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Changing Channels Reaching out to the Digital Generation (Baby Boomers, too) with tech-friendly learning

Students use clickers to ‘vote’ during a Rose Hall class session

Annual Report Issue NOVEMBER 2010

Notes from 2420 Nicolet…

Making a fine University even better Greetings from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay! This issue of Inside includes plenty of good news. From the list of nearly 2,500 people who support this institution on an annual basis… to reports on new facilities (Wood and Rose Hall remodeling) and academic initiatives (the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business)… to our famous Phuture Phoenix program welcoming its first freshman “graduates,” it has been an eventful fall semester. (Congratulations to Phuture Phoenix co-founder and good friend Ginny Riopelle, who is also leading the charge to raise scholarship funds for these students.) With the new year, our attention turns to building on that success. With input from 282 faculty, staff, students and members of the community in more than a dozen listening sessions last spring, we have finalized themes to guide our comprehensive strategic planning. In Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, Advancement, Athletics, and the Chancellor’s Office, our planning will reflect these priorities. Briefly, and in alphabetical order, the themes are: • Academic Programs and Enrollment • Commitment to Community • Diversity and Institutional Environment • Finance, Budget and Resources • Identity, Image, Marketing • Meeting the Needs of Students • Sustainability Those are the themes, fairly general in nature. The specifics will come with our focused plans for 2011. I encourage you to read more about strategic planning and follow our progress at my website, Thank you for your continuing interest in our University. And, remember, Go Phoenix!

Thomas Harden Chancellor


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D2L or F2F?

Whatever the delivery, students learning something new

9 Master’s update

Growing interest in grad programs at UW-Green Bay


13 No ‘pockets’

Overhauls revitalize Rose, Wood… with fewer quirks

17 Annual Report

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Visit Inside on the web at Inside front cover photo: Ginny Riopelle of the Phuture Phoenix program (in black) met with staff members and the first student recipients of Phuture Phoenix Scholarships at a student-donor reception in October. Riopelle, a co-founder of the initiative, has been a key figure in raising funds and friends to support scholarships for the former fifth-graders now beginning to enroll at UW-Green Bay.


D2L mashes up with F2F Translation? Online technologies are improving face-to-face instruction Fresh models for learning Our parents’ generation had chalkboards and erasers. Most college freshmen were 18 years old. Teaching styles and learning preferences varied from… well… actually, they didn’t vary much at all. The story for today’s University and, most important, tomorrow’s UW-Green Bay, is vastly different. Always central to online learning (formerly known as “distance education”) technology is moving mainstream. Walk past a classroom at UW-Green Bay and you’re likely to see students pointing what look to be remote controls toward their instructors. They’re clickers, handheld devices intended to bring more interaction in the classroom. Professors use a computer to project questions on a screen and students answer them with their clicker. When everyone has answered, the poll results are revealed and both the students and the professors know how well the class is grasping the subject matter. From Second Life and Twitter to wikis, Skype and Breeze. From Elluminate, ePortfolio and Lecture Capture to Captivate, YouTube videos, iPods, simulation videos and PowerPoint, students of all ages and all stages of their academic journeys are exploring new channels for learning.


November 2010

Desire 2 Learn is an online course management system that continues to grow in popularity. The program uses technology to allow instructors to offer a more complete educational experience to students. The classroom isn’t what it used to be. Thanks to technology, the classroom is no longer just a room. Increasingly, UW-Green Bay faculty members are using the internet to increase student access and student interest through Desire 2 Learn, also known as D2L. It’s emblematic of the way technologies pioneered for online or “distance” learning have entered the F2F, or IRL, dimensions. (That’s “face-to-face,” or “in-real-life,” for all you consumers of dead-tree media.) “D2L is really a supplement to the regular kind of teaching that we do,” said Prof. Lora Warner, of the Public and Environmental Affairs faculty. “The generation of students coming in now is very, very technologically savvy and so we adapt our teaching methods to pique their interest a bit more and are more natural to their native ways of learning.” Here’s how D2L works: It’s basically a website where instructors put course materials, everything from

See D2L in action

Visit the Inside online news site at Reporter Robert Hornacek offers a video report on how D2L is a mainstream learning technology at UW-Green Bay.

handouts, to power point slides, web links, even quizzes. Instructors can also post grades online. Only students in that class have access to the materials. The D2L website also has a place where students can hold classroom discussions online. “Most teachers include power points they’ve used in class, they include articles that pertain to all of the discussions in class and sometimes even readings from a textbook that we need to concentrate on,” said Nathan Carlton, a senior majoring in Informational Sciences.

ing almost entirely positive things about the impact this has.” “The sky is the limit as far as how you want to use it,” said Leif Nelson, instr­uctional-design technologist for the Learning Technology Center. Nelson says D2L was piloted here in 2003. One year later, 100 classes were using it. This year, it’s about 450 classes. About half of instructors and 90 percent of all students use D2L in any given semester.

Associate Provost Kathy Pletcher, UW-Green Bay’s top technology officer, says even chalkboard-trained traditionalists can appreciate that the new technology results in more, not less, face-to-face learning.

“Technology isn’t introduced in education unless it meets a need. And they’re finding that students are participating more in online forums, they’re participating with each other, they’re getting more engaged. They like seeing their grades. It’s just a nice way to keep all your materials in one place.

“It really frees up time for faculty members to work individually and in-person with students,” Pletcher says. “Grading quizzes, posting results, routing papers and answering simple questions fast… I’m hear-

“As these new technologies start to emerge you start to pluck what’s useful out of them and incorporate it into the traditional methods… You’re sort of meeting students in the middle.”

RACHEL FISCHER Senior EDUcation PowerPoint fan I use PowerPoint in the computer labs to make presentations to give in the classroom… incorporating visuals, video clips, and key information. It’s a great way to reach people with different learning styles … those who learn through listening to you talk and those who learn through seeing information on the screen.

Clampitt evaluates technology, value Prof. Phillip Clampitt is a nationally known scholar and widely published author on communicationrelated topics, particularly in the area of organizational communication. He has witnessed the rise and occasional fall of various technologies since he started his UW-Green Bay teaching career in 1981.

chat” software (think Skype without the video) the professor moved from caller to caller. The entire class listened in as each student reported on his or her assigned case study, sought guidance from Clampitt, and responded to questions from the professor and classmates.

His insight is particularly interesting since he recently taught his flagship course, Organizational Communication — a course with heavy emphasis on effective face-to-face and oral communication — for the first time as an entirely online offering.

The software was a little cumbersome, Clampitt says, but on balance, the class worked. Students reported satisfaction when the course concluded.

“It was a little unsettling at first,” Clampitt recalls, “to think about ‘translating’ a course like this to a delivery system that is so greatly mediated by technology.” The results, it turned out, were mostly positive. Clampitt says he held regular Sunday night discussion sessions with his far-flung class of more than two dozen distance-learning students. Using “audio

I’d be lost without… My laptop. In the Education program and in student teaching, I create brochures, presentations, and classroom activities for my students.  I am constantly doing research and using Outlook to communicate with others. Faculty use of technology They use PowerPoint presentations during lectures, document cameras to show us something important, clickers to make sure we are keeping up with all the information, and much more.

“Not everything we do can be pushed to technology,” Clampitt says. “It’s a matter of finding the right tool, or the right niche, and where there’s a fit we’ll incorporate it as a regular part of the process.” For more on Prof. Clampitt’s experience with online learning technology, along with his analysis of social media trends and various new tools, search on “Clampitt” at Inside Online.

November 2010


MIKE GROE JUNIOR DESIGN ARTS Preferred technologies My Windows 7 home computer, Wacom Intuos3 Pen pad, Sony TX7 Digital Camera, Adobe Software such as Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5. They all allow me to create digital artwork and designs with a wide range of customizations. New vs. traditional Technology in the world of art is fairly new, since most traditional art has been crafted by hand. What’s next? It depends on what technology is developed that might supercede today’s hardware and software. Speedpainting At UWGB, I’ve had training in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign… learned how to create, edit and utilize images, logos and layouts on the computer… designed brochures, posters, 3D objects, illustrations and many other forms of visual communication.  In my spare time, I have created my own YouTube channel where I post in-process videos of my digital artwork, called speedpaintings. In these paintings, I use a special tool developed by the company Wacom called a Intuos3 pen tablet, which gives me the ability to draw indirectly onto the computer screen in a similar way as one would draw on paper.


November 2010

‘There’s no flying when you’re poor’ Avatar-savvy nurses enter Second Life to better understand patients

care to vulnerable populations. It’s a focus she maintains in instructing her far-flung online learners about community health and public nursing. Vandenhouten’s screen handle is “Christy Plutonian.” Astronomy buffs will get the reference to the former planet Pluto, but the avatar names tend to be about the only things that are whimsical. To better understand the challenges facing those who live on the verge of poverty, each student takes on the persona of an individual — represented by an avatar in the online Second Life world. Every hour online equates to about one month “in poverty.” Students are then directed to reflect upon and analyze what did or didn’t work.

This simulation stuff is no game. That’s why the students in some Nursing courses at UW-Green Bay find their adaptation of Second Life doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that a recreational player might enjoy. This version doesn’t allow magic. Avatars don’t “fly” to reach their goals instantaneously.

“She was adamant about getting this designed to be as true-life as possible,” says a staff colleague of Assistant Prof. Christine Vandenhouten (above). “There’s no pushing a button and ‘flying’ past trouble when you’re low-income, when you’re struggling.” Vandenhouten’s focus in earning her nursing Ph.D. was providing health

“Their goal is to feed their family, get a job if they are unemployed, seek assistance, and generally improve their situation,” Vandenhouten says. “They may also experience additional ‘luck of the draw’ events throughout the month, which may be either positive or negative. Maybe you find money on the ground. Maybe your car breaks down.” The Second Life experience has proven to be a powerful reminder for nurses in the program that their patients’ abil-

ity to pursue healthier living is greatly affected by what’s going on in their everyday lives. One student offered this critique: “I come from a low-income family, myself… You need to remember they may not have a means of transportation, they may not have enough money to buy medications or the right food. It’s important to understand what your patients need and provide resources that are offered in our community to promote better health. Educate the kids. Let them know there’s a way out if you try.” Students in UW-Green Bay’s oncampus Nursing program have their own “face-to-face” poverty simulation exercise, but the online concept advanced by Vandenhouten extends the experience statewide and nationally. She says colleagues across the country have inquired about modeling their own efforts after the UW-Green Bay effort. Design and development of her Second Life adaptation was a collaborative effort with Leif Nelson of the University’s Learning Technology Center and students Kyle MacDonald, and Julie Howard. A state technology grant provided the seed money.

By design, Nursing program here is tech-intensive Most nurses use science and technology every day on the job. For those enrolled in UW-Green Bay’s RN-to-BSN completion tracks, it’s a big part of their coursework, too. The new poverty-simulation exercise (above) is only one story illustrating the nature of a program that enrolls more students online than in faceto-face instruction. “We offer three tracks,” explains Prof. Susan Gallagher-Lepak, the program’s interim chair. “BSN-LINC has been designed for students liv-

ing outside of Wisconsin looking to complete their BSN degree online. BSN@Home is the online track for Wisconsin students. Our Campus Track is for students living within driving distance who want to attend “face-to-face” classes.” Online enrollment is rising. Fall 2010 counts 70 students in the oncampus program. That compares to 117 for the online BSN@Home track for Wisconsinites, and another 109 in the online BSN-LINC track for out-of-staters.

UW-Green Bay’s program is known as a “degree-completion” model. It’s a way for nurses holding two- or three-year R.N. diplomas to earn a bachelor’s while working. With the help of previous UW System grants, UW-Green Bay has been a statewide leader. As one example, the Theoretical Foundations in Nursing course integrated nursing theory with tele-health — the idea of delivering health services and info via telecommunications tools.

Other projects have included “SimMan” scenarios, and the development of a new collaborative course, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Health. The Nursing program also constructed a virtual island called the “UWGB Nursing Complex” in Second Life, bringing together students and faculty in the form of avatars. The computerized characters joined a range of virtual-education tools including podcasts, wikis and blogs for online courses.

November 2010



Adult learning is growth market for UW-Green Bay and expanded service to students, possible. Additionally, some of the growth was generated by higher retention rates. Continuing students are succeeding and staying. Most of the increase, however, boils down to a single, rapid-growth category: Adult Degree.

When UW-Green Bay set enrollment records in fall 2009, and matched or exceeded those numbers this fall, several factors contributed. The spike in freshman enrollment was attributed to new capacity created by hiring additional faculty and staff. New funding from the state for “Growth Agenda” expansion — the result of determined lobbying by the University and its community advocates — made those positions,

Another good measure of the explosive growth is “courses taken.” As the chart illustrates, in 2004 there were 328 course enrollments by Adult Degree students. That grew to 633 by 2007 and to 2,082 by this fall — meaning those 700 students are averaging better than two courses per semester. Eric Craver (above, left), the director of marketing and recruitment for the Division of Outreach and Adult Access at UW-Green Bay, says the University is reaching out to returning adults. It’s a critical market where the institution has worked aggressively and purposefully to serve rising demand.



“It’s not just the recession and people looking to try something new or re-train because of the economy,” Craver says. “We were on this path even before the big downturn hit. There’s just growing appreciation of the need for lifelong education.”



That’s no surprise. In fact, the Green Bay/Appleton market is tops in adults interested in continuing education. Tied for sixth in the nation in 2007, in 2010 the local media market jumped to No. 1 overall in percentage of adults — nearly one quarter — indicating an interest in continuing education. The nationwide survey is conducted by Scarborough Research.





Enrollment now exceeds 700 students. Most are placebound, working adults who rely greatly on distance learning and “hybrid” options. They value the rigor of a UW System experience.


November 2010

At UW-Green Bay, collaboration has been instrumental in meeting that demand. The number of students in the Bachelor of Applied Studies program, a relatively new collaboration with the Wisconsin Technical College System, continues its robust growth, going from 209 declared majors in spring 2009 to better than 300 this fall. That program paves the way for tech-school graduates looking to turn their two-year degrees into four-year bachelor’s degrees. Adult Degree Program has also teamed up with UW-Superior to co-promote distance-learning and satellite-site opportunities across Northern Wisconsin, under the banner “The UW Where You Need It.” The UW-Green Bay program is collaborating with a consortium of east-central Wisconsin educational institutions through the NEW ERA Partnership.


Trying to keep up, and succeeding Kathy Pletcher listened intently earlier this fall when, following her presentation to an on-campus gathering in a room filled with people, a longtime faculty member piped up with her own opinion of instructional technology at UW-Green Bay. Pletcher is associate provost for information services and the University’s top administrator for Computing and Information Technology. Though proud of her division’s accomplishments, she couldn’t help but hesitate when the professor began a comparison to a large Midwestern university famous for technology and engineering. No reason to worry. The UW-Green Bay instructor shared a story that one of her Big Ten counterparts, a collaborator on a joint academic project, was jealous of the everyday teaching tools available to faculty in Green Bay. “That was gratifying to hear,” Pletcher recalls. “We really try to make learning technology a priority at this University. “The new faculty, especially, are very interested in incorporating a lot of digital and online tools into their class-

rooms. They’ll arrive on campus, sometimes coming in from much larger institutions, and say, ‘I need this and that, and it would be nice if I could do this.’ When we tell them ‘no problem’ to all of the above, they’re usually pleasantly surprised and always very appreciative.” She points to the University’s dedicated Learning Technology Center, where staff members help faculty, staff and also students to make best use of emerging technology. Other positives are a UWGreen Bay administration committed to a central technology fund — so individual units don’t have to scramble to fund upgrades — and the UW System’s policy of reserving a portion of every student’s tuition for reinvestment in infrastructure. “That’s critical,” Pletcher say. “You don’t have issues with ‘haves’ and ‘have nots,’ technology-wise. It’s like electricity, water or heat. When the faculty and students arrive, it’s just there for them.”

Learning technology I like that UW-Green Bay and the IT staff have set a new norm in how we learn as students. Before I came back to school, I was familiar with Outlook Web Access, exchange servers and cloud-based portals, but had no prior experience with programs like D2L.  My first experiences with D2L were limited, but as time progressed I got to classes where the professors understood the technology and knew how to fully utilize it. My learning was transformed.  Now I could take a class entirely online, take quizzes and exams, and participate in discussions via the built-in forums, all of which mimicked being ‘on campus.’ Laptop fan With a laptop, I am able to perform a myriad of tasks which ten years ago, would have required three or four different media.  Today, I can Skype with my relatives, complete research, finish homework, play games, reconnect with old high school friends, etc... Online courses or face-to-face? I prefer a mixture of both.  Depending on the content and direction of the course, I am able to accomplish more when I am able to choose the medium by which I wish to learn.

November 2010


JOHN KLAK SENIOR INFORMATION SCIENCES Online courses or face-to-face It would actually depend on the class. There are courses where face-to-face interaction is necessary to learn the content. However, when it’s a course based upon applying what has been previously learned to accomplish projects, I would definitely prefer an online course. Faculty use of technology I have had courses where a professor’s use of online resources was fantastic and helped to enhance the content covered in the course. At the same time, I’ve had courses where student participation via D2L was required for the course, but the implementation of this technology didn’t enhance the learning experience due to limited contributions by both the professor and the students in the class. The same could be said of the effectiveness of PowerPoint, where some use it more effectively than others. That being said, it would seem that almost any technology, when used properly, can be useful.

Adam von Haden and undergraduate Kaity Gilles take advantage of a beautiful November day at the Keith White Prairie of the Cofrin Arboretum. The two were taking soil samples as part of von Haden’s master’s degree research.

Biomass work an example of master’s degree, EMBI research Adam von Haden is one of two graduate students from the Environmental Science and Policy master’s degree program working on a project to evaluate the economic and environmental outcomes of converting poorly drained, marginal agricultural areas into perennial grasslands. The hope is that the grasslands will yield biomass available for electrical and heat generation in Wisconsin. The project was funded through a Wisconsin Focus on Energy grant to UW-Green Bay faculty members Mathew Dornbush, Kevin Fermanich and John Stoll and assistant scientist Paul Baumgart, operating out of UW-Green Bay’s Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI). Von Harden’s work compares above-ground biomass yields, soil carbon, and fine-root production between upland and lowland areas in crop fields and restored prairies. Nutrient retention and carbon sequestration are also factors.


November 2010

Prof. Dornbush says pursuing efficiency in using former “waste areas” for energy production could match the gains made in agricultural productivity, all necessary to support growing global demand. Dornbush credits the interdisciplinary nature of both UW-Green Bay and its graduate program in making a project such as this one possible. “I can provide the production, soil fertility, and climate mitigation expertise, Kevin and Paul can provide the water quality analyses, and John can provide the economic analysis that puts the whole project together,” Dornbush says. “None of us could have written this proposal alone.” Undergraduates are assisting the work. “In 10 years, how many of the students on this project will be leaders in our community, how many will have benefited directly or indirectly from these experiences?” Dornbush says. “It’s those intangibles that make the ES & P gwrad program and UW-Green Bay truly unique and special.” The program is UW-Green Bay’s largest in total alumni — about 308 since 1978.

France, Uzbekistan, UW-Green Bay: Master’s of Management shows global reach More international connections. An association with the new Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. The University’s renewed focus on graduate programs. For these reasons and more, awareness of an already growing program — the Master’s of Management degree — is on the rise. The program currently graduates about a dozen students per year. They study organizational theory and behavior, financial information and decision-making, team dynamics and problem-solving, marketing planning and strategy, financial management and strategic management. The global dimension is growing. Through an exchange agreement with the Bordeaux School of Management, students from UWGreen Bay can study in France, gain a European Union perspective, and finish with two master’s diplomas in 17 months of full-time study (one from here and one from

BEM). The first two dual graduates will receive their diplomas in summer of 2011. Then, there’s Uzbekistan native Rustam Ahmedov, who saw the benefit of a UW-Green Bay experience, and traveled 6,500 miles to get it. He speaks enthusiastically about the master’s program. Ahmedov was one of the possible “emerging leaders” from 12 countries of the former Soviet Union to receive a highly competitive Muskie Graduate Fellowship, which aims to promote understanding, build democracy and foster market economies. The 28-year-old speaker of six languages — Tajik, Uzbek, English, Russian, Turkish and Japanese — is enrolled in nine credits of graduate coursework.

