising idea. However, because of the limited time he was in office, he was not able to carry out many of them. He is still young in the club and we are sure we will see these ideas come to life in the near future. Roshane is not only actively involved in his home club; he was also an integral part of the organization of the Kiwanis R.I.O Fun-Day. This event, being the first of its kind, brought together all levels of the Kiwanis family together at the same event. Along with all this, after displaying his skills in design, he became the chief designer of the shirts which were provided at this year’s District Leadership Fall Conference (DLFC).

When asked why he joined Circle K, his answer was , “ Well I started out being a shun out for builders club and it wasn’t going to happen again, I was forced into Kiwanis but after arriving I never saw the point in leaving; the people, the service, the experience, it’s all truly great .” We then asked what his favorite thing about Kiwanis was, and he replied “ICON, the whole feel of knowing that you’re a part of an international organization, leaving a foot print on the earth that years from now historians will find and place in a museum somewhere.” Not only is he dedicated to Circle K, but the Kiwanis family as a whole. You will often find Roshane acting as the guest speaker at meetings, installations, and social events of various Key clubs in the corporate area. He believes that it is important to build a strong bond between the two groups and the best way to do that is to be actively involved in whatever they are involved in. There are those who are aid to never truly leave Key club, and although he has moved on to join Circle K, Roshane seems to be one such individual.


He works co-operatively with each and every member on the club executive board, attends board meetings and other club and district events, here you see him participating in a ginger beer drinking contest at District Leadership Fall Conference alongside International Trustee for the Caribbean District Stefan Ludlow. All in all, not only has he contributed to Circle K, but he also gives back to Key Club by visiting Key Club events, advising his high school alumni’s club in various affairs, and has been guest speaker at key club special meetings. His passion for Kiwanis, for service, for student leadership is second to none. This was recognized by the club as a whole, and after his first year in the club, he was nominated for the position of President, and was subsequently awarded the title of 2nd Vice President. With his unwavering passion and commitment to the Kiwanis family, he is a true Circle K’er, and we are happy to say that we believe that he deserves to be called the Circle K’er of the year.


Service Reports UWI Mona Circle K

January SERVICE PROJECTS  UWI Hospital  Free Rice

Total Service hours achieved by dues-paid members for the month: 122

Inter Club / K-Fam Activities  Kiwanis Club of Jamaica District Candidate Interview

Total Inter Club Hours achieved by paid-dues members for the month: N/A Total Kiwanis Family Relations Hours achieved by paid-dues members for the month: 1

Total Administrative hours achieved for the month: N/A


February SERVICE PROJECTS     

UWI Hospital Movie Day UWI Homecoming Ceremony Club Fusion Single Service Project at August Town Primary

Total Service hours achieved by dues-paid members for the month: 132

Inter Club / K-Fam Activities  Online Meeting  NSA Meeting  Single Service Project at August Town Primary

Total Inter Club Hours achieved by paid-dues members for the month: 9 Total Kiwanis Family Relations Hours achieved by paiddues members for the month: 6

Total Administrative hours achieved for the month: N/A


Upcoming Events UWI Mona Circle K

Club Events  Meals On Wheels  UWI Blood Drive

Major Anticipated Events of Next Quarter  DCON  ICON


High Lights UWI Mona Circle K

Meals on Wheels 12

Single Service 13

Laugh Zone UWI Mona Circle K



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