Green Bay, Oshkosh find solid demand for grad offerings in Social Work Faculty, staff and students in the Social Work program are getting a new home base at UW-Green Bay. Formerly located on the seventh floor of the Cofrin Library, they’ll move into newly remodeled quarters on the third floor of Rose Hall after Jan. 1. Whatever the location, the popular master’s program — a joint effort with UW-Oshkosh — will attract students. In fact, the program is turning out graduates in record numbers (about 35 MSW students per year between the two campuses) with solid placement rates. About 80 percent of MSW grads are employed in Wisconsin in their field within three months of graduation. The focus is preparing social workers for administrative and direct-practice leadership roles in an increasingly diverse region, in both rural and metropolitan environments. UWGreen Bay program administrator Prof. Judy Martin is hoping to grow a fledgling alumni group into a powerful group for connections, careers, mentoring and social activity.

He hopes his Wisconsin experience in business management and economics will help him compete in Uzbekistan’s most well-known industry. With his wife’s growing wedding dress business, the couple has dreams of becoming name-brand players in their country’s textile industry.

“Most people know my wife as an expensive dressmaker in the city. We would love her to hit the big wedding dress market in Uzbekistan, which is highly competitive and profitable,” said Ahmedov. Story by Daniele Frechette, editorial intern. Read the full story at

Teachers master language of learning Improving learning through improved teaching has always been the cornerstone of a Master’s Degree in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning. And collaboration is paramount. Such is the case for Kristen Retzlaff, Carissa Teaters and Amber Funmaker — three bilingual educators working at Danz Elementary in Green Bay. They graduate in December. “Because we are all bilingual teachers, it made it quite easy for us to choose a topic of interest to research that was both relevant and

helpful — ’Improving Bilingual Literacy,’” Teaters said. “We also share some similar struggles in the areas of bilingual word study, assessment, and the availability of resources. We knew right away that any research and findings would be helpful not only for us, but for other colleagues as well.” Since its inception in 1998, about 165 classroom educators and others in leadership positions in business and industry have graduated with the Teaching and Learning master’s.

Carissa Teaters (far left), Kristen Retzlaff and Amber Funmaker work collaboratively as bilingual teachers at Danz Elementary School, Green Bay. The three hope to graduate this December after working together on their master’s degree at UW-Green Bay, sharing in their research and results.

November 2010


Dear Former Student, You’re thisclose to graduating… How about giving it the old college try? It’s a new program endorsed by key leaders across higher education. The idea is to track down former students who have never graduated but have enough credits for an associate’s degree, which typically involves about two years and 60 credits.

UW-Green Bay Provost and Vice Chancellor Julia Wallace is the point person here. She says the first step is to re-connect with individuals who would benefit from jump-starting their discontinued college careers.

The idea, called Project Win-Win by the Institute for Higher Education Policy, also addresses students who are a few credits short of that associate degree.

The Lumina grant helps institutions identify, track down and retroactively award qualified students the associate degrees that, for whatever reason, they never received. It also will help these institutions identify students who have recently dropped out who are “academically short” of an associate degree by nine credits or fewer and re-enroll them to finish a degree.

UW-Green Bay is one of only three four-year universities in Wisconsin — Platteville and Stevens Point are the others — taking part. About three dozen colleges and universities in six states are piloting Win-Win, which is funded by a three-year, $1.3 million grant from the Lumina Foundation for Education.

Nationally, if community colleges were to find all the formerly enrolled students whose academic records qualify them for an associate degree and retroactively award them the credential, then the number of associate degrees awarded in the United States would increase by at least 12 percent.

The data analysis and communication challenges are daunting, considering some of the students left school many years ago. But UWGreen Bay’s Wallace says the potential returns are great.

The return of January Interim! Yes, the late, great January Interim has been resurrected, with UW-Green Bay reinstituting the postNew Year’s mini-term on a pilot basis in 2011. The new January Interim will run from the 3rd through the 21st and be completely online. Students can select from roughly a dozen courses (see list below). Many alumni will recall that the original January Interim was eliminated during the early 1990s as a cost-cutting measure. However, with the increasing popularity of online classes, the revival of January Interim is one way the University is trying to help reach UW System goals for increasing the four-year graduation rate.

The lineup? • • • • • • • • • • •


November 2010

Business Computer Applications Introductory Management Advanced Microcomputer Business Applications Micro Economic Analysis Energy and Society Resource Management Strategy History of the United States from 1865 to the Present Jazz Ensemble Global Politics and Society American Government and Politics Environment and Society

“We’re believers in the concept of ‘stackable degrees,’” she says, “the idea that certificate programs lead to associate degrees and associate degrees lead to bachelor’s degrees.” At UW-Green Bay, certificate programs typically require a relatively limited number of credits but significant focus in a given area. Examples include public administration, health care administration and the new Environmental Management and Business Institute certificate. As for associate degrees, the numbers awarded have dwindled to only a relative handful annually. Still, Wallace and others expect that trend to reverse, what with growing market preference for more options, stackable programs and non-traditional avenues toward a bachelor’s degree. They also cite a reduction in Wisconsin’s traditional pipeline of K-12 students enrolling in college. Birth rates were low in the 1990s and early 2000s. Annual high school graduations in Wisconsin are projected to dip as low as 62,500 annually by 2015. That’s down significantly from a recent high of more than 71,000 annually just two years ago.


Uplifting story: Student stands up for — and with — technology UW-Green Bay senior Jennifer Ulrich majors in Human Development and psychology. Also, perseverance. Ulrich has used a wheelchair her entire life. With spina bifida and cerebral palsy, she can move her legs but needs assistance to stand or walk. When she entered college, she did fine academically. She also tested herself with physical education classes including personal fitness and karate. But mobility — even with UW-Green Bay’s concourse system and relatively barrier-free layout — remained a frustration. “I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t participate fully, or I couldn’t do things fully because I was always sitting and always lower than everybody else,” Ulrich says. When she heard of a wheelchair that would allow her to stand and see people eye to eye, she had to have it. “It’s considered the BMW of wheelchairs,” she says. Her preferred ride, the C500 VS Permobil, carried a high price tag, however: $40,000. Ulrich’s insurance company said no. She reached out to disability advocates and elected representatives. More than a year passed, with no movement.

Finally, her persistence paid off. She made the case to the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation that the chair was a necessary investment in her postcollege career. “They decided that a standing wheelchair would help me in school, in getting a job and interviews, so that an employer does not have to accommodate me. I can do the job myself,” Ulrich said. “Standing was also very important to me because I can see people face-to-face. Self-esteem.” Now, with the push of a button, Ulrich can stand. She says she screamed the first time the chair jockeyed her upright because she never had that feeling in her feet. “I actually made the people who were testing it out on me sit me back down because I didn’t like it,” she recalls. “Then I thought, ‘I worked for this thing!’ So I made them put me back up.” Says instructor Jane Birr ’85, who sees the confidence growing, “The world has expanded for her.” Ulrich hopes her experience sends a message to others about perseverance. In fact, she has been invited back to Birr’s class, this time as a motivational speaker. “No matter what challenges you may face, if you keep an open mind anything is possible,” Ulrich says.

I’d be lost without… Outlook. I use it at school and at home the most frequently. I am a communication major and often have group projects. We can’t always talk in person about our projects, so we use email to communicate, though I’m learning it’s not always an effective channel! Online courses or face-to-face? I prefer in-person lecture courses because I am a visual learner. I like it when professors use well-designed PowerPoint slides to aid with their lecture because I am taking in the information visually while they are talking about it. Phlash TV The cameras and editing software are the most important tools, and another way to learn by getting hands-on experience. Faculty use of technology Some are quite tech savvy, some not at all. But I feel the majority I’ve encountered are savvy enough to use technology as an effective learning aid. Something like PowerPoint can be a strength and a weakness. Some understand how to design it so it is easy to read, and others don’t.

November 2010



More adults, diversity in student body Fall Freshmen 2010, by the numbers • Average ACT of 22.9 • 56% are “first generation” (neither parent with bachelor’s) • 74% live on campus • 62% are female • 97% studied a foreign language in high school • 73% were in athletics • 59% were in music, theatre or art • 55% earned Advanced Placement credit • 76% had jobs during high school • 86% expect to earn money as freshmen • 71% expect difficulty managing time • 73% expect difficulty paying for college Sources: Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement, Office of Institutional Research

UW-Green Bay again experienced an uptick in The student body is also more diverse than ever. enrollment, with fall 2010 figures showing gains This year, there are 589 students from multiculin adult learners and in diversity. tural backgrounds at UW-Green Bay. That makes The overall headcount of 6,636 is up slightly up 9 percent of the total student population. from last year. Two programs that primarily serve Last year, the University enrolled 533 students returning adults — Interdisciplinary Studies of color, which represented 8.1 percent of the and Nursing — grew by 28 and 23 percent, student population. As recently as a decade ago, the percentage was closer to 5 percent. respectively.


‘Quick Fix’ blog keeps running tally of low-cost initiatives UW-Green Bay officials take pride in highlighting the University’s “Quick Fix” initiatives. The Chancellor solicited suggestions shortly after his arrival in 2009, saying he welcomed small but high-impact ideas for immediate and “doable” projects to better the institution. One year later, the first two dozen “fixes” were summarized in a report to campus. Among them: • Student photos added to the SIS database; •  Increasing on-campus internship opportunities; •  A campus garden; •  A new and improved new-freshman welcome. The “Quick Fix” projects are described in a blog that is updateable and expandable as still more projects (and there are a few more pending) are finalized. See index.php/category/quick-fixes/ 12

November 2010

Prof. Regan Gurung of Human Development is the newest recipient of the Rosenberg Professorship at UW-Green Bay, for a five-year term through 2015. Chancellor Thomas Harden presented Gurung with Gurung a ceremonial medallion and described him as a prolific scholar, extraordinary instructor and nationally prominent leader in modeling best practices in college teaching.

The Founders Association Awards for Excellence are presented each August but the University honors its standout performers with a poster display year-round near the campus welcome center in the Student Services Building. The 2010 Founders honorees are Prof. Clif Ganyard, teaching; Prof. Greg Davis ’81, institutional development; Prof. Michael Kraft, scholarship; Prof. Denise Scheberle, community outreach; Dean of Students Brenda Amenson-Hill, academic support; and Donna Van Straten, classified staff support.

Prof. Meir Russ of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business is the chief editor of the very first volume of the International Journal of Management and Business. Available in five languages, the inaugural issue included papers on CEO views on the value of international business education, the role of academia in preparing management consultants, and economic and environmental aspects of tourism. Faculty and alumni of UW-Green Bay’s music program were out in force for a September concert marking the release of a new CD by vocal jazz instructor Christine Salerno and her band, ZIJI. Salerno provides songwriting, keyboard and vocals to the group which blends Brazilian and contemporary jazz influences.


Rose, Wood gain new look, technology Two of the first classroom buildings on the UW-Green Bay campus are getting a $5 million facelift and technology infusion this year. Remodeling at John M. Rose Hall is scheduled to be finished by late December. Work on L.G. Wood Hall will begin in January with a completion target of midsummer 2011. The two-building complex opened in 1974 as the College of Community Sciences. The structure originally known as the Community Sciences Build-

Overhauls won’t have ‘pockets’ Eliminated in the upcoming redesign of Wood Hall are the building’s second-floor “people pockets,” most noticeably the carpeted half-pipe sitting area with its groovy 1970s vibe. The design was for decades a favorite of campus photographers (see photo above) and even won mention in the 1975 architectural edition of American School & University magazine. Judges praised the “variety of sizes and configurations of built-in, multi-level carpeted platforms where individuals and small groups can study, talk or rest.” The odd-shaped carpeted forms are replaced in the new floor plan by more contemporary and user-friendly quiet study areas.

STAFF An effort under way to assess the quality of life in the Fox River region is being led by Prof. Lora Warner, director of Center for Public Affairs at UW-Green Bay. Warner’s yearlong LIFE Study, or Leading Indicators for Excellence, is funded by more than $212,000 in grants from 10 non-profit groups in Northeastern Wisconsin. Key indicators include education, public safety, children and families, economic conditions, environmental issues, recreation and the arts. Prof. Bill Niedzwiedz was among the UW-Green Bay contributors to LZ Lambeau, a Vietnam War veterans reunion that drew an estimated 75,000 visitors to the Lambeau Field district in May. An emotional centerpiece of the reunion was a parkinglot-sized map designed by Niedzwiedz. The vinyl sheet, 105 feet wide and 140 feet long, located Vietnam provinces, cities, villages and battle sites and invited visitors to walk on and write on the map as a mechanism for sharing their stories. Mark Vanden Bergh, a groundskeeper with the Facilities Management division, has received a Certificate of Commendation through the Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program. Vanden Bergh’s better idea helped road crews more easily locate storm drains and avoid damage during winter snow plowing.

A new book co-authored by Prof. Phillip G. Clampitt provides insights into how to become a more effective leader. Transforming Leaders into Progress Makers: Leadership for the 21st Century, was Clampitt released in August by Sage Publications. Clampitt, the Philip J. and Elizabeth B. Hendrickson Professor of Business, wrote the book with Robert J. DeKoch, president and chief operating officer of the Boldt Company. Changes in Student Affairs include promotions for Brenda Amenson-Hill and Michael Stearney ’80. Amenson-Hill is dean of students. Stearney is dean of enrollment services. Another appointment involves James Rohan, named the new director of financial aid for the University following the retirement of longtime staff member Ron Ronnenberg. Retired faculty member Richard Logan received national media attention with the release of the book Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean. Co-authored with former student Tere Duperrault Fassbender ’87, the book tells her story. At age 11, her family was murdered at sea on a charter-boat vacation, and she was rescued after surviving days with no food or water.

ing was renamed in 1990 as a tribute to “Jake” Rose, prominent civic leader and president of Kellogg Bank. The Socio-Ecology Building was re-dedicated as Wood Hall in 1985 to honor the former CEO of Paper Converting Machine Co. and early supporter of UW-Green Bay. The third floor of Rose Hall will house the Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies, Nursing, NEW Partnership and Social Work. The central auditorium, Room 250, will be remodeled to seat 260 people. New chairs and wall carpet will be installed. Wood Hall will remain the primary headquarters for business offerings, with the first three floors reconfigured with 15 general classrooms, all featuring screens, computers and projectors. The fourth floor will house the offices of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business, as well as First Nation Studies, Education, the Institute for Learning Partnership and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

A homey celebration for ‘Mr. Housing’

New residents of “his” building were among those applauding Keith Pamperin at the September ribbon-cutting for Keith Pamperin Hall. The guest of honor, a 1970 graduate of UW-Green Bay, had an audience of several hundred friends, family members and students when he made his acceptance remarks, gestured to the three-story building and his name above the entrance, and said, “Well… this is one thing I can take off my bucket list.” Pamperin is the first alumnus — and one-time tenant — to have a residence hall named in his honor. Longtime housing administrator for Green Bay and Brown County, he is a former recipient of the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award and president of the association. He played a key role since the 1980s in securing private funding for continued expansion of the complex. Pamperin Hall is a $7.5 million, 126-bed facility. November 2010



Meet Brian Wardle: Family Man, Fierce Competitor When Brian Wardle was introduced as the new leader of the UW-Green Bay men’s basketball team last spring, the young coach (only 30 when he was hired) had his wife, Lecia, and daughters Mya, 3, and Emy, 1, by his side. The scene, and his first remarks as coach, affirmed what others had said about him: that he is a born leader and competitor like no other,

yet a humble, “relationships and family” sort of guy. “No head coach will outwork me,” he says. “And no one will be more approachable. You will see us out there in the community and on campus, I guarantee it.” Wardle accepted the job after being an assistant the last five seasons under Tod Kowalczyk, who left for Toledo. Wardle’s father, Jim, said he’s not really surprised by Brian’s rapid ascension through the ranks.

Retirees move history forward Former faculty members Ron Starkey and Chuck Rhyner (right) compared notes as the Cofrin Library hosted a “Save Our History” gathering this past summer. For a few hours, members of the Retiree Association and anyone with a good memory for UW-Green Bay people, places and events were invited to help attach labels, captions and IDs to hundreds of uncatalogued photographs in the University Archives and Area Research Center. Deb Anderson, the University archivist, said well over a hundred images were rescued from anonymity. The volunteers who helped ID the photos “also shared some great accounts pertaining to early campus history. They reminisced and we got some great insight into the people and events depicted in the photos.” 14

November 2010

“Brian is very competitive and passionate,” Jim says. “When he was a freshman in high school, he was told he’d never be a D-1 player. They said there are thousands of guys who are 6-5 that can shoot. They criticized his ball-handling. Brian spent the rest of the summer in the driveway with his right hand taped up so that he could only use his left.” Wardle went on to captain the Marquette Golden Eagles to two NIT appearances and become

one of the school’s all-time leading scorers. For more on Wardle including recollections of his early days as a nanny (really), his daughter’s serious bout with illness that taught him perspective, and his plans for the Phoenix, visit http://blog.uwgb. edu/inside and search the “Go Green” category.


Sustaining, trade marking the ‘Eco U’ brand UW-Green Bay took steps in 2010 to reaffirm its commitment to environmental education and reclaim its 1970s title as “Eco U.” (The University recently trademarked the nickname.) Among the highlights: Students extended their fee support of the “U-Pass” mass transit initiative that subsidizes free rides on Green Bay Transit for all holders of a University ID card; The sustainable food movement took hold with a student-led push to convert landscaping beds outside the University Union to vegetable gardens, producing fresh produce for dining services and weekly farmers markets; A new water-bottle refill station in the University Union is a fun way to track UW-Green Bay’s “green” progress. The unit dispenses instant gratification as it counts each refill and allows users to see how many plastic bottles they are keeping out of the waste stream. Within the first couple of months, the count had surpassed 10,000. Visit the story by intern Danielle Frechette at http://blog.uwgb. edu/inside and search the “Go Green” category. A $750,000 gift from Arjo Wiggins Appleton Ltd. to UW-Green Bay extended and expanded a highly successful program in which local high school students monitor water quality in area streams. The project provides hands-on science education for young people and yields important data on tributaries that feed the Fox River and influence water quality on the bay of Green Bay.

with new initiative, UW-Green Bay sets sights on Middle East Big news on the international education front in 2010 was creation of the UW-Green Bay Center for Middle East Studies and Partnerships.

fortress Ajloun in Jordan’s Eastern Desert. On their way back, they met with faculty members from Yarmouk University in Irbid. The UW-Green Bay faculty members made research connections with faculty in anthropology and archaeology.

The Center is a resource on the cultures and languages of the Middle East, promoting Arabic language courses, new academic exchanges and the infusion of greater Middle Eastern content into existing courses. UW-Green Bay already has close ties with the University of Jordan and within the nation of Jordan, the most secular and Western of the Middle East countries. This summer, a contingent of faculty, students and Wisconsin K-12 teachers led by Prof. David Coury (Humanistic Studies) and international projects coordinator Jay Harris, spent one month in Jordan on a federal Fulbright-Hays grant. Other faculty members traveling

were Jolanda Sallman (Social Work), Heidi Sherman (Humanistic Studies/history) and Jill White (Human Development/anthropology). “What impressed me the most was Jordan’s deep history, which spans the entire breadth of human history,” Sherman said of the trip.

“It’s wonderful to see first hand how deeply Jordanians care about preserving the history of their region.”

UW-Green Bay has been awarded several U.S. State Department grants, including one for the very well-received Young Entrepreneurs program. Last spring, the program provided entrepreneurship training for five visiting professional women from Jordan and five from Israel and linked them with mentors from the Northeast Wisconsin business community.

The group took a two-day trip to archaeological sites in the north, including the ancient Roman cities of Jerash and Um Qais as well as the ancient medieval Islamic November 2010



Business program says ‘thank you’ to Cofrins It was a reunion of business and accounting faculty, past and present, along with former Fort Howard and current Georgia/ Pacific executives, when UWGreen Bay leadership hosted a private reception in October at the Weidner Center. The guest of honor was Paige Cofrin of Boulder, Colo., shown at far right examining a University display of Fort Howard Paper Co. history. Speakers praised the generosity of Paige’s father, the late Dr. David A. Cofrin, whose multi-million-dollar donation in 2009 was the largest academic gift in University history. The event was primarily a tribute to the memory of Fort Howard founder Austin E. Cofrin, who was David’s father and Paige’s grandfather.

of the Fort Howard Paper Co., Don DeMeuse, and Georgia Pacific Vice President Kelly Wolff, director of Green Bay manufacturing. A public celebration and open house is likely for 2011 when the School of Business moves back into its permanent home once remodeling of L.G. Wood Hall is complete.

Chancellor Thomas Harden (above, left) described a proud past and bright future for the business program, and said the University was proud to

name the program the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. Posing with Harden and Paige Cofrin in the photo above are the former chairman and CEO

People make it special More than 5,400 graduates in business and accounting have contributed to the program’s success at UW-Green Bay. Their role was acknowledged in this mosaic created to mark the naming of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. In varying shades, colors and sizes, the alumni names combine to depict L.G. Wood Hall, the program’s home since the mid-1970s. To view a PDF of the mosaic and look for names you know, visit Inside on the web.

Employee Campaign: 68 a great rate

‘Ecumenical’ becomes Mauthe Center

This fall’s annual UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff Campaign set a new record with 68 percent of all employees making contributions. That’s well above previous years, and represents a gain in resources available to fund student scholarships and academic enhancements. Chancellor Tom Harden described the results as “excellent” considering the tough economy, and praised “the generosity of individuals who work here and day in and day out give back to this institution.”


November 2010

The Ecumenical Center Board of Directors has announced that it is changing the name of the organization from the Ecumenical Center to the Richard Mauthe Center for Faith, Spirituality, and Social Justice. The decision comes

as a result of the center’s desire to honor the founder and guiding spirit behind the Ecumenical Center – The Rev. Richard Mauthe. The EC grew out of the former Newman Center on Hartung Street near the two-year UW Deckner campus. The EC opened a second location with the opening of the Shorewood campus in fall 1969, in a building near the main entrance boulevard overlooking Nicolet Drive. The current facility dates to 1982, when an ecumenical group of some 30 denominations secured a $650,000 gift from the trust of Arlene B. Walter to finance construction. The facility is an “island” surrounded by state property, and operates independently with a private board of directors.

Annual Report



THE GENEROSITY OF PRIVATE DONORS was evident again in 2009-10 despite a tough economy. With contributions from hundreds of community members, corporations and foundations, and from more than a thousand alumni, retirees and current employees, UW-Green Bay realized major gains in philanthropic support. Community donations to the Founders Association were the strongest in a decade, and faculty/staff participation — nearly 70 percent made gifts — reached record levels. Proceeds benefit academics and student scholarships. Founders Board of Directors Diane N. Beinlich Bryan C. Boettcher* Naletta J. Burr* Beverly C. Carmichael Mona L. Christensen* Dawn M. Foeller Mary K. Frank* Susan M. Frost* Jerry L. Ganoni Dr. Jeremy R. Green Noel S. Halvorsen* Todd M. Jadin* Kumar Kangayappan, Ph.D. Heather L. Karcz* Paul D. Kendle Craig J. Kolb* Jay M. Kramer* Dr. Christopher P. Laws Nanette M. Nelson

Michael D. Peterson James R. Prast Anita H. Resch* Helen K. Schaal Robert O. Southard Joseph H. Thibaudeau* Julie G. Wall* Emeritus Members Thomas L. Schober Donald J. Swette

2009-10 Officers John C. Heugel*, President Scott Wochos, First Vice President Robert J. Cera*, Second Vice President

Nicolet Society $25,000+

1923 Fund Mary Ann Cofrin Sally Killoran Norman Miller Family Foundation, Inc. Trust Point, Inc.

Phoenix Society $10,000 - $24,999

Associated Trust Company Ms. Marjorie Harkins Kiewit

1968 Society $5,000 - $9,999

Cloud Family Foundation, Inc. Kathryn S. and John T. Corio III* Bernie and Alyce Dahlin Irene Daniell Kress James E. Madigan

Shorewood Society $2,500 - $4,999

Janice Witt Galt Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. Green Bay Packers Inc. Dr. Thomas and Cathy Harden Humana Christopher and Carolyn Sampson Schreiber Foods, Inc. * Asterisks denote UW-Green Bay alumni

November 2010


Annual Report Green Bay Society $1,000 - $2,499

American Foundation of Counseling Services, Inc. Associated Bank Badger Investments Baylake Bank Bellin Health Rick and Susie Beverstein* Concerned Hearts Club of Northeast Wisconsin Carol R. De Groot* Sharon R. Dhuey Ferguson Family Baptist Missionary & Educational Fdtn. Ltd. Larry and Kay Ferguson Diane and Patrick Ford* Foth Ryan and Amy Frane* GENCO, Inc. Green Bay Lodge 801 Loyal Order of Moose Don and Phyl Harden Fergus and Bonnie Hughes* Mary Kabacinski Drs. Kumar and Sivakami Kangayappan KI David W. Kicklighter* Richard and Susan Lauf* Louis and Susan LeCalsey Bert and Diane Liebmann Bev Lisle Tom and Jewele Maki Mike and Kate Meeuwsen* Timothy P. Meyer Kathy Pletcher and Chuck Matter Donna L. Ritch Gannett Foundation/Green Bay Press-Gazette Kramer and Carolyn Rock Bob and Jolyce Rupp* Dr. Herbert and Crystal Sandmire* Michele, Pat, and Terry Schott Roy and Hallie Stumpf Tax Executives Institute, Inc.- Northeast Wisconsin Chapter Jan and Dennis Thornton Julia Wallace and Fred Fryman Wells Fargo Foundation Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Scott and Cindy Wochos Judith S. Wochos

Founders Partner $500 - $999

anonymous (5)* American Foods Group, LLC Dr. Betty J. Amuzu* The Aon Foundation A’viands Foods and Services Management Bank Mutual Corporation Rick and Barbara Barker* Diane and Jeffrey Beinlich John and Gisela Brogan Bob and Carol Bush Camera Corner, Inc.


November 2010

Robert and Carrie Cera* Dr. Christopher and Margaret Laws John and Judy Crain DeLeers Construction, Inc. ENCAP, LLC Epic Business Solutions LLC Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Scott and Debbie Furlong Mark and Carrie Gerke* Tom and Linda Halloin* Phil and Betsy Hendrickson* Michael A. Herrity John and Nancy Heugel* Steve Karbon and Eileen McMahon* Shane and Sheila Kohl* Wipfli LLP Schreiber Foods Jane A. Maier Paula L. Marcec and Paul W. Ehrfurth* Patricia E. Meloy Miron Construction Co., Inc. Jeffrey W. Netols Northeastern Wisconsin Oncology Nursing Society James and Kelli Prast Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy L. Rogers Drs. Paul and Thea Sager Marilyn and Mick Sagrillo Daniel Schulz and Casie Rindfleisch-Schulz* The Shopko Foundation Thomas W. Snyder* Donald and Marilyn Swette Christopher J. Tolan, M.D.* Tufco Technologies, Inc. Sherri Underwood* Russell P. Vogel* Wells Fargo Community Support Programs James and Kathryn Wochinske* Xtra Corporation Charitable Foundation

Founders Associate $250 - $499

anonymous (4)* Mark L. Backman* Betty L. Baer Derryl Block and Steven Greenfield Bryan and Mary Beth Boettcher* Ken and Carrie Bothof Patrick and Gail Boucher* Kevin W. Byrne* Randy and Ann Christopherson Jeffery T. Cordry* Karen Cowan Julie (Londo) Davenport* Eric and Trisha DeBruin* Arie and Sandy DeWaal Steve and Debra Dhein* Michael Draney and Vicki Medland Curt Dworak and Debra Christensen-Dworak* Easter Foundation Ralph and Betty Engebos David and Beverly Feldhausen

Susan Finco and Ed Kralovec Patricia Finder-Stone* Dr. Kenneth J. and Paula Fleurant* Rob and Dawn Foeller Kelly J. Franz Max and Susan Frost* Paula and Clifton Ganyard Joseph A. Gillis* Walter P. Gould* Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District Jeremy and Elizabeth Green Dr. and Mrs. John M. Hale and Family Nancy and Jay Hamann James G. Hayes and Debra A. Rose* Thomas and Jill Herlache Cecilia Hintz* Robert Howe and Amy Wolf* Heather Karcz and Richard Zuehlke* Kathleen L. Kasten* David and Peggy Kieper* Sally Killoran Tom and Stacey Klimek* Douglas P. Landwehr and Nanette M. Nelson* Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc. Elaine V. McIntosh Mike and Kate Meeuwsen* Dave and Deb Muench* Dr. Kay M. Nelson* Stephen and Julie Pasowicz* Joe and Jennifer Pieper* Wayne and Anita Resch* Mary Jane Rintelman and Ben Laird Jack and Ginny Riopelle Tom and Suzan Schober* Timothy J. and Laurie M. Sewall* Dan and Elizabeth Spielmann Sandra Staszak* John and Pam Stoll* Barbara and David Strom Tosca Limited

Tammy J. VanLanen Woulf Joanne Vomastic Muka* Doug Wirth* Gregory Zickuhr*

Founders Member $100 - $249

anonymous (31)* Pete and Cindy Allcox* Brenda M. Amenson-Hill Debra L. Anderson James J. Anderson* Jim and Jane Anderson Mark Annoye (Bugsy)* Jennifer Oshita Archer* John and Lucy Arendt* Scott and Lori Ashmann* Lisa and Ryan Atwater* Mary Lou and Cyril Backes Mike and Karen Barry Joel and Kris Bastian* Robert and Joanne Bauer* Paul and Brenda Beck Terry A. Becker* Joseph Becwar* Patrick J. Beimborn* Sally Berben* Sherry and Richard Berg* Dr. Krishna and Vibha Bhatt Bob and Kathy Blakesley* Andy and Kelly Bottoni* Bob Bower and Sue Vermeulen* Pamela M. Bramschreiber Gregory Bredael* Norbert and Patricia Bries* Martha L. Brown* Charles Brummer* Mark and Teri Brunette* Ron and Lois Brzezinski* Daniel and Sarah Brzozowski* Ann K. Buck* Kenneth Burda Debbie A. Burden*

Annual Report Jean Everson Busker* Bev and Don Carmichael Tina Carr* Jeff Casalina* Stephanie L. Cataldo Pabich* Eileen Charles* Billie Chavez* Chernick Family Foundation Kate Christman* Bob Cisler* Juliet E. Cole* Lisa (Lemma) Conard* Dr. William C. Conley Eileen M. Connolly-Keesler* David N. Coury Fredric and Sheilah Cradler Mary Quinnette Cuene* Andrew Curtin* Margaret Czachor* Edna Damkoehler Sandra J. Davel* Margaret W. DeBruine* Keith and Carol Decker* Dean T. DeFere Neil T. Derkowski* Kimberly and Tim Desotell Susan DeWitt Davie Diamondback Chiropractic Lavonne Dietrich* Shawn A. Dimmer* Mark and Luann Dorvinen* Michael and Kari Dorvinen* William J. Duffy Linda M. Dupuis Steven I. Dutch Ken Eggen* Michelle M. Eis* James Else* Scott and Karri Endries* Marc English* Dean and Mary Ellen Eslien Jorge Estevez John C. Evans* Kirby and Claudia Falkenberg* Jon D. Felch* Jean M. Fiedler Lynn M. Fisher* William Forrest* Steven Frank* Beverly and George French Carmen J. Gallagher* Susan Garot* Lisa J. Gast* Jim Genrich* Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gerczak* Ralph G. Giese* Tom Glomski* Lauri A. Govin Norma Graf* Kenneth J. and Sharon A. Graves* Ginny Gribble* Al and Sharon Gutowski* John L. Hagermann* Richard and Robyn Hallet* Mary Halloin* Jennifer M. Hanewall James C. Hansen*

James N. Hansen* Bud and Vicky Harris* Thomas A. Harrison* Marian and Dr. Loren Hart Lee and Esther Hartzheim* Pamela K. Harvey-Jacobs* Jean Gagan Hatcher* Aeron Haynie and Mark S. Anderson Richard and Cindy Heath* Frederick Heide, Ph.D.* Mary J. Higley Hilgenberg & Associates, Inc. Suzanne L. Hixson* Dean Hoegger* Nicole A. Hoffmann* Joan and Jim Hogan Wayne and Karen Hollister* Barbara Holly-Fox* Debra A. Hoops* Harold J. Hoops Bill and Stephanie Hubbard Jerry Huncosky* Chuck and Carol Ihrke J.C. Brennan & Associates Todd M. Jadin* Mark E. Janiak* Traci L. Janisch* Richard and Peg Jansen Karen A. Jick Barbara G. Johnson* Charles L. Johnson Imogene Powers Johnson Randall L. Joly* Jennifer L. Jones David and Patricia Jowett Stephanie L. Kaponya Katers & Associates, LLC John and Linda Katers* Paul and Colleen Kendle Jed and Elizabeth Kirchenwitz* Kristina Klemens* Walter and Joyce Klunk Dr. Scott E. Knapp* Kurt J. Kober* Kevin Kohrman* Paul R. Kok Craig and Meg Kolb* Mark Koplien Carole A. Kortenhof* Tod and Julie Kowalczyk* Michael Kraft and Sandra Simpson-Kraft Jay and Coco Kramer* Lola J. Krebsbach* Mark R. Kroll, D.O.* In Memory of Dr. Kenneth R. Kubsch (3) Richard G. Kusch* Bill Laatsch and Fran Hunter Jim and Karen Lacey Daniel and Jo Ellen (Rood) Lang* Randall and Catherine Lawton Jeffrey J. Lax* Barbara A. Lemerond* Francis J. and Jean LeMieux Robert and Myra LeMieux

Founders Association questions (frequently asked) How do I join the Founders Association? Direct an immediate contribution to the University through the Advancement Office by phone at (920) 465-2074 or via the web at giving/ and you’re enrolled for that fiscal year. Members receive notice of University special events, invitations to Founders Association gatherings and the satisfaction of supporting UW-Green Bay.

I’m a recent graduate starting out… how much is $20 or $25 a year from me really going to help? UW-Green Bay has 27,500 alumni so, collectively, you can make a difference. Founders Association supporters are valuable advocates. What’s more, community leaders and elected officials view the donor honor roll as a relative gauge of support.

Why does a public university need private support? UW-Green Bay gets less than 30 percent of its funding from the state of Wisconsin. It relies increasingly on tuition, gifts and grant revenue. It is more accurate to describe the University as “tax-assisted” rather than “tax-supported.”

Where does my gift go? Unrestricted gifts to the Founders Association support the University’s academic mission through merit scholarships, faculty and staff development and initiatives that enhance academic programs.

November 2010


Annual Report

Ekaterina M. Levintova Janet Lieb* Bert and Diane Liebmann John and Ronda Liebmann* Sarah and Jon Lindh* Donna J. Lipper* Thomas A. Loomer* Melanie Maas* Neal Maccoux* Frank Madzarevic* Barbara Maenpaa Barnum Jill and John Mahlik* Peggy J. Maier* Marsha L. Malak* Jan and Lynn Malchow* Lee and Sally Mancoske Peter Mancuso* Michael and Maryanne Marinetti* Brian and Kate (Hermann) Markwardt* Twila and John Marquardt Edward and Terri Martin Don and Gail McCartney Ann L. McLean Melissa A. Merkovich* David C. Metzner* Amy Meyer* Steve Meyer Gregg Miller* Elaine Milson Joseph M. Moran and Jennifer M. Tilllis Jane and Reg Muhl Elizabeth Nair Lisa J. Neal (Paulus)* Bruce Neeno* Barrington R. Neil* Amy L. Nelson* Jeff Nelson and Jill Braser* Dennis and Patricia Nelson* Thomas M. Nelson Thomas Nesslein and Kim Hang Ma-Nesslein


November 2010

Brock and Heidi Neverman* Donald E. Newton* Sara and Stephen Nick* Kim E. Nielsen and Nathan J. Tuff Irwin and Nancy Nolan Robert and Elizabeth Obenberger Dr. George and Ann O’Hearn* Catherine V. O’Leary* Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin James P. O’Neil* John J. Opsteen* Dr. David L. Outcalt Elaine B. Pamperin Keith A. Pamperin* Sherry A. Paplham* Richard and Linda Parins Honorable and Mrs. Robert J. Parins Jack W. Paris* Linda Peacock-Landrum and John Landrum James and Martina Pech* Patricia C. Perkins Mike and Koreen Peterson Paul and Lynn Petrasko* Robert Petri* Ron and Suzy Pfeifer Carol and Nick Pollis Mike and Kimberly Powers* Karen Prevetti Kersten Rawson S. Price David and Deirdre Radosevich Wayne Raether* Dr. Surinder and Sushil Rajpal Wael Rashidi* John S. Rathman* Shawn Reed and Molly Rentmeester Reed* Deborah Rezac and Veronica Brown Charles and Lenora Rhyner Aaron Richardson* Russell and Karen Rifleman Joan Robb and Thomas Davis

Chris Rosera* Ellen W. Rosewall Debbie and Tod Sanders Mary Kay Sanders* Todd and Kristie Sanders Bruce and Barbara Schaepe* Denise L. Scheberle Gary L. Schinke* Mark and Caryn Schleitwiler* Bill and Adrienne Schmitz Amy M. Schommer* Daniel Patrick Schreiber* Paul Schumacher* Leander J. and M. Helen Schwartz Edward and Mary Sepanik Donna M. Sheedy* John and Theresa Shuck Norbert and Mary Ann Siolka* Mary C. Sipiorski* Karen S. Slote* Catherine O. Small Leanne M. Snell* James Soletski Hosung Song Bob and Martha Southard Adam and Mary Sowatzka* Pam and Rich Spangenberg* Amy Spencer* Spin Of Door County LLC Jeanne and Joe Stangel* Michael and Beverly Stearney* Dorothy and Jerry Stepien Laura and Roger Stillman* Richard and Martha C. Stucky Penny and Gus Swoboda Temployment, Inc. Ed Thompson Tom Triatik* Dixie J. Tubbs* Zeta K. Turriff Union Pacific Corporation Lee and Pam Utke* UW-Green Bay Alumni Association* Luke and Sherri Valitchka* Dale and Louise Van Beek* Ed and Sue Van Boxtel Myron and Carol Van De Ven Marianne Van Drisse David and Jane Van Galen* Sheryl L. Van Gruensven Kassie M. Van Remortel Karl T. Van Roy Randy and Julie Van Straten* Stephen and Kerry VanderBloomer* David Voelker and Ruth Homrighaus Michael and Hope Voigt* Clifford C. Wall Tom and Judy Wall Lora H. Warner James and Diane Warpinski* Rick and Heidi Warpinski* Jean M. Watson Edwin and Nancy Watts William S. Weidner* Marjorie M. Weidner Robert B. and Lena M. Wenger

Debbie Wesolowski* Tim and Maryanne Weyenberg James and Ruth Wiersma In Honor of Carol Witchey from her Bridge Group* Molly E. Witt* Dennis and Karen Wojahn Ann E. Wuerger* R. Aileen Yingst and Ross J. Nova Patricia and Ronald Zager* Dr. Laura J. Zakowski* Paula Reinhardt Zeilon* Mrs. Harriet Ziemer Jay R. Zimmerman* Michael E. Zimmerman* Jim and Joanne Zipperer* Michael and Diana Zorn* Steven N. Zywicki

Friend up to $99

anonymous (213)* Jerry and Althea Abitz William P. Ahnen Tohoro Francis Akakpo Patricia A. Albers Kathy Altergott* Dirk W. Anderson* James Anderson* Pamela H. Anderson* Amy Angeli* Kelly and Jeff Anklam* Larry M. Antosch and Karen Mancl Antosch* Kristin M. Aoki Renee L’Empereur Aprill* Ken and Ruth Arentsen* Julie Arneth Harvey and Julia Arnold* Tammy J. Austin* Edward and Marlene Autio* Ramona Back* Marjorie Bader* David Baierl* Dennis J. Bailey Joseph C. Baker* Kimberly Baker Florence Banaszak* Gaurav Bansal and Pooja Agarwal Tom Barchacky* Chan and Gail (Gospodarek) Barden* David Bardon* Jean M. Barrett-Terry* Cindy Bartel* Amy S. Bartelme* John Basel* Kevin R. Bassett* Nancy E. Bastjan* Angela C. Bauer-Dantoin John Baumgart* Mary N. Becker* Sarah Beckman* Allan Bedora* Pamela F. Belden* Jean and Myles Belke* Vince Bellantonio, Jr.

Annual Report Lori Belongia* Corey Bender* Victoria Bennett Veum and David Veum* Jeffrey and Carresse Benzow* Debra Berg* Jeanne M. Berg* Thomas P. Bertrand* Gene Bethel* Paul Beyer Barbara Billings Biebel Tom Bieberitz* Danielle Bina Karen L. Bircher Bridget L. Bishop* Brent and Regina Blahnik Robert G. Bloedorn* Diane E. Blohowiak* Melissa Blom* Ronald L. Bodart* Susan M. Bodilly* Gerald and Nancy Boettcher Laura Boettcher* Tony and Cathy Bogolin* Steve Bohman* Laurie A. Boivin* Ashley M. Boogren* Nancy E. Boone* Michael and Kris Bostedt and Family* Dave and Kristin (Van Epern) Bouchard* Ken and Grace Bouschart Lisa A. Bowen* Carol A. Brabant Sher Brandl and David Verhagen* Lynn E. Brandt* Sharon D. Brandt Ann A. Brantmeier* Germaine (Jerry) Bravick* Susan M. Bray* Gerard M. Bredael* Joel and Traci Breitrick* Sidney Bremer and Jerrold Rodesch Linda A. Brend, C.P.A.* Maria Breu* Robert W. Brey* Kate Brickley* Barbara J. (Chekouras) Brown* Mary D. Brownell* Bethany Bruce* Jeffery Brunner and Katrina Czys* Michele Brunner* Steven J. Brunner* LaRae Bruno* Marlys Brunsting Dr. Dennis and Ann Bryan Charles A. Brys Vicki Buettner* David J. Bugni Michelle M. Bukowiec* Lynn Bunkelman* Patricia A. Bunker* Amber Burgess* James Burkel* Janice M. Burkel

Lori Burmaster Ann Grinde Burton* Christine and David Bushkie* Randy and Anne Buttke Christopher and Patti Calawerts* Karen Callahan Ricci Carley* Lois Carlson* Susan J. Carlson* Isabel Carpiaux William T. Carr* Dorothea B. Carson* Chris J. Carstens* Michael J. Casbourne Ellen Casey Wagner* Joseph Cataldo* Kevin Chambers* Rick and Darlene Charboneau* Brian and Tammy Charlier* Todd Charnetski* Bill and Cheryl Chaudoir* Catherine M. Chevalier* Carl A. Christensen* Marcia Kornely Christiansen* Timothy J. Christiansen* Barbara J. Christl* The Christman Family* Debra Christopherson* Tina Cigelnik* Ericka J. Claflin* Pam Clausen* Jaremy and Karren Cobble* Dianne L. Cochrane* Craig R. Coenen* Femi and Brooke Cole* Bradley J. Collins* Candy R. Conard* Janalee J. Conradt* Jane Stewart Cook* Barbara Cooper* Douglas and Brigitte Corrigan Michael Couillard* Senator Robert Cowles* Sue N. Cox* Eric and Susan Craver David C. Crevcoure* Mrs. Kristin Crooks and Justice Patrick Crooks* Tom Crowley* Lynne M. Cunningham* Michelle Klasen Dahlke* Sue Dahnert Julie Dalebroux* JoLynn Damitz* Todd and Anne Danen* Jon Dartt* Ellen M. Dauplaise* Rick Davidson* Harold and Janis Day Debra K. De Muri* Mary Jo De Villers* Nellie P. DeBaker* Kelly L. Dedow* Jennifer Deets-Bartz* Cate Deicher* Ronald G. Delforge*

Virginia C. Dell* Laurie Smits Delvaux* Russell and Joyce Delvaux Heather Schneider Delveaux* Leon J. Delveaux* Jayne DeMeuse* James and Carole Derbique Emily and Andy Deremo* Bridget A. Derge* Margaret M. Derus* SuAnn and Doug Detampel Judy Deuchert* Dean and Marilee DeVillers* Ms. Terry Ellis* Judy A. Dickinson* Stephanie S. Diedrich* Brett and Jennifer Dimmer* Gretchen Dingman* Ray Pavelko MS, LPC Christopher Dockry* Garen E. Dodge* Renee Dodge* Debera Doersch* Tracy and Derek Dombeck* Susan (Grajek) Dondlinger* Matthew Doran* Mathew E. and Elizabeth A. Dornbush Edward J. Dorner* John Dorney* Lynn and Joe Doudna Joanie C. Dovekas and Lynn Nash Micky J. Doyle Steve and Barb Dreger* Julia Drobeck* Wanda DuChateau* Kenneth Duellman and Hisako Sakabe-Duellman* Thomas Dueppen* Mary J. DuMonthier* Tim and Marcia Duquaine* Susan R. Durant* Sean, Kay, and Meghan Dwyer*

James Ehlers* Edward Ehlert and Tamarisk Theush* Karen Ek* M. Victoria Elenes and Brian Bader* James and Mary Elmer* James Emerson* Carol Emmons Sandra Weimer Englert* Jeffrey and Donna Entwistle Thomas C. Erdman* Deborah Ericson* Renee L. Ettinger Patrick Evans* Jennifer Fais* Duane Fameree* Sally and Joseph Faucett* JoAnn M. Feeney Nancy Small Feld* Ruth Lepp Feldhaus RN, MS, ANP (ret)* Tonya Felhofer (Amble)* Brandon and Amanda Ferguson* Kevin and Jill Fermanich Joe and Elaine Ferris Roberta Filicky-Peneski* Eric and Jessie Fink* Kathleen Burns Finn Anthony E. Fischer* Andrew and Heidi Fisher Wendy and Michael Fitzgibbon* Georgia Fleming* Amy Flint Beth A. Flynn* Patrick and Christy Flynn* James D. Fonder Jean M. Fontaine* Paul R. Francar* Gary Franke* Jean M. Frease* Nancy L. Friebel* Jack and Rachel Frisch* Jessaca J. Frost*

November 2010


Annual Report Jennica and Leland Fulwilder Vicki Furlow* Eric and Amy Gajeski* Sharon K. Gajeski* Mary Gallagher Damiani* Susan M. Gallagher-Lepak and Steven W. Lepak Dr. Eric Gass* Alison Gates Cynthia Lawler Gault* Laurie and Chad Gehrke* Joyce S. Gelderman* Mark W. Genke* Roger and Rachel Georgia Catrina and Michael Geraths Karen B. Gerena Bill E. Gerl, Jr.* Steven I. Gerrits* Ross and Ellen Gilbert* Pamela J. Gilson* Paul H. Gobster* Dale and Mary (Brzezinski) Goodner* Mary J. Goral Pat A. Gottfredsen* Anna Graf* Mary Graham* Sandra Grambow* Kari Jo (Kleinhans) Grant* Patrea and Bradley Grant* Dinah Grassel* Ken Grasso* Glenn P. Gray Johanna Hansen Gray Green Bay Area Public Schools Daniel A. Green* Frank and Lynette Green* James R. Green* Richard E. Green* Joshua Gretzinger* Therese A. Greve Stacie Rae Gries* Thomas J. Griggs* Bonnie Groessl* Joan M. Groessl* Jill (Pitt) Groshek* Jeffery J. Gross Regan A.R. Gurung Kelly Jean (Tessen) Gust* James Gutstadt* Julianne Gyarmaty* Cole and Tracy Hackert* Mary Hagedorn* Patricia Hager* Darlene R. Hallet Jana Halverson* Wendy Halverson* Deborah A. Hamilton* Peter R. Hanaway* Joyce O. Hannemann Susan A. Hansen* Suzanne Misovie Hanson* Thomas and Marla Harmon* Jeanne and David Harper* Virginia A. Haske, C.P.A.* Charles and Judy Hastert Judith E. Hayner* Jeffrey Hebert*


November 2010

Mike Heidger* Dan Heim - Desert Dweller* Jennifer Heim* Donna M. Heimerl Mike Heine* Marilyn Wiegand Heinemann* Thomas G. Heinrich* Beverly Hendricks Chris and Candee Hendricks* Arthur H. Hendrix, Jr.* Connie (Pemrich) Henkel* Amy and Todd Henniges* Randall J. Herman* Al and Lynn Herrman* Marjorie Herrscher* Robert C. Herubin* Stacie Herzog and Julie Tetzlaff* Janice H. Hess Bonnie Lepak Hessedal* Elizabeth M. Hessler Alan E. Hettiger* Thomas and Diane Heyrman Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hieronimczak* Robert Hieronimczak* Doreen Higgins* Dylan Hilbert* Scott and Lisa Hildebrand Signe S. Hill* Bob Hittle* Shew Ho* Gina Hocevar* Gail C. Hodek* Glen Hogan* Robert J. Hogan* Martin W. Holden* Deborah (Wright) Holmes* Family of Mary Hooten* Michael T. Hoppa* Pamela S. Hopps* John Horbal David and Jean Horst* Marcia H. Hostetter* Chris Howland* Katrina R. Hrivnak Roger Huben* Gary and Renee Huebner* Janet L. Hunerdosse* Kasha J. Huntowski* Kevin and Michelle Hussey* Cynthia A. Huxford* Amy L. Ibuaka Todd M. Indermuehle* Denise Jacobs* Larry W. Jacobs Kathryn A. Jagemann* Kathleen Jahns* Steve Janke* Pat Jansky* Daniel R. Janssen Joel and Jennifer Jarock* Linda Jaworski-Pecht and Thomas Pecht* Sharon Jehle* Dr. Donald and Debra Jenny Carol M. Jens* Jacqueline Jensen* Kathy and Rob Jeske*

Brenda Lee Jicha* Marjorie A. Joanis* Robert and Kristine Johanek Family* Robin J. Johengen* Nancy Beitzel Johnsen* Barbara Johnson* Eileen Vanderwegen Johnson* Eric S. Johnson* Raymond and Joyce Johnson* Linda A. Johnson and Edward J. VanCampenhout* Mary B. Johnson* Laurie and Matthew Johnson* Norm and Virginia Johnson* Carol Johnson-Hohol* Suzanne Jones* Chris Junget* Eleanore Juza Robert Kahl* Rebecca Kaiser* Cory Kaisler* Janae and Erik Kakulis* Stephen Kaluzny* Kimberly A. Kampschroer* Lynn A. Kananen* Laura A. Karlen* Julie Kastner* Anne M. Kasuboski Mike and Kristy Kaye* Cailin Kearns* Gail Hermsen Keeley* Stacy (Scott) Kemps* Brett Kennedy* Linda Kennedy* Gerard J. Keuler Ken M. Kiefer* Hye-Kyung Kim Julie Kimps* Chris and Kathy Kirschling* John Kirschling Pat Kleba* Don and Chris Klein* Mike and Joan Klinkner*

David Kliss* Mildred Jane Knack* Eric J. Knapowski* Georgeann M. Knier MSW* Mallory Kniskern* Wesley and Rhonda Knoespel* Kate Kobriger Suttner* Jeanne M. Koch* Ray and Sue Koch* Kathryn Koehler Howe* Jeff and Terri Koehn* Frank and Sue Koelbl* Jerry Koeppel* Josh Koleske* Linda Kortbein* D. Korthof-Stanton* Tana Koss* David J. and Janice P. (Wochos) Kozlovsky* Mary Krabbe* Paul and Moira Kraft* Janine M. Walch-Krajnik* Jon Krapfl* Shari Krejcarek* Larry Kropp* Michael and Nancy Krueger* In Memory of Dr. Kenneth R. Kubsch (8)* Judy Kubiak Mary Ellen Kubsch Sylvia and Kubsch Laura M. Kuehn Scott and Sandra Kunesh* Prof. James and Helen Kuntz Family Deanne C. Kusserow Anthony J. La Luzerne* Sally La Luzerne-Oi* Sherry A. Lacenski David and Julie Lamers* Kristin L. Lampe Timothy D. Lang Robert J. Langan* Joseph W. Langer* Dr. Dave Langholff*

Annual Report

Kathleen Bednarek-Lankey* Paula S. LaPlante* Loretta M. Larkey* Donald and Judy Larmouth Kristi L. Larsen Pat Larsen Cathy Fruehe* Janice Larson* Richard Lashua* John J. Latz* Jackie Laurent* James and Elsa Lax* Patrick and Cynthia Le Clair* Susan Lebergen* Paul M. LeBlanc* Gary J. Ledvina* Bert Lehman* Rhoda Lehrke* Stephen G. Lehrke* Elizabeth M. Leist Paul J. Lemens Michael M. Lepak* Shirene Lesperance* John A. Lester* Carmen and Lloyd Leuthner* Gail Lichte* Leah M. Liebergen Steven J. Lieburn* Judith M. Lindbom* William R. and Patricia K. Lindmark* Nicole L. Linssen* Donald A. Lison* Mai J. Lo Lee James F. Loebl J. Vincent and Bridgett Lowery Anne E. Lubbers* John A. Luczaj Dawn Luedtke Julie Luepke* Priscilla M. Lueptow Danielle M. Luer* Victoria (Torrey) Luiting (Zipperer)* Julie M. Lukesh

Terrence and Margaret Lychwick* John and Kimberly Lyon Starr L. Lyon* Lisa Meadows Lyss* Carrie and Chris Maccoux* Scott R. Majewski* Robert and Sandra Maki* Benjamin and Deanna Malcore* Michele A. Malcore* Donald Mallow II* Mrs. Nirmala T. Mammen Ruth Manders* Laura Marotz Class of 1995 Educ. Mj.* Lucinda J. Marquardt* Mark Martell and Kathy Peters-Martell* Ryan and Tina Martin Diego Martinez-Vivot* Steve Martinson Tami Martinucci* William and Kathleen Matchefts* Brian and Karen Mathews* Joan Mathews* Kathryn A. Matheys* Matthew Mattila Nancy Mattke* Judith A. Matzke* Marjorie Mau* Margaret Maule* Larry L. Mc Gregor* Karen McCorkle* Robert M. McDonald* Diane McFarlane* Joe McGauran* Jan McKee* Joseph B. McMahon* Jennifer K. McNeill Jennifer and Brad Meetz* Daniel J. Meinhardt Constance Meisinger* Michael D. Mentzel Chevonne H. Merhalski* Linda Merline*

Charlene M. Messenger* Mark and Jen Metcalf* Marianne and Daniel Metzig* Randall and Janice Meunier* Andrew J. Meyer* Gary J. Meyer* James W. Meyer* Vicki A. Meyers* Mary Michiels* Kenneth C. Mickle, M.D.* Steven J. Mickle* Mark Micksch* Janis A. Mielke* Sheryl Mielke* Robert C. Mileski* Louis and Patricia Milheiser Donald E. Miller* Karla A. Miller Lisa L. Miller Cindy Mischler and Family* Karen Mitchell Mittag* Paul J. Mleziva* Mark Moeller* Paul and Jennifer Molchany* Frank and Sherry Moon* Sherrie Moose* Daniel J. Moran III* Ashley L. Moreno* Chad Moritz* Kari (Moriak) Moskal* Katheryn Mottl* Susan Moumblow* Jennifer L. Mueller* Rachel V. Mueller Trisha Baker Mueller* Patricia R. Murphy* Susan Z. Murphy Steven R. Muzatko* Sharon Nagy* Dennis Naidl* Marilyn J. Nakamoto Mary Lou Collier Nast* Jeanne Neidenbach* Mr. and Mrs. William E. Nell* Vicki L. Nellis Christine T. Nelson Kathy and Doug Nelson* Neil F. Nelson* Tori L. Nelson* Sara M. Nerenhausen* Deborah Nett* Karen Nicholas William R. Niedzwiedz Christine M. Nielsen Tim and Lynn Niemi Ron Niesing Joan Niquette Betty A. Noe* Illene and Lloyd Noppe Dr. and Mrs. Charles Nordell Stuart and Jo Norman* Maxine F. Novitski John and Nancy Nusbaum Gary P. Nuthals* Jean M. Nuthals* Roxann L. Nys* Stacy Oatman*

Mary Ellen O’Connor* Michael J. O’Connor* Daniel P. O’Donnell* Stacey D. Oelrich* Kevin and Mary Officer* Nicole Offield* Judith A. O’Grady* Theresa I. Okokon* Mark and Jennifer Olkowski Cindy Olli* Karolyn Olson* Karen R. Opolka Kevin and Brenda O’Rourke* Cristina M. Ortiz Joan A. Osthelder* Winston Ostrow and Bob and Mettja Overly* Nancy L. Pagel* Jeff Pagels* Melissa (Greil) Palfery* Karen F. Palmer* Michael and Susan Pankratz* Michael Parmentier* Cheryl Paul* Tom and Sue Paulson* Ruth and Phillip Pearson Terri Peaslee* Cullen S. Peltier* Mary Penn* Patricia Nelson Perry* Benjamin J. Perthel* Bette J. Perz John and Lynn Peters* Charlene M. Peterson* James L. Peterson* Judith K. Peterson* Keith and Karen Peterson* Judith Severson Phillip* Carol Pichette* Craig and Jennifer Piczkowski* Daniel J. Piekarz* Kristie and Connon Piencikowski* Cheryl S. Pieper Judith and Jon Pietsch Dick Pigeon* Tim and Sarah Pigo* Susan L. Placzkowski, R.N.* Melissa A. Platkowski Bobette Nelson Plendl* Jim Plog* Amy J. Plotner* Terrie A. Pohjola* Constance R. Polasik* Sandy Pomerening* Mary S. Popp Mark and Theresa Powless* Bill Preboski* Sue E. Premo* Stanley L. Presley* Ryan Priebe* Susan L. Proctor* Joseph R. Prosser* Pat and Reb Przybelski Abby L. Pubusky* Lois A. Pulvermacher* Carla and Doug Punzel*

November 2010


Annual Report Monika B. Pynaker Edda M. Quigley Gregory A. Quigley* Teresa E. Quinn, M.D.* Stella J. Raasch* Julie M. Rabe Linda Reimer Rabe* Amy Rachubinski* Rachelle L. Rachubinski* Linda T. Raczek* Andrew S. Radetski* Julie A. Radosavljevic* David Raether* Mark and Meredith Raimer* Brian Rammer* Carl Rasmussen* Kevin and Amanda Rasmussen* Carol L. Ray Amy Redig* Edward A. Reed* Dr. Gregg and Julia Reed* Nicole Reetz* Sharon L. Rehn* Janet and Robert Reilly Ann M. Reiser* Darrel and Sarah Renier* Charles Renner, Jr.* Rosa Retrum Russell J. Reynard* Kay H. Rich* Dick Richards* Donald and Jean Richardson Douglas and Sara Rifleman* Megan B. Ripley* Ann Risgaard* Susan R. Roberts* David J. Robinson Shawn A. Robinson Susan M. Robinson* Rick and Debbie Roder Caroljean Kores Rodesch* Kevin R. Roeder* Marc E. Rogers Bill Roggow* James P. Rohan Sue Rohan Deborah A. Rose* Bob Rosek and Mary Dewane Rosek* Peter D. Rosen Elisa Rosenick* Keith W. Rosin Mary A. Rosin* Kurt B. Rothe Lynn and Matthew Rotter* Rebecca Roy* Joseph F. Rozum Dr. Steven Runge* Kristine Rusboldt* Diane L. Rusch* Joseph Russom


November 2010

Jolanda Sallmann James O. Sams Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz Janice M. Schauer* Buddy Schaut* Jamel Schiller and Chad Heim* Mary S. Schimberg* Amy and Jonathan Schlicht* Dr. Stephen D. Schlosser* Nancy J. Schmechel* Adam and Kris (Burg) Schmidt* Mary E. Schmidt Patricia Schmidt* Bonnie M. Schmitt* Michael C. Schmitt Christopher A. Schmitz* Christopher J. Schneider* Melissa and Andy Schnurr Kathleen Schoendorf* Joseph and Amy Schoenebeck* Skip Schollaert* Brent Schroeder* Andrea and Robert Schuessler* Aaron and Jennifer Schuette* Al and Ellen Schuettpelz In Memory of Dr. Kenneth R. Kubsch from Bill and Connie Schuler Carol Schulke Mildred A. Schultz* Nancy and Conrad Schumitsch* Karyl K. Schunck* John Schuurmans Construction, Inc. Jennifer L. Schwahn* Brenda L. Sedmak* Marc C. Seidl* Ann and Paul Selk Rick A. Seppa* Karen M. Sevick Dinesh and Panna Shah Kristopher T. Sharpe* Judy Shaw* William A. Shay Jim and Traci (Feil) Shefka* Heidi M. Sherman Carol A. Shield* Jill L. Siegmund Colleen T. Sipiorski* John Skvarce* Lore A. Slattery* Penny Sloan* Cathy M. Smiley* Christine A. Smith Dianne M. Smith* Gary Smith* Greg and Sue Smith* Mike J. Smith* Scott W. Smith* Rose Smits* Jan Snyder Lloyd J. Sobeck* Jennifer C. Solper* Beverly A. Sommerfield Sharon Loehlein Soquet* Tim and Addie Sorbo* Patrick T. Sorelle

Christopher and Ramona Speier* Henry A. Spille and Marilyn D. Spille Dwayne and Yvonne Splan Arthur W. Spurlock* Marsha L. St. Louis Theresa Staeven* Connie Stahnke-Jankowski* Bob Steeno* Robert Steeno* Sonja Stefaniw* Stephanie Steinke and Doug Anderson* Deborah D. Stellmacher* Mary Stephany Trimmier* Helen Stephens Howlett* Colleen Sternitzky* John K. Stilp* Sandra Stoddard* Kathryn and Jeff Stone* Pamela K. Storm Mike Streckenbach* Daniel Stringer* Julie Stucky Kit Sullivan* Pamela Suster Brian W. Sutton Monica Sweetman* Steven W. Swenson* Judy A. Sytsma* Tina M. Tackmier* Penny and Alan Tank* Sally S. Tarvid* Christine R. Terrien* Michael and Emily Tewes* Rita Thackeray* Joseph and Anne Thibaudeau* John A. Thomas* Tom Thomas* Jo Ellen Thompson* Peggy Thompson Bette Thorgersen* Glen and Kathleen Tilot* Leonard James Timmer* Martin Tirado* Carlyn L. Tochterman* Rebekah L. Tollard* Patricia Tomasin Robert and Katherine Tracy Joel and Patricia Trick* Gail and Jude Trimberger Christina M. Trombley Michael and Linda Troyer Jolene A. Truckenbrod Patricia Stiller Trudell* Wendy J. Turek* Sonja L. Twaroski* Jean M. Tweedale* Brenda L. Tyczkowski* Phillip Uekert* Sherri L. Urcavich* Kirk R. Uslabar* Patricia Valentyn* Mary Valitchka* Michelle Van Ark* Erin A. Van Daalwyk*

Alison A. Van Duyse* Michael Van Lanen Amy and Brian Van Oss Peggy A. Van Rixel Donna and Duane Van Straten Vern and Mary Vandenberg* Mark B. and Mary Vandenbusch* Christine Vandenhouten James Vandenhouten* Patrick J. Vandervest* Roger Vandervest* Veronica Verkuilen* Glen A. Verstegen* John Verwiel* Kristin M. Vespia Kimberly D. Vlies Zachary Voelz and Kristen Lindgren-Voelz Marsha A. Vollbrecht* Dean D. VonDras John G. Voorhees III* Linda J. Wagner Erdmann* Mary and Alan Walden George and Jean Wallner* David R. Walters* Candace M. Walton (Neville)* Sarah Walz* Jennifer L. Wanserski* Stanley J. Waslowski* Gretchen Waters* Carol and Ronald Wautlet* Jon and Lori Wech* Kristine L. Pagel-Wech* Ruth Weeks Susan M. Weiler Shana R. Weinhold* David B. Weiss* Annette Weissbach* Kristine Weisser* Terry and Heather Weller* John Wells* Donna J. Wendelburg* Mark R. Wenzel Tim and Vicky Wenzel* Richard Wery* Jill S. White Wayne Whiting* Wayne and Jolene Wichlacz* LuAnn Wickeham Colleen E. Wilde Amanda M. Wildenberg Lynn Wilford* Carol L. Wilinski* Jason Willard* Steve and Claire Williams* Bernadine Williamsen Deborah K. Wilson* Diane Kay Wilson Georjeanna J. Wilson-Doenges Chuck and Roberta Wiseman* Linda G. Witkowski* Cindy Wojtczak*

Annual Report Margaret A. York* Carol Young* Kenneth E. Young* Jennifer A. Zapf Vincent Zehren Paul and Connie Zeman* Diane Zenz* Bill and Mary Ziemendorf Kyle and Lisa Zimonick* Robert E. Zimonick Zachariah P. Zopp* Jo Ann Zuberbier*

Matching Gift Companies Alliant Energy Foundation The Aon Foundation AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Cargill The Clorox Company Foundation Higher Educ. Matching Gifts The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America IBM Kimberly Clark Foundation, Inc. McKesson Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. MidAmerican Energy Foundation Nationwide Foundation Northwestern Mutual Foundation Pfizer Foundation The Procter & Gamble Fund R.J. Reynolds Foundation SC Johnson Fund Schering-Plough Foundation SECURA Insurance Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc. The Takeda Matching Gift Program Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Union Pacific Corporation Wealth and Security Services, LLC Wells Fargo Foundation West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, Inc.

Deceased Friends Gerald E. Anderson* Daniel C. Beisel Joann J. Berna* Helen L. Bie Wallace V. Blomquist Timothy A. Burton* Dr. David A. Cofrin Patricia A. Collins* Michael J. Connors* John M. Dederich* Leo H. DeGreef* Sharon E. Denil* Blaine P. Dreutzer*

Robert R. Flatley M. R. Froistad Marie Garot Lorraine M. Garvey Tom B. Geurts* Helen L. Goltz* George V. Hering Harold J. Hoops Mary M. Kilgust Bernard O. Killoran Connie J. Kriescher* Kenneth R. Kubsch Patricia Kwaterski Robert J. Langan* Ida M. Lemke* Allison P. Loomer James M. Mc Ginnity Ruth S. McFadzen Dr. Gangadharan Nair Margaret S. Nelson Dolores M. Nissen Lawrence O. Olson Ronald M. Payette Donald G. Quass Maciel B. Rauch Joseph G. Rayome* Robert J. Roloff Jacqueline J. Roseberry* Marilyn A. Rotter* Jacqueline R. Sanderson* Loren M. Schantz John R. Schwartje Philip L. Southard* James A. Stathas* Elizabeth A. Stiller Judy M. Truttmann* John P. Van Miller* Francis A. Vandenberg John W. Volletz John F. Wallerius Robert C. Weich* Ruth A. Wright* Casey Zdziarski June C. Zimonick Robert E. Zimonick

Endowed Chairs, Named Professorships and Endowments Endowed Chairs — The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has two endowed chairs that were established through generous gifts from private donors. Each endowment underwrites an additional faculty position and advanced research in an area of special interest to the donor and to the University. The John P. Blair Endowed Chair in Communication Holder: Prof. Timothy Meyer

The Austin E. Cofrin Endowed Chair in Business Holder: As yet unassigned

Named Professorships — UW-Green Bay has eight named professorships, which are donor-funded endowments that direct supplemental stipends to our finest faculty members. Recipients typically use the additional resources to involve students in advanced research, or pursue special initiatives and programming. Frederick E. Baer Professorship in Management Holder: Prof. Meir Russ (through 2013) Patricia Wood Baer Professorship in Education Prof. Cliff Abbott (2013) Austin E. Cofrin Professorship in Management Prof. John Stoll ’73 (2013) Barbara Hauxhurst Cofrin Professorship of Natural Sciences Prof. Robert Howe (2011)

Frankenthal Family Professorship Prof. Andrew Kersten (2014) Philip and Elizabeth Hendrickson Professorship for Business Prof. Phillip Clampitt (2013) Herbert Fisk Johnson Professorship in Environmental Studies Prof. Denise Scheberle (2013) Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professorship Prof. Regan Gurung (2015)

Program and Activity Endowments — Numerous endowments support operation of specific academic programs, campus life programs, facilities, library operations, arts initiatives, athletics and more. Frank Byrne Memorial Fund George and Eleanor Burridge Performing Arts Fund David Christenson Memorial Counseling Award Cofrin Memorial Arboretum Cofrin Arboretum Directorship Jerry Dell Memorial Award Robert L. Ganyard Library Endowment Barbara Hauxhurst Cofrin Graduate Assistantship Philiz E. Holz Environmental Award Joseph LaForce Faculty Development Award Learning in Retirement Program Endowment Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program H. Weldon McGee Environmental Fund Natural and Applied Sciences Award Point Sauble Wetland Fund Russell and Virginia Rosemann Student Loan Fund Students in Free Enterprise Toft Point Stewardship Fund

UW-Green Bay Advancement University Education UW-Green Bay Alumni Association UW-Green Bay Athletics UW-Green Bay Chancellor’s Special Fund UW-Green Bay Housing Operations UW-Green Bay Learning in Retirement UW-Green Bay Lecture Series UW-Green Bay Memorial Garden UW-Green Bay University Union Weidner Center for the Performing Arts Weidner Family Fund Marge Weidner Staff Professional Development Fund

Create a lasting legacy

An endowment creates a permanent legacy at the University honoring a donor or a person or entity of his or her choosing. To learn more about establishing an endowment, please contact a member of the University Advancement Office staff at (920) 465-2074, or visit November 2010


Annual Report Named Endowed Scholarships The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and private donors work together to ensure the long-term health of the institution and to benefit students for generations to come. One of the most popular ways these goals are met is through establishment of endowments to fund student scholarships.

In recent years, donor generosity has roughly doubled the number of scholarship endowments. Students receiving scholarships return the investment by enriching the diversity and competitiveness of our classrooms, and by contributing to the region’s economy and quality of life after graduation.

Baylake Bank Scholarship

Alfred O. and Phyllis E. Holz Scholarship

NEWONS Nursing Scholarship

Theatre Scholarship

Lois Beisel Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Fund

Patricia L. Hoppe Memorial Scholarship

Lorraine M. Noll Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Theatre First Nighters Scholarship

Bollom Family Scholarship

Bonnie M. and Fergus P. Hughes Scholarship

Julie Brickley Memorial Scholarship

Lovell Ives Jazz Scholarship

Margaret Nelson Bubolz Scholarship

Wayne Jaeckel Memorial Scholarship

Frank Byrne Memorial Scholarship

Mildred T. Jorgenson Scholarship for Women’s Basketball

James E. Casperson Memorial Scholarship

Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists Scholarship Edward and Cecelia Plass Farm Scholarship

Oliver and Margaret Trampe Scholarship UW Credit Union Scholarship UW-Green Bay Alumni Association Scholarships UW-Green Bay Alumni Scholarship

Anni Kacynski Memorial Scholarship

Jim and Kelli Prast Scholarship

Michael Kazar Memorial Scholarship for Art

Ralph C. Pratt Memorial Scholarship William F. Prevetti Scholarship

Sally and Bernie Killoran Education Scholarship

Public and Environmental Affairs Scholarship

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez Scholarship

Charles Richardson Memorial Jazz Scholarship

Anne C. Kok Scholarship for Social Work

Ginny and Jack Riopelle Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Van’s Lumber & Custom Builders, Inc. Student-Athlete Scholarship

Lucy M. Krchma Education Scholarship

John and Anne M. Rose Scholarship

Veterans Scholarship

Billie Kress Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Meredith B. and John M. Rose Scholarship

Schulz Family Scholarship

Ronald A. Dhuey Memorial Scholarship

Joseph and Mac LaForce Business Scholarship

Robert T. and Betty Rose Meyer Scholarship

Gary R. Weidner Memorial Scholarship

Albert Einstein/Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship

Steven and Maureen Lapacz Scholarship

Sager Scholarship Fund

Environmental Science Alumni Scholarship

Bruce La Plante Memorial Scholarship

Herbert F. and Crystal J. Sandmire Scholarship

Louis O. Erdmann Memorial Scholarship for Theatre

Althea Steele Lederer Scholarship

Aldo Santaga Scholarship for Athletics

Janet and Charles Lieb Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Walter and Gertrude Scherf Scholarship

Madigan Family Scholarship

Schmitt Park Neighborhood Association Scholarship

Chancellor’s Achievement Scholarship Chancellor’s Scholarship for Musical Excellence Concerned Hearts Nursing Scholarship Bradford L. Cook Memorial Scholarship Coryl Crandall Memorial Scholarship David L. Damkoehler Art Scholarship Thomas E. Daniels Scholarship Carol De Groot Scholarship in Environmental Science Margo Delahaut Memorial Scholarship

Ken Fleurant Humanistic Studies Scholarship Bidwell K. Gage Scholarship Henrietta Gallagher Scholarship Tony Galt Student International Travel Scholarship German Program Study Abroad Scholarship GLBT Scholarship Green Bay Photojournalism Scholarship Jeremy Green Family Scholarship Hagemeister Family Art Scholarship Carol Hammerle Scholarship Philip J. Hendrickson Business Scholarship Hugh C. and Mary J. Higley Scholarship Patricia M. Hinckley Scholarship in Athletics Alvina A. Hintz Scholarship


Katherine Olski Scholarship

November 2010

Robert H. Maier Memorial Scholarship Kathy Majewski Memorial Scholarship Management Women, Inc. Scholarship Math and Science Scholarship Jack and Engrid Meng Scholarship The Moose Lodge Rod and Gun Club Scholarship Sidney and Ruth Morris Scholarship Craig A. Mueller Scholarship for Arts and Visual Design and Communication Craig A. Mueller Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Music Scholarship Music Faculty Scholarship Ganga and Elizabeth Nair Endowed Scholarship for Natural Sciences Northeast Wisconsin Engineering Scholarship

Joseph J. and Gloria E. Schott Scholarship Fund Schulz Family Scholarship Second Gear of the University League Scholarship

UW-Green Bay Founders Association Scholarships UW-Green Bay Music Alumni Scholarship UW-Green Bay Retiree Association Scholarship University Academic Excellence Award

Byron L. Walter Family Scholarship Gary R. Weidner Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Jean B. Weidner Scholarship in Social Work Weidner Family Endowment for Music, and Theatre and Dance Loretta A. Wells Nursing Scholarship Larry L. Weyers Wisconsin Public Service Foundation Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Rolfe E. White Scholarship for Social Work Ruby Wolverton Nursing Scholarship

Nancy Sell Memorial Scholarship

Women and Gender Studies Scholarship

Cyndie Shepard Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Elizabeth E. Wyngaard Memorial Scholarship

Cyndie and Bruce Shepard Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Karl Zehms Accounting Scholarship

Irene M. Shewalter Scholarship in Theatre Ralph R. Stein Memorial Scholarship Dr. Donel Sullivan Scholarship Barbara Sydow Memorial Scholarship Tax Executive Institute-NEW Chapter Scholarship

Paul D. Ziemer Scholarship University Memorial Scholarship

– Arthur Atkisson – Nancy Datan – Dennis Girard – Abe Shepard – Alvin Swinerton – Hans Van Beek

Annual Report Phuture Phoenix


SUCCESS WAS SWEET for Phuture Phoenix in 2009-10, with the

continued ascent of the much-imitated program. The University welcomed its first class of “Phuture Phoenix Freshmen” — enrollees from that initial cohort of Green Bay fifth-graders who first visited campus seven years ago. Among them was Ka Vang (left), who returned the favor by serving as a college-age mentor and tour guide during Phuture Phoenix Day fall 2010. Donor generosity made possible the program’s first scholarships. (Listed below are contributors to programming and scholarships during the period July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.) Phuture Phoenix has proven so successful that it has been replicated at Western Washington University and UW-Eau Claire, and will be soon at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc. Educators seek to emulate the Green Bay model of pairing children from low-income school districts with college mentors as a way to boost educational aspirations. Scholarships Anonymous Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Lois Beisel Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Fund Billie Kress Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Janet and Charles Lieb Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Craig A. Mueller Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Edward and Cecelia Plass Farm Scholarship The Whitney Radder Scholarship Ginny and Jack Riopelle Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Cyndie Shepard Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Cyndie and Bruce Shepard Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Gary R. Weidner Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Larry L. Weyers Wisconsin Public Service Foundation UW-Green Bay Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists

Levels of giving Platinum $10,000 Silver $2,500 Bronze $1,000 Phantastic $500 Phaithful $300 Philanthropist $150

Phenomenal Philanthropists - Platinum

Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists

Corporate Sponsors

Billie Kress Weyers Family Foundation

Paul and Brenda Beck Bev Carmichael Judith and John Crain Heidi D. Davis Kim and Tim Desotell Brenda Ducaine Diane and Pat Ford Terry and Kris Fulwiler Jim and Candy Gilmore Elizabeth Green Tom and Cathy Harden In Honor of Steve Horn and David Van Houten Lisa Jackovich Ceci Kiefer Sally Killoran Melinda Kisela Shane and Sheila Kohl Anthony La Luzerne Lou and Sue LeCalsey Sue Murphy Carla Nicks Lynn Ogden Jessie Raymaker Stephanie Reilly Emily Rogers Diane Roundy Thea Sager Beth and Fritz Schmidt Bill and Adrienne Schmitz Catherine O. Small Art and Kay Sonneland Sunrise Optimist Club of Green Bay Larry and Rosie Sur Gail Underwood Ellen Weidner Marjorie Weidner Harriet Ziemer

Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation Wisconsin Public Service Foundation Green Bay Packers Foundation

Phenomenal Philanthropists - Silver Richard and Beth Gochnauer

Phenomenal Philanthropists - Bronze Bill Laatsch and Fran Hunter Red Lewis Charlie and Janet Lieb Jack and Ginny Riopelle Joanna Riopelle Tim and Maryanne Weyenberg

Phantastic Philanthropists Classic Mix Partners, LLC Don and Phyllis Harden

Phaithful Philanthropists John and Claire Frey Robert H. and Jane G. Laird Gerald and Patricia Olson

In-kind Donors A’viands Foodservice Festival Foods Green Bay Area Public School District Food Service Green Bay Rotary Lamers Bus Lines Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart Service League of Green Bay University Avenue Market

Phuture Phoenix Founders Ginny Riopelle Cyndie Shepard

November 2010


Annual Report Theatre

First Nighters THE THEATRE FIRST NIGHTERS organization provides behind-the-scenes support to UW-Green Bay’s highly regarded theatre program. Dedicated to the memories of founders Louis O. Erdmann and Edward W. Weidner, the group provides resources for guest artists, student scholarships and program affiliation with the prestigious Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival. Theatre First Nighter Producers

Theatre First Nighters

Anonymous Lucy and John Arendt Laura Riddle and John Mariano Kathy Pletcher and Charles Matter Connie and Mark Reinhardt Nancy Stiles Marjorie Weidner in memory of Edward W. Weidner  

Cliff and Joyce Abbott Todd and Karen Adams Allon and Debra Bostwick Betty Brown John and Julie Burmesch David and Catherine Burrows Tom Cuene and Carol Cassell James and Susan Davie Jean O’Hora and Kate Duffy Jack and Rachel Frisch Julia Wallace and James Fryman Scott and Debbie Furlong Thomas and Cathy Harden Stewart and Linda Hoar Carl and Lisa Huber

Theatre First Nighter Directors

Judith Russell and Howard Bornstein Vicki Medland and Michael Draney Max and Susan Frost Diane and Charles Nordell  


Association All graduates of UW-Green Bay automatically become members of the Alumni Association. The Association’s board of directors — two dozen volunteers representing a range of class years and majors — takes an active role in promoting the University and its 27,500 alumni. Listed below is the board for the 2009-10 fiscal year. (New additions, for fall 2010, can be found on page 40.) The 2009-10 Alumni Board Executive Committee Joel Hansen ’01 President Sarah (Osterberg) Inman ’92 Vice President, Alumni Operations Ryan Kauth ’96 Vice President, Alumni Services Donna Sheedy ’94 Secretary Danny Schulz ’05 Treasurer


November 2010

Board Members Jennifer Baker-Johnson ’01 Dan Brozowski ’05 Steve Dill ’88 Angela (Stangel) Duckart ’03 Bill Gaddis ’00 Angela (Laux) Hoisington ’00 Jennifer Keene-Crouse ’04 Kelly (Ruh) Kelner ’01 Elaina Koltz ’06 Amanda (Tisch) Larson ’07 Susan (Vander Heiden) Reeves ’02 Pamela (Younk) Roberts ’87 Carrie (Schommer) Schilz ’88 Jim Schwartz ’83 Colleen Sheahan ’86 Tyler Vorpagel ’07 Adam Warpinski ’06 Shannon (Chronister) Williams ’03

Fergus and Bonnie Hughes Mike and Jane Ingraham William G. Laatsch Jeff and Cathy LeCaptain Paul and Donna Madary Financial Authenticity, LLC Pat and Reb Przybelski Richard and Pamela Spangenberg Hal and Annelise Sunken Joan and Michael Thron Ed and Nancy Watts Giles and Kathleen Woolf Ellen Weidner in memory of Gary Weidner

Theatre Angels Barbara and Paul Boehler Virginia C. Dell Kathryn Lindner Linda and Richard Parins  

Annual Report Friends of

The Cofrin Library After 15 years, the Friends of the Cofrin Library assumed a new identity in 2010. The group transitioned from a “friends” organization, with a committee structure and active programming component, to a less structured but no less dedicated community of supporters. Contributions to the library are now channeled directly to the Robert L. Ganyard Library Endowment, established last year with a memorial gift by Dr. Debra Ann Reilly of Omaha, Neb. With phase-out of the formal Friends organization, the board and membership voted last spring to transfer existing assets to that endowment. Prof. David Voelker, the group’s president, presented a $20,000 check to Paula Ganyard, library director (at left).

Charter Members (1996-97) Debra Anderson George Burridge Carol Emmons William Laatsch Doris and Jim Madigan Diana Margotto Charles Matter Barbara McClure-Lukens Elaine and Tom McIntosh Kathy Pletcher Jerrold Rodesch Paul and Thea Sager Edward Weidner

Life Members Friends of the Cofrin Library Virginia Dell Fort James Foundation Cecilia Hintz Lenny Pearce Marjorie Weidner

Those with a love of libraries and learning are encouraged to express their support through gifts to the fund. Earnings will be used — in much the same way as the annual gifts generated by the former Friends organization — to address the Cofrin Library’s most immediate needs. That could include collection acquisitions (books, databases and electronic resources); preservation of existing collections; purchase of specialized equipment or furniture; professional development stipends to honor librarians who distinguish themselves in their work; or scholarship awards for student aides. Acknowledging Friends of the Cofrin Library history, listed at left are the organization’s Charter and Life members, whose generous support is now reflected through the continuing endowment.

The Niagara Society

THE NIAGARA SOCIETY recognizes individuals who have invested in the University, its future students and graduates by designating a deferred or planned gift. UW-Green Bay offers an appealing array of plannedgiving opportunities. Members Sidney Bremer Richard Chernick Sue N. Cox Peter and Jane Dorschel Richard L. Dudkiewicz William L. Forrest Ismael A. Godoy Tom and Judy Haevers Philip and Betsy Hendrickson

Donald and Patricia Kelly Steven and Maureen Lapacz Louis and Susan LeCalsey D.J. and Julie Long Michael and Gloria Morgan Keith and Karen Peterson Barbara Phillips Bonnie Thomas Rolfe E. White

November 2010


Annual Report


Phoenix Fund FRIENDS OF UW-GREEN BAY ATHLETICS enjoyed a special year in 2009-10. Phoenix teams continued their winning ways on the field of play, and Phoenix student-athletes continued exemplary achievement in the classroom.

All American The George Kress Foundation – Green Bay Packaging Van’s Lumber & Custom Builders Athletic Director Bob and Sue Antolec Bernie and Alyce Dahlin Freedom Fund – Ron Weyers Dr. David and Renee Kim Andy and Julie Hetzel Dr. James and Patricia Hinckley HJ Martin & Son Inc. – Ed Martin KI – Dick Resch Kroll’s West – Mike Wier D.J. and Julie Long, Jr. Mike Reese Schreiber Foods Coach Dr. Jerry Blackwell Bob and Carol Bush Coca-Cola Enterprises Feeco International Inc. K & K Material Handling Paul and Linda Koch Dr. Frank Mattia and Dr. Shelley Boehm-Mattia Jack and Inky Meng Padraic and Laura Obma Thomas Remondini Mark and Wendy Skogen Chris and Julie Van Saders MVP Paul and Kelly Anderson Tom and Tracy Arndt Bob and Carrie Arnold Bill and Carolyn Beaudin Jeff and Diane Beinlich Bellin Health Sports Medicine Belmark, Inc. Matt and Kari Bollant Ken and Carrie Bothof


November 2010

Cornerstone Foundation Dean Distributing Dental City Pat and Jim Duescher Terry and Kris Fulwiler Gannett Foundation/ Green Bay Press-Gazette Jim Growt and Sheila Brady-Growt Tom and Cathy Harden Steve and Kristin Harty Hermsen Wealth Management, Inc. – Andrew Hermsen Joe and Kate Hoffmeyer Jonas Service & Supply Bernie and Sally Killoran Mark King Debbie Kirch and Dan McIver Kurt and Connie Koeppel Rod Kowalczyk and Carolyn Jahns Paul and Carla Krueger LaForce, Inc. Lee Anderson Engineering Janet and Charlie Lieb Dr. Dan Linehan Rolf and Ann Lulloff Neal and Julie Maccoux Larry McCarren Dr. Pat McKenzie Mike and Kate Meeuwsen Jess and Patti Miller Nicolet National Bank Rick and Barb Nuetzel Tom and Joan Olson Dr. Michael O’Reilly Vijay and Jen Parmar Peterson Ford Mercury Ron and Suzy Pfeifer Pioneer Metal Finishing Pomp’s Tire Reinhart Investments, LLC Donna Ritch Paul C. and Brenda Schneider Dr. John and Michelle Seccombe Dr. James Spears Dr. Ian Sproat

William and Diane Stevens Tom and Cindy Sullivan Michael and Ann Thomson Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Toonen Companies Tosca Limited Dean and Mary Vander Plas Sharky and Claire Vander Woude Marge Weidner Wells Fargo Bank Wipfli LLP Witt’s Food Inc. – Jack Witt Paul and Jeanne Wojta Letterwinner Rich and Kathleen Aicher Amerhart Ltd. – Mark Kasper Tom and Laurie Anderson Aon Corporation – Steve Ferris Charles and Cheryl Aslakson Bank First National Dean and Kim Basten Steve and Nancy Batterman Avi and Laurie Berk Bryan and Mary Beth Boettcher Boldt Company Julie and Gregg Cayce Tom Cuene and Carol Cassell Rod Czerwonka Denmark Insurance Center Bob and Durell DeVos Don and Lynn Eckes EMT International, Inc. John and Vicki Fabry Forest Construction Company, Inc. Brad and Lori Frank Michael and Kathleen Frohna Graphic Management Specialty Products Greenleaf Wayside Bank Don and Phyllis Harden Nezih Hasanoglu Jim and Karen Herber John and Nancy Heugel Mary Hiltunen

Hurckman Mechanical Ind. Inc. Imaginasium Independent Printing Inc. Infinity Machine & Engineering Rick and Amy Johnson Chuck Johnson and Gail Kinney Robert and Louise Judge K.C. Stock Foundation Paul and Colleen Kendle Mike and Ronda Kincheloe Steve and Cindy King Ken Klemm Lakewood Super Valu, Inc. – Terry and Kathy Rank Lamers Bus Lines Tom Lemorande Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Gail and Rick McNutt Merrill Lynch Morley Murphy Foundation Paul Northway Calvin O’Harrow Patriot Mortgage Services Inc. – Mikel and Aimee Bushmaker PMI Wayne and Anita Resch Robinson Metal, Inc. Kramer and Carolyn Rock Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Roup Paul and Thea Sager Paul Schierl Martin and Nancy Schweiner Joe and Jeanne Stangel Steve and Christine Taylor The Bar – Appleton The Bar – Lime Kiln and Holmgren Way Trigs Supermarkets – Trig Solberg Ed and Sue Van Boxtel Dr. James and Carolyn Van Miller Wonder Hostess

Annual Report Varsity A.R.M.S. Inc. AEI Chuck and Patti Albers Dan and Jane Alesch Eric and Stella Algrem All Creatures Small Animal Hospital Ameriprise Dr. John Amuzu Rich and Lois Anderson Lori Antolec Lucy and John Arendt Ariens Co. Dick and Cindy Aucutt Auto Haus Tom and Pat Aziere Greg and Ana Babcock Hans Bachmeier and Andrea Pasqualucci Todd and Julie Bartels Larry and Jane Barton Bay Bank – Jay Johnson Bay Lakes Commercial Realtors – Russ Roland Bill and Mary Benson Michael and Paula Bergner Sharon Bergsma Mary Ann and Craig Beyl Gary and Chris Birr Dan and Cathy Boettcher Gary and Cindy Boie Dan Boreen Randy and Sandy Brockington Cole Buergi Pepper and Nancy Burruss Business Bank Jeff and Beth Calaway Camera Corner – Rick Chernick James and Gladys Carviou Robert Cisco Jeremy and Katie Cleven Chuck and Linda Cyra Czachor & Polack, LLP Darling/Kinziger Group at Baird Dale and Linda Darmody Dart Insurance Agency Scott Daul and Beth Kaiver-Daul Don and Gail De Meuse Ivan and Kristal Delbecchi Jim Deprey Dean and Kaye Dietrich Mehul Doshi Wendell and Shanna Ellsworth Employee Resource Center Kirk and Terri Etten Event USA Fabio Perini North America FASTSIGNS of Green Bay Michael and JoAnn Feeney Larry and Kayleen Ferguson Festival Foods – Mauston Royce Finne and Sue Bischel Megan and Brian Flanagan Russ Fox Kelly Franz Joe Freis Distributing Co., LLC Dick and Betty Freitag Frito Lay Lise Lotte Gammeltoft John and Cate Gard

Wes and Kim Garner Paul and Darlene Gast Kathy and David Gill Mike and Cathy Golden Denise Golden and Craig Jerabek Green Bay Converting Green Bay Packers Inc. Green Bay Seven-Up Bottling Co. Thomas Gresenz Paulette and James Griffin Gustman Pontiac-GMC Thomas and Carole Guyette Michael and Leanne Haddad Barry and Rhonda Hallam Carol Hammerle Lucas Hana Senator Dave and Jane Hansen Glenn and Wanda Hansen Jeff and Karen Hayes Tom and Elizabeth Heidenberger Mary Jane and Jim Hemmy Catherine Henze John and Donna Herber Richard and Katherine Herrema Larry and Arlene Hill In Honor of Dr. James Hinckley – Kathy Nielson John Hoffmann Mike and Penny Hucovski Roger Huibregtse IEI General Contractors, Inc. Chuck and Carol Ihrke Jeff and Robin Jensen Michelle and Paul Jensen Peter and Miriam Johnson Johnson Bank/Johnson Insurance The Karma Group Jim and Gina Kauer Jake Kiehnau Jim Kiekhaefer Kimberly Clark Scott and Gail King Kiwanis Club of Greater Green Bay Doug and Kim Kohlbeck Mike and Nancy Konecny Scott and Staci Kring Jon and Janet Kubick John Landrum and Linda Peacock-Landrum Dennis and Karen Langenberg Dr. Christopher and Margaret Laws Steve and Lynn Lazzari Lou and Sue LeCalsey Joyce Leischow Lemkuil Architectural Designs, LLC Leonard & Finco Public Relations Gerald Lewis Liebeck Masonry Bill and Pat Lindmark James and Mary Lindstrom Dave Linz Dan and Karen Loy M & I Bank Macco’s Floor Covering Wayne and Kathleen Maccoux Adam and Carrie Madson Frank Madzarevic The Mail Haus, Inc. Lee and Sally Mancoske

Martin Security Systems Jim and Rita Mathers Nancy Mc Ginnity Marilyn and Pat McCarey Fred and Sandy McIver J.D. and Deanna McKay Annette and Tim McKeough Medalcraft Mint – Jerry Moran Traci Mentz Jim and Marcy Merner Merrill Lynch Wayne and Ginger Micksch John and Clare Miller Tom and Mary Miller Joe Mongin Sean and Jennifer Moran Mike, Megan and Brandon Moroni Jerry Mortell III Heidi and Larry Mours Jerry Munson Mary Naumann Navigator Planning Group – Scot Madson Joe and Jeanne Neidenbach Bill and Michelle Nelson Sandipa and David Newman Charles and Sue Nickel Steve and Robyn Noel Tom and Dawn Olejniczak David and Susan Pamperin Patrickus & Jones SC Ryan and Courtney Pierce Pinnacle Consulting Group, LLC – Mark Brandt Tom and Alison Poitras Mark and Sue Porath Wayne and Barb Porath Kent and Shelley Preston Prophit Marketing The Pump Room Quality Installations Inc. Erich and Tara Quidzinski Rabitz, Inc. Dale and Margaret Race Les and Barb Raduenz Mary Rass Gloria and Dick Reindl Peter Reines Janelle and Matthew Richard Jack and Ginny Riopelle Dick Ritchie Robert W. Baird and Company Tod and Debbie Sanders Brian Schaefer DDS, SC Ryan and Christina Schanhofer Mark Schiefelbein Fritz Schmidt, M.D. – NEWENT John and Marianne Schwartje Tim and Laurie Sewall Sherwin-Williams Co Dick Sieg Simonar Sports Sinclair Plumbing Smet Construction Services Pam and Rich Spangenberg Dan and Elizabeth Spielmann Randy and Carrie Stary Kyle and Penny Stevenson Steve and Karen Swan David and Janet Tetschlag

Ed and Sally Thompson Michael and Joan Thron Dan Timmers Richard and Elizabeth Timmons Tony’s Pizza Eric and Emily Torkelson Ken and Barb Treml Tweet Garot Mechanical Inc. Valley Cabinet Inc. Helena Van Den Elzen Robert Van Drisse Mike and Debby Van Ermen Van Lanen Inc. Kurt and Marci VandenHouten Bruce and Becci VandenPlas Verhalen Inc. Jeff and Mary Jo Walch Julia Wallace and James (Fred) Fryman Warren Wanezek Dave Wanner Greg Wanner David and Judy Ward Dennis Watermolen Phil and Le Ann Weist Lon Wendt Robert and Lena Wenger Noreen and Robert Wenninger Lori and Craig Weuve Tom and Kate Wiers Larry and Julie Wierschke Steve and Gail Wilcox Jason and Mandi Wilke Steve and Sharon Wilmet Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Eric and Kelly Witczak Witt Ford Chris and Joe Woleske Nami and Barbara Zarvan Mark Zastrow Phoenix Fan Laura and Chris Adams Allouez Animal Hospital John and Maryann Anderegg Aon Corporation Sarah Aucutt Allison and Drew Bain Jeanette Barta Josh Bayer BayLake Landscaping Bill and Liz Beaumier Rick and Kathy Beaumier Rollie and Shirley Becker Maurice and Lois Berner Rick and Susie Beverstein Sheila and Seth Blackman Chris and Maggie Boland Daniel and Penny Bollom Patti and Kevin Bostad Ken and Grace Bouschart Marlene and Chris Brzezinski Steve and Donna Bultman David and Cathy Burrows Cameron’s Coffee Dist. Carl’s Bay Area Electric Kevin Carnell Computer Works Cort Condon Randall Conradt

November 2010


Annual Report Herb Cuene Dennis G. Wojahn LLC Michael and Karen Derdzinski Mike and Judy Divilbiss Bud and Murrie Donovan Julie and Marc Dosogne Bill Finger First Business Foth & Van Dyke, LLC Brian and Lori Frerk Philip and Carie Gallagher Steve and Jane Garrow Andrew and Mary Gitter Joseph Goodson David and Tracy Gorzek Joan and Jason Haen Joyce O. Hannemann Happy Joe’s Pizza Hart Design & Mfg. Inc. Jim Hayes and Debra Rose Bill and Lorena Heinrich Tim and Julie Helein Robert and Margaret Hendricks Tom and Jill Herlache Holmquist Feed Mill Dorothy and Scott Jensen Brad and Shelly Jorgensen Kahler Slater, Inc. Tim and Joanne Kaufman Kay Distributing, Inc Sue and Dennis Keihn Keitel Group, Inc Mike, Zac, and Lexie Kline Shane and Sheila Kohl Scott and Jill Koralewski Pete Krambs Jeff and Heidi Krueger Doug and Barb LaFrombois Lauren and Chip Law Leo Van De Yacht Well Drilling Brian Liddy John and Ronda Liebmann Bert and Diane Liebmann Dr. Ed and Siri Lin Dave and Lisa Loritz Elaine and Tim Maney Brian and Cheryl Martzahl Mark and Lora Matzke Don and Gail McCartney Mike and Becky McGraw Melissa Meyer Michael and Gloria Morgan Nationwide Foundation Lisa and Bruce Neal John and Eleanor Nordgaard Michael and Lu Ellen Oskey PDS Contracting Jane Pamperin Keith Pamperin Paul Urmann State Farm Ins. T. Allan and Betty Pearson Todd Piontek Justin Pollnow Mike Pritzl Bob and Jan Pum Roger and Jeni Ripley Jim Ritchay, Jr. Robert and Yvonne Rivett Joe Roberts Family Ed and Kathy Roeder


November 2010

Roemer Photography Rol-Tech Paul and Doreen Rosen Royal Scot Golf Course Steve Ryskoski Chris and Carolyn Sampson Kevin Sandmire Tom Scanlan Derek and Connie Scheidt Schultz’s Sports Bar, Inc. Steve and Kris Seeholzer John and Amy Skolaski Slinger Electric, Inc. Robert and Martha Southard Jon Stadler Darryl and Christine Stich Tom and Maggie Stover Holly and Glenn Stuebs Ralph J. Tease Jr. and Susan Lambert-Tease Monica Thiry Mark Thomas Steve and Cheryl Thompson Kari Thompson Angres Thorpe Thursday Breakfast Optimist Club of Green Bay Bob and Pat Thut Chris Tilque Joel and Deb Tomlinson Bruce and Diane Urben Eric and Debbie Urben Les Van Vonderen and Peggy Welsh Mary and Jason Vandermause Vicki Vannieuwenhoven Ron and Gwen Voelker Rudy and Julie Wade Walters’ Swim Supplies Linda Warner Trevor Warren Jo and Tiffany Wiebel Wild Blue Technologies Les and Peg Williams Steve and Claire Williams Chuck and Robbie Wiseman Dennis Woelffer Doris Yelk-Wilberg and William Wilberg Booster 1st Place Trophy & Engraving William and Joanne Albers American Family Insurance – Josh Lawrence Ryan Andrews Anonymous Alumni Gift Lew and Ellen Anthony Keith Appleton Scott and Lori Ashmann Julie and Douglas Aubry Auto Haus Zeke and Mary Lou Backes Jules and Marjorie Bader Rachel and Andy Bauer John and Cathy Baumgart Nicole Benson Pat Bertrand Beverly and Walter Berzinski Bilotti’s Pizza Garden Sue and Bill Bodilly

Mary and Larry Boll Dale Boreen David Boreen Ryan and Melissa Borowicz Sara Boyer Bob and Sallie Braun Sarah Bronk Carl and Judy Buergi John Butrymowicz Jeff and Nancy Byczek Kari and Joshua Chilcote Dan and Sandy Christopherson Mike and Tina Coniff David and Amy Curran Dalebroux Law Office Daniel R. Balch CW Assoc LTD Ben and Kristin Davis Tim and Cathie Day Donald and Dori De Cleene Keith and Carol Decker Dave and Bonnie Defnet DeGrave Dental Care Andy DeMille Sue and Tom DeRuyter Dennis Detrie Tom and Christina Diener Marcy Dixon Cathy and Gary Dworak Mike Dymond William Eberle and Jean Folts-Eberle Doug and Sally Elfering Jacqui and Rick Engebos Dave and Kelly Englebert Les and Bonnie Etters Wendy Evans Randy and Sue Evans Ryan Farrell Amy Fieck Kari Flunker Randy Fondow Byron Froelich Tonya Frost Scott and Debbie Furlong Eric and Amy Gajeski Mike and Melissa Gallagher Tom Galloway Al Gehrke Dave Gehrke Bob and Carol Gelden Brad Gerondale Dave Geyer Kelly Gigot Brian Giovinazzi Mike and Susan Graume Green Bay Insurance Center Edward and Cathy Groh III Adam Halfmann Bob and Paula Hann Anne and Parker Hansen Drew and Rachel Harris Brian and Lori Hesprich Kate Hogan and Mark Rudolph Tina Holwinski Mike Hoppa Jim Horn Andy and Tiffany Huck Dick Ibsen James D. Fox Insurance & Investments

Randy and Tricia Janssen Diane and Phil Jeanquart J. Michael Jerry LLC Chandra Johnson Emily and Jason Johnson Kris and Dave Johnson Tom and Barb Jones Fran and Gloria Jonet Tim and Ragan Jorgensen Zoly and Kathy Kadar Jason Kalsow David and Jennifer Kapic Heidi and Ryan Katte Ken and Jeannette Kiehnau Joe and Pat Kind Tony and Janet Kirch Roger and Barb Klasen Craig Klatt Wally and Joyce Klunk Kon Knueppel and Chari Nordgaard-Knueppel Don and Deb Knutson April Kocken Kurt and Dana Koszarek Michael and Debra Koval Aaron Kramer Leslie Kuhn Mike Kulas Karen and Bryan Lampereur Dusty and Sara Lang Betty Lange Amanda Leonhard Mike Lepak Dave Liethan Steve Lowery Patrick and Carrie Madson Mangless Insurance Agency Kimberly Mayer Mark and Lynn Mayer Dave and Heather McCarthy Matty and Casey McCormick Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mickle Morgan Stanley Matt Nadeau Jenny and Chris Neils Barb and James Nick John and Beth O’Connor Karen and Dean Oelke Darrell and Carol Patterson Tim Pedretti Ted and Mary Penn Jessica and Francisco Perez Eric Pigo Tim and Sarah Pigo Sue Pitroski Ann and Dennis Ploor Rachel Porath Phil and Sharon Priebe Lisa Prunty James and Linda Queoff Dennis and Joan Raisleger Ralph’s Hardwood Floors Hans Regnier Kristy Reider Butch and Jill Reimer Jill and John Renier Tony and Lori Renning Harold and Janet Resch Richard’s Heating, Cooling & Roofing Doug Ritchie

Annual Report Riverside Ballroom Jean Rivett Ann Rodrian Pam Roecker Matt Rohde Tom and Kathy Rolling Tracey Roper Jacquelyn Rosen Diane and Rick Roundy Sue and Bill Sagal Salmon’s Meat Products Inc. Dr. Herb and Crystal Sandmire Kim Sandstrom Kim M. and Rick Schisel Ray and Tami Schneider III Sarah Schueller Ed and Linda Segersin Steven Seidl John and Nancy Selinsky Mary and Jon Simonsen Glen and Vicki Slaats Jim and Ann Smits Sue and Scott Steeno Todd Steffen Steve and Dori Steinbauer David and Susan Stenberg Steve Fischer Construction Nancy Strong Bob and Gwen Szelc Erin Templin Gary and Donna Tilot Glen and Kathleen Tilot Dan Timm Rodney and Marilyn Truttman Kirk and Julie Uslabar Van Boxel’s Bar Ray and Pat VandenHouten Ron Venci Kim Viduski Jennifer Vincent Mark and Mary Wagner Kerry and Bruce Walker Brian and Lecia Wardle Lora Warner Mark and Sue Warpinski Alex Webster T. Murray and Peggy Wehking Lisa Wenger-Willadsen and John Willadsen Suzanne M. and Kurt D. Weyers Mike and Elaine Whiting James Whittaker Betsy and David Whitton Dan Wilhelm Grant Williams Jack and Peggy Willison Mark Witte Jill Wunrow Laurel Yelton Jerry and Helen Yudt Natalie Yudt Randy and Kim Zaporski Deceased Friends Bill Beaudin Bernie Killoran John Schwartje Sally Thompson

Chancellor’s Council of Trustees The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor’s Council of Trustees helps advance the mission of the institution through philanthropic support, advocacy, and counsel, particularly on University initiatives involving the larger community. Members of the Council include business and civic leaders, UW-Green Bay alumni and longtime supporters.

Louis (Lou) LeCalsey Chairman President and CEO, Tufco Technologies, Inc., Green Bay, Wis. Paul Anderson ’82 President, M2 Logistics Inc., Green Bay, Wis. Dean Basten ’89 Secretary/Treasurer, Miron Construction, Neenah, Wis. Richard (Rick) Beverstein Vice President, AON Risk Services, Green Bay, Wis. Robert (Bob) DeVos ’73 Senior Vice President, Business Development, GENCO, Inc., Green Bay, Wis. Larry Ferguson President and CEO, Schreiber Foods, Green Bay, Wis. Susan Finco President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Green Bay, Wis. Diane Ford ’75 Vice President and Controller, Integrys Energy Group, Green Bay, Wis. William Gollnick ’81 Chief of Staff Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Oneida, Wis. Donald Harden Retired President, Bellin Foundation, Green Bay, Wis. Donsia Strong Hill Attorney, Tyson Strong Hill Connor, LLP, Green Bay, Wis.

Michael Jackson ’76 Retired President and COO, SuperValu Stores Inc., Celebration, Fla Carl Kuehne CEO, American Foods Group, Green Bay, Wis. Kate Meeuwsen ’76 Civic Leader, New Franken, Wis. Mark Murphy President and Chief Executive Officer, Green Bay Packers, Green Bay, Wis. Thomas Olson Retired President, SonocoU.S. Paper Mills Inc., Green Bay, Wis. David Pamperin ’74 President and CEO Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Kramer Rock President, Temployment, Inc., Green Bay, Wis. Robert Rupp, Jr. ’78 President, The Renewal Group LLC, Kimberly, Wis. Virginia (Ginny) Riopelle ’70 Vice Chair Civic Leader, Green Bay, Wis. Robert Bush Secretary Chair Emeritus, Schreiber Foods, Green Bay, Wis. Emeriti Jerome Gallagher; Elizabeth Hendrickson ’79

about this report These pages celebrate the philanthropic support received by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay during the fiscal year that closed June 30, 2010. Summaries are provided for the Founders Association, the Campaign for UW-Green Bay, Friends of the Cofrin Library, Phoenix Fund, Phuture Phoenix Philanthropists and Theatre First Nighters membership groups. Each donor is important to the University. We strive to be accurate and complete. Still, errors may occur. If your name is not listed and you believe it should be, or if your name is listed incorrectly or in the wrong category, please bring it to our attention. Corrections may be mailed to the University Advancement Office, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311-7001, or conveyed to an Advancement Office staff member at (920) 465-2074.

November 2010



A ‘Distinguished’ Reunion

It was a gathering of award-winning UW-Green Bay alumni earlier this fall when Rick Chernick ’74 hosted a reception for past recipients of the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni and Outstanding Recent Alumni Awards. Chernick also invited several alumni who work with him at Camera Corner/Connecting Point to the function at the Oneida Golf and Country Club. Those attending the luncheon included (standing, from left) Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement Bev Carmichael, Dave Lamers ’01, Kevin Bassett ’85, John Heugel ’71, Dave Muench ’72 and ’79, Justin Rebman ’06, Chancellor Thomas Harden, Prof. John Stoll ’73, Steve Taylor ’79, Bill Gollnick ’81, Rick Chernick ’74; and (sitting, left to right) Paula Fleurant ’75 and ’86, Diane Ford ’75, Ryan Chernick ’00, Naletta Burr ’98, and Jeff Piontek ’94.

1970s We inadvertently omitted at least one name from our spring issue in which we remembered UW-Green Bay’s first graduating class in 1970. We should have listed Sue (Allen) Giese ’70 modernization processes, with that class – she was, after all, the second person to cross the stage, processing in alphabetical order. Giese recalls that she was the first graduate to have attended all four years at the UW Center in Green Bay. A writer for the Bay Badger student newspaper, she remembers that bad weather moved the first commencement indoors, and away from the new campus, to the gym at the Deckner location. Another memory from that day involves a “very warm and gracious” Chancellor Edward Weidner posing for photographs with graduates at the Shorewood Club reception. Giese went on to earn her master’s degree in community human services in 1993. Her son, Anthony Giese, graduated from mom’s alma mater in May 2000. Robert Kahl ’72 environmental control, has retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sea lamprey control program after more than 30 years.


November 2010

Richard Pigeon ’72 managerial systems, is a senior vice president, commercial relationship manager, for Johnson Bank’s northeast division. Pigeon is a former president of the Wisconsin Chapter of The Risk Management Association and a longtime volunteer for the American Cancer Society. John Dederich ’73 the Marine vet who lost both legs in the Vietnam War, earned a managerial systems degree from UWGreen Bay and later served as manager of the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena for 30 years, died earlier this year at the age of 64. Dederich was a major advocate for veterans’ causes and, as president of Friends of Brown County Veterans Inc., was instrumental in having the monument erected near the Arena in 2003. Rick Chernick ’74 managerial systems, CEO of Camera Corner/Connecting Point, was chosen by The Rotary Club of Green Bay to receive its 2010 Free Enterprise Award. Frederick Heide ’74 humanism and cultural change, just published an article, “The Agnostic Metaphor in Psychotherapy: Should Clients ‘Battle’ their Blues?” in the American Psychological Association journal, Psychotherapy: Theory, Heide Research, Practice, Training. He is an associate professor at Alliant International University in San Francisco.

Angela Bohmann ’75 modernization processes, heads up the compensation and employee benefits practice group of the Leonard Street and Deinard law firm headquartered in Minneapolis. She has received repeated Bohmann recognition over the past decade as being one of the most prominent lawyers in her state and across America with a special emphasis in employee benefits. Bill Chaudoir ’75 science and environmental change and regional analysis, was elected secretary of the board of directors for the Door County Economic Development Corporation. Anthony R. Thiesen ’75 science and environmental change, has been reelected to another term on the Green Bay City Council. He has represented his East Side neighborhood on the Council and as a Brown County supervisor for 26 years. Greg Larsen ’76 managerial systems, was named president of the 2010 board of directors for the nonprofit organization On Broadway Inc., Green Bay.

Janson Mancheski ’76 human adaptability, received national accolades for the first of a series of novels. The Chemist, published in 2008 by Bridgeway Books, won an award for best fiction novel in a contest sponsored by the American Mensa Society. Mancheski is currently working on the second in the novel series. The murder mystery takes place close to Mancheski’s roots (Green Bay). Mancheski is a practicing optometrist in Green Bay and Shawano, and the former team eye doctor for both the Green Bay Packers and the UW-Green Bay Phoenix teams. Interested readers can find the book at national chains and The Chemist Paul Tower ’78 master’s in environmental arts and sciences, was the recipient of UW-Green Bay’s first Alumni Earth Caretaker Award last spring. As president and CEO of Applied Filter Technology, in Snohomish, Wash., a firm that helps to make biogas energy from green wastes such as lumber byproducts and landscaping trimmings, Tower is an advocate for “green” technologies. He was recognized at the spring conference of the UW-Green Bay Environmental Management Business Institute. The full story can be found at inside (click on “Alumni Rising”). Marjorie (Thyssen) Mau ’79 communication and the arts, opened the St. Norbert College Baer Gallery season with the exhibition “Re-Presenting Place,” a selection of recent paintings and drawings.

1980s Richard Emery ’81 master’s in environmental science and policy, is an attorney/principal for his own practice, Richard C. Emery, Attorney at Law in White Bear Lake, Minn. Kurt Kiefer ’81 public administration and ’86 master’s in environmental arts and sciences, is the new assistant state superintendent for the state Department of Public Instruction’s Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning. He was previously chief information officer and director of research and program evaluation for the Madison school district. Cheryl Swetlik ’81 business administration, was hired by On Broadway Inc., Green Bay, as its events manager. On Nov. 3, Glen Tilot ’81 social work, received the Recruitment Partner of the Year Award presented by UW-Green Bay Career Services. The award recognized Tilot, of Brown County Human Services, for his willingness to partner with the University, its academic programs and students, especially in terms of internships Tilot and employment for students.

ALUMNI NOTES Luke Warpinski, M.D. ’81 human adaptability, has moved his practice to Aurora Health Center of New Franken. Also moving to Aurora in New Franken are Mark Kroll, D.O. ’84 human adaptability, and Erich Quidzinski, D.O. ’88 human biology, each of whom practiced previously in Luxemburg. Gregory De Tennis ’82 communication and the arts, is a creative partner with Kmotion Media in Green Bay. Kmotion is a multimedia design studio and production company specializing in video, animation and interactive.

De Tennis

Bob Hann ’82 regional analysis and ’87 master’s in administrative science, an executive with IBM, returned to campus in spring of 2010 and offered career advice to marketing students: “Network, network, network.” The former Phoenix men’s basketball player (who has high hopes for the Wardle-led Phoenix) has worked with the computer giant for 20-plus years, and resides in Arizona. Read the full story at inside (click on “Alumni Rising”).

Gary Banta ’83 science and environmental change, was interviewed by Danish television (TV2 News) in relation to the environmental consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He is an associate professor Banta at Roskilde University, Copenhagen. The video (in Danish) can be seen at index.php/id-30885665.html.

Carrie Massey ’84 human development, coached the Prairie High School girls golf team to the WIAA Division 2 state golf title in October 2010. Prairie, from Racine, Wis., upended Madison Edgewood, which had won seven straight Division 2 titles and nine since 2001. The team has only been in existence for three seasons. She is also the Prairie’s boys junior varsity golf coach. Massey, a certified golf fitness instructor and owner of a private wellness business in Racine, played for the Phoenix women’s basketball team from 1979-1983.

Terry Powers ’84 communication, vice president of operations for the (Indianapolis) 500 Festival, recently celebrated 23 industry honors from the International Festival and Events Association including the Best Event Award for the “One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.” Powers is a Phoenix Hall of Fame men’s soccer inductee and UW-Green Bay’s former director of athletics marketing.

Lisa (Grosskopf) Schneider ’84 human development, is director of creative services at Legato Marketing and Communications in Green Bay.

Laure Lesperance ’84 business administration, is the development database administrator for Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School, a private prep school in St. Louis, Mo.

Sherrole Benton ’85 communication and the arts, is the media arts coordinator for the Oneida Nations Arts Program. She is a freelance writer for The Pathfinder, published by the Oneida Trust Department, and her essay, “Joining Benton the Mother Earth Water Walkers,” has drawn interest from textbook publisher Pearson Canada.

In Green Bay or Hawaii, a heavy metal legacy UW-Green Bay alumnus William L. Little ’85 has always been a welder and artist. He still is, today, operating No. 9 Welding and Fabricating in Kihei, Hawaii, on the south shore of the island of Maui. On a recent trip back to his former home state, the Humanistic Studies and art graduate stopped at UW-Green Bay to revisit the welded metal sculptures he left behind as student art projects dating to the 1970s. At least four Little creations are displayed around campus, several in proximity to the Studio Arts Building. Arguably the most visible piece is the large, untitled work positioned in the outdoor stairwell midway along the former “Macaroni Hall” concourse, connecting the Cofrin Library to the Student Services Building.

Sharon (Pischke) Faulds ’85 communication and the arts, is project manager for UnitedHealthcare – UMR in Green Bay. She volunteers as a Junior Achievement instructor for the Green Bay schools and in a leadership capacity for Brown County 4-H. Diane (Engel) Mier ’87 business administration and managerial accounting, is a quantitative risk analyst for Integrys Business Support, LLC, in De Pere. Tim Nixon ’87 public and environmental administration, of the Godfrey & Kahn office in Green Bay, has been named among the top 50 Super Lawyers in Wisconsin by Law & Politics.


Alan Petras ’87 business administration and communication processes, is the president for The Advertising Rainmaker, LLC in Green Bay.

Bob Schwartz ’87 business administration, is the mortgage and consumer lending officer at Stephenson National Bank and Trust, headquartered in Marinette. He has 25 years experience in the industry. Ann Seidl ’88 business administration and communication processes, was appointed a board member for the nonprofit organization On Broadway Inc., Green Bay. She works at BayCare Clinic. Barbara Walus-Jordan ’88 human development and psychology, is the lead faculty human resources/AODA counselor at the College of Menominee Nation. She recently added certification as clinical supervisor to existing certifications of licensed professional counselor and clinical substance abuse counselor. She founded AdvantEdge Success Coaching to work with new managers on issues such as stress and time management, work-life balance, and people skills. She just released her first business/self-help book, Achieve Success in Spite of Stress. Jean (Long) Manteufel ’89 business administration and sociology, was featured in an issue of The Business News. The granddaughter of the founder of Jerry Long’s A-1 Moving and Storage in Appleton, she’s now the owner and CEO of the company. Jo (Bates-Torgessen) Norman ’89 business administration and psychology, is a senior project management IT consultant with CIBER Inc. She recently consulted with Team Disney in Orlando on a retail-transaction processing database. John Schwartz ’89 business administration and psychology, is the new Packers Pro Shop warehouse manager and will also be part of the Game Day Retail Concessions Team at Lambeau Field.

November 2010



USA Ski Coach Pays Tribute to Mentor at UW-Green Bay Former Phoenix Nordic skier and coach Bryan Fish ’98 was elated last May when he was appointed one of only four coaches on the U.S. Cross-Country Ski Team staff. The assignment carries with it responsibilities not only with the USA national team, but in coaching and race support at international development races, training camps, cultivation of a talent pipeline, and significant travel. With a home base in Park City, Utah, Fish spent time this fall at the training center in Lake Placid, N.Y., before hitting the European race circuit. Fish was an NCAA qualifier for the Phoenix in the mid-1990s. The mathematics grad took a research

1990s Mary Gallagher ’90 theatre, had a role in the James L. Brooks’ film How Do You Know opening in theaters Dec. 17. Gallagher plays an assistant to softball coach Reese Witherspoon. The movie also stars Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson. Gallagher was last seen in the movie Flightplan with Jodie Foster and has appeared in several television shows and national commercials. She currently lives in Burbank with her husband David and daughter Mia. Her vlog on being an actress in Hollywood can be seen at her website Dennis Lorrig ’90 economics and urban studies, is the president of Denarii Resources, Inc., in California. Luc Francillon ’91 business administration, French and managerial accounting, serves as general manager at Mars Symbioscience — a subsidiary of Mars, Inc., maker of M&M’s, Snickers and Pedigree Dog Food. He’s been with the company seven years.

Robert Petri ’91 managerial accounting, is the vice president of finance for Aptar Beauty and Home, headquartered in Crystal Lake, Ill., including operations that design and create spray pumps, lotion pumps, and aerosol valves and accessories. Eric Fowle ’92 urban and regional studies, received the Northeast Wisconsin Natural Resources Award from the Wisconsin DNR. Fowle created the Niagara Escarpment Resources Network promoting awareness of the 650-mile escarpment and the rare species it shelters from Wisconsin to New York. A video interview of Fowle and some beautiful footage of the escarpment can be found at (click on “Go Green!”). Michelle (Mathu) Jensen ’92 business administration and communication processes, was named director of sales with Ameriprise Auto and Home Insurance in De Pere. Tom Eggert ’93 business administration and human development, is an account executive with FulFillNet of Green Bay, a marketing support firm. Jay Wille ’93 business administration and political science, of MetLife Greater Wisconsin, De Pere, has received his Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow designation.


November 2010

job with nearby FEECO, Inc., but stuck around to assist head coaches Mike Kline and Butch Reimer. He left Green Bay in 2006 to coach full time in the United States development program. Fish received sad news this October with the passing of Reimer, who died of leukemia at the age of 58. Fish contributed an essay to the publication Nordic Ski Racer. “Butch Reimer has had a significant influence in my life,” Fish wrote, in part. “Butch wanted athletes to make their own decisions and forge their own paths. In a sport like ours, we need to be self-motivated and self-driven.  Butch encouraged us to steer our own futures.”

Mike Heidger ’94 general studies, is a human resource generalist for Haliburton in Houston. He graduated from Amberton University, Dallas, with a master’s of science in human relations and business. Heather Karcz ’94 economics and regional analysis, has joined the board of directors of Pioneer Credit Union. Tammy Rupiper ’94 communication processes and humanistic studies, is the director of special projects for Lakeshore CAP, Inc. in Manitowoc. The agency assists low- to moderate-income households with the purchase of homes through down payments, closing costs and rehabilitation loans. Michael Jansen ’95 business administration and economics, is vice president, finance, and chief financial officer for SCA Tissue North America, LLC, in Neenah. Stephen Malmberg ’95 public administration, oversees a $4 billion annual budget for New York City’s sewer and water services. He visited the UW-Green Bay campus earlier this year to catch up with friends and some of his former professors, and said he owes much to his experience here. His story is posted at www.uwgb. edu/inside (click on “Alumni Rising”).

Jill Neuendorf ’95 humanistic studies and German, graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a doctorate in second language acquisition in Russian. She has plans to be a Russian instructor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Ryan Kauth ’96 human biology, is a business banker for Heartland Business Bank, Sheboygan. He remains active with his alma mater as an officer of the Alumni Association and lecturer in finance.

Kauth Michelle (List) Schoen ’96 communication processes and humanistic studies, is a human resource generalist (benefits) at Community Bank and Trust in Sheboygan. She has earned professional designation in human resources. Peter Wills ’96 business administration and political science, is a business banker for M&I Bank of Wrightstown. Vikki Baumler ’97 business administration and French, of the Arketype design firm in Green Bay, is a continuing board member for the nonprofit organization On Broadway, Inc. David La Duke ’97 finance, is the assistant vice president of business banking at First Manitowoc Bancorp, Inc. He works out of the company’s Sheboygan office. Mandy Soland ’98 human development and psychology, is human resources manager and safety compliance officer with Elexco Inc, Rock Removal Resources LLC, and Innovator’s Equipment Inc., located in Soland Seymour. Jennifer (Haase) Thiele ’98 human development and psychology, is library director for Marinette County, which has branches in Marinette, Peshtigo, Coleman-Pound, Crivitz, Niagara, Wausaukee and Goodman-Dunbar. Melanie Bos ’99 communication processes, is branch manager of the Velp branch of the Pioneer Credit Union, Green Bay. Veronica Brieno-Rankin ’99 earth science, was one of only 67 individuals to be included in the Roster of Experts for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for the Brieno-Rankin United States. Jennifer (Adamavich) Cruz ’99 human development, is branch manager for Guaranty Bank for Sheboygan’s South Branch.

ALUMNI NOTES Joylyn Hoffman Malueg ’99 mathematics, is a rate-case consultant for Integrys Energy Group in Green Bay. Her work contributes to compliance with government regulatory policies and public service comMalueg missions. Vicki Huyser-Eatwell ’99 nursing, is a registered nurse in outpatient/surgery for Saint James Medical Center/Mayo Health System in Minnesota.

2000s Jacqueline Frank ’00 English and history, is the new executive director for the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay where she will focus on developing new strategic and master plans for the institution. Frank will be executing a capital campaign in support of these initiatives. Breauna Jenkins ’00 business administration, serves on the board of directors for Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, Inc., Brown County. Kari (Heier) Moody ’00 communication processes, is director of convention and corporate sales for the Hotel Sierra in Green Bay. She serves on the board for Management Women Inc., and the Rotary Club Moody of Green Bay.

David Moody ’02 history, is the principal for the Westfield Area High School and Middle School in central Wisconsin.

Moody Chad Griepentrog ’03 human development and psychology, is a registered nurse for Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire. Michael Karadimos ’03 biology, chemistry, French and human biology, recently received his doctorate in biology at Purdue University. He is now a post-doctoral fellow at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Carmen (Majewski) Klenner ’03 elementary education, is a coordinator for the gifted and talented at Silverbrook Middle School in West Bend.

Derek Neumann ’03 business administration, is a market analyst for Rasmussen College in Lake Elmo, Minn. He helps determine the best cities to place new campus locations across the country. Chris (Leberge) Tylka-Olesen ’03 psychology, is a behavioral health case manager for Winnebago County Human Services. Karen Duvalle ’04 history, is an assistant educator and submarine curator for the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc. Jamie (Miesler) Haines ’04 accounting, is employed by WPS/Integrys, headquartered in Green Bay. Amy Rachubinski ’04 communication processes, is a student recruitment specialist for Fox Valley Technical College. Megan Raether ’04 communication processes, is a marketing communication specialist for Curwood, Inc., a Bemis Division, in Oshkosh. Her duties include planning and executing tradeshows, collaborating on advertising and promotion plans and assisting with public relations.

Brinda Ruggles ’04 business administration, is a grants management specialist for the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. She was formerly with Forward Service Ruggles Corp., Green Bay. Eric Ryer ’04 environmental policy and planning and public administration and ’06 master’s in environmental science and policy, is director of recreation and planning for the town of Cedarburg. Rebecca Schuld ’04 biology, has been hired by WBAY-TV 2 to deliver the weekend morning weather. She worked in the weather department at WFRV-TV 5 since 2007. She recently received certification as a meteorologist from the American Meteorology Society.


Recent grad snares Tundra Line spot

Joel Hansen ’01 accounting and business administration, has received the 2010 Public Service Award from the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Chris Nerat ’01 communication, has turned his hobby and part-time college “job” — buying and selling collectibles and memorabilia — into an interesting career. There is a fun feature with photos of Nerat holding a Babe Ruth autographed baseball and wearing a collection of World Series Rings at www. (click on “Alumni Rising”). Angela (Kowalzek) Pierce ’01 environmental sciences and environmental policy and planning and ’09 master’s in environmental science and policy, is a natural resources planner with BayLake Regional Planning Commission. Dentist Laura Rammer ’01 math, is the owner of Laura J. Rammer DDS, LLC, in Sheboygan. Jason Martin ’02 business administration, is a business analyst for Humana, Inc. in Green Bay.

By day, UW-Green Bay grad Chris Dinse ’10 is a music teacher at Webster and Sullivan elementary schools in Green Bay. For 10 weekends each fall, though, he’s one of 20-plus percussionists with the Green Bay Packers drumline — the Tundra Line. The Green Bay native got interested after chatting with some of the percussionists on the Lambeau Field sidelines last year. At the time he was a member of the Phoenix cheer squad that helps out at Packers games. This spring, he auditioned and landed a Tundra Line spot along with other players from across the state including alumni of the UW-Madison Marching Band and top drum and bugle corps groups. “Being part of the drumline mixes two of the things I love most, music performance and sports,” Dinse said. “And my students think it’s awesome that their teacher is part of a performing group, especially since most of them are Packers fans.” Photo by Mike Roemer ’86

November 2010


ALUMNI NOTES Amanda (Bergene) Sitkiewitz ’04 Spanish, was named one of the Top 15 young professionals of Manitowoc County. She is a branch manager/commercial loan officer with Shoreline Credit Union. Kraig Western ’04 history and ’09 master’s applied leadership for teaching and learning, is a seventh-grade social studies teacher for Winneconne Middle School. He completed his master’s in education in May. As part of his master’s project, he developed an interactive curriculum guide for the Western Green Bay Packers. Vicki Wheeler ’04 human development and interdisciplinary studies, graduated from the College of St. Catherine’s in Minneapolis in the occupational therapy assistant program.

Susan Werchek ’05 nutritional sciences, had a manuscript of her research on the identification and treatment of venous leg ulcers published in the September 2010 issue of the Nurse Practitioner Journal. Independent film producer Alex Zacarias ’05 visited campus in September to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and talk about his new documentary on the Tainos, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Anthropologists disagree whether the Tainos tribe persists today, or whether the “Indians” who first greeted Colombus were dispersed and absorbed by other cultures. Jessica Allen ’06 business administration, works in human resources for AEI Dish Network in Seymour.

Jennifer (Waelchli) Zimmermann ’04 business administration, was promoted by Pioneer Credit Union, Green Bay, to manager of the Morris Avenue branch.

Molly Bendzick ’06 humanistic studies, is the network manager of academic services for Globe Education Network in Woodbury, Minn.

Elizabeth Bostwick ’05 theatre, is an online adjunct instructor for the University of Oregon Arts Administration Program. She is also a director at New Visions Gallery in Marshfield and was recently published in an online publication, CultureWork, on the topic of “Processes, Resources, Collaboration: Considerations for Greening Public Art Programs.”

Michelle (Harris) Brady ’06 art and psychology, is a third-grade teacher for the Tigerton School District.

Shawn Budiac ’05 business administration, is the senior category manager at Batteries Plus, LLC, in Hartland, Wis. Nick Goddard ’05 communication, is a sportscaster for WFRV-TV Channel 5, Green Bay. Rachel (Abhold) Mielke ’05 history and political science, is an associate attorney practicing in the areas of family law, estate and tax planning, general business and real estate transactions with Melli Law, S.C. Mielke in Madison. Amanda (Bowman) Molsberry ’05 master’s in environmental science and policy, is an environmental scientist for Parsons, an engineering and construction firm in Chesterfield, Mo. Abby Scharlow ’05 business administration, has been named an assistant basketball coach at Florida Gulf Coast University. She has spent the past three seasons as an assistant at Valparaiso, where she served as recruiting coordinator. Scharlow played for the Phoenix from 2002 to 2005. Shannon Smith ’05 earth science and environmental science, is a meteorologist for Baseops International in Houston.


Steven Walter ’05 computer science, is employed with the law firm Foley & Lardner in Milwaukee.

November 2010

Priscilla Dessart ’06 political science and social change and development and ’10 master’s in applied leadership for teaching and learning, is a legislative assistant for the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. Andrew Fondow ’06 business administration, is an adviser at FirstPerson (formerly Benefits Associates), recently named one of Indiana’s 2010 “Companies to Watch.”

Fondow Stephanie Pasyak ’06 human biology, drew headlines in August when she and her sister organized a benefit run/walk in Milwaukee in honor of their mother who passed away from lung cancer in 2005. Mary Kulenkamp Simonsen ’06 human development and her husband Jon Simonsen ’05 computer science, are featured in UW-Green Bay’s online magazine. Mary is a decade away from her stellar career as a Phoenix women’s basketball player. Now she and Jon are bringing championship attitudes to girls basketball players in the Green Bay area. Click and search “Alumni Rising.”

Arendt measures quake response in New Zealand Prof. Lucy Arendt of business administration was dispatched to gather data when a magnitude-7.1 earthquake rocked the city of Christchurch, New Zealand in September. Arendt, who earned her UW-Green Bay bachelor’s in business administration in 1987 and master’s in administrative science in 1990, was part of a Learning from Earthquakes team funded by the National Science Foundation. She and others met with small business owners and homeowners to learn how they were dealing with the quake’s aftermath. Interestingly, though the New Zealand earthquake had a higher Richter scale rating than the deadly quake in Haiti, there were no fatalities thanks to differences in geology and construction practices. Arendt focused on small businesses and found that even those suffering little or no damage could be hamstrung by supply disruptions, or by blanket government warnings directing citizens to stay home.

Kelly Samz ’06 human biology, is the dietitian for Shady Lane Nursing Care Center, Laurel Grove Assisted Living and Sunrise Rehabilitation in Manitowoc. Melanie Schroeder ’06 political science, is an events coordinator for Future Neenah, Inc. The company is a not-forprofit civic development group engaged in the leadership, management and funding of a wide range of initiatives. Stacy (Nye) Skoraczewski ’06 biology, is a veterinarian for Ely Vet Clinic in Ely, Minn. Shae Sortwell ’06 political science and public administration, was elected a Green Bay alderman in April 2010. Jennifer Wanserski ’06 art, is the office manager/rental coordinator for FRED Rents, LLC, in Neenah. Aubrey (Sutter) Brennan ’07 music, is a site rental and volunteer coordinator for the Green Bay Botanical Garden. Heather (Wochinski) Hagen ’07 social work, is an employment coordinator for Developmental Pathways in Englewood, Colo., a provider of services for people with developmental disabilities. Angela Krumpos ’07 accounting, works for the Northeast Wisconsin-based CPA firm Kerber Rose & Associates.

ALUMNI NOTES Beth Kneisler ’07 communication, holds an account executive position with Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc., Green Bay. Angela Walschinski ’07 business administration, is an account Kneisler executive with the same agency. Their areas of responsibility include issues management, social media campaigns, media relations, crisis management and image campaigns. Jemma Lund ’07 elementary education, is an English teacher for Net Academy in Ankara, Turkey. Bryan Remondini ’07 biology, is an inspector for the United States Department of Agriculture in Greeley, Colo. Andrew Arentsen ’08 history and secondary education, is a fourth-grade teacher in the Plymouth School District. Jennifer Bogie ’08 biology, is a pathogen laboratory technician at Food Safety Net Services, Green Bay. The company offers laboratory, consulting and auditing services.

Zach Zopp ’08 biology and environmental science, was recently hired as a research associate at UW-Madison in the Biological Systems Engineering Department.

Marriages & Unions

Jennifer Aide ’09 biology and human biology, does animal care/intake at Bay Area Humane Society, Green Bay. Sarah Benzshawel ’09 business administration, is the payroll coordinator for WS Packaging Group, Inc., Green Bay.


Brittany Brodziski ’09 chemistry, is a quality control chemist for Enzymatic Therapy in Green Bay. Samantha Douglas ’09 business administration, is an investor relations representative for UMB Fund Services in Milwaukee.


Nicole Kattner ’09 human development and psychology, is a youth development specialist for the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay. Melissa Luckow ’09 human development and psychology, is an apprentice secretary for Steamfitters Local 601 Training School in Milwaukee.


Cassandra Marnocha ’09 biology, is a graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of Arkansas.


Katie Grafelman ’08 urban and regional analysis, works for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a program policy analyst in their new office of research and project management. Marisa Greguoli ’08 communication, is a development assistant and special events coordinator for the Arthritis Foundation’s Wisconsin Chapter, West Allis.

Katie Nast ’09 psychology, completed her first year of graduate studies at UWOshkosh in professional counseling with a focus on community mental health.

Emily (Whiting) Jahnke ’08 social work, is the community center director for The Salvation Army in Green Bay.

Leann Nguyen ’09 English, is an employment and energy specialist for the Door County Job Center.

Natasha (Golubovich) Lark ’08 interdisciplinary studies, is a financial services professional for Gillespie & Associates, LLP, in De Pere.

Neil Wender ’09 business administration, is a pricing analyst for Roehl Transport, Inc., of Green Bay.

Melissa Merkovich ’08 environmental policy and planning and political science, is a management and program analyst for the Department of Homeland Security. Margaret Pace ’08 English, is a processor for Acuity — a Mutual Insurance Company, Sheboygan. Jennifer Schanen ’08 social work, is a community outreach specialist for Wise Women Gathering Place in Green Bay. Rachel Sowinski ’08 Spanish, is a gallery manager for The Gift Itself in Green Bay. Amanda (Stuewer) Ziolkowski ’08 English, is the “Care Square” director for the New Holstein School District.

Derek Weyer ’09 environmental policy and planning and public administration, is an urban and regional planner for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Northeastern Unit. An increasing number of graduates are pursuing AmeriCorps positions. There are at least three recent graduates serving as AmeriCorps VISTA members currently in the area. Brian Bar ’09 psychology, is at the St. Norbert Office of Leadership, Service and Engagement. Allen Voelker ’09 biology, is working with NWTC’s Service-Learning department and Emily Garcia ’10 English, is with Greater Green Bay’s Habitat for Humanity. These three graduates started their year-long terms on July 31. Another graduate, Samantha Troemel ’09 human development and psychology, is a corps ambassador program representative for the AmeriCorps program.

Brooke Haendel ’08 to Scott Golomski ’08

Laura Anderson ’01 to Gerald Kaczmarek

Megan Gustafson ’08 to Garrett Renzelmann

Andrea Soufal ’02 to Phillip Verville III

Julie Parish ’08 to Brenton Strassburg ’08

Melissa Frier ’03 to Bari Gordon

Matthew Rogatzki ’08 to Sara Griswold

Rob Rassel ’03 to Corrie Christensen

Ellie Stublaski ’08 to Brian Scheller

Katie Buckman ’06 to Nick Kroll

Sarah Benzshawel ’09 to Rob Laurent

Jolie Smith ’06 to Jacob Wavrunek

Nicholas Hitt ’09 to Lauren Page

Amanda Lederer ’07 to Zach Zopp ’08

Scott Vanidestine ’10 to Andrew DeBaker

Elizabeth Rausch ’07 to Kenneth Melotte III ’07

Nicole Michligh ’09 business administration, is an IS customer service specialist for Schreiber Foods, Green Bay. Briana Muzyczka ’09 psychology, is an activity aide for Productive Living Systems, Inc., Green Bay.

Mark Husen ’97 to Ann Conrad

Molly Weber ’07 to Robert Canan


at the

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Do you know a UW-Green Bay graduate who has been widely recognized for his or her work in the areas of sustainability, environmental management, environmental policy or another closely related area? If so, nominate him or her for the Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) Alumni Earth Caretaker Award at www. November 2010



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November 2010

UW-Green Bay is such a big part of my identity, it’s my way of

giving back

Giving is made easy for Danny and Casie via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Consider a gift and check out EFT at

Recent UW-Green Bay graduates, Danny and Casie (Rindfleisch) Schulz didn’t take

the traditional giving route — waiting until they are

“well off” or retired to give back.

In fact, they are the youngest couple, ever, to start a scholarship fund at UW-Green Bay.

Casie ̓06 is a school psychologist and counselor with the Port Washington-Saukville School District. Danny ̓05 is a sales and property tax accountant with the Vollrath Company, Sheboygan. Their gift, the Schulz Family Scholarship, will create two scholarships in their respective majors.

Says Danny…

“I have always felt an obligation to give back to my community. Even though I now live in Sheboygan, UWGB is a pretty big part of my life and identity, and I felt this is something I always wanted to be able to do. Casie and I have been surprised at how easy the process has been. We hope to make the financial side of college easier for students. To be able to do it at this point in our lives is just a blessing and lets us help out more students over time.”

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2420 Nicolet Drive Green Bay, WI 54311-7001

. S . P

‘Project Runway’ meets ‘Home Improvement’ One of the most popular competitions of 2010 was the Fashion Design Show organized by the Office of Student Life. The only sticking point? The “fabric” had to be duct tape. Jonathan Hensley (left) wrapped up first place by rolling out this stylish creation in classic silver.

PARENTS: If this issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no longer lives at home, please notify UW-Green Bay Alumni Relations of the correct address. PHONE: (920) 465-2586 E-mail: This publication is made possible through private donations.

Changing Channels  

Inside UW-Green Bay magazine and Annual Report, November 2010

